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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 430am  FOX  May 27, 2016 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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good morning. 4:30 in the morning. you recognize that -- >> you can still hear the fans. >> i know. even though they are not there, they are there at oracle arena in oakland where the warriors won last night. they are still alive. we will talk more about that in their victory last night a little bit later. good morning. thank you for joining us on mornings on 2, friday, may 27th. i'm dave clark. brian flores on assignment.
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>> yep. he's going to be up at bottlerock, i will join him soon. good morning, i'm pam cook. the warriors looked more tougher and more like the team we know and love. how is the weather for this nice holiday weekend, steven? >> for most, sunny and warm. >> okay. not hot? >> well. >> depending on your opinion. >> the farther inland you go, the farther north, the farther east, yes but not the coast. we are warming up and temperatures a lot of 70s and 80s, a few areas will push the upper 80s. it depends on your proximity to the coast. although north, i think san francisco north looks clear, sunny with 70s and 80s. we are warming up. temperatures starting off, though, in the 40s and 50s. there's some of that fog kind of holding on, holding on in san mateo, santa cruz coast. the coolest locations by far. decent delta breeze, my feeling is it will start to decrease over the next couple of hours. 40s and 50s on the temps. low 50s, palo alto right
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there, san ramon says 51, berkeley 52, novato, santa rosa 40s. big low we had is now just firing things up over the rockies but not here. patchy fog south san mateo coast sunshine and warmer temps, upper 80s for some inland, breezy at times but a nice breeze, it's a nice, nice, very nice breeze. 60s, 70s and 80s. sal, sal. there you are. >> yes. >> all yours. i'm handing the torch to you right now. >> why thank you, thank you, steve. >> my pleasure. we are doing okay this time. we are going to start off with a commute from solano county and that would be the solano supercommute, dixon, vacaville, fairfield, that whole thing doesn't look bad. as a matter of fact, if we zoom into the vacaville/fairfield area a nice drive. the road centers are not showing a lot which is good news for you if that's your commute. looking at interstate 80 north and southbound, well, that
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commute here westbound not a bad drive and it continues to look good all the way into san francisco. speaking of san francisco, let's go to -- i'm sorry. this is 237, i think. this is 880. i think we are kind of off here. this is 880 and the traffic is not bad. no major problems as you drive through. let's go back to the desk. >> sal, thank you. time is 4:33. we are following new developments in marin county in a shooting where a high school student was killed, another was wounded. two arrests were made. authorities are searching for a third suspect. ktvu's christien kafton live at novato high school now. you have the very latest. christien, good morning. >> reporter: yeah, good morning. so here's what we know so far. two of the victims in this case both students here at novato high school. the suspect in this case at least one of whom is a minor, sheriff's deputies in novato arrested two suspects in that shooting and stabbing incident. the hunt now on for that third suspect.
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marin tactical units stormed the leafwood apartments yesterday afternoon and took one suspect into custody. he came out without incident. investigators arrested another suspect earlier in the day. now, deputies say they arrested them in connection with the shooting and stabbing incident wednesday that left one novato high school student dead and another one hospitalized. at this point investigators aren't disclosing a motive in this case and are still looking for that third suspect. >> we are actively trying to pursue any further leads that might help us identify, again, the identity and location of that individual. >> reporter: yesterday authorities told me that they believe this was a targeted attack and despite the fact they have not managed to locate that third suspect, they do not believe that there is a larger threat to the community. now, we will continue to follow on this investigation and follow on law enforcement's efforts to try and locate and arrest that third individual. back to you. >> christien kafton of marin county, thank you. oakland police released pictures of three people and a
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car that may be linked to a killer. 30-year-old brian bowl was shot in the head as he walked home from the king fish bar in north okayed last month. surveillance photos show three people who may have seen or at least talked to him in the area of richmond boulevard and frisbee street where the shooting occurred. investigators also released a photo of a car seen in that area described as a 2003 to 2007 silver honda accord with four doors. a group of people running for public office in san jose say their chances of winning could be hurt by a high school prank. several candidates for the san jose city council say more than 100 of their campaign signs were stolen last weekend. many were recovered at santa teresa high school. we are told that home surveillance video recorded a student stealing a sign from a yard. >> every sign costs money and it's not just the money, it's the time and effort to go into the neighborhoods and to talk to people and get -- convince people to let us put our signs
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out here. >> staff at santa teresa high school found the stolen signs all across campus tuesday morning. they say students also ripped out trees, glued doors and tagged buildings. the cost of the damage, cleanup and investigation totals $2600 and students have to reimburse the school district. the surveillance video of a pickup truck police say is connected to several stolen vehicle cases. pleasanton police posted the video on their facebook and twitter pages today. they say it's a dark colored ford f250 with aftermarket wheels. the third break lamp at the -- brake lamp at the top of the rear window is out. there is a light colored sticker on the rear window. you can take a look at that. fuzzy, but the truck has a low hanging trailer hitch as well. two men and two teenagers have been arrested in connection with the deadly shooting in antioch. police say a 21-year-old man from richmond was shot in the area of crater peak way near lone tree way wednesday
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morning. he was pronounced dead at the scene. police have not released any other details on the four people arrested or a motive in the shooting. time is 4:37. a former private school administrator in marin county is accused of diverting $1 million of school money to her own use. the marin independent journal reports the board of trustees of mount tamopi school in the valley alerted patients they had negotiated a agreement with kate mecca. trustees say over eight years money was diverted into a private account and paid off personal credit cards with school money. mecca released a statement where she said she gave more than 40 years of her life working hard so sustain and improve schools and believes that students and alumni will keep it going. well, the san francisco superior court ruled against a landlord in a case of alleged housing discrimination. the city sued len ray properties back in october accusing of it violating city
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law by not accepting federal housing vouchers for rents. lawyers for the landlord tell the examiner land moire has agreed to accept housing vouchers from low income tenants but still plans to fight that ruling. they say the issue is whether san francisco has the right to get involved when state law says local governments are not allowed to regulate housing discrimination. reuters reports that a woman who claims she was being harassed is now accusing twitter of giving her personal information to the people harassing her. the woman works in the tech industry but active in politics. she says she was targeted for her political activities and she claims that her opponents tweeted photos of her child and then targeted the woman in several videos. the woman complained to twitter but says that the company as part of the reporting process sent a copy of her complaint with her private information to the person she was complaining about. she told reuters it does not comment on individual accounts. 4:39.
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the number of homeless in east contra costa counties what gone up in the past year. in the most recent homeless count in january, the county found 300 people sleeping on the streets. a 32% increase from just last year. more than half of these county's homeless population is in antioch. homeless advocates tell the east bay times it's really a concern because that area has less help available for the homeless than other parts of the country. state water regulators are recommending dismissing an historic fine against a central valley water provider which serves about 160 farmers. the $1.4 million fine issued last year during the height of california's drought. the state water board accused -- the board says its prosecutors failed to prove the case against the district. this weekend bart crews will finish the track maintenance ahead of schedule so it is the last few days of
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disrupted service. the work starts at midnight tonight and ends at 4:00 a.m. on tuesday. that will disrupt service between the bay fair and san leandro stations on the fremont. if there is a game 7 normal service back up and running sunday after 3:00 p.m. as a courtesy to fans but a bus bridge will be in place during the track maintenance and could cause a 30 minute to an hour delay. so be aware of that. >> all right. time is 4:40. san francisco leaders, they want to know how students get to school in the city. coming up at 5:00, we will tell you about a new survey that hopes to improve the challenges many students are facing. but first, many parents and guardians got a tax credit for their dependents. now california lawmakers are considering a tax break for people who adopt a shelter pet. up next, the measure proposed by california lawmakers. not a bad commute so far if you're driving on bay area freeways, so far, so good in san francisco along northbound 101. 101.
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except for fog on the san mateo/santa cruz coast and maybe a patch or two elsewhere, it's going to warm up. we will show you how much on this friday and what's in store for the weekend.
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two major fast food chains are jumping on the chemical- free bandwagon and getting rid of artificial colors and flavors. talk woe bell and -- taco bell and pizza hut are distancing themselves from ingredients that people may find unappetizing. instead of black pepper flavor, it will start using black pepper in its seasoned beef. and the artificial dye yellow number 6 will be removed from its nacho cheese. the new recipes should be in stores nationally by the end of the year. you can now own a piece of television history for the right price. the victorian house made famous
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in the sitcom "full house" is up for sale, $4 million is that asking price. these are some of the photos taken from vanguard properties which is in charge of the sale. it features nearly 3000 square feet of living space, including three bedrooms, 3 1/2 bathrooms, a classically designed garden. they mainly used the exterior of the home on broderick. the pictures from inside looks a little bit different from the "full house" which was shot in a studio in burbank. she shia labeouf is working on a project. he's recording a cross country trip for a tv documentary but it's not just any cross country trip. every day labeouf tweets out his gps coordinates and location. the first fans to find him get to hang out with him, ask him questions, maybe even take a ride. he's using the #takemeanywhere to post his location every day.
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labeouf has spent this week in colorado and wyoming. and a huge i can't bea dab -- yabba daba don't. a driver in trouble with police in key west left this replica flintsstone's car illegally parked. officials in key west, they are looking for the owner of this car. it looks like it belonged to bedrock but they have towed the abandoned stone aged car complete with a bone trim, the zebra print seats so they are asking the public, help us out. but in fact they actually found the owner. not too many people -- >> no. that's a pretty recognizable vehicle. >> at least one person i know has that office there. >> i think so. i don't remember the zebra print seats. >> i don't either but -- >> i thought they were stone or something. >> yeah. i have to do a little research on that. >> that guy -- it's not true to the story of the flintstones.
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it looks like a golf cart, basically. >> with a -- yes. we will find out, pam. >> all right. >> we find things out. >> get to the bottom of this. >> exactly. good morning, everyone. the traffic not bad, as a matter of fact, we are looking at a commute where traffic continues to move along pretty well as you drive on the east shore freeway, there are no major problems here. we want to mention the traffic on the supercommute here. if you are driving on the tracy supercommute, not a bad one. in fact, we are expecting the traffic is going to be better than normal as you drive on this commute because it is the holiday weekend coming up and sometimes people, this may not be a surprise to you, sometimes people do take four day weekends. what you say? yes, they do. all right. let's move along and take a look at the bay bridge toll plaza. the traffic is a little bit slow and here is interstate 880. that traffic is nice. so we are hoping for a nice,
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quiet day in the traffic world. right, steve? >> i certainly hope so, sal, for everyone's sake. >> right? >> yes. you missed dave's joke on the flintstones, though. maybe ask stoney curtis. >> very good, dave. >> very clever. it's friday, we are heading into a holiday weekend. it looks like around monterra, el granada, half moon bay south is where the fog is. but it's not in this park. 47, how about that? that's cool. very nice. have a great memorial day weekend. will do. temperatures bumping up here, santa rosa yesterday 72, 82 today. santa rosa 64 to 71. livermore from 79 to 85 and san jose will go from 78 to 80, that's downtown, east san jose probably about 83, 84. still some of the fog trying to but running into a lot of resistance but it's there so if you're on parts of the san mateo-santa cruz coast highway,
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careful, thick fog. west-southwest, southwest west, not a strong breeze but a component of a delta breeze. 40s and 50s, santa rosa 48, 50 palo alto, san ramon in there, berkley at 52. east bay temps mid-50s to a few upper 50s but blackhawks checking in at a cool 48. lafayette 49. 34 in truckee, looks much quieter, nicer and warmer you were in the mountains if you're headed in that direction. fog from san mateo coast to the monterey peninsula, clear to the north and temperatures warming up, the low response for our cooldown and all that big fog bank is now just going bonkers over the four corners, it has been raining throughout much of denver. patchy fog, sunny and warmer, san mateo coast south, looks like it will probably erode and go down the coast but upper 80s for some inland, breezy at times, 60s, 70s and 80s, pacifica in there, san
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francisco, again, if you have that fog south it may be in the low 60s but otherwise looking for temperatures on their way up and they will probably settle in there until about sunday, monday, that looks to be the warmest day and still pretty good tuesday and then a cooldown by the middle of next week. >> we will be up at bottlerock starting at 8:30 we will have our first enter is that true. >> 8:30. >> who are you interviewing? do you know yet? >> we are going to interview the ceo, some of the organizers, we can talk -- who can talk about traffic and parking and all of the things they have definitely improved on. >> right. >> and it sounds like it's going to be smooth. i'm hoping we are going to talk to a guy you have met before, one of the -- a band member. >> i have met all of them. if all those three members are still there. >> right. >> very nice guys called -- they are in a band called the deadly and nice guys, surf punk. >> excited about that. >> i met them up in napa once and they watch the show. >> they are local guys and they watch. they are probably sleeping in now. >> look forward to that. >> let you know. >> yes. it's 4:49. the state public utilities
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commission will begin using a map that shows where powerlines pose the greatest fire danger. the color coated map will show the location of powerlines in dry and windy areas where fires can easily spread. the state puc says that the map will help with the planning and deployment of extra resources to prevent large wildfires. many parents and guardians get a tax credit for necessary depend en-- their dependents but now california lawmakers are considering a tax break for people who adopt a shelter pet. the humane society is backing that bill. the measure proposes giving californians a $100 tax deduction if they adopt an animal from a shelter. the bill's author says it would encourage more shelter adoptions and reduce the number of pets that have to be euthanized. >> gosh, local governments spend about $130 million a year maintaining shelters. it is incredibly beneficial for us to be able to incentivize people to adopt their new family members instead of going to a store. >> the measure is currently in the state senate judiciary
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committee. the cost to the state estimated about $100,000 a year. the bill's hearing is set for the -- he wants to go home with you, dave? >> i know. >> set for the end of june for that hearing. 4:51. we can talk hockey. now we know the san jose sharks heading to pennsylvania and open up the stanley cup finals. last night the pittsburgh penguins beat tampa bay 2-1. the penguins won the stanley cup in 2009 and haven't been back to the finals since. of course the sharks have never been to a stanley cup final at all. the series begins monday, game 2 is wednesday. the first game in san jose will be saturday, june 4th. the oakland raiders will be doing their part for our deployed troops. later this morning current and former players, raiders staff and the raideretts, they will pack care packages at the marine memorial club in san francisco in honor of memorial day. those packages will be delivered to marines who are
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deployed in the middle east. bravo. >> yeah. 4:52. a prized possession of a famous east bay musician returns six years after it was stolen. >> i got one of the craziest e- mails. >> yeah, it's a pretty good story. coming up at 5:15, the incredible find inside a san bernardino storage unit. the reunion and the thank you that was posted on youtube. but first it's a long unused san francisco port. it's about to spring back to life, though. up next, the cargo now scheduled to be shipped in and out of pier 80.
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the project began 10 years ago. the idea was to prevent people from jumping off the bridge to commit suicide. the examiner reports that within the district's $200 million budget there's a provision to hire two engineers to help with the netting. the district needs the engineers to lead the project. the chp is once again conducting its annual maximum enforcement period throughout the state this memorial day weekend. it starts after 6:00 tonight and goes through monday night. officers will be on the lookout for distracted drivers and drivers who are under the
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influence. they are also urging people to buckle up. last memorial day weekend 31 people died in crashes, the majority of them were not wearing seat belts and more than 1000 people were arrested for dui-related charges. time is 4:56. support of san francisco has been working on new plans for an underused pier and the answer may be a mega carport. pier 80's 70-acre site may be busy again soon thanks to a 15- year agreement. san rafael based pacia automotive services -- cargo ships at one time and 96 of those ships will make port there every year. >> we think we are going to handle about 150 cars annually from various locations, asia, europe, mexico. there are more cars being brought in from mexico to california now than there are from japan. >> the port is estimating the initial operation will provide about 400 jobs and about $3.9
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million in state and local taxes. it did not take long for a new safety machine to save a life. the contra costa county fire district unveiled a new cpr robot that helps paramedics with compressions on injury victims. the bay area news group reports that three days later paramedics used that device to save a 50-year-old man who was suffering from a heart attack. the district says the portable device has a small chest compressor and not only increases the chances of saving a life but prevents wear and tear on firefighters and rescue personnel. the oakland fire department is reminding people about fire prevention. focuses on vegetation inspection and their goat grazing programs. today the fire department will be doing its annual vegetation inspections in the oakland hills in an effort to prevent fires but i have heard them say they will pass by a house if there's a bunch of brush coming up to your house. if there's a fire going on,
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they go to the ones they can save. so very serious. >> wow. time is 4:58. the suspected kidnapper of a 15- year-old girl was killed in santa barbara county but still no trace of the young girl from vallejo who has been missing. we will have the very latest on the investigation next. plus, hillary clinton continues her campaign swing through the bay area. the schedule she has planned for the east bay today and the latest in the campaign trail. we are looking at a morning commute where traffic is still doing pretty well in san francisco along northbound 101, we will tell you more about that coming up. we will tell you more about inland and bay side temps warming up, coast, okay, unless you're about san mateo, santa cruz coast, then you might have to deal with some fog. more on that coming up.
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she will be home. she will be home. >> the suspect in an amber alert case killed in a shootout. so far there's no sign of the missing vallejo girl at the center of the investigation. what we are finding out this morning. plus -- >> japan's prime minister said that this visit opens up a new chapter of reconciliation in his words between the u.s. and


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