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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  May 31, 2016 2:00pm-2:31pm PDT

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light a cigarette. but see why there's nothing cool about his next smooth move. >> oh! >> big storm moves in, what do you do? smarter than the person shooting the video. a fishing boat high tails it back to shore. >> i don't think that's how it's supposed to go. >> why the final landing isn't much better. and it's the dunk heard round the internet. real or fake? now meet the player who reveals if we're getting played. >> if we have a basketball court nearby i might be able to show you. we're going to head to asia for a couple videos that are
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going viral. this we're going to call him captain cool. he's going to do something so cool. we've got the flaming liquid in the glass. dips his fingers in. he lights that cigarette. oh, my goodness. ladies calm yourselves down. >> yeah, i'm not impressed by this. >> that part was kind of cool. >> there's nothing cool about what happens next. >> oh! >> fire crotch! >> but it goes so much worse. now he's just beating at himself. they start hammering away on that area. you can hear him in the background screaming. >> got to laugh at the guy who comes in like -- boom, boom. >> towards the end, you can tell the fires go out. i'm not sure what he was trying
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to do, but we know it didn't go according to plan. >> moving on, we do have another video on a more serious subject. this guy pulled over by the police as a suspected drunk driver. all they wanted to do was use the breathalyzer. he's not exactly cooperating. he focuses and tries to pretend, nearly 20 times, that he's trying to blow. he just gets more and more -- at the end, in fact, twice the legal limit. >> simon cowell gets a call from the police. there's a swan just sitting on the ground. >> if it's just sitting there minding its own business, what's it supposed to be doing. is it late for a performance? >> what you doing out here?
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you're supposed to be on a river. >> simon does talk to the wildlife. what have we learned about swans? they're cranky. >> not very friendly. >> you guys are learning. so proud. this swan absolutely chill. >> in you go. >> it doesn't fight back. just puts the bird in the bag. >> straight jacket. >> let's put you on the river. >> then he puts it in the back of the volvo. >> that's where you should have landed isn't it? >> so he takes it to the river. >> let's get you out of the bag. shine the light so the swan can see what he's doing. can you do that by yourself? you'll be fine. you ready? >> once the swan's back in the water, it looks pretty
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comfortable. it is quite beautiful. now, this next video is a nice one. this is from the rob's iceland trip youtube channel. this is a big storm. the sheep are like, let's take cover in front of the house. >> if i was there, i'd be doing the exact same thing. this is a fishing competition in south africa. this boat now returning from that fishing competition and they're very, very excited to get back to shore to check in their catch. but they're carrying a little bit too much speed as they come to the shore. you see the waves rolling in. a little sideways there. okay. we were covered, and then they're riding the surf. almost goes over again there. finally, we're on the beach. >> oh! >> dutbumps his passenger out, n
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watch this. >> i don't think that's how it's supposed to go. >> it's lucky they didn't dump all their catch out onto the beach or spill it into the ocean. >> maybe that second guy on the boat was the catch. >> there were no serious injuries. that one guy who came running in to put a rope on the front there, he was putting his life on the line there. >> see, fishing can be exciting. here's a boat watch gone bad. got a gopro camera on the top of this mast on this sailboat. just as he gets himself up into that boat. >> oh! tipped over, poor thing. >> yep. that is a capsized boat. >> what was that thing hanging down? >> that is a buoy. if it does happen to capsize
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like it did here, that's going to make it easier to right the boat. >> he's going to need to do that. oh, wow. >> heavy rains in germany over the weekend caused this massive flooding. devastating the area. the waters are sweeping the streets. unfortunately several people did die. 5 inches of rain fell and caused this kind of mess. it is a river or is this like a main street and water's rushing down it? >> you're right, the rivers burst their banks. the floods went into homes, garages, basements. >> every couple seconds, another step it moves up. >> that's got to be terrifying. where do you go? you're so powerless. >> one of those powerless people died. a 13-year-old was struck by a
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train because she was seeking shelter underneath that area. >> you think about the power of water. it's one of the most powerful things on the planet. >> yeah. that's what you don't think about when you're watching that water sweeping down the street. all the debris that it leaves behind. that's a whole other thing to deal with. >> yes, it left a big mess. >> everything you've ever owned. it's horrible. it's called easy soda. >> and it's exactly that. >> really thought that soda was hard. >> why this twist on the fizzy drink is making a splash. and it's a crazy scene when a couple spots -- >> this wild boar running through the streets. >> see how he proves he can keep up with traffic. only at olive garden. like a deep dish spaghetti pie topped with chicken alfredo starting at $12.99 with unlimited salad and breadsticks.
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reduces bumps 74%. gold bond. ultimate lotion. ultimate skin. you take your dog for a walk, you don't expect this to happen. this is in russia. you can see this young girl and her mom mom walking a very small dog. all of the sudden, that daughter, she stops. watch what runs in. >> oh! oh, my goodness! >> a pair of dogs runs in. one of the dogs was able to snatch that tiny black dog out of that girl's arms. now reports say the dog's okay. those dogs did run into this building. according to run report, they say those dogs went after a hostess inside. >> something needs to be done about them. that's really violent behavior. >> it doesn't look like anybody's trying to control them
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except in this last video, some man is standing there sitting with those dogs holding them still. they seem to be domesticated enough. another animal you don't want to run into on a busy street. that's a boar. they saw this wild boar running through the streets. >> no way. >> they said they saw it run into a house. the good thing in this video, nobody was around. there are reports that a child was injured by a wild boar. don't know if it's the same one or if they have two running around. soda, pop, is what it is. fizzy drink in a bottle. you can't reinvent the wheel, except turns out in finland, they have. it's called easy soda. all you need 400 mills of water
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in a plastic bottle. that's the flavoring which now goes into your water. turn the bottle inside down, release the bubbles, turn the bottle back over and there is your easy soda. there are four flavors that it comes with as well. there is cola, orange, lemon -- and whatever that is. >> that's a game-changer. all those soda stream machines and everything. now you can carry it in your pocket. >> think about it from just the point of you -- of you're trying to move it around the country or you're trying to sell it. you can fit 30,000 of these units onto one truck pallet as opposed to 1,500 shipping bottles of show da. think about shelf space. leaving you more room to sell other products and make more money. >> how much is this going to cost?
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>> we're kind of looking into it. it seems to be basically what you'd be paying for soda. they're saying you don't need as much plastic. you can have one plastic bottle and have two drinks. many, many different ways. the carbon footprint of this, it's all very interesting. ladies and gentlemen, prepare to be amazed. ♪ >> quite a vertical leap there. >> that's what folks on the internet are buzzing about. he posted these videos to his instagram and youtube pages. some people think he may not be able to dunk like this. >> some people think it's fake? >> not so much about his ability to dunk, but where he's dunking from. >> this whole thing that white man can't jump.
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>> i thought he was doing it. stub webb played in the nba. he was 5'7". >> we have seen it before. >> let's meet the man. his name is pat! [ applause ] are these videos real? can you do this dunk? >> i have nothing but video proof, but the videos are real. lot of people say there's software editing and stuff like that. i wish i knew how to do that. i would have edited myself from the three-point line. this is a dunk i've been trying to do for a couple years now. >> you've put a couple of years into it. you know you've got it. do you even care if people believe you? >> this has been such a ride to see how much attention this has collected. i don't think it would have gotten the same kind of attention it has now people are trying to debate if it's the real thing. >> we had video experts look at
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your video. there appears to be a blur. they say perhaps you could have edited it. >> i took this video with my iphone. that's really what's creating the effect. it went right from my camera to instagram. >> well, i believe you. >> i do, too. >> can you show all of us live? >> if we have a basketball court somewhere nearby, might be able to show you. >> how long have you been practicing this? >> i've been trying to dunk from as far as i can since i was 16. just gotten further and further out. >> you've worked so hard. does it frustrate you that people are even questioning this? >> people can say whatever they want. the people back home who know me and know that i've obsessed over this dunk for a while. that's really what matters most to me. the rest of this has been sort of the icing on the cake. ♪
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♪ putting baby to sleep. >> do you want to go to sleep? [ laughter ] >> just ask the baby? >> next "right this minute." and still to come, he's tricking shoppers with disappearing act. >> he just leaves them there. >> see the priceless reactions when he mysteriously vanishes. plus, the impressive slack lining lining performance that will leave you wondering -- >> how? how do they do this?
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how many times have you had an experience holding your keys, your phone, then it disappears. it was just in your hand. >> that happens to me often. >> but does it happen with people? [ laughter ] the shoppers at this store with getting that exact shop. david is going to freak them out. >> somebody just called. they asked me if i could measure this real quick. just hold it up like that. perfect. don't move. let me just -- let me see if i can get a width. >> and as the people are holding up this towel so he could measure it, he jumps inside one of those display tables and just leaves them there standing by
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themselves. >> that's how how batman does it. >> i was wondering, how is he going to pull this off. >> now you got to also get the width. a little higher, though. perfect. perfect. >> he ain't saying anything. i'm going let this play out. >> he's really helping. [ laughter ] >> bam! >> oh, my gosh. [ laughter ] >> it's so hard not to laugh. california, known for its laid back vibe, especially on the beach of santa monica. this is pretty impressive. video posted to instagram. she's doing some of that slack lining that's just crazy.
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she's bouncing on a trampoline, effortlessly, landing on her hips and stomach, busting out twists. it gets pretty cool when it hits the slow motion part. obviously one leg, no worries. >> where's my purse? i need to get some change for the bus. >> she's doing all these flips, you see how they land and bounce themselves back up. by far in my opinion, the most impressive part is the very end. she finishes off with a move that makes my knees explode thinking about it. how! i need to go to therapy right now! >> it's magic. >> it's like somebody took a balance beam and mated it with a tramp line. >> she's got some serious skills. she's going to be performing at the x games as well. keep an eye out for her. dad uses his tesla to make a $100 deal with his son.
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kid's like, no problem. see what happens when dad hits the
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reviews, go to and click on tv show or check it out on our mobile app. never ending entertainment. ♪ [ barking ] the tesla model sp 90-d, the super fast one. we've seen it dispatch many, many cars out there. there's a new challenge out there. brooks here has his son to help him out with the challenge. it's the $100 challenge. >> oh, that's great. >> yes. son, if you can grab that $100 before the tesla reaches 6 miles
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per hour, it's yours. for the folks who don't know. this model can achieve a 1.2 g acceleration rate. so it will push you back in the seat quite a bit. >> as soon as i go, then you're allowed to go for the $100. >> it looks like dad has pushed that chair back as far as it's going to go. >> his son demonstrates he can reach it with no trouble at all. dad explains, when i say go, you try and grab that bill. >> you can't go for it until i go. >> dad, i wasn't ready. >> you're not going. you lost. >> you said you were ready and i said -- this all happens when i say go. doesn't have to be a three, two, one. >> this is not fair. >> dad gives him a second chance. >> go. [ laughter ] >> the odds are stacked against you, kid. >> third try.
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>> now, junior managed to grab that hundy. this one is disputed. let's go to the instant replay and see who was right. he actually did not. >> oh! >> but in the end -- >> we're going to make a compromise. we went to the store and got him a game anyway. you were a good sport. >> he at least got the video game. >> that's it, that's all. thanks for watching. we'll see you next time on "right this minute."
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swallowed by an escalator. >> his entire body is down in the machine. >> how rescuers save his life one tedious step at a time. dudes watch a high speed chase suspect from high above. but see why he's sure going to try. >> you can see the sparks going off of his car. >> whoa! ♪ she went viral back in 2014 when she danced for her sister who just recently -- >> passed away. >> now jennifer la face talks about the sweet tribute that has her dancing again. and revenge on a prankster husband with


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