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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 7am  FOX  July 1, 2016 7:00am-9:01am PDT

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a 6-year-old boy is dead after a tragic accident in the parking lot of a mall in san jose and what we're learning about the collision. it's a first of its kind investigation, why did a tesla driving in auto pilot mode, not detect a rig and causing his death, that's next. 7:00 a.m. and the first day of a brand new month. >> july first, happy day. well let's check the weather, steve is off today, but rosemary is here. >> good morning, we have a lot of first fridays going on here. we have great weather coming our way and of course a little cloudy and cool at the coast and that won't change and the inlands will be warm as well.
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take a look at the beautiful -- wait, we're going to graphics here and the cloud cover. we have the low clouds and the fog here, creeping inside the bay here right inside of san francisco here. we have an on shore breeze and not as strong as yesterday. only subtle changes here go of afternoon highs for today, low 60s at the coast and 80saround the bay. and then you go inlands and it's a warm day, 90s expected here,. 93 in fairfield and a little
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bit hotter in antioch. the holiday, we'll look at the extended forecast coming up. 7:02 let's check the traffic. >> well, good morning, we don't have a lot of traffic right now and the traffic continues to be light for the holiday right here. here's the bay toll bridge plaza. the commute will be okay on interstate 80 here. let's look at the maps here and let's look at the traffic in the south bay and it's doing very well here. no slow traffic really in the south bay. here's a live picture of downtown san jose as well and the downtown traffic looks good too. so it's obvious that a lot of
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people have take an day off. at 7:02 let's go to the desk. we continue to follow breaking news in hayward where an investigation is underway after a car knock out a power pole leaving hundreds in the dark. here's the scene along lancing way and the pole here. it happened at 4:45 a.m. and initially 40,000 were out of power and now it's down to 48 customers without power. p and g says there's no timeframe when the power will be restored for them. the pole was sheered off by a vehicle and power lines are down across hathaway lane here.
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i'm thinking that might be the vehicle itself involved here. we're seeing the back of that suv there and the investigation is very new and we'll bring thank you updates when we get them. a tragic story, a young boy hit by a car and killed in the bay. it happened in the parking lot of a very busy mall. in san jose this morning tell us what happened. >> reporter: well this happened, dave in oak ridge mall here where you see the yellow tape here, and we have talked to shoppers here and they're just shaking their heads and wondering if the driver didn't see to child. at 9:30 a.m.
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a young boy taken to the hospital after getting hit. that the police are collected interviews and determining if the drive was at fault. >> as can be with a tragedy like this, they're distraught and still you know it's like -- an unfortunate on situation but it did happen. >> reporter: no word on any charges right now. we're told that the boy was 6 years old and the coroner is waiting to release his name until later today. >> all right. thank you. an investigation is under way into the death of a driver that was killed while driving
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his tesla in self-driving mode. preliminary reports show that atractor trailer pulled in front and the car did not stop. the auto pilot stage is still in beta mode and people should still keep their hands on the wheel. > it's a false sense of security, and you need to keep your hands on the wheel. >> neither one of the drivers noticed each other and the positioning caused the model s to pass underneath the trailer and this is the first auto
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pilot related crash and is under investigation. a police sex scandal now involves at least 5 different agencies. a deputy resigned yesterdaybecause of allegations that he had sex with a sex worker. he's under a criminal investigation and he's the third bay area officer to stop down in this scandal. the sheriff's office says we earn the trust through accountability. we will not tolerate even a single breech of trust we worked so hard to earn. >> the teenager that is involved says that she had sex with two other officers in
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richmond and had sex in the cars with them. she spent a night at one of the officers home. she told the officers she was 18 and they were off-duty and did not pay her. >> also the judge was ruling that a series of arrests of drug dealers showed "substantial evidence of racism" all 37 people charged in the drug stings in 2013 and 2014 were african american. officers were aware of nonafrican american drug dealers in the same area and did not arrest them. the prosecutor's were aware that the african-americans were singled out for arrest. millions of people are heading out this weekend and it's expected to be the busiest
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in years for the fourth of july. >> reporter: hey, well, overall here at s.f.o. it's not too bad here at this moment when we first arrived here it was backed. but now it's not so bad. you know if you're coming to the airport today for your driving, pack your belongings and pack your patience as well. security will be tight at theairports especially after the deadly attack in istanbul. we'll see more police officers around the airport and 3 million people are expected to fly this weekend. get there early because of more people and the extra security.
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>> just be more aware. if we're aware and speak up then i think that's good. >> you know there's a lot going on and i think they're being cautious about it and it's a fourth of july weekend and who knows what people have planned. >> reporter: the travel rate is up nearly 1 and a half% and the highest since 2002. aaa says that more people will be traveling. so be safe on the roads this weekend, maximum enforcement periods start tonight and end monday at midnight. they're looking for impaired drivers and seat-belt enforcement. we're going to be near the toll
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plaza. >> thank you all right, time 7:11 it's no secret that california has some of the highest gas price here, in 25 minutes here what is attorney general is doing to find out. and a live report as the trail fire burns and more information on the fire fight. good morning, we're looking at a commute that's lighter than usual. look at the bay bridge here's i think you will like what you see. if you have to drive into the city it's a good drive. minor changes in store and we have a cool down, i'll tell you what to expect coming up. =
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a fire burning is now threatening homes here. >> we're near where the trail fire is burning what's the latest, mike? >> reporter: well here at the command base, there's a lot of activity at the georgetown base. there's a lot of people coming and going to fight the fire. it's really a tale of two different fires here. take a look at yesterday, the helicopter was up over the fire here. after the sun comes up, that's when the firefighters get to see what is happening and where the fire is burning for the day. why i said it's a tale of two different stories here, one is closer to the city of forest
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hill. they're protecting homes therewhen the fire first started. however, it's on the other side of the american fork river, where this concern is today. this fire is continuing to burn northeast toward the town ofvolcanoville. so firefighters will concentrate their fight there today. other than the aircraft, they're using these. 30 dozers here and they're trying to construct fire lines in very rugged deep terrain here, around the otter creek and the american fork river here. bottom line here, not going to be a whole lot of festive fun for people living here near
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volcanoville. so we're looking at the fire intensify here and the clear skies but not starting with any winds so that's good news. they will have a meeting tonight in forest hill and residentses are probably a little more at ease than this side of the fire. >> we wish them well. thank you for the update. we're finally seeing some of that friday light we've been expecting for the summer and it's probably for the weekend right? >> i kind of knew this would happen on the fourth of july. if it was a monday, people take a three day weekend and they take a 4 day weekend here. the highways are light and when i show you the maps it will make it more clear. even on all of the traffic pictures we haven't found any
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slow traffic here. the bay toll plaza here looks like a weekend morning already. costa county here, we have a little bit of slow traffic from bay point to concord and that's about all. traffic the moving well on all of these commutes. even when we have backups it's not bad. chp does maximum enforcement on holidays like this one coming up. well, we have fabulous day in store, temperatures are very similar toed today to what we saw yesterday. widespread low 50s and 60s.
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58 in oakland. santa rosa at 54. hot inland and cloudy at the coast the weak trend here, going slide through and increase the marine layer and the on shore breeze and bring the temperatures down slightly. cool at the coast, inland areas low to mid 90s but then 80s for the weekend. upper 70s in the forecast here and the beautiful inland cities are going to be hot again and 86 here today. 86 for so sonoma here. as we get closer to the water
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we get warmer and temperatures in the low 70s and 80s. 84 for san jose and sunnyville 82. 80 for palo alto, here's the view of the bay area holiday weekend. the temperatures are continuing to cool a bit as we get into saturday. then we hold steady from sunday and monday. who's looking at tuesday here, cause we have the weekend here. just a good looking forecast and bearable, the only problem, that fog for the fireworks and could be tricky. >> all right. time 7:19 a controversy law that makes parents vaccine
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their children and what some parents that don't like it are doing to avoid it. and it's about to cost you more to cross the bay bridge as well as some increases on buses and ferries. = what if we designed a
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it's playing -- >> want me to sing it for you,
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sal? >> well, there we go. >> it's a boss song. >> [ music ] ♪ born in the usa ♪ >> born in the usa, i'm not sure what happened to my music here but it was requested here from a number of people here. ♪ i was born in the usa >> that was an adventure wasn't it? >> well, if there's a special song you want to hear, let us know, you can hashtag your requests on facebook, twitter or instagram. >> all right, thank you. 7:23, well toll prices go up today on the bay bridge, now it costs 25 cents more to pass.
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$6.50 with the fast track. the fairs on the ferry is going up 50 cents and 25 cents for the buses. >> our buss and ferries take 25% of all vehicle traffic off of the 101 highway. if we don't invest if that, we'll see much higher levels of congestion on the 101 and across the bridge. >> this latest toll hike is the middle of a five year toll hike. they will go up 25cents every july for the next five years. attorney general loretta lynch is removing herself from the case of hilary clinton's e-
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mails. she was criticized after holding a meeting with bill clinton. she says they didn't discuss the case but others say it was inappropriate and the fbi is investigating whether hillary clinton or her aides broke to law. house speaker ryan says they will vote at legislation that will keep suspected terrorists on buying guns. the proposed legislation would keep the guns out of the terrorist's hands and follows the sit-in last week be the democrats. the shooter was able to buy a gun even though he was on a watch list from the fbi. yesterday, they passed more than a dozen new laws on guns.
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the democratic control approved the package of bills that could approve the background checks. republicans disagree with the proposal. >> we will not stop moving forward to protect your families and to protect our community. >> all of the bills that have passed to cut down the violence it was has gone up, it's not about the guns it's about the individuals. a woman in los angeles experienced something here we should all learn. take a look, as her wallet is stolen from her just feet away.
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and thousands of car drivers told not to drive their cars regarding takata air bags. we're looking at the commute here, and highway 4 never gets the message here and it's light everywhere but highway 4 has to go and be slow. >> got to love it here, sal is multi tasking today. >> this fog will burn way mostly sunny for the afternoon with temperatures a near repeat of thursday, we'll talk about the cool down coming our way next. =
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[ music ] taking a live look out here in the backyard, the gorgeous oakland area here. you can see the clouds and hazy if you're far inland you're probably seeing a lot of sun. >> i love this song withphiladelphia. >> we're looking forward to the
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fourth of july. for many it's the long weekend. >> let's talk about the weather here and you'll like parts of the forecast here rosemarie is in for steve today. >> we have minor changes here and the temperatures are going to cool down some, we have low clouds here at the coast and we're socked in here pretty good. you can see up and down the coast here all the way into monterey so partly sunny skies here, if we go in closer san francisco seeing this morning too. it's going pull back around 10 to 11:00 a.m. and then sunny skies for the most part. generally light winds out there, 15 miles-per-hour and
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it's got to be a lot stronger than that to get the breeze there on the coast. 52 outside the door here in san jose, so we get to the middle part of the day, upper 60s here. 70s and 80s around the bay and low to mid-90s for the some of the hotter spots here. temperatures will come down as we get into the holiday weekendand we'll look at that in just a little bit. 7:32 time to check with sal and traffic. >> good morning, we had mostly good news. hello to you as well here, at the toll plaza here, people are taking a break here on the fourth of july weekend here. highway 4, we have a little bit
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of traffic here and it's not completely coming up over the hill. it's definitely better than a normal route over the willow pass. we can push in here and show you, but again it's lighter than usual and you will see some congestion northbound heading up to oak oakland. here's a video of a woman here, that reminds you to keep a close eye. this man takes her wallet just a few feet away from her. >> this woman had her wallet stolen from her purse and is just feet way and the unbelievable crime of course capture by the surveillance video. we'll see it to you here. in westwood in southern
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california. you can see that woman, she's standing next to her car and has her large purse sitting in the passenger's side. watch as the man walks out and crouches down and then opens the drivers side door and then snatches that wall let and takes off with the woman noticing a thing. >> then when i saw the video, it just made me very angry that criminals like this get away with this. someone knows who they are. >> winesteven is an attorney and is offering an award on her own. there was a person grabbing the
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wallet and then another with to get away vehicle. and now has a warning for others take your wallet or purse with you when you pump gas. >> i always have my little key fob if my hand and hit lock. >> it's always smart. the government telling owners of certain hondas and acra models, stop driving the cars. it all stems from the air bag of takata, the air bag inflators in older cars are particularly dangerous and new information shows that the chances are as high as 50% they may explode. 2001 and 2001 accord.
7:36 am
and as well as honda pilots, officials say these cars they should be repaired immediately. to get more information on the cars affected, as well as all of the cars involved in the recall, we have a link on a man shot at the state campus has died. two men were shot while sitting in a car on greek row. one man died that day and the second taken to the hospital and died. the police are waiting to release their identities. we're also learning about a stabbing at a movie theater. it happened at the roxbury
7:37 am
theater and police say that a 23-year-old stabbed a 21-year- old with a kitchen knife. the two men didn't know each attacker. >> the witnesses, they acted quickly and yelled for someone to call the police. he ends up running out of the theater and the witnesses started to tend to the victim right away and probably saved his life. >> they're trying to determine if the same man was involved in another stabbing. the man is homeless and moved from baltimore and he's due in court today later in the afternoon. an investigation of last year's high gas prices, the attorney general has subpoenaed companies.
7:38 am
she wants to know why the gas were as high as a $1.50cents higher than the rest of the country last year. the subpoenas are seeking information about the gas prices and the shut downs that caused shortages. she's now running for the senate. 600 pounds of illegal fireworks were found yesterday and have a street value of $12,000. they found this and a small growing marijuana operation in the backyard. a man living there, was arrested during the raid. the san francisco police say they're also cracking down on fireworks this fourth of july. reminding people that using any fireworks in san francisco are illegal. people are encouraging people to watch the free show along
7:39 am
the waterfront instead. the state run news agency in turkey, saying that they have now arrested 14 people there involved in the attack. they're still looking for anextremist they think planned the take. the death toll at 44 this morning. >> the airport officials held a memorial yesterday while a table covered with roses here and framed pictures of the victims. surveillance video shows that before the two suicide bombers set off their bombs, they opened fire on people. >> the evidence that we have obtained corroborates that this attack was taken out by isis.
7:40 am
this will be declared officially once the investigation is complete. >> in istanbul, some people are staying way from the city and areas that attract big crowds. but others say they have become numb and feel helpless. there's 17 bombings there in the past year and almost 300 people have died and more than a thousand have been hurt. today, president obama is expected to disclose the number of civilians killed in u.s. military and drone strikes since he became president. the president will also issue an executive order and making protecting civilians an important part of the operations. the estimate is covering drone strikes in pakistan, libya and somalia and doesn't cover them
7:41 am
in iraq or syria. about 100 workers at the trump tower are on strike this morning. last night an agreement was reached in all but the trumcasino. they were allowed to cancel health benefits back in 2015 and now has a new owner. most of us feel bad for being late to work but two men are accused of skipping work for 15 years and no one noticed. they worked for the government and still getting i paid and they skipped every day last year. they had not been to work since
7:42 am
2001. men argued they didn't have to work because of a loophole and the union is standing behind the men. the project is being called the biggest ever. it would lie near the convention center. the council approved the project this week and would be 9 millionsquare feet and include entertainment space as well as apartment units and hotels. the city is exploring the legal options. >> it's a massive project that could ultimately be a location for some 30,000 jobs and could
7:43 am
be a good thing but only comes with 700 homes, where are the people going to live? >> we have a plan to build the housing units. >> if things go as planned this project could break ground as soon as late summer but only if there's not any challenges or delays. a new feature for helping people living in earthquake zones. they will also have a map showing the affected area and what to do following a bigearthquake. 7:43 if you travel over the weekend you'll be in good company. in 23 minutes, details on the travel and security concerns for those that are flying this weekend. also how parents are
7:44 am
avoiding a law that requires them to get their children vaccinated. we're doing very well here, on all the freeways and we'll tell you about the east bay commute when we come back. we have a nice day coming our way as we get into the holiday weekend. temperatures cool some and we'll line up the numbers here for friday and the extended weekend coming up. =
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our water. new this morning a federal judge has blocked a mississippi law that would delay or
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prohibit same sex marriages. the judge says that the law would violate but the state expecting to appeal. well today the vaccine law takes effect and now the parents that don't like it are taking extreme measures. some are finding underground doctors or home schooling and those parents believe that the vaccines are harmful. california's law requires children entering day care and the seventh grade to get vaccinated. also today the minimum wage goes up in 3 bay city areas. in san franciscos it's now $13 an hour. minimum wage in sunnyville is
7:48 am
$11 an hour. in emeryville, $13 for businesses that have less than 55 workers. it will be $15 for more than 55 employees. the department of defense has lifted one of the final barriers to service by removing a ban on transgender people. transgender troops will be able to change their gender and start to get their medical care including reassignment surgery. we spoke to a woman that was transgender. she says she had to hide her true identity. >> if i got caught i could get discharged. >> openly transgendered people will be able to enlist one year from now. let's go back to sal, have you taken care of the east
7:49 am
shore, sal in. >> well i just got your message here and problems with a couple of question marks here. let me type in here, -- no!. >> well, i'm glad to hear that. >> what is happening here, so a lot of people, the fourth of july came on a monday and they're making it a 4-day weekend here. the east shore freeway, 22 minute drive through the bridge here which is great for a friday or any commute day, so it's not very slow. you'll see at the toll bridge here that it's very sunday- like. they have increased the staffing here for the holiday weekends so they have more patrols looking for all sorts of violations. moving along here and looking at the south bay commute here, we have a very nice looking
7:50 am
drive on 101, 285 here and it's not like a commute at all. we have a good looking forecast for the day. we cool down as we get into the bay area weekend here. giving you a live look here and we're looking at san francisco where we have the fog here against the coastline and that's not going to change. the high pressure is still in control here and we have this trough here that will sink in and bring the temperatures down and the on shore breeze will kick up a little bit. we continue with the cool conditions at the coast and the inlands are comfortable. so if you head out to the fair, the temperatures are not too bad.
7:51 am
let's check here, 56 in napa and 63 in san francisco. at the coastline, not a lot of change going on. afternoon highs 86 for sonoma and east bay, along the shoreline, 70s. low 90s for danville and mid to upper 90s for some of the hotter spots. 84 san jose and the peninsula, 82 for redwood city and 67 san francisco. are you going tahoe for the weekend? we have a little bit of a chance of thunderstorms here, but looking good after that. we'll be a little breezy at times but mainly dry conditions for the holiday there. meanwhile, here at home, we're going to cool it down some. 60s at the coastline and low to mid-70s at the bay and 80s for
7:52 am
the inland cities. we'll shave off a few degrees here and only minor changes. we'll wake up with the morning clouds here and away from the coastline, not the weekend to get to the beach here. we'll have a little bit of fog here on monday and we'll track that for you and hopefully not going to impact the view on monday for the fireworks. another resignation and a criminal investigation underway and the sex scandal involving the agencies of the police. a special coin was stolen from a woman and white house is saying they will replace it but now she says it just won't be the same. =
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[ music ] ♪ their playing my song, they know i'm gonna be okay, yeah it's a party in the usa ♪ >> haha. >> someone requested milely cyrus, so i had gina request that. if there's a special song let us know and i'll play it on fridays. we're doing the theme of the
7:56 am
ussongs here's. a helicopter team jumped into action and saved a 16-year- old girl. she fell from her horse thursday afternoon and the firefighters initially responded to the call but had to call in a helicopter to take her to a nearby trama center. had she not been wearing a helmet her injuries would have been much worse. well police are warning of a mountain lion here the park here. the witness says that the imagine appeared to be an adult and about 5 to 6 feet long but ran away. a 27 year-old man arrested for allegedly refusing to pay a cab fare and then attempting to use a stun gun on the driver.
7:57 am
he was arrested yesterday. when he refused to pay the fare, he got out of the cab and that's when the man tried to shoot the cab driver. the driver locked himself into the cab and not hurt while calling 911. a man hurt when his tesla was in self-driving mode and why tesla says the car didn't detect the big rig in the crash. a 6-year-old boy killed after a tragic accident in a mall parking lot. we're going to share new information that we just learned coming up. well the traffic is doing well here and we'll check on the freeways coming up. =
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well, good morning and thanks for joining us, it's the first day of july. >> and maybe you're heading to work or perhaps you have a nice long weekend ahead of you. >> well, we have nice temps here, we have cloudy and cool at the coasts and hot inland and not a lot of changes from yesterday. here's a sweeping view here, the air quality is good to moderate. we have a cooling trend here and it begins on the weekend here. we're knocking on the door but
8:01 am
not just there yet. fog is out there as well and this is the pattern for today, right along the coastline here, we have a little bit creeping here into the bay. this will clear by 11:00 a.m. and the coast will be mostly sunny for the entire day. we have an on shore breeze, but it's very light here. swinging back into the 90s for the hotter spots today. 56 in berkeley and 53 in half moon bay and the afternoon highs for the day, 70s and 80s around the bay and 80s to low 90s for the inland cities here. here's a look at santa rosa, feeling good and mostly sunny skies there.
8:02 am
i'll have a look at what we can expect for today and talk about the cooling trend coming up in just a bit. 8:02 let's check the traffic with sal. >> good morning, we're looking at a decent commute here, we haven't had a back up all morning long at the toll plaza. because a lot of people are taking the day off it seems. no problems on the bridge and noback up on the east shore freeway. as you drive on the 101, there's been a little bit of traffic here on the willow road here. the good thing is you can avoid it and get past it on the freeway in redwood city and el camino. this is 280 in san jose and
8:03 am
that traffic looks good. new this morning we have new information about last night's crash in san jose that claimed the life of a 6-year- old boy. >> we just got the new information here and how close the boy was to his mom when it happened. >> reporter: gosh, it does. well the young boy was actually holding the mother's hand when the vehicle struck both of them. it happened in the parking lot here at the mall. it happened at 9:30 last nightand a mom and a her son and daughter were walking when a mercedes struck them at a low speed. i'm joined by police officer alvarez, do we know how this happened? >> well it's very tragic and
8:04 am
tragic incident here. we're doing an investigation and right now the driver is become cooperative and we don't expect that drugs or alcohol were a factor and we'll continue to do a follow-up investigation. it's a good opportunity to also ask the public if they have anymore information here. >> reporter: so it doesn't sound like he darted in front of the car here, what position was it in? >> well the mother was doing everything that they could to make sure that the son and sibling were safe, but very tight corners here and we'll have a little more details after the investigation. >> reporter: thank you so much.
8:05 am
also a good reminder to drivers, you have to be aware of the surroundings and a lot of family and children around. just a tragic situation here. >> he talked about tight quarters and perhaps a death has happened here in that mall parking lot or is this a first? >> reporter: you know, to my knowledge i believe it's a first, i'll ask the officer. one of the question, they're asking is have an accident like this happened in the oak ridge parking lot before, i don't know if there's been problems with it before. >> not to my knowledge and i can ask this is first one here. >> reporter: this is the 20th
8:06 am
fatal traffic accident here in this city. well the investigation is under way into a driver that was killed in florida while his car was in self-driving mode. it happened back in may and the car did not stop when a big rig went in front of them. the auto pilot feature is still in the beta phase and the drivers should still keep their hands on the wheel. >> this is a feature that maybe can lull you into a false sense of security because it does a great job, but may not handle every situation well. >> the auto pilot nor the driver noticed the big rig so the brake was not applied.
8:07 am
the height with the rig and the extremely rare circumstances causes the car to go under beneath the trailer. a police sex scandal now involves five different agencies. a deputy resigned yesterday when it as you alleged he had improper relationship with a teen. he is at least the third bay area officer to step down in this case. the sheriff's office says they eastern says this -- . a toll to cross the golden
8:08 am
gate bridge is now 25cents more. $6.50 for the cars that have the fast track pass. the ferries are going up 50 cents and the clipper fares go up by a 50cents. it's necessary for the transport system. >> our buss and ferries currently take 25% of traffic off of the 101 corridor so we really want to make sure we have a good system here, if we don't invest in that we'll see the higher levels of congestion across the 101 and the bridge. >> this latest toll is the middle of a five year program, the first year they went up one dollar and now will go up 25cents in july for the next two years. as you head out of town, you won't be alone here it's
8:09 am
expect the busiest in years. >> we're live in oakland on what we should expect here, bryan? >> reporter: hey guys we're at the plaza toll here. the traffic is very light and you can probably expect more transportation through the traffic here through the roadways. pack your belongings andpatience. you'll see more uniformed officer at the airport and more than 3 million americans are expected to fly over to week. for many, passengers say get to your flight as early as you can. not only because of the extra people, but because of the extra security. >> be aware and i think that everybody out there has a good sense of security and we need
8:10 am
to speak up and i think that is good. >> it's good that they're being cautious about it and it's a fourth of july weekend and you know who knows what bad people have planned. >> 4.9 million californiaens are expected to travel this year and it's the highest number since 2002. so people are flying and hitting the roads here most likely in the afternoon. we're joined with the highway patrol here. you're talking about the maximum enforcement period, what is that? >> well this evening starting at 6:00 p.m.. we have that and more officers are out on the road and more marked units out there doing the patrols. so we want to make sure that everyone behaves here.
8:11 am
>> last year, we had 930dui arrests here and that comes down to one every 3 and a half minutes. so we want to remind people if you drink, don't drive and get a designated driver. >> we're looking for people that are speeding and we want to make sure that people pack their patience. >> we have been talking about the commute here being light and we're expecting more in the afternoon and evening. >> if you can leave now, you'll beat the traffic. >> reporter: so we talked about the concerns at the airport and i'm curious to know, is there anything people can look out for on the roads here? >> absolutely. if you see something, say
8:12 am
something. if something takes unusual, write down the description of the vehicle or people, you can call the nonemergency number. we would rather have the information and not need it than the other way around here. >> reporter: well the traffic is light now and as we mentioned this evening and afternoon, it will be busy. >> thank you. a woman's wallet from a gas station and coming up, more of this video and the sneaky way the thief gets in and why really this is a warning for all. and the report on the latest numbers on the fire fight here. =. good morning, as you just heard bryan said it's light now
8:13 am
but we're expecting heavy traffic later on this freeway. right now looking good on 280 westbound. the sun is shining here and we're looking at a warm day again. i'll have the highs and the cool down to follow coming up. =
8:14 am
8:15 am
8:16 am
welcome back. 816:26:008:16, 2600 homes are threatened by the fire here near the trail. >> reporter: we're continuing for another day of trying to construct the battle lines around the fire. the dozers here trying to construct those lines and we have firefighters stationed at homes all over here. here's some of the crews coming back this morning. take a look, this is an aerial look at the fire yesterday afternoon as we've seen every day in the fire. early afternoon and into theevening this fire intensifies and we get a sense of direction of the fire here
8:17 am
in the morning. we have it here in volcanoville and georgetown. it's making progress as it moves northeast and there's more mandatory evacuations here, georgetown is the focus here. the fire started here and the initial evacuations here are working and so now the focus switches here. otter creek is burning and the fourth of july holiday, there's probably not a whole lot of festivities here and the residents are feeling anxious and nervous here. now on the other side, the
8:18 am
people here are feeling a little more ease. the fire getting out of the containment lines and continuing its march to vo cane volcanoville. the residents are concerned about the homes here in the hills outside of georgetown. 8:18 we just heard live from the chp about the traffic get away and this is quiet before the storm here. >> that's right and this is the reason why maybe your dad early in life would say we have to get on the road now early to beat the backups. this afternoon is likely to be very slow today and on the
8:19 am
eastbound 80 here. to get to the bay bridge, we haven't had a typical morning community it's been okay and maybe a couple of brief slow downs. northbound 101. getting out of the palo alto here, so use el camino instead of the northbound 101. southbound, i wouldn't worry about it, but northbound, i would suggest that alternate route. good morning, we have a fabulous weekend in front of us. any weekend is a fabulous though, wouldn't you agree? we'll be cool at the coast and the quality of the skies that won't change here. some of the hotter spots are
8:20 am
only expected to reach 86 to 90. we are going to shave off a few degrees o out. 64 in hayward and the south locations 61 for san jose. afternoon highs today going into the upper 80s and 90s and even a few mid 90s here. 73 in oakland and 82 in rewood city. andand - redwood. going to see the a.'s tonight, bring a light jacket. it looks like they will take on the pirates here. here's a look at the extended forecast. temperatures will begin to cool back some and low 60s here at the coast. so not a lot of the change here
8:21 am
and not going to be a beach day tomorrow or the next day or next. so keep that in mind. low to mid 70s around the bay here and mostly sunny skies. then we go inland and the temperatures are in the 80s here and that's a nice day for concord here and maybe a little warm but not too bad at all. just a lot going on this weekend and it's a comfortable weekend. we have the fog and that means the possibility of yes, maybe impacting the fireworks sowell fireworks. a run for the cure happens today and finding a cure for what killed a young girl many years ago. they do a great job in
8:22 am
orronville. >> hopefully they get a big turnout here. another milestone here more transgender rights and now how the military is now accommodating them. the big announcement coming up from spotify and the app on your phone. =
8:23 am
8:24 am
8:25 am
[ music ] =. >> this song was a request a lot this morning. neil diamond, you know that guy, dave? >> oh, yeah. >> forever in blue jeans. >> a request of "coming to america" by neil diamond. if you have a special request. facebook or twitter us. well, apple having business talks with jay z and all is
8:26 am
going after spotify. >> well one thing that is affecting the markets here is the 30-bond deal, they hit a low here and that's affecting the stock markets here. the dow and the nasdaq and the s&p are up about a half percent here. so the markets are closed on the monday holiday. u.s. car sales are on track to set a record. nissan and fiat posted strong numbers in june compared to last year. as the economy improves the americans will continue to buy more cars. apple could be interested
8:27 am
this buying title which is owned by jay z, they say that title is wanted to help compete with others including spotify and pandora. >> spotify is accusing apple of blocking their latest app and saying that apple is refusing harm with the updates. apple sites rule for the app. as usual no comment from apple. google just released their new phone and unique naming tradition. google likes to name the phones after a sweet treat, it's latest version will be called
8:28 am
android nugget and other desserts like kit kat. so very interesting business news and could be a little light trading today. man stabbed at a theater and the update on the condition of the man. very serious warnings coming up on honda and the air bags from takata. =
8:29 am
8:30 am
[ music ]
8:31 am
>> some john mellen camp here. and the pictures are around the bay area here, just a beautiful shot. >> the song here and john mellen camp. and we're at the gingiva long beginning of the long holiday here. let's get you out the door here and a lot of people like what you have to tell us. >> not a lot of change here and hot in the inland, we have a bit of a cool down coming up but more today of the same. you can see on the satellite we have the clouds here in the north bay and down through san
8:32 am
francisco and san matteo. a little bit of cloud cover here around the golden gate bridge inside the bay here and i think that will pull back by 11:00 a.m. and most of us will be sunny for the afternoon. we still have that on shore breeze and not losing it here but it's very light here and there's not going to be much relief here from the heat. 61 at san jose and the inlands are heating up here. temperature-wise, we're a few degrees warmer and the on shore breeze not as strong. so getting into the second part of the day, the temperatures will be very similar toyesterday. we have hotter spots of 90s and we have a cool down coming up. we'll talk about the extended
8:33 am
forecast in just a bit. good morning to you, we're looking at the commute that's not bad at all and as a matter of fact, no issues here, the bridge is very quiet, they're expecting a lot of traffic this afternoon and evening as people take off here for the weekend. a little lingering slow traffic here on the south bay, and the rest of it looks good here. 237 over to the peninsula looking good. as millions of people hit the road we have a very good example of why you should keep an eye on our valuables at the gas pump. >> tell us about this incredible video of the really
8:34 am
bold thief. >> it's really unbelievable. this man sneaks up and manages to steal her wallet would her noticing a thing. the whole incident caught on surveillance video here and you can see that sara is standing by her car as she fills that tank. her large purse is sitting on the drivers' seat and you can see him snatch that wallet and then runs off. this morning she has this warning for others. >> take it with you, even if you are just walking to the other side of the car. it makes me very angry and someone knows who they are. >> she's an attorney in l.a.
8:35 am
and now offering a 5,000-dollar reward of her own money for the arrest of the two thieves. the man that got out and the man that drove to get away vehicle. after what happened to her, she's putting out this warning, take your valuables with you when you get out or another good idea is to just lock up the car while you pump gas too. >> well, i'll be honest i usually have my kids in there too. >> and they're valuables too. the government is telling certain honda and acura drivers to stop driving their cars. the air bags are linked to 11
8:36 am
deaths and hundreds of injuries worldwide. the older models are more dangerous and the chances are 50% or higher they will explode. they include the 2001 and 2002 honda civics and the other models here listed on the screen. if you have one of these, it needs to be repaired immediatedy. for a recall list, we have put a link up on police say that the second of two men shot near the san jose state campus has now died. two men were shot sitting in a car on st. carlo street. one man died that afternoon and
8:37 am
the second taken to the hospital and then died shortly after. police don't know of a motive or suspect in the case. we're learning more about the stabbing in a santa rosa theater. it happened at the roxbury theater and the 23-year-old stabbed a 21-year-old in the neck and the chest and several times with a kitchen knife. police say that the two men didn't know each other. the man is expected to survive. >> the witnesses, they act quickly and the suspect ran out of the theater and the witnesses, they started to tend to the victim right away and probably saved his life. >> police now trying to determine if the same man is
8:38 am
involved in another stabbing that happened a few blocks way from the theater. the man is from baltimore and homeless and in court on monday. the state attorney general is launching an investigation into the gas companies and wants to know why the gas prices for higher than a rest of the nation last year. the subpoenas are seeking information about the shortages and the price hike. she's currently running for the california senate. police have seized $12,000 worth of fireworks from a home they also found a small marijuana growing operation in the backyard.
8:39 am
the man living at the home was arrested during the raid. across the bay, the police are cracking down on fireworks and reminding people that using any are illegal. that includes one that are call safe and sane. they encourage people to see the free shows. police are warning residents about a report of a mountain liian. lion. the animal appears to be an adult and five to six feet long and ran away. we have an update here to a story, a 95-year-old woman that had a presidential coin stolen from her may get a new one. she received that coin for being the oldest park ranger but that was one of the items stolen from her during a violent home invasion this
8:40 am
week. the white house heard about it and are sending her a new coin, but she says it won't be a same. >> to have us on that platform together was america's first african american president and you can imagine the emotion that it produced in me and it's that experience that has the meaning for me, not to coin. i want to original coin returned. >> she says her great grandmother was a slave and during this ceremony, she held this picture of her in her hand. police want people in pawnshops to be aware. 21 people have been detained in connection with the is tannable attack. the death toll is at 44 this
8:41 am
morning -- istanbul . airport officials held a memorial here and that table has a framed photo of the victims here. they are releasing the surveillance video here and before the bombers set off the explosions they fired at people in the crowds. >> the fighting and surveillance video we have obtained points to isis, but this will be declared officially once the investigation is completed. >> now in istanbul, people are staying away from large crowds
8:42 am
and some feel helpless. more than a thousand people have been hurt in the last attacks over the year. >> employees are striking today at the taj mahal casino. a bankruptcy court allowed them to cancel health and pension benefits and now a billionaire opens the casino. well, some of us feel bad for skipping work but two workers in spain skipped work for 15 years. they skipped work every day last year. now the men argue they didn't
8:43 am
have to work because of a union deal and the union is standing behind men. new from overnight, a good samaritan, helped the police catch a suspect last night. now a viewer sent these picture of a crash involving the suspect. the suspect was trying to get away from the police after being involved in two separate crashes. the good samaritan literally tripped him up and allowed the police to catch him. some people in the bay area will soon see bigger paychecks and the three cities where the minimum wage is going up. also the extreme measures
8:44 am
parents are going to get around the vaccine law. well the freeways are looking good but may look different this afternoon and evening. we'll look at the forecast for the bay area friday and the extended forecast coming up. =
8:45 am
8:46 am
8:47 am
[ music ] ♪. >> dave? >> i was trying to guess who. >> very well done, sir ♪ american woman ♪ >> and that was a request here and fun playing the songs today. we have a little bit of music coming up but i won't give itaway here. >> thanks. well happening today the california vaccine law is taking effect but some parents are taking action to fight it. some parents are home schooling
8:48 am
kid or finding underground doctors or leaving the state. the bill was introduced after a he'sles break out at disney disneyland -- measles . and the minimum wage is going up ranging from 11 to $15.1482 with more $15. well a ban has been removed
8:49 am
on transgender troops. they will formally be able to change their status and that includes get the change operation. we spoke with one woman and changed her identity and had to hide here true one from soldiers. >> if i got caught i could get discharged. >> transgender people will be able to enlist in one year. it's been a nice commute today and there's been a few problems but even though we have had blocked lanes nothing is backed up here and it's looking more like sunday. i didn't realize that most
8:50 am
people have today off too. northbound 101, a little bit of slowing here on the 80 eastbound. so it's not a great commute but better than normal. here's a look at the 101, and a little slower in palo alto here. we do have seasonal temperatures in store for today and cloudy at the coast and mostly sunny elsewhere and temperatures are depending on where you are, cool to mild or warm to hot. high pressure weakens and for today, not a lot of change going. that means the mostly sunny skies and low to mid 60s here outside of the bay. then 90s for the inland cities. for the weekend, we have a
8:51 am
influence here of a trough and that will lead to a cool down. that will lead to the cooler temperatures on the coast as well. here's the north way in santa rosa here, 64. most areas within a few degrees of yesterday and a tad warmer for some, we have a warm day for napa and 86 there. we have temperatures in the 60s here and how about the east bay, 76 for alameda today. low 90s for the danville. south bay, nice and warm here, and 84 for san jose and 83 for santa clara here. santa cruz 78 and partly sunny
8:52 am
there. 67 expected for san francisco and who is going to see the a.s today? 63 today and partly cloudy skies at the game time, 7:05. the temperatures cool back into the 60s here, so bring a light jacket here. there is the extended forecast into the holiday weekend and the temperatures cool off some and definitely going to be morecomfortable here. around the bay, 70s and at the coast the 60s and the clouds are with us and the fog could impact us with the fireworks on the coast. we'll watch that for you. >> would you guess, the fireworks being blown out here because of the fog. >> well it's hard to say, maybe
8:53 am
pick an inland spot here. time 8:53 they're calling one of the silicone valley biggest developments but not everyone is happy about it and after the city leaders approve city place. = it's been 60 years in the making. the disneyland resort diamond celebration. don't miss your chance to see it all dazzle. come celebrate new beginnings like hyperspace mountain... and premiering this summer, frozen, a musical spectacular... plus an all new soarin'. so come to the place where summer dazzles.
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welcome back. a new york girl that lost her family and two limbs in a fire is back in the headlines this morning. in 2013 sapphire lost her family and siblings, and was severely burned. she has just received a new foot and arm. this photo has more than 17,000 likes and you can find out for about her on the social media
8:56 am
pages. follow on ktvuu. already being called the biggest private development ever, sitting by the stadium and the california's great america, the santa clara county approved this the thousand square feet and would include entertainment space and apartment units. a spokesperson says they're looking at the legal options and concerned about the environmental and housing impact. >> well it's massive and could be the location for the 30,000 jobs but the real problem is this only comes with several hundred homes. >> in the next few years we have a plan to build up to 10,000 housing units.
8:57 am
>> now if everything goes as plan they could break ground this summer. google is now helping users find about earthquakes in the area and there's a map showing the affected area and what to do after one hits. they will add more features that promote safety. well if you haven't purchased a mega millions lottery ticket, you still have a chance. it's up to $415 million the tenth largest jackpot in history. it's been steadily growing and the odds of winning are 1 in 259 million the drawing is tonight at 8:00. to the neighbors in the north here, happy canada day. we have a big show ahead and we
8:58 am
go live with steven spielberg next. =
8:59 am
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a new program providing county jobs and we talk live with two people that campaigned for the program after spending time in prison. paying attention while pumping gas, that proves you may even want to lock your doors when you stand next to the car. and we're talking to stevespielberg about his new film. hello and welcome to friday here and it's the first of the month here. ♪ it's


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