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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 5am  FOX  May 31, 2016 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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talk about the weather and traffic, and we had the great steve paulson back. if you are by the coast, it will be cool in foggy, and inland it will be warm to hot, a big difference in temperatures. from 59 in daly city to 99 at clearlake and ukiah. mostly clear inland and cool coast and a lot of fog going up the coast, staying in the 50s and 60s. upper 90s for some inland. not an offshore breeze because of the fog and plenty to go around, holding onto the delta breeze, but my feeling is this will taper off. 40s for some, novato in santa rosa, napa. 50s for others, and cooler to the north, and this forecast will keep them cool to the south, and overall, a big
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difference in temperatures. cool and 50s and 60s by the water, and 70s and 80s, and then 90s and the interior. if you want the cool go west and if you want the heat, go east.>> i will probably go west. good morning and let's see what we have on the super commute. 580 westbound driving through the area of the tracy, already very slow, and as you drive on 205, and 580 is not quite as bad into would get past 205, slow traffic heading to the west, and at livermore not that bad, but you can give yourself a little more time this morning on the past, and not holiday like at all. a look at 880 northbound and southbound, looking good in front of the oakland coliseum.
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at the bay bridge toll plaza, not crowded yet, but more people are beginning to show up, and it is 5:01 am. the golden state warriors will defend their nba title in the rematch after completing an epic comeback against oklahoma city, the 10th nba team to recover from make 3-1 deficit in the playoff series. they led by as many as 13 points for the okc, but the warriors stayed in it. klay thompson caught fire, helping the warriors, and they went to the locker room at the halftime, trailing by six, and in the warriors broke out in the third quarter, outscoring okc, 29-12. and they give the team a big lift off of the bench. oklahoma city made some runs, but the warriors take the
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final, ninety six-88, completing the historic comeback in the series. >> it took a great tremendous effort and a fight to overcome it. but if i think anybody can do it, this group can.>> it was very physical. the warriors presented with the western conference championship trophy after the game, and one more win against the cleveland cavaliers to win the nba championship. the quest will begin thursday night at home at the oracle arena. after the game, the excited fans wasted no time lining up to purchase the warriors., and the phrase, "the finals." and the warriors fans are certain they are on their way to winning the back-to-back
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championship.>> go warriors, we may get the championship.>> and victory fireworks, a site that never gets old. the fans did not want the night to in, and celebrating the warriors amazing comeback in the series. the final schedule against the cleveland cavaliers, thursday night 6:00 oracle arena, game 2 sunday at 5:00 at oracle, game three in cleveland on june 8 and game four on the 10th, game five june 13 at oracle, game six june 16 in cleveland, game seven on june 19. the stanley cup final, 3-2 and the sharks fell behind in the first period, and the
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second period was all about the sharks. they score the only goals in the second period. and then the penguins turned it around, casting in another goal, and the penguins win, 3- 2. and they said they could concede the lack of experience for the sharks in the early part of the game.>> i like their second period, and we were playing the way we are capable of plane. in the third, we did not play like we did in the second for long enough . they played their game for a longer stretch than we did tonight. that is what happens. they deserve to win when you outplay the other team.>> the sharks have lost six playoff games in the postseason, and after five of the losses they have won the next game, and the sharks are expected to pull together to win game 2. 8500
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sharks fans watched the game at the shark tank, and the best seats in the house were not near the ice, they gathered where they could be eye level with the jumbotron to see all of the action. one fan said she has been waiting for this moment since san jose has been granted the franchise by the nhl.>> it is good to be here as a fan and get the whole experience. >> i love the shark tank. i love the name of it, i love being here and i love the experience.>> this is the only time there will be a watch party at the shark tank, and the nhl only allows one, and that sharks decided it would be the first game. to the race for the white house, presidential hopeful bernie sanders continues his campaign through the bay area, and were joined it now -- going to now
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from emeryville. >> reporter: a private event not open to the public at the hyatt house, bernie sanders will be speaking at 10 am and talking about health care. the vermont senator is making the rounds in the bay area, thousands attending the rally in downtown oakland yesterday to hear the message on why he should be president. during the event the secret service ended up rushing to surround him, taking down the protesters that jumped the security barriers. four people were hauled away and the animal rights group claimed responsibility. we spoke with him one-on-one between events, responding to the critics that claim he is not a true democrat. >> i have always considered myself to be somebody that is fighting to make this country become what it can become.
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>> reporter: sanders headed to the warriors game after the speech, spotted with actor danny glover greeting fans in the stands. sanders is hopeful to win the primary in california on june 7, bringing him much-needed delegates, so he is not slowing down. he will head to santa cruz for a 1 pm rally at the kaiser permanente arena, and he will be in monterey tonight for another rally, and a packed schedule tomorrow, including a stop in palo alto. 5:08 am is your time right now. hillary clinton heading back to california on thursday for five days of get out and vote. marching in the memorial day parade in her hometown in new york, and we spoke with clinton by phone yesterday asking the
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candidate has to plans to appeal to the bernie sanders supporters if she becomes the democratic presidential nominee.>> reporter: how might you try to bring in the bernie sanders supporters, some that say they would rather set out the general elect?>> senator sanders has said on numerous occasions that he would work seven days a week to make sure that donald trump is not president. i believe that once we wrap up the nomination which i hope will happen on june 7, we will turn our attention to get a find the democratic party to make clear that we will not let donald trump get anywhere near the white house.>> clinton has a 270 delegate lead over bernie sanders, and analysts say that a win in the new jersey primary on june 7 could give clinton the delegates to clinch the nomination to even before the polls close in california.
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in the meantime donald trump will also be in california this week, holding a rally tomorrow in sacramento, and at 7:00 tomorrow night at the sacramento jets better. -- jet setter. he says he can win california in the primary despite the fact that a republican is not won in california since 1988 when george wb -- george w. bush took it. and the students back at school today at the novato high school, coming up with the latest on the investigation and talking about the so suspect that the police are still looking for. a package exploding in the hands of a police officer and the investigation underway in new york. looking at an east bay commute, and so far not bad on highway 24 through lafayette as traffic is moving along pretty well. a lot of fog on the
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welcome back to mornings on 2 and the time is 5:13 am.
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an investigation underway after the gun and badge stolen from the car of the fbi agent and in alamo square. the 40 caliber glock 27 handgun was stolen along with a badge another fbi credentials. the sources have confirmed that the fbi agent is from out of state. this is the latest in the series of incidents were guns have been stolen from law enforcement officers in the bay area. the fbi is not same whether the agent will be punished. in january another fbi agent had three guns of stolen from a lockbox in a car parked. and a gun taken from the car of the ranger with the federal bureau of land management was used to kill kate steinle at pier 14. the list of agencies that have lost guns in the bay area include the fbi, ice, chp, san francisco sheriff department and the hayward police.
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the corrections officer in new york state remains in critical condition after package that was delivered to his home exploded. the officer was opening the package and it went off in his hands, and he is serious burns on his hands and arms and being treated at the hospital near syracuse. governor andrew cuomo went to visit the officer and his family at the hospital. >> doctors are monitoring his condition, and he is in critical condition. we keep our fingers crossed and pray for the best. >> the state department of corrections says it is not clear whether the explosion has anything to do with the 52-year- old officers were, but they say at this point, every possibility is being investigated. the time now is 5:15 am. the novato police department facing claims of discrimination and harassment by two police officers with a lawsuit filed earlier this month in federal court. he claims that the lieutenant
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discriminated against two subordinates because one was a woman and the other was gay. the officers claimed they were subjected to unwarranted scrutiny and deny promotional opportunities. the lawyer for the lieutenant denies the allegations, and the police department said that the outside independent investigation turned up nothing to back up the claims, and the lawsuit is set to be heard in august. this week we find out if whole foods will be allowed to open one of the new and lesser expensive stores and the san francisco neighborhood, and the planning commission will take a vote on thursday on banning the chain stores along the corridor, and 7% of the businesses in the area are chain stores. the paper says that the planning commission has received more than 100 letters on the issue. many say that allowing the chain stores will take away the character of the neighborhood, but others say that having an anchor store with a strong
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reputation will benefit the area. and good to see you back and we hope your holiday was a good one.>> thank you. the traffic is backing up is well and we see a lot more people on the road. we will look at some of these commutes and show you the gilroy super commuters, and it will be a little bit slow in some areas. for the most part, a nice commute. as we push through morgan hill, not bad, and you may want to get a jump on your commute for now. going to the live pictures, looking at westbound 24 and it is getting crowded. maybe slow was not the best word to use, let's just say congested. it will be slow in the east bay area, and the bay bridge toll plaza, usually at 5:30 am the metering lights go on and it becomes a little bit slow. coming up on 5:18 am. low
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clouds making a surge to the north, and some of it is filtering in. know that mountain view in san jose have a low overcast and creeping over the day, and fog down on the deck, but most locations away from the coast are clear, and i don't think that fog over the bay or san jose will last long as the high pressure is winning out. this high pressure decreasing, and a sure sign. the northwest in oakland not much at 3 miles an hour. from the 40s to the 60s, 49 at the napa airport, 52 in the city, upper 50s and low 60s inland. financial attempts as woodside checks in at 49, stanford at 51. mineral part 52, san mateo down to 51 as well. 39 in truckee, login cold in monterey at 54, sacramento already 51 degrees, and mostly
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sunny. that will not stop the inland temperatures from being in the 90s for many, and this low pressure to the south, and the high pressure is building in and will be here for couple of days. the fog will burn off inland, and not going anywhere by the coast and they will stay in the 50s and 60s. in the valley, upper 90s to near 100 degrees. cool on the coast, a hot inland. temperatures all over the map. 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s and upper 90s including ukiah in clearlake. -- ukiah and clearlake. livermore at 95, 92 for gilroy, 68% of crews, and lots of fog on the coast. -- 68 in santa cruz, and lots of fog on the coast.
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a good cool down on sunday and monday. it is 5:20 am. military forces on high alert, coming up in 10 minutes, the report that north korea unsuccessfully attempted to fire a ballistics missile. the deadliest week in the mediterranean in recent memories, as many as 700 refugees died, including children.
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a big fire at the military ammunitions depot in india killing 17 soldiers, 19 injured and 1000 villagers have been evacuated. the biggest ammunitions depot in india, and the cause of the fire is still under investigation. as many as 700 migrants may have died after three votes -- boats capsized at the mediterranean sea. all of them were leaving libya and heading to italy. the official death toll will rise because only some of the bodies have been recovered, at least 40 that died were children. the italian navy helped with the rescue, and one survivor describe what happened.>> it was very hard because the water was coming from everywhere,
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from down and from up, and we try for more than six hours and then we said it is not possible anymore.>> the italian officials say that more than 13,000 migrants have been rescued since last week. in san francisco rescuing two people in separate incidents. the first was on the ocean beach around 3:30 pm yesterday. the 13-year-old girl was pulled from the water after being caught up in the serve. -- serve -- surf. and an hour later near pier 28 at the embarcadero they rescued another person and both were checked out at the scene and we have no word on their condition. two teenagers believed to have drowned in the family boating trip. the deputies were out on the boats -- boats and jet skis looking for any sign of the men in the woodward reservoir.
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the 15-year-olds went missing saturday after jumping off of the boat. they were said to be strong swimmers, but were not wearing life jackets, and identified as jamari wilson and josiah pratt. they say they were best friends. the people that flew during the memorial day weekend say there were less headaches than they expected at the airports. the recent long lines at the airports nationwide led to be concerns about a longer wait and the lines over the holiday weekend. for the most part, travelers and airlines say that the lines were fairly short, passengers went through the checkpoints quickly. the transportation security administration credits that to the extra screeners and k-9 teams for speeding things along. the passengers at sacramento in denver did say that they did have longer waits. your time is 5:25 am. a woman attacked before the memorial day ceremony in sonoma
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county, and three veterans came to the rescue. good morning looking at a commute that will be busy in many areas already, 280 not looking too bad. low clouds in san jose in a few over the bay, definitely solid on the coast, in the temperatures will be hot, warming up quickly. ♪ ♪ maxx life in store and online. find brands you love at prices that work as hard as you do.
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the warriors coming backing game 7 and we will talk about lebron james in the cavaliers, and welcome back to mornings on 2 on this tuesday, and welcome back to mornings on 2 on this tuesday, may 31, and i'm dave clark.>> good morning, and we are sporting our warriors colors. we are in red, but we will not be doing that during the actual.>> we have two bay area teams in the finals, and that is incredible. the sharks have looked good other than in that first
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period. but they will be fine. we will enjoy this while we can. if you like cool weather, go to the coast. if you do not like cool weather and you want warm weather, go inland and you will have no problem finding the 90s over the coastal hills. the high pressure controlling the weather this week, and the delta breeze with drop-down. the fog is making a push from the west to the east, mountain view and santa rosa reporting fog and 40s, 50s and 60s on the temperatures. the fog continues to work its way up the coast, and some inland. the low pressure to the south and high pressure to the north, giving us these temperatures and some dramatic jumps. 50s and 60s at the beaches, and a big difference in these temperatures. i know that some of the commutes will begin to stack up about right now. >> the highway 4 camera caught
5:31 am
the apartment building fire, breaking news, and you can see the smoke rising on arnold drive. four apartments are fully involved in this is that second alarm, and according to the contra costa. you can see the smoke in the valley, there is a layer of smoke. the contra costa fire public information office tweeted us this picture, and you can see the building is fully engulfed. we have a crew on the way, black smoke rising, and fire crews are at the scene. it sounds like an active a fire scene, and you can see it on the picture, and that is what is going on in your neighborhood. if you have a picture or information, always send it to our social media platforms. moving along and taking a look at the commute, the traffic
5:32 am
will be okay if you are driving in the valley. no major issues driving through. driving to the bay bridge toll plaza, backed up for a 15 minute delay. the metering lights went on about 10 to 15 minutes ago, and not quite so severe want to get on the bridge. 5:32 am. novato high school will reopen after the last week fatal shooting an arrest involving some of the students. we have alex savidge in novato to tell us about the latest developments. >> reporter: good morning. two students were already in custody in connection with the deadly shooting last week, and over the holiday weekend authorities have arrested a 20- year-old for what they say was his role in the crime. just a couple of hours from now, students will be returning to the novato high school, classes resuming later this morning for the first time since the attack last week.
5:33 am
it was last wednesday when the 17-year-old edwin guerra was found stabbed to death and shot to death. a second novato high school student was found injured at the scene but survived. one day later 217-year-old novato high school students were arrested. on sunday authorities arrested a 20-year-old man as an accessory after the fact. in the meantime, the sheriff's office says that the third novato high school student is still wanted in connection with the deadly shooting. the person is not yet been identified by the authorities, but they remain outstanding. as for the motive, investigators are looking at the possibility that the attack may have been related to a sexual assault involving two students that happened just one week prior to the crime. that is part of the investigation. as far as the school and community goes, classes will resume again for the first time at the novato high school later
5:34 am
this morning. again, students returning for the first time, and obviously this is a crime that shocked the school community, and we understand there is a potential that counselors will be on hand to assist any students that may need help as they return the class. your time is 5:34 am. three veterans arrested a woman that was attacked at the sonoma county cemetery on memorial day. the attack occurred at the sevastopol memorial lawn and the suspect was a 36 >> reporter: santa rosa woman that become angry when she could not find the grave site of a family member an attack to the woman nearby as she was talking to her daughter in another language. three veterans saw the attack while getting ready for the memorial day ceremony and they tackled the suspect. the attacker ran away but the police later tracked her down
5:35 am
and she has been charged with a felony hate crime, and assault with a deadly weapon. people across the bay area and the country marking memorial day yesterday, and one of the biggest local events held at the presidio favorite cisco. -- san francisco. veterans, family and friends taking on the sights and sounds.>> tradition makes our cemetery and healing place where families and friends can remember and honor those that gave all, who paid the ultimate sacrifice.>> you see these brave heroes that died for calls that they really believed in. my dad and my uncle are both buried here. i come to honor them and the rest of the veterans.>> it is something to reflect on what
5:36 am
you have taken, and on what you have given. i am proud to have served my country. and i am honored to be here.>> [national anthem playing] >> i was a chaplain and unfortunately i did knock on the doors with others to report a lost one that was killed in action. the grief was there, but also the gratitude was there. their sons and daughters served this country, and they did what they wanted to do. they made the sacrifice.>> i think the people that come here come with respect. it is a monument to those that have served, and it is just a respect will place. -- a respectful place.>> they are not only representative of
5:37 am
other men that of died unknown, but of all men and women who have fought for america. for that reason, they belong to all of us.>> hundreds of people attended the memorial day ceremony and san jose.>> [bagpipes playing]>> this is the 98 year that a memorial day tribute was held at the oak hill park. the members of the family of those in the military that have lost their lives in service for our country. and president obama honoring the fallen servicemembers at the arlington national cemetery.>> the pleasant laid the wreath at the tomb of the unknown, paying
5:38 am
special tribute to those killed overseas and conflict including master sergeant josh will bleiler, the first american servicemember to be killed by isis militants. >> in iraq, three americans have given their lives on our behalf. and today i ask you to remember their stories as well. >> almost 10,000 american servicemembers remain in afghanistan despite the fact that the president officially ended the combat mission two years ago. 4000 u. s. troops are still in iraq and syria. the lockdown at the white house has been lifted after someone through a suspicious object over the white house fence. it was locked down yesterday afternoon shortly after president obama came back from giving his speech at the arlington national cemetery. the woman tossed the metal object over the north fence along pennsylvania avenue at noon time. the hazmat squad was called in to investigate, and the woman
5:39 am
was detained. the secret service said that the item turned out not to be hazardous. in hayward, a group of volunteers unveiled a new memorial honoring veterans, victims of the september 11 attack, and first responders that of died in the line of duty. and we have henry lee and he spoke to the designer of the new memorial.>> reporter: a day to honored and dedicated to those that made the ultimate sacrifice, a day to reflect and never forget, young and old, civilians and veterans gathered near the four near the 410 foot tall granite monuments, if representing each plane hijacked on september 11. the marine corps veteran has designed other memorials. >> in my opinion, every town should have something like this, and i am proud to put one in hayward.>> reporter: inscribed on the back are the
5:40 am
names of 164 members of the military in hayward that have been killed in action since the spanish-american war. and they pay homage to the hayward residents that made the ultimate sacrifice. they have also memorialized six hayward police and fire personnel that have died in the line of duty. and that includes scott unger, shot and killed in july.>> for me, coming from a military family, this is a great day for memorialized those that gave everything so that we can be free. >> this is something that the youngsters need to understand, this is freedom.>> the city donated the land and will maintain the site in perpetuity. >> reporter: henry lee, ktvu fox tv news. >> some great events all over
5:41 am
the place. the time is 5:41 am. and the warriors move on to the finals, and the big victory and what is next for the warriors. we take a look inside this $5 million mansion, and the east bay and has a very familiar name. looking at a commute that is getting busy on this tuesday, and it seems like monday. highway 4 backed up to concord. fog for some and warming up brothers, a huge difference in the tuesday temperatures. before earning enough cash back
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welcome back to mornings on 2. in texas, six people have died, and many others rescued, and the coast guard was called in to lift up a woman stranded on a flooded street. and southeast texas, they are keeping an eye on the brazos river, that could crest today, 3 feet above. a report that north korea is once again trying to launch a ballistic missile. our reporter has more.>> reporter: an extremely intense scene in tokyo, japan, japanese defense forces on alert, and the anti-ballistic missiles have been deployed, and put in position. the south korea military says that it appears that north korea unsuccessfully attempted to fire a new powerful midrange ballistic missile early
5:45 am
tuesday.>> north korea attempted to launch a missile earlier today. as of now, our military presumes that it has failed.>> reporter: and the meantime, the japanese media reported that the japan government ordered the naval destroyers to be ready to she got any potential projectiles heading toward japan. tokyo is keeping its defense forces on alert after the south korea announcement that the launch attempt by the north failed. >> in order to take all possible measures to protect the lives in assets of our people under any circumstances, we have ordered the self- defense forces to take the necessary action, and i would like to refrain from commenting on this any further.>> the fourth reported missile launch by the north as they try to conduct a test launch of the new missile, a weapon that has the potential capability of reaching japan. the u. s. military bases in the pacific as well.>> our military
5:46 am
remains ready to respond to possible attempts.>> reporter: they conducted a test in january followed by satellite launch and various missile test. massachusetts is testing the first in the nation program to prevent gambling addiction, and the "play my way" will allow those to set a limit to how much money they can play with per day, per week or per month. being tested at one casino, and if successful it could be imposed on larger casinos. state officials hope it will prevent casual players from going down the path of addiction. gaming officials say it will hurt the industry and that those that have been conducting that test overseas have proven to be an effective. you have to see this, that ghirardelli mansion in
5:47 am
piedmont, built by the son of the founder fame gear deli chocolate. -- ghirardelli chocolate. seven bedrooms, five and half bathrooms and a two-bedroom guesthouse. the realtor says that it is definitely a one-of-a-kind. back -- >> from the outside it looks more mediterranean, but when you come in, it is not sample. it is beautiful, elegant and so many details. >> intricate woodwork, and the upstairs outdoor terrace, and the kitchen has two of everything, from the sinks to the stoves. it was built after the great 1906 fire, and it has a professional grade firehose built into the house, and if it interests you, the gear deli -- gary deli -- gharidelli mansion
5:48 am
is selling for $5 million. we do have a lot more people on the road, and it will seem like a monday. a couple of times i caught myself looking at some things and thinking it is monday, but it is tuesday. we have a lot of people on the roads, and we will talk about the tracy super commuters. in livermore and pleasant and it looks okay, but on 580 as you drive in 205 and through the tracy triangle, stop-and-go traffic. the speeds are down as we drive through. especially on 205, 14 miles an hour, and not especially good. it shows that a lot of people are on the way back in. the live picture beta80 north and southbound does not look that. when you get to the bay bridge, there is already a backup, and not too bad, still 15 minutes if you're at the end of the
5:49 am
line before you get on the spin. -- span. for some it is clear and warming up, and for others a good fog bank and even up to santa rosa, but many locations away from the coast are starting off clear. temperatures all over the map, upper 50s to the upper 90s, and livermore looking east, 58 degrees and warming up fast. cool at the coast, 50s and 60s with low clouds. what makes it over the bay in inland will burn off quickly. 60s, 80s and 90s to the interior and a few high clouds from the north, but lots of sunshine today. the delta breeze is decreasing, and 40 in santa rosa and low 60s for some and a lot of 50s for others. 52 in the city and a lot of temperatures on the cool side
5:50 am
with gilroy at 49. 40s in the santa cruz mountains, lots of fog of and down the coast, including the santa cruz county down to monterey. 37 in truckee, 54 in ukiah, and cold and foggy in monterey. the fog continues to work its way up the mendocino coast, and inland the fog is there but will burn off quickly. this signature of high pressure building to the north, allowing temperatures to stay on the cool side next to the coast, and trapping that offshore breeze. 90s for some, 60s for some, a tremendous spread. between the 60s and upper 90s. britt moore -- brentwood 97, alameda at 70, gilroy rebounding from 49, and a tough way to dress for the day. wearing the jacket and then
5:51 am
hot. not much changing through thursday, and warming up on the inland on friday and saturday and a cool down for all on sunday and monday. your time is 5:51 am. the fallout is ongoing at the cincinnati zoo after the killing of the guerrilla after the child fell in the case, and what some of the protesters are now demanding.
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5:53 am
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welcome back to mornings on 2, your time is 5:54 am. the police in sacramento searching for gunmen responsible for the shooting yesterday afternoon that sent five people to the hospital. two victims are still in critical condition, including the 18-year-old man that was shot in the head. the victims were standing in the front yard of a home on monday when a dark colored compact car pulled up and someone in the car started shooting. no arrests have been made yet, and no word on the motive for the shooting. the police have arrested a 17-year-old in connection with another drive by shooting that killed a 13-year-old girl and injured her 15-year-old brother sunday night in modesto. the brother and sister were outside of their home when a car pulled up and someone started shooting. the 13-year-old girl was shot and later died at the hospital. her brother was shot and is expected to survive.
5:55 am
the homicide detectives have arrested a teenage suspect at the home yesterday morning. thousands signing the online petition to protect the endangered zoo animals, and that comes after the guerrilla at the cincinnati zoo was killed over the weekend to protect the little boy that fell in the enclosure. this is dead that killing the guerrilla was necessary to save the child, and the wildlife expert jack hanna said that the zoo made the right call, but some say there should be a new law to hold the zoo or parents responsible in similar situations. some suggest that the remaining guerrillas be placed in a sanctuary away from people. the time now is 5:55 am. wildfire evacuees their alberta, canada may be able to go back to their homes, and the officials started to allow some of the 80,000 people back to fort mcmurray on wednesday, but they say that about 500 homes
5:56 am
and 12 apartment complexes are in heavily damaged neighborhoods, and it is just not safe to go back until the toxic ash and debris are removed. the huge wildfire started burning a month ago and no longer threatening for murray -- fort mcmurray. a while fire may have been caused by weed wacker, and it started just before 2:00 at the fountain grove parkway. some homes in the area were threatened, but no homes were burned, and no one was hurt. the firefighters say that people in the area should avoid using a weed wacker after 10 am or on a windy day because this is a high fire danger zone. coming up on the 6:00 hour, and for the second year in a row, the warriors are advancing to the finals, and up next, the deer going on sale -- the gear
5:57 am
going on sale to celebrate the big win. and up next, bernie sanders and protesters trying to rush the stage and where the democratic candidate will be today. an apartment fire reported a little while ago and the fire department has it under control. find out more about the fire coming up. for some of fog in cold, and others it will be hot, already seeing signs of the huge differences in temperatures.
5:58 am
5:59 am
yes, they did it, the warriors are going back to the nba finals with steph curry leading the way. presidential candidate bernie sanders is not slowing down, spending a second day in the bay area campaigning to win over californians, and we will tell you where he will be
6:00 am
today. this is ktvu mornings on 2. good morning and thank you for joining us on this tuesday morning, the last day of may, and into the finals, and i am pam cook. i am dave clark, and a check on the weather with steve paulson back.>> if you are in the cool weather, or the hot, sorry. a lot of locales -- low clouds and fog, and up the santa rosa there is fog as well. i don't think it will stick around long, but it will stick around over the coast with this dome of the high pressure. next week will be cooler. 47 and a bottle in santa rosa and asked him one, brentwood 58, livermore in san


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