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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  May 31, 2016 2:30pm-3:01pm PDT

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swallowed by an escalator. >> his entire body is down in the machine. >> how rescuers save his life one tedious step at a time. dudes watch a high speed chase suspect from high above. but see why he's sure going to try. >> you can see the sparks going off of his car. >> whoa! ♪ she went viral back in 2014 when she danced for her sister who just recently -- >> passed away. >> now jennifer la face talks about the sweet tribute that has her dancing again. and revenge on a prankster husband with a bad habit.
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>> she says she's asked him not to do this. >> what's in jack's milk jug that ain't milk. brace yourself, folks. i've got a couple videos that are going to make you say o.m.g. that looks like a escalator. the first one starts in china. that's an escalator. the technician was repairing it and fell in. >> dude. >> somebody hit the emergency switch just in time. because his entire body is down in the machine and you can imagine where he was going. >> they had to hit the emergency switch while he was on it. why it was on? >> it mysteriously turned on while he was fixing it. there you have it. >> maybe that was the fault he was looking for. >> maybe. you see the rescuers here trying to get him out. they start to use their machines and they're clipping away at the metal. his body is down in there just
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limp. >> like getting caught in a grinder. >> oh, my gosh, i hope he's okay. >> now they're going to take him out. >> oh, man. >> they are trying to pull him out gently because he passed out. he suffered several severe injuries. no word on his condition. this next video takes place in turkey at a construction site. you see that big red truck there. it's moving because a landslide suddenly happens. >> oh! >> half of the truck goes down into the hole and then the back follows. amazingly none of the workers were in that area at the time. instead, they're on the side recording. >> hey, boss, this is what happened to my truck. >> the ground ate my truck. there's a place in canada, it's a crazy. this first video involves a black pickup truck that refused
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to stop when the police suspected it of impaired driving. you can see it tries to bust a bit of a u-turn, bumped by one of the police cars. looks like, done. no. there's lots of drama. you can see the cops get out the car. the person in the pickup truck guns it. manages to get away. busts left here. now, if you listen, you can hear that there's quite the racket coming from this truck. >> uh-oh. did somebody lose a tire? >> maybe even an entire wheel. >> got cops right behind him. they think there's no way he's going to get away. >> oh! >> bang. hits into that silver car. there you see, there's no way this guy's going any further. he is going to go a little bit further. as the cars in his way get out the way, he guns it again, even dragging a police officer for a second. >> holy [ bleep ]. this guy's hard core.
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this is like "cops," tv. >> clear road, nobody in the way. manages to find the only pole. >> massive. daniel was charged with flight from the police, impaired operation of a motor vehicle and escaping local custody in connection with the incident. ever going to go to a costco where you can get everything, including fights in the car park. right from the get-go, it's chaos. the guy in blue shoves this woman. this is the point where the guys go at each other, throw throwing their punches in the middle of this car park as the women go for the opposite men, push them away from their own fella. if you're wondering what the women are saying, i believe it's -- [ screaming ] >> i didn't get a single word from the whole video. >> this all came about from an argument over a car park.
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>> if you're a kayaker and use a typical white water kayak, you have a skirt around you and you've learned how to right that kayak. but if you're in one of these ocean-going kayaks, the fishing type, it's a much different story. the vessel is heavier. you don't have that ability to tuck and roll. that's what happened to this guy here. his kayak upside down. he's got two buddies nearby to come and help him out. uncle jesse and ken towers. just kidding. >> oh, my gosh. >> he's got his life jacket on, gloves on, he is protected. but he's struggling to try and right this kayak. our kayaker there has gotten himself up and over the hull of that kayak and grabbed onto that rope. ideally, be able to flip that thing over. he is having a hard time getting back in the boat. >> look how far from shore they
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are. >> yeah. >> it's not an exactly smooth day. there's a bit of chop out there. he's able to finally make that last little push. to drag himself aboard. if these guys weren't around, this could have been a much different story for that kayaker. get all the safety training that you can to prevent something like this. if you get in trouble, you want to be able to save yourself. ♪ charity, you've been here less than a year. one thing i think you know, when you show a fox, doesn't have to be a blonde one. this guy melts like butter. one of our viewers posted this video on our facebook page. as you can see, there's mama fox. i want you to beweare. there's a fox hole in the
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ground. mom's like, okay, it's all clear. come on out. you just see them in their natural habitat just being foxes. just as put the camera down and got this great video. >> he's got a family of foxes in his front yard. >> i believe he lives in missouri. so that's why it's so green. >> they are beautiful animals. the guys you can't get enough of. >> what happens when you get him on a motorized lawn mower. >> see if he's able to stick it. and -- >> to all my friends, my family, how many minutes, how many minutes? >> five, four. >> watch eric get a dose of reality. >> for the sake of your baby mama, calm down, bro. ti! only at olive garden. like a deep dish spaghetti pie topped with chicken alfredo
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a dash cam or make sure you drive safely. from dash cam owners australia -- >> oh! >> the car in the left lane there has its blinker onto make that left turn. i believe the car with dash cam that we're getting this video from is right in that blind spot. you can't see the car that wants to come out on the other side. and when you do, it's too late. >> i was trying to figure out who had the right-of-way. it looks to me that car came out before it made the turn. >> it's his right-of-way. >> the driver had a broken sternum. >> oh, that is quite an impact. >> now, a t-bone. great on the grill. not in your grill. dash cam here stopped at a light. as soon as the light turns green, the traffic begins to go. you hear one driver blow their horn. >> oh! >> i mean just moved that car --
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oh. >> not enough of an alert because the car whipping through the red light never hits the brakes. no information as to whether that driver was impaired or distracted or was just trying to beat the light. >> based on that speed, that looked like i'm going to make this light no matter what. it's time once again to check in with the viral brothers. just one of them, eric. >> oh, oh. >> looking excited. he's going to go and get somebody. something ridiculous is going to happen. or is it? >> whoa, mama. >> if this is a prank, it's the greatest prank on the internet. we know she's been pregnant. today is the day. >> it's definitely here. it's live now. we are going to hospital right now. >> i kind of like the fact that i'm doing this video today. eight years ago on the 31st of may, this was us.
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my son's birthday today. now that we figured out it isn't actually a prank, he's like okay, let's get moving. they got their bags packed. >> oh, my gosh, i got to tell you something. i am nervous. my stomach hurts. i'm nervous. >> for the sake of your baby mama, calm down bro. just chill, okay? it's all going to be fine. >> i think he needs the epidural. >> her nerves kick in. >> i make sure i can do it. she said baby is very, very big. >> don't say that to someone about to give birth. things get a little bit more fun, though, when the drugs kick in. ♪ >> i want some of whatever she's having. [ crying ] >> just think, tomorrow he's going to be in his own prank video. >> prankster is born. >> the force is strong with this lad as well.
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good name, eric. good name. >> doomed for the dark side. what happens when you get the fellas from one putting light on a motorized lawn mower. >> someone just goes to hospital. >> this is going to be awesome. >> pushing the envelope of -- >> tenacity. >> yes. they are tenacious. >> yes. >> of course not. >> are you dying? >> it would have been kind of safe actually if he landed in it. >> yeah, it most definitely would be. but he didn't. >> holy [ bleep ]! >> oh! [ laughter ] >> wow. got some serious air. >> yeah, that thing was booking. they're getting better. >> they are. if only now they could do math they might figure out where he
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would land. i can't get enough of these guys. and that ramp was actually well built. >> usually slapped together. >> that's part of the fun, actually. when the ramp just descent grated. >> that was awesome. probably good for another probably. [ bleep ] that. she still rolls. oh, friggin'right. >> jennifer is back with an update on her sister colleen. >> jennifer posted that her sister passed away after a very brave battle. >> why she continues to dance in the name of love. >> i hope to do this every year. that is my dream for my sister. plus, time to climb that tree. >> see what he does next. >> oh! he's jumping.
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provided by -- s to the top. act kids anticavity rinse tastes great and helps reduce cavities up to 40%. act kids. whenfrom eczema, akout i feel like i'm in this shell. gold bond eczema relief relieves five frustrating symptoms of eczema. my skin's back. back in october of 2014, "right this minute" talked to jennifer because this video went really viral. she posted this video to inspire her sister colleen. colleen had been diagnosed with stage four ovarian cancer. in march, she posted this video with colleen. >> come on. [ laughter ] >> on april 12th at 9:30 p.m., jennifer posted that colleen passed away after a very brave battle. she later posted this video. >> i can't even find the words
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sometimes to say what i'm feeling. i lost. >> but she didn't let that stop her from getting down. ♪ >> don't mind my mess, i still have to pack for tomorrow. >> and put a smile right back on her face. she's like her own best medicine. >> but, jennifer applied to dream cream ice cream in pittsburgh. they allow people to come in and get the proceeds from selling the flavor of ice cream for two days. but you have to volunteer some hours. >> yours truly will be behind the counter giving some ice cream. i'll be eating some, too. not going to lie. >> to tell us more about that, we have jennifer via skype. welcome back to the show, jennifer. [ applause ] >> thank you so much for having me again. >> tell us about dream cream ice cream and how you're going to raise money for a dancer. >> i reached out to them and
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gave them my dream. he accepted it. i'm so thankful for that. he is not letting me have just one ice cream. he's letting me have all the flavors. we want to sponsor one dancer. we're going to have an old school dance-off. >> are you going to dance the dougie. >> i think i'm going to retire it. everywhere i go, someone is always playing it. i dance in the grocery store. >> how does it feel to be an inspiration now beyond just your sister? your videos have gone viral. what's that feel like? >> it's a little overwhelming still. i'm waiting for justin timberlake to call me. >> any future plans with this? >> i hope to do this every year for a dancer. it's what i want to do, i know my sister would want us to do that also. it's june 3rd and 4th.
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every flavor at dream cream ice cream in downtown pittsburgh. in the evening and all day saturday the 4th. u2 once sang -- ♪ it's a beautiful day that's what this guy is feeling right now. the sun is either coming up or doing down, i can't tell. >> looks beautiful. >> isn't it? why not get a better look at that sunrise? go out onto this tree. >> no, don't. >> and somebody put steps on that thing. >> they're making it easy to climb out onto that tree and see the beautiful valley below as the sun just warms the earth. let's get an even closer look, shall we? >> he's jumping. the cool part is after he pulls his chute -- >> it's 5:00 somewhere.
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>> celebrating a beautiful day. >> oh, come on. >> a beer and a beach. >> that's the ultimate wakeup. jack vail has been caught red-handed by his wife. >> so jack's been doing something behind my back for a very long time. i decided to set up cameras and catch him in the act. >> when the student becomes the master. >> did you get a glass of milk? >> >> you're amoussed by them with
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a my powered rifle. you and i have our bad habits correct? >> yeah. >> as does our friend jack vail. >> that's so nasty. don't drink out of the bottle. >> not even i do that. that's gross, jack. >> gotcha. >> you can see jack drinking from the carton many times throughout this week of filming. what you may also be able to tell, the camera is set up in discreet locations. jack is unaware that his
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predictable behavior is being recorded by his wife. >> you go, girl. >> what i love is that he still looks around, because he knows he's doing something wrong. >> he does peek over his shoulder. there's people in the house when he's doing this. his wife says she's asked him since the beginning of their marriage not to do this. so jack, one last time, goes in for a drink of milk. grabs the carton, but it ain't cow juice. what's in the milk container, ranch, hot sauce, mayo, cottage cheese and sour cream. [ coughing ] >> you hear her giggling. >> what happened there? >> there's something wrong with this. >> wrong with what? >> he did not expect his sweet lovely wife to be doing this to him. takes a while for it to dawn on him.
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>> he can't believe it. >> did you put something -- >> did you get a glass of milk? >> bingo, baby. >> did you pour that into a glass and then drink it? >> are you freaking kidding me? you did something to this? >> she made her point so well. >> if you just poured it into a glass, you would have known. >> that pause, that moment like, no. >> did you also see the look of love on his face when he realized. oh, i married the right woman. >> he gets a little angry. >> why would you even do that? what if the kids got this? >> did he really just say think of the children? >> why would you even think i was going to drink out of the carton in the first place. >> because the kids told me they saw you do it. i caught you on video. the other day i was outside filming and you didn't even
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know. >> use a glass from here on out. >> i don't know whether to be mat at you or high five you. ♪
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[captioning made possible by warner bros. domestic television distribution] harvey: welcome to "tmz live." harvey levin here. charles: charles here. harvey: so we have broken a lot of stories on the apple per heard-johnny depp brouhaha and the latest is have interesting. there are two ear witnesses, meaning there are two people who heard something naked be extremely important when this case goes to court next month. let me explain. there are two bodyguards who work for them who were in their downtown apartment when this happened on may 21st, this whole argument that allegedly ended with him throwing an iphone. regan, why don't you put this


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