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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at Noon  FOX  June 28, 2016 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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part of highway 17 in the santa cruz mountains is remaining shut down this afternoon due to a fire, one lane of southbound 17 is open, and we bring you live pictures from the area. the camera is with the fire crews as they go through watching for hotspots or flareups following the brush by -- brushfire near the redwood estates neighborhood. some trees in danger of falling or sliding on the road. the pink that is on the ground is where they had sprayed the retardant in the area to keep the flames from popping back up. this after a car fire spread to the hillside at 3:00 yesterday afternoon. there are steep slopes and very dry conditions, temperatures in the mid-90s when the crews arrived.>> reporter: the heat affect for the firefighters, the protection goes down with the heat goes up.>> two
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firefighters reporting minor injuries and crews are expected to be at the scene all day and lane closures not expected to reopen until 10:00 tonight. getting hit with another day of hot weather. triple digits. >> today is a near repeat of yesterday, many hot, hot and san francisco not a bad day, quite enjoyable along the coast with the clouds. it is cool at the half moon bay, 55 degrees, inland reporting 95 degrees, 90 degrees already at livermore at this area. taking a look at more numbers, this is where we are baking, around lafayette, antioch is 94 degrees. and it is only lunchtime. with the sunshine, light wind and hot temperatures, and we
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will take a look at the air quality for your neighborhood. in the south bay the police are searching for a person that shot and killed a man in the northeast san jose. we bring you the latest on the investigation.>> reporter: no arrests have been made yet, but the people that live in the neighborhood hope that the shooter is found. they worried that the victim could be one of their neighbors. the police were called to this neighborhood just before 9:30 pm last night after receiving 911 calls. the neighbors said they heard between four 4 to 6 gunshots, one woman saw the car stopped with his headlights on, and inside was a man slumped over the steering wheel. the man was suffering from at least one gunshot wound and pronounced dead at the scene. homicide detectives have spent
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hours collecting evidence and going door-to-door interviewing the people. they believe the victim could live in one of the homes because they recognized the car he was sitting in. a father did come to the scene later in the morning and fearing it may be his son, trying to get more information on the police, and the identity of the victim has not yet been released. they do not have a motive or the suspect identified yet, and asking anyone with information to give them a call. an investigation underway in any act -- in antioch after they say an officer shot a man that was armed in a cul-de-sac at the end of west eighth street near k street, and they were responding to a domestic violence incident and were confronted by a man with a gun. the officers fired shots and hit the man and he is listed in stable condition. the police in el cerrito are investigating an early morning shooting that sent a man to the hospital just before 2:30 am on dylan's way
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not far from the elementary school. the police found a man suffering from a gunshot wound and was transported to the hospital and is listed in stable condition. a new video from isis that appears to be threatening san francisco, and ktvu has decided not to air the actual video, but it shows the golden gate bridge and the cable car going up the hill, and an armed jihadists in the middle east praising the orlando nightclub shooting. the fbi is aware of the video but it's not confirmed the validity of it and this is not the first time that isis is made video threats against san francisco, and specifically the golden gate bridge. two years after the investigation into the 2012 benghazi terror attacks, they have released a final report.
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>> it claims in part that the obama administration, including then secretary of state hillary clinton knew right away that it was a terror attack. >> reporter: the 882 page report shooting down the original obama administration claim that the 2012 in ghazi terror attack was sparked by an anti-muslim video circulating on the internet. this is what susan rice told the american public just five days after the deaths of the u. s. ambassador and three other americans. >> what sparked the recent violence was bearing on the internet of a very hateful and offensive video.>> reporter: they say that the claim was drafted in washington by the appointees of president obama and did not reflect the eyewitness or real-time reports on the americans under siege.'s back they had to mislead the american people because it is 56 days before the election.>> reporter: one u. s. agent told the committee that he heard
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chanting, immediately followed by explosions and gunfire, roughly 70 people rushing in the compound with an assortment of ak-47s, grenades, and other assault rifles.>> no u. s. military asset was ever deployed to benghazi despite the order of the secretary of defense.>> reporter: democrats rebutted the findings accusing the committee of wasting $7 million in taxpayer money while trying to damage hillary clinton ahead of the elections, and the hillary clinton campaign spokesperson has not responded. a hillary clinton fundraising set to start at 11 am, and special guest include jamie lee curtis, tickets between $500 and $27,000 according to the clinton
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campaign, and this is the first visit to the bay area campaigning prior to the primary earlier in the month. a number of controversial shootings by the san francisco police, the department is retraining the officers.>> it is a use of force similar to that teaches critical decision- making skills.>> reporter: the san francisco police department is giving all of its officers new training focus on on -- focusing on de-escalation and giving time for the people they are in her acting -- interacting with. this is where the officers are getting the training under the simulation device, use of force options, and how often do officers make the decision went to make force or let alone deadly force? >> we have numerous scenarios that would run the officers through, whether it is persuasion, physical control or elevating to deadly force.
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we have trespasser, a homeless man entered a trailer and we will go in check out what is going on.>> a white male adult. no further information. we do not know whether he has a weapon or not.>> gun, gun, dropped the weapon. drop the knife. drop the gun, sir. drop the gun. sir, it's okay, just drop the gun and relax. calm down and drop the gun, drop the gun to your right.>> reporter: what would make you fired shots in this situation?>> during the scenario he displayed the firearm that we could clearly see. it was pointed at the ground. if he made and avert action toward us, or if he lifted or if we felt threatened and felt like he was going to take legal -- lethal force than we would
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take action.>> i need a 408 a block away from the location and i need a supervisor on the scene.>> thank you for dropping the night, sir. take them into custody. sir, turnaround and get on the ground.>> we take cover and we try to talk them down as opposed to aggressively pursuing him. sergeant stephens is one of the folks that does the training with the san francisco police department. this is training that all the officers get every six months.>> reporter: ktvu fox 2 news. credited for raising the profile on women's basketball, pat summitt coast for 38 years at the university of tennessee, winning eight national championship, and leading the olympics team to gold-medal in 1984, and early onset dementia
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causing her to retire in 2012, and she died surrounded by those that love her the most. packed some is -- pat summitt was 64 years old. buddy ryan also died this morning, the head coach of the philadelphia eagles and the arizona cardinals, the mastermind of the 1985 super bowl winning chicago bears, and he currently has two sons that coach the nfl, and he is here with the former defensive coordinator of the oakland raiders. buddy ryan had been confined to a wheelchair, after a battle with cancer, and he was 82 years old. you have no time to grab anything. >> the containment of the fire, residents begin to return to see what is left of their homes. the leader of the briton
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brexit, the emergency session.
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the search is underway for the three crew members after two trains collided with each other, each train carrying crew members, and one man jumped before the trains collided, and he is being treated at the hospital. it is not clear how fast the trains were going when they
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crash, but this the limit is 70 miles an hour. you can see the huge fire and smoke resulting from the crash, and the national transportation safety board is investigating. the fire is ordered 5% contained at the erskine fire and it has burned more than 45,000 acres, 150 homes destroyed. some of the evacuation orders have been lifted, and some of the residents are being allowed to return to their homes to see what is left.>> you have no time to grab anything before you can feel the heat of the fire. >> reporter: cheryl moore lost everything, or south lake home of 18 years burned to the ground, and friends checked on it but residents are not allowed in because the area is unsafe due to the hot spots, possible chemical contamination and crews are working. >> there are downed power lines so i understand why it is still closed.>> reporter: stacy lost
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his home, he and his three kids are staying at the evacuations enter. he is grateful that they are keeping an eye on things. county officials and that the people will be told when it is safe to be rude -- to be able to return and they will set up a transition center to help them. >> there are a lot that of lost their homes and it is a comfort to know that there are those steps and that there is hope. >> reporter: she lost important papers in the fire, one of the things that the transition center will help people with, also financial health. back i am hoping for fema money like they did for hurricane katrina.>> reporter: they are still not allowed to get in, like denise.'s back we have a hard time finding out any information, that is the hardest thing of all, we cannot seem to get information.
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back -- >> they hope to have full containment of the fire by thursday. toxic algae found in the water at the lake, and it could take weeks or even months to clean it up. the toxic algae can cause rashes, eye irritation and stomach sickness, and it can be fatal to dogs. let's check in with rosemary on our tuesday forecast.>> looking at temperatures nearing 100 degrees and going above, and the second part of the afternoon for the inland community, around the bay a warm day and the coast is still cool and it will remain that way through the second part of the afternoon. here's a view of the east bay, a bit hazy, and at the top of the hour today is a spare the air day, air quality is moderate. and as we get into the second part of the afternoon, the east bay is just a bit unhealthy for the sensitive group.
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if you suffer from allergies or have respiratory infections, this is something to be aware of where the better part of the afternoon. we take a look at the coastline, not a lot of changes when it comes to the low clouds and fog's, partly to mostly cloudy with temperatures in the 60s or. around the base 70s and 80s, inland is a scorcher in the upper 90s for the second part of the afternoon. brentwood 93, 90 degrees in livermore, 67 in oakland close to the water, and palo alto is looking at 72 and upper 70s in san jose. 84 in santa rosa. a look at the 24 hour temperature change, onshore breeze with low clouds along the coastline, and getting more influence in the cooldown. temperatures are cooler than it was 24 hours ago. down by 3 degrees in fairfield, two in livermore.
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san jose also just a bit cooler than we were at the lunch hour on this monday. oakland breezes at 12 miles an hour and fairfield at eight. we need fairfield to be cranking close to 35 miles an hour before we see any type of a big cooldown, and that will not come our way today. we are taking baby steps toward the cooling trend and much more comfortable into the second part of the week. more like friday and saturday. for today 67 san francisco, 79 in hayward, 100 in concord in livermore, 100 in antioch, and the at&t park 64 degrees with partly cloudy skies and a westerly breeze. it will be a little bit breezy so bring your light jacket. a look at the extended forecast, temperatures falling off into wednesday, thursday, and into friday before the inland cities will see a break. temperatures bottoming out saturday with warming expected
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on sunday. upper 80s in the forecast inland, low 70s around the bay, low 60s at the coast. the latest on the aftermath of the brexit vote.>> president obama is urging all sides to take a breath. >> there is a bit of hysteria post brexit as if somehow nato is gone or the transit alliances are dissolving. every country is rushing off to its own and that is not what is happening.>> president obama is warning about the scary after the brexit vote for the european union.>> reporter: it is prompting the resignation of prime minister david cameron.'s back while leaving the european union we must not turn our backs on your, these are our neighbors, friends, allies and partners. i will see the closest possible
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relationship in terms of trade and security. >> reporter: holding an emergency session in brussels to discuss the consequences of the british referendum, the brexit getting booze -- boos.>> the united kingdom will not be the last member state to leave the european union. >> reporter: facing pressure from european leaders to act quickly to resolve the political and economic uncertainty. the european council chief says that he is planning a special meeting of the eu leaders in september without david cameron. that says that the eu will not start negotiations on the exit until the british government explicit says that it is not leaving the organization. london, fox news. encouraging data on the economy
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housing setting the u. s. stocks higher after 82 day slide triggered by the both -- vote in the uk to leave. the dow is up 218, nasdaq up 90, s&p 500 up 30 points. a popular dresser can fall over if not fastened to the wall. they will offer a full refund or store credit to anyone that bought the furniture, and they started a repair program, and after the third child died ikea decided to stop selling the dressers. coming up, one bay area city will soon be paying millions of dollars in taxes, the new proposal and what programs that could benefit from the money generated. ♪ hey!
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tech companies and san francisco could be paying millions of dollars in added taxes by next year. the supervisor plans on introducing a tech tax later today which would impose a one in half percent surtax on tech companies payroll, expected to generate $120 million each year that would go toward housing and homelessness. once introduced, the board would be to vote by august be a to get it on the -- august be a -- august 5th to get it on the
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november ballot. councilmembers regarding the cold storage in oakland. supporters talking about building the storage and critics, including several labor unions worry about the health of the workers and the community.>> leading us into jonestown. making us drink kool-aid laced with cyanide, brother. it might sound good, it might look good, but it is a trick.'s back there are 2500 jobs that may be produced that african- american males can be trained, educated. housing may be provided, increasing the outcome of the overall health for our community. >> it is important to note that federal regulation still a row -- allow the transfer of cold -- coal in oakland.
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sources in volkswagen say they're working on a $14.7 billion deal to settle the lawsuits stemming from the emissions cheating scandal, 475,000 volkswagen vehicles with 2 l engines are affected, and the owners that take the buybacks will get the clean trade-in value before the scandal became public in september of last year. air bnb is suing san francisco trying to block the home regulations, requiring users to post a registration number with the listing and verify that the registration number is correct. the company will face $100,000 in fines for every unregistered host, and air bnb says that it violates federal law and they cannot be held responsible for the content that people post and the city has not responded to the lawsuit. there are some big mega millions jackpot, $390 million for the drawing tonight, the
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largest that is been since march 2014 when it was $414 million. there have been 400 there have been 420 -- 420 straight drawings without a winner, and the powerball is up to $222 million and that drawing is set for tomorrow. coming up we will show you this spectacular takedown by a plainclothes officer of an armed so's that. meet the former ceo of the high-tech company forced to live in an rv parked on the streets of mountain view.
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the housing authority is expected to buy the palo alto only remaining mobile home park, 400 people, mostly low income, and the other want to close the park and put it up for sale, and there in partnership with the city of palo alto in santa clara county, and the plan was approved.'s back the council set aside the money that can only be used for affordable housing. we have partnered with the county of santa clara and the housing authority in order for the housing authority to own and operate potentially the mobile home park.'s back if the park owners do not accept the deal, they make use eminent
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domain to get the land. in another development the federal judge ruled that the owner would have to give each tenant $20,000 in relocation payment if they close the park and the owners are appealing the decision. partnering with other bay area media outlets to report on homelessness in the community, and the hope is to raise awareness and find solutions.'s back we have discovered that being a homeless does not necessarily mean sleeping in the doorway our shelter, and the demand for housing is as high as the rent in mountain view. it redefines the concept of a home. >> reporter: in the shadow of silicon valley, opulence and what would be a role affordable housing. it is live with an armada of old-time rvs, not playthings for the well-to-do, this is the new concept of affordable housing. a neighborhood within a neighborhood. >> what is happening all over
12:32 pm
the country, between the housing crisis, the slow and low incomes, many people that were middle-class before cannot afford the rent.>> reporter: bob has been at that him of this pathfinder mobile home for a dozen years, one bedroom, one bath with captains chairs and a steering wheel. and the rescue dog is along for the ride. this was not always the way he lived. back during boom, he was the ceo within amazon title company before amazon mccain being. at that bust costume tens of millions of dollars and this tahoe house, and they turn to living in a bus. years later, trying to catch the lightning in a bottle again, hoping to start a venture will restart the traditional home living. the biggest stumbling block is the bay area housing cost.>> no way living on a disability
12:33 pm
check, so we have this mobile -- mobile home.>> reporter: this is the croissant dough avenue, about 35 or 40 rvs are part year, one minute you are passing million-dollar homes, and the next you are sharing space with motorhomes. the u. s. department of urban development, said that these are technically homeless. >> it may be technically homelessness, but it beats the hell out of that sidewalk.>> reporter: there are many homeless people's on any given night, many working-class families complete with the kids and pets. the homeless agencies say they care for double that number. parking restrictions only prohibit the size and staying in one spot but living like this is not illegal.>> they
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have chosen the park where they wanted to. this city never instructed them about that, it happened organically.>> reporter: and choosing to be here with his family, he, his wife and two children were priced out of the rental market. at $2700 a month for a one bedroom, now he pays $600 a month plus gas to live in the rv.'s back the rent was close to $3000. i need maybe $6000, including the food for my family. it is expensive. that is why i am here. paying $3000 for an apartment, my family has everything here. >> reporter: for the most part, we found neighbors and professionals empathetic about the challenge.'s back it is terribly sad, a sign of the times that we of a severe affordable housing crisis in the bay area. >> reporter: but some complain
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that the living conditions brought on by merging of conventional mobile homes, deteriorating the suburban call of the wild. >> there are garbage on the floor, street and sidewalk.>> my daughter is 15. chester friends over and 8:00 at night, though want her walking through a motorhome in can't met? no.>> we know that the hygiene issue is a problem and it is something we have to solve. we understand there are problems for both the neighbors and the vehicle dwellers, and we are trying to be sensitive to the needs of both groups.>> reporter: are the residents pay for waste removal trucks to service their mobile homes. the city officials say it does not violate public health code so long as the waste is disposed of properly. the providers say that the obvious solution is to create
12:36 pm
more affordable housing.>> reporter: one option that could help a fraction of the estimated 500 people in san jose living in rvs and other vehicles can be found here, parking lots like this one spread around the area.>> reporter: san francisco officials are looking in changing city ordinances or creating them for the allowing the use of the lots for overnight parking. in an attempt to make mobile home living more manageable across the country, and plans on living behind the wheel until his new venture takes off landing him a traditional home. and salazar is on board for another year in his rv due to the uncertainty and ever rising rent. >> these people have one fingernail trying to hang on to the american dream and pull themselves up. if we give them half a chance, stop harassing them, they will  get off of the streets.>> reporter: ktvu fox news.>> on
12:37 pm you can find more information on the sf homeless project and a list of online resources if you or someone you know is homeless. we have more reports on the issue all this week. san francisco police officers being called heroes after their video of a quick reaction to a street robbery with viral. they were walking down the street saturday afternoon, and you're about to see them get jumped by three men sitting in a car nearby. one woman runs off to go get help, but plain clothes police officers that were staking out the car run up the hill and arrest the suspects. one has his gun drawn, going into the car to get out the suspect, the tourist said they were surprised.>> i am from new york and it does not happen back there. i woulnot expect something like this in the city.>> my first impression of san francisco is that that is nice, but now it hearing this makes me feel i should be more where.>> the three suspects
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face charges of armed robbery. they are all from the bay area outside of san francisco, and the loaded gun was reported stolen in louisiana. a technician being accused of sexually assaulting sedated patients, robert lassiter, pleaded guilty to assaulting two male patients at the outpatient site in redwood city, sentenced to one year in jail, three years probation and must register as a sex offender. the plea deal must still be signed by the judge when in court set for tomorrow morning. the former gilroy high school chemistry teacher facing 20 criminal charges including nine felony counts of sending harmful matter to a minor. from 2014 to january of this year, 25-year-old douglas lai, posing as a girl on facebook and sending boys inappropriate messages. he did not enter a plea in
12:39 pm
court and is expected back in court next month facing a separate misdemeanor charge after female students said that he sent her sexually explicit faxed messages. officials may start look more closely at the groups that want to hold rallies outside of the capitol in sacramento, this comes after the rally by the white supremacist on saturday facing off against the counter protesters. there were 100 officers there trying to keep the two groups separate but those that were not involved were asking why the demonstration was even allowed. >> i know they are protected under free speech, but i would like to know where the line is drawn for getting a permit to express white supremacist views against so many people. >> it is a first amendment right, freedom of speech. they went through the permit process. >> there were several injuries, including five stabbings at the protest. federal local authorities investigating a threat made against the bay area
12:40 pm
schoolteacher after participating in the counter protesting. she was being interviewed and was one of the organizers of the counter protest. she teases -- teaches at the martin luther king middle school. the school received several emails and calls demanding that she be fired for participating in the protest. one anonymous email said that if she was not fired they would come to the school and do harm to the students. extra security has been added in the fbi officials believe it is a low-level threat. there's a campaign to make higher education free and the city of san francisco. students and professors are holding a rally at the city hall right now. they are lobbying supervisors to support and initiative called "free city" waiting tuition for city workers and those living in san francisco. advocates say that the city college was free before 1984. still ahead, a top athlete
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announces plans to skip the olympics in real over concerned about the zika virus. the a's take the first game of the bay bridge series. triple digit temperatures, and a cool down on the way, and we will check back in with our meteorologist after the break. - er] yousan fr we've been with you from the beginning. we've seen each other through good times and bad. sickness and health. we're with you san francisco, and you bring out the best in us. care. zuckerberg san francisco general hospital and trauma center.
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with toothpaste or plain their dentures care. and even though their dentures look clean, in reality they're not. if a denture were to be put under a microscope, we can see all the bacteria that still exists on the denture, and that bacteria multiplies very rapidly.
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that's why dentists recommend cleaning with polident everyday. polident's unique micro clean formula works in just 3 minutes, killing 99.99% of odor causing bacteria. for a cleaner, fresher, brighter denture every day. the first game in the latest battle of the base
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series, easily beating the giants, 8-3.>> deep in the center and it is gone.>> the ball was jon is the hit the three run shot as part of the a's five-run second inning. daniel pitches seven shutout innings allowing just two hits for the first major-league win. the giants facing off again. back in the lineup after missing 34 games with a fractured thumb. the number one golfer the latest to drop out of the olympics due to concern over the zika virus, jason day said that the sole reason was the concern over the possible transmission of the zika virus and the potential risk it could present to his wife's future pregnancies. the most prominent athlete to specifically cite the zika virus for not going to rio. the u. s. government warning
12:45 pm
americans about cyber criminals and targeting on large events like the olympics. the u. s. intelligence officials say that travelers should only use electronics they do not carry valuable information including personal data. they also suggest changing passwords before you go and after you return home. a large grant to combat sexual violence, donating $10 million to nonprofit groups working to prevent sexual violence, and the nfl has come under heavy criticism following a rash of those arrested for domestic violence charges. there is a california coalition against sexual assault, based in sacramento. taking a peek at the weather. possible triple digits in some areas and when is the hottest part of the day?>> depending on where you are, along the coast 1:00, debate 3:00, and areas around antioch, the hottest part of the day is between 3:00
12:46 pm
and 5:00. here's a live look over the east bay hill, lots of sunshine and today is a spare the air day, and keep that in mind and be kind to the environment. 84 in santa rosa, mid-60 san francisco, oakland 67, livermore is 90 degrees at this noon hour, san jose 78. temperatures down just slightly over the last half-hour in will begin a slow cool down as we get into the second part of the business way, and when i say slow, i will show you what i mean in the extended forecast. high pressure in control of the weather pattern bringing us warm and unseasonably hot weather. we had this trough that will play a bigger role in the weather pattern as we get into the days ahead. this system moving over the north and bringing back a stronger onshore breeze and a thicker marine layer. a near repeat for most of us in
12:47 pm
the afternoon, a little bit of cooling for some, but you will not really feel it, 60s along the coast in 70s and 80s around the bay. 80s and 90s inland, and some of the hottest spots we talked about vacaville, brentwood expected to be above 100. 92 expected for sonoma, 98 in canfield, 78 in sausalito. low 70s in alameda, upper 70s in oakland. east bay will be baking, 100 degrees in livermore, 104 expected for brentwood. south bay will be warm as well, 87 in the forecast for san jose, 90 for santa clara. 78% of crews. along the -- 78 degrees for santa cruz. upper 60s near 70 expected in san francisco, and nice at the at&t park if you're going to see the giants and the a's play, temperatures going back in the low 60s around gametime
12:48 pm
and we will have an afternoon seabreeze. the extended forecast, here is that slow cool down, temperatures dropping tomorrow and still tough for the inland communities, better on thursday and even better on friday. and by the weekend, into the 80s inland, mid-to upper 70s around the bay and 60s at the coast. the fire departments in east bay are trying to prevent wildfires before they happen, the oakland crews has spent the last several months trying to make same-day have a defensible space.>> riding along with the firefighters as they try to get the homeowners to cut back on the vegetation. >> reporter: here at oakland fire station 24, they head out not to put out fires, but to prevent them from happening in the first place. every day since may the firefighters are heading into the open hills to see if the homeowners are properly
12:49 pm
maintaining the grass, shrubs and vegetation to help to keep the fires from spreading. the captain says that he does not like what he sees in this front yard in shepard canyon. >> you can see all that dry dead grass, how high it is in all of the brush surrounding it. that fire will go right into this house right here.>> reporter: firefighters have inspected 20,000 homes, roughly 2000 are not in compliance, and under orders to fix it within 30 days. the family living here is renting, and they will need to contact the landlord. >> it is pretty dry and it has been hot lately. it is a big concern.>> reporter: up the street, the firefighters liked what they saw at this time.'s back the roof line is clean and the trees are cut back nicely. >> reporter: unkept vegetation can spin a small fire into large one in no time.'s back it
12:50 pm
can be a fire that gets into a small area, and then gets into that thicker brush that comes up next to the home. >> reporter: with the fourth of july one week away, firefighters putting out a reminder that fire works are illegal in oakland, no matter who is selling them. 's back in the south bay, county and city leaders echoing a similar warning about the danger of using illegal fireworks. they say what starts as a few minutes a fun can turn into lifetime of injury or death, urging people to safely celebrate the fourth of july with the public fireworks displays funded by the county. coming up, getting to broadway in a new way to bring broadway to you. the new service launching in a few days that will deliver the action of the musical straight to your home.
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breaking news out of turkey, according to turkish officials, two explosions have rocked the has been bull -- istanbul airport, taxi drivers transporting some of the injured to the hospitals. >> the explosions were carried out by two suicide bombers, a number of media outlets
12:54 pm
reporting the sound of gunfire. you may remember that turkey has been suffering a number of bombings and the recent months, a chaotic scene that we are watching, a number of ambulances and some people are still being treated and taken in the taxis and we will stay on this breaking news. checking the stock market, these are the numbers that we did not see yesterday, the dow jones up by 250 points almost, of 1 1/2%. similar at the smp, nasdaq up by 2%. this is they stop to the slide we were seeing after the brexit. discussions about how to get the homeless off of the streets of san francisco, and fewer discussions on how they got there in the first place, we will hear about the personal stories of the homeless and the challenging views. it is part of our commitment to
12:55 pm
the san francisco homeless project this way, join us for more. if you have ever wanted to experience a broadway show but do not live in new york city, you are in luck. there is a new service bringing the action right to your living room.>> reporter: the magic of broadway is all about going to the theater and seeing a live show. >> my first love always was and always will be the live theater. >> reporter: a new push to take the magic from the broadway stage and bring it into your living room.>> [ music playing ]. the broadway show, "she loves me" the first broadway show to stream live.>> not everyone can get to new york and see the shows like, it is a great way to cultivate worldwide attention.>> reporter: the broadway hd says it is a lot like netflix but with the theater, watching performances of the current and classic broadway shows through
12:56 pm
apple tv or roku.>> you get the experience of being at the show itself and use it in real time. you see the actors sweating in taking a break, and they do not cut away and you see them working hard at it. >> organizers of "she loves me" sadie is the perfect event. >> it is perfect for those that love musicals, place and perfect for those that have never seen anything is far to broadway show or theater live.>> the romantic comedy based on the plate that inspired the hit movie, "you've got mail." >> we wanted them to get the open experience of what it looks like, and amazing production venue, amazing cast in a great story.>> [ music playing ]. >> organizers say that they hope to stream more shows in the future, and for now, set
12:57 pm
your calendar for june 30 and stream it right into your home. before we go, a quick check on the wires crossing, the turkish minister says that 10 people were killed in the blast at the istanbul airport. our coverage is streaming online right now on .
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