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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at Noon  FOX  May 30, 2016 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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memorial day ceremony at arlington national cemetery. >> white house hopeful bernie sanders in the bay area and set to speak in oakland. >> and it's heating up around the bay area, when it could reach the triple digits. ktvu fox 2 news at noon starts now. >> good morning, i'm gasia mikaelian. >> and i'm mike mibach. president obama marked this memorial day with a solemn ceremony at arlington national cemetery ♪ [ music ] hundreds of people looked on as president obama laid a wreath at the tomb of the unknowns to honor members of the military who died serving the country. the president in his address commemorated the hundreds of thousands of people in u.s. history who paid the ultimate sacrifice and spoke of the obligation americans have to look after its veterans. >> dozens of people came to a
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flag raising ceremony this morning at the venetian military cemetery. the graves are mostly u.s. military service members but there are a few for german and italian prisoners of war from world war ii. it's the oldest military cemetery in the western united states. >> i just respect all the veterans that went to war and died for our country, so i also really like this town and its services for veterans. >> it's both a somber event but also an event that i think elevates people's patriotism and it's a great opportunity to recognize the ultimate sacrifices made by those who died defending our country. >> there are 211 people. this evening there will be a special memorial day vigil held at the crosses of lafayette. the peace and justice centers are inviting the public to
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gather at 7:00 at the crosses on deer hill road. organizers say the event is designed to give people an outlet to express sadness over the ongoing wars in the middle east. they're working to create a world where war is unacceptable. >> while some have spent this memorial day at ceremonies honoring those who died while serving, others paid tribute by attending a unique event in the east bay. >> planes from world war ii are on display at the livermore airport today and tomorrow. it's called the wings of freedom tour, and it's attracted thousands of people. visitors are able to tour the fully restored planes which include a b17 flying fortress, and a p51 mustang. the event is at living history museum that gives the public a chance to learn about the significance of these aircraft during the war to go up in the air in one of them, it costs several hundred dollars but we ran into a world war ii veteran
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and his son who said it's worth it. >> the memories of the old days back in world war ii and the fact that we were able to do it again just turns me on and always been a dream of mine to go on a b17 as well. this was like a dream come true for me and a chance for him to revisit. >> the planes will be on display from 10 to 5 today and tomorrow as well. admission is $12 for adults and $6 for children under 126789 there are many more memorial day ceremonies throughout the day. you can find a list of those events on not a cloud in the sky in the livermore airport region. wow it's going to be hot in just a few days in livermore and elsewhere. >> that inland area, let's start out with the sunshine, very very warm, warmer today than we were yesterday. already temperatures are up a few degrees for our inland cities up over what we had at the lunch hour on sunday. giving you a look here to the east bay where we're shifting
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back forth and. i think we have a view of oracle and perhaps the coliseum where the a's will play a little later today. we have sunny skies and upper 70s expected in oakland at game time. we are looking at mid-70s and right now in oakland 6 degrees. 64 degrees in san francisco. 82 fairfield, 60 degrees in concord, 81 degrees in livermore. already a bit warm and going warmer as we get into the second part of your day. half moon bay 55 degrees. along the coastline socked in with fog and low clouds. here we go with the micro climate forecast. 70s a few low 80s around the bay. you get inland and it is toasty. low 90s expected for our warmer spots. when i come back i'll have a detailed look at the afternoon highs for today. more on that in just a little bit. >> thank you. democratic presidential candidate bernie sanders is making two campaign appearances
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in oakland. the first one at allen temple catholic church. at 5:00 sanders is scheduled to speak at a rally. seven president obama were injured in a multi-vehicle crash -- several people were injured in a multi-vehicle crash. three cars were involved in the crash at 8th and mission just after 7:00. the fire department says four people were taken to the hospital, one with critical injuries. three other people were treated at the scene and released. in santa clara a woman was killed in a crash with a pickup truck. the woman's car collided with the pickup at 5:45. the woman was the only person in the car. she died at the scene. the truckdriver and his passenger had minor injuries. the truck ended up on a stretch of the vta light rail tracks. service on the 902 mountain view winchester line was shut down. a bus bridge was credited to help strand -- created to help stranded passengers. there were two overnight stabbings and one shooting within 20 minutes of each
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other. the shooting happened on gridley street. one of the stabbings occurred on heller place, the other on north 13th and julian street. there's no word on the condition of the victims or whether any arrests have been made. water rescue crews searched all weekend for two teenage boys. the two 15-year-olds were at woodward reservoir on saturday with friends and family on a memorial day weekend outing. they jumped off the boat with several people, but when the others returned to the boat, they realized the two boys were missing. family members identified the two boys as jamari wilson and josiah pratt. they say the boys were best friends. this is the second drowning incident at woodward reservoir since it opened in april for water recreation. authorities in sacramento county are investigating the death of a father and daughter found dead in a slew off highway 160. the bodies of 23-year-old kyler jackson and his infant daughter caylee were found over the weekend as was jackson's vehicle.
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family members say jackson was driving with his daughter from antioch to sacramento last week but never showed up. sheriff's deputies arrested a third person in connection with the killing of a student from novato high school. elmer rivera was booked in the marin county jail on a charge of accessory after the fact. two other students are already in custody. the names have not been released because they're minors. edwin guerra was found shot and stabbed to death. another student was injured but survived the attack. investigators are asking for the public's help in finding 15- year-old pearl pinson. the sheriff's department says it has no new searches planned but is hoping a new tip line could help find the teenager. she was last seen wednesday in vallejo on the way to the bus stop. bay area sports fans will no doubt be glued to their
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television as the sharks drop the buck in their first stanley cup final and the warriors are gearing up for a pivotal game 7. brian flores reports. >> boy, this is one of those days where bay area sports fans will be flipping the channels going back and fourteen the warriors and sharks. we are outside oracle arena where 19,000 plus screaming fans will be cheering on the warriors as they take on the thunder for a pivotal game 7 tonight for a chance to go to the nba finals. the oklahoma city team led by kevin durant ask russell westbrook is tough. the thunder were up three games to one in the series. they had a chance to close it out before the warriors won game five. everyone kept saying see you on monday. game six rolled around and what a game. clay thompson with that unreality game scoring 31. steph curry adding 31 and we are back here once again for
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game 7 on monday. for some fans the excitement of tonight is simply going to be awesome. this by the way was the first time in 40 years that the warriors will host a game 7 in the playoffs. buckle up. >> i don't know what i'm going to do tonight. no idea. i'm working. >> okay. >> i get off at 6, so i'll miss the first hour of the sharks game, thank god for tivo, and then i get home i'll be double fisting with the remote, you know, something, tivo, i don't know what. >> they're amazing. they're just fun to watch. everything about them. >> meantime the sharks open on the road against the pittsburgh penguins. they also won in exciting fashion winning the western conference to get the st. louis blues. the penguins pushing their eastern conference to seven games beating the tampa bay lightning. penguins looking for their first stanley cup since 09. sharking looking for their first ever. sharks fans you are invited to
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watch a game 1 at sap center this afternoon. the doors open at 4 with the puck dropping at 5. tickets are $5 and the money goes towards the sharks foundation. back here tipoff for tonight's warriors thunder game is at 6. there is an a's game at 1 p.m. this afternoon. fans for either game are being encouraged to arrive early. in oakland, i'm brian flores ktvu fox 2 news. b.a.r.t. had planned to continue work on its tracks between the san leandro and bay ferry stations through tuesday morning. it's stopping work early so warrior fans can get to and from the game. b.a.r.t. service will operate on its normal schedule starting at 3:00 this afternoon. quite a backlash following the death of a gorilla at the cincinnati zoo. why the parents of a little boy that fell into the gorilla enclosure and the zoo are being slammed online. >> it's starting to warm up around the bay area as you get this live look out as the
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transamerica and san francisco bay. rosemary orozco back with us to take a look at the heatup. >> details on the rescue of a mexican soccer star who was abducted right off the street. what investigators now say about what happened.
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an iraqi military troops have started pushing into fallujah as part of the ongoing operation to oust isis militants. the military campaign comes amid more violence in and around baghdad. >> iraqi forces making a push into fallujah. the country is looking to recapture the city located just are 40 miles from baghdad. it's been under isis control since january 2014. >> the troops have advanced from various pivots against extremists in fallujah. god willing we will continue with our progress. >> the estimated 50,000 citizens still in fallujah are being urged to leave. air strikes from the u.s. led coalition are backing the iraqis as they move into the city. >> they're going to take this city. it's what's left in 2 t afterwards that's going to be the barometer for how the rest of iraq goes. >> the advance comes as a
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string of attacks hits in and around the iraqi capital. isis is claiming responsibility for the deadly bombings which are widely considered an attempt by the militants to pull attention away from the fighting on the front lines. >> despite the casualties that we have suffered we are ready to proceed with our battles and military gains. >> fallujah would be a major blow for isis. they still control iraq's second largest city mosul. the long lines at kennedy airports international terminal are starting to get shorter. a power outage stranded hundreds of passengers in that terminal. the power problem has been fixed. the backup happened because airline workers had to handwrite boarding passes and baggage claim tickets. that took longer than the electronic ticketing systems. airport officials say the power is back on and things are starting to get back to normal. criticism is mounting today following an incident at the cincinnati zoo over the weekend where a 4-year-old boy fell
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into a gorilla exhibit. >> mommy's right here. >> oh, my god. >> for 10 minutes the 400-pound gorilla dragged the little boy around the zoo. you heard his mom call mommy's right here. zoo officials made a heartbreaking decision to shoot and kill the gorilla. zoo officials say a tranquilizer dart would have taken too long to knock out the gorilla. >> the team did a good job and made a tough choice and they made the right choice because they saved that little boy's life. it could have been very bad. >> the boy had minor injuries. the zoo and the boy's parents are facing an an online backlash. they say the zoo shouldn't have killed the gorilla and the mother should have kept better watch on the child. a mexican soccer star has been rescued. alan polito appeared with mexican police after that rescue. no details were given on his injury. he was abducted as he was
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leaving a party saturday night in his hometown. mexican prosecutors say he was able to dial an emergency phone number and alert authorities to his location. polito was a member of mexico's 2014 world cup team. it is not clear who exactly kidnapped him but the area has been plagued by violence. from texas to kansas and the east coast, parts of the country are now dealing with deadly floods. reporter kelly wright has more on the ebbs treatment weather. >> in texas at least six people are dead due to flooding over the holiday weekend including two bodies found in central texas along swollen streams sunday. outside austin this man says he's lucky to be alive after his home suddenly flooded for the second time in seven months. >> the next time i may not have my life here. >> and the texas flood threat is not over yet. >> this water keeps getting higher and higher by the minute. >> mandatory evacuations are now in effect for some people
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living along the brazos river. the river level is expected to reach a record # feet above flood stage in rosenberg texas by tuesday, and it is not just texas. rescue crews in kansas have been keeping up their search for a missing 11-year-old boy who they say fell into fast moving flood waters friday night. meantime, on the east coast, a tropical depression is now causing flooding in south carolina as parts of the state have been hit with up to 8 inches of rain, enough to close part of interstate 95 in jasper county, south carolina, on sunday. >> the backseat is all flooded. >> this father and daughter had to be rescued after being forced to leave their car on i- 95 and brave deep water on foot. along parts of the east coast, heavy surf and dangerous rip currents are also possible because of the system, and beyond the continued threat in south carolina, forecasters warn the storm could still
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bring several inches of rain to parts of georgia and north carolina this week as well. in new york kelly wright fox news. here at home we are bracing for pretty extreme heat aren't we rosemary? >> yes, it will come in the coming case. for today it is going to be a warm one. the unofficial start to summer with this holiday. giving you a live look from san francisco across the bay, mostly sunny skies over the bay at this point, but along the coastline still socked in with the fog in our inland cities, well, warming up in the low 80s. let's take a look at where this fog still remains. we started out with clouds across the bay but they have since burned off. mostly sunny skies for our bay side communities as well as our inland cities. take a look where it is still quite thick. a little bit of clearing here just in between areas from south san francisco, maybe the
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daly city area stretching towards pacifica. san mateo coastline, and into santa cruz. partly sunny expected for your afternoon. your temperatures are going to be cooler than the rest of us. the winds are variable. for the next few days we will have subtle changes coming our way. we've got a big warmup coming by the end of the business week. for today your memorial day, mostly sunny skies, we'll have that patchy fog remain right along the coastline. it's going to be toasty inland with some soft warmer spots in the low 90s. we'll start with the 80s, 82 in fairfield, 81 in livermore. 76 already reported in walnut creek. get close to the water it's definitely a lot more comfortable, 7:in hayward, upper 60s in oakland. we have the a's starting in the next hour or so. 6:degrees right now in santa
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rosa. napa trailing behind at 69. afternoon highs for today, mid- 80s for santa rosa. 73 expected for sausalito. mid-70s for alameda. antioch you'll go to 94. into the south bay a warm day as well. san jose expected to go to 5. 6:for saratoga. at the coast, partly to mostly cloudy skies, santa cruz you'll warm into the upper 60s. 72 expected for san francisco. you look towards the coast, partly cloudy to mostly cloudy for half moon bay, pacifica. your extended forecast, slightly warmer as folks get back to work tomorrow. a tad cooler on wednesday and thursday. notice the changes are subtle until we get to friday. then it really heats up, for some of us perhaps hitting the century mark, even around the bay upper 80s expected for some of our warmer spots.
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74 will be the average high for the coast into the bay area temperatures do begin to drift cooling back some. still warm but wow, friday looks to be a bit hot. what do you guys think. >> i think it's tantastic, although one concern rosemary, mid-90s, 100s i start thinking fire season even though it's late may here and not september. any wind associated with the warmup here in friday, saturday? >> it does look like it may be an offshore wind event which tends bring in the fire danger especially when it's hot out there. we'll be tracking it for you. the winds don't look too strong at this point. >> coming up, a little glamour comes to the vatican. why the pope awarded medals to some high profile celebrities next. ♪ hey! ♪ they go ooh ooh. ♪ hey! ♪ they go oh-ooh-ooooh. ♪ sitting, watching, waiting, wishing. ♪ ♪ i tell you one thing, you never knew it. ♪ ♪ at the back of the bus ♪ there is so much to give, so dream big. ♪
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a 13-year-old boy is recovering after he was attacked by a shark in florida. this is cell phone video from neptune beach. the boy was swimming in 3 feet of water when a 6-foot shark bit right into his leg. one witness says the boy was hysterical and that his stepdad was hugging him and trying to calm him down. the boy is being treated for an 8-inch bite to his leg and is expected to be okay. here in california in orange county beach is closed after a possible shark attack. a woman was swimming about 150 yards offshore at corona delmar beach when something bit her on the upper part of her body and
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her arm. >> she raised her hand up out of the water and called for help. at that point our lifeguard vessel which was really close went over, rescued her. >> it was frightening. it was scaring me and i was like what's going to happen. >> the woman was conscious when she was pulled out of the water, but had serious injuries. lifeguards cleared the water right away. authorities say no shark was spotted in the area, but the woman's wounds are consistent with a shark attack. pope francis awarded some of hollywood's most famous actors with medals for their work to promote peace. the awards were given out at a ceremony at the vatican. richard gere was there along with actress salma hayek and george clooney. the foundation links technology with the arts and aims to create a culture of peace. >> thank you for making ktvu your choice for news. we're always here for you at
12:27 pm, twitter and facebook. hope you enjoy the rest of your long weekend and let's wish those san jose sharks and golden state warriors good luck as they play tonight. play tonight.
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welcome to bay area people. thanks for joining us. we're coming to you from the san francisco national cemetery here in the -- for our special memory yay day show. walking through this cemetery or any military cemetery can be overwhelming but it's important to remember that each one of these gravestones was somebody's loved within and not only did they sacrifice for this country but their families did too. >> ds absolutely gorgeously designed. it's got travis' name am tribute to both her son and
12:31 pm
his sacrifice. >> he loved people and he loved life. >> he grew up in fremont. he was an athlete playing baseball, hockey and football but even as a young child his mom says he knew he wanted to serve. >> when he was about is 12 he joined a navy sea cadet program with two of his buddies and my father was a world war ii navy seabe. heed a mierd my father to that. when he joined he thought i'm going be a navy seal one day and then when he got to the high school the marines started to recruit. one day he came home and said i want to be a marine. i want to be the best of the best. ten days after granting from high school, he was gone. he went into the marines. >> just months later travis was on his way to the middle east. >> went straight over to iraq.
12:32 pm
>> so february 2004 he's going over there. that must have been hard to -- >> went down. his youngest brother and father and i went to spend three days with him before he deployed. >> he said just don't go. it'll be too hard for you. i tried to take care of him all of his life and then at that point it was out of my hands. he was going to be a man and do what he wanted to do. that's got to be a source of pride. >> absolutely. >> but a source of fear; right? >> lived in fear when he did deploy we lived in fear i didn't want to hear a phone cringe or watch tv. i didn't watch tv or news for the whole time he was deployed. >> she talked to him twice when he was gone. >> the last time was march
12:33 pm
17th. st. patrick's day he called. that was the last time i not to talk to him. >> was he happy? >> he was. he loved it. he said, mom, you know, things are scary over here many he said i watched a few of my friends being blown away but i'm not scared and we've been giving kids candy in the market place. he loved doing that and they just think so highly of him and made him so proud that he was there to hopefully help these children have a better life. >> proud of him. >> very proud of hip. at 19 years old he had such a mentality to give and such a art. >> and then came that day in april of 2004. >> i get our of my car and there were there. and i look up and three marines came around the end of the building and i just lost it. i totally knew what they were there to tell me. they just told me he'd been
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killed in iraq in an ambush and killed with nine other ma reens and a navy corpsman. she said good-bye to her 19- year-old son. >> he did come home. maybe not the way i wanted him to but i got to have a closure. he came home in one piece. i got to temperature him good- bye best i could. >> in the months that followed, she stood by other families suffering that same loss. >> gold star parents and i thought they're going to need someone who use walking in their assures and lend an ear or a hand. i went to nerve the bay area at that time. >> and two years after travis died she met this young man, travis' son dillon. >> ten days before christmas that year we found out that dillon was my grandson. >> travis never knew he was a father. his mom told dianne she always thought she'd have more time to tell him.
12:35 pm
>> all my kids travis was the only one that would tryst my hair and i picked him up and, of course, i'm balling anyway but he started twisting my hair. oh my god. you're my travis'. what did he want to know? >> how brave he was and how giving he was and the huge heart that he had. he just loved life and he wanted to make a difference. there are no words to describe dye -- diannes loss or pain. >> every night i go to bed, every morning i get up. travis is on my mind 24/7. i talk to him all of the time and how much i love him. how much i miss him. think about him all of the time. if he would just come and kiss my cheek. come and kiss my cheek. >> on memorial day she hopes people take a moment to remember the sacrifice that
12:36 pm
her son, his family and so many others have made in service to this country. >> just take a few minutes out to really realize and remember that memorial day is really all about. these young men and women are trying to secure our safety and i want people to know that freedom isn't free. it's paid at a very high cost by someone and someone's family. travis was buried at the golden gate national cemetery. that's built in 1937 after the voters in san francisco decided they did not want semitairs built wf their city limbs. here in the city has been here since the 19th century. it's first known beurl back in 1854. and when we come back a look
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has been here since the 19th century. it was declared a historical national landmark back in 1962 and the tens of thousands of gray here represent our region's rich history. >> over 35,000 graves here at the national cemetery. >> a walk ththrough the rows of the gravestones a the national cemetery is almost like a walk through a history book. >> it's a monument to all of the differents of history because it is a -- probably the holdest army-base on the west coast. in many ways it was the west coast pentagon. orders were sent there. we have people here from almost every era of a con con -- conflicts the famous general worked out of here. general mark clark was a commander here. so every era of the u.s.
12:40 pm
conflicts from the indiana wars spanish america war. world war ii. iraq, afghanistan. people are buried here from all of these conflicts. >> and park rangers say recent conflicts have made people look at both memorial day and the -- a little differently. >> especially since the days of 9/11 and the new engagement over seas in the middle east and other areas like that. that's become more timely than to people in the bay area and across the country that memorial day is across the country a. new significance and maybe sometimes the question about whether the engagement of the united states in wars overseas and people are honoring people who step forward and do sacrifice and lose their lives for their country. and every year there seems to be a larger turnout here at memorial day. >> do you think it's understand sng do you think it's respect? when brings them here? >> it's probably a combination of all of those things. remembrance, respect. when you remember someone who's
12:41 pm
lost you bring them back into life. you bring them back to your living existence and therefore they do not die. >> but while memorial day is always marked with a large ceremony, rangers say visitors come every day. sometimes searching for people they know but often they come simply to learn about the people who have come before. >> but there's also an electronic grave locate tor at the entrance so it you know the last name, you can look up a relative or somebody like a relative or the famous buffalo soldier who's buried here. >> when you talk about the soldiers that are here at the national cemetery in the -- you cannot forget about the 400 buffalo soldiers buried here. this year marks the 150l1 thanniversary of the formation of the buffalo soldiers. >> so you've been studying buffalo soldiers literally your entire life. >> pretty much. >> 50 years. >> 50 years.
12:42 pm
>> tell us about the buffalo soldiers >> . they were african- americans who enlisted in the united states regular army after the civil war. i must tell you black soldiers have fought for this country starting back in the rev leutionz and even during colonial times. they fought in the colonies. but in 1866 they became part of the regular establishment. one in five soldiers in the regular army after 1866 was black. 85% of the battles fought against native americans did not include john wayne riding to the rescue. it included african-american soldiers. they got the name buffalo shol jer not because of the wooly hair and the mat of the that buffalo testimony they got it because of the native americans they thought. they were likened to the clan of the buffalo warrior. and my grandfather --
12:43 pm
>> fear fiercest warriors. >> my granddaughter's generation accepted this. as a title of hoarp. >> he's a historian who was inspired by his grandfather to study the history of the buffalo soldiers. his grandfather as within army man who signed up in 1887. >> my grandfather's name was sal -- when i was 13, 14 thinking i knew everything in the world, i asked my dwrfer one day why he joined this racist country's army and the things that he told me was something i would never forget. the army gave me the only part of the american dream that america the nation would let me share in. many black soldiers of his period and even today they used the military as a vehicle for a way up and a way out. the tombstone here is of william h tomp kins. he had served throughout his
12:44 pm
career with the 24th infantry. all four black regionments like my grandfather. the tombstone here is another black soldier. john a logan. sergeant energy if many, many years. >> there are 400 buffalo soldiers buried here. do you think that americans know that soldier sphwhrsm there are 400 soldiers here. some were civil war veterans. if you go to the tombstone. one of the things that happened as the west disappeared, we abandoned military fortresses and each time we abandoned a fort we would take the people out of the dwraif and bring them to the nearest cemetery. and so you have 400 soldiers here, pretty much because of that. >> but 150 years after the formation of the buffalo soldiers he says their story just like his grandfathers is one that needs
12:45 pm
to be told. >> my grandfather was passing on a legacy of pride that i had nothing to be ashame of the of. when you look add the tombstone are -- or you watch a movie. it reflects that pride of who they were not just as americans but as men. and so it's a story that i think the nation needs to honor. and there are so many stories to be told across the bay area. the per sirks dio is the smallest base but
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12:47 pm
welcome back to bay area people and our special memorial day show. coming to you from the national cemetery but want to take you about 40 miles from here to the town of -- that's home to a small by historic military cemetery that has its own story to tell. >> it is not very big. nor is it very well known. >> many people that i know have
12:48 pm
never been here. and i've lived here 30 years glu be the military cemetery holds its place in history. >> when i tell people that have never been here that this the oldest military cemetery, it impresses people. never been there. go there and find a rich history in the stories of the people who have made this their final resting place. >> this was the headquarters for the pacific army in the 1840s into the 1850s. the army set up an outpost here in the 184s. in 1849 the first soldier was here. for many years it was home to the u.s. army arsenal. in the is 1 # 0 that is left. the last person buried a the cemetery was in 158. and it was the wife of a soldier who was stationed here. so in totally there are 211 graves. many of the names were.
12:49 pm
the army used to paint names on crosses when they buried people and they were lost to history. there are eight german prisoners of war that passed away and one italian why pliz of war. they were encars rated here during world war ii. >> taking care of them -- kathy >> 34 years you've been taking care of this cemetery. why do you do it? >> i just love it here. >> you and your husband? >> my husband was in the service and i just really believe in that. >> what do you feel when you're working here 8 hours a day and taking care of it? peace? >> man, i hope that's what i bring to the guys here. >> watched people discover why is cemetery for the first time. watch as others spend time trying to say thank you and been there when the loved ones come to remember a piece of their own history. >> had a cornell and his wife
12:50 pm
come visit their baby. he was stationed here when the baby died of crib death and they come to visit him. i have guards from the prison when it was here and come and visit the italian and the germans. he used to play cards with them. they have come to this small cemetery to remember their soldiers. >> they want to pay honor to the german soldiers. these are young can officers. >> this is a connection for them with world war ii. >> memorial days is about remembrance and this year as they have done in years past hundreds lf come to listen to the speeches. and to watch the wreath laying ceremony. >> at the end of the ceremony when taps is played, that's when it hits me. they go, oh, yeah. that's why we're here. we're here because a lot of people died for our way of life. >> and here in this meticulously cared for cemetery tucked in the hillside of
12:51 pm
though small town. those who know the history and story hope people will remember those who rest hereafter the ceremony is over. >> i feel a strong sense of the history and an appreciation for how long there's been -- a lot of these people gave their lives for the country. i feel reverence. feeling of appreciation. >> hundreds will go to benecia and there will be remembrances across the bay area. the honor guard will be a part of many of them. when we come back talk to the travis air force base honor guard. members of
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12:53 pm
at every military funny yal who -- and community event like the one on memorial day. to talk to members of that honor guard and to find
12:54 pm
out what it means to be part of such an important and symbolic detail. ♪ [ music ] >> every step, every movement is practiced countless times. >> from a flag fold to the bugle of taps. >> every detail matters. >> be on point and be sharp, chrisen and missionless and yes, only perfection is acceptable. >> we strive for perfection in every movement that we do. that's why we practice three hours a day to be perfect. because this is the last thing that a family gets for thinker loved one, their fallen member. >> the travis air force base is relentless to doing it right. >> providing a memorable and last impression for the next of kin, showing them a sense of pride of
12:55 pm
what their family was a part of. >> they are part of the united states military. and at their funeral the hoarp guard pays them and their family a final tribute. >> the purpose is is, you know, to honor with dignity. >> i want them to see a ceremony that was provided at the highest respect. >> 45,000 square miles here, san francisco, san jose, sacramento area. and even about five hours south. we serve as probably one million vets and retirees. funny rals and colors honors. >> and yet as they go through each step and each movement, they are fueled by reasons that are both patriotic and personal. >> that's my grandfather. >> we're doing something special. >> it is what gets them through the difficult moments. >> the emotions are always going to be there. it's human nature. how we show them is what we
12:56 pm
strive not to do during the -- the honor is not ours. when we show else that's bringing attention toward ourselves that -- for that day and that home it's not about us. >> just because you don't see it doesn't mean you're not feeling it. >> absolutely. >> think about your own family and that hits you at the heart. do your best for them. >> we've had times where airmen have cried during the ceremony and it just happens. >> it happens but they work through it. and then practice for the next one. memorial day keeps them busy. but it is a day that they look forward to. >> it's a bit humbling obviously but it's a culmination of everything. you know, it's the one day that -- well, not only do we shine but i mean, all those that came before us shine. that we -- the whole nation pays respect for it. we'd love to see the flag out every day for every service member, for every fallen member but memorial day -- i mean, that -- i guess probably brings us a little bit of joy to no that
12:57 pm
everyone is remembering. [ taps -- honor with dignitity. >> when they watch us i want them to think that they know that this is the service that their loved one deserved. >> in a final farewell >> we hope that they understand that it took time to practice and this is -- this was a fraternity that their member was a part of and something they can be proud of. >> pride and gratitude for those who have served. >> that's going to do it for us on bay area people and our special memorial day. all of the information from all of our segments on our website and, of course, you can also find us on facebook. for all who have served and all who are serving, we
12:58 pm
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>> it's a hot new trend in weight loss. you have heard of detoxing. what about tea-to squg. >> i lost five pounds. i feel great. >> is it safe. >> then you love the smell, but are your sented candles toxic? >> how much of these chemicals are in the air around us. >> we sniff out the truth in our investigation. >> what is this stuff? do you want in in your lungs? >> coming up next on oz. >> we will save lives today. >> are you guys getting healthy? cheers and applause] dr. oz: welcome. a show you can't


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