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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  May 27, 2016 2:00pm-2:31pm PDT

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a paraglider gets so high, he -- >> just could not find his way out of the cloud cover. >> how he desperately sorts through a tangled mess to try to get back to earth. >> ay, ay, yi. >> some guys with water guns are trolling chicago. >> basically doing drive-bys on random people. why the video has a lot of people saying -- >> it's just not a good idea. it may sound like those chimps are playing, but -- >> that is an alarm call. >> the moment they see what's lurking out there. and after stepping on the scale, dude's got something to prove. >> light on their feet. >> see a back flip the catfish coulis way. >> get you some of that!
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you are actually paragliding with a guy who's got his head in the clouds, really quite literally. in fact, for the first couple of minutes, you can't see anything. you can't tell if he's level, going up or down. all you can really hear is the beep, beep, beep. which i think is sort of his altitude sensor which is telling him if he's ascending or descending. >> dude, that is a terrible day to go do this. >> paragliders don't really have the instrumentation to fly in this kind of condition. >> yeah, and i start to think that this guy's starting to panic a little bit. not so much panic but realize that he might be in a little danger. he pulls his reserve chute, his emergency parachute. he's, like, okay, i don't know what's going on. i don't know where i'm going. it's time to make sure i can get to the ground safely. the really mind-blowing part, guys, and where i realize why he did what he did, this guy was up in the clouds.
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it wasn't low cloud cover. it wasn't a bad day to be paragliding. he had gone out and he's quite clearly going for altitude. and i'm only working on the assumption that he got to an altitude where already it was getting hard to breathe. and two, he just could not find his way out of the cloud cover. now, guys, follow six more minutes of him parachuting down. the level that he was at is incredible. >> so he felt it was safer to descend straight down instead of trying to fly out of his situation because he didn't know where he was, and he didn't want to hit them out. >> i think he just made a clever decision, realizing he didn't know which way was up or down, he just took the safest route, straight down. >> oh, no. ah! >> the trees caught him, though. >> yeah, he gets caught up. you can see the nicely folded up wing. it's caught around a branch. that's before the video ends. >> ay, ay, yi. >> yeah.
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well, the temperatures are going up, it's getting a little bit warm and it's time to get out and have a little bit of summertime fun, right? >> we made a pit stop real quick. we ran out of water. >> a bunch of kids in a car, big water guns. they say they just refilled their water guns. they're out having a good time. here's the problem. they're basically doing drive-bys on random people out the car window just shooting random folks on the street with their water guns. >> people are going to be -- >> yeah. >> this was in chicago. and a lot of people are quite upset about this because let me help you put this in perspective. in one weekend in april, six people were killed. 38 wounded in shootings. so the city and the residents of chicago are a little bit tense about the situation like this. i think these kids were just going out looking for a good time, but i don't think they went about it in the right way. >> yeah, the boys in my community used to do this, but
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they did it to neighbors. everybody they did it to knew them. but in situations like this where the city already has a lot of gun violence, you don't know what the retaliation could be. it's just not a good idea. >> they could also be ruining whatever things people have in their cars. a woman could have been holding a cell phone. they're causing damage as well. >> it's sad because it is, it's supposed to be fun. the fact that we're even having this discussion is what's sad about it, and it's what has everybody else talking about this video that's gone viral. it's only a minute long, but it's gotten a lot of attention across the country. this is cisna. for paws international wants to giver had the best life they can. she was discovered by forresters in poland, and they got them to take her in. as you can see, she is exploring the area that they have created for her. >> look at the floor.
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>> dirt, dirt. i want to smell like dirt. >> that's what i mean. she's acting more like a puppy, more like a kitten. >> she's cute. >> she is cute. she is getting her play on. >> climbing trees, eating blur berries. >> the sad thing is she was orphaned. that's why she was taken in. this poor bear has been so accustomed to humans that she cannot be introduced to the wild. the good thing is that she's going to have a good life of people taking care of her even though she can't go back into the wild. now, the permanent home for these chimps is the chimpanzee sanctuary northwest. they were released from biomedical research in 2008, but now they are living the life of luxury. that is an alarm call. because a snake is underneath that what they call negra's cabin. >> are you telling me there's a snake in it the grass here? >> there is a snake in the grass. that one chimp is, like, i'll just stand back here and do the
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alarm call. the rest of them went to check out what it was. >> i'm pretty sure she made that same noise the last time she saw a snake. >> i sit next to a snake every day. >> no way. >> watch what happens right here. one of them is over there, it gets a little scared and runs over for a little reassurance. >> at least somebody has the others' back. >> but it's so interesting that the other one hugs her. i mean, that's amazing to me. yesterday i got one of the craziest e-mails of my entire life. >> he is the grammy-nominated front man for the heavy metal band machinehead. in 2010, you reported his home had been ransacked and that some of his prized possessions were stolen. >> guitar, his grammy medal all gone. >> oh, man. >> that's a drag. >> i opened up the e-mail and i looked at it. and it was my [ bleep ] guitars.
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>> six years! >> i mean, by that point you've just come to terms with the fact you're never going to see it again. >> this guitar was given to me in 1997 by dimebag darrell. >> darrell has since passed on. so that's really awesome that he got a gift like that back. >> you will never believe how these guitars were returned to him. apparently she purchased a storage unit. you know they go up for auction. >> right. >> no, snap. >> yes, snap. and so not just one guitar but two guitars. >> that's mental. wow, one, but two, how did they put two and two together? >> right. get ready to pick your mouth up off the ground. >> i bought it for $10. >> holy [ bleep ]! >> what? >> there was writing on the back and that's how she pieced it together. >> i can't believe it. all the elements came together in the universe to reunite this man with his guitars. >> she looks like she listens to machinehead. is she a fan? >> oh, she's most definitely a
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fan. >> oh, my gosh! >> he's emotional. >> i'm a little verklempt right now. >> right? i keep getting goose bumps. >> got to write a song about that. >> yeah. you've got to give her a big old smooch, too. it's an amazing video with an even more amazing story behind it. >> in that car the driver, george hamill, a paraplegic. >> no way. >> yes! >> the incredible journey of the extreme guy who just won't give up. >> you have one life. you may as well just live it as much as possible. and a '90s sitcom-inspired announcement. >> it looks like a shot-for-shot remake of the intro. >> why this one definitely defs why family matters. when we stopped selling the cheeseburger pizza, boy did i hear about it. @biggbill7 writes: are you kidding me? no more cheeseburgers on a pizza? are you kidding me? they're back, big bill - with bacon. are you kidding me?! papa's bacon cheeseburger pizza is back.
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this video comes from a short-course race in arizona just a few weeks ago. oh, don't you want to be right in the middle of it? >> i want to be there. >> oh, keep watching. >> wow! >> look at all that air they're catching. >> oh, oh, oh! >> wow! >> as you see one of those utvs get clipped, amazing video. but even more amazing, the story behind it. in that car, the driver, george hamill, is paraplegic. >> no way. >> yes. >> cool. >> let me tell you more about george. george was a pro dirt biker when he was younger, but suffered a very serious injury. >> i was coming down a big hill, at the bottom of the hill, there's a lot of bumps. i kind of flew off the back of the bike a little bit at the bottom and gave it too much gas. i landed on my feet on the ground and broke both of my legs, my tailbone, my lower back and both my arms and fractured a
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little piece of my skull. that damaged my spinal cord and unfortunately left me paralyzed from above the belly button down. >> good god! >> yeah. he suffered extensive injuries which meant, according to doctors, he would not be able to walk again. in fact, that stayed true for about five years until george decided let me try those parallel bars they have at the physical therapy office. he got up, he stood up, and to his amazement, he's, like, you know, maybe if i focus and i try hard enough, i'll be able to stand on my own feet. he did it. >> get out of here. >> now, keep in mind that his final cord wasn't completely severed by the injury which meant he still had some movement in part of his leg. he's able to now stand up, so he decided to get back on the dirt bike and start racing again. >> that's awesome. >> that's video from him back on after years of physical therapy.
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>> that is the best therapy. >> yep. he did, though, sometime after that suffer a third injury to his back. so later he did graduate, if you can say that, to utvs. i ran into him at an event that i was at this past weekend. to tell us more about his amazing story and what is up his sleeve next, we have george via skype right this minute. welcome to the show, george! [ cheers and applause ] are you used to getting this holy smokes you're awesome reaction? >> sometimes, yes. a lot of people that i hang out with are professional motocross racers. they kind of understand the nature of the business getting hurt. >> and what is it that keeps you going? >> i don't know. i just really like the adrenaline sport. and i like doing stuff that just really requires a lot of attention, a lot of focus. >> you have quite the story. what's your message to other people? >> i really just think that yeah, one life, you may as well live it as much as possible and never, ever give up. >> does the utv feed that same
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desire to ride? >> the utvs are so nimble and agile. it's a blast. >> can i drive it? please? >> you mentioned iron man to me this weekend. tell me more about that. >> i got invited to do an iron man. and i was able to complete my first iron man 70.3 in oceanside, california. >> great story, mate. >> thank you. ♪ tgif! if you're a '90s sitcom fan, you heard those opening chords and you knew exactly what it was. that's the sound of "the family matters" theme song and the brown family has created a video to that same song. to introduce the newest member to their family. ♪ it's a rare condition this day and age ♪ ♪ to read good news on the news day buffet ♪ >> i've never seen an episode of
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"family matters." ♪ all i see the tower of dreams ♪ ♪ real love bursting out of every seam ♪ >> it looks like a shot-for-shot remake of the intro. >> it most definitely is, but it's not carl or laura or steve urkell. no, it's samantha and abigail. ♪ and harder to find >> cute. >> look at that hair. ♪ >> derek is about to get his ph.d. in july, so they've got a lot of fun, new beginnings happening. congratulations, folks. there's just one thing missing. mom should have showed him the son know grogram sonogram, and he should have said, "did i do that?" >> good idea, gail. it's time for "real or fake." >> i say they got him. totally real prank. >> i'm going real. >> next "right this minute." and still to come -- a night dive gets lit up. >> these giant manta rays are
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glowing. >> i want to go to there right now! >> it's so trippy. >> see the underwater disco you'll want to join. plus, it's a clever prank to just say -- >> thank you. >> you're welcome. >> she just knew he had something she should be grateful for. >> by being randomly polite can be awkwardly awkwardly hilario. >> i thought you were being nice. >> no. they're the snack patrol. saving the world from bland snacks with new hershey and reese's snack mix. snack patrol! it's snack justice.
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but you wouldn't believe what else on this planet reacts that way. laura jane five and her boyfriend, stuart grieg, went off diving off the coast of ck a kona, ohio. a nighttime snorkeling trip. they've got this location dwigs with a uv light. this does look like some kind of velvet elvis painting, but look, these giant manta rays are glowing underneath those uv lights. >> i want to go to there right now! >> it's trippy. >> it's like an underwater disco. >> even the inside of their mouths are glowing, their underbellies. it looks like when they flip around, their dark top skin doesn't reflect the light as much as their bellies. >> it's weird. it's almost like they know because of the way they're sort of moving. these doing these loop de loops just to catch the light. >> they're actually feeding on bla plankton being attracted by the light as well. >> no way. >> it all works as a very good
2:21 pm
tourist attraction to get those lights going, and the mantas are, like, yum, soup! >> we just need six foot high underwater lava lamps. maybe like a floating bean bag chair and then slip through some vinyl. don't even think about it. ♪ >> the guys over at the studios are feeling a little awkwardly grateful. >> thank you, ma'am. >> for? >> oh, just this. >> they're walking up to random strangers and just saying thanks. >> what? >> thank you. >> oh, you're welcome. >> yeah. >> she just knew she had something that she should be grateful for. >> apparently. >> thank you, sir. >> sir. >> no, thank you.
2:22 pm
>> thank you. for what? >> oh, for back there. >> i would never have thought about a prank like this. it's so stupid and simple but genuinely elegantly brilliant. >> right because what are you talking about? are you being condescending? are you being sarcastic? are you being genuine? but why? >> have i forgotten? am i living in the twilight zone? what's happening to me? >> thank you. >> you're welcome. >> thank you, ma'am. >> why? >> for this. >> where did you get it? >> you gave it to me. >> i don't think so. when would i have done that? >> over there. >> no. one day when i have an extra towel and you're here, i'll do that. >> okay. >> aww. she's so sweet. i can't stand it. >> what works is that these guys don't have a problem with being awkward. you have to be comfortable just making people feel uncomfortable and just standing there and stare and look. >> i just wanted to say thank you, guys. >> no, thank you, man. thank you. >> it's funny just how awkward
2:23 pm
that simple suggestion is. >> out of context, it is oddly weird. i never would have thought of it. >> yeah, thanks. >> you're welcome. he's a man on a big mission. >> campus coulis. >> see the backyard trick that proves -- >> i didn't choose the ninja laugh. the ninja laugh chose me.
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business. just spinning. ♪ >> hey! catfish coulis going to try
2:27 pm
himself a back flip. gets himself on the far side of the yard, and this is where he's psyching himself up. what do we think's going to happen? >> i'm going to be entertained. that's what's going to happen. >> bad news bears, but go on. >> i think he's going to do it. >> fat man. get you some of that. >> okay! okay! >> nailed it and then just goes all catfish. >> i didn't choose the ninja laugh. the ninja laugh chose me. >> you know, i don't -- i -- i just figured it was not going to be this. go, boy. >> it sort of insinuated that his ability to backflip was probably not that high on the list, but no, he goes, he met that challenge. he did a backflip. he wins. like he said, ninja life chose him, y'all.
2:28 pm
>> everything about this guy i love. >> it gets more epic because he does have an inspirational wrap-up. i'm not sure how much of it we can use on tv, though. >> that's for every fat person that feels like they're not sexy no more. it don't matter how fat you are. we can still [ bleep ] good, can't you, love? >> did you enjoy the show today? we hope so. we had a good time making it. thanks for watching. we'll see you on the next "right this minute."
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a woman catches an accused thief. >> she's got the kid by the hair. >> but it's what she does next that may really teach him a lesson. >> i don't feel bad for this kid. got to go now. get in the boat. >> okay, okay. >> it's the latest adventure for action movie kid. >> he makes it look so real. >> now meet the talented dad whose amazing family creations have the internet clamoring for more. >> i think you should try action movie mother-in-law. >> oh, boy. these beagles playing is an amazing scene when you find out what they've been put through. the story of their long journey to the great outdoors. and get ready. why he is till he isn't.


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