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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 430am  FOX  June 17, 2016 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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mendocino county and partly cloudy and mostly sunny. high pressure in desert southwest building in but it is slow to leave. temperatures are slow to recover. we will keep clouds north but partly sunny for everywhere else. the system hangs on here but it is not going to do too much. it is producing some rain and mendocino county in lake county. there is plenty offshore but it is moving northward. east wind and southwind in westwind, we will get a breeze today. the lows are up, a lot of 60s so some of the cloud cover. 57 ukiah. golden gate korth, partly cloudy. still hanging around so temperatures are slow to recover. 60s and 70s in some rain for one more day north of santa rosa. we want things to stay this
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way. we are looking at a commute now and we will start with solano county. vacaville and or delia, not a bad commute. there are no major problems all the way down to the lay help. if this is your commute you should be doing okay. no sign of slowing yet anyway. looking at the bay bridge toll plaza, traffic is moving along nicely on this early hour. we are also looking at 280 in san jose and 280 in san jose looking good up to highway 17 northbound. it looks good up to highway 17. 4:31 am. new from overnight, a father and son barely escaped serious injuries after a traffic light knocked over by a car smashed into their home in the south bay. it happened just before 11:00
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last night in santa clara. janine de la vega spoke to one person living at that home.>> reporter: good morning. it was pretty incredible. we just spoke with the man who lives in this house and he was sitting here with his wife and five-year-old son and a friend. they were sitting chatting on the couch and a car came careening into their living room. you can see it down a light pole and landed here in their front yard. let's go to some video. this was taken earlier last night. it happened just before 11:00 and as i was mentioning they heard this crash while they were sitting on their couch talking and they saw white lights coming towards them and then the next thing they know, glass was breaking and they jumped out of the way and this car was partially in their
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house. fortunately they just had very minor injuries. they ended up running out of the house and they saw two people that were in one of the cars from the collision. here is what one of them had to say.>> he was trying to brush it off and walk away and checked to make sure we were all right but he was definitely slurring and staggered. we knew he was intoxicated.>> the gentleman you just heard from that lives here with his wife and son was saying that gentleman that appeared to be intoxicated was arrested. they weren't sure if he was the driver. this was a two-car collision and unknown which car was at fault. one car push the other into this house and that is being investigated by police. this sure is very fortunate for
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this family. they know it is a busy intersection in this is close to santa clara university. the father was an angry -- wasn't angry. this could have turned out much worse. live this morning for us in santa clara. a science teacher at palo alto high school is behind bars accused of molesting a student. ronnie for round teaches -- feral -- 46-year-old ronnie farrell lord 15-year-old girl into his classroom by saying he needed help with end of semester chores. he's accused of groping her. he faces charges including child molestation and sexual battery.>> it is very hard information to hear and it has come as a shock to the high school. when they learned about it. because of that fact teachers
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are role models. palo alto school district has placed him on unpaid leave and administrators sent a letter home to parents and students and police say they do not know of any other alleged victims but they're asking students to come forward if they were assaulted. the search to find to missing hikers from modesto continues. they were seen on sunday while hiking. donna hallberg and mark smallwood went on a three day backpacking trip with her dog at crabtree trailhead. they were supposed to come back on tuesday but when they didn't, their friends reported them missing. the sheriff's office says there seb was found still parked at crabtree trailhead.>> friends have notified us that they are experienced hikers and they
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have hiked this trail numerous times so they are not sure what could've happened.>> their friends told deputies they packed enough food and supplies to last at least three days. they do have cell phones but because there is no service in the area their location has not been tracked. a public memorial is scheduled for next week for a fallen san jose police officer. late yesterday, a motorcade led the procession for 34-year-old motorcycle officer michael katherman from san jose to last got is. police and firefighters from the bay area and beyond were on hand to salute the motorcade. many people from outside of law enforcement also were there to watch the procession. >> we didn't know him but it is beautiful to see how they come together for this. they did this last year with a fallen officer as well. it's incredible. >> it is a loss for the entire community and that is important for her to see and experience.
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we drove up onto it and i'm glad that we did.>> the officer was killed in this motorcycle crash while on patrol in north san jose. he was the 13th officer to die in the line of duty. we are hearing from a man who try to save officer katherman's life. dan sullivan witnessed the accident and rushed over to perform cpr. he used the officers police radio to call for an ambulance.>> something that i wish on no one. when you see a police officer down it is not a pretty sight. >> sullivan is having a lot of trouble coping with the officer's death and what he witnessed at the accident scene. he has not returned to work since the accident happened on tuesday. the memorial service for officer katherman will be held next tuesday at 11 am. it is open to the public at the
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sap center in san jose on west santa clara. one of the fremont police officers injured in a shooting earlier this month is now out of the hospital. the second officer who was injured in shot in the head is still in the hospital but he is getting better. the suspect, gerald via brea was found dead of a self- inflicted gunshot -- gunshot wound in a home. prison officials are trying to figure out how when inmate at san quentin died. guards found 55-year-old inmate gilbert rubio unconscious in his cell yesterday. they were not able to revive him. he was on death row for the 1998 murder of a high school vice principal in long beach. oakland woman arraigned on charges that she stabbed a 12- year-old boy and stole money from customers. iona hammond did not enter a plea yesterday.
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the judge ordered her held without bail and said another hearing for next month. last week hammond stabbed the boy who was sitting in the bank's lobby waiting for his grandmother. in addition to attempted murder charges, hammett -- hammond is charged with two counts of second-degree robbery. the boy is now out of the hospital. shootings are on the rise in one neighborhood. what actions are being taken by the police to stop that crime. yosemite national park preparing for the president. what is being done ahead of the first families visit. we are looking at a commute that looks okay so far. this is san francisco northbound 101 on the left, looking good up to the 80 split. our friday weather will look good. south and east, it looks pretty good.
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welcome back. south carolina state trooper creativity has turned into a safety campaign. the trooper got the idea to send tweets with emojis after seeing people drive around barriers and into flooded areas. his common sense tweets went viral. they started a no drinking and driving him lg campaign. his messages are on billboards statewide reading beer plus driving equals police car.>> this message is universal. my mom is from hungry and she speaks little english. when i showed her the billboard she said that means don't drink and drive. and i thought of my mom can get this anyone can.>> there are 85 billboards across south
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carolina carrying the no drunk driving emojis message in the state will add another 85 because the message is so popular. today pg&e will push for its employees go electric. their hosting an electric vehicle event complete with test drives and vehicle demonstrations. they will unveil the new fleet of electric cars including a hybrid utility truck that can be used to keep our own during power outages. pg&e said if it replaces its current vehicles with the new tracks the company could reduce the carbon emissions by 19,000,000 pounds. obama and his family are headed to yosemite this weekend. first time a sitting president has been to the park since john f. kennedy in 1962. thousands of tourists will spend this father's day weekend at yosemite. a lot of whom have made reservations.
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officials are warning about big traffic delays if you are going because roads are closed because of the president. it is a little bit of a late notice and so to that extent it is unfair but i will bet you for every person who grumbles about the waiting in line there is somebody who gets a glimpse of the president and for them it is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. you have to weighs the pros and cons. >> i would not come to the park when the president is here. >> it is part of a summertime centennial celebration and the national park service turns 100 years old in august. the warriors are due in court today and we're not talking about the basketball court. opponents of the proposed san francisco arena have filed a lawsuit seeking to block its proposed mission bay location. they claim the team did not consider several environmental factors including how the arena would affect traffic, air quality and noise. opponents fear gametime traffic a block ambulances rushing to
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get nearby children's hospital. a new exhibit celebrating the nba championship one year ago at the oakland museum of california cold warriors pride open pride. it celebrates the teams first nba championship in 40 years including the 73 regular-season victories this year and we are hoping for additions to that exhibit. the warriors could win their second straight championship on sunday. offers at the u.s. open hope mother nature will be more accommodating. the first round was stopped because of severe weather yesterday. jordan spieth was one of many golfers who did not finish. he was one of her park before play was stopped. you can see the u.s. open on fox sports 1 and ktvu this afternoon. time is 4:45 pm. steve paulson has been watching that in the weather. >> it will be better today. yesterday was severe.
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right out of pittsburgh. yesterday was bonkers. today looks better. let's get to it now. you can see what is going on. highway 76, pittsburgh to the left of the screen. watch all of this rain. this is where we are right now. it looks a lot better and showers will pop up but that was yesterday. no wonder they had problems. big thunderstorms and looking that system. here is what we're dealing with this morning, not much except mostly cloudy north and a little bit of rain as well. plenty of moisture out here but it continues to lift northward. even more so for northern sonoma and mendocino county and lake county. south of that, mostly sunny. the system is slow to exit the region. temperatures will rebound that still slightly below average. westerly breeze at travis and
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towards a chico and red bluff. thunderstorm activity. there is still some rain in the mix. 50s to 60s. we are running warmer this morning and east bay temps, low 60s for some. black hawk 53, 32 truckee, 77 las vegas. 38 incline village. norton 72. the system doesn't make it near the sierra nevada. it stays in sacramento valley and heads up to the northern part of the state. and away from us, not sure about san jose north. it rotates around and then it rotates back lifting a northward. 60s to 70s and upper 70s. slightly below average. steve, we have the club this sunday at 6:00 at my house.
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remember that.>> first release by a new author. >> we will have a discussion.>> i pre-ordered that.>> very good. let's go out and take a look at what we have now. the commute on the tracy triangle doesn't look bad. it looks pretty good on 580 westbound as you drive over the hill but there is a little bit of bunching up after the tracy triangle getting into the altamont pass, no major problems getting out to livermore but there is heavy truck traffic heading west. walnut creek in the tunnel looking good. bay bridge toll plaza, a light commute. no delays at all as you drive your car to get onto the bridge into san francisco with no problems. let's go back to the desk. pretty scary moments onstage last night. meatloaf suddenly collapsed. this is from his concert in
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alberta. this happened, meatloaf was performing his hit i would do anything for love and people rushed to the stage trying to help them. fans were told clear the arena. he is 68 years old and he was rushed to the hospital and we don't know yet what his condition is. popstar taylor swift and tom huddleston caused a media storm after romantic photos of them published in a british tabloid this week. several news outlets and social media postings say the picture of the singer and the actor were staged. swift and scottish musician calvin harris just announced their break up two weeks ago. all traces of their relationship ever -- have been deleted following the release of the publication. you may want to make plans on going to the movies. a disney for a bit -- favorite makes a return 13 years later with a sequel.
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>> nemo's friend gets her own movie. finding dori will be shown in 2- d and 3-d with alastair generous -- ellen degeneres. also new in movie theaters, the comedy flick central intelligence, dwayne johnson and kevin hart our former classmates and they reunite and then they head out on a crime- fighting mission together. the supernatural sequel, the conjuring two, still stirring up buzz at the box office. i want to see this one as well. it topped the list in its first week. >> i want to take my little guide to finding dori. it looks good.>> coming up,
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bart targeting san francisco for track overhauls. the closers you need to know about. a beer in one country. it prompted a search and it caused a stir.
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welcome back. yes, look at this for a friday morning. a baby koala at san diego zoo experiencing life outside. take a look, yesterday the koala patter first physical. officials say she is adapting well and she was born in november but didn't leave her mom's pouch until a few days ago. san diego zoo has the largest and most successful breeding colony of queensland koalas outside of australia. back here sonoma county winery workers got a big surprise yesterday. a black bear showed up among the vines. it was a two-year-old 100 pound bear finding its way into the gated community on 128 outside of healdsburg and got into a gap in the fence. pinioned dustbin eared workers try to scare it away.>> he ran around the vineyard a little
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bit. trying to escape. jumped over the same dance and rent back out into the woods.>> the state department says even though it may not seem like it, bears are more afraid of us than we are of them. the bear was last seen heading down highway 128. oakland raiders three-day minicamp is over and it ended on a high note. check out the celebration after giorgio to becky oh hit a 55 yard field goal. the coaches said that practice would end 15 minutes early if he made it. the raiders training camp opens up july 28. all very appreciative his teammate. the bay area will reach a major transit milestone. foreknew he bart diesel electric trains arrived here.
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they will connect that be point station to antioch in addition to the almost completed project to widen that part of highway 4. e bart will start service in the winter of next year and eventually extending to oakley in brentwood. >> this is a big step forward in mobility for the people of eastern contra costa county. it is part of a number of things happening around the region.>> the new warm springs station in fremont will be coming online between october and november of this year. 10 at 775 new bart cars are scheduled to start passenger service. the city of fremont will break ground today on the first mixed used housing project in downtown. it will be at state street in capital avenue will include 157
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residential units and 21,000 ft.2 of retail space and restaurant space. the city says this is history in the making and it is been made possible through a public- private partnership between the city and housing developers. coming up, a new investigation into an oakland police employee. the criminal probe that is underway. obama offering a message of comfort in orlando florida along with tough words. we are looking at a commute where traffic is doing okay in many areas and even highway 4 where it is getting more crowded coming over the hill. p
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tough night for warriors fans and they are venting frustrations. are we doing enough to combat isis especially when incidents may
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be what the terror group would like to see. we will have more on that coming up. [ music ]. a little katy perry to start your friday morning. 5:00 and it looks so pretty. we get to live here, everybody. thank you for joining us on mornings on 2. you did not oversleep. it is in fact 5:00. i came in early because pam cook is enjoying another day off. >> i am dave clark. steve paulson has things to tell you again on a friday morning.>> it looks pretty good. mostly clear out there except santa rosa north dealing with cloud cover


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