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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 5am  FOX  May 27, 2016 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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she will be home. she will be home. >> the suspect in an amber alert case killed in a shootout. so far there's no sign of the missing vallejo girl at the center of the investigation. what we are finding out this morning. plus -- >> japan's prime minister said that this visit opens up a new chapter of reconciliation in his words between the u.s. and
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japan. in washington, doug luzader for good day lubbock. this is ktvu mornings on 2. >> ♪ you put the boom boom into my heart ♪ >> looks like a lovely picture of the bay bridge. sounds like it's going to be a pretty nice day, good start to the memorial day weekend. fabulous. a lot of people will hit the roads. >> yeah, it's a good day to go to bottlerock. welcome back on this friday morning. i'm dave clark in for me this morning. >> you're in for you now. you were in for brian -- >> i was in for brian earlier and now i'm in for me. >> steve is in for steve. >> at first it was just practice. >> right. you got to down. >> it looks warmer. >> okay. >> thank you, dave and pam. a little fog san mateo coast. i got the kids loading in the car, we are taking off, what's it going to look like?
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inland warm, coast okay, might have to deal with some fog, but 80s to near 90 degrees. 70s and 80s closer to the coast. really nothing -- there's no weather concerns whatsoever. unless, again, highway 1, san mateo coast down to monterey, thick fog there but i think it will eventually get chewed up. there's just not enough to support it. still a west-southwest breeze there out at travis, 17, although most locations are pretty calm here, there's not a heck of a roaring breeze or anything. 46 novato, 49 san rafael. low 50s here palo alto, san ramon, fremont, even berkeley and napa so cool here for some. otherwise, though, we are all set for sunshine and warmer temps. the low that gave us a series of cooldowns there for about 10 days at least one of the three has now moved far enough away from us. patchy fog, sunny and warmer. the fog san mateo coast south, breezy at times but temperatures a little bit above average to near average for some here today. 5:02, sal. how are things? >> things are good so far, steve. as a matter of fact, we don't have a lot going on.
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this morning's commute is not too bad. let's go out and take a look at what we have now and you will see the traffic is moving along pretty well as you come through tracy. there have been no major problems here driving through. as a matter of fact, if you're driving through livermore, a little bit of slowing as you drive into the main part of livermore. san mateo bridge, westbound 92 not a bad drive heading out to the high-rise. if you're driving to the bay bridge toll plaza, this commute continues to look good so far. now let's go back to the desk. >> thank you. we are following the still developing story of a desperate search going on for 15-year-old pearl pinson, a missing vallejo teenager. a statewide amber alert remains in effect this morning. while fernando castro, the man  accused of kidnapping her was killed in a shootout yesterday in southern california, authorities are focusing the search for miss pinson in marin county. a traffic camera recorded castro's car, a gold sat tenor,
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in the -- saturn in the area of sir francis drake boulevard near the san rafael bridge 9:30 yesterday morning. >> we currently have deputies in that area searching, looking for other clues, anything that would give us information as to where pearl is at this point. >> now, when that amber alert went out, a license plate reader triggered the traffic camera but the surveillance images didn't show pearl sitting up in the car. investigators don't know if maybe she was lying down or was in the trunk of the car. castro was killed in the gun battle with authorities after a chp officer spotted his car in santa barbara county. the police chased the car into a mobile home park. witnesses heard at least 20 gunshots. in the meantime miss pearl's family and friends, they are comforting each other, hoping she will be found safe. >> she will be home. she will be home! >> family members and friends gathered yesterday at a pedestrian overpass in vallejo right along interstate 780 at
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taylor avenue. that's where she was last seen. witnesses report seeing a man dragging her away. she was bleeding and screaming for help. >> i am worried sick about her. i don't -- so much is going through my mind, i don't know what to believe right now. i just want her found. >> organizers of that prayer vigil hoped it would give miss pearl's family the strength they need to get through this very painful, very uncertain time. authorities say pearl and castro may have known each other but her family says they did not know him. two alameda county sheriff's deputies charged in the videotaped beating of a man scheduled to return to court on july 19th. deputies luis santamaria and paul wieber -- shows them striking stanislav petrov with
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a baton. >> you hear the officers giving commands to mr. petrov on the ground and it's clear from that to me that the officers are not seeing compliance. >> the police are not the judge and jury. it's not their job to decide, you know, who should be executed. >> the deputies say they feared for their lives. they say petrov is a drug suspect who was driving a stolen car and that he rammed two police vehicles while trying to elude capture. petrov suffered a concussion, head wounds and several broken bones this that beating. charges have been filed against a bart station agent accused of hitting a homeless man with a wooden rod at the mcarthur bart station in march. paul bailey is accused of using a rod to attack sydney holl lay because he thought -- holloway because he thought holloway was trying to not pay his fare. it shows bailey swinging the rod at holloway several times
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as holloway was trying to leave. bailey has been charged with misdemeanor battery. time is 5:07. san francisco police need help finding a man suspected of several burglaries. take a look at the police photo of the man they are looking for. he's suspected of burglarizing several businesses on clement street in the richmond district. he is described as being in his mid-40s, about 6' tall, 200 pounds, may use a bike to get around. take a look, if you have any information, call the police. meantime, two east bay women have been arrested, they are accused of stealing a large amount of baby formula and investigators say they may be part of a bigger problem. police say 21-year-old zanae jones of antioch on the left and 20-year-old acacia palmore stole in pacifica wednesday afternoon. evidence in their car suggests they are part of a large scale
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theft ring. the women are facing charges of burglary and conspiracy in san mateo county. the warriors beat the oakland city thunder last night 120-111 to stave off elimination in game 5 at oracle arena. the crowd was fired up with the warrior season on the line. it was a tough, close game. maurice fate off the bench scored nine points in the first three minutes of the second quarter but the thunder kept it close. the warriors went into halftime with an eight-point lead. in the third quarter oklahoma city took their first lead of the game. the warriors opened up the fourth quarter 8-0 run, seth curry -- steph curry scored 28 points. andrew bogut had 15 and 14 rebounds. >> for us we play better when we are having fun and enjoying the moment and we played like we were really stressed in okc and it showed. kind of tried to let loose, be
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ourselves, have fun, enjoy what we were doing and it was a good feeling out there to, obviously, perform at a high level. >> yeah, they look like the warriors we know. now the series goes back to oklahoma city, though, for game 6, tomorrow night for the warriors. of course, it is another must win. they can do it. 5:09. this morning hillary clinton continues campaigning through the bay area. she is due to be in oakland taking part in a discussion with community leaders. >> now yesterday mrs. clinton was at rallies in san jose and san francisco, gavin newsom, the lieutenant governor introduced her. clinton's meeting this morning in oakland is set for 9:00. it will be at the home of chicken and waffles restaurant on embarcadero west. in supporters of bernie sanders are painting a mural featuring bernie sanders in oakland. the mural is going up on a building on the corner of west grand avenue and magnolia.
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the group behind it says they are part of a native american community and they are painting the mural because bernie sanders stands with the native american people. time is 5:10. president obama made history today. he became the first sitting american president to visit here sheema -- hiroshima. now, while that visit has been welcomed by some, it also causes some controversy. doug luzader has the story from the world war ii memorial in washington, d.c. good morning, doug. >> reporter: dave, good morning. and of course this memorial represents the sacrifice that the united states made during world war ii with nearly 300,000 u.s. service members losing their lives in battle, all of that given some new perspective this morning with the president's trip to hiroshima. president obama this morning vowing, accepting a wreath and taking part in the -- visiting
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hiroshima, japan, the site of the atomic bomb attack that helped bring an end to world war ii. >> a flash of light and a wall of fire destroyed a city and demonstrated that man kind possessed the means to destroy itself. >> reporter: the attack back in 1945 leveled the city, killing some 140,000 people. but it was seen as the best option to avoid a land invasion of japan which could have resulted in far more deaths and it did eventually lead to japan's surrender. the president used his remarks this morning to call for a global reduction in nuclear weapons. >> we must have the courage to escape the logic of fear and pursue a world without them. >> reporter: the president did not apologize for the attack as many japanese had been hoping but many back in the u.s. bristles at the notion of an apology including some world war ii vets who saw firsthand
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the cruelty of japanese soldiers during the conflict. lester survived the death march. >> i will never forget it and so for that reason at all, there's no reason for us to apologize to them, not any reason whatsoever. we fought a war to win and that's what we should have done. win. >> reporter: the president did meet with some survivors of the bombing this morning saying what happened here should lead to what he called a moral awakening. and japanese shuntso abe -- >> doug luzader in washington, thank you. now 5:12 and a raid at a marin county home tied to the homicide of a marin county high school student. >> search warrant, resident 13 oh nine, number 5 -- 1309, number 5 come out with your
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hands up. >> the hunt for a third suspect. but first a prized possession of an east bay musician, back, six years after it was stolen. the incredible find inside a san bernardino storage unit, we will tell you about it next. good morning, we are looking at a commute here where traffic is going to be okay if you're driving on westbound 24 heading over to oakland. . except for fog, san mateo coast south we are clear and good to go for sunshine and warmer temps especially inland.
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new this morning, san francisco city leaders want a better system for getting students to and from school. the san francisco county transportation authority and the mayor's office, they are conducting a survey of parents of elementary school to get a better idea of transportation challenges for schools in the city. more influential people in san francisco are proposing the city's proposed styrofoam ban. the examiner reports a proposal picked up support recently from several key city commissions including the small business commission and the commission on the environment. supporters hope the measure will help the city reach that goal of sending zero waste to landfills by the year 2020. great story, a happy ending to a 6-year-old burglary case
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involving a famous east bay musician. back in 2010 ktvu first reported that someone broke into the home of rob flynn. he's the lead singer for the heavy metal band machine head. several items were stolen including a 1997 washburn dime bolt guitar. it was given to him by the late guitarist dime bag darrol abbott of the group pan tara -- pantara. she did research, tracked down the rightful owner, it was rob flynn and machine head posted his thank you on its youtube page. >> i cannot thank you enough -- >> you gist give me -- just give me goosebumps. >> to return the dime bag guitar that got stolen from me six years ago. >> what a find. she returned that guitar along with a prototype guitar that had not been released. flynn says it's moments like
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these that you believe miracles, certainly the good in people. >> beautiful guitar. 5:18. check in with sal. you're watching the mcarthur maze and everything else. >> yeah, hopefully we will have a light day, dave and pam because so far we have had a light day. good morning to you. let's go out and take a look at the gilroy supercommute, though and people who make this long drive today have not had any slow traffic to worry about from gilroy to morgan hill and right up to san jose, it has been a very nice drive. we are also watching, as dave mentioned, the mcarthur maze and that traffic looks good coming up around the corner to the bay bridge toll plaza. hasn't been bad at all. it's been a pretty nice commute. also looking at the bay bridge toll plaza itself and here the traffic is moving along very nicely. i don't think we are going to have a pretty big commute today but we will see. that's why we are here to check on things. now let's go to steve and the bay area forecast. >> we have mostly clear skies,
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some fog again, san mateo coast south, that looks to be it but warming up here for just about everybody. not a barn burner crazy but anywhere from 60s to maybe near 90 degrees if you're far enough away from any fog influence. you start warming up pretty quick here. temperatures, actually they have been below average for the longest time but inland it does look above average here, probably all the way through the holiday weekend. coast will flirt with near average to slightly above. bay side above as well. might be a little fog saturday then looks like sunday, monday everything clears out and get a little bit of a northerly breeze or slight northeast. yesterday san jose was 70, we will go 80 today. little warmer out towards east san jose, livermon from 75 to 85. santa rosa 77 to 82 degrees. so not crazy hot but it will be warming up and we get that fog just kind of holding on, just a little bit but eventually i think it will get wiped out. the breeze is going down. there's still a little bit in travis and concord but 17 miles
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per hour, had gusts to 25 a couple hours ago so it is decreasing. that's a sign that we are going to warm up. the lows are on the cool side, though, a lot of 40s, or very low 50s so no warmup here yet as far as any offshore breeze or anything. 46 woodside, upper 40s menlo park, atherton, pacifica 50, hillsborough 49 degrees. 32 in truckee, 53 and foggy down towards monterey and about half moon bay down to santa cruz, it peels off in the santa cruz area. the low responsible, one of the last of the three, now moved into the four corners. things are going bonkers in the rockies and into denver. patchy fog san mateo coast south. upper 80s for some inland, breezy at times but the breeze tailing off so 60s, 70s and then upper 70s to some mid-80s or upper 80s antioch brentwood up to clear lake and up to vacaville and fog on saturday, then i think clears out fast sunday, monday, looks sunny and warmer, probably the warmest two days. >> steve, thank you.
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>> anytime. time is 5:21. actor josh duhamel stepping out of the limelight showing his support and patriotism for the brave men and women who protect our country. in 25 minutes, the charity he's teaming up with, it affects and impacts america's heroes. first new information that's emerging in the investigation into a shooting at a t.i. concert. the rapper caught on camera seen pulling the trigger.
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welcome back to mornings on 2. time is 5:23. look at this. forecasters predict more tornados may touch down today in the great plain states. the central and southeastern u.s. have been hit hard this week by severe thunderstorms, flash flooding in kentucky trapped tourists in a cave 150 feet underground. the storms flooded roads, downed trees near memphis, tennessee. the national weather service reports tornados in texas and kansas and one tornado with 180- mile-per-hour winds, damaged at least 20 homes in northeastern kansas. well, u.s. health officials are reporting the first case of an infection, this resists antibiotics. a 49-year-old woman in pennsylvania who had not been outside the u.s. was found to have an infection, it resists all existing antibiotics that we know of. the so-called superbug has shown up in china and in europe but this is the first time here in the u.s. >> we need to make new
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antibiotics but unless we have better stewardship and identification of outbreaks, we will lose these miracle drugs. the medicine cabinet is empty for some patients. >> now, the centers for disease control and prevention calls this antibiotic resistant superbug one of the most urgent public health threats. a rapper arrested in new york. it's in connection with a deadly shooting wednesday night at a rap concert. police say roland collins, who goes by the stage name troy ave was caught on this surveillance video firing a gun. one person was killed in the shooting, three others were rounded -- wounded including collins himself. family members of the man who died say he was a member of collins' entourage. collins will face charges of attempted murder and weapons charges. now, the rapper t.i. was scheduled to perform at that concert but he had not yet taken the stage. the mother of the so-called affluenza teenager is now charged with helping her son flee to mexico. a grand jury in texas indicted
5:26 am
tanya couch of two charges related to traveling with her son ethan to mexico last year. she is charged with money laundering for reportedly withdrawing $30,000 before she crossed the border and with hindering the apprehension of a felon. authorities say couch fled to mexico with her son after a video came out showing him at a party with alcohol. that would have been a violation of his probation stemming from a drunk driving crash back in 2013 where four people were killed. now, in that case lawyers argued that ethan had been spoiled by his wealthy parents and he had no sense of responsibility for his actions. christien. two suspects in custody, now the hunt is on for a third. plus -- >> a high school senior prank ends up turning into an expensive problem. we will tell you why it might affect the outcome in the local
5:27 am
election. el good morning. we are looking at a commute where traffic is still doing very well in the east bay as you look at a live picture of highway 24. little bit of fog this morning but won't last long unless you're on about the san mateo coast, santa cruz coast, otherwise sunshine and warmer temps. we will have your weekend forecast coming up. hi. is the internet still out? yes! i have nothing. come on! work together. work together. work together. do you got anything? i don't have anything. no i don't have anything. please come back internet. i love you. i love you so much.
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just come back. please. please. he's streaming a cat video. (family laughs) and the whole party is looking... can i take a look? mitch come on! get high speed internet from at&t with 99.9% reliability for just $30 a month. keep calm, your internet's on.
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look at that. >> i know. >> beautiful, clear picture of the moon. >> bravo. >> how are we getting that photo so clear? >> we are good. >> huh. fabulous. >> yeah. >> christien's camera is getting that. >> oh, is that what it is? >> yes, awesome. >> friday morning, may 27th. i'm dave clark. >> good morning. i'm pam cook. time now is 5:30. let's check in with steve. >> yes. >> because a lot of us are headed up to bottlerock for the weekend, so -- >> some of us are not. >> some of you are going to hold down the fort. thank you. >> yes. >> what's it going to be like up there because it can be hot? >> it will be warm. >> nice, okay. >> nice in the morning, warm in the afternoon and then cools down at night. we are looking for warmer temps especially inland, low, mid, upper 80s, far enough from the coast maybe 90 degrees, closer to it, upper 60s, low 70s. a couple days ago we had fog out this far. not this morning but it is cool here, 40s, 50s. steve, why is it always so hot up in santa rosa? it is sometimes.
5:31 am
we are only looking at 82 today. if santa rosa gets a warm wind, a very warm direction for them. obviously the warmest spot in the bay area is concord. it beats travis, livermore. and it used to be back in the day san jose but now san jose seems to run cool. i don't know why. memorial weekend looks sunny and warm. if you're away from the coast, upper 80s to near 90 degrees, closer to it, 60s and 70s except for some of that patchy fog. might be coming back a little bit on saturday but then i think it gets burned off fast sunday into monday. high pressure will win out, the breeze is tailing off a little bit here over the last couple of hours, the delta breeze, 40s, 50s on your temps, a lost 40s in the north bay. that fog will play into about half moon bay south and that's about t the low giving us a cooldown is now long gone in the four corners. patchy fog, sunny and warmer, most locations, low, mid, upper 80s, if you're midland, 60s to 70s around the bay. sal, 5:31. friday light, people going
5:32 am
other directions, have you noticed anything yet? >> yeah, we are going to see the bay bridge right now and i want show you that traffic at the brooklyn bridge is beginning to show signs of it being a little lighter than usual. as a matter of fact, here it is, usually we have the metering lights turned on and this is full. well, there is a little butt of a backup but not much. right before memorial day, some people, obviously, already not going this morning, perhaps are already out of town. you never know. but the traffic is going, we will be okay. this is a look at interstate 880 in oakland and the traffic looking very good as you drive through there, no major problems getting through the area. and let's take a look now at the commute here, going to move it to the solano county area. vacaville to fairfield, not a bad commute heading off to hectorly -- hercules. new developments in marin county where two suspects are in custody and a search goes on for a third following an attack in the north bay that left one
5:33 am
teenager dead and another one wounded. ktvu fox 2's christien kafton you're at novato high school right now. what's the very latest? >> reporter: that the two victims in this case were students here at novato high school. we don't know a whole lot about the suspects in this case other than the fact the two in custody now are minors. >> novato search warrant, get out the front door with your hands up. >> the marin county sheriff's tactical units stormed the apartments yesterday afternoon to take one suspect into custody. he came in without incident. investigators are not saying exactly what led them to that suspect. >> as far as what information we had that led us here today is not something we can disclose at this point. >> reporter: investigators arrested another suspect earlier in the day. the hunt now on for that third suspect. deputies say they arrested the two suspects in connection with the shooting and stabbing incident wednesday that left one novato high school teen
5:34 am
dead and another one hospitalized. at this point investigators aren't disclosing a motive in this case and are still looking again for that third suspect. they are saying the surviving victim is cooperating with authorities and providing them with information about the attackers. now, yesterday authorities said this was a targeted attack and despite the fact that that third suspect is out there, they do not believe that there is a threat to the community at large. guys, back to you. >> christien kafton in novato, thank you. also developing, police in oakland released photos of three people and a car that may be linked to a killing. 30-year-old brian bowl was shot in the head as he walked home from the king fish bar in north oakland last month. surveillance pictures show three people who may have seen or talked to him around richmond boulevard and frisbee street where the shooting occurred. investigators also released a photo of a car seen in that area. here it is, the car is described as a 2003 to 2007 four-door silver honda accord. a principal from a south bay high school says a high
5:35 am
school prank crossed the line. a group of people running for public office says it could hurt their chances of winning their election. ktvu fox 2 janine de la vega talks to us with more. >> reporter: the students say they stole campaign signs from yards and then they were spread all over campus. it turned into an expensive prank for candidates. several of those candidates for the san jose city council say more than 100 of their campaign signs were stolen last weekend and many of them were recovered at santa teresa high school. surveillance video was recorded of students stealing a sign from a yard. >> every sign costs money and it's not just the money, it's the time and effort to go into the neighborhoods and to talk to people and get -- convince people to let us put our signs out here. >> staff at santa teresa high school found the stolen signs spalled a-- sprawled across campus tuesday morning. they say students also ripped
5:36 am
out trees, glued doors and tagged buildings. the cost of the damage, cleanup and investigation totals $2600. students will have to reimburse the school district but candidates are hoping the students will also do community service. pam. >> thank you. 5:36. there is surveillance video of a pickup truck police say is connected to several stolen vehicle cases. now, pleasanton police posted the video. they say it's a dark colored ford f250 with aftermarket wheels, a third brake lamp at the top of the rear window is out and there's a light colored sticker, you can see it there in that photo in the rear window. the truck also has a low hanging trailer hitch. they need help identifying who owns that. two men and two teenagers have been arrested in connection with the deadly shooting in antioch. police say a 21-year-old man from richmond was shot in the
5:37 am
area of crater peak way near lone tree way wednesday morning. he was pronounced dead at the scene. police have not released any details on the four people arrested or a motive in the shooting. time now 5:37. a former private school administrator in marin county, kate mecca, is accused of diverting $1 million of school money to her own use. the marin independent journal reports mount tamalpais school in mill valley alerted parents they had negotiated a restitution agreement with kate mecca. she was a former director of the private school. trustees say over eight years she diverted money into her own bank account and paid off personal credit cards with school money. now, mecca released a statement saying that she gave more than 40 years of her life working hard to sustain and improve the school and believes that students and the alumni will keep it going. the san francisco superior court ruled against a landlord in a case of alleged housing
5:38 am
discrimination. the city sued len moire properties back in october accusing it of violating of city law by not accepting federal housing vouchers for rent. the attorneys for the landlord tell the examiner lem moire has agreed to accept housing vouchers from low income tenants but still plans to fight that court ruling. they say the ise is whether san francisco has the right to get involved when state law says local governments are not allowed to regulate housing discrimination. the reuters news agency reports a woman who claims she was being harassed is now accusing twitter of giving her personal information to the people harassing her. the woman works in the tech industry but is active in politics and she says she was targeted for her political activities. she claims her opponents tweeted photos of her child and targeted her in several videos. she complained to twitter but says the company, as part of the reporting process, sent a copy of her complaint with her private information to the person she was complaining
5:39 am
about. twitter told reuters that it does not comment on individual accounts. time now 5:39. the number of homeless people in eastern contra costa county has risen a lot over the past year. in the most recent homeless count conducted in january 300 people were found sleeping on the streets. that's up 32% from last year. more than half of the homeless population in east contra costa county is in antioch. the homeless advocates tell the east bay times this area has less help available for the homeless than other parts of the county. state water regulators are recommending throwing out an historic fine against a central valley water provider which serves about 160 farmers. $1.4million fine, that was issued last year during the height of california's drought. the state water board accused the byron bethany irrigation district of illegally taking water from a river that didn't belong to them. but now the board says its prosecutors failed to prove their case against that
5:40 am
district. the san francisco unified school district is helping to promote a statewide campaign to end violence and discrimination against transgender people. later this morning school officials will be at a rally at mission high school in san francisco to encourage all california schools to join the transform california campaign. transform california promotes understanding for the transgender community. the rally starts at 11:30 this morning. and this weekend bart crews will finish the track maintenance ahead of schedule so it is the last few days of disrupted service. the work starts at midnight tonight, it ends at 4:00 a.m. on tuesday. that will disrupt service between the bay fair and san leandro stations on the fremont line but if there is a warriors game 7, hopefully there will be, service will be back to normal then for all the warriors fans, that begins sunday after 3:00 p.m. a bus bridge will be in place during the track maintenance and could cause a 30 minute to an hour delay. >> it's worth it, yeah.
5:41 am
>> yes. time is 5:41. a bay area biologist has just been found after disappearing earlier this week. coming up we will tell you the remote area where he was found. but first, many parents and guardians get a tax credit for their dependents. now a california lawmaker, some of them want to consider a tax break for people who adopt a shelter pet. up next we will have the measure that's proposed. good morning, we are looking at a morning commute that's a little better than normal. coming up over the hill on westbound highway 4. a little bit of patchy fog out there and it is fog, a little bit of the north bay and also on the san mateo coast but heading up to tahoe looks good. each day warming up with more sun.
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you can now own a piece of television history for the right price that victorian homemade famous in the 1980s
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sitcom "full house" up for sale, just a little more than $4 million will get you that house. gorgeous inside. these are photos taken from vanguard properties, which is in charge of the sale. it features nearly 3000 square feet of living space including three bedrooms, 3 1/2 baths and a classically designed garden. take a look at that. the show's producers mainly used the exterior, though, of the home on broderick. as you can see, inside is much different from the "full house" set which was shot in a studio in burbank. actor shia labeouf is working on a new project that's not exactly a big budget hollywood blockbusters like transformers. he's reported a cross -- recording a cross country trip for a television documentary. not just a cross country trip. each day he tweets out his gps coordinates and location and the first fans to find him get to hang out, ask him some questions, maybe even take a ride. he's using the akemeanywhereto post hi location each day.
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in celebration of military appreciation month, actor josh duhamel is teaming up with gnc to help our military. now, they are raising money for the charity called building for america's bravest. the group uses the money to build smart homes for severely injured veterans to make everyday living a little bit easier. >> there's such great dudes and they have -- they are such great dudes and they have such strong spirits about them and that really is what i have taken away from this, is this positive outlook on life. i have nothing but respect and admiration for these heroes really. >> you tell them, josh duhamel. if you want to donate to building for america's bravest, go to, look for it under the web links section, right at the top of the home page. right now it's 5:45. want to check in with sal for a little look at traffic on this friday morning. are you going to have your traffic jams? >> yes, it's going to be summer
5:46 am
songs. >> because it's the official start of summer with memorial day weekend? >> yes. songs about summer, if you want to go ahead and go to our facebook page and start that. hey, you know what? it's light out there. i like this. not a bad commute here on interstate 880 in oakland. looks pretty good as you drive through, traffic continues to look very nice in both directions. also at the bay bridge toll plaza you will see that it is light. normally at this time we have a big backup. this morning we do not. and 880, we have had a couple of issues, couple of minor incidents but the traffic isn't slow. we had a car fire southbound 880 near 238 but even that didn't slow traffic so much. there's a little bit of a slowdown there as fire crews are on the scene. 5:46, let's go to steve. >> thank you, sal. sal, your sharks will be playing the pittsburgh penguins. >> that's right. >> and their goalie is 21 years old. >> he can do the job. >> what did you do at 21?
5:47 am
i played in the stanley cup. >> no big deal. >> no big deal. thank you, sal. we do have sunshine for most on the menu here today and a little bit of fog on the sonoma- napa line and for sure san mateo coast southward. we are looking for a warmup. today a bigger jump for inland temps. not going to be hot, hot, hot, unless you don't like anything over 72 and then you're in trouble because you can probably be close to that no matter where you are unless you're by the coast. marty batiste say tomatoes are loving the sun. 48 degrees, it is cool here for some this morning but we are looking for 70s and 80s today unless you're well inland and then we will be warming up for many but some of that patchy fog is pretty thick. santa rosa 77, bumped you up a little bit today, 82. santa rosa just 78 to 80 degrees. sierra nevada looks got today. there will be clouds popping up but i think any shower activity is pretty much done.
5:48 am
if there is isolated. some of the fog will burn off quick but the delta breeze is decreasing over the last couple of hours, been coming down, down, down, still out of the west-southwest, though. 40s for san rafael, novato, also santa rosa, and palo alto checking in at 49 in areas south. 47 boulder creek, that's above los gatos and saratoga 49 degrees, cupertino at 51 degrees. might be a slow process on the san mateo coast but everywhere else, high pressure building in, lower pressure moving off into the rockies where they have had snow and a lot of rain around denver. patchy fog, sunny and warmer, upper 80s for some far enough inland but temperatures 60s, 70s and 80s, some of the temps, again, if you're well inland clear lake, vacaville, it's pretty warm but napa looking for 84, pamela. >> yeah. >> yep. that's not bad. >> i'm going to be in napa. >> that's not bad.
5:49 am
88 in antioch, brentwood. 74 oakland, 84 walnut creek. santa cruz has a lot of fog, they will get clearing late, 60s on the coast, 70s to low 80s on the peninsula. if you're heading up to lake tahoe, a few clouds today but then overall looks pretty good, especially on monday. that looks to be the best day by far and for us as well, temperatures warming up as we go into the weekend. >> they go snow a week ago or something in tahoe? >> earlier this week, yeah. pretty big thunderstorms most of the week. >> i prefer 74 but at least it's not going to be 94, right? >> go to benicia and vallejo. >> i need to go to napa. bring in the fog a little bit. >> don't go to saint halleen or calistoga. it's 5:49. california now has a new tool to better predict and prevent wildfires. the public utilities commission just came out with this map. it shows where powerlines pose the greatest fire danger. now, take a look at the map.
5:50 am
green is a low danger area. you can see orange and red in the sierra nevada, though, in the southern part of the state. those are the areas where powerlines are most at risk for sparking wildfires because of dry and windy conditions. many parents and guardians get a tax credit for their dependence. now california lawmakers are considering a tax break for people who adopt a shelter pet. the humane society is backing the bill, the measure proposes giving californians a $100 tax deduction if they adopt one of those guys, an animal from the shelter. the bill's author says it would encourage more shelter adoptions and reduce the number of pets that are euthanized. >> gosh, local governments spend about $130 million a year maintaining shelters. it is incredibly beneficial for us to be able to incentivize people to adopt their new family member instead of going to a store. >> one of those guys wants to go home with you, dave. >> i see. >> the measure is currently -- there he is. currently in the state senate
5:51 am
judiciary committee. the cost to the state is estimated at about $100,000 a year and the bill's hearing is set for the end of june. 5:51. we now know the san jose sharks will head to pennsylvania to open up the stanley cup finals. last night the pittsburgh penguins beat tampa bay 2-1, game 7 of the eastern conference finals. the penguins won the stanley cup in 2009 but had not been back since. of course the sharks had never been to the stanley cup finals. the series begins monday, game 2 is wednesday, the first game in san jose will be saturday, june 4th. it is now 5:51. transforming a pier into a mega carport. when we return, the plan to rejuvenile night an underutilized san francisco pier into an economic bonanza.
5:52 am
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the chp conducting its annual maximum enforcement period all over the state this memorial day weekend. it starts just after 6:00 tonight, goes right on through monday night. they will be looking for distracted drivers and drivers who are under the influence. they are also vikes you -- advising you you better buckle up. last memorial day weekend 31 people died in crashes, most of them did not wear seat belts and more than 1000 people were
5:55 am
arrested for dui-related charges. the port of san francisco has been working on new plans for an underused pier. the answer may be a mega carport. pier 80's 70-acre site may be busy soon thanks to a 15-year agreement. san rafael based pasha automotive services will occupy the space that can dock four massive car hauling cargo ships at one time. 96 of those ships will make port there every year. >> we think that we are going to handle about 150,000 cars annually from various locations, asia, europe, mexico. there are more cars being brought in from mexico to california now than there are from japan. now, the port is estimating the initial operation will provide about 400 jobs and generate $3.9 million in state and local taxes. san francisco city park system has been named the fifth best in the country. officials from the trust for public land, recreation and
5:56 am
park say that the city rated the highest in the nation for park access noting that 99% of residents live within a 10 minute walk of a park. the trust annual ratings are also based on park size, facilities and investment and the availability of facilities such as basketball hoops, off leash dog parks and recreation and senior centers. with summer just around the corner, the oakland fire department is reminding people about fire prevention. the fire department says a big part of their fire prevention efforts focuses on vegetation inspection and their goat grazing program. now, today the fire department will be doing its annual vegetation inspections in the oakland hills in an effort to prevent fires. time is 5:56. a busy holiday weekend could become a major disappointment for campers in the stanislaus national park. up next, why dozens of campsites will be closed and what crews need to do to keep visitors safe. and two women arrested in pacifica both suspected of
5:57 am
stealing baby formula but coming up the clue that tipped off police about the theft and they could be responsible for more. good morning. we are looking at a commute here where traffic is moving along well on 880. a little bit of patchy fog vallejo, napa, sonoma county line. warmer temps. how much warmer on this holiday forecast.
5:58 am
5:59 am
good morning. coming up on a minute to play. shot clock to 5. here is curry. yes. >> the warriors keep their playoff hopes alive with a hard fought victory in oakland. this and more as mornings on 2 continues. this is ktvu mornings on 2. >> 6:00 on a friday morning. i believe we are taking a peek at gorgeous downtown oakland. >> yeah. >> perhaps you have the day off of work and school today, you
6:00 am
have the luxury of lounging about the gorgeous bay area. maybe you're headed to work. whatever you're doing, it is may 27th and we are thankful you are joining us on mornings on 2. >> good to see you early. >> pam cook is rushing off to go to bottlerock and that's why i'm joining you at 6:00. >> good to see you. i'm dave clark. check your weather now, steve paulson, how does it look? >> it's 6:00. welcome here early. >> yeah. >> we have some patchy fog out there, little bit around oakland, vallejo. that won't last long. what's on the san mateo coast south might last longer. this says we made it to friday and, yes, that beats the alternative. vallejo current conditions 52, fog, no wind. have a great weekend. will do. you too. 70s and 80s on the temps, 60s over by the coast. we are warming up but we are not rocketing up or anything unless you're really fa


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