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tv   The Ten O Clock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  May 29, 2016 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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search goes on for pearl pinson the 15-year-old was abducted last wednesday. her friends and family held a prayer vigil hoping something will help bring her home. good evening everybody i'm scott reese. >> i'm christina rendon. we begin with the late nest the case of missing vallejo
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teenager pearl pinson. investigators are looking for new leads after two separate searches turned up no sign of the 15-year-old. jesse gary joins us from the newsroom. some members of the community held a vigil this evening. >>reporter: they are trying to keep hope alive and attention on this missing persons case. family and friends gathered at the last place she was seen alive and hopes it will spark new leads. this noisy pedestrian overpass is also a place for prayers and quiet reflection. family friends and neighbors gather placing flowers, notes and balloons as they look for answers in what many call an unthinkable abduction. rob walker is pearl's youth pa for. >> i really believe that god is in control god knows all things if he knows all things he knows her whereabouts. >>reporter: this devilish tale started wednesday when witnesses saw the 15-year-old pinson bleeding and being dragged across this walkway above the 780 freeway in
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vallejo. >> it's heartbreaking to think something like this could happen to someone near you. i have grandchildren and children. i don't know what i would do if i saw anything like this happen to them. >>reporter: the suspect in the case i identified as 19-year- old fernando castro. pinson's family says the two did not know each other and the crime is a random abduction. castro was shot and killed thursday during a gun battle with police. >> he was obviously the one that took her. he had all our answers to all our questions. it's upsetting he was gone and is more upsetting we have no answers no more. >>reporter: investigators searched areas of solano, sonoma and marin counties for clues. but late saturday they suspended efforts since nothing has turned up so family members and their supporters are turning to the good book and the goodness in others hoping someone will provide answers to what happened and why. >> that girl's got anything going for her it's the ability to stand on her own two feet and just keep fighting. >> that is the hope they are
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holding fast to maybe somehow pearl managed to escape and she is out there somewhere. if you have any information you are urged to call your local police or sheriff's department. thank you jesse. sheriff's deputies arrested a suspect today in connection with the killing of a student from novato high school. machado was booked for accessory after the fact. two other suspects students at novato hire already in custody. their names have not been released because they are both minors. 17-year-old edwin guerra was found stabbed and shot to death last wednesday. another student was injured but survived the attack. an accident in santa clara earlier this evening killed one woman and injured two other people. a car collided with a truck around 5:45. the driver, the only person in that car was pronounced dead at the scene.
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the truck driver and his passenger have minor injuries. the accident caused one of the vehicles to block the vta light rail track so service on the 902 winchester line was shut down. a dramatic rescue in the east bay hits today. a car drove off the road and down a cliff at grizzly peak boulevard fish ranch road in oakland. it took firefighters and california highway patrol helicopter two hours to pull the two victims to safety. as lee martinez reports . >>reporter: oakland fire crews had their work cut out for them. two people were trapped in a vehicle that had fallen several hundred feet down panoramic hill. the 911 call came in after 11:30 a.m. the crews had no idea how long the people had been down there. >> they went do you think do you know an embankment approximately 500 feet. unknown speed and although they
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were somewhat protected we have to determine that they are traumatic injuries. >>reporter: the first responders reached the victims but had no way to get them off the steep hill. >> the patients were stable but they needed assistance in terms of setting up a system. >>reporter: with the help of east bay regional park rangers they set up teams at the top of the hill using ropes rescue workers and medical equipment. >> we had one person actually hauled up with the systems we put together and one patient who was hauled out by chp. >>reporter: one victim had to be airlifted off the hillside and flown across grizzly peak road to an awaiting ambulance. both victims were transported to highland hospital. it's unknown at this time what caused the victim's vehicle to fall off the hill. but park rangers say speed factors in into a lot of accidents on the winding grizzly peak road. despite a very large buffer zone from the road officials say this is not the first time cars have gone off the edge. >> near here if not at this very location we've come to a
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couple of times at least in the last year, year and-a-half. we've been out here for an operation of this nature. >>reporter: oakland police say there isn't a posted speed limit. the driver should navigate the turns with caution less than 25 miles per hour. lee mart matt ktvu fox 2 news. searchers in stanislaus county were looking for two oakland boys who were believed to have drowned atwood ward reservoir. it's a popular holiday spot for camping and water sports. the boys who were reportedly cousins were at the reservoir with family and friends on a memorial day weekend outing. sheriff's deputies say the two 15 year-olds haven't been seen since they jumped into the water off a boat shortly before noon yesterday there's very little hope they are still alive. they have not been identified this is the second drowning since it opened for water recreation in april. park rangers and fire officials were out patrolling the american river in sacramento today where somebody drowned on friday.
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the currents are especially strong right now because of snow melt from the sierra. and even though it's hot outside officials say many boaters and swimmers don't realize the river is dangerously cold. >> when somebody falls from a nice warm boat into a very cold water a lot of physiological things happen in a hurry and people basically just shut down and lose a lot of hose control. and that often can lead to drowning. >> experts say one of the biggest mistakes people make is over estimating their swimming abilities while underestimateing the power and temperature of the water. another heartbreaking turn of events in the case of a father and his one year-old daughter who were both missing for more than a week. a day after the body of 23 year- old kai letter jackson was found in walnut grove a boat a small girl was recovered from the same waterway. both jackson and his daughter were last seen alive in antioch on may 23rd. >>reporter: this situation is
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truly heartbreaking. when the sacramento county sheriff's department told caylee 's mom that a baby's body was found in the water she collapsed. it's such a tragic way to end this agonizing week of searching for kai letter and caylee. this morning a grieving family prayed for a miracle. >> we're still holding out hope for my one-year-old grandbaby. >>reporter: this afternoon a devastating blow. >> located a small chitted that was deceased. >>reporter: at 12:30 p.m. a boater reported finding a body of a baby near tyler islands bridge half a mile from where kai letter jackson's body was found saturday evening in a slough. >> i found my baby yesterday he's 23 years old you but gave birth to them. >>reporter: >> there's a lot could have been done before this result. >>reporter: sheriff's deputy
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says a search wasn't launched in the river until reports came in about a body found saturday because there weren't enough information. >> if we had information earlier there was a car that went into the river we would have responded immediately but we had no indication of that. we didn't have any witnesses. >>reporter: why these victims ended up in the water is still a mystery to investigators. >> whether the driver had fallen asleep or whatnot we don't know that yes. >>reporter: while many questions still haunt the family they say they finally have a little bit of closure but it doesn't make this tragic situation any easier. >> i hope no one else goes through this. i hope no one else experiences what i'm feeling the ache that my heart has right now. >>reporter: in walnut grove foxnews. >> a special memorial day tribute at livermore airport this weekend as a number of fully restored planes from wwii touched down. the wings of freedom tour features a number of vintage aircraft and this memorial day weekend the event paid tribute
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to american service members who lost their lives in that conflict. some wwii veterans are of course still with us including a local 94-year-old who served in the third infantry division. >> s i was only 23 years old school. >> the wings of freedom tour runs through tuesday that's at the livermore municipal airport. a sat sight in southern california as we approach memorial day. vandals december created a muscular dedicated to vietnam veterans. it bears the names 2200 soldiers prisoners of war missing in action at vietnam. you see the graffiti tagged at the bother of the plural. the wall has been tagged before did you the latest agent covers the entire length of the
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memorial. today volunteers began restoring that memorial. honoring those who made the ultimate sacrifice this memorial day. coming up how this bay area mom still honors her son and why the family was surprised about what he left behind years after his death. >> a four-year-old boy ends up in a gorilla enclose you are at the six since zoo. coming up next why the zoo says it had no choice but to shoot and kill the animal. >> a mexican soccer star abducted in his hometown what state and federal police are doing to find him. in weather a bit cool because of this the fog. we have some fog pushing back into the bay. where that fog had been first thing tomorrow morning and the temperature change in your memorial day forecast.
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. a terrifying 10 minutes at the cincinnati zoo this weekend. that's where a young boy fell into the gorilla enclose you are the gorilla picked the boy up and dragged him around the moat. the zoo decided it had no choice to shoot and kill the gorilla. >>reporter: horrifying moments at the cincinnati zoo after a
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four-year-old boy wound up in the gorilla enclosure. >> oh, my god. >>reporter: a 400-pound gorilla dragged the boy around for 10 minutes as dozens of families looked on. >> a child has fallen into the gorilla cage and the gorilla is slamming the child into the wall. >>reporter: zoo officials say the boy crawled through a barrier of the pen and fell into the moat. >> it was being dragged by the gorilla. the gorilla took him to one end of the habitat the boy started screaming the gorilla drag him back. >>reporter: the 17-year-old gorilla was not attacking the boy but could easily have killed him. so a decision was made shoot to kill the gorilla. the zoo says it had to be done to save the boy's life. >> the decision was not made
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lightly gorillas are very endangered animals there aren't very many in captivity but it has the proper ending. >>reporter: the team chose to kiln stead of training leading the gorilla because a tranquilizer dart would have taken too long to kick in and the zookeepers were worried about the gorilla having an aggressive reaction while holding the boy. >> the team did a good job and think made the right choice because they saved that little boy's life it could have been very boyd. >>reporter: the boy was injured but has since been released from the hospital. the zoo back open to the public but the gorilla exhibit will be closed until further notice. in houston, texas a shootout at an auto shop killed one person and sent at least 6 others to the hospital including two police officers. authorities say the man came into the shop about 10:00 this morning with an assault rifle and a pistol and opened fire
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killing a man in his 50s. the man came out and shot at police a police helicopter and passing vehicles. >> the bullet came through that door then it went through that seat then come back through that seat. grazed the back seat. >> where were you? >> i was driving. >> after about an hour swat officers shot and killed the alleged shooter a man they shot a second gunman injured in the out shoot out there's no word on a motive. authorities in lake county are searching for victims of a fatal boating accident on clear lake. the marin county sheriff's department tweeted this photo of its dive team called in to assist the search. there's no word on the number of victims or what led to the boat accident. >> california highway patrol is investigating a deadly solo car crash in the east bay on stanley road in pleasanton. investigators say a black
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pickup truck splashed into a power pole the driver was pronounced dead on the scene. nobody else was inside the truck and chp is trying to determine why the pick up veered off the road. >> the person involved drove off the roadway so speed could be a factor. but we still have to look for if there's any potential witnesses and inspect the vehicle. >> it's still unclear whether drugs or alcohol played a role in this crash. the name of the driver has not been released. armed gangs abducted a soccer star in mexico early this morning. 25-year-old allen pull i do was leading a party in his home town when he was abducted. mexican police and military launched a ground and air operation to find him. he was a member of mexico 2014 world cup team of there was -- 700 migrants are feared dead in three mediterranean sea
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ship wrecks in the last few days. they happened south of italy as migrants try desperately try to reach europe. connor paul reports many of the missing are women and children. >>reporter: with warmer weather and calmer waters thousands of refugees from north africa have once again begun to attempt a dangerous crossing to the mediterranean in hoping of reaching europe. hundreds including women and children are missing and the united nations says maybe as many as 700 have drowned in recent days. european coast guard ships have rescued more than 14,000 people this week alone. but several ships have also capsizeed and sunk including one wooden fishing ship where some 400 people died. african refugees fleeing wars and poverty are increasingly trying to reach europe. paying smugglers thousands of dollars boardsing flimsy inadequate ships. >> . >> so far 2,000 people have crossed the mediterranean this
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year, and in the case of italy some 40,000 have arrived since the beginning of the year. and before this latest tragedy about 1,700 have already been reported dead or missing. >> italy's government said this weekend that europe needs to reach an agreement quickly with libya and other african countries to stem the surge of refugees. since the ouster of moammar gadhafi back in 2011 north africa has become increasingly chaotic and politically unstable. cooler today across the entire bay area especially inland. you can see readings today still some 80s but the cool spots as you would expect coastside pacifica 66 degrees. san francisco 67. antioch 86 to 90 degrees. live camera looking toward the bay bridge in san francisco. by looking at this you get the idea we do have low clouds
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moving back into the picture that's showing up on the satellite picture as well. the marine layer clouds focused down towards the central cold front. we have patchy fog near the coast that will push locally back into the bay. here is the plan for tomorrow for monday memorial day starting out the day with partly cloudy skies and patchy foggy specially near the cold front and then into the afternoon hours will increase sunshine still some patchy coastal fog few patches south of the golden gate bridge and bigger temperature range. most areas tomorrow will be warmer than today. overnight lows first thing tomorrow morning starting out your monday morning in the 50s across most areas. santa rosa 50. freed freeh month 554. morgan hill 52 degrees. forecast model showing you some fog. few more patches into the bay and then will take this into the afternoon hours by lunchtime by 4:00. the beaches mainly there the 60s around the way upper 70s to near 80 degrees the warmest location inland back into the
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lower 90s around 93 degrees for monday afternoon at 4:00. that's for tomorrow. we actually have some pretty hot temperatures in the five- day forecast. coming up we'll take a closer look at the forecast highs for tomorrow we're talking about triple digit heat a few days away. we'll break down the timing coming up at 10:35. mark thanks a lot of folks going to be outdoors during the day and indoors at night. remote controls across the bay will get quite the workout tomorrow. warriors play game 7 telephone the western conference finals and the sharks play their first ever game in the stanley cup finals almost simultaneously. coming up next hear from both teams heading into the pivotal matchups. plus he died doing what he wanted to do. and on this memorial day weekend we honor his sacrifice. how it took years after this bay area marine's death for his family to meet the gift he left behind.
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. joe joins us with sports. >> a holiday hit parade for the giants. >> when you think coors field
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it isn't good memories the giants changed that this week. for the second day in a row the giants played the kinds of game you have to play if you want to win at coors field. there's so many choices it's tough to decide which bay area team to full for. giants scored early and often against the rockies. third inning 3-1 game. giants brandon belt drive knocks in buster posey and hunter pence. a pair of customs on a day giants hit record tying 8 times. they pound out 17 hits against 4 colorado pitchers. deny around span gets all of the chris russ sin pitch. giants win 15 wins in last 17 games. rich hill one off season acquisition that's worked out quite well for the a's. oakland trailing the tigers this afternoon 1-0 in the third. 2-0 after victor martinez shot down the left field line. all those were all the runs
10:25 pm
hill would allow. the a's rally to take the lead after mike pelfrey. pinch hitter billy butt every finds no man's lands in center. a's went on to get one more in the 8th for 4-2 win. hill goes six and a third improves his record to 8-3. the number one sports topic in the bay area remains the warriors and the western conference final series. the warriors oklahoma city last night playing their second straight elimination game against the thunder. klay thompson led a gut gutsy 4th quarter rally to make sure there would be a game 7 tomorrow night. thompson made a record 11 three- pointers. 41 points in all. 108-101 was the final. the warriors arrive at oakland airport in the wee hours this morning. see kerr has played in game 7 that gives him some experience he can pass on to his players. >> keep it simple do your job
10:26 pm
and try to enjoy it have some fun. even though the game carries a lot of weight and we're all desperate to win on both sides you have to keep some perspective too. it's not the end of the world. one way or the other. >> the warriors tipoff tomorrow night the sharks will already be one hour into the team's first ever appearance in the stanley cup finals. it was media today in pittsburgh where the penguins have three stanley cup championships in their history. taken 25 years for the sharks as a franchise and combined 36 years for their two veteran players patrick marleau and joe thornton to get here. >> we've talked about it s a little bit. he's skyed just as excited as i am. ever since you were a kid how special it would be. it's been a long road and thankful for this opportunity right now. >> i'm having fun with it but still realize that we
10:27 pm
ultimately have four more games to win to get that prize. we're still focused. >> for the 100th time memorial day week has meant the running of the indianapolis 500 in a relatively uneventful race last year's winner juan pablo montoya was out. his day over after 63 of the 200 laps. last year's champion 33rd last in field. in the end 66-1 long shot winner. amex and rossi nevada city cold fronted to the win. carlos munoz and joseph new garden were chasing him but rossi managed to conserve his fuel and become indy's first rookie winner since helio castroneves in 2001. lots more coming up at 11:00 on sports wrap chug we're going to have our bay area in an insider mattstein pets metz to talk about what else the warriors. and of course you got dual screens you need tomorrow night with the sharks and warriors overlapping.
10:28 pm
you got to make a choice or find a split screen. >> or come in here where you can watch things here at work. >> thank you so much joe. >> see you guys in a bit. on this memorial day weekend we remember a bay area marine who made the ultimate sacrifice. >> i live with it every day, every night i go to bed every morning i get up transfers is on my mind. >> coming up next how his mom still honors him and the gift he left behind that his family didn't find out about until years after his death. ♪ hey!
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$50 on groceries. this sunday and monday only. details at" . memorial day is tomorrow and as you know the federal holiday pays tribute to men and women died while serving in the united states armed forces. >> as claudine wall reports not only did sons and daughters give their lives for their country their families sacrificed too.
10:31 pm
>> it's absolutely gorgeously designed it's got travis's name. >>reporter: diane's home is a tribute to both her son and his sacrifice. >> transfers was one of travis was one of a kinds he loved people he loved hive. >>reporter: he grew up in free months playing baseball hockey and football. even as a young child transfers's mom says he knew he wanted to serve. >> when he was about 12 he joined a navy sea cadet program with two of his buddies and my father was a wwii navy see bee and transfers always admired my father for that. when he joined the navy sea dad est program he wanted to be a navy seal one day. one day he came home and said mom i want to be a marine the best of the best. 10 days from graduating from high school he was gone he went
10:32 pm
into the marines. >>reporter: just months later transfers was on his way to the middle east. >> went straight over to iraq. >>reporter: she talked to him twice while he was gone. >> the last time i talked to him was on march 17th, st. patrick's day he called that was the last time i got to talk to him. >> what did he tell you was he happy? >> he was he loved it. he said mom you know things are scared he over here. he said i've watched a few of my friends being blown away. he said but i'm not scared and he said we've been giving kids candy in the marketplace. he said that's just so rewarding he loved doing that. >>reporter: then came that day in april of 2004. >> i get out of my car and i'm talking to a couple of neighbors and i look up and three marines came around the end of the building and i just lost it. i totally knew what they were there to tell me. they just told me he had been
10:33 pm
killed in iraq in an ambush he was killed with 9 other marines and navy corps men. >> we're called gold star parents they need someone that's walking in their shoes that could help lend an ear and hand i went to probably everyone in the bay area at that time. >>reporter: two years after travis died she met this young man travis's son dillon. >> ten days before christmas that year we found out that dillon was my grandson. >>reporter: travis never knew he was a father. dillon's mom told diane she always thought shield have more time to tell him. >> what do you want him to know about his dad? >> how brave he was and how giving he was and huge heart that he had. he just loved life and he wanted to make a difference. >>reporter: there are no words to describe diane's loss or her pain. >> i live with it every day. every night i go to bed every morning i get up travis is on
10:34 pm
my mind 24/7. i talk to him all the time and tell him how much i love him. how much i miss him, think about him all the time. if he would just come kiss my cheek i would tell him i with want him to come kiss my cheek. >>reporter: on memorial day she hopes people take a moment to remember the sacrifice that her son, his family and so many others have made in service to this country. >> just take a few minutes out to really realize and remember what memorial day is really all about. these young men and women are trying to secure our safety and i want people to know freedom isn't free. traveling exhibition that honors fallen military members is in hayward for the memorial day weekend. the gold stars tribute wall is on display at loan tree
10:35 pm
cemetery through tomorrow. the tribute wall is dedicated to fallen military members from the gulf war and iraq and afghanistan war. special memorial day celebration is set for tomorrow that will feature two huey helicopters, the color guards and veterans between 5 and 6,000 people are expected to attend the event. festivities set to begin at 10:00 a.m. the annual memorial day motorcycle ride rumbled through the nation's capitol today. thousands of people lined the streets of washington d. c. to catch a glimpse of the bikers. the rolling thunder ride stared in the late 80s to recognize vietnam veterans. it's since grown to honor all servicemen and women of all conflicts. estimated half million bikes took part. they started pentagon constitution avenue ending at the vietnam veterans memorial. the head of the green beret foundation says it's all about awareness. >> this honors and remembers those that didn't come home from every conflict. those who played the ultimate sacrifice and those who still continue to serve.
10:36 pm
>> moore says 90% of the proceeds go directly to programs supporting troops and their families. as we move into the summer dry months in the bay area other parts of the country are dealing with too much rain. details about deadly flooding where entire neighborhoods are now underwater. plus temperatures rise from the bay area for tomorrow's holiday. when we could see temperatures nearing 100 degrees this week.
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backed by the service and security of american express. . in south carolina the aftermath of what was tropical storm bonnie has left whole nakeds underwater. more than 6 inches of rain fellas night in jasper county flooding highways and some homes. meanwhile part of southeast texas is still recovering from
10:39 pm
devastating floods that killed 6 people. more than 15 inches of rain fell there on thursday. >> there were so many people caught outside, some in the cars, some in trees. some on top of their roofs. >> a mandatory evacuation order has been issued for the town of simonton texas 45 miles west of houston where officials feel the brazos river will overflow in the coming days. our weather fairly quiet this weekend. has been a nights weekend so far. but we did cool off those temperatures for today. we're going to trend up quite a bit over the coming days. you live storm tracker 2 you heard about all the unsettled weather in texas and the carolinas. texas we have more thunderstorms had he ever rain. out toward the west we have the marine layer clouds banked up near the story line. monterey bay closer to the bay area some fog pushing into the bay. it's going to be somewhat of a
10:40 pm
factor as we head into memorial day. current numbers showing you lots of 50s on the board livermore 636789 walnut creek 61. here's our live camera looking out toward oakland still some overcast here. for tonight partly cloudy skies some coastal fog for your monday. it's going to be a bit warmer out there temperatures up i would say a good 3 to 6 degrees over today's readings and the extended get ready for another warm to hot weather pattern especially inland. inland 90s all week long. you see the temperatures they are trending up for monday, tuesday kinds of holding flat for wednesday and thursday maybe a little bit cool every then friday that will be the day of change. we could have temperatures skyrocket approaching triple digit territory still a few days way. that's on friday. at least for tomorrow morning in san francisco 7:00 a.m. patchy fog 53 degrees. here's our sky taft showing overcast out there. 12:00 partly sunny temperatures in the upper 60s more sunshine in san francisco and readings
10:41 pm
approaching the lower 70s. you know the headline for tomorrow this area of high pressure continues to build in. that will be the case for tuesday as well. at least for tomorrow the temperature range at least we have the micro client's. upper 60s for the beaches. the coat line not warming up much. around the bay 80 degrees inland neighborhoods approaching the lower 90s for tomorrow one again into tuesday. here is the forecast model we're looking for the fog. you can see it's out there especially south of the golden gate bridge. this forecast model pretty aggressive with the clearing. maybe a few patches left over parts of the shoreline into your monday afternoon. forecast highs for for tomorrow as i mention everybody up a few degrees from today's readings. santa rosa mid '80s. lower 90s walnut creek. oakland 78 degrees hayward 79. south bay for san jose mid 80s. lots of 80s for san jose. morgan hill gilroy. san francisco some patchy
10:42 pm
overcast in the morning 72 degrees. here is a look ahead your five- day forecast a lot to talk about here as the temperatures trending up monday and tuesday then we'll cool things off by just a little bit for wednesday and thursday not by much and get ready temperatures soaring friday into the upcoming weekend it's still too far out but i put in some more clouds on sunday forecast models trying bring in a few showers as we head toward sunday a week from now. interesting talking about heat maybe a shower you might want to find a pool flesh later in the week. >> memorial day weekend living up to its moniker. >> it's going to open things up. but i would say this time of year is kind of strange to be talking about trim incident. thank you mark. a huge game 7 highlights jam packed sports wrap coming up in 15 minutes. >>. >>reporter: the warriors are gearing up for the first game 7 in oakland in 40 years. we'll break it down with matt
10:43 pm
stein mets. >> jonny cueto does something no giants pitcher has done in two decades. the a's may have found themselves a new ace. >> we'll bring you highlights from one of the biggest days in auto racing all tonight at 11:00 on sports wrap. coming up next presidential candidate has two stops planned in the bay area tomorrow. details about where bernie sanders is scheduled to make appearances.
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10:45 pm
. on the east coast many people spent this memorial day weekend celebrating sweet week. new jersey liberty state park set the scene for 28th annual event honoring the navy coast guard and the marines against a backdrop of the new york city skyline. the park over looks the new york city skyline as we said. navy parachuteers known as leapfrogs jumped from a
10:46 pm
helicopter hovering about 5,000 feet overhead. those are smoke grenades used by parachuteers so spectators could take in the spectacular falls. one attached an american flag to their chute in honor of those who continue to serve our country. >> fleet week guess us an opportunity to talk to the citizens of new york tell us about what we do and the rest of the navy. it gives us that opportunity the shed some light in our jobs. >> the annual celebration which officially began back in 1982 honors civilians i'm sorry gives civilians rather an up close look at our military and chance to say thank you. san francisco fleet week celebration is scheduled for october 3rd through the 10th. new developments now on a story we told you earlier in the newscast. two oakland teens believed to have drowned at the woodward reservoir in stanislaus county. we have new developments. we're learning what happened to those boys before they drowned.
10:47 pm
car man dickerson talked to the lots of one of the victims and has more. >>reporter: loved ones of the two oakland teens believed drowned in the woodward reservoir struggle with their grief as the search for the boys bodies continue. at their back two stanislaus county sheriff explorers praying alongside them. >> he was going to be the next cam newton. >>reporter: despite the circumstances samantha harding is all smalls smiles when she dogs about her son jam ari wilson looking with his best friend joe pratt loves football clothes around girls. >> he has confidence out of this world. >>reporter: the boys had gone out on a boat with two others and jumped into the water. david mcdaniel one of the two survivors said they didn't think of anything jumping off the boat they had done it earlier without problems. >> we jumped deeper than we jumped this time. >> everybody could swim. >>reporter: however this time david said the boat left
10:48 pm
leaving the boys far from shore they were panicked and exhausted. >> i saw how far the boat was i started squealing with screaming with him. >>reporter: divers continued to make use of every bit of daylight to find the best friends. >> they are tired. we've had to take food out to them they don't want to come in take a bringing they want to bring the boys home. >>reporter: reservoir is a controlled body of water the task isn't easy the water is deep as 15 feet in the area where they went missing. divers knowledge only see a foot in front of them. the hundreds of other people and vessels on the water complicate things. >> we've had some difficulties with some of the people out on the water refuse to go stay away. >> i'm here still. >> the only thing that makes me mad hurt so much is because
10:49 pm
of the fact that i know they are together. >> no holiday rest for the top presidential candidates all three had busy schedules some focused on california which is scheduled to vote next weeks. plus a third party candidate officially named. will carr is in los angeles with a look at the race. >> memorial day, so important. it's our day and we have to be very proud of it. >>reporter: as america celebrates the unofficial start of summer the candidates for president are looking towards the fall into the general ex- will. donald trump's camp on the offensive this weekend addressing reports that the campaign is under funded disorganized and lacks the muscle needed to go up against hillary clinton. >> think think bigger is better. that's the mindset clinton administration will take to the federal government. you know you juxtapose that with the trump mindset which is smaller, leaner more efficient and better results. >>reporter: meanwhile clinton supporters stressing that she will be the democratic nominee despite bernie sanders make a
10:50 pm
strong push in california. >> she needs effectively 73 more delegates. she will have that after the election in the new jersey before the polls close in california. >>reporter: sanders pushing back though stressing that he's the best person to take on trump in the general election. >> rye now in every major poll national poll and statewide poll done in the last month, six weeks we are defeating trump often by big numbers. >>reporter: in the midst of all this libertarian parties held its convention follow natureing former new mexico governor gary johnson to make a stand against the democrats and republicans in the fall. johnson is polling at 10% by but will need 15% nationally to be included in presidential debates there fall. >> at a minimum i think we're in the presidential debates. there's a real possibility we could can achieve major party status in this country. >>reporter: last big primary contest is june 7th with 6 days heading to the polls including
10:51 pm
california which is rich with delegates. in los angeles will carr foxnews. bernie sanders is scheduled to make a pair of campaign stops tomorrow in oakland. first in the afternoon actor dany glover will emcee a private events tell baptist church and 7:00 sanders is scheduled to speak at a hail at franco gala plaza that events is free open to the public. in a city flown for its colorful festival one stands out this week. coming up next we'll bring you the sights and sounds of today's carnival parade in san francisco.
10:52 pm
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. in san francisco celebrations of carnival filled the streets with color. >> christian captains was there he takes us behind the scenes. >>reporter: it began with aztec blessing grand marshal
10:55 pm
labor activist dolores. thousands lined the parade route to watch the most collar full parade in the city. long live mother earth. art director said it featured 78 entries. >> are you ready to watch? >> yes, i am. >> what are you looking forward to? >> i'm looking forward to the dancers. >> when you see this you'll never see it again because it's a new theme every year and new music new costumes new floats. >>reporter: those dancing in the parade say they get their energy from the crowd. >> but i know for the whole people in san francisco it's good, good, good event so everyone is motivated to come and join. so that's why every year we have a good group. >>reporter: in addition to dancers and musicians low riders are a crowd favorite and led the parade off in style. we got to see one up close on morningss on 2. >> this is a big part of
10:56 pm
latino culture heritage that's one of the reasons we're seeing all the low riders in the carnival. >> yes sir. what are you doing to me antonio? >> organizers say work is already underway to create an even bigger and better carnival next year. no word on whether christian got to drive home in a lowrider. >> warm day tomorrow. >> today is cooler but tomorrow we'll warm up numbers. clearing skies looking pretty good. if you want the warm the hot temperatures we have that as well. feels strange to be talking about early june already bringing in 100 degrees. that could be the case on friday heads up few days out from now. >> we will prepare. >> thanks for making ktvu your source for news. sports wrap coming up next.
10:57 pm
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11:00 pm
. game 7 come out loud and early, big game. see you on monday. >> monday is almost here for the first time in 40 years the warriors will host 7th and deciding game in the nba playoffs. >> it's not about getting here it's about wanting more. >> an hour before that game starts the san jose sharks will play in stanley cup finals for the first time in their 25 year existence. in a venue that has been the scene of past nightmares the giants hit a team record number of doubles and out coors field the rockies in their own stadium. the a's have a starting pitcher has done something no other oakland pitcher has done in 19 years. >> memorial day weekend has traditionally been a weekend for racing. a northern californian and rookie wins the indy


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