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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at Noon  FOX  May 31, 2016 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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event. an early morning fire chases people from their martinez apartment building. several units are damaged, but it could have been a lot worse. warriors fans are excited. they're on their way back to nba finals. fox 2 news at noon starts now. good afternoon. we begin with the race for the white house. presidential hopeful bernie sanders is not slowing down. he wrapped up a campaign event in the east bay ahead of california's primary now one week away. we were inside the event. we have information ton. >> reporter: sanders came to speak to really a very small group of nurses, but their political and financial power will figure heavily in the results of next week's california primary. senator bernie sanders came to speak to national nurses
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united, an organization committed to his election to the presidency. senator sanders has made universal health care for all a corner tone, something supported by the california nurses association and national nurses united, both politically powerful, well healed unions. >> you know that in order for you to do your jobs in the way you were trained and want to do your jobs, we need radical transformation of the american health care system. [ cheering ] >> reporter: for senator sappedders, winning california is an absolute must especially because on that same day, emergency emergency votes and reports its results before california's polls close. a new jersey victory could place clinton in a position where she locks up the nomination, but if she can't lock it up in new jersey, then california will become pivotal to any chance sanders might have to gain the nomination of
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the democratic party. >> we are going to take on the private insurance companies. we are going to take on the drug companies. the function of health care in a democratic civilized society is to provide quality care to allful our people in a -- all of our people in a cost effective way not to make profits for the drub companies -- drug companies. >> reporter: he is working hard. ktvu fox 2 news. >> we keep hearing about radical change. how likely is it he would accomplish it? how would he do that? >> reporter: consider the power of the medical industry, of the form suit cal industry, just those industries, he would have to gain a super majority in both the senate and in the house of representatives, which would be very, very difficult because last time around in 2014, 96% of incumbents were reelected. the change he talks about would have to be such a top to bottom
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kind of a change that it makes you wonder if he can pull this off. stranger things have happened, but this is a tall order. >> thank you. there were tense moments after protesters broke through a security barrier as he was speaking. you see secret everybody is agent put himself between sanders and the protesters while other agents detained four people. animal rights group called direction action everywhere claimed responsibility for the disruption. they were protesting sanders support of animal agriculture. governor jerry brown announced he's endorsing hillary clinton. in a statement, he says although he is deeply impressed by bernie sanders, he believes hillary clinton is the, quote, only pass forward to win the presidency and stop the dangerous candidacy of donald trump. she will be heading to california on thursday for events. she had a low-key day yesterday marching in the parade in her
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home down of new york. i spoke with her by phone yesterday on issues of the campaign including how hard she plans to go offer donald trump -- after donald trump if she becomes the nominee. >> should your supporters expect you to go for the jugular when it comes to facing donald trump in a general election? >> i think that there's so many at stake in this election that we are certainly going to be going very much after the fact. donald trump is an unqualified lose canon it should concern everyone that our closest allies in the world report they are rattled by the threats he represents. >> clinton has a 270 delegate lead over bernie sanders. a win in new jersey on no one 7th could give her the delegates needed before polls close here in california. donald trump will also be in california this week. he's set to hold a rally at
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7:00 in sacramento at the jet center. he says he can win california in the general election despite the fact a republican hasn't won our state since 1988 when george bush defeated michael due caucus. some said it couldn't be done, but after three state ploy i don't have wins, it's warriors verses cavaliers once again. jason is talking to us about going to the nba finals second year in a row. >> bernie sanders by the way after that rally, he had a busy day. he showed up at the game. warriors actually -- he showed up at halftime. highest rated nba game in cable television history. everybody was glued to this game last night. it was absolutely electric at oracle. every single play, everyone was holding their breath when curry hit that shot, that was pretty
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much it. huge game for steph curry. it was the reserves that got the warriors back in it in that third quarter run. a 23-4 run lead by -- led by those reserved. no more questions about this team's greatness when they were down 3-1. no one is going to accuse them of being lucky this time in testimony of getting in the -- in terms of getting to the finals. they had to go through the best teams. they hoisted the trophy. they have one more trophy that they're hoping they can hoist, the nba finals start on thursday, but here's what steph occur and a few of the -- steve kerr and a few of the players were saying. >> it's a remarkable come back and shows a lot about our guys and their will. >> we have players who, they will themselves. we believe in each other. we pick each other up when you're not doing well.
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we know that the cleveland cavaliers are a great team. we're happy to be in the finals again. blessed to be in this position. man, we're excited. we're excited. >> the way this series went from game one to game 7, we're ready for anything. knowing how important taking care of your home court is so that will be a high priority going into game one. >> out of all the many accomplishment, the 73 wins, the records they have set, i think coming back from being down to that team is the most impressive feat. they are the big favorites to win in the finals. >> do it again. a lot of crazy bets being placed on the out comes of these games. >> one cavaliers fan said that if the warriors -- he didn't think the warriors were going to do it. he said it -- i guess he posted this on his account and said if the warriors indeed come back from the 3-1 deficit to beat the thunder, he was going to eat his shirt. so here he is attempting to eat
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his shirt. >> all right. first thing, it wasn't terrible with barbecue sauce. >> a tiny corner of a large t- shirt. >> he cut it in pieces. he didn't want to get sick in and to the hospital. he goes by party x dirty dan. he ate part of his shirt when he lost that bet. >> ing 0. lets switch over to the sharks here. first game didn't go so well. this is just one game though. right? >> they're not the favorite to win the series he's -- series. what happens in the game is -- i don't know if it was nerves. they got down by two goals. they patled -- battled back. that's what's great about this team many they were watching from oracle. this is a shot from the media
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seats of the tv screen as time ticked off late in the game. about ten minutes to go. here's the key moment. tied at 2, about 2:30 to go and nick scores the go ahead goal. if you look at the replay, bad luck for the sharks was he lost his stick and that pretty much set up this goal. so a little bit of bad luck. i'm sure this would have been gone to overtime. you never know how it would have turned out as they dropped game one last night. >> we didn't play our game in the first third. we -- period. we stood around and watched. they dictated play in the first. i thought when we played our game in the second, you know, they had trouble with us. so i know we're going to get better. execution has to get better. part of it was some of the pressure they put on, but part of it was self-inflicted. >> yeah. so the sharks play again on wednesday. they'll have a chance to even it up. but then listen to has going on in the bay area.
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with the nba finals and the nhl finals. you have one on thursday and then they come back saturday. sunday, then the nba finals game two and then game four monday. so we've got thursday, saturday, sunday, and monday. right here in the bay area. chary lee the epicenter of sports. >> a lot of crunchy snacks will be needed. thank you so much. warriors merchandise as you can imagine flying off the shelves after -- ever since the one last night. dick's sporting goods had fans wait instead line early for western conference champion merchandise. even after the game last night, lines were wrapped around a store in fremont. one fan we spoke with spent $260 on merchandise last night. then came back this morning to spend even more. >> i would say pandemonium. organized pandemonium. the lines were out the door. the finals hats flew off the
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shelves. they were happy to buy their gear. >> finals hats were one item that were tough to find. some fans came back hoping stores like ducks would have them in -- dick's would have them in shock. >> people will get what they need one way or another. we'll get it we'll come across it. >> as for tickets, they went on sale for warriors season ticket holder. priority wait list members get tickets at noon. the general public starts at 5:00 this afternoon. still to come, a martinez apartment building on fire. the race to stop the flames from spreading to more units and the red cross comes to the aid of victims. also taking a live look outside along the oakland estuary. live and sunny. it's going to get warmer especially inland. our meteorologist is here with your bay area forecast. military forces on high alert just ahead the reports that north korea unsuccessfully tried to fire a new ballistic missile.
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a fire damaged close to a dozen apartments. it started 5:00 on arnold drive. 7 units were damaged and two of them are considered a total loss. one person was treated at the scene for minor injuries, but no one was seriously hurt. firefighters say 14 people are now being helped by the red cross. >> the biggest challenge for us was that the fire was very
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large when we got here. it had already fully consumed one unit, another want was fully involved -- unit was fully involved as well. it was spreading to two additional units -- additional units. the way the access is was a bit of a challenge. >> fire officials say the fire did about $500,000 in damage. police in sacramento are searching for a gunman responsible for yesterday afternoon's shooting that sent five people to the hospital. two of the victims are still in critical condition including an 18-year-old who was shot in the head. a witness said the victims were in the front yard of a home when a car pulled up and someone in the car started shooting. no arrests have been made and still no word on a motive. meanwhile, police arrested a 17-year-old in connection with another drive-by shooting that killed a 13-year-old girl and hurt her 15-year-old brother sunday night. police say the brother and sister were outside their home when a car pulled up and someone started shooting at
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them. the 13-year-old girl died at the hospital. her brother was shot and is expected to survive. detectives arrested a teenage suspect at his home yesterday morning. a federal investigation is underway in san francisco after a gun and a badge were stolen from the car of an fbi agent. it happened sunday at 12:30 in the afternoon at alamo square. a glock handgun was stolen along with a badge and fbi credentials. sources confirm the agent is from out of state. now, this is just the late nest a series of incidents -- latest in a series of incidents where guns were stolen from law enforcement. they are not saying whether the agent will face any sanctions. back in january, another fbi agent had three guns stolen from a lock box in a car parked in a neighborhood. the most high profile cast happened last summer. the gun was used to shot and
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kill someone at pier 14. the list of agencies include the fbi, ice, chp, san francisco's sheriff's department and hayward police. a corrections officer in new york state remains in critical condition after a package delivered to his home exploded. the officer was opening the package when it blew up in his hands. he has serious burns to his hands and arms and is being treated at a hospital near syracuse. the governor went to visit the officer 'his family at the hospital -- and his family at the hospital. >> the doctors are monitoring his condition. he's in critical condition, but we keep our fingers crossed and we play for the best. >> the state department of corrections says it's not clear if the explosion has anything to do with the 52-year-old officer's work. every possibility is being investigated. a fire in indiana military ammunitions see po killed 17 soldiers. 19 others were injured. because of the cane danger --
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danger, 1,000 villagers have been evacuated. military forces around the peninsula are on high alert because of reports that north korea tried to launch a missile. kelly wright has more. >> reporter: an extremely tense scene in tokyo, jam an -- japan with defense forces on alert and anti ballistic missile batteries deployed even put into stand by position. this as south korea's military says it appears north korea unsuccessfully attempted to fire a new powerful mid range ballistic missile early tuesday. >> north korea attempted to launch a missile earlier today. but as of now, our military presumed it has failed. >> meantime, japanese media reporting that japan's government also ordered its naval destroyers to be ready to shoot down any potential
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projectiles heading for japan. tokyo even keeping its defense forces on alert after south korea's announcement that the launch attempt failed. >> in order to take all possible measures to protect the lives and assets of our people under any circumstances, we have ordered the self defense forces to take necessary actions. i would like to refrain from commenting on this any further. >> tuesdays north korea launch reports the 4th missile launch by the north recently as he tries to conduct a test launch of the news missile. a weapon with potential capability of reaching japan. the territory of guam and military bases in the pacific. >> our military has maintained readiness. >> the ment gone is monitoring all of this very closely. tensions have been high. ever since the north conducted a nuclear test in january followed by a satellite launch as well as various missile
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tests. in new york, kelly website, fox news. bay areas temperatures ticking upward. >> we are settling into that kind of pattern where we're cool at the coast, warm around the bay, and our inland communities are baking. this afternoon, some of us will reach the mid-90s. i'll show you? just a moment. lets look at this view from san francisco. looking across the bay and toward the east where we have mostly sunny skies today. if i show you a different picture from up above, the satellite view shows fog and hugging for the most of the day if not the entire day. down through san francisco, san mateo, we're looking at partly cloudy to mostly cloudy skies for today and temperatures will remain on the cool side here. you get away from the fog and
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you get closer to the bay, we've got some nice weather coming our way and, again, it's going to be hot for our inland communities. closer video, you can see it's right there not 0 the edge of the golden gate bridge and the west edge of san francisco here, the sunset district. the marina district may be seeing some of this still at this hour. winds are variable. this has been the case for the last few days. we have that ridge of high pressure in control of our weather pattern for the next few days and because of it, we have a bit of an on shore breeze in oakland. it's a light one. a southerly breeze in nap a we have a westerly breeze in fairfield. so typical when we get this type of pattern in place. cool at the coast. hot inplanned. about what we're going to see for the next few days and then eventually we are all going to see some hot weather come our way as we get into the second part of the business week. but for today, focusing on what you can expect, 60s at the coast. we're looking at upper 70s around the bay and upper 80s to low 90s most of our inland cities. some of those hotter locations
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into the mid-90s. closer to the water, not as wide of a gap there. few degrees warmer. into the south bay, we're looking at 5 degrees warmer than where you were 24 hours ago. here are the numbers. 87 in livermore. 87 in concord. around the bay, 66 san francisco. so the north way, 80 for santa rosa. afternoon highs, look at these numbers. 82 in san rafael. you get close to the water and it's beautiful in berkeley. 74. 92 in walnut creek. 95 for livermore this afternoon. south bay, 86 for san jose. los gatos, 89. 84 redwood city. san francisco, upper 60s for the entire day, but cool and cloudy at the coast. i'll show you that extended forecast and we'll talk more about that head of coming our way and when our inland stays may hit 100. more on that coming up. our first century mark of the year, i believe. >> bring out the ac, the fans. >> you got it. >> thank you. coming up, a startling and
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dangerous discovery by a chp officer after a chase through marin county. we'll tell you about the heavy duty weapons inside the backpack of the person he was chasing.
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we could find out if whole foods will be allowed to open up a store in one san francisco neighborhood. the planning commission is expected to take a vote thursday on banning chain stores along the corridor many that's where whole foods want
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to move in. the san francisco examiner reports 7% of the businesses in that area are chain stores. the paper says the planning commission has received more than 100 letters on the issue. many say allowing chain stores would take away the character of the neighborhood. having anchor stores with strong reputations would benefit that area. window see the dow jones is down while spending by could be psalmers yum -- consumers jumped. americans are worried about the job market. don't expect much in the way of improvement. you can see these numbers. s&p down by 1/3 of 1%. nasdaq is flat. in today's midday market report. the newest "star wars" movie may need expensive reshoots. shoppers went on a spending spree last month. >> reporter: americans opening their wallets, it jumped 1% last month. that's the most in รก6 years. we're spending on big items like cars. the are could spend a message
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to the federal reserve that it's okay to raise interest rates because the economy is doing better. >> investors looking at a measure of the price of a home rising 5.4% in march from a year ago. that was stronger than expected. s&p finds that portland, seattle, and denver reported their highest annual gains out of the 20 cities that were looked at. the effects of the emissions scandal hit volkswagen in the wallet. the automaker saw a net profit fall 19% in the first three months of the year. they also saw falling sales in russia and brazil. due to those countries troubles economies. the first "star wars" spinoff, rogue one, may go into expensive reshoots over the summer. the new york post says that's because executives at disney are not fully satisfied with the first cut. this means the movie may need to have four weeks of reshoots this july.
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it's due to hit theaters december 16th. a high-schooler back in class days after one of their classmates was killed. >> difficult day for students here as they return to class for the first time since an attack last week that left one student dead and another injured. we'll tell you about the help that was being provided today as they cope with that loss. and was it a shark or something else? a southern california beach remains closed after a woman was attacked by something in the water. how soon it might be before it's safe to go back in the water.
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grief counselors were at novato high school. today was their first day back to class wince a -- since a schoolmate was killed. alex has been following the investigation and is live in novato with more. >> reporter: good afternoon to you. this school community clearly has been shaken by that deadly attack that happened last week. a student from here at novato high school was killed, according to authorities, by several of his classmates. now, the exact motive for that crime remains unclear, but it was clear this morning that it was a difficult day for students and staff here as they finally return to class after
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that attack last week. classes got under way and as students arrived, staff members were on hand to greet them. there will be grief counselors here today for any students who need help or need to talk about what happened last week. it was last wednesday when 17- year-old stood was found -- student was found stabbed along a hiking trail near the marin count lee club. a second student was also found at that ski injured but he survived a day later, two 17- year-old students were arrested for the killing. the superintendent says this has been a difficult time for the school community. >> you know, to see a young life lost is brutal. it's really brutal. it's incredibly sad and this is an unusual thing. this community has pulled together and i think out of every tragedy, you get some amazing things that happen. >> reporter: also, over the
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long holiday weekend, on sunday, mother's arrested -- authorities arrested a 20-year- old man who is a cousin of one of the two suspected killers. they say that 20-year-old man was an accessory after the fact. as for a motive in this case. they're looking at the possibility this attack was related to a sexual assault involving two students that happened a week earlier. now, in the meantime, the sheriff's office says they are looking for a third novato high school student who's wanted in connection with that shooting and the two 17 -year-olds are in custody are mazing charges of murder and attempted murder. they may make an appearance in court as soon as properly -- tomorrow. >> all this is coming as the school year is winding down. it should be a celebrating time. hearts are heavy on campus. >> reporter: absolutely. it should be, but instead, it's a somber mood here at the campus from what we saw this morning for students, for staff members. that was clearly the mood here
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on the campus today. >> difficult at any age. alex, thank you. investigators today are asking for the public's anticipate in finding 15-year- old pearl. the sheriffs did released this photo of a pack back similar to the one she was wearing at the time she was abducted. they're asking anyone who sees a backpack like the one on your screen right now to please call police. investigators say no new searches are planned but they hope a tip could help them find her. she was last seen on her way to a bus stop last wednesday. a witness saw a man later identified at 19-year-old fernando castro abduct her from a pedestrian overcrossing. of the next day he was killed in a shoot-out with police in southern california. a chp pursuit sunday morning turned up an assault weapon. officers say they arrested one man and are looking for a second person. they spotted a car going 80 miles an hour on 101 in mill valley. it ended in marin where the
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driver and passenger got out and ran in opposite directions. officers caught the driver who had this high-powered we in his backpack along with 53 rounds of ammunition. the passenger got away. we learn this morning a 19- year-old girl was one of two teens to drown over the weekend in a sierra a nevada river south of lake tahoe. the police department confirmed on its facebook page that she was killed over the weekend. she was a participant in the police explorer program. on the family's act, she was on a camping trip and was 7 days away from graduating high school. the other victim is 19-year-old brandon also from pittsburgh. they got swept away in the river. they were not wearing floatation devices. recovery workers found one body of an oakland teen who drowned during a family boating trip over the weekend. a second teenager is missing and presumed drown. they went missing on saturday when they jumped off a boat
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with other friends. they were not wearing life jackets. family members identified them as best friends. san francisco firefighters rescued two people. the first happened along ocean beach yesterday afternoon. a 13-year-old was pulled from the water after getting caught in the surf, not far from shore. just about an hour later, firefighters heard about a person in the water near tee 28. officials in southern california are debating whether to reopen a popular beach area after a woman was attacked by a shark. the woman was swimming off corona del mar state beach when she was attacked. she survived, was taken to the hospital. stephanie has more on the frightening scene. >> panic at the beach. >> it was frightening. it was scaring me. what's going do happen? >> holiday weekend beach goers ordered out of the water after
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a possible shark attack. >> it didn't take much. as soon as they saw the choppers, they were out of there. >> it happened around 4:15. lifeguards say they were on another call. about 150 feet from the shore when a swimmer was bitten by something in the water. >> she raised her hand up out of the water and called for help. at that point, our lifeguard vessel, which was really close, went over, rescued here. >> the woman is a long distance swimmer was conscious and breathing but was bleeding and -- bleeding and had bite marks. she was rushed to a medical center in santa ana. lifeguards cleared the water as a safety precaution. >> we warned torn get out of the water. they were letting us know what was happening. at that point, everybody started coming out of the water with speculation of a shark out is there. >> alex and others grabbed cell phones and started recording -- reporting as a police helicopter searched the water. apparently looking for a shark. >> they did see sea lions in
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the area. they did not witness any sharks in the area. so at this point, we cannot confirm what kind of an app mal -- animal bite it was. >> we took precautions and closed the water. that could last up to 48 hours. we will re-evaluate tomorrow morning. >> officials continued to use helicopters in search for the shark. the beaches could reopen tonight. police in the central valley have arrested a man suspected of vandalizing a cat lick church. he faces charges after starting a fire inside the church in the town of hanford. investigators say sunday night, he broke open 300 bottles of wine and used church investments to start the fire. he towards out wiring and smashed artwork. the chancellor says members of the congregation cannot understand why anyone would try to destroy their church. >> what have we done to upset
12:39 pm
set you so much that you would come into this place of worship, god's house, and create such violent acts? >> this is an opportunity for us to show mercy to whoever did this and why they did it. we don't know. it's a batter -- matter of reaching out and praying for that person. >> he was upset with the vatican. the church plans to hold services in an open air pavilion until it was cleaned up. a group of volunteers unveiled a memorial in hayward yesterday, one that honors veterans and victims of the september 11th attacks as well as first responders who dye died in the -- died in the line of duty. we spoke to the designer of that memorial. >> reporter: it was a day to honor hayward's fallen with a memorial dedicated to those who made the ultimate sacrifice. it was a day to reflect and never forget, young and old,
12:40 pm
civilians and veterans. they gathered near 4 ten foot fall memorials, each representing one of the planes hijacked on 9-11. it was developed by a marine corps veteran. >> it's something that, you know, i think in my opinion every town should have something like this. i was proud to put one here. >> reporter: inscribed on the back of one of them are the names of the 164 members of the military from hayward who have been killed in action since the spanish american war. engraved bricks and benches pay homage to residents who made the ultimas sacrifice. also memorialized are police and fire personnel who have died in the line of duty. >> people often forget the meaning of memorial day and for a lot of people, it's an extra day off. for me, who come from a military family, it's a great day to memorialize those who
12:41 pm
gave everything so we can be free. >> this is something that the youngsters need to understand. these freedom. >> reporter: the city donated the land and will maintain it. [ taps ] >> reporter: henry lee, ktvu fox 2 news. still to come, the as and joins back on the field. another look at the weather as we are preparing for a warm- up. stay with us.
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we're following developing news. a hazardous materials incident has sent one person to the hospital. it was reported after 11:00 today at a business on east meadow circle. 14 others are being treated at the scene. authorities are expected to release more information later today. we'll have it coming up. the san francisco giants are in atlanta for the second game of a 4 game series trying to rebound. they took part in a pregame ceremony to salute memorial day. they started okay with a home run in the second inning. the braves took control after that. a poor outing giving up five runs in five inks. the braves won this one. the as hosted the minnesota twins yesterday. cocoa crisp led off the tom of the 5th. the as were down when marcus doubled off the left field wall
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to tie the game. they went on to beat the twins 3-2 with a sacrifice fly and some fine glove work at first base. historic flooding in texas could get worse as rivers are expected to rise. this as the red cross calls in extra staff to help all those people affected. case he's has the latest -- casey has the latest. texas residents placing for flooding as the river here is expected to crest at historic levels today. forecasters predict the river will top the previous record by 3 feet. >> i can see water in the pasture behind my husband from the river. i've never seen that before. >> reporter: four days of rain along the river killed at least 6 people and forced hundreds of others to evacuate. >> i've been out of the house since friday this time and i'll probably be out for at least a month or so. >> reporter: the town of rows inburg reminds under a mandatory evacuation order. many people in their homes are
12:46 pm
hoping for the best. >> i stay here right now. i don't know later. i don't know. >> reporter: dozens of water rescues also taking place in the community of simonton over the holiday weekend. because of the terrain, rescues have to be done with extra precautions. >> we're taking our time. we're doing the best that we can. we're taking it slow. >> reporter: with widespread damage being reported across the state, relief agencies are stepping up their efforts. red cross staffers from salt lake city are rushing to the lone star state to help displaced families. >> we're going to fulfill our mission. >> reporter: texas is not out of the woods just yet. forecasters are predicting even more severe weather for parts of the region already hit hard by the floods. in dallas, fox news. no rain at all here. but boy, temperatures will be getting up there. >> you're right. we're requesting to have a --
12:47 pm
we're going to have a huge wave of heat. outside our doors right now, depending on where you're at, it's either cool or already a little bit toasty. giving you a view here from san francisco as we look across the bay. we have mostly clear skies. we'll show you no rain to speak of, but we do have the fog and cloud cover banking up against the coastline. it will be here for most of the day, if not the entire day. so partly cloudy to partly sunny skies expected for the north bay coastline through san francisco and the san mateo coastline as well as santa cruz. this is going to remain the case for today. temperatures are range in the 60s. as you get away from the coast, we have temperatures in the 70s and 80s for our bay side communities. we'll go into the 90s for the second part of your day. this is a facebook laws view where we have -- fabulous view where we have the ridge of high pressure. that is bringing us sort of a
12:48 pm
northerly flee up above. -- northerly flow up above. you can see the breeze in some areas. fairfield 6 miles per hour. oakland, 7, novato, that southeasterly breeze, a light one. concord, 10 miles per hour northerly wind at this hour. lets look at some of those numbers already until the upper 80s in fairfield, livermore. 87 in concord. the reading in walnut creek, 94. it's a hot one already. it's not even 1:00 yet. in santa rosa. 81. is upper 60s in san francisco. 82 degrees into the south bay of san jose. i cannot go without mentioning half moon bay. take a look. mostly cloudy and 57 degrees. so the range for our bay area today could be as much as 40 degrees or so. definitely like a summer like pattern in place. upper 80s for santa rosa. expected to get into the upper 90s for the afternoon.
12:49 pm
as we head to the east bay. mid to upper 70s for oakland. low 80s for hayward. 95 for livermore and 97 the afternoon high for antioch. san jose into morgan hill, 92. as we shift along the peninsula, we have temperatures ranging at about 79 san mateo and into san francisco, afternoon high of 68. could hold there and see that on shore breeze pick up a little bit and cool us back to 66 as we get into the second part of the afternoon. meanwhile along the coastline, not a lot of change, remaining in the upper 50s to mid-60s with partly cloudy skies. here's a look at your extended forecast. temperatures will take a dip into mid-week wednesday. still very warm for our inland communities. temperatures really holding steady and then by friday, upper 60s around and along the coastline. so it's going to be a nice beach day. our bay side communities are going to feel warm.
12:50 pm
our inland spots expected to hit the century mark on friday. thankfully it doesn't last too long. we're looking at temperatures coming down inform our bay area weekend. still going to be very warm. just not as hot as friday. >> a little more comfortable. >> a little more comfortable. today's the debate is heating up over the death of a gorilla. he was killed after a boy fell inside the enclosure. some animal activists are defending the zoo. others are calling for the boy's mother to face charges. steve has more on the demand. >> reporter: the zoo was standing behind their actions saying he was in an aggravated situation and could have caused serious damage to the child. >> that child's life was in danger. people whop question that -- who question that are our machine morning quarterbacks or second-guessers who don't understand that you can't take a risk with a silver back. >> reporter: activists are calling for discipline for either the zoo or the child's parents and some ohio state
12:51 pm
lawmakers are floating the idea of harambe's law which would create consequences when one is killed. wildlife experts say zoo officials handled the situation appropriately considering the size and strength of the gorilla. >> the power they have, they can take a coconut and squish it like a marshmallow. >> reporter: a group gathered at the zoo monday to honor him with some suggesting the remaining gorillas be placed in a sanctuary away from people. >> we have sank ware he's in -- sanctuaries in different places. maybe this wouldn't happen as often. >> reporter: some have called for an online petition. no new york, fox news. still to come, a bay area home with a lot of history is up for sale. we can inside this mansion once owned by a famous san francisco family.
12:52 pm
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12:54 pm
we're getting a look at the newest a daks to the -- addition to the zoo. look at this baboon. they are now at a total of 15, the second largest at a zoo in the united states. zachary was the 6th born at the zoo in the last three years.
12:55 pm
the new trailer for the movie finding dory is out and it has the internet buzzing because of one scene. watch. >> poor baby. let me get that for you. >> the trailer, the baby octopus is being pushed by two women. this news comes after fans have been cam raining for elsa to get a girlfriend. the trailer has received 3 million views. neither pixar nor disney have commented. finding dory hits theaters june 17th. the mansion in piedmont is back on the market. it was built by the son of the founder of girl deli -- gh i.r.a. dell i have chocolate. the -- listing price is $5.3 million. it's one of a kind. >> when i look on the outside, to me it looks more
12:56 pm
mediterranean. when you come in, it's not simple. it's beautiful and elegant. there are so many details. >> there's woodwork and upstairs outdoor terrace and the kitchen has two of everything. two sinks, two steves and because it was -- stoves. because it was built after the fire, it has a fire hose built into the house. before we leave, we'll take a check on stocks. you can see the do you is -- dow is down by 70. stocks close in just minutes here. coming up today on the 4 on 2, there's a lot of discussion about the challenges young african-americans face from high incarceration rates to high school graduation rates. we'll introduce you to two people as part of a partnership to make sure young african- american men go to college. that's today. thank you for joining us at noon. we're always for you on and facebook and twitter and instagram.
12:57 pm
have a great afternoon this tuesday. be sure to be back here in time for the 4. for the 4.
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>> bizarre. most people thought i was crazy. >> obscure. >> nobody could figure out what was wrong with me. >> out sthf world. >> it was threw dying that i truly learned how to live. >> medical mysteries solved. >> let me show everybody what goes into this doug: nose. >> and botched butt implants. >> i started to lose my breath. i thought i was going to die. >> the nigh cosmetic procedure putting women in danger, coming up next. dr. oz: we will save lives today. are you guys ready to get healthy? [cheers and applause] dr. oz: everyone is talking


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