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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  June 1, 2016 2:00pm-2:31pm PDT

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owner but she fights. see why this guy got a lot more than he bargained for. >> i never know what animal i'm going to see next. >> that's the life of an exotic pet. >> birds u and snakes, now the brave ways have pulses racing. >> the videos blowing up on facebook with a new spin on a boys 2 men hit. now meet the creative u kor yog fer who is sharing secrets behind the bounce house party.
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a dad shares secrets of how to put a baby to sleep. see what works. >> cameras capturing awful people in action. the woman in the pink had opened up her opticians shop to help this guy out who needsed a pair of glasses. she's going through her shop trying to find something that he can use. takes the glasses, he's taking a look at them. when she has her back turned again defiance is in our bones.
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>> my brain hurts. they are right back at the beginnin when we stopped selling the cheeseburger pizza, boy did i hear about it. @biggbill7 writes: are you kidding me? no more cheeseburgers on a pizza? are you kidding me? they're back, big bill - with bacon. are you kidding me?! papa's bacon cheeseburger pizza is back. piled high with hickory smoked bacon, dill pickles, and zesty burger sauce. and try our new mushroom swiss burger pizza.
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whenfrom eczema, akout i feel like i'm in this shell. gold bond eczema relief relieves five frustrating symptoms of eczema. my skin's back. abdbloating?in? you may have ibs. ask your doctor if non-prescription ibgard is right for you. ibgard calms the angry gut. available at cvs, walgreens and rite aid. what y'all know about this? the fashion, the music, the house parties, i love the '90s. it's our monotell jordan, will smith and this video is set to month town philly by boys 2 men.
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>> we were so cool in the '90s. >> she posted this video in march for her video. she said it was rem any sent of some of her favorite times as well. >> they make u it look so effortless. >> let's meet the creators of this video. >> tell us about your creative process. >> bounce house party was a birthday gift to myself. the hidden message was allowing them to know they can just smile and remember the old days. >> it's great when you call the '90s the old days. >> the '70s were pretty fun too. from what i remember.
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>> this looks like the party everybody wants to go to. what do you tell your friends that can't dance who still want to be part of this. >> all the people in the video weren't dancers. i tell them all the time you could have been in it too. >> i didn't expect it to pop in the background. any cameos? >> if could et g them to be in it, i would love it. >> did you expect people to catch on the way they have? >> not at all. my pho blowing up one morning. i was like what is going on. i looked and have all these notifications that said saw your video, who are you. the next thing i know there was 1 million views. so kpit was not expected.
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>> pretty sure we're going to have to make it as stubborn as a cook bo ro. no one is giving up in this one. these refused to budge. they are not struggling or fighting. they are just sitting there. that's it? these birds are like i was here fir first. they rbt moving. >> are they scared of the human nearby? >> it means we can have even more fun with them. we can see if they like to wear
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a hat. you see his wife and their baby. he's thinking this is great. he's distracted talking to the baby. i'm going to aim and hilt her on the head. except he completely misses and hits their baby on the head. knocks them over. >> all mom is going to do is that baby is crying is fix it. >> while she did get upset, she got over it quickly. >> that guy is still in the witness protection pro >> now over to the rock sliming video where this woman is learning how to climb. she is attached to a rope.
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then she does call out i'm about to drop. it goes too far and she's unable to gauge the drop. >> she's pointing down there like keep that slack tight. >> she does say don't do this to your climbers. check it out. >> and it's a social experiment to find out how people react. >> it looks like she has a little money versus a mom that doesn't. >> see if perceived status makes a difference in spare change. plus a spiral staircase illusion that will have you
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scratching your >> he has been picked for a calendar because of his looks because not only does he treat animals, he's made tv appearances because of his physique. he loves what he does. not only is had he good looking, pe he has a big heart and has no problem to make sure it's okay. he survived some interesting things as well. >> a crocodile bit me on the forearm and i have a scar where you can see some teeth marks. >> that's just an excuse for him to show off his forearm. >> y'all are such haters. you know my number. >> he has a popular facebook page where you can see him cuddle iing with kittens. or his instagram page where you can see him cuddling with a
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puppy. >> i'm not normally so easy but hey. >> a car chase. >> we're riding with an ambulance who have a seriously ill female and they are trying to get this woman to a hospital. >> you can see everybody else on the road getting out of the way except for this mercedes. >> the dirt bag is taking advantage of the fact that cars are moving out of the way. >> you can hear they are getting irritated. they are saying we should call the police on this guy. they even just start giving it to this guy.
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>> everybody else moved out of the way and the ambulance continues going. the driver has been identified. the ambulance is following him with his sirens going and thought he has his lights on trying to get everybody out of the way. >> they don't need your hazard lights. they have plenty of their own to do the job. so this driver is struggling to find their way past. >> she stuck it. her name is kelsey. this girl is a perfect job over the stop and sticks the landing.
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there's some pretty serious damage. >> they are in the south pacific visiting the volcano there. because we get to experience it in 360. it follows a photographer and her husband and they are with a guide. i mean into the mouth of the volucan volcano. they do have a crew that goes with them and brings a lot of equipment along, but once they
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get closer to the mouth, it's really just them. you have temperatures up here around 2,000 degrees. the gases can be incredibly poisonous as well. we see the shot from up above, but they don't want to just see it from a distance. they are going to get very, very close. the rim of the volcano drops about 1,000 feet. >> dad is ready to make a surprise pass to his lady. >> this is going to be so funny and i'm going to get it on video. >> see what happens when his aim is a little off. it's a coo coo game of
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"mine." why it's clear to see these aren't backing down. at it again. >> they will help a mother and her baby based on their status. let's go find out. >> could i spare a couple dollars? >> you have this woman with a baby walk up t strangers and ask for money for her child. off the top she gets the money. >> can i spare $2? >> with the exception of a few people when she asked for help to get food, people going to their wallets and help her out. >> thank y. it really means a lot. >> some people are willing to give the money, but also want to see the baby. >> i was just going to ask can you see the face.
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this all could be a ploy. >> i was e ready to hand it over immediately. >> now we're going to change her outfit looking like this. >> do you think you could spare a dollar or two? >> people start to look at her di they think she's not going to spend it on the baby. >> i feel like the pitch is different. >> could you spare a couple dollars? >> a whole explanation. >> she was actually communicating. >> could you spare a dollar or two? >> just when you think everybody is going to turn her away, these folks don't. >> thank you so much. it means a lot. >> those people are actually homeless. >> josh moves in on the situation and lets him know he's taping the whole thing and it's a social experiment. >> we don't really need the money. >> he gives the money back to the homeless people.
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>> help you out a little bit. >> a little bit of mischief. >> what's happening? >> keep watching. >> i don't get it. my brain hurts. they are right back at the beginning. >> yes, they are. this is the fun house. this is the brain child of alexa meade and her boyfriend. this fun house is basically where they live. they do have pictures. they shot this interesting video because they are into optical illusions. >> it's a 360 video too because you can look all over that. my eyes hurt. >> this house really isn't that big. this is actually the house. she calls this her fun house because every room has a function, but they have a secret secondary function. they have interesting stuff going on.
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>> this dad is showing the web how to put a baby to sleep. >> see all the sleepy techniques that work every time. b
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they had to wait for the power to be turned off. >> my favorite new youtube r because the how to dad is here to show all of you how to put a baby to sleep. >> the shush train.
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up next he uses the blanky. >> works every time. >> the kid has been up for 38 hours. >> if those things don't work, just try acting. >> this is hilarious. >> it's been a long time since he heard the song. >> the baby sleepover, i'm coming in. >> it is super awkward, but hilarious. he crawls over, make room, kids. >> this dad is not against bribery either. >> if you go to sleep, i'll let
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you climb the curtains tomorrow. >> sounds like a deal, dad. >> this is the cutest kid/dad combo i have seen in awhile. it's fun to watch. >> that's the end of our show. there's j?j?j7
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a gas pump noz el still attached. why it's not the driver who felt it this time. >> holy cow. >> a big, beautiful creature is stuck in a tank full of pollution. >> that water is dirty and has chemicals in it. >> how some kindhearted heroes managed to hoist her out. >> his job as a professional cud ler may seem kind of weird. but hear how it works for them. plus extreme pogo to the next level. is some guys read their girlfriend's old diaries. >> no


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