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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 9am  FOX  May 31, 2016 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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a magical night at oracle arena the golden state warriors are your western conference champs and the cleveland cavaliers are hopping the plane and coming into town. and a federal investigation continues after the handgun of an fbi agent stolen in san francisco. and a live report from this among's bernie sanders rally in emeryville and where hillary clinton and donald trump will be later this week. >> he fires. yes! >> the comeback is complete. the warriors are back in the nba finals.
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golden state will now defend their title against lebron and company. alongside sal and gasia mikaelian, here. you were nervous, sal? >> a little nervous. >> gasia? ready? >> you know, a lot of flip flops. i like the delicious tense games as loss as we win. >> as long as we win. the thunder had control of the first half of game 7 leading by as many as 13 with seven minutes to g but the warriors say, no worries, been there, done that. >> bang. >> klay thompson helped the war cross go on an 11-2 run. and steph curry there with the drop right before the half.
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sean livingston showing a little fire, giving the team a lift off the bench. oklahoma city made some runs in the fourth quarter. the historic season continues. >> after that intense game, warriors fans woke up early to grab some gear. people started lining out at 4:00 a.m. to boy to buy a hat, jersey, anything. jason applebbaum. the game was lost in game 6, when oklahoma city won. but suv said that he got his mojo in game 5. >> right. all the accomplishments and
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records that the warriors set, this was the greatest accomplishment. to come back from 3-1. a week ago, people were writing them off. they won this series, first team in the western conference finals ever to come back out of a 33-1 series. ten teams have done it all time, but this is the first from the western conference. it was electric. the crowd was oohing and ahing. >> they hit 90 three pointers against o kc. they need to carry that. >> that's who they were. they are passing team. you know, they obviously focus on repounding, possession, not turning the ball over. but in the end, this team, if they hit their threes like they did, they're going to win -- curry had seven three pointers.
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that's a game 7 record. here is what some players were saying after the game. >> pretty remarkable comeback. it shows, i think, a lot about our guys and their will and their grit. >> guys will themselves. they believe in each other. >> we know the cavaliers are great team there are happy to be in the finals again. very blessed to be in this position. we are excited. >> the way this game went from game 1 to game 7, it's important. knowing how to take care of your home court, you know, that will be a high priority going into game 1. >> battle tested, indeed. this is my favorite. this is the chronicle, comeback completed. what a photo by scott
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striasentine. >> this is on that dagger shot. >> both yelling at the top of their lung apparently. >> both guys equally excited. but what a night at oracle. finals start thursday. >> people had written them off. it's not writing them off but you realize that okc is a great team with westbrook and durant. if they had won, it was a close series. >> they were quick to sing praises of oklahoma city. everybody looked spent. they thought, what a team we beat. they felt out of all the games they played last year and on the road to the championship and this year so far, that was the team. like curry said in that sound bite, battle tested. >> let's look ahead. they are facing a familiar foe.
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>> and very different style. thursday, game 11. nhl final come here. game 4 of the nhl final. thursday, friday, saturday, sunday, we have championship action here in the area. cleveland is a much different team. they know the team, beat them twice. they feel, and most fans feel, getting by oklahoma city, if they can do that with that team the way they were playing. >> lebron has something to prove. >> and they are healthy but nobody is going to make this claim, this year that the warriors had any luck when they got there. remember, last year, kyrie irving didn't play, kevin love didn't play. cavs are healthy. oklahoma city was healthy. >> great time for basketball. >> absolutely. >> sharks. talking sharks? >> we have to. not a good start. >> let me show you this.
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in the game, we had a monitor in the press area at oracle. people were watching. this is the final moments. empty net, two man advantage. you can see that we are watching it from oracle. heads on a swim. going back and forth >> i would say 95% warriors caught up in the moment. but this was -- you know, the sharks had just battled back from two down, tied it up at 2. and late in the third period, nick bonino. give the sharks a lot of credit. they didn't fold. this is the first stanley cup. >> you know, teams can come back down 1-0. and 3-1. >> they didn't have a good fir period and they settled down. >> they settled down and largely outplayed. >> steal one in pittsburgh and
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come back in the bay area. >> thank you. a lot of people were on edge. but there was a delicious kind of fun and that suspense, especially if your team wins. the question is, do you prefer a blowout game or one that cost come down to the final seconds. make sure to show that hashtag, ktvu the 9. >> i was going to say that the giants have kind of trademarked the torture thing, how they -- >> except 20-12, game 2 nlcs in the rain. >> i was there, too. >> i enjoy the blowout. >> and marco scutaro. i was there. yes. and this is coverage of a news conference about health care for san bernadino in emeryville. he will back in the bay area for a rally in palo alto.
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be a governor brown endorsed hillary clinton. he says even though he is deeply impressed by bernie sanders, he believes that clinton is the only path forward to stopped dangerous candidacy of donald trump. former secretary of state had a low key yesterday, marching in a parade in her hometown of chappaqua. >> should your supporters expect to you go for the jugular when it cops to facing donald trump in a general election? >> i think there is so much at stake in this election that we're going to be going very much after the fact. donald trump is an unqualified loose cannon. should concern every american that our closest allies in the
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world report that they are rattled by the threats that trump represents. >> clinton has a 270 delegate lead over bernie sanders. analysts say that a win in new jersey's primary, also june 7th could give chin tonight delegates she needs to get the nomination, even before the polls close here in california. >> gop presumptive nominee is set to be here in california he says that he can win here in california, even though a republican has not won in california since george h. w. bush. and the libertarian party have nominated johnson for the second time. in order for johnson to have the right to participate in the
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presidential debates, he has to receive at least 15% of the votes in five national polls. a martinez apartment fire is now under control. at one point, four apartments were fully engulfed in flames. eight units in total were damaged. no one was hurt. >> the biggest challenge for us was that the fire was very large when we got here. it had already fully consumed one unit. another unit was fully involved as well. it was spreading to two addition additional units. the way that the access is at the complex was a bit of a challenge. >> and the cause of that fire is still under investigation. federal local law enforcement agents are trying to recover a gun and badge stolen from a car in san
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francisco. someone broke into a home. the thief took a 40 caliber glock handgun a badge and fbi credentials. the agent is from out of state. this is just the lateness a series of incidents in which guns were stolen from law enforcement here in the bay area. the fbi is still not saying whether agents will stays any sanctions. back in july, an agent had three guns stolen from a lock box and the most high profile case last sum her the gun taken from a park ranger in the blm was used to shoot and kill kate steinle. the list include i.c.e., san francisco sheriff department hayward police. officers say arrested one man and are looking for one person. they spot add car going 80 miles per hour on 101 in mill valley. the pursuit ended in marin city where both the driver and
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passenger got doubt and ran in opposite directions. chp says that officers caught this driver who had this high- powered weapon along with 50 rounds of ammunition. the passenger got away. the novato police department is facing claims of discrimination and harassment by two of its veteran officers. the lawsuit was filed in a federal court earlier this month. the suit claims that the lieutenant discriminated against two of his subordinates because one was a woman and the other guy. they say that they were placed under unwarranted scrutiny and harassment. the police department says that the suit is unwarranted. and an under investigation turned up no substantial to the claims. and we have more on the search for a remaining suspect
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back to our election coverage now. a few weeks ago, we sat with a woman running for u.s. congress. erin schroeder is running. she is not eileen. >> certainly. republican dell minte joins us. >> this is not your first time running against the incumbent. >> this is my second time around and loving it. >> what are you doing this time around differently? >> i'm talking a lot more about
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my being an environmentalist. that's one thing. and i'm interested in talking more about economics. she has a lot of problems with en -- we have a lot of problems with entitlement but the real solution does not come down to what people are talking about. this comes down to the fact that the federal reserve has so much influence in our economy and power that i think the get raul resear of should be nationalized and phased out. that's the real problem. instead of dealing with the symptoms, we should deal with the actual disease and that's the private nature of the federal reserve. it can't be audited and, yet, they are way too powerful. >> dale, in that first election, you tapped into something because you won 25% of the votes. what did you tap to, into you think? >> i think that was
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environmentalism also. i talked about wave energy conversion. berkeley did an experiment of it with their spider thing. it can be used in a variety of ways to be used in our district and be used for desalinnization to address our district's water supply problem. and also -- >> that's a big district from the border down to the golden gate bridge. >> right. >> this district is 7 by 7. >> cutting right to the chase, dale. why do you think that people should vote for you instead of the incumbent or other candidates? is there a reason or two that you can convince people that you the man. >> there are two reasons. one that is i'm running for congress for the purpose of
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defending the integritiry of the bill of rights. the one element of the bill of rights that represents everything is the fact that the second amendment represents the fact that the government works for me. the government works for us. we don't work for the us. that's what the 2nd amendment represent. there is such a cartel in the government where big business and the government are working together. in fact, i wanted your listening to learn a new word with me. a new word to me and that is a duopoly and that's when two groups are working together towards a service when i looked it up, and what it is, it is the government and international business interest, wall street types. that is the duopoly and what they are after is the money of the individual, of the lower income people. >> lets me cuts you off -- let
9:20 am
me cut you off. why would you be better than mr. huffman who is there now? >> okay. >> real quick. >> i want -- as your congress, second district, i will bring to the table the issue of geo engineering. he has ignored geo an nearing, as far as i can tell. that is a huge issue. there is something going. i don't know why they do it. that is the federal government and the state government also. i want it brought to the tape. i want people to become aware that geo engineering is going on. you can look up what it means. the deal is that they are doing something, not talking to us about it. if we are paying for it and they are working for us, they are not going with the principles on the bill of rights. >> what's the website that we will request go to.
9:21 am
>> >> running for the seconds district. good luck to you. >> thank you very much. >> i do appreciate it very much. residents in a san francisco neighborhood about to learn whether chain stores will pop up. and the latest in the search for two missing oakland teen agers.
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some other stories that we are following, let's go to dave clark in our newsroom. >> thank you, sal. here are some of the top stories we are following. the search goes on for two observing land teenagers believed to have drowned during
9:24 am
a boating trip in stanislaus county. deputies on jet skis and poets searched for jamari wilson and josiah pratt. they jumped off a boat and disappeared. they were described as strong swimmers but were not wearing life jackets. they were described as close friends. and two fires yesterday. it was about throa 30 yesterday. a 13 yerld girl was pulled out of the water after getting caught in the surf. about an hour later, firefighters rushed to help a person in the water another pier 28 right along the embarcadero. both were evaluated at the scenes >> we don't know their conditions >> new this morning, we just learned a 19-year-old pittsburg girl was one of the two people
9:25 am
who drowned in the sierra nevada. zulukia ruiz died over the weekend. she was a participants in the pittsburg police explorer program. on the gofundme page for the family, they say that ms. ruiz was on a camping trip just seven days before her graduation. we do not know the name of the other camper. mike, gasia and sal, back to you. >> thank you, dave. coming up next, a teenager taken from vallejo remains missing. what police are doing to find pearl pinson. and novato high school
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checking twitter right now. gasia asked at the top of the newscast, do you prefer blowout games or close gamesin answer to last night's game. >> i prefer blowout games so, i can relax. >> donald says he prefers blowout games because you get to see how great your team is and you think to yourself, can't touch this. there are a couple on my side who think they prefer the nailbiter. dn says. traceics are we sisters after she says she prefers coming out of the right end of a nailbiter. >> moon shape fool, by the way,
9:29 am
nice name there. my blood pressure prefers blowouts. >> i know. >> i think you speak for all of us. >> my heart was racing last night. >> reach us on twitter with the hashtag. >> this weather pattern that we have is really tricky because in pacifica, it's like, what, 60 degrees? >> staples. >> antioch, 98. >> livermore, brentwood. >> right. going to be that way. i think all week long, in fact. if you like nailbiters and don't like the heat, go to the coast because it's cool over there. only impacts a select few and that's close to the coast. anywhere around the bay, inland and far inland. going to be hot. so, in fact, all wait into saturday. looks like a cool down sunday into monday. >> any fire danger you see in that forecast? >> you get to june 1st. >> you get temperatures that warm, yes. the system on sunday could produce a little convective
9:30 am
activity which you don't want which would be lightning. >> right. >> this time of the year, no. >> steve paulson, thank you. in the next 30 minutes, presidential candidate bernie sanders will be speaking to a group of nurses and doctors here in the east bay. >> we are inside the hyatt house hotel here in 'em -- emeryville. we have another crew who is inside. they are going through a security sweep with the secret service. they are going to be listening to him talking about health care. s that private event where nurses and doctors from around the bay area and sacramento were invited to come and hear sanders speak about his health care for all plan. sanders will be listening to the challenges they face every day in the industry. the vermont senator is making the round in the bay area because he knows he needs to
9:31 am
beat california. folks we spoke to say they are firmly behind him. >> it is important for me as a bedside nurse that he is for health care for all because health carries a right more than a privilege. i think it every day with my patients. patients are struggling every day, whether to pay for health care or to put money for food on the table for their families. >> yesterday, thousands of people attended rallies for sanders in downtown oakland. during the event, secret service rushed to surround him because protesters jump security barriers. four people were hauled away. that did not faze the senator. he attended the warriors games.
9:32 am
he will attend a kaiser permanente event here and another one later on. both event are free and open to the public. we heard secret service people here coming in that the room is absolutely full, it is at capacity. it appears that it is a possibility that some these people are going to get turned away and be a little bit dispint. but a packed agenda for intend toi with the other two cities that he is going to be in. tomorrow, he will stay in the bay area. he has two more events planned in palo alto. >> janine, you talked about what happened yesterday in downtown oakland. any talk today about beefing up security even more to protect the senator? >> have not heard that. a strong security presence here. outside the hotel. we see chp, you know, secret services inside here as well as other law enforcement. so, you know, they never revealed their plans to us but we know that he is protected and they are going to keep
9:33 am
protesters at bay. >> all right. ktvu's janine de la vega live in emeryville. classes back in session at novato high school after a novato high school student was shot to death. three student were charged with the attack. ktvu's alex savidge is live >> reporter: grief counselor are on -- grief counselors are on hand to help students. authorities say that the student was killed by his own classmates. the motive remains unclear. we are working to get details from the sheriff's office. this is a very difficult morning for students and staff members here at the high school as classes got underway.
9:34 am
the principal and horse staff members were on hand to greet everyone. it was last wednesday when 17- year-old student edwin guerrero was found stabbed be a shot to death in a hiking trail. a 17-year-old was also attacked but survived. a day later, two 17 yearlies were arrested for the attack and a 20-year-old man was arrested for accessory after the attack. >> to see a young life lost is brutal. it is really peru tall and incredibly sad. this is an incredibly unusual thing, but this community has pulled together. out of every tran dishes you get amazing things that happen.
9:35 am
>> reporter: again, the motive is unclear but authorities are looking into the possibility that the attack may have been related to a sexual assault that happened last week. and another person is sought in connection with the shooting. students returned to the high school today, for the first time since last week's attack. investigators are asking for the public's help in finding 15-year-old pearle pinson. the solano county sheriff department says it has no new searches planned but hoping that a new tip could help locate the missing teenager. pinson was last seen on wait to a bus stop last wednesday. a witness saw the man identified as 17-year-old fernando castro abduct the teen from a pedestrian crossing. pinson was bleeding and screaming for help at the time.
9:36 am
next day, castro was killed in a shootout with police in southern california. firefighters in santa rosa say that a brush fire may have been started by a weed wacker. crews were able to con sane the fire in about 30 minutes. a few homes in the area were threatened but no homes were burned. people in the area should avoid weed whacking after 10:00 a.m. or windy day because it is a high fire danger zone we are stitt waiting for the exact because of death for a father and his one-year-old daughter whose bodies were found. kylie jackson and her father's bodies were located. there is no evidence of foul play but the coroner is working again to determine that exact cause of death. family members say that jackson was driving with his daughter from antioch to sacramento last cry week but never made it
9:37 am
home. >> police are looking for those who opened fire in a dry-by shooting. five people were in front of a home when someone in a dark colored compact car drove by and someone started shooting. and police are looking for a drive-by shooting that kill a young girl and injured her 13- year-old brother. the 13-year-old girl was shot, later died at the hospital. her brother was also shot and is expected to survive. homicide detectives arrested the teenage suspect at his home yesterday morning we are following some of the top stories coming out of our san francisco bureau. ktvu's tara moriarty is at the hall of justice. we learned about a wild jewelry
9:38 am
heist. >> these teeth are clever. they took jewelry from a store in the district. take a look at the map. you can see in the 22200 block of mission street between 18th and 19th. the suspect clawrmt hole in an add joining wall, knocked into the store, pried open the safe and snatched all the jewelry. anyone with information is urged to contact san francisco police. now we also want to mention that, later today, around 5:30 this evening, san francisco's new police chief toney toney chaplin will be holding a meeting. they will talk about use of force. angela alioto will be attending. that's pretty much it here from san francisco. going to be a hot day today. 75 is what steve and everyone has been talking penalty sued
9:39 am
be beautiful. >> tara, thank you very much. police in the central valley arrested a man suspected of vandalizing a catholic church. investigators say that sunday night, broke open 300 of the bottles of altar wine and used church vestments as a way to start the fire. he broke out windows, tore out wiring and smashed artwork. the chancellor of the archdiocese says that members of the congregation can't understand why anyone would try to destroy their church. >> what have we done to upset you so much that you would come into this place of worship and create such violent acts? >> this is an opportunity for to us show mercy to whoever did this. we don't know. but it is a matter of reaching out and praying for that
9:40 am
person. >> ruiz told police that he was upset with the vatican. the church will open clean air services until the church is fixed. hundreds of people attended a ceremony in san jose. this is the third year that memorial day tribute was held in oak park. and president obama honored fallen service members at the arlington national cemetery. the president laid a wreath at the tomb of the unknown. he >> he deployed to iraq and
9:41 am
afghanistan 14 times, earned bronze stars, for four valor. last october, as i saw terrorist prepare to execute 70 hostages, josh and his fellow special ops went in and vest cued them. >> almost 10,000 u.s. service members remain in afghanistan despite the fact that the the president officially ended combat missions there. 4000 u.s. troops are still in iraq people who flew during the memorial day weekend say there were far fewer lines than anticipated. there were concerns of long lines. the transportation security administration credits extra screeners and canine teams for the long process. there were concerns. a group of volunteers unveiled a new memorial to
9:42 am
honor veterans victims of the september 11, 2001 attacks and first responders who died in the line of duty. >> henry lee spoke to the designer of this memorial. >> a day to honored hayward's fallen with a new memorial debt kateed to those who made the ultimate sacrifice. it was a day to reflect and never to forget. young and old gathered at the mission in d street. each represented one the planes hijacked. the memorial was developed by michael emerson, a marine corps veteran who designed another memorial. >> every township should have one like this. i was prout to put one here in hayward. >> inscribed on the back are the names of one of the 6400 members killed since the spanish american war.
9:43 am
>> also memorialized are six hayward police and fire personnel who have died in the line of duty including police sergeant scott lunger who was shot and killed during a car stop in july. >> people often forget the meaning of memorial day and for a lot of people, it was an tracks day off. for me who come from a military family, that's a great day to memorialize those who gave everything so that we can be free. >> this is something that the youngsters need to understand. this is freedom. >> the city of hayward donated the land and will donate the site in perpetuity. henry lee, ktvu fox 2 news. people around bay area are still talking about this next story. a gorilla is killed after a child falls into the enclosure.
9:44 am
and now a famous mansion up for sale. we'll take a look inside and tell you how much this piedmont home is going to go for.
9:45 am
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there are new developments to report in the search for a plane which disappeared over the holiday weekend going from the catalina island to the van nuys airport. the special enforcement bureau of the los angelescounty sheriff department resumed it search for that sing engine cessna carrying a 52-year-old flight instructor and a 51-year- old student pilot.
9:47 am
>> he was under his instructor's supervision and he was doing pretty well and the in stuck for had 25 years of experience. a well-known wildlife expert is coming to the defense of the zoo but protests demand action. >> pam cook joins us on the 9 now with their demand. >> is speaking about it. >> we were talking about it. this has been a very emotional debate. the attacks on social media have been brutal. harsh criticism for the zoo and mother. some protesters are calling for the mother whose child fell into the en closure be charged in some way. calling for social services to investigate. thousands of people signed an online petition for a new law to protect endangered zoo animals. hundreds of thousands of people.
9:48 am
soot says that killing gorilla was necessary to save that child. and wildlife expert jack hanna also says that the zoo made the right call. >> i mean, this is something that's a no-brainer. this animal could literally have taken that boy, and i will not describe it. >> some witnesses say that while it looked like the gorilla might have been trying to protect little boy, many say that he was dragging the child around like a rag doll and that, at one point, you could not see it on the cell phone video but that the little boy's head hit the wall of the enclosure at one point. now, some people are suggesting that the remaining gorillas be placed in a sanctuary away from people. prosecutors in cincinnati release add statement saying that the incident at the zoo is under investigation and i think that's really where it's going at this point. you can criticize the zoo for shooting the goarl ya. you can criticize the mother for not keeping track of the child or how quickly her child
9:49 am
got away from her but the reality is the focus needs to be on the zoo. >> we saw that christmas day at the san francisco zoo. san francisco made changes. >> people talked b you know, someone was taunting the animal. but you should not be blamed. if you are going to be to a zoo, you should not be able to get into the en closure. >> thank you very much, pam. switching to asking new. massachusetts is trying something to avoid gambling addictions. the system will set the amount of money you can lose in a day, a week or a month.
9:50 am
>> gamble officials argue it's going to hurt the industry. they say that similar programs overseas have prune to be en effective. a one of a kind mansion. i might just try and get. this maybe not. it has just come on to the bay area retail market. some are calling it a sweet deal. this sweet deal is the ghirardelli family. the home was built after the 1906 san francisco earthquake and fire. isn't bedrooms, five and a half bathrooms and a two bedroom guest house. the realtor showed us around. she says it's definitely one of a kind. >> when i look on the outside, looks more mediterranean but when you come in, it's not sim. it's beautiful. elegant and there are so many details. >> there is intricate wood work and upstairs outdoor terrace and the kitchen features two of everything two sinks, two
9:51 am
stoves. it has professional fire grade hose built into the house. if all that has your interest, ghirardelli mansion is selling for $5.3 million. >> how much is that two-bedroom guest house. if we pool our money, we can afford that. >> mike, if i asked you one day, if you won the lottery, would you come back to work. >> yeah. >> would you buy that house? >> no. >> anything with a specific name attached to it, you know, unique thing. >> the mike mibach mansion. >> you know. >> the ghirardelli mansion p i -- the girl deli mansion, i did not know about it. and what caused a florida driver to run over a motorcyclist. and a children's film has the internet abuzz and it has nothing to do with the main
9:52 am
characters. we'll be right back.
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video of a road rage incident in florida has gone viral. it shows a car intentionally running over two people on a motorcycle near tampa before speeding off. the two people who were hit are both okay. the bikers got into an argument with the driver yesterday. >> they got into an altercation because the driver cut them off the road.
9:55 am
one thing led to new york city the guy tried to kill them -- one thing led to another, the guy tried to kill the others. >> you don't drive over people on motorcycles. >> no. >> or people in general. >> no, no. >> number 2, don't you know that there are cameras everywhere? somebody will get your plate? >> the new trailer for finding dori is out. it has the internet abuzz because of this one scene. >> poor baby. >> tank, the baby octopus is seen in a stroller with a pair of women octopus. neither pixar nor disney are commenting. >> it all comes down to this. >> cleveland cavaliers and the
9:56 am
warriors. >> why are you so serious is this. >> hard to believe, hard to see a team good enough to beat the warriors four times. can they beat them twice or three times, but four times? you know, i don't know. hopefully i'm right about that. >> i understand lebron and the team is healthy and ready for us. they want revenge but there is something special about last night, the whole series that prepared them. >> we had a lot of ups and downs towards the end of the series, talking about nailbiters versus blowouts. my heart was flip flopping but i'm glass it was okay. >> one cav fan is eating his words, literally. i said if the wor warriors won
9:57 am
the series, i would eat my shirt. i don't have a warrior shirt so i will improvise. >> the fan who goes by tyler d had to eat his shirt. >> i want to see him do it. >> he poet that had on youtube making good on his bet. >> i want to see him do it. >> i don't. >> go warriors. >> and sharks. caress presents... the world's first bodywash with fragrance release pearls. touch your skin to release fragrance up to 12 hours. now in 4 unforgettable fragrances in our house, imagination runs wild. but at my table, i keep the food real. like country crock's recipe made with real simple ingredients. and no artificial flavors or preservatives. real country fresh taste from real ingredients. welcome to crock country.
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mr. brady, we've been expecting you.
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live from new york city, "the wendy williams show." >> my girls are always turned out. i'm giving it to you straight, no chasers. >> now, here's wendy! >> wendy: thank you for watching. i want to say hello to


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