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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 6am  FOX  June 13, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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so we are in store for a big cooldown. today will continue for some and he began yesterday in the north bay and santa clara valley. santa rosa 73, palo alto and livermore 74. and maybe about 68 tomorrow, a low cloud deck getting helped along by this vigorous system dropping in from the pacific northwest. the fog has no problem forming in this pattern, and the delta breeze alive and well. 50s, load, mid-to upper, and this low cloud deck continues to make a surge. and it deals like february, and we are talking about rain for northern california wednesday and thursday. for us, load clouds, breezy and cooler, 60s and 70s and that is it for the week, and maybe up to 80 degrees inland, a hard to believe.>> maybe it will get back to normal, and the fog is
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not affecting the commute so far. this is a look at the east shore freeway, and the carquinez bridge to the maccarthur maze, not a bad commute. the bay bridge is backed up for a 25 to 30 minute delay, a big crowd. and abducted concord, the traffic on highway 4 not looking bad. continuing to look good from hayward to fremont, slow traffic heading south. new informational the deadly mass shooting at the orlando nightclub early yesterday morning. 50 people including the gunman are dead, dozens more hospitalized. we have alex savidge in the newsroom with the investigation into what is being called, "active terror.">> reporter: authorities are working to notified the loved ones across the country. this was the deadliest mass shooting in modern u. s.
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history. today we learned about the heroic actions taken by the police to prevent more people from being killed. the gunfire began after 2 am on sunday morning inside the pulse nightclub in orlando, a gay nightclub that is very popular . the clubgoers initially realize that someone was shooting inside the packed club, and they rushed to escape. the gunman, omar mateen firing an assault rifle into the club, and orlando police officers responded, and the shooter took several people hostage inside a bathroom. the police negotiated with the gunman for several hours before using an armored vehicle to smash a hole in the wall of the club to rescue the rest of the hostages. >> based on the statements made by the suspect, and based on information we received from the suspect and from the hostages and people inside, we believe further loss of life
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was imminent. i made the decision to commence the rescue operation.>> the police chief said that the gunman came out to the same old that have been made in the wall at the club, and that is when the shooter got into a gunbattle with the police officers, and he was ultimately killed in the firefight. and while omar mateen was barricaded in the bathroom for three hours, he called 911 and pledged his allegiance to the islamic state, and the fbi is investigating whether the attack was ordered by isis, and we understand that omar mateen had been previously investigated by federal authorities for possible ties to terrorism, but ultimately he had been cleared and the other investigations. again, nearly all of the victims have been identified, so far the youngest was just 20 years old, the oldest victim was 50 years old.
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one of the victims was a 22- year-old that worked at universal studios in orlando at the harry potter ride, one of the many people that lost his life this weekend. the fbi's leading the investigation into the deadly shooting, and president obama said it was the attack on all of us, calling it especially heartbreaking for the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community. >> we pray for the families that are grasping for answers with broken hearts. we stand with the people of orlando who have endured a terrible attack on their city. although it is still early in the investigation, we know enough to say that this was an act of terror, and an act of hate.>> president obama said that the pulse nightclub was more than just a nightclub, a symbol of solidarity and empowerment for the gay community, repeating his call for stricter gun laws.
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and hillary clinton said she is joining in frame for the victims, and posted we need to keep guns like the ones used last night out of the hands of terrorists and other violent criminals. she also said it was the deadliest mass shooting in the united states and it reminds us once more that weapons of war have no place on our streets. donald trump posting it was a horrific incident in florida, praying for all of the victims and their families. when will this stop? when we get tough, smart and vigilant.>> and saying he appreciates the congrats on being right for islamic terrorism, and another donald trump tweet says that what has happened in orlando is just the beginning. he says that our leadership is weak and ineffective, and says that our band on them must be tough, referring to his statement that they should ban
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muslims into united states. at 630 at 6:30 am we will hear from the ex-wife of the gunman, and morning -- mourning in the bay area. the warriors wrapping up and hopefully the second straight nba title, and they had the chance to win back the title in front of the home fans, but they will play without the emotional leader, draymond green. an outside oracle with more on the game.>> reporter: good morning. the excitement is building and the warriors are so close to winning this. right now they are getting the arena ready because there was a concert last night, and they are working on converting it back into the court. everybody is talking about how the warriors will have to win
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against the cleveland cavaliers without draymond green who has been such a valuable player during the finals. he was suspended by the nba yesterday after they reviewed the play from game 4, lebron james got tangled up with green, and green swiped his hand and make contact with the groin of lebron james, and his fourth flagrant foul.>> it is having an emotional impact on the game. we obviously, to make up for, but we have to do it collectively. nobody can make up what draymond green does individually.>> reporter: the golden state leads the series, 3-1, and some say that the absence of green could help to give the cavaliers an edge, but
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the warriors coach steve kerr says that the other players will help to fill the void. if they do win tonight, and will draymond green allowed inside oracle after being barred from being inside. he reportedly is talking to the league to at least be able to attend the game. we will have to wait and see. quite a ride for the san jose sharks in fans, but it came to an end when the pittsburgh penguins beat the sharks, 3-1 to win the stanley cup. the sharks tying it up in the second on a goal by logan, and the penguins get the lead back and did not give it up. and they pulled martin jones from the goal at the end, and pittsburgh added the empty net goal and celebrating the franchise fourth stanley cup,
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and hard for the sharks to watch on their home ice.>> at the end we hit the wall, going since september and showing up for 106 games, special group, but only one team can win.>> it has been a long journey. just to see it end is tough.>> it definitely helps knowing that you have done this once before and that you can find this special group and put in the right were, and have the right guys, and the timing, it can happen again. there are teams that have done it back-to-back. >> sydney crosby, the penguins captain wins the mvp trophy. the time now 6:09 am. more than $3.4 million raised and the winning bid to have a private lunch with warren buffett. coming up at 6 30 a.m., the stanford students show their support for the campus sexual
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assault victims, protesters demanding. looking at a commute where traffic is getting busier, especially at the bay bridge, but in san jose it still looks okay. the weather looks okay if you like a big fog bank in cooler temperatures, more coming up.
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oscar pistorius is back in court, convicted of murder on the court of appeals for shooting his girlfriend in 2013. this is the second time he has been sentenced for the killing. the first time he was given a five-year sentence and later released on parole and given house arrest. the first decision was appealed by the prosecutors. murder in south africa carries a minimum sentence of 15 years, but the court can use discretion to hand out a shorter jail term. the police officer based on administratively, the feat, as the sexual misconduct investigation continues, uncovered after one officer committed suicide and left behind a note alleging that more than one officer had an ongoing sexual relations to with the underaged daughter of the police dispatcher. 6:13 am. the u.s. senate expected to
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pass a defense bill to pay for the military, $602 billion authorized for spending, but a few divisions, one requiring women to register for the draft, and the other one preventing the president from closing guantanamo bay. the white house has threatened to veto the bill due to that provision, and the republicans responded to their threat in the weekly address. >> those in guantanamo bay and transferring the detainees to the united states would deputize -- jeopardize our security. >> we need congress to get out of the way. they are preventing us from doing what is necessary to protect the american people. for the second time in five years someone bid more than $3.4 million for a private lunch with warren buffett, and the private lunch goes up for auction every year to benefit the san francisco glide foundation. warren buffett has raised more
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than $20 million for glide, providing meals, health care, job training and housing for the san francisco poor and homeless. the bitter -- bidder wants to remain anonymous. it is the most expensive item ever sold on ebay. and i will buy you breakfast if you can clear up the traffic on the toll plaza.>> i will stay hungry, i don't think it will clear up any time soon. traffic is backed up for the 25 to 30 minute delay, and no major problems if you are driving through the area as traffic continues to be sluggish driving into san francisco. the traffic is doing okay in the east bay, a little bit of slow traffic, but beginning to fill in. in petaluma, southbound 101 traffic is slow driving on 101,
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and there is an unusual change, the old adobe road near corona road, we have an overturned big rig. the container was carrying milk, and you will have to use a detour. and this morning do not let that catch you by surprise. 6:16 am. the first day of what looks to be a rather significant cooldown begins today, and it started for a few in the north bay in santa clara valley, and the fog did not make a move until late yesterday afternoon. it has come flying in, making a good surgeon. cooler, cooler as these temperatures on wednesday and thursday in locations that should be about 83 degrees maybe 68 degrees. and mendocino county are lake county, but not until thursday.
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until then, fog and drizzle with a heavy fog bank already, and a robust delta breeze. 28 with wind gusts up to 38, making it to the valley. low 50s, mid to upper, and not a big spread, san rafael at 50, south bay temperatures mid-50s. santa cruz 57, and san jose 53, boulder creek, scotts valley as well. the fog and clouds being helped by this system coming in from the pacific northwest. this time of year, this system is screaming cooler, and the ramp up of the fog bank, and drizzle for sure over the next couple of days, and it looks like late wednesday and into thursday is the best opportunity for precipitation. we will keep an eye on this, and signs for early thursday morning. breezy and cooler, windy for the delta, 70s and 80s inland.
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this will be the last day for 80s inland for the week, not rebounding until the weekend. 60s for many, 70s, and temperatures coming down, way down for some. temperatures going from near average to below, way below and from one extreme to the other. i kid you not, upper 60s wednesday and thursday, and the best opportunity for rain, warmer on the weekend. the time is 6:18 am. the soccer teams clashing, and which teams are being warned that they could be disqualified. hey pal? you ready?
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a warning for england and russia, soccer officials said they can be disqualified from the european soccer championship if there is more violence with the fans, chaotic classes in the french city of marseille, dozens injured. the violence erupted saturday after the russian fans rushed the opposing fans inside the stadium during the match between england and russia, european soccer officials considering sanctions against russia. they are trying to strengthen the security at the other stadiums in france. in shanghai, china, a man through a -- threw explosive
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device, and the man took out a knife and slashed his own neck. four people suffering minor injuries after being hit broken glass, and the man is said to be in critical condition. the man posted messages online saying he was deeply in debt from gambling, and was planning to do something to end his life. 6:22 am. the police in santa monica trying to figure out the intentions of the indiana man heading to the gay pride parade with bomb making materials and weapons. it was arrested hours after the orlando nightclub attack where 49 people were killed at the gay nightclub. they got a call on a suspected prowler, and when they arrived, howell was in his car with three assault rifles and chemicals that could be used to make a bomb, and they also found camouflage clothing in the car.
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howell said he wanted to do harm at the gay pride event in west hollywood, but they later changed it saying that howell only said he was heading there to look for a friend. >> the suspect did make an initial statement to the effect that he was going to the pride festival. beyond that he did not make any additional statement saying he was going to do anything further than that, and we do not have any additional information related to what his intentions were. >> one of his friends told the new york times that howell himself is bisexual and has no bad feelings toward gays. they are trying to figure out what he intended to do with the weapons, but they do not believe it was connected to the orlando nightclub attack. but the annual pride event was held in west hollywood without problems. a wiring problem is believed to have caused the fire at the downtown commercial building sunday morning, and they rushed to the building about 4:30 am, and the cause of
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the fire has been late to the wiring of a fluorescent light fixture in the basement of the five-story structure. it took 50 firefighters over an hour to knock out the flames. in colonial park, they are looking into -- inroad oak park -- rohnert park a fire was set on the five creek footbridge, and they believe that someone set fire to the bridge. another fire happened at about four clock in the afternoon on the santa rosa laguna trail. firefighters extinguished both fires, and said that none of the buildings nearby were threatened. happening today, we could find out if apple is going big on artificial intelligence at the developer's conference in san francisco, reportedly announcing an upgrade to siri with third-party immigrations. -- integrations. it may compete with google and
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the amazon alexa, and apple music may be overhauled. the developers conference for apple starts at 10 am at the bill graham pacific auditorium and san francisco. the horror thriller is number one, "the conjuring," and sequels have not done well at the box office, but it had a respectable ticket sales over the weekend. and the third place went to the sequel, "now you see me 2." the time is 6:25 am. the theater community standing in solidarity with orlando, and the tribute at the last night's tony awards. the bay area is reacting to the
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tragedy in orlando and we will tell you how they are showing their support. good morning, looking at a commute that is ready busy on this monday at the bay bridge toll plaza, filled up as you try to get into san francisco. the big fog bank has returned and will be here for most of the week with a significant cooldown. how are you doing today? that's how i am. american express presents the blue cash everyday card with cash back on purchases. my only concern is that this is where we put food. a dog's foot is cleaner than a human's mouth. that's what they say. is it? cleaner than my mouth. get cash back with american express.
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good morning and thank you for joining us for mornings on 2 on this monday, june 13, and i am dave clark.>> and i am gasia mikaelian in for pam cook, and we will try to get you where you're going this monday morning. bring a jacket.>> certainly will be cool today and most of the week, inland temperatures taking the biggest drive down as we head into wednesday and
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thursday. we have a fog bank out there that continues to move inland, covering many locations. the breeze out of the west and here we go again. and a tweet from vallejo, current conditions 55 with fog and light wind, asking if this is a remnant of el nino, but el nino is gone. possible we have rain on thursday, and the trend today and tomorrow will be ringing the temperatures down, 73 santa rosa, and low clouds and the north bay. palo alto at 74, livermore at 78, san jose 75. this system is not favorable for the upper air pattern, san francisco 63-54 and the averages 66-53, staying low for the week. and a big message, and the inland locations cooling off as we get this strong system
6:30 am
coming into the pacific northwest, keeping the fog bank going. low clouds, breeze and windy for some, 70s and 80s, 60s closer to the coast and the bay. we are looking at the commute, traffic is going to be busy as you drive up through the area of the toll plaza trying to get into san francisco. no major problems, but it is crowded getting into the city. interstate 880 north and southbound getting crowded. the traffic in the north bay is affected by the problem on the old adobe road and corona road, we have and overturned truck, a milk truck dropping in blocking the lanes. 6:30 am. around the u. s. and the world people are paying tribute to the 49 people killed in the mass shooting at the pulse nightclub in orlando, florida.
6:31 am
flags being lowered at has staff, makeshift memorial's set up outside, and at the lgbt landmarks. we have an update on what is happening locally, and we start with our reporter here in orlando, tracking the latest developments.>> reporter: there are some fascinating development this morning, including the look into the state of the man -- mind of the man, omar mateen. he had called 911 between the three hours between 2 am and 5 am describing his demeanor as cool and calm. it was pledging his loyalty to isis.>> he would express hate toward everything.>> reporter: mentally unstable is out his ex- wife describes the man police say carried out the deadly shooting rampage inside the pulse nightclub. it was popular with members in
6:32 am
the orlando gay community, and she claims her former husband was bipolar, had a history with steroids and regularly beat her.>> he was abusive mentally and physically. >> i know it is not a religion issue in this matter. for sure because i always watching omar.>> he said that his son recently got angry after seeing two men kissing in miami, and in the meantime, survivors share their story. >> i heard a boom and a boom, and then we heard some noises that were really loud.>> reporter: so far it looks like omar mateen was a lone wolf, but they are investigating to find out if anyone knew what he
6:33 am
was planning, and we've learned there was a third gun. he had two guns on him and it a third gun in the car, and did anyone help him to get the gun, and at anyone know what he was planning, and if so, that could end with criminal charges. but the fbi stressing there's no threat to the public. in the meantime, we find out more about some of the victims, the hairy potter author tweeting this picture, saying that luis worked on that harry potter bride and was 22 years old, and she tweets that she cannot stop crying. another universal employee that was at the nightclub was hurt and is now in intensive care. across the bay area, people gathering for vigils to mourn those in that massive shooting. and they have memorial set up and they continue to grow.>> reporter: at the harvey milk
6:34 am
plaza the sight of the big vigil last night, notes still on the ground, "pray for orlando." you can see the logo or the pulse nightclub in orlando, lots of memorials here, observing the mass murder inside the orlando gay club. thousands of people crowding into the plaza for the candlelight vigil, some said they were sad and others were angry, ready to fight for the lgbt writes. -- rights. and the actions of those together. but to the long-term effect that this attack will have. >> we as a community are suffering because it could've been any of us in any city. >> when it came down to the vigil last night, he was amazing to see all of the people that came out. one person cannot do that, but it brings everybody together and reminds us of what is
6:35 am
important.>> the bars in the neighborhood are increasing security. >> reporter: the san francisco police will step up their patrols as well, planning is underway for the pride in san francisco, and updating you on the extra precaution being taken in light of that. you can see some of the attributes here, written on the blue pages, a note to the folks that were in orlando, and a lot saying they are praying for the people of orlando, and some are personal tributes to people, people that have a personal connection, "rip eddie." and the supervisor of the district will be out here we will talk to him a little bit more about the showing of love here in san francisco for those suffering in orlando, and how this could impact pride in san francisco going forward. in san jose, cried of people gathered at a community center to help each other cope
6:36 am
with the tragedy in orlando, rainbow flags at half staff at the community center, and the supervisor can you acre spoke to the -- ken yegor spoke to the crowd.>> it is only a matter of time before there is each segment in our society that will be the victim of that kind of a mass murder, and it saddens all of us that they were our brothers and sisters that were the casualties.>> ken yeager urged the crowd to be vigilant and not be afraid to speak out. muslim leaders in the u. s. offering condolences to the families of the victims and prayers for the survivors. the head of the council for islamic confederation says that hate and violence must not be tolerated, and he talks about the connection between the muslims and the lgbt community.
6:37 am
>> for many years, members of the lgbt community and have stood shoulder to shoulder with the muslim community against any acts against crimes of homophobia, along with discrimination. today we stand with them, shoulder to shoulder. >> he also called the shootings a hate crime and said that muslims have no tolerance for extremists of any kind. the bay area calling for action now, saying in a statement, "we are horrified by this tragedy and we encourage all people to donate blood, support the berries victims funds, and attend vigils in the neighborhoods. we are stronger when we stand together against hate violence." it goes without saying in my mind that isis must be destroyed. and we have got to do everything humanly possible to
6:38 am
prevent these types of tragedies from occurring again.>> bernie sanders also's rest is condolences for the victims of the nightclub shooting offering his prayers for those injured. sanders believes there should be a complete ban on sale of automatic weapons. and the students at stanford show their support of the commencement ceremonies yesterday for those that are victims of assault.>> one in three women at college campuses are raped while in college. >> many taping signs on their hats demonstrating the number of women attacked, and said they wanted to show support for the woman sexually assaulted by the former stanford swimmer brock turner, protesters demanding that the universities do more to protect the students and help victims. >> one third of all email and gender nonconforming and train students at stanford are
6:39 am
sexually assaulted in their time period at college, and so we are protesting and basically demanding that stanford take care of their survivors, and give them the resources that they need. >> a plane flying overhead with the banner, "protect survivors, not rapist. persky must go." he was referring to the judge, and they want the judge removed from the bench. getting a look at the letter written to the judge from the mother of brock turner, asking for leniency and saying that sending her son to jail or prison could be a death sentence because he would become a major target. she also wrote mac that brock is a shattered in broken shell of the person that he used to be. that comes with the recent release of the court documents coming from the turner case.
6:40 am
opening older ones in newtown, connecticut, more than three years after the gunman killed 20 children inside an elementary school. 20 hours before the orlando nightclub shooting, another shooting at the music the -- music venue, a singer killed while signing autographs for her fans. traffic getting busy not only at the toll plaza and we will tell you more straight ahead. a cool down begins today, of rowe best -- robust fog bank. ♪ it's time to free yourself from the old way of buying and selling cars. introducing beepi, the radical new way to buy & sell cars, all online. carefully inspected, guaranteed and delivered right to you.
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the time is 6:43 am. just before within 24 hours that the man opened fire in orlando, christina grammy was performing and was shot by man while signing autographs outside of the venue after the show. he was armed with two handguns, a loaded magazine and hunting knife went and shot her, and then killed himself after being tackled by the brother of christina grimmie. most well-known for competing on "the voice." you can help support the victims of the shooting in orlando, a go fund me account has been set up for the victims at the pulse nightclub, and some of the money will go to the families of the victims, and already
6:44 am
more than 35,000 people have made donations, and the group, equality florida, hoping to raise $2 million and they will distribute the money, almost $1.4 million already raised. the number of people in orlando that want to donate blood is overwhelming, blood banks are asking people to stop coming. instead the blood donors are urge to schedule an appointment in come back in the coming days. once said that the donation centers rack capacity, and with all of the walk-up donors, and hundreds of people waiting in very long lines.>> it is amazing, all of the other people that can or will not wait in line are showing up with food, drinks, and it is a horrible tragedy, but it is heartwarming to see that support from the community. >> one blood center worker said
6:45 am
in 13 years they have never seen this. and the host james corden begins the tony awards with these words. >> your tragedy is our tragedy. theater is a place for every race, creed, sexuality and gender is equal, embraced and is loved. hate will never win.>> many of the winners touching on the tragedy in their acceptance speeches, and they dropped the use of muskets from their performance and "hamilton" due to the shooting. and the broadway hit "hamilton" at a very big night . they have pop musical two, 11 awards at the tony's, including best musical, and the make a hit was one awards shy of tying the record of the 12 tony awards set by the producers, and other
6:46 am
winners were cynthia arrigo for best actress in a musical, the color purple, and jessica lange one part in the play, "a long day's journey." the time is 6:46 am. highway 24 and is everybody behaving?>> so far, and east bay commute is a mixed bag of things, some freeways normal and others crowded. 24 is not bad, but crowded at lafayette, and slowing again, so not lighter than usual. today it looks like everyone is back, and the bay bridge toll plaza, the same thing. it is backed up for a 25 to 30 minute delay before getting into the city. looking at the other commits, dumbarton bridge okay, san mateo bridge is moderate. so far so good on 101, 280 and
6:47 am
85. 6:46 am. we began with a another cool week as we take off into this cooler pattern. this week will be cooler than last week and we had a warm up over the weekend. and it looks like southwest flight 1522 is on its way to phoenix. by the way, by the weekend, phoenix could be alerting with some all-time records of 120 degrees in phoenix over the weekend. yes, i said 120, and that is possible. for us it will be remarkably cooler, upper 60s possible for clearlake, ukiah in vacaville by wednesday and thursday. we will ease into this, but that is the screaming message. and when travis gets scattered
6:48 am
low clouds, wind gusts up to 38 miles per hour, that means even up to sacramento they will cool off today. and san jose, 75-58 with an average of 80-56, 100 and the year 2000. i love this, 36 degrees in 1893. a sustained wind gust, and south it sonoma, a cool time for this time of year for them. everyone is pretty close, 50s and 60s, 49 in kelseyville. novato at 50, mill valley and 52, 34 in truckee, 50 in ukiah, 55 sacramento and monterey, doubt they 36 in south -- south lake tahoe 36. for us the fog will be here.
6:49 am
if i said this was february you would say this looks about right, but permit joan -- mid- june this is an impressive system. we have low clouds and fog, but hard to see it, windy at times as we get above the cloud deck. over the next couple of days, 60s and 70s at best, a combination of fog, sun and wind and drizzle. windy for some, 70s and 80s inland, and this will be it for the 80s for the week. 60s and 70s will take over for the next four or five days. today 60s and 70s close to the bay, mid-70s inland. morgan hill and gilroy cooling off yesterday, starting at the north bay yesterday and continuing for everybody for the rest of the week, warmer temperatures of the weekend.>> again, did you say 120
6:50 am
possible? >> yes, for phoenix, an all- time record high, and it is possible they could tie the record of 122.>> i remember it being about 114.>> that is not unusual for them for the summer, but 120 or 121 is. 6:50 am. a new report being released to help the homeless in san francisco, pushing for a new tracking system.
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6:53 am
the time is 6:53 am. a memorial service in novato for the high school student that was killed in a brutal attack. and one where -- and when -- edwin was shot and killed, and another student survived. a third suspect is still on the loose, and a fourth man has been charged as an accessor. the memorial will be held in the our lady church in novato at 10:00 this morning, and laid to rest in guatemala. crews were called a just after 8:00 in silver creek valley road, the fire captain said that a balloon came in
6:54 am
contact with the powerline that started a brush fire. the combination of the heat and wind helped to fuel the flames, and the crews did get the fire contained in about one hour and no buildings were damaged. a bicyclist died in campbell after being hit by speeding car on the winchester boulevard. the 30-year-old cyclist was killed about 4:00 while riding on the shoulder, and the 19- year-old driving a ford spun out of control and struck the cyclist, and arrested for driving under the influence. a new report is due out today outlining what san francisco can do to better help the homeless in the city. city leaders are trying to find better ways to help the thousands of home is on the city streets, chronicling details of the report, including a single tracking system to monitor the home is, what they need and what services they are already getting. there is also a recommendation to invest money and more outreach services rather than more police response.
6:55 am
the school group at the way thomas elementary school raising $22,000 to help provide clean water to a village in ecuador. the 40 members sold friendship bracelets and to raise money at the "walk for water" event. the giants beat the dodgers, 2- 1, taking two of the three from the division rivals, and jp started despite having a neck injury, going all out on this play trying to get utley it out on first but he was safe. and the bottom of the eighth inning, joe panic a on base, and that was all the offense the giants needed as they get the win, and getting this save, and in the meantime, the oakland a's snapping a seven- game losing streak beating the
6:56 am
cincinnati reds. and there was a four run second inning, and adding a home run in the eighth inning. rodriguez comes in from the bullpen and gets the win. the oakland a's are back in oakland and will host the texas rangers 48 the texas rangers 484 game series, the first pitch set for one hour after the warriors game begins, so it will be very busy near the coliseum tonight. a rideshare service promising to help busy parents get rides to transport the children is entering the bay area, hopskipdrive promises to give safe rides to children, and the difference between the "hopskipdrive" they must have at least five years childcare experience, go through a background check and pass the interviews. it is available and the santa fe east bay, and san jose.
6:57 am
the time is 6:56 am. classic car owners showing off their beautiful cars and alameda over the weekend, and the corvettes and ferrari's were the featured cars, but there were classic cars in all makes and models, beautiful. it was hell at the old parade grounds that the alameda naval air station, 230 cars on display.>> it is the first year, but i was very surprised at how many cars are here. some unique cars that i have never seen before, so it was great to see them.>> i love it, the sports car club of america judges flew in from all of the country to take a look at these cars, going over them with a fine tooth comb. those with the best condition and original parts scored the most points, and best in show was a 1937 packard from san
6:58 am
leandro. more on the shooting in orlando that left 49 people and the gunman dead, the effort to free the victims and the three- hour standoff with the gunman.
6:59 am
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." already lost one. we haven't heard from a couple people. >> family and friends mourning the loss of loved ones after a deadly nightclub shooting in orlando, florida. 50 people, including the gunmen, are dead. new information this morning about the rescue efforts and why police say they likely prevented an even bigger tragedy. this and more ahead on "mornings on 2". 7:00. good morning. i am gasia mikaelian. >> good morning. i am dave clark. let's check weather now. and that is a big part of your news this morning as well because things will change. >> much, much cooler this week. maybe some rain thursday to the north. hard to believe for june. today it's about the fog, low clouds and


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