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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 6pm  FOX  May 26, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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>> bang up, back up -- back up, back up. >> reporter: you can hear the shots from the intense gun fite. this is from the santamaria times. it happened 3:15 this afternoon. it began after authorities issued an amber alert on a gold 1997 saturn. authorities say that car was spotted in santa barbara county. chp started following the car. when the pursuit ended, the man inside believed to be castro shot at deputies, he then drove into a mobile home park, got out of car abjumped into another car. he drove farther, got out of that car, shot at deputies again and they returned fire. >> the suspect is dead and we believe the suspect is probably fernando castro. at this point, pearl pinson was not found. we continued to look for her and worried about her safety. >> reporter: pearl pinson was
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abducted wednesday morning as she was on her way to school. authorities believe castro was her abductor as he was reportedly seen pulling her across the crossing. a witness told depths that pinson's face was bleeding and she was yelling for help. the fact she's missing is concerning to authorities. anyone with information on her whereabouts give the police a call. they sent two depths from their department to santa barbara to gather more information. >> did they say anything new about the relationship between the suspect and the 15-year-old girl? if he were reportedly acquaintances >> reporter: they were not.neting each other but they wouldn't go in details about the relationship. they only said they knew each other. when asked if they found anything concerning during the reid of kass tro's home. they -- kass tro's home. they found notes in that made
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them concerned about pinson's safety. but they department go in detail about -- didn't go into detail about the writings and no information about the relationship other than they were not dating. now to marin county where they were new developments on a double shooting involving two high school students, one of whom was killed. they took two suspects into custody and looking for one more. the victims were students at the high school. they were found last night in an open space area near the ma rin country club. paul chambers is at the scene. what have you learned? >> reporter: i can tell you this, that ma rin county sheriff's deputies spent most of the day rounding up #179s. as you can -- the supports. the sheriff's deputies are on the scene cleaning up from what happened a few minutes ago
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within the last few hours. the took a second suspect into custody. >> get out with your hand up. search warrant. >> reporter: you can see the tactical unit was used to capture the suspect. it's less than a half a mile from the first home investigators raided earlier today capturing another wanted person in connection with a double shooting. authorities say people from the community have come forward which has helped, as well as the surviving victim. >> during the course of the invest, we dmreened information of who the -- gleaned information of who the possible suspects might be. other information led us to be able to obtain a search warrant. >> reporter: authorities are looking for a third suspect. they wouldn't explain how they came about finding these places here, but they did say they have a good handle of what is going on in this situation. we also said the third person is out there. authorities told me the first
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two people may be juveniles so we can't show you their faces at this time. we'll stay on top of you and bring you more coming up on the 10:00 newscast. once again, you have to remember there is a third suspect out there. authorities said they believe the situation was a started situation -- targeted situation, they don't believe there's a threat to the general public but they want to be -- want people to be on their guards in case. >> the shooting happened this an open space area, somewhat of a repotato area at night. is there any word on what the people were doing up there? >> reporter: at this time, it's an ongoing open investigation so police won't give us that information at this time. i'm sure as it continues with this investigation, they'll be willing to give you that information especially since they have a third suspect at large. a coalition of mayors met to request money on cameras of bay area freeways in hope of
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cushing a recent spike of shootings in the east bay. the majors of these counters have draft raved a letter to -- drafted a letter asking for state money to install cameras at on and off ramps. they want to upgrade the traffic cameras to capture and story images. >> it's a tragedy. it's our society. we have people that have to respect for life. we have to tell the public and more importantly, the gangsters that, hey, what is going to happen on the freeway is going to get recorded. >> since late last year, there have been more than 20 car to car shootings on interstate 80 and highway four. most of the shootings are lirpged to feuding gangs incident drives are at risk and they need to take action now. hillary clinton has arrived in san francisco for her second bay area appearance of the afternoon.
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she wrapped up the speech 15 minutes ago just off the market street. this around, she spoke at a rally in san jose. jesse joins us with a live report. >> reporter: that rally was at park side hall just behind me. at this time hour -- at had hour, clinton supporters have left the area. both side seemed initialed after the rally -- seemed energized after the rally. hillary clinton wasted no time blasting away at her presume opponent for the presidency saying donald trump is looking out for himself, not the american people. >> what he is saying is dangerous and divisive. what he is saying is harmful to our future and our country. >> reporter: clinton used her 30-minute speech to out to her own accomplishments and platform if elected to the
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highest office. climate change, clean energy, and rebuilding infrastructure. >> i want to unify the democratic party and i want to unify the united states of neck. >> i'm here to destruct the policies of hillary clinton. >> reporter: before clinton can pounce trump, she'll have to tame her own party. a dozen bernie sanders supporters picketed across the avenue. >> right now, our only issue in the democratic party is we need to put a dem in the white house. right now, that democrat needs to be bernie sanders because hillary clinton does not have a chance against donald trump. >> we are going to be coming together as a unified democratic party. >> reporter: secretary clinton calls for unity against a common foe and welcomes forcoming debates against trump for the issues. >> everything she had was stra
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strategic. she's experienced. based on her history working with the republicans, she talked about that from before. and also the democrats. everything that she said i believe one hundred%. 100%. >> reporter: the part about working with reps was a reference when secretary clinton talked about george w. busch in flowing terms. it was after 911, he did outreach to the muslim community to let them know america was not at war with all muslims. a clinton praising a bush, it's a strange election year. >> a new report is out about her male practices was anyone able to get a question in about that? >> they kept the secretary far from us. the media was on one side of the hall and she was on the front side. when she left, she went out the way she came in. we weren't able to get close to ask questions.
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bernie sanders is also campaigning in california. today, he tried to rally new support in southern california. . [ chanting ] >> the latest foals show sanders closed the distance between clinton. today, sanders held a future to believe in town hall where he talked about his republican rival. he said donald trump has agreed to debate him in california ahead of the june 7th provide mare and was quick -- primary and quick to point out hillary clinton refused to do so. it looks like donald trump has the delegates he these to avoid a contested republican national convention. during an appears in north dakota, he told his supporters he has capitalismed his party's nomination before hillary
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clinton clefrmged the democratic nomination -- nomination. he reportedly has 1238. one more than we needs. primaries in krament and new jersey are aanti-depressant -- in california and unknowing are ahead of him. >> i'll be you be winding various executive orders and in particular having to do with the border where people are pouring into the country that aren't supposed to be here. and we'll have a lot of things today. we're going to start rebuilding the military. >> fans and protestors gathered outside the event. the group against trump expected hundreds of protestors to show up. police met them ahead of them in an effort to keep the event peaceful. the secret service and 75 later officers were on duet to -- -- duty to monitor the event. coming up, oakland police
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want to know who killed a former nasa researcher. next, henry lee will show us the clues that could led to an arrest. >> the latest law in the state capitol to put money in your pocket for adopting a pet. >> tracking the big holiday weekend forecast. tomorrow, it's going to warm up even further.
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new information about an unsolved homicide in oakland, the victim was a former nasa researcher shot and killed while walking home at night. >> police released these pibs of three people and a car that may belinged to the case and asking for help. brian was walking home from the king fish bar in north oakland. and was only yard from his house when he was shot in the head along rich monday brvd. it happened on april soth. when police arrived -- april 10th. april 10th. >> police release surveillance video of people described as person of interests of in the case as well as a car seen in the area before the victim was killed. the three came into contact with the victim and that some of them could be witnesses in this case. the car is described as a 2003 to 2007 silver honda accord with four doors.
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investigates and friends of the victim are hoping tips from the public will help led to an arrest. >> it's our hope today that somebody who is sitting at home watching this can think of a person in their lives like brian and if they were in this situation, how they would want somebody to come forward with any piece of information. >> brian is always described as one of the kindest people in the world. when i first moved out to california, he took time out of his schedule to show me around. i would say please help us out. >> our crime reporter henry lee is here. what have you touchdown? >> it's a tragic. the prime of his life working as a data scientist, he would help cardiac surgeons save lives. he loved out doors. that's why he didn't think anything of walking home. he was yard from his house. we don't know what the motive
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is. friends are trying to deal with the loss as police find these person of interests. >> they put up these surveillance videos, did police say there was any type of altercation or incident in the bar which could have led to something happening afterwards? >> they're not talking about what led up to the case, we don't know if he was followed, but whatever the case may be, the police believe that the surveillance pictures show the people of interest before he was killed and in the area. it's closer to 27 and broadway where this happened. >> when he left the king fish bar and he's walking home, do they think the people may have picked -- may have seen him there and followed him or it may have been a purely chance meeting? >> they don't though and they're not telling us if he was followed orb. it's very unclear. really, really a lot of unanswered questions. >> we don't know if there's any
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relationship at all between those three people, they're just people in the area of where this happened? >> they were able to rule out over people they've seen in videos in the area. they don't foe in they're -- know if they're represented to the car or the people. >> this letter is from his family. issued through the oakland police. the last sentence is telling. it says, quote, we pray that brian's killer is caught before another family suffers a sense loss loss of someone dear to them. it's a reminder you might be able to stop another tragedy from occurring. >> even if it's a tiny piece of information, sometimes it's the break that gives the investigators what they need. a deadly crash today in the north bay caused a traffic backup on a road in solano county. it happened at 10:30 this morning near shiloh road
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southeast of fairfield. investigators say a woman driving an suv died when he drifted across flexible lane dividers and collided head on. a chp spokesperson tried to avoid the clis and ended up jackknifed -- avoid the collision and ended up jackknifed. it took until 2:00 to resoap that stretch. many guardians get a tax credit for dependants, now they're considering a tax break for people who adopt a shelter pet. the measure proposes giving californians a 100 there are tax deduction if they -- a $100 if they adon't from a shelter. it will encourage pet adoptions. >> local governments spend $130 million a year maintaining shelters. it's beneficial for us to be able to incentivize people to adopt their new family member
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instead of going to is a store. >> the measure is the senate. the cost to the state is estimated about $100,000 a year. the hearing is set for the end of june. the tsa is reminding travelers its latest advice is getting to the airport two hours before your night. >> there's going to be a line to check your bags, and when you get your boarding pass, and when you go to the restroom. there will be waiting all the way around. >> the airport expects to scene 100 more passengers this year than three years ago, but several thousand fewer agents. they're lobbying congress to allow them to shift money to pay security officers overtime and convert some part-time workers to full time. to the weather as we take a look outside. the conditions around the golden gate bridge. another nice day in the area.
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let's go over to bill for the full forecast. >> the weather shaped up today. warmer today than yesterday. these are the highs recorded today. 85 in antioch. highs tomorrow in the valleys. easily mid to upper 80s tomorrow. saturday warmer, sunday warmer. monday about the same. the next four days into the holiday week, as nice as we've scene a while. the last few weekends have been wet and drizzly. the foggy is pushed south. it's still warm now at 70 in liver mother. the forecast for -- livermore. there's the cloud cover, mostly sunny, very little fog. everybody is sunny by 10:00 tomorrow. highs in san francisco at lunchtime you're up to 70 degrees. maybe mid-70s in san francisco tomorrow. as you move into the inland bay
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valley, con soared, livermore, more gab hill, temperatures in the mid-80s. a warmer day for friday, when we come back, we'll talk about the holiday week when we see temperatures hitting into the times. -- the nineties. . s how possible smoking can effect the way you watch your next game. >> the warriors are in a must win situation. we'll check in with mark and jason with their take on tonight's game. >> it's shark's fever around the area. how fans are celebrating the team's win and first trip to the finals ever.
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how about the sharks? fans fired up. the sharks are making their first trip to the stanley cup finals. >> ann spent the day with fans scooping up merchandise and getting ticket. >> reporter: before the doors opened, there was a line at the shack's team store want onced in, fans scooped up merchandise as it's an as they can stock it. >> 25th year anniversary, it's our year for the cup. >> reporter: the goal on display, it's a the trophy that won last night. now finances joined the follow.
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-- new fans joined the fold. >> tonight, the warriors are do or die. the sharks, we're here. >> he came walking back. we were like, can you take a selfie? >> reporter: it was a bright spot for fans waiting for tickets for the finals. >> i told my husband if they make it, we're going. >> reporter: season ticketholders and sponsors got first crack at them. that meant new ticketholders signed up today. >> i walked by the switchboard and it was lighting up good. >> reporter: when they opened up the general sail, only a handful of tickets were left. >> i got up there and they said they didn't have anymore tickets left. >> reporter: games one and two sold out immediately. fans were told to go online for possible games three and four. >> elizabeth first in line was
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one of the lucky once. >> i only got two, i could only afford two, sorry, son, i'm sorry. happy anniversary. >> reporter: fabs are waiting to see what the sharks are playing and which days the home games will be scheduled, that willing determined ar the penguins and lightning face off tonight. >> another day passed with to sign the at all of a young father. >> they they had to to come home. >> they were last seen in the east bay on sunday. still ahead, the latest on the desperate search.
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anybody caught using tobacco products while children are present at sporting activities will be fined. the measure now heads to state assembly. you are watching ktvu news ,
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fox 2 at 6:30. >> a father and his son were driving home and never made it. >> reporter: she is a happy little girl who brings joy and laughter wherever she goes. but kaylee jackson is missing today along with tyler jackson, her dad. the family hasn't seen or heard for them in 4 days. you get a sample -- a sense that something is wrong and i don't know what. >> reporter: they were last spotted here along folsom drive in antioch where they were visiting family on sunday night. >> they need to come home. i baby is one and helple.>


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