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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 5pm  FOX  June 2, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm PDT

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last night. >> ktvu fox 2 news at 5:00 starts now. >> good evening, everyone. i'm frank somerville. >> i'm julie haener. officers found the body of 44-year-old gerald villabrille, jr. inside a home after a police standoff that started late last night and ended early this morning. as you can see, the home caught fire. police say it's possible the fire started when they shot tear gas canisters inside to try to flush out that suspect. they found his body inside a closet. fremont police say it's still not known if he died from the fire or gunshot wounds. [ gunfire ] >> he killed a cop! he killed a cop! >> the person with the cell phone runs from the shooting. you eventually see the apparent suspect wearing the orange giants shirt running away. >> both officers are at a san jose hospital. ktvu's cristina rendon is
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outside the hospital. how are the two officers doing tonight? >> reporter: the two officers remain hospitalized here at regional medical center of san jose and this is obviously an emotional time for family, friends and law enforcement officers. really when something like this happens, you see all the bay area agencies come together as one big family and we've seen that on full display all day today. there's been a steady stream of officers coming in and out of this hospital throughout the day. we saw them bringing in flowers, balloons, water. we also saw some of the san jose firefighters stop by. they said they were here for emotional support, for moral support. they also brought in food for the families, but as far as the conditions of the officers go, not much has changed since the incident happened yesterday. one of them remains in the icu. he's been with the department about a year. he was shot in the head. the second officer is a 10 year veteran of the force who works
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as a detective. it was initially reported he was shot twice, but we learned this afternoon he was shot only once and is in stable condition. we don't know the officers' identities, but we do know the department is really concerned about that rookie officer. earlier today a spokesperson for the department said the next 24 to 48 hours are critical for him. obviously they're waiting and watching to see that he improves and a lot of people are hoping that he does. a good sign here is he's made it past 24 hours since the incident. hopefully he's improving. we'll have an update later on. >> the other officer obviously is expected to survive. do we know anything at all about his injuries? will he be able to go possibly back to the police force or are these potentially disabling injuries that he suffered? >> reporter: it's unknown at this time if it is career threatening. we do know he's expected to be okay.
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stable condition could mean that he is conscious and talking with people, but we don't know the extent of how bad his injury is, only that he will be okay. >> we've gone 24 hours without identities being announced. have they given a time line when we might know the names of these officers? >> reporter: they did not, but when the police chief spoke at a press conference earlier this afternoon, he said he wants to be able to update the public about these two officers and their conditions, but he can't do so at this point. we don't know when we'll get those updates. >> just a lot of officers coming in and out today, as you were saying? >> i wanted to ask you something. have you seen community members come by, any makeshift memorials or people coming up leaving notes or flowers? have you seen any of that? >> reporter: we haven't seen that outside of the hospital. we have seen a lot of people coming in. we've even seen people as far as oakland. one of them was wearing a city
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of oakland t-shirt walking in with his wife and daughter. all the memorials, any balloons and flowers are taking place inside the hospital. outside it's very quiet. all you see are the firefighters and law enforcement vehicles coming through the parking lot. >> both of the officers recovering, one of the officers still in critical condition tonight. thank you. we should tell you henry lee is covering the investigation. we'll hear from henry in a moment. first we want to give you just a time line of events. all of this started with a traffic stop behind an auto zone at a safe way store -- safeway store in fremont. employees told us the suspect ran right through this store. that was where the first officer was shot. police caught up with him. the suspect fired more shots and barricaded himself inside a
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home just across roberts street from safeway. that standoff lasted for hours. eventually the home caught fire, believed to have caught fire after police shot tear gas inside the home and then this morning the suspect's body was found inside. if you would like to see more of the cell phone video we showed you at the top of the newscast showing the initial shooting and the suspect running away, we have posted the entire video on our website police now say it appears the alleged gunman who shot and killed a professor yesterday at ucla killed a woman in minnesota before driving to los angeles. l.a. police identified the gunman as 38-year-old mainak sarkar, a former student at ucla who also attended stanford. investigators say he killed 39- year-old william klug yesterday morning before taking his own life. police say klug's name and that of another professor at ucla were on a so-called kill list found at sarkar's home. the other professor was not on campus yesterday.
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police say sarkar apparently believed the two professors stole his computer code. >> sarkar was heavily armed. he had two semiautomatic pistols, washington monument used for the homicide and the other -- one he used for the homicide and the other in his backpack. he had multiple rounds of ammunition. >> police say sarkar most recently lived in st. paul, minnesota. police found an unidentified woman there also on the kill list dead from a gunshot wound in her home. donald trump is in san jose tonight speaking at the convention center there. trump's speech is expected to start in a couple of hours. you can see the large crowd on hand right now. california's primary election is in five days. donald trump has said he thinks he can win california in the
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general election. history is not on his side, though. the last time a republican won california in the race for president was george h.w. bush in 1988. donald trump's rally in san jose is sparking demonstrations from those opposed to donald trump. when trump spoke at the state republican convention back in april, you'll recall demonstrators blocked roads and clashed with police outside the burlingame marriott hotel. could we have more of that tonight? our south bay reporter jesse gary is live at the plaza de caesar chavez. we understand anti-trump protesters are poised to gather there in the next few minutes. >> reporter: the first few have started to gather at the park, but they're at the far end. they're all the way down where the stage is where they have concerts during the center. that's where the demonstrators are gathering. organizers tell me it will be about 100 people from 10 south bay groups, two different
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divisions of seiu. i've got ryan o'neill with me from seiu 521. why do you come out and protest donald trump? >> the firstening is we know that donald trump does -- the first thing we know is that donald trump does not really represent the values of americans. i mean his statements, the things he says off the cuff are backwards and so we need to show the public, to make sure they understand that and make sure that they see it. >> reporter: let me ask you, when he was in burlingame back in april, there was an altercation and i'm not going to get into what did what to whom first, but is this going to be a case where you just stand and let your voices be heard or is there going to be some rough housing? >> no. there's no rough housing here. we're going to stand and protest and speak from our hearts and our minds.
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we just want to make sure that we are heard, that the american people hear us and especially the community here. >> reporter: i appreciate it. thank you very much. you're going to head over at 5:30? >> yes. we're gathering at cesar chavez park stage and then we'll go from there. >> reporter: thank you very much. that's brian o'neill. they're already started, but it's a small group of maybe eight, 10 people supposed to grow to about 100. then they'll march from here over to the convention center which is down the block and then make a right turn. so it's maybe a block and another 1/2 block away. so it's not very far. >> jesse gary in san jose tonight where donald trump will be speaking. thank you. hillary clinton unleashed a barrage of insults today against donald trump as she delivered a foreign policy speech in san diego. >> donald trump's ideas aren't just different.
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they are dangerously incoherent. they're not even really ideas, just a series of bizarre rants, personal skews and outright lies. [ cheering and applause ] >> the speech was billed as a foreign policy address, but it ended up being more about bashing donald trump. she relatedly tore into the billionaire developer on issues ranging from his temperament to his approach on isis. coming up in about 20 minutes our political reporter ross palombo will have an analysis of the speech and its significance. from a near death experience to shaking hand with the president of the united states, that's how the day played out for an air force thunderbird pilot who crashed in a colorado field today. the pilot major alex turner managed to eject safely before the plane went down. the incident happened after he flew over the air force academy graduation where the president was speaking.
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the president later thanked the pilot for his service to our country and expressed his relief that the pilot wasn't seriously injured. aim jury recommended the death penalty -- a jury recommended the death penalty for a man convicted of killing two people including an 8-year- old oakland girl. alaysha carradine was at a sleepover in 2013 when darnell williams opened the front door, opened fire killing the girl. prosecutors say williams was targeting the father of alaysha's friend. >> when you execute a child and you almost execute two others and you go on a killing crime spree, this is about as heinous as we've seen. >> williams was also convicted of killing 22-year-old anthony madeiras during a dice game
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just two months after he killed alaysha carradine. more on the shooting of those two fremont officers including this cell phone video where you can actually hear the shots and see the suspect running away. tonight we also talk. to -- talked to the owners of this home where the suspect barricade the himself for others. the home burned to the ground. tonight the owners are wondering who is responsible for their loss. >> also the color of their shirts plays a big role in their story, why orange was used to stage a demonstration today against gun violence from coast to coast. >> tracking the heat in the inland bay valley. it got warmer again today, cold at the coast. triple digit heat to talk about. we'll see you back here.
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[ gunfire ] >> he killed a cop, he killed a cop! cell phone video capturing moments leading up to and right after a fremont police officer was shot in the head. you can see the suspect running away. that same man later died in a fire after a long standoff with police. >> ktvu crime reporter henry lee is working the story. henry, what have you found out? >> reporter: julia, we did get this chilling cell phone video from a witness in the case. this is, of course, the first of two incidents that left two fremont police officers injured. we did hear from today both officers still in the hospital, one in critical condition. take a look at this video. [ gunfire ] >> he killed a cop! he killed a cop!
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>> reporter: take a look at this individualful authorities say it shows a confrontation -- video. authorities say it shows a confrontation between an officer and a suspect, 44-year- old gerald villabrille of san jose behind an auto store. he was in a truck stolen from san jose. there is a shootout between villabrille and an officer who has about a year on the force. sources say the officer was shot in the face and is in critical condition. >> we have an officer down. we need all unit responding. >> reporter: here right after the shooting you see the suspect wearing an orange giants jersey and shorts running from the scene. witnesses say the gunman ran through a nearby safeway asking in a panic how to get out of the store. as more officers converged on the scene, a detective confronted the suspect in the backyard of a home on roberts avenue. sources say villabrille opened fire hitting the detective in his side. the suspect was shot by police
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gunfire at some point. >> let's go! >> shots fired! shots fired! >> shots fired again, 4-1. 212 roberts. shots fired. >> reporter: the suspect fired shots ball the backdoor of this complete stranger's home and -- into the backdoor of this complete stranger's home and then barricaded himself. s.w.a.t. officers fired tear gas into the home. villabrille called 911 claiming falsely to have a hostage. the suspect refused or was unable to come out. we don't know if the suspect who died was found dead from gunfire, the fire or a combination of both. as far as the two in the stolen gmc sierra truck with him, both have been arrested. ledge rile, ktvu channel 2 news. -- henry lee, ktvu fox 2 news.
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>> how is it they actually pinpointed this house? you said there were bullet holes in the door. is that how they found him in that door? >> reporter: that's right. they used a combination of technology, a drone, helicopter and k-9 unit. there was no one in there even though he claimed at one point during the 911 call that he had a hostage. he was really unable or unwilling to come out. i was injured. the negotiation team did hear him breathing labored. so they knew he was injured in some fashion. they did track him to his home and unfortunately in this case he did not survive. thankfully the officers are alive at this point. we are obviously hoping both pull through. >> henry, going back to the initial shooting where the police car was right up against that pickup truck, we heard several shots fired. do we know, can we tell from that video who fired first and was the officer able to fire back? >> reporter: yeah.
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it's unclear from this video. it's pretty shaky at the moment with gunfire, but we do understand there was an exchange of gunfire between mr. villabrille and the officer who has a year on the force. we don't know who fired first. you saw the suspect running away. that's when officers tended to their injured officer and 10 minutes later engaged in a second shootout with the same suspect. >> henry, are we learning any details about are these men from the bay area? are they local? >> reporter: the suspect is from san jose. the man and woman in the car with them haven't been identified, but they were definitely detained and arrested last night. we don't know anything about their identities. the main suspect who is now dead did have a criminal record. >> henry lee in fremont tonight with the latest on the investigation. just to recap, two officers shot, one in stable condition expected to survive. the other officer is in critical condition. they say the next 24 hours will
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be crucial as to whether that officer survives. we start tracking the fog out there. it's pretty shallow along the coast and that allows the inland temperatures to soar. i mentioned it last night and i'll mention it a lot this summer. i used to work at a restaurant called charlie brown in college and i could see the bridge every day and i would watch it before i was studying weather at berkeley. you could see the depth of this marine layer like today was directly correlated to the temperatures of the inland valleys. i know it sounds simple to you, but i was 17 years old washing dishes and as the fog extended i would see differences in the microclimates. so with an inversion like that shallow, probably 1,000 feet. that north tower is 728 feet, something like that, but it's just under 1,000 feet.
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so the inversion is about 1,000 feet. that is most of the coastal hills. so most of the fog and cool air stays away. tomorrow will be warmer, just that simple, unless you're at the beach, cliff house, it's cold. you can see the cooling influences and the current temperature pattern, 95 in fairfield, 94 in livermore, suspect tomorrow night at this time we'll be looking at upper 90s, maybe a couple low 100s. gustat lunchtime oakland is in the mid-70s and by 4:00 or 5:00 upper 70s and that forecast is for the airport. for parts of oakland on the hill by all the concrete you'll probably be in the low 80s tomorrow. lots of mid-80s in the bay like fremont and mountain view. the forecast for tomorrow, then, there's those 100s right on the edges of the inland bay
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valleys. tomorrow's foot print, it's a classic july footprint there, middle of summer thing with very high heat, very cool temperatures. when this all breaks down sometime on sunday, the wind will come flushing into that valley once that inversion, the fog bank, gets up over the coastal hill. today i showed you the north tower at about 1,000 feet. when it hits 1,500 feet, it starts spilling in and it's game on for cooling. that's sunday. it might be saturday night, but i think it will be on sunday. the five-day forecast, the cooling agains to be noticeable sunday and it cools off kind of sunday, monday and tuition. there's the five-day forecast, it's a dry one, spare the air day today and -- >> it's hot. >> -- it's hot, especially inland. >> this was our first spare the air day of the season? >> yes. i think we'll have many more. coming up new at 6:00 another potential black eye for
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the san francisco county jail, why one family is now alleging that the city did not do enough to save one of their loved ones. >> also ahead legendary boxer muhammad ali is sent to the hospital, coming up at 6:00 what happened and the latest on his condition. she had to earn it.anded to cecilia aguiar-curry. built a business. became an expect in water policy.
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balanced budgets. and always solving problems. that's how she brought much-needed technology to local classrooms... so every child has an opportunity to learn. and worked to create more local jobs... so more families can get ahead. that's democrat cecilia aguiar-curry for assembly.
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it's all about to happen at oracle arena, game one of the nba finals between the warriors and lebron james and the cleveland cavaliers. >> it is the rematch fans have
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been waiting for. ktvu's jason appelbaum is courtside right now. a lot of activity out there right now. how's it going? >> reporter: there's another network that actually owns the rights, so we got booted off the court. >> reporter: got a lot of warriors fans. >> reporter: definitely. [ shouting ] >> reporter: no lack of spirit. thanks, guys, appreciate it. all right. it's just one of those things where there's a certain feeling of excitement that can't be really described. it's an era, an aura. >> reporter: inside we were there a few minutes ago. it was filling up with fans. everybody was watching steph curry. it does add a little something when it's the nba finals. the fans kind of veterans of the finals because they were there obviously last year. >> reporter: a lot of people have an opinion how this thing
5:27 pm
is going to go. if you listen to talk radio, it seems to me everything will change by who shoots the better three-point shot which seems obvious, but that wasn't cleveland's deal a year ago. >> reporter: no. it sure wasn't. this year the warriors had a record for the most three- pointers, the first team to make more than 1,000 three- pointers. cleveland was the fifth most prolific three-point shooting team of all time. so they shoot three's in their own right. that's why this is a different series. in fact, in the playoffs cleveland has been outshooting the warriors. this is a very different cleveland team. the warriors know it. they say this year really has nothing to do with last year. >> this is a difference team in general. not only do they have kyrie and kenny love.
5:28 pm
they are mixing up their team and play a different style of basketball. i think it's important to realize it's not the same cavs team identical to how they were last year and how they were playing. >> we don't control who is on the floor or their rotations. we play what's in front of us. >> just a challenge, you know. we want them be at full strength. we don't want to see anybody get injured. i think we embrace the challenge. >> reporter: you know, we're taking a look at some of the warrior fans getting ready to go in and i've been looking everywhere for any cleveland cavalier fans, even guys wearing lebron jerseys. they are far and few between. i think it's safe to say not too many people here from cleveland. >> reporter: so far i've seen one guy walk by in a cleveland jersey and that's it, just one. >> reporter: i'll be happy to get inside of the friendly confines. >> reporter: it's hot out here. >> reporter: we'll check with you in an hour or so.
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>> i just love seeing fans fired up like that. thank you. >> they have a lot of friends out here. still to come, more on the suspect wanted for shooting those two police officers in fremont. you'll recall he broke into a home, barricaded himself there and hid from police. now there's nothing left of the home. after a fiery end to a long standoff the home's owners and renters are trying to figure out who is responsible for all this and why no one has contacted them. >> also hillary clinton goes on the attack taking aim at donald trump hitting him up, coming up the barrage of criticism at her republican rival.
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there was more than just orange paint on the golden gate bridge today. a growing grassroots group called moms demand action staged demonstrations coast to coast on national gun violence awareness day and orange plays a big part. we have the report now from the golden gate bridge. >> reporter: the golden gate bridge was one of many sites nationwide where moms wearing orange marched against gun violence that claims more than 90 american live each and every day. >> today is really about elevating the conversation, raising awareness and remembering victims of gun violence. 33,000 people a year are killed by guns, nine children and teens every day are killed by
5:33 pm
guns. >> reporter: lieutenant governor gavin newsom says we've become numb to events such as the sandy hook school massacre. >> we have a society that accepts 10050 mass school shootings since newtown is the biggest challenge. we have more preschoolers shot than even police officers in the line of duty in this country. >> reporter: moms demand action is now focusing on local action. >> moms demand action are not anti-gun. we're not anti-2nd amendment, but like everything else with the 1st amendment freedom of speech we believe there should be common sense guidelines, regulations. >> reporter: but moms are now concentrating the fight to towns and statehouses just like the local national rifle association chapters do. >> they have an extraordinary grassroots organization that's very decentralized. so that need to be countered and that's what today is all about is countering that voice, bottom up not top down. >> moms demand action is based
5:34 pm
upon the same format used with mothers against drunk driving. we're using that same model. >> reporter: mothers against drunk driving which is now a powerful organization across the nation began with just a single mom saying enough is enough. >> we are really speaking to people from the heart and the notion is that moms are a very powerful group and we have the utmost priority and that's our kids. >> reporter: and it's more than just moms. >> we should all be representing sort of this effort to stop gun violence and more men should be here, absolutely. >> reporter: tom vacar, ktvu fox 2 news. >> now the group chose the color orange because it's the color hunters wear in the woods to protect themselves and others. in california along with san francisco there were events in davis, irvine, l.a., palm springs, santa barbara and san diego. we're still following the latest developments after two police officers in fremont were shot. both officers are being treated at regional medical center in san jose. this is cell phone video of one
5:35 pm
of the shootings. the condition of the officers hasn't changed. one is still in critical condition in the intensive care unit. he was shot in the head. the second officer is a 10 year veteran of the force who works as a detective listed in stable condition shot twice. the suspect broke into a home hours before that house burned to the ground and now the renters of that home and property owner are left wondering who is responsible for their loss? ktvu's leigh martinez is outside the neighborhood with that part of the story. >> reporter: the young couple in this house lost everything they owned including their beloved dog. unfortunately for the homeowner and two renters getting back what they lost in this violent crime will take some time. neighbors are still in disbelief. >> it could be anybody. that's the crazy thing about it. what happened to him, that's his deal. he did it to himself, but the a
5:36 pm
man thing is just the people -- the main thing is the people's home. >> reporter: gerald villabrille fired a shot to break the locks to get into this roberts avenue house. the young couple who rented the house were not at home. by the next morning they lost everything they onlied including their dog who was trapped inside with the suspect. >> they're all sad. they're all pretty sad because of the dog died. >> reporter: lin zang manages the property for her sister-in- law who lives in china. >> we found out this morning. i was searching on google. so i found out the house got burned down and that's my sister-in-law's house. yeah, nobody contacted they before that. >> reporter: thursday afternoon -- me before that. >> reporter: thursday afternoon fremont fire believes the second round of tear gas caused the fire. >> following the second insertion a small fire was noticed. because the incident was still
5:37 pm
active and because the suspect was known to be armed at that point, our actions were measured. >> reporter: the police chief said the suspect was informed about the fire but refused to come out. flames later engulfed the entire house. zang says she's trying to help her sister-in-law file an insurance claim but needs to know who is responsible. >> it's kind of weird. i was expecting someone might contacts mem because i don't know who should i contact? -- might contact me because i don't know who should i contact? >> reporter: the mayor says they should reach out to the property owner soon. >> it's not their fault this happened in the neighborhood. i'm sure it will be taken care of. >> reporter: fremont said the focus today is on the investigation, but all the victims will get answers from law enforcement in the days to come. the red cross says that it is helping the young couple displaced by the fire both financially and emotionally and fremont's mayor says he hopes the community comes together for this couple so that they can start rebuilding their
5:38 pm
lives. >> leigh martinez in fremont tonight, thank you. the presumptive republican presidental nominee donald trump just landed in the bay area about five minutes ago. you can see his plane here at san jose international airport, this view from sky fox. trump will make his way from the airport to the san jose convention center where he will address thousands of supporters. his speech comes as republican house speaker paul ryan announced today he will now vote for trump after declining to endorse him in recent weeks. you might remember trump's last visit to the bay area in april drew a crowd of protesters. san jose police say they will do everything possible to allow people to express their 1st amendment rights. once again animal rights activists disrupted a bernie sanders rally in modesto this time. secret service agents and police officers removed those protesters and sanders continued with his speech. a similar incident happened during his oakland rally on memorial day. sanders told a crowd of more than 2,000 people the
5:39 pm
disruptions might get more attention than his message. >> what the american people are tired of is large multi national corporations and wall street and corporate media and wealthy campaign contributors exercising unbelievable power over the political and economic life of this country. >> actress susan serandon introduced sanders at the rally. bernie sanders has been criss- crossing california with just days to go until the california primary. meantime hillary clinton campaigned today in san diego delivering a speech about foreign policy. >> our political reporter ross palombo is here. hillary clinton was very pointed in her criticism of donald trump today. >> that's right. she went ballistic today hitting donald trump again and again. she has finally found a way to strike back. it wasn't based on personal insults. it was a line by line
5:40 pm
repudiation of his foreign policy statements. >> he has said that he would order our military to carry out torture. he praises dictators. raises dictators. this is not someone who should ever have the nuclear code. making donald trump our commander in chief would be a historic mistake. >> reporter: hillary clinton launching a military assault on donald trump. >> donald trump's ideas aren't just different. they are dangerously incoherent. they're not even really ideas, just a series of bizarre rants, personal feuds and outright lies. [ cheering and applause ] >> reporter: but even before she took to the stage in san diego, shot after shot had been fired back and forth. >> she's one of the worst secretaries of state in the history of our country. >> donald trump himself is a fraud. >> reporter: the race for the white house is getting increasingly ugly. the two candidates leading the pack already working to ramp up
5:41 pm
support for the general election even before the california primary. clinton started off this morning calling trump's foreign policy chaos. trump fired back with all of crooked hillary clinton's foreign policy experience she has made so many mistakes and i mean real monsters, no more hrc. but later today clinton sending the strongest message in san diego attacking trump in front of military families saying he would be a "dangerous president." >> he is not just unprepared. he is temperamentally unfit to hold an office that requires knowledge, stability and immense responsibility. [ cheering and applause ] >> all of this happening just four days before the california primary. she's in a statistical dead heat with bernie sanders right now and it's not immediately apparent how this can help her
5:42 pm
there. keep in mind bernie sanders does better when he's matched up against donald trump. hillary clinton is not as well as him. maybe this will change that. if people see hillary clinton more successful at attacking donald trump, maybe those numbers will change for her. >> the question is, too, if she does become the nominee, where do all bernie sanders' supporters go? do they vote for her, not vote, vote for trump? a lot of people are saying they want bernie sanders. they'll have a hard time voting for hillary clinton. >> yeah. the worst thing that could possibly happen is if bernie sanders supporters don't vote for anyone, if they sit out and do this anyone but hillary thing, but i think that he is going to run to her side at least at the end of the convention process, right, and pledge his support to her? he said as much, that he will do such. he definitely is a man of his word. he's proven that so far. >> again the primary next tuesday, will be very interesting to see. >> it's coming up in four days and the polls are in a statistical dead heat neck and
5:43 pm
neck. we've seen two or three now all saying that. remember bernie sanders doesn't do as well in polls. it is very possible bernie sanders could be the big winner come tuesday night. >> very quickly, if hillary clinton does lose, how big of loss is that for her? >> it's just really an image thing. she'll probably have the numbers to clinch the nomination by the time the polls close in new jersey most likely. she doesn't want to come into the convention having lost the biggest most diverse state in the entire union. he'll have much more argument then to perhaps change the nomination process and get some of those superdelegates which is a big part of his problem still. >> thanks, ross. the east bay is quickly becoming a major testing site of the world of driverless cars. this week we got in to see the testing. coming up we'll show you how a former naval weapons station has turned into the place for new driving technology. >> also ahead the gorilla enclosure is reopening at the cincinnati zoo after a gorilla
5:44 pm
was shot and killed there last weekend after a little boy fell into the exhibit, details about changes the zoo is making to try to make it safer.
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5:46 pm
we learned more details today about the death of prince. investigators confirm he died of an opioid overdose. the 57-year-old singer was found in his estate in
5:47 pm
minneapolis. for weeks hundreds of fans have come to visit prince's compound to lay flowers and pay respects. sheila e. told reporters prince had problems with physical pain which led many to speculate about possible drug abuse. the cincinnati zoo will reopen its gorilla exhibit next week with a higher barrier after this little boy got into the enclosure leading to the deadly shooting of a gorilla. the zoo's decision to shoot and kill the gorilla to protect the boy set off a firestorm of controversy. animal experts say this is a no win decision that shouldn't be second guessed because the life of a second child was at stake. >> they can take a green coconut and smash it like this like a marshmallow. the power is beyond comprehension. there was no other decision to make. >> police wrapped up their investigation into the mother and are not recommending she face any charges. the east bay is quickly becoming one of the world's major testing sites for driver little cars. still ahead we get a close-up
5:48 pm
look at the testing now underway. >> tracking the heat that's out there, warmer today in the inland bay valley, hotter for your bay area friday and saturday, what you can expect in your neighborhood.
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go ahead. >> it's so funny. i thought you were going to. >> ladies first. >> what we wanted to say was it's another beautiful day around the bay area and go to weather. that was funny. >> without question
5:51 pm
temperatures today were warmer in many locations and we saw numbers in the inland valley back to the mid-90s, so brought them up 3 to 4 degrees. these are the outside current temperatures, 93 concord, 94 livermore. highs tomorrow warmer, add another 5 degrees. current departure from yesterday, 12 degrees warmer now in santa rosa than yesterday. the heat-up is very apparent, 11 degrees warmer in fairfield. even sfo 1 degree warmer, so pretty much everybody warmed up a little bit. heading into san francisco tomorrow, patchy fog in the morning, coastal stuff, burns off quick. at lunchtime it's 66 degrees. as you head into the afternoon hours 70 degrees san francisco. go 20 miles to the east and it's going to be 80, 90 degrees. berkeley tomorrow in the upper 70s, low 80s, out in lafayette 90s. poke into clayton area and you're touching on 100, maybe
5:52 pm
101, 103. the big numbers 103, stockton, sacramento, the far inland valleys. a solid 65 degrees in some cases coast to inland tomorrow. saturday will be warm as well, hot inland, cool coast. that's how it's been. that's why we aren't seeing heat advisories. if the coast didn't have the fog and we didn't have the setup we have now, we'd be looking at increased fire danger and heat advisories, but the fog kind of keeps everybody in the cities a little bit cooler. >> all right. thanks, bill. still to come here on the news at 6:00 republican presidential candidate donald trump arrived in the bay area a few minutes ago on his trump airplane. we'll take you live to where supporters are already lined up to hear him. >> a legal battle, why one family says the city didn't do enough to save their loved one's life.
5:53 pm
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the city of concord is quickly becoming a major testing site in the world of driverless cars. ktvu's tom vacar was at the former naval weapons station where bullets and bombs have given way now to bumpers and software. >> reporter: at the former concord naval weapons station honda is testing the latest in driverless cars. the aging facility called gomentum is like many towns
5:56 pm
with tunnels, overpasses, potholes and one of the advantages of the site is that it's old with lots of infrastructure, the same kind of infrastructure that many driverless cars will have to negotiate for many years to come. >> it's a golden opportunity to test under those conditions. >> reporter: the director of the contra costa transportation authority is the administrator of gomentum. >> the idea is to have three to five automobile manufacturers because at the end of the day a honda wants to know it can pass a nissan. not only do they have to avoid obstructions, but other vehicles. we're very excited about the opportunity. >> reporter: here a honda predicts and stops before hitting a pedestrian. here it stops and turns without driver commands. here it automatically avoids a standing hazard as it moves along to its destination. almost any scenario is possible here. >> we need a place like this which is secure which we can
5:57 pm
stage scenarios that are unusual but very important. >> reporter: gomentum is perfectly situated, 40 miles from silicon valley where every major automaker has research facilities, 70 miles from sacramento where the nation's leading auto regulations are written. >> that's why a place like this station is so important because this is where the testing and collaboration and engagement can happen. >> reporter: the ceo of global automakers, a concourse upof automakers and -- consortium of automakers and suppliers are working hard to make sure that lack of regulation or overregulation don't retard the speed of this technology. >> make sure there is good pace between innovators who are moving quickly to save lives, save time and save fuel on america's roadways and regulators who have an important responsibility to make sure all this happens appropriately. to be able to test in the kind of facility that looks like an older roadway just about any place in america is a really great opportunity for the
5:58 pm
engineers and innovators to understand really in a variety of conditions and circumstances how the technology will work. >> reporter: given the enormous complexity of developing completely driverless cars will keep this place busy for many years to come. >> eyes off, hands off, mind off driving i think is a little further away than most people are saying right now today. >> reporter: while researchers can learn millions of things here, the reality is in the real world billions of things can go wrong which is why we'll still have accidents. we'll still have recalls. we'll still have technological upgrades with each new model. tom vacar, ktvu fox 2 news. ktvu fox 2 news at 6:00 starts now. the man accused of shooting two police officers in fremont is found dead after a fire burns down the home where he was hiding. tonight we are learning more about the long standoff that ended in his death plus the latest on the conditions of the wounded officers.
5:59 pm
good evening. i'm julie haener. >> i'm frank somerville. we have team coverage tonight. ktvu's cristina rendon is at the hospital in san jose monitoring the statute is of those two wounded officers. -- status of those two wounded officers. >> but we begin right now with ktvu's henry ross. what are police saying? >> reporter: we do not know if the dead suspect died from gunfire from police or the fire that engulfed the home he was found hiding in or some combination. meantime we've obtained cell phone video and audio from the two fremont officers injured. [ gunfire ] >> they killed a cop. he killed a cop, yeah. >> reporter: look at this video. authorities say it shows a confrontation between an officer and the suspect, 44- year-old gerald villabrille of san jose behind the auto zone store on fremont boulevard. he and two people are inside a
6:00 pm
gmc sierra truck stolen from san jose. there's a shootout between villabrille and the officer who has about a year on the force. the officer was shot in the face and is in critical condition. >> officer down. all units respond. firefighters are here now. >> reporter: here right after the shooting you see the suspect wearing an orange giants jersey and shorts running from the scene. witnesses say the gunman ran through a nearby safeway asking in a panic how to get out of the store. as more officers converged on the scene, a detective confronted the suspect in the backyard of a home on roberts avenue. villabrille opened fire hitting the detective in his side. the suspect was shot by police gunfire at some point. >> get units to fremont. let's go. >> unit to fremont roberts. >> gunfire gunfire! [ bleep ]. >> shots fired again 4-1. 212


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