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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 5pm  FOX  July 1, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm PDT

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neighborhood and asking for people to shelter them in place. as you can see that the holy artisian bakery is not far from the u.s. embassy, sitting right in the heart zone with a number of the other industries, and as well as other foreigners. so far though that there is no word that any u.s. government personnel were in harm's way. >> yeah, i can tell you that as of now just before i came out here that the day has been accounted for 100% of american citizens that are working under the authority. that they are still working on accountability of everyone. we have accounted for all americans. >> the white house official says the president has been briefed on the situation asked to be kept informed. post online isis says that the commandos carry out the attacks that 24 people have been
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killed. they are aware of the claims, but they have not been able to confirm them. >> they called that gunmen derailed youths, saying they wanted to listen to their demands, but so far that the attackers have not responded to the calls for the negotiations. >> all right, thank you, frank. they have been identified as the master mind of the attacks on the airport that killed 44 people. that the u.s. congressman, who shares that homeland security committee today identified that organizer of the attack as sataya the commander that apparently directed the three men that carried out the attacks on tuesday. all because he is missing an arm as they have not confirmed their involvement as authorities, they are also nod indicating where they think that they are or if they are alive. back here at home workers
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of several bay area cities will be taking on money for their paychecks. >> reporter: they are going up in some areas starting today, as they are joining us now, with the breakdown of their changes in each city and how much it'll mean for workers, paul? >> the good news that several bay area cities say that it will be time to move towards their goals. currently the city is increasing their wage today above the minimum wage of $10.50 an hour. they went to $13 an hour as they held their news conference today, talking about their need to pay them more as they know that it is hard for people to survive in san francisco and unless they make a decent salary. although that the increase is huge that they could make the difference for those that need it most. the minimum wage will continue to rise in san francisco and until they reach $15 an hour in 2018. this will be consistent, raising the minimum wage to attack their challenges that it will be a part of their
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solution. >> reporter: notice that several other cities are paying the higher minimum wage. people working for small businesses, that they would have $13 an hour and all other employees, they will make the minimum of $14.82 an hour. the minimum wage is now $11.60 an hour. and workers there, they will make $11 an hour. all four places will meet their minimum wage increase before the state does in 2022. >> all right, thank you, paul. and there is more fallout today from that scandal, which has rocked several east bay police department. the police department says that it is placing the officer on administrative leave and they launched that internal investigation after the allegations surfaced that the officer had sex with this woman the 18-year-old prostitute who goes by the name. that it is unclear whether they were under age at the time. yesterday that the sheriff deputy resigned amid those allegations that he too had sex
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with them. that they claim to have had sex with 30 officers from the different agencies, including at least three oakland police officers, while she was under age. >> reporter: the frame vest gators are exploring the possibility of the man that was killed while driving the tesla in autopilot mood that would have been distracted. and the new technology, and that the day as they seem to have a discrepancy between what tesla says about their autopilot technology and what consumers think about the feature. >> and that they believe in simply jumping behind the. why and without paying attention to the roadway or your surrounding. >> and the popular car that is still in high demand and her
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husband michael are on the waiting list. they say that it is growing. >> that it is the automatic pilot and the one that they will press on. >> and that they do not allow the driver to advocate their responsibility. and killed while driving their mold s mode. and apparently that they crossed in front of their freeway, that they did not engage as they slammed full speed into the side of the truck. he heard the harry potter dvd playing in their wreckage, but the dvd player was found in their car. >> you need somebody to monitor it all because they might not
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be able to distinguish everything on their own. >> they had recognition for the lanes of traffic and their signs, but they can become confused by the white colored object against the skies. >> and i'm sure that the vehicle was confusing in terms of whether or not that it is a wall or something else that we thought that it was a chance to be recognized by the vehicle. >> reporter: they say that their owners manual will lift up with eight including bright light from their headlights or direct sunlight as their statement continues. we will be enhancing our vehicle with the latest advanced safety technology, one crash will not doom the entire product line. >> and that if they will still
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be forecast around that and to see if it didn't, you know, that it could happen again, but you know hopefully that it will not happen again. >> reporter: the officials say that it is the first fatal accident with autopilot engaged in 130 million miles of driving, that it will be well above their average for a person fully controlled in the wheels, of course still looking into the crash. >> thaw will be trusting of the technology, new technology and when you engage in the system that they keep your hands in the wheel. >> both yesterday and today. that it will be off the wheel. that it is not the case that they will be finding out that the vehicle will continue to drive in. that it will be from the blinker and to try to make it turn. that they will turn.
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that they would say that the driver needs to be engaged, perhaps that is why they say that they don't want you to take their hands off the wheel to hit that turn signal to be in the back to check it. and that it is something something to be worked out. i'll say this with the technology that we will talk to them. over at jsu that they will be failing a bit with their technology, and that you're traveling in such a high rate of speed that it will take time for them to process everything that will be big and to understand what you are asking them to do. most speeds like parking that it is not possible that you'll need to get on the freeway, that you'll be doing a lot for this community to try to understand or comprehend that speed, the roadway, now you will be asking them to make a move, after trying to identify it all that it will be a lot for them to do it in a short amount of time in this crash that you can see them move out into the middle of the freeway. nor from -- in front of them moving in a high rate of speed.
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that they are not paying full attention to crash into this front. >> and anything could happen outside, especially at a high rate of speed. >> and new for the first driver, that it is a new federal figure that would show you the number of the traffic deaths that would be rising sharply last year, the preliminary figures were released today, as they would show you an estimated 3,500 traffic fatalities in 2015. that is up 7.7% in the year before. and experts say that the rising death toll, it will be a bipartisan of people driving more because of cheaper gas prices. an urgent warning for car owners to stop driving their cars right now. and the models that will be described as too dangerous to drive and why it may not be available immediately. plus, they put out and smacked their face right on the ground. see the crime fighting bay
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area college student. that they might not know, but their quick thinking helped police arrest the suspected drunk driver. and whether most of the bay area would cool off today, in the clear, except the fog, back in the coast for san francisco. coming up with that fog will be tomorrow morning and those temperature changes that you cannot expect as they would approach the 4th of july.
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in berkeley, the break happened yesterday morning that the 63-year-old pipeline is located to access.
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650 customers are without water, hoping to have service restored by 10:00 tonight. >> we are learning more about the family outing ending in tragedy outside their mall. and the mother, her 6-year-old son, and the older daughter, they were walking when they struck that bow and their mom as they would rush to the scene. the mother was not hurt, but her son who took the brunt of the impact, she later died at the hospital. >> the mother was holding the child's hand. you know, doing everything that we would do when we have young children, keeping them close to us, that they could prevent them from getting into the situation, like this. >> and they were traveling forward, appearing that they were moving in a slow speed when they struck that boy. the driver stopped and cooperated with authorities. quick thinking heyward
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woman, as they spoke to her and asked police. >> they would consider themselves a crime fighter. that they were in their garage when they heard what a home security camera saw, the speeding car crashing into them, the parked car, which plowed into the second parked car here on westwood street in heyward, the female passenger gets out of one side and the male driver, the other, heading down the street towards veronica. >> i let them run up on me after i stopped, that they put out, smashing their face on the ground pretty hard, i was scared. >> they were able to arrest
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them, that this is what they look reich -- look like now that they are grateful for what they did. >> that is very brave actually. and that is one finger. >> reporter: that just moments before hitting these cars that the suspects struck the other car a few blocks away, leaving them with life threatening injuries as they sped away, before meeting up with veronica. >> we are thankful that they did slow down that person there. >> it did help to make your effort? >> absolutely. >> what they did was very brave, but was it the right thing to do? >> you need to be careful with those things. >> i thought it was the right thing to do at that time. >> reporter: if they could do it all over again, she would stick her foot out. in heyward ktvu fox 2 news. well we are heading into the holiday weekend like so many days, the tale of two bay
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areas that had be sunny and warm. that this is a live picture here with plenty of sunshine beaming down. >> and here is the other side of the story that we cannot even see them from our camera here. the city, as you can see that it will be mostly fogged in with a reminder if you try to see them this weekend. that the parking lot on the north side of the bridge is closed to personal vehicles, you can only get there on their tour buses, taxi or ride sharing vehicles, aimed at trying to reduce their banks on northbound 101 heading into morrin county. all right a closer look at your forecast now. dialing us in all weekend long. >> yes, they would describe that century here in their bay area, inland, cooler temperatures at the coast side, that it will be the case as you head into the weekend with the low clouds and fog near their shorelines, at least we're not talking about their extreme heat out there. remember on monday and tuesday that we were talking about
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their triple digits, but not the case for this weekend. that is the fog banks, where they would have a big blanket over san francisco this morning. right now they are already developing that they will expand in coverage. but as far as their forecast, we will jump right into it and it will be a factor. here is the planning for you on saturday morning as they will become partly cloudy for sunday, cool coast, warm inland. on the 4th of july monday, clearing up the skies to the coast, but you can notice those temperatures are not warming up too much, only in the 80s, that they will be shivering for those coastlines in the 60s. because we still have thing in out there, not clearing out at all. in fact that it will be a closer look at your satellite with that pattern out there from san francisco, and extending to the south closer to their bay here as well. and it will be 60 degrees.
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that it will start out on saturday morning in the 50s. the fog and the coast side right around the nicer temperatures. that it will be the 60s and the cloudy skies. for tomorrow that it could be just a touch cooler to get that main headline, and that it will be a hot weekend. and the upper 60s. and slowly clearing back to near the shoreline as you can see the reds mainly to the east of the bay area showing you the 90s, not much in the way for the 90s tomorrow. there is one showing up.
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some more neighborhoods for you at the bay and the upper 60s to the lower 70s in the mid to upper 50s. and they say that it will be 79. gilroy at 84 degrees. no major change, pretty much an identical forecast for your sunday. it will be a few minutes, a courageous forecaster, trying to do their fireworks fog forecast for monday. and that you can see if they will get it together for you. >> and that you wish that you could. and that it will be from the south bay, and those details out to the third with their non-stop international as you can see it in their san jose airport. coming up at 6:00, the law being vaccinated will be a reaction from both sides, as the personal and religious reasons are no longer
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acceptable exemptions. we'll have the latest in the development. and from gunfire with the armed attackers, continuing to hold hostages.
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and the destination in europe, that the airline today started the non-stop flights from san jose to frankfort, germany. they landed this afternoon using an aircraft from the star alliance group. the service was originally set to begin two months ago, but the airline said that they
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rescheduled to allow more time for ticket sales. the executives said that there is a good fit between san jose and frankfort. and the connection between san jose and their valley, that it just comes natural. and because we have truly been within that service. >> and it is the third international route and the san jose this year in may that they started their non-stop flights to london and air canada. it is the 4th of july weekend as millions of americans will be hit -- will be hitting the roads and the skies. taking advantage of the lowest gas prices since 2005. more than three million travelers are also expected to fly to their holiday destination. and the security increase. and the istanbul airport
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apparently hasn't discouraged many travelers from taking advantage of those great summer deals. and experts say that the gas prices that it will be long and that the states will be planning to raise the gas taxes starting this weekend. and that they have started here in the bay area. that it will not be too bad in that direction heading towards the mcarthur maze. we want to take another look at it and it is not that bad looking good for a friday night. that this is south bay highway 280 and in san jose. the cars are coming up towards the cameras for the bottom part of the screen now. cars are caught too dangerous to drive as owners are being urged to keep them parked. identifying the problem, why the fix you need may still be
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weeks away. also ahead july 1 means new laws in california. the one that is especially important for parents whose kids are heading to school next year. and then the trail head fire fight that is focused on the remote location that will be very hard to get to. coming up a look at how the fire crews on the ground are preparing for the fight ahead. "gs 6?h.ñqjni
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owners of several older
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hondas and acuras are being told to stop driving right now. a new recall says that the older vehicles are too dangerous for the roads because the airbags have a 50% chance of exploding in a crash. ktvu's leigh martinez live on what to do if your car is on the recalled list. >> reporter: honda is promising to fix the problem. to take it to the dealership and they'll fix it for free. or even if they have that part to make the repairs, making that a little bit reluctant to buy your old honda. >> reporter: he checks carfax for any recall on the model. nor says he sees a lot of issues across all automakers. >> we have a ford mustang late model and that is an issue as
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we called the ford dealer and they had the part available. >> reporter: but the new air bag affecting older hondas and acuras are a much bigger problem. telling drivers to stop driving their cars unless it's to go to the dealership that the takata airbags have a 50% chance of exploding in a crash sending out metal fragments. the airbags are linked to 14 deaths. >> airbag recalls, the parts aren't available yet. >> reporter: and that is compounding their problem. we called seven bay area dealerships, we couldn't get an answer on when repairs could be made to a vehicle. one dealership says it may be three or four weeks before they even get the part. >> my understanding is that the new car dealers cannot sell these cars because the part isn't available. >> reporter: humidity plays a factor in the air bags exploding as they'll get the repaired parts first. >> reporter: the parts will be
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available to them first. >> reporter: he's a fan of honda, but would be reluctant on buying the recall as he is not even sure if they will be allowed to sell it without their repair. >> reporter: and now one bay area dealership did tell me if you can get into the appointment to get them fixed, there's a high probability that you will not get their cars. but the regulators say that honda told them that they do have these 300,000 parts being affected. >> reporting in walnut creek tonight, thank you. a man was shot to death this morning, but they are not releasing very many details. they got a report of shots fired around 11:15 this morning. they found a 35-year-old man lying in the road. he was pronounced dead at the scene. it was a large police presence and no word on the suspect. today the governor jerry
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brown signed six gun control measures sent to them by lawmakers, but vetoed five others. the bills that will become laws include background checks. the requirement that they turn in the high capacity magazines, allowing the magazines to be quickly switched out. it will also appear this november, all to register the homemade firearms, reporting the lost or stolen weapons to authorities. california's child vaccine law goes into effect today. they require children entering daycare, kindergarten to get vaccinated, there are exceptions for children that will have a medical exception to make it dangerous to get a vaccine, but not for their belief as it was introduced after the measles outbreak that started in disney land making more than 130 people sick. we have new developments on the battle against the trail
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head wildfires burning in the sierra foothills with a live chopper video of the scene. panned away from the actual fire itself as you can see the terrain that is involved there, very rugged and steep and some canyons in there and the rivers down on the bottom. but since they started on tuesday afternoon that the trail head fire has burned more than 2,000 acres. now you can see the smoke from the fire, forcing the evacuation of hundreds of people in the county, vicky gonzalez has more on the fight to keep back the flames. >> reporter: the crews would work to contain that wildfire from up above. they are preparing for what may come. we're about a quarter mile from the trail head fire just over that ridge, this is one of the most troubling areas, challenging areas, the otter creek area. they were widening the roadway in this event as they would
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take control of the steep incline heading through our direction. grinding them down, widening roads. it is essential. the chief telling us the american river is always a problem during their wildfire. >> it is always treacherous. that they cannot get into because it is so steep. >> reporter: with the hot conditions, the containment. >> up in the morning, you'll see each one of the engines take the whole case of water that you'll be surprised that they are both gone by the end of the shift. >> reporter: the fire crews are now looking for new advantages. >> reporter: they may fire out at nighttime when it is cooler. >> reporter: the hard work from today making way for the safer opportunities tomorrow. coming up, millions of people are hoping to have a lucky ticket tonight.
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details on the 10th largest history. >> and they won a recruiting trip to the hamptons, their surprised target, only one of the best in the games.
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the warriors met with kevin durant. the meeting was just one of
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many. in all he's set to meet with six teams. durant has spent the entire career with okc as sources say that he has pretty much made up his mind, likely remaining in oklahoma city. in a historic baseball game for the first time ever, the regular season professional sporting event scheduled to take place in their military base. the new park was built in north carolina by major league baseball. there will be a lot of activities for kids and baseball players and service members that they say it will be an honor to play a game for those that will protect our freedom. >> it is just exciting to go out to give back to the men and women that have served our country, sacrificing so much for us to go there for one night and playing a game for them that it should be pretty
5:38 pm
special. >> reporter: more than 50,000 soldiers service on the square mile post, following the game that the ballpark will be converted into a permanent athletic development for those that serve. 12 fields, equipments, locker rooms, other resources will be used on it for years to come. >> it could be a lucky evening for someone holding the megamillions lottery ticket. organizers of the multi-state lottery say that tonight's jackpot is edging close to $415. the 10th largest jackpot in u.s. history. it has been steadily growing. people we spoke to this morning are trying out their luck. >> and we will be buying property. pay off some debt. >> probably a lot in savings, probably college tuition, you know, things like that, just important things here and there. >> the odds of picking the correct members are one in $250
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million taking place at 10:00 tonight. good luck. coming up, they're not police officers, but they are on patrol to help crack down on crime in one bay area city. when and where you'll see the new patrols. >> they are not spreading zika in the u.s. still they warn that transmission could begin soon. the latest on efforts to fund that new vaccine. and in weather the typical summertime weather here in the bay area with those cooler temperatures, coming up if you can expect the cooler temperatures for the 4th of july. i'm terrible at golf.
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always be you.
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donald trump is reacting to the admission from the attorney general loretta lynch that she met president bill clinton. >> you'll see what happened today where bill clinton goes in, the other day. >> and when i first heard the story i said no, i'm kidding, i can't believe it as i thought that somebody was joking. >> reporter: and they are criticizing the meeting as improper because lynch is having an investigation involving her e-mails. that she and the former president spoke for about 30 minutes on monday, but she says that the conversation was limited to topics of family and golf. >> he basically said hello as i graduated him on the meeting with president clinton, not on how the matter will be reviewed
5:43 pm
or resolved. >> the meeting was unplanned, >> reporter: asking for more than a billion dollars to help fight with the zika virus that it is just a matter of time. we have more now on the fight to combat zika being waged on capitol hill. pressuring congress to combat zika, efforts to fight their spread have been held up by lawmakers. that could help a whole lot of people and allow us to get out in front of this problem before the continental of the united states. but that requires research. >> reporter: they requestedded $1.9 billion for zika research.
5:44 pm
providing about $1.1 billion towards the effort, saying they contained revisions. >> we're in an absurd position. our friends on the other side, they are stopping the zika funding bill. >> reporter: they are republicans that block that bill when they design it. more than 900 cases have been reported in the u.s. they warn that it could begin soon, that it will not be back until september. in the meantime that they have awarded about $25 million to cities and territories to help prevent their infections. at the white house fox news. >> since he took office, the
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white house has carried out drone strikes in afghanistan, iraq, and syria. releasing figures on how many people have been killed in those strikes. in addition the white house says between 64 and 116 civilians were killed. those numbers are lower than those provided by the watchdogs. that the drone strikes have could between 200 to 800 civilians outside the war zones since 2009. smaller drones are becoming a problem for the firefighters, that both have grounded the air tankers. >> reporter: they acknowledge that there has not been an air accident caused by the drones, that crews don't want to take any chances.
5:46 pm
>> that attacking it by air, but drones were spotted on tuesday and again yesterday. >> the second drone intrusion occurred on the trail head fire, requiring the grounding of the aircraft for nearly an hour. >> reporter: any delay will put them in harm's way, but the fact remains no known case of the drones, causing the plane crash. which could be much larger and heavier than drones, causing the numerous plane crashes. but they fly away from that path. >> we don't have control over wildlife. >> it is an air attack for the u.s. forest service, dodging them in southern california. >> they did affect the size of the fire in our abilities to put them out. just as they are up on the trail head fire. >> reporter: and some argued that those drones are getting smaller and smaller and that they do not pose a real problem
5:47 pm
for things like this. but that they are disagreeing strongly. >> and at $150 that it will not feel good that it could go into the motor. that motor could fail. >> reporter: and how much of a danger that they would pose to planes are unknown because they would have the most scientific studies on the subject. and those fires are not willing to risk their lives to find out. >> if one of those are spotted over their fire zones, we'll remove everybody in the air until we could get that thing identified. >> reporter: in sacramento fox news. >> we want to take you back live to the trail head fire that will be burning in the foothills if you are heading up interstate 80 to get past auburn that you'll be seeing a lot of smoke to the right hand side, east of interstate 80, east and south of interstate 80. a live picture of their tanker that will be making that air drop. pretty doctor make video as i want to see if you can follow
5:48 pm
this tight shot, four inch in prop that will be flying over their foothills there. in talking about these drones, this is a concern that these pilots have that they are flying very low, trying to drop thaterer retardant and to battle the wildfires, that's where you have the more likelihood own countering somebody in that area that you can see how fast they are flying, put them out in front of that plane that they cannot see it in time. you -- you can imagine that they will be in a precure cross situation. >> we don't know what is taking these right now, providing the
5:49 pm
images. >> they're very close. we want to check in with mark tamayo. the temperatures are easily back up into the 90s this afternoon. and i will say probably the biggest challenge for the fire crews in this fire exceptional is just the terrain in trying to get access to the area that will be virtually an aerial fire fight as you heard that it will be extremely dangerous with the drones out there, but also on the ground for the airplanes, up towards upwards of an hour. that is always a chance to stall the fire fighting strategies, that it is a big concern. the temperatures in the 90s as they would try to battle from up above. the good news, look at those cooler temperatures for the weekend forecast. and it is always up there, but it will not be extreme through the weekend. cool numbers out towards pacifica, only 70 degrees in san francisco and still a few 90s to report out here.
5:50 pm
also take a look at their showers and thunderstorms that will be developing across parts of the sierra right now, approaching parts of the moisture here with their day time heating, popping up those thunderstorms right now, as you cannot see it right now, those steady fog bank near their coast, expanding in coverage as we'll head through your overnight hours with the the current fog pattern out there and their current numbers u still some 80s to report towards fairfield 81. santa rosa at 76. the temperatures only here in the 60s as you can see them getting that workout to help transport that fog back into the bay, that is the plan for
5:51 pm
tomorrow morning. so it could be stubborn, not completely clear. the lower 60s, showing you the overcast near san francisco and stating across the east here as well with partly cloudy skies towards livermore, those clouds will be going back to the shoreline. the beaches are not warming up too much. those inland temperatures will be fairly comfortable in the mid to upper 80s. the forecast if you are lucky enough to be heading towards your weekend, the slight sunshine for you. tomorrow 85, santa rosa at 80 degrees. the upper 60s to the lower 70s, 63 degrees in san francisco.
5:52 pm
here is your five-day forecast as temperatures are not changing too much. of course the fireworks, here we go the plan. i don't see anything to clear out the fog, partly cloudy skies around the bay, then clear skies inland. patchy fog in the upper 50s, but the fog has a way to move every forecaster here in the bay area. you'll watch out for the fog behaviors throughout the day. >> doesn't it depend on how low and high it could get? >> yeah, they will be good at adjusting their heights with the fireworks, when the other place goes off. >> yeah, when you go down there to check it out. it will happen in every 4th of july. that's if you're in san francisco. >> exactly. we show that across the bay area and the one in san francisco, but if you will be inland, you're going to enjoy it out there. >> sounds good. thank you, mark. and coming up the city's
5:53 pm
goal is public safety. a new program that will give the community an extra set of eyes and ears. >> we take notes on what needs to be done. rather putting the trained rangers in parks to keep people safe. hostages still being held by armed gunmen. two officers are dead. the latest as isis claims responsibility for the attack. new school's -- new vaccinations went into effect today. how people for and against the law are responding.
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they launched a new program to keep them safer. and making them more area at the same time. but paul chambers introduces us to their new year round park ranger program. >> reporter: they are here to serve and protect and that it will be in full swing given the community extra eyes and ears for added safety. >> it is not a police presence, but the official city presence, and some of our open spaces, recreational areas. >> it will be the peak times.
5:57 pm
the city has hired four part- time employees to serve as rangers. >> it is to be out there to interact with them, the information. >> reporter: they receive about 200 hours of training including cpr, they will also take reports of the lost or stolen items, but their main job to serve as a liaison among park goers and police. >> to take notes about what needs to be done in the parks, maintenance issues or security concerns. >> reporter: the 14-year-old xavier mcclanahan was shot and killed, one of the areas that will be monitored by the rangers, they hope that crimes like this will not happen again. >> if something is used by the residence that it will be likely to be a safe place and so they could prevent things like that from happening. >> having that consistent presence there and people that are interacting with our patrons, you know, in the greenway that they will be
5:58 pm
giving us the advantage to know what's going on. >> reporter: each will be equipped with their safety. but more importantly a radio giving them direct access to police. the city hopes to expand their programs in the future. in richmond paul chambers ktvu fox 2 news. the holiday weekend has arrived. look at that, thousands of people hitting the roads right now to begin their celebration of the nation's 240th birthday. >> here is a live look at the i- 80 bottleneck through emeryville. we've been monitoring the camera for the past few hours. traffic is heavy, but moving smoothly. well july is here and people are making plans for picnics, parades, and fireworks. good evening, i'm julie haener. >> and i'm ken wayne. frank has the night off. on this holiday weekend, new concerns about terrorism after a second attack in three days. this time it is being attributed to isis.
5:59 pm
they stormed a restaurant in the diplomatic zone of daka the capital of bangladesh. hostages are being held at gunpoint. the standoff in bangladesh has dragged on into the early morning hours there, but we are hearing that it may not last much longer. ktvu frank mallaco is live with new updates. >> reporter: they are planning a coordinated response. it is 7:00 a.m. in bangladesh as it could come at any times. they took the step on blocking the internet as well as across the country as they will prepare to make their moves shortly as it all started at 9:00 p.m. on friday night, bangladesh time as the gunman storming the restaurant that will be popular with them shouting that god is great, throwing bombs, firing weapons, taking the people inside hostage. and that some people were able to escape by jumping from the roof of the two-story building. it is not clear how many people are being held that it could be 20 or more and that is according to media reports.
6:00 pm
as you can see the bakery is not far from the u.s. embassy. it's in an upscale neighborhood in their diplomatic zone near the industry of the number of the other nations, including russia, germany, australia, south korea. it is very popular with americans as well as other foreigners. there is no word that any u.s. government personnel though were in harm's way. >> i can tell you that as of now, just before i came out here that they have accounted for 100% of american citizens working under the chief emission authorities. the president has been briefed on the situation asked to be kept informed. online isis says that they carried out


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