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tv   The Ten O Clock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  May 30, 2016 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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the warriors do it by becoming the on tenth team out of 230 -- 33 to win a best of seven series while trailing three games to one. >> well, the odds were against them, but they did it. the tonight the golden state warriors are the western conference champions for a second straight year.
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>> fans aq -- packed the arena. they saw a great game. our sports director was there for most of the game. what was it like being inside there? >> i could tell you it was the loudest i ever heard oracle and i think it started an hour and a half before the game. the energy was insane. i haven't had any coffee since this morning and. >> and you are so amped up. >> i feel like i've had three double espressos. they did give the fans what they wanted. i couldn't help but think talking to the ushers out there before the game. they were talking about how charles barkley told the security people last week you guys get ready. you're going on vacation t. looked like it might happen. it doesn't -- didn't start the
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way fans wanted it to. >> steph is denied a bucket. watch westbrook like a laser to the bucket. they were up by 13 and led by eight at halftime. in the third quarter, the warriors go on their own 10-0 run. stamp -- slam down -- dunk. it -- there's a foul. it counts. golden state were up by as many as 13 points. in the fourth quarter, the mvp does his thing. closing at the bucket. but ock -- okc game back on a 7-0 run to put the game in peril again. they let him shoot the three and he drains it. you see the reaction from the crowd. even steve kerr let's the emotions roll. 36 points for scheffe -- steph curry. 96-88 the warriors win and the
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mvp speaks. >> we're 67 days -- 6, 7 days ago everyone thought the wheels were falling off. but in that locker room, the talk was positive. it was let's figure this out. let's go ought -- out and take -- it one game at a time and climb back into the series and see what happens. they followed that kind of mind set. >> all right. that's steph curry. remember, only ten teams ever have come from a 3-1 deficit to roll. fans are still; is that right -- excited. buzzing from saturday night's victory from okc. you saw the encore tonight. it took a while and the fans were so much in anticipation of letting it go fly and it didn't click in the early going but
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they put it together late when it counted. final same place, le bron. >> coming back from 3 to 1, when'll the tenth team to do it. the rematch cavs and warriors. do the cavs pose a bigger champion offensively or defensively. >> they are full strength this time and le bron, he did whine a little bit last year about them having kevin love and not the entire roster ready to go. they will get the full strength cavaliers who have had more rest than i -- the warriors. cleveland hasn't been challenged by anybody. they only lost two games and did it back to back against tornalate. they look pretty much unchallenged. the warriors have had a rough go of it. but the good thing occur whir looks like he is as close to
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100% as i think you'll get him in the post series. >> being down 3 to 1. the thunder out played them in the first half and then in the second half, the warriors turned it on. i guess that is the mark of a champion. >> never underestimate the heart of a champion. the warriors will take it. a lot of what they went through getting the 73 wins during the regular season. they have dealt with adversity. and i think though -- they know how to play in crunch time. >> at -- and okc peaked and got a lot -- lot better during the playoffs. >> good point. they really seemed like they were primed and ready. they up ended san antonio. then when they went 3-1 on the warriors everyone said they are
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primed and ready. i sat next to a media guy tonight. i actually left my seat because he said they are stronger, faster deeper than the warriors. >> did you find him after the game? >> no i didn't see him and i'm not sitting next to him in game one thursday. >> game one thursday night. >> all right, mark. >> thanks. >> now to amber lee outside oracle arena whachlt a game. -- what a game. mark was talking about how loud is -- it was inside. it must have been going crazy at the end of the game. >> reporter: i've never seen fans so excited and thilled -- thrilled. the game ended about 90 minutes ago and there are still a few fans hanging around. they are relishing in the moment and celebrating. >> it was loud.
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it was rowdy. we were believing. we were believing. >> take it all. >> all the way. >> we got it. go warriors. >> we made history tonight. >> go warriors. we made it to the championship. >> defense, defense. >> the intensity of game seven fuelled warrior fans. nervous energy kept them on their feet most of the game. >> it's been fantastic for us. as long fans and long-time bay area people, it's been a wonderful thing to look forward to. >> reporter: hearts were pounding. >> adrenalin is flowing over time tonight. >> we spotted bernie sanders in the stands at halftime meeting warriors fans. also in the house rapper e40 to show his support. he says he's been a fan for
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decades. >> i'm proud and the warp yours should be proud, the organizations -- the fans. we came a long why -- way, the journey has seen adversity but it has not been without reward. >> circumstances that come your way and the experience is incredibly valuable. >> right now the cavs are coming here so we can beat them like we did last year. >> reporter: avert game the fans lined up to buy the western finals championship gear that's now on sale. they can hardly wait for game one of the championship to be played here thursday night. >> it will be a great series. amber, thank you. on this memorial day, president obama paid tribute to fallen veterans at arlington national cemetery. he laid a wreath at tumor of the
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unknowns -- tomb of the unknowns who lost their lives in service. he paid attribute toot -- tribute to service men who lost their life in the last year. >> three americans gave their lives in the last year. i ask you to remember their stories as well. >> almost 10,000 serve members remain in afghan despite the fact combat mission ended two-week -- years ago. coming up, more fall out over the killing of a gorilla after a boy slips into his enclosure at the zoo. why zoo officials say they had no choice. >> in -- it got warm today and it will be warmer and hat -- hotter as we move through the week. and tickets sold out here for a game played across the
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country. we'll take you into the biggest sharks' viewing party.
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game one of the stanley cup finals didn't go well for the shark. the team lost 2-3 to the penguins in pittsburgh tonight. but sharks fans aren't losing hope. >> tonight thousand dollars -- thousands of them filled shark tank for a viewing party. it was $5 to get in? >> reporter: that's right.
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if you had given -- driven by you would have thought the players were on ice here. fans lined up outside to go in. they were screaming at the jumbo tron. they felt like they were all in this together. we -- they were here to watch the game because it made them feel closer to the team. fans game in their best teal jerseys and everything shark related to sea a game played in pittsburgh. >> i love the shark tank. i love the name of it, the being in here. i love the adrenalin. >> reporter: she was in good company. this time around, the seats closest to the ice weren't nearly as popular as the ones eye-level with the big screen. for these fans it needed to be viewed in center.
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>> i needed to be with people and have people to yell with. >> reporter: they waited for this game. >> my family helped pick out the name sharks. it was in the newspaper. they let us vote. >> reporter: the hat she made isn't a new one. >> no. i made it in i think, 2004. >> reporter: she kept it all these years wearing it only during the playoffs. this game caused a dilemma with the playoffs. watch the sharks or warriors. he opted for the sharks but has the warriors game on the smart phone knowing he may be exhausted by the end of the night. >> i don't know. but it's exciting. >> reporter: while the first goal quickly doll -- followed by the second goal belonged to the penguins, the sharks built back -- by the -- bit back
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twice. >> they are relatively new fans. everyone is excited they are in the finals for the first time. >> reporter: having two local teams in the finals means it's a good time to be a fan. >> it's a dream come true. >> reporter: they will play wednesday in pittsburgh. you won't be able to view the game here. the league only allows for one major viewing pardon part -- party. but there will be one at san paid yo -- pedro square. >> this was it tonight. >> that's a staple -- shame. outside the shark tank. lee, thank you. the mayors of san jose and pittsburgh have made a friendly bet on who wins. the mayor of san jose says he'll send special food for the pittsburgh mayor to enjoy.
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>> we anti-to put together a back of -- basket of the foods we have here. cinnamon buns. >> the pittsburgh mayor sends he'll send a basket of food if the sharks win. and they will send a donation to a charity of choice. and wear the opposing team's jersey. now to the race for the white house. tens -- tense moments today at a bernie sanders rally in oakland after protestors broke through a security barrier as he spoke at frank ogawa plaza. police detained four people involved in the incident. more on the rally plus the one-on-one interview with the senator before the event.
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>> reporter: i learned the protestors will not be charged but it did create chaos at the campaign stop. i talked with him about his campaign and what sanders has learned during the primary race. >> thank you, oakland. >> reporter: bernie sanders took the stage with a golden state warriors hat in hand. halfway through the speech a tense turn. secret service agents surrounded him. four people were hauled away. an animal activist group claimed responsibility. >> we don't get intimidated easily. >> reporter: he quickly moved on to themes. he sat down for a one-on-one interview before. >> i consider myself and i've always considered myself to be somebody who is fighting to make this countiry become what it can become. >> reporter: i asked if anything surprised him about the race. >> i did not realize that it
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would resonate quite as fast as it has. >> reporter: and personally if he's learned anything about himself along the way. >> i've learned that -- when you run for president of the united states and followed by media every day, every ramping lea that you have, every problem that you have, every weakness that you have becomes manifested and like any other human being i have my share of weaknesses and i have my share of strength. >> reporter: signaled ares said he feel -- sanders says he field proud of his campaign. >> i have pledge -- pledged to run within the democratic primary process. we hope to win that nomination. that's where i am. >> reporter: he also attended a memorial service and spoke at baptist church to an over-flow crowd. and he did attend the warriors game and he hopes he gets a win next tuesday.
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speaking of the california june 7th primary. if he doesn't win that does he say he will stay in the race gentleman he does plan to stay in the race and go all the way to the convention. his message is he's going to hang in there for his supporters. he is not contemplating right now any third party run. >> thank you. well, hillary clinton will be heading back to california for thursday for five days of get out the vote events. she had a low-key event day today. she was marching in a parade at her hometown in new york. she has a delegate lead over bernie sanders. a win in new jersey june 7th could give clinton the dell -- delegates she needs to clinch the nomination. donald trump will be in california also. he's expected to hold a rally in sacramento wednesday. he's expected to speak at the
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jet center 7:00 wednesday night. he says he can win california in the jenny election despite the fact a republican hasn't won the state since 1988 when george bush sr. won. fog pushing in through the bay. fog is showing up now in parts of san francisco. you can see the clouds up here. low clouds and fog spreading into the bay tonight. not making it much further inland. inland will be on the warm side. hot today in my locations today. high pressure is the story. winds will blowing north, northwest. that will keep in mind the fog stunted and back at the coast. we stand there again tomorrow. plenty of fog night -- right now throb save. -- in san francisco. it will burn off quick tomorrow. temperatures about -- are going to warm rapidly. 70 in concord. 72 in walnut creek. that's 4 or 5 degrees warmer
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than last night. warmer day tomorrow. forecast high. there's the fog trying to reform. but it doesn't really happen tomorrow morning. we'll not have the cooling advantage of the fog. we'll see temperatures tomorrow triple dodge thes -- digits around sacramento. plenty of 70s and 80s around the bay. >> honoring the fallen. >> the country he defend our country. >> up next how people in the south bay pay tribute to loved ones on this memorial day. and the warriors with their backs up against the wall blew past the thunder tonight in game seven at oracle arena. we'll back -- be back with highlights. look inside the family mansion and how much it may go for.
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back now to memorial day. a day to remember all those who fought for our country. we were at the lafayette crosses. this man drove to lafayette so he could paint the names of two foal -- fellow soldiers on the crosses. fowler brought crayons to do the outline and he brought flags to put next to the crosses. it was his way of honoring them for the service. >> more than 1 million men and women have died fighting for our country. the holiday sprechs -- stretches all the way back to the civil war. flowers were then placed on the graves of soldiers to mark their sacrifice. we visited the oak hill memorial park in the south bay today where there were some emotional
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moments. >> for 98 years veterans, families and friends and dig -- dignitaries have come to pay homage. gentleman it's about -- >> it's about of -- the love of your country. it's very important to our family. >> san she's -- sanchez is clearing off the headstone and planting flowers for his father who died in the philippines -- philippineses. >> he defended our country. i'm proud of him. >> with flags flying at half staff and hearts still heavy with the full weight of loss. hundreds braved the unflinching sun to sit and reflect on the meaning of memorial day. >> all across our country people are remembering those who lost their life -- lives to keep us free. >> they are individuals who have nieces and nephews and mothers
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and fathers and homes and neighborhoods they fought for and live that's would have continued and they would have could -- owe -- accomplished great things. >> it's the strength of our nation that we have people like these who serve go away from their families and play the ultimate price if necessary. >> his tour of duty ended abruptly in vietnam just six months shy of going home. michael hetzel became one of the many who died in the conflict i 1969. >> time kind of evolves and you kind of don't think about it as much, but every couple days. and i have reminders you know, around my house. i can't let it go. >> many gathered here say despite pain they never want to let go of the memories or the meaning behind their loved ones
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making the ultimate sacrifice. . it's happened again. another gun stolen from an fbi agent in the bay area. details next. plus, the growing public out cry after the killing of this gorilla in the cincinnati zoo after a child fell into the animal's and -- enclosure.
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the uproar is growing over the death of a beloved animal at cincinnati zoo. the gorilla was shot to death to -- to protect a 4-year-old boy. the zoo says it was forced to shoot the gorilla because a trafrng lieser would have taken too long to take effect and the
10:29 pm
child's life was in danger. one well-known animal expert is supporting the zoo assists -- stows -- zoo's decision. >> still sparking outrage on monday two days after zoo officials shot and killed ne -- the animal to save a foe 4-year-old boy who wandered in the enclosure. >> harm bee was agitated and could have hurt the child. >> the child's life was in danger and for our monday morning quarterbacks or second guessers don't understand that you can't take a risk with a silver back. reporter: activists are still calling for something -- action to be taken against the parents. >> when an endangered animal is harmed or killed actions should be taken. >> the power they are -- they v.
10:30 pm
they could take a green coconut and squish it. the animal's power is beyond belief. >> reporter: a small group ron -- honored suggesting the gorillas be placed in a sinkary. >> they are a little bit safer and this wouldn't happen as often. >> reporter: hundreds of thousands signed an online petition calling for the parents of the boy to be legally spoonlike for the gorilla's death. >> net -- yet another gun has been stolen from a law enforcement officer. this time it was taken from an fbi agent's car in san francisco nears hayes and pierce. it's a big tourist area. the break-in happened about 12:30 yesterday afternoon. the thief took a 40-caliber
10:31 pm
glock handgun. and he got away with credentials and a badge. the foie -- fbi seth -- agent is from out the state. they are not saying if the -- if the agent could face sanctions. the most serious case was the stolen gun that was used to kill a woman at peer 14 in san francisco. that was taken from a car of a ranger. the gun was allegedly fired by a man in the country illegally. the list of agencies that has lost guns is growing longer. it includes ice, fbi and others. community members were there for the annual grand march and
10:32 pm
ceremony. ♪ [ music ] ♪ . >> traditions make our semiaries healing places where our families and friends with remember and honor those who gave all, who paid the ultimate sacrifice. >> we see these brash heroes -- brave heroes to who died for the cause they really believed in. my dad and uncle are both here. i come to honor them and the rest of the vets. it's something you reflect on what you've taken and what you've given. and i'm proud to have served map country and -- served my country and i'm honored to be here. ♪ [ music ] ♪ . >> i'm the chaplain. i had the opportunity unfortunately to knock on doors
10:33 pm
with others to inform families of lost ones who had been killed in action. the grief they had and the gratitude that their son air -- are -- or daughter served country and they did what they wanted to do. all gave some. >> i think people who come here come with respect and it's a monument to those who have served. it's just a respectful place. >> they are not only representative of other men who died unknown but of all men and women who have put to -- fought for america. for that reason, they belong to all of us. . still to come here a drive-by shooting at a northern california home leaves five people injured.
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what we're learning tonight. it's pretty warm out there today but it will be warmer tomorrow and in the coming days. temperatures brushing up against 100 degrees. hi. is the internet still out? yes! i have nothing. come on! work together. work together. work together. do you got anything? i don't have anything. no i don't have anything. please come back internet. i love you. i love you so much. just come back. please. please. he's streaming a cat video. (family laughs) and the whole party is looking... can i take a look? mitch come on! get high speed internet from at&t with 99.9% reliability for just $30 a month. keep calm, your internet's on.
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a drive-by shooting in sacramento today sent five people to the hospital. two of the victims are reportedly in critical condition tonight. including an 18-year-old man who was shot in the head. a witness said the victims were standing in the front yard of a home at about 3:00 this afternoon when a dark-colored compact car pulled up and someone inside the car opened fire. no arrests have been made and still no word on the motive. police have fiftyed arrested a 17-year-old in connection with another dive-by shooting. it injure add injure -- injured
10:37 pm
a 15-year-old and killed a 17-year-old. a car pulled up and began shootingment the 30 -- 13-year-old was hit in the torso and later died. she was identified as macy murphy. her brother was hit but is expected to survive. merchandise -- homicide detectives arrested the teenage suspect. and -- an 82-year-old man missing in alameda was found today. ernest caparas leano waugh -- was found tonight near the mormon temple near the oakland hills six miles away sfoo a piece of history on the market. >> up next a look inside the gear dell mansion up for sale in the east bay. the complete bayer forecast.
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a home with quite a pedigree is up for sale in the east bay. >> we're talking about the ghirardelli mansion. one of the original owners of that mansion never even got a chance to move in. >> reporter: the stately ghirardelli mansion sits atop highland avenue in the heart of piedmont. it was bought in 1906 son of the original chocolateier. >> i think it's different on the outside as it is on the inside. when i look on the outside it looks a bit more mediterranean. but when you come in, it's not
10:41 pm
simple. it's beautiful elegant and there's so many details. >> from the woodwork to the two-bedroom guest -- guest cottage to the ceiling. >> i bet they are original. >> joseph never actually lived to see the masterpiece but his wife ellie did. >> her husband pat passed away during the earth quake. he was trying to walk back from santa cruz to see his family and he died of a heart attack. >> the widow and the children moves in. the missing -- the mission style was already outdated. about but they updated it for $15,000. >> i read it was $15,000 to pay for the remodel was three times the amount of an average home in
10:42 pm
piedmont. >> there are original fixtures and outdoor enter as. and two of everything in the spacious kitchen. there are even two washes and -- washers and two driers. after the 1906 earthquake, the family made sure it came with fire protection. >> there are six inches of sand between each floor. >> reporter: given the size the realtor thinks someone with a lot of children will buy the house. >> no tour is complete with the the chocolate. >> exactly. we don't have too many. >> if you've got a cool 5 million this may be just the home you're looking for. temperatures today on the warm side you noticed it out there. especially inland, the air
10:43 pm
conditioners were going. make noise in places along the east bay. temperatures got into the upper 80s and low 90 there. highs tomorrow are about the same. fog is in tonight but gone early. and it's suppressed. no big push inland. for travel kens tomorrow in the country through the northern plains in the mississippi valley, pretty sprong storms. -- strong storms. new york, washington, check your carriers. there will be slight delays. not massive but in mississippi and ohio valley there could be delays. you can see the dull outline of the fog. it's being pushed a little to the south. we have fog in san francisco, red wood city at the airport, temperatures are cooling offer quickly because of that push of aver. overnight lows tonight are -- air.
10:44 pm
overnight lows tonight in the 50s. mild night. there's the fog. you'll see the cooler footprint of marine air tomorrow. so around the bay 60s and 70s. but the minute you veinings -- venalityure east or north adjustment a few -- venture east or north you're mild. the high pressure does what it does. pretty similar day tomorrow like to was today. upper 90s. mid 90s some of the warmest spots. fairfield. vallejo 83. 904 in antioch. that's your bayer tuesday. -- bay area. bay area wednesday cool -- warmer still. no rain in the five-day but temperatures step up a bit. friday you get into potential low one hundreds. this whole time in the central
10:45 pm
valley, sacramento shall rail the -- really the intersect -- next few days triple digit ahead. -- tait -- heat. it's acting like sum -- sum arm. fog will keep folks at the beaches cooing -- cool. it's a warm pattern. first real warm run in a while. temperatures in the 80s and 90's for a week no rain. >> fire up the air conditioning. >> now to show us more of the incredible warrior highlights, mark is here. >> rocking. >> as loud as you can scombliej thought last year in the finals against cleveland, how could this get lout -- loud are? dover the equipment. >> you could barely here jason. >> yeah it's like a concert, hard to hear each other. >> leads to the very same place
10:46 pm
but a different route. the cleveland cavaliers historically coming back back for the warriors. bill walton was there to see his son luke. might not be so happy next year when he's coaching the lakers. >> this is a shot that people don't take. stech curry from way out. just a hint of what was to come. green and put westbrook on spin cycle right there. spins and dunks. the warriors were a little shaky in the beginning. down by 13. westbrook to rob continue -- robinson to slam it down. people worried. he started tonight get it out to klay on the winning. thompson let's loose. misses the first seven shots but
10:47 pm
bangs that three. bad times in the first half. watch this do -- to westbrook. 5.4 seconds left in half, they are up eight. big okc let down here. kell -- celebrating the shot. curry we'ves his way all the way down, sensational shot to beat buzzer. only down six at inlet mission. -- intermission. pillar to post, livingston all the way through. what is okc doing on defense. they are sleep walking. no love lost however, between westbrook and steph who seemed to have words. the ref stepping between them right there. actually gets into the act here. showing some moves down the lane. everybody contributing to the warriors. up see how much fun the bench is
10:48 pm
having with that. draymond trifids here. klay thompson could have won an mvp if they gave it away for a western conference final. he had 29 points tonight. six of 11 for three. it's all steph curry. a drive beautiful -- beautifully done. up 11. okc fought till the end -- end. avenue hch 0 run. led by durant. the mvp comes through when needed. watch him here. you're wondering why isn't the thunder fouling him. they let stuff get free. he buries the shot. the dagger. sets off the celebration right there. and steve kerr he seen -- even
10:49 pm
gets into it big time. and e40 sitting court side. bring on the cleveland cavaliers. 36 point for curry. kevin durant may have seen his last days at okc. he's' -- he's a free agent after the season. played well but not nearly good enough. >> an skillating victory. -- exhilarating victory. >> reporter: i certainly agree with you about the energy this -- in this building. the entarp series was a character test for the warriors beginning in game one when they fell behind in the series. they have not done that in the playoff run. then they fell behind. they had to dig deep. win -- and winning stat -- saturday. tonight's game wasn't unlike a lot of those games.
10:50 pm
they fell behind and had to rail where i. the big rally came in the third quarter. hemmed the thunder to just 12 of the -- after the game they talked about coming out of the 3-1 hole. >> they definitely never seen a 73-win team down 3-1. let's continue to do the things they haven't seen. all the conversations we had and no one ever had any doubt that we could get this done. >> we're 6, 7 days ago and we're down 3-1. everyone thought the wheels were falling off and that's the end of our one -- run, but in the locker room, the talk was positive. it was let's figure this out. let's go out and take one game at a time and claw our -- our way back in the series.
10:51 pm
you've got to be appreciative of this accomplishment. need four more wins. >> i never look in the past oh, if we blow this. what a collapse. if you play focussed and your hardest, all 15 of us do that i feel really great and that's what we did these last three games. >> so mark you said it here we are right back where we were last year at this time with a series against the cavaliers. the warriors have a chance to quiet the people who said only if the cavs are healthy things could be different. they are healthy and the warriors get another crack at them and they can quiet those people by getting two straight. >> thanks a lot, joe. slum epic sports -- slum epic sports day in the bay area.
10:52 pm
highlights for the stanley cup. giants and a's were hard at it as well. sports part two next.
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10:55 pm
they pull it together and made a great game of it. down 2-0. power play. hurled -- hertl still getting his first-ever nhl stanley cup final goal to cut the deficit 2-1. look at it again, quick turn and the smash. minute 48 left in the second. marleau gets in the mix. quick wrap-around score. tied 2-2. going into the third period. this thing could be heading into overtime you're thinking. but the penguins chris letang to bonino. 3-2 game winner. open look right there. timed it scores it and they are up 1-0 in the series. true grit iraqis -- a's are
10:56 pm
grinding it out. and channelling ricky henderson coco crisp with the lead-off homer. first a's batter of the game. semien just misses the long ball here. high off the left center wall. scores a run. 2-2 game. clutch play in the seventh. two on, two out. joe mauer. rips it. alonso with a great play. three straight victories for the a's. eighth the giants they had a quick turn around. played in colorado and fly to atlanta and they lost 5-3 to the braves. >> just a little going on. >> lots going on. >> thanks, mark. >> see you later, everyone. >> thanks for joining us.
10:57 pm
good night.
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