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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 4am  FOX  May 31, 2016 4:00am-4:31am PDT

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lawyers over oklahoma city in game 7. your mornings on 2 starts right now. steph curry, and klay thompson played a phenomenal game. they pulled it together. >> a live look from the oracle arena, and the crowd came out last night, 19,000 screaming fans, 321 come back -- whatever, they came back, down three games. i could hear you yelling from across the bay.>> it was amazing. good morning everybody it is tuesday, good morning everybody it is tuesday, may 31 and i am brian flores.>> good morning, i am pam cook. and steve paulson is back.
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if you like the cool weather, go to the coast, and if you like hot weather, just go to the concord. just kidding, just go inland. it will be warm inland. all right. cool coast and fog, but it won't be there all day. temperatures 60 inland, and will be in the 90s. we have clear skies, not much of a delta breeze, and it will probably collapse, what is there. mid-50s on the temperatures, and the fog above san francisco and in marin county, but pretty
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shallow. this high pressure coming in and a hot day for many, from 60s to the 90s.>> that is quite a difference, 60s to the 90s. the holiday weekend is over and we should see the traffic king up, and a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza, no major problems that 4:02 am. eight minutes across the span, or it could be six minutes if you drive like pam cook. a live look at the golden gate bridge, no problems in and out of san francisco. no problems across the san mateo bridge. if you missed it, the golden state warriors will defend the nba title in the rematch of the last reason finals, and an epic comeback against oklahoma city.>> the 10th nba team to recover from a
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3 to 1 deficit. and the warriors stayed in it, klay thompson caught fire and helped the warriors go on, and they went into the locker room trailing by six, and the warriors broke out in the third inning, outscoring okc, 29-12. giving the team a big lift off, and okc made some fourth- quarter runs, but the warriors put the game away, and the claw their way back. >> everybody had the impact, the starters on the defensive end, and it was just a very cool moment to enjoy, and the
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fan noise, and we understood we were on the brink of doing something very special.>> they need four wins over the cleveland cavaliers, and that will begin thursday night at home at the oracle arena. and we spoke with the fans about the excitement over another year in the nba finals.>> it was loud and rowdy, and we believe. we got this. we made history tonight.>> go warriors, going to the championship.>> the intensity of that game 7, nervous energy
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keeping them on their feet for most of the game.>> reporter: day in and day out 24 seven.>> the fans, it has been of wonderful thing.>> reporter: and the sharks were pounding, and it halftime we saw the democratic presidential hopeful bernie sanders in the stands, meeting the warriors fans, and also in the house was rapper.>> the warriors should be found to be proud, we've come a long way.>> there are pressure and circumstances that come your way, and experience is incredibly valuable. >> we will beat them like we
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beat them last year.>> yes we well. the excited fans wasted no time lighting up to purchase the new warriors., including shirts that have the warriors and nba logos with the finals, 2016 and there they are.>> and the players go on social media about expressing their joint and reminding fans that they have another mountain to climb. and they posted on twitter, "never underestimate the heart of the war your. -- for your warrior." -->> here is the final schedule against the lebron james once again with the cleveland
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cavaliers, game one year thursday night at 6:00 at oracle. game 2 is sunday at 5 pm at oracle, game three and game for, and if necessary game five will be on june 13, and game six will be played on june 16 and game seven on june 19. sac -- the sharks fell behind early in the first period, and connor scored and the second. back was all sharks, and pittsburgh turned it around on the third cashing in another gold giving the penguins the three-to -- 3-2 win.>> we did not play our game in the first period. we stood around and watched, and they are fast team and
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dictated the play in the first, and when we played our game in the second, they had trouble with us. our execution has to get better. part of it was some of the pressure that they put on, but part of it was self-inflicted. >> the san jose players said they will be better prepared on game 2 on wednesday night in pittsburgh. thousands of fans showing up at the shark tank cheer on the team, and the good seats were higher up where the jumbotron was at eye level, and they say they cannot imagine watching it debut anywhere but at the center.>> you get the experience and have people the yell at. >> i love it here, the adrenaline and being here.>> i do love going to the shark games. the fans paid five dollars to get in and the money goes to
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the sharks foundation which helps to boost education in the community. this will be the only watch party at the game, and they only allow one event or series. the bernie sanders rally in oakland yesterday, protesters resting the stage as he was speaking. and we have more details and the one-on-one interview with senator sanders.>> reporter: in front of the oakland city hall, bernie sanders takes the stage with the golden state warriors at -- pat in hand -- hat in hand. the security had to haul away for people, and the animal activist group later claimed responsibility.>> we do not get intimidated easily.>> reporter: sanders kept on, and later i
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had a one-on-one interview, responding to the critics questions about being an extreme democrat. >> i always considered myself to be someone that is fighting to make this country become what it can become.>> reporter: i asked him about the presidential race. >> i did not know it would resonate quite as far as it has. what i have learned is that when you run for president of united states and followed by the media every day, every wrinkle that you have, every problem that you have or weakness becomes manifested. like any human being, i have my share of weaknesses and my share of strengths.>> reporter: but sanders says he feels proud of the campaign and the chance to win the california primary. >> i have pledged to run within the democratic process to help to win that nomination and that is what i am.>> bernie sanders
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continues the california campaign today with a news conference about healthcare in emeryville, and rallies in monterey in back tomorrow in palo alto. hillary clinton heading back to california for thursday for five days of the "get out and vote" events. marching in the memorial day parade in her hometown in new york, and we spoke to the candidate yesterday by phone asking how he will candidate -- against donald trump if she becomes the presidential nominee.>> reporter: should your supporters expect you to go for the jugular when it comes to facing donald trump in the election? >> there is so much at stake in this election that we will very much be going after the fact. donald trump is an unqualified loose cannon, and it should concern every american that our
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closest allies in the world report that they are rattled by the threats that donald trump represents.>> clinton has a 270 delegate lead over bernie sanders, and the win of the primary could give clinton the nomination in new jersey if she takes those delegates. donald trump also being california, holding a rally in sacramento tomorrow at 7:00 tomorrow night at the sacramento jet center. he says that he can win california in the general election despite the fact that a republican is not won the state since 1988. the time is 4:12 am. a woman attacked in sonoma county and three veterans come to her rescue. another gun stolen in the
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bay area that belonged to law enforcement, the items taken from the car of the fbi agent in san francisco. warriors over oklahoma city in game 7.
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welcome back, 4:15 am. federal law enforcement are trying to recover the badge and gun stolen from an agent in san francisco, and it appeared to disappeared at alamo square, taking a 40 caliber glock
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handgun a badge and other fbi credentials. they have confirmed that the agent is from out of state. this is the latest in a series of incidents in which guns of been stolen from law enforcement in the bay area. the fbi is not saying whether the agent will face sanctions. in january in fbi agent had three gun stolen from a lockbox parked in a neighborhood, and also last summer gun was taken from the car of the ranger with the fairer -- with the federal bureau of land management used to kill a woman. the san francisco sheriff department and hayward police and others investigating. a package was delivered to a home and exploded, and the new york officer was opening the package and it went off in his hand. he had serious burns on his hands and arms and is being
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treated at the hospital near syracuse. governor andrew cuomo visited the officer and his family at the hospital. >> the doctors are monitoring his condition and he is in critical condition. but we pray for the best.>> the state department of corrections says it is not clear whether it has anything to do with the 52- year-old officer's work. but they say every possibility is being investigated. the novato police department facing harassment claims by two veteran officers, a lawsuit filed in federal court under this month. the lawsuit claims that the lieutenant discriminated against two subordinates because one was a woman and the other was gay. the officers claimed they were subjected to unwarranted scrutiny and denied promotional opportunities. the lawyer for the lieutenant is denying the allegations, and the police department says that an outside independent
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investigation turned up nothing to substantiate the claims of the lawsuit. and some say there were far fewer headaches traveling over the holiday weekend. recent long lines field concerns of longer waits over the holiday weekend, but for the most part, the travelers say that the lines were fairly short, passengers getting through the checkpoint lines rarely quickly. they credit extra screeners and k-9 teams or speeding along the process. there were some complaints of long lines at the airports in sacramento and denver, but you do not expect to be alone when you travel on the holiday. the time now is 4:18 am. do you have your car keys? >> i put my keys in a specific
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spot.>> sal, did you find your car keys? >> mine are usually in that spot.>> sal was running a bit late.>> yesterday i was at the supermarket, and that it has become war. they said that brian was crowding you, but they love you. that means they are watching. >> and they pay attention. because i hear about stuff all the time. >> and they are up early. >> i think anybody can relate to looking around for the phone and the keys. there is not a lot going on, but we are going to start with the gilroy commute, and from gilroy to san jose, it still looks very nice. a lot of people are doing the commute. one thing can go wrong and
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suddenly we are in slow traffic in gilroy. off to the live pictures, 880 north and southbound, traffic moving along well north and south. going to the bay bridge, now is a good time to go. it will be interesting to see what happens on tuesday later on, and it feels like monday for a lot of people. and two hours it will be interesting to see how many people are actually here or if more people are extending their break. 4:20 am. a lot of fog and shallow but moving up the coast to the sonoma coast, and moving more south the north. cool by the coast, temperatures inland will be warm.-- to hot. and a pattern that will be stuck for a few days. a few pop up showers over the
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central sierra. not much of a delta breeze, and it really falls apart toward 8:00 or 9 am. a lot of 50s in a few 60s, livermore and britain would, 55 palo alto with settled sound the warm side it if the nine. 40s to the north in mill body -- mill valley in novato. napa 47, low to mid 50s for some. 41 in truckee, 58 in reno, 51, foggy and cold in monterey. clouds continuing to sit down from the north, and overall you can see this working its way up the mendocino coast. this ridge of high pressure is building over us, sending in clouds, and the temperatures inland will be in the 90s, and the valley up to 100, and the
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coast will see 50s and 60s, a huge temperate difference. a little bit of drizzle and low clouds, highs in the 60s to 90s. 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s, and warm to hot inland. the bay staying in the 70s or 80s, and the warm up will be severe. friday and saturday with the big drop and cooler sunday and monday. it will be welcome.>> we were going to turn on the oven but we did not because we do not have air conditioning. 4:22 am is the time right now. the follow-up after the child fell into the gorilla exhibit at the cincinnati
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zoo. up next, the shipwrecks that claimed the lives of to 700 refugees, including children.
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welcome back to mornings on 2, it is for 20 5 am. people in parts of texas racing for more flooding, six people have died, 20 have been rescued from the waters.
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take a look at this, the coast guard was called in to lift up a woman that was stranded on a flooded street. in east texas keeping an eye on the brosseau's river. -- brazos river and it could crest today. a 13-year-old girl had to be pulled from the water after being caught in the surf, and one hour later the firefighters had a report of a person in the water near pier 28 near the embarcadero, both victims evaluate on the scene and we have no word on their conditions. the search continues for the open teenagers believed to have drowned during a family boding trip -- boating trip. they were on jet skis looking for any sign of the boys in the
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woodward reservoir. the 15-year-old boys went missing on saturday after they jumped off of the vote back -- boat. they were said to be strong swimmers, but they were not wearing their life jackets. the two of them were best friends. as many as 700 migrants are feared dead after the boats capsized in the mediterranean sea. all of the ships were leaving libya on their way to italy. the officials say that the death toll will go up because only some of the bodies have been recovered. at least 40 that were killed were children, and the italian navy helped with the rescue operation and one describe her describe what happened -- and one describe what happened. >> the water was coming from everywhere, from down and from up, and we tried for more than six hours, and then we said it was not possible anymore.>> in
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all, more than 13,000 migrants have been rescued since last week. the deadly shootings, the students at the novato high school will be back in school today, and the update on the investigation and the person that the police are still looking for. the new concerns that will delay the return of hundreds of fire evacuees in alberta, canada.
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good morning everybody and welcome back. we have steve back after a nice long holiday weekend.>> always good to slee


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