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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 5am  FOX  May 25, 2016 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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crews have been battling this fire for a while. you can see the signs of the businesses, by 4:30 destroyed. let's check in with janine de la vega who's been on the scene all morning. >> we learned that in the last 30 minutes, the fire captain bumped up the fire to a five- alarm fire. they are hoping to get containment soon. flames are shooting out of the roof, they are shooting water at it. i count four hoses be two ladders trying to attack the fire from all directions. firefighters are trying to stay ahead of the fire. this building is in an l shape. they are hoping to save the other part of the l. they are
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trying to stay ahead of it. smoke is rising up into the air. when we started driving to get to the scene you could see it from the freeway, this is onel can many. i know we have 22 we shot of what it looked like when there were more flames. one of the challenges that the fire captain told me they are dealing with, this strip mall is old construction, and i had a hard time getting access to the fire. there is 12 businesses. it's the rancho shopping center. there's various restaurants and a jeweler, a dance, some sort of a dance place, different spas inside here. right now half of it is destroyed. we spoke to someone who was standing by earlier and he
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described what it looked like to him. >> this whole side of the building right here was engulfed in flames. probably 20 feet off the roof. pretty much you hear sizzling and cackling and bits of wood falling down. >> at this point the biggest concern is getting this fire out, making sure it won't spread. there's an apartment complex behind the strip mall. there's businesses on either side, right now it has not spread. we don't know what caused this fire the start. all we know it started about 10 minutes before 3:00 this morning. the fire captain doesn't believe that anyone was inside at the time because it happened after hours. you're looking at a live picture, there's firefighters on the roof of part of the
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building. they are trying to stay ahead of the fire. the other part of the building collapsed. safety is a top concern for the fire captain as he watches the firefighters who have worked for hours on this. the fire hoses are heavy and they are trying to switch out some of the crews and relieve them. if we do a pan of the entire building, i see flames shooting from five different sections of the building. it looks like they have a lot of work ahead of them. >> before you go, have you seen signs of any of the business owners showing up to keep track of what's happening. i know it's a busy scene. have you seen business owners showing up in. >> i have not yet, in the middle of the el camino which is blocked off in both directions, there's people who
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live in the neighborhood who kind of walked into the scene and watching in amazement. i have not seen business owners just yet. we'll watch for them. >> sal covering traffic in the area. el camino real blocked in both directions for a few blocks. that's right, i'm going put it on the map for you. if you are driving into santa clara, the fire is there, and talked about the l shape building. right here. trying to save this part of the building here. here is the lawrence expressway, this section of el camino real is shut down. we want to make sure that everyone knows that you should not drive in this area because
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of the fire. again, lawrence expressway at el camino real is an area to avoid. the freeways are not affected but you can see smoke. the traffic is doing okay. let's go to other things. this is the bay bridge toll plaza, you can see traffic is light, the east bay commute not doing too poorly. westbound on 580 and 205. let's go to steve for the weather. we have a lot of low clouds, cloudy at 5:00 in the morning unless you're far enough away. you may have clear skies, it's on the cool side and a breeze. we're about done with this kind of pattern. overcast conditions for many. partly sunny, 60 degrees, usually the sun comes out. low clouds will be slow to peel
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back. they usually do, west, south, northwest, napa, breeze out the livermore. the sea breeze is in place. 50s on the temps. i don't think these temperature will change much. the low responsible for the weather yesterday firing up temperature today. low clouds, sunny and breezy, breezy to windy, there could be a few showers, 60s and 70s. time is now 5:06. we have developing news in the east bay, the chp is investigating a freeway shooting. it happened last night on interstate 80 in hercules on highway 4. alex, tell us what
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happened. >> good morning. we know these car-to-car shootings are a dangerous trend on east bay freeways. last night the chp was called to hercules for reports of gunfire in the lanes. it happened around 9:20. on the eastbound lanes of interstate 80. several windows of a car were shattered by the gunfire, one person was struck in the leg. it appears that person will be okay. the highway patrol closed the eastbound lanes, so they could gather evidence in the middle of the lanes. investigators say the shooter likely drove off in a black chevy el camino with tinted windows. this is the latest in a series of 20 shootings in the east bay. most linked to gang feuds. earlier this month a woman was
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shot in pittsburg. and now another car-to-car shooting. this along interstate 80 in hercules, we'll be following the story throughout the morning. time is now 5:08. the santa clara county dorn won't -- district attorney won't charge two officers. the forces -- officers responded after wrath called 911 and said a man was threatening patients. the police officers were threatened by wrath. the d.a. released video of what happened taken from several angles. one angle shows wrath charging at a officer. what comes next is graphic so we're not going to show it to
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you. we're stopping the video before the police officer fired the fatal shots. san francisco board of supervisors voted to make changes to the sanctuary city policy. not sharing status of inmates made national news when kate steinle was shot and killed. the man charged with killing her is from mexico and here illegally. the supervisors clarify when law enforcement can notify that undocumented inmate will be released. that can happen if a suspect is charged with a violent crime or convicted of a recent serious felony. >> if you come in with a violent felony and have priors you can be subject to
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notification to i.c.e. >> the new guidelines are negotiated with the sheriff who wanted greater amount discretion to notify immigrationwhen a suspect is being released. the mayor has to sign off. even if it was in effect last year it would not have applied to the suspect in the killing of kate steinle. time is 5:10. transit leaders are on record opposing a bill which would reduce the fines for red light runners, the law would reduce fines for people who turn on red lights from $100 to $35. supporters say the $100 fine is the same penalty for more serious traffic offenses like speeding. leaders want to keep in line with the vision zero goal that
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calls for zero traffic deaths by the year 2024. donald trump had a easy victory in washington state. had 76% of the vote. the other candidates dropped out of the race, but ted cruise and john kasich each gotten% of the support. hillary clinton has been declared the winner in washington state. washington democrats selected delegates in march, yesterday's primary is a poplarity contest. >> good morning, talking about a possibility endorsement from g.o.p house speaker paul ryan, it's been talked about, it may be happening soon. we'll see, no indication of a
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timeline. it would be a big deal for trump. after a win last night he's that far away from clinching the nomination. >> protesters in new mexico. burning the flag and clashing with police, pelting them with rocks and other debris. several officers injured. trump getting good news from the state of washington where he won and went after hillary clinton. >> i will never say this, but she screams it drives me crazy. >> trump is making headway uniting the party. waiting for the possible endorsement of paul ryan. >> others are holding out including the first latina governor in the country. bernie sanders warning of a devicive continue venges this
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summer. clinton supporters try the's tensions with the sanders camp. clinton with a new angle on trump attacking his real estate strategy. >> why elect someone president who rooted for the collapse of the mortgage market. >> she goes, and donald trump is a terrible person. and he wanted to buy housing at a low point. who the hell doesn't. >> meantime the trump campaign is entering a new stage. he's made a big deal that he's a self funded candidate. that changes, he's having political fund raises including a big one tonight. $25,000 a ticket. time is now 5:13.
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a mother and daughter were killed, an amtrak train slammed into the suv. the new information about the woman and her daughter, and how this tragedy happened. and big news for football fans. super bowl cities have been announced. we'll tell you the three stadiums that will host the big game. we have our breaking news out of the south bay, this is a live picture in santa clara, we have been following the fire since 4:00 this morning, it is still burning. we'll check in with janine de la vega on scene up next.
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. welcome back, time is 5:17. breaking news after -- of a fire in santa clara. it's a big fire. santa clara firefighters have had a tough time with the fire, it's completely surrounded. you can see the flames are huge. you could see the signs on the building. by 4:30 the businesses are destroyed. they are trying to save the other side of that. it's an l-shaped strip mall. a few blocks of el camino real
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blocked off near that expressway. let's check in with sal. we are looking at the impact. i want to show you a map of the area. we're looking at el camino real at lawrence expressway. here's lawrence expressway. this is where the fire is at that l shaped building there. you can see, the fire equipment is tricking our road censors into thinking there's a lot of slow traffic. there's a lot of stopped vehicles between here and here and traffic is not getting through. avoid this area in the south bay, show it to you here. it's right here in the general south buy a -- south bay picture. you can see the rest of the south way are doing well. >> let's look at what we have,
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we have a look at the bay bridge toll plaza, that commute looks good, no major issues as you drive through. traffic is moving well. if you're coming on interstate 80 from the car queenis bridge that traffic looks good. at 5:19. let's go to steve. cloudy. just like that it's dark. partly sunny, partly sunny for the padres and giants today. 60 degrees, west at 20. at&t gets sun. we have shower activity that popped up yesterday that is
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more focused south. there's a westerly component for everybody here. 50s on the temps, low for novato. 58 hayward, san jose is 57, napa airport at 55. stanford is 56. pacifica 52. 37 in truckee, the shower activity is sliding central and southern sierra nevada. a lot quieter today than yesterday. the source of that low is too far south. even to the north things are quieter. that's the system right there. that could fire up in the valley. that will be it, high pressure will build in, not much change today. low clouds pealing back to the coast.
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it's near normal as we head to the weekend. breezy to windy after the fog bank burns off. more south but it stays cool on these temps, 60s and 70s. >> thank you. the latest announcement from the nfl is an indication. building a new stadium is the best way to be a super bowl host. announced that atlanta will host super bowl liii in 2019, atlanta is building a stadium. it is scheduled to open next year. super bowl liv will be in miami. the owner of the dolphins will spend $400 million on renovations there. and super bowl lv in 2021 will be at the new home of the los angeles rams which won't open until 2019. the first super bowl was played
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at the los angeles memorial coliseum. we know how it feels. it gets exciting. it's 5:22. no more skinny jeans or leggings. the reason for a new dress code at north carolina schools. a huge tornado caught on video, one of many that ripped through the central part of the nation overnight. the trail of destruction left behind.
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. welcome back, time is 5:24, severe weather smashed into the central u.s. during the night. two dozen tornadoes yesterday alone. this morning the national weather service will verify 26 tornadoes touched down yesterday in five states. this is just incredible. two people were hurt in kansas. the storm system damaged homes, knocked down power lines, toppled trees in states. this stretched from michigan to texas. hundreds of lightning strikes hit frisco texas. >> heard a loud explosion, sounded like a power transformer exploding and my
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smoke detectors went off. >> more storms are in the forecast all week for states in the great plains. the time is 5:26. the fight over funding, the fight against the zika virus is a major friction source on capitol hill. republicans are working on short-term ways to fight the mosquito that carry the virus. the house passed a bill opposed by democrats. democrats say the republicans are setting up for a public health nightmare, there's not enough money set aside for vaccine research and getting rid of the mosquitoes. america is kicking the smoking habit. 15% of adults in the u.s. are smokers, the lowest percentage
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ever. the experts attribute that drop to the mounting impact of antismoking ad campaigns, cigarette taxes and smoking bans. the study found the increase of e-cigarettes. >> even though they may seem healthy alternative they contain nicotine and may have other hazards. >> we've seen the popularity of e-cigarettes increase. that's indirective -- inductive of helping quit cigarettes. the time is 5:27, the search for three burglars, up next, what deputies say they got away with that have them on high alert. >> the breaking news out of the south bay, this is a live picture from a five-alarm fire
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in santa clara. janine de la vega is out there. we'll have more on what's happening after the break. ♪ hey!
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♪ they go ooh ooh. ♪ hey! ♪ they go oh-ooh-ooooh. ♪ sitting, watching, waiting, wishing. ♪ ♪ i tell you one thing, you never knew it. ♪ ♪ at the back of the bus ♪ there is so much to give, so dream big. ♪ ♪ yeah. ♪ and when they screaming get out, get out. ♪ ♪ all i wanna hear is get down, get down. ♪
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♪ yeah. ♪ and when they screaming get out, get out. ♪ ♪ all i wanna hear is get down, get down. ♪ ♪ get down, get down. . good morning, it's 5:30 wednesday, may 25, i'm pam cook. >> i'm dave clark. we're following breaking news from santa clara. a huge fire, this has grown to
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5 alarms now. >> we want to show you video of the flames, this is a strip mall, el camino real. no reports of injuries, janine de la vega has been on the scene all morning. no reports of anyone inside the building when that fire started. janine joins us now. it looks better than earlier at least right now. that part of the building completely destroyed. >> i spoke with the fire captain, they do not have containment, they are hoping to have it soon in the next 30 minutes, i want to show you what is happening. they are pouring water on this strip mall, you can see there's an aerial ladder where they are shooting water down on the roof. this building here on el camino
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is an l shape. where you see a ladder, you can see a business that looks like a dance studio. this cuts the building in half so they could save the other half of the building. look here at the live pictures at the huge plume of smoke going into the air. we could see it from the freeway when we were driving here. a lot of smoke, i want to show you the rest of what the building looks like, completely destroyed the roof has collapsed. let's go to video we took when the fire started. it started just before 3:00 at the rancho shopping center on el camino east. lawrence expressway. flames were shooting out of one of the 12 businesses here. firefighters from santa clara fire got help from sunnyvale and santa clara county. there's about 60 firefighters
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here on scene. they started fighting the fire from the inside, it got too dangerous with parts of the roof collapsing. they are attacking this from the outside. i asked the captain why is it taking so long to put the fire out. here's what he had to say about the challenge. >> the challenge is it's an old building, there's access issues, we have to get ahead of the fire which is often a couple businesses ahead of the fire. we have to break into businesses and get our hose lines in place and try to cut the fire out before it takes the entire building. >> as far as the cause, we don't know yet, there will be an investigator on the scene when it gets lighter outside to figure out what may have caused this, since it happened when businesses weren't open. there's nothing to indicate it was suspicious, but they are not ruling anything out.
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as far as the owners of the businesses, so far we've only run into one of the business owners, a restaurant called the seoul rice cake house. he was shaking his head in disbelief. a sad situation for the people this is their livelihood. a very active scene with five different hoses pouring water on the strip mall. hoping to have it contained in the next 30 minutes. pam, dave. >> very sad situation for them. it is a problem for traffic, we want to go to sal to check in on the roads. >> el camino is closed near the lawrence expressway. the expressway is open, if
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you're driving on the lawrence expressway, you can, once you exit el camino real there's an area shut down because of the fire and it will be that way indefinitely. it's a good area to stay away from. moving to other traffic. for the most part we're doing pretty well on the south bay freeways, looking at the east bay not bad. the altamonte pass has a bunch of slow traffic. a look at the bay bridge toll plaza it has filled in. the metering lights are on and the impact of traffic will affect 80. now it's time for the forecast. thank you sal. low clouds in place. it's on the cool side. sunny, breezy and temps below average. they will bump up tomorrow.
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partly sunny, west winds will be in place, 15, 20 miles an hour, and temperature slow the warmup. there's plenty out there. the shower activity will stay south for now. west at oakland. northwest nap par. -- papa. the low clouds, even shower activity to the north has ended. the low is visiting southern california. low clouds, sunny and breezy, a few clouds inland. back to pam and dave. the woman and child killed in a crash on train tracks have been identified. relatives say the driver hit by the train was 30-year-old vanessa henrik eds.
5:37 am
the -- henriquez. when the crosses guard arms came down they couldn't move. the car was pushed down the tracks a quarter of a mile. relatives say she was a devoted family member. >> she was a loving mother, very responsible with her children. she loved to be with her family. >> pg&e is looking into reports that traffic was heavy in the area because of work by the crews, police plan to re-create the accident scene. they are asking anyone with cell phone video to contact them. san francisco police say the discovery of a man's body at a lake in golden gate park is a suspicious death. a gardner found his body. that lake was drained by the
5:38 am
authorities as they searched for evidence. that's an area popular with picnickers. >> it was a surprise, a body, it's very creepy. >> tara has been told the victim was involved in a fight on monday and attacked by three men. police say a 15-year-old boy wounded in an officer involved shooting monday night wanted to die. police responded to a 911 call. the teenager pointed a weapon at them. the police fired several shots and hit the teenager in the foot. the gun was a fake. >> nobody wakes up wanting to go out and shoot someone. we get in this professor to -- profession to provide a service and give back to our community. when this happens it traumatic
5:39 am
for the officers and dispatchers involved. >> police believe the teen called police himself and may have wanted to be shot. the teamerring -- teenagers is undergoing a psychiatric evaluation. tiffany lee, her boyfriend, and their friend oliver are accused of killing keith green, lee and green have two daughters together. he was last seen at the pancake house where he met lee to discuss custody of their girls. his body was found 12 days later. there's reports he was shot to death. prosecutors say all three rely able. >> they -- are liable. >> on theories of conspiracy or
5:40 am
aiding and abetting. >> we have proof beyond a reasonable doubt. >> none of the suspects entered a plea as they are held without bail. officials are not saying who has custody of the girls now. a search going on for three robbers in san carlos who stole from a gun store. that smash grab robbery happened sunday morning. deputies say the robbers slammed their car into the front windows of the store and stole several guns and hunting supplies. they have not released security video of the crime. one thing a city come man was able to see the video. >> i saw the video three people ram it and get out and come inside. it was a brief video. it was impressive in a negative
5:41 am
way. >> right now authorities only have a vague description of the car, it's a black four door sedan. >> lawmakers are considering legislation to protect people who smash windows to save animals. three people sat in a hot car to show their support. it was 90 degrees outside. the temperature was 108 inside the car in the experiment. supporters say the law would allow people to smash car windows to save pets without the fear of being sued. >> this is not a low pressure system to break windows, this is an opportunity to use your sound judgment at the point it's necessary to break the window, you have to stay and wait until law enforcement arrives. >> several states including florida and tennessee have
5:42 am
similar laws in place. time is 5:41. the city of vallejo will get a boost. leaders will build a 150-acre plant for electric cars. later this month the city council will vote on a negotiating agreement with the eclectic car start up future. it will create jobs and generate hundreds of millions of dollars for the city. san francisco park and rec suspended the reservation program at dolores park because of a community backlash. critics launched a public petition after they saw signs that people received large areas of lawn. the reservation policy is not new but it was on hold during the park renovation and started
5:43 am
back up again. groups would need to pay a fee and clean up after using that particular piece of the park. city officials will have the public weigh in on this before they decide how to proceed. kindergartners will have a longer day in class. they will change the schedule to all day starting this fall. the district has been experimenting with the longer format. >> full day kindergarten they will learn more, their attention span improves. they are able to solve problems with other kids. >> some teachers and parents who oppose the half million plan signed a petition. they are worried with the long day. they are happy with the
5:44 am
schedule. >> time is 5:43. disturbing graffiti at a marin county high school. the hate crime investigation under way now. uninvited visitors ran tacking -- ransacking a home. the reason bear break ins are more common and what you can go to protect yourself. >> continuing with the breaking news in the south bay, this is a live picture of the fire in santa clara. they are still working on the fire, again, a few blocks of el camino real are closed this morning. we'll be right back with more.
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the fire is right there. here's the l shaped building. the fire is here at the top, you have seen it all morning
5:48 am
long. this is a good area to avoid in santa clara, because of this fire activity. it will be going on for the rest of the morning commute. but should be open hopefully later today. these are pictures of the smoke going up. it can be seen from all over the south bay. there's the aerial ladders and the water coming off the fire. you can look down as the photographer pans. they are not going anywhere for a long time. you can see that this fire -- let's look at some of the other things, 92 westbound doesn't look bad on westbound 92 as you drive through the area. the traffic is doing okay. we want to talk about an injury accident at highway 92 with fire and medics coming to the scene, on 880 out of the san
5:49 am
lorenzo area going to 92 there's an injury crash and this commute is not doing well. this is the bay bridge toll plaza and that's jammed pack. now let's go to steve. thank you sir. a lot of low clouds in place, even if you have clearing skies it will be cool. lots of drizzle. oakland, san francisco reporting drizzle and into marin county. it's a dreary gray pattern. not that warm. rise drizzle on the 5:00 a.m. run in sausalito. reports in oakland hills. most of the shower activity should focus the energy south. we have a decent breeze with the overcast in press. it will be a -- in place.
5:50 am
the low is down to southern california now, i would think sacramento, southern end of the sacramento valley shows south would be the -- san jose south would be the best opportunity. santa cruz at 55. 56 san jose state. campbell and cupertino 57 degrees. the low is on the way out of the picture. it in southern california today. as it moves out high pressure will build in. low clouds, drizzle. showers south, it stays cool. temperature 60s and low 70s, running well below average for many. getting toward the end of may. for others it's a cool, gray day, 60s to 70s on the temps. low 70s, mid-70's. 60s, 50s on the coast. a little bit warmer, but fog thursday and warmer going into
5:51 am
the weekend. >> people heading to tahoe for the weekend. mornings are cold, days are okay. thank you steve. we want to talk about the snow pack is melting. the bears are coming out looking for food. it's causing problems for homeowners in the lake tahoe area. one neighborhood. >> look at this. they made themselves at home inside that house, turns into an every day occurrence, the bears are going into the garages, the garbage, the homes when they can get in. a family of bears ransacked that home until deputies scared them off. after years of drought the bear run ins are more common. stop it. the sheriff office gets up to five calls on days of reports on bears. students and parents in north carolina don't like a new
5:52 am
dress code. the new hab-ball county wants to -- hannibal county want to ban skinny jeans. if they wear them they have to wear a long shirt that covers the body. it's a response to the overweight girls getting bullied. critics say focus on teaching students to respect and interact with one another. okay. 5:52 is the time. george lucas got the green light. the major construction project he will be allowed to start at his ranch.
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. welcome back to the mornings on two. alameda voted to ban fracking in the area. the first bay area county to do this. it will go into effect in july. this is a big step in the right direction to preserve the earth and protect ground water. marin county approved a project for george luke as -- lucas. he will continue vert 61,000 square feet of office to 77
5:56 am
gust units. lucas representatives say it will help with the filmmakers problems. workers at full some lake are -- folsom lake are ready for a busy weekend. the water levels are rising after a record low last december. it is 86% of the capacity. expected to brick a lot of people to that spot in the sierra foothills. the same higher water levels have water managers releasing water into the lower american river. >> the water quality in the delta is defended by the water outflow, not releasing water you have salt water coming into the bay. >> what's not clear is how long the releases will continue. it is coming up on the 6:00
5:57 am
hour, we follow the fire burning in santa clara at a strip mall. we have been following it since 4:00, the fire is still burning, we'll take you to the scene for the latest. >> i play desperation. lives on the line on thursday. >> the warriors lost last night. the warriors are coming back to oracle for a win or go home game. >> good mornings, we're looking at troubled spots on the morning commute, in general not bad, 280 in san jose looking good. we have a problem in the east bay i'll tell you about. low clouds in place and drizzle around the bay. we'll see if this pattern will change
5:58 am
5:59 am
. a strip mall fire is still burning right now. it's rare air your breathing and these guys recognize that. >> it's the biggest game to
6:00 am
date. tonight they have a chance to advance to the stanley cup finals for the first time ever. mornings on two continues. good morning, you're wearing your black and teal. >> i forgot about it. >> still supporting. >> thank you for joining us, wednesday morning, may 25. a busy morning, we're going the strip mall fire in santa clara. it started just after 3:00 this morning, on caminoel reale. it caused major damage. the fire crews are getting an upper hand. this fire is not over yet. janine, what's the latest as of right now? >> still not contained. it's been three hours and the fire is still rn


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