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tv   The Ten O Clock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  July 1, 2016 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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officers seize illegal fireworks in china town. we go on an undercover operation to bust illegal fireworks. amber lee is live in chinatown where buyers and sellers connect leading up to the fourth. >> this crack down started on monday and will last through the weekend. today they arrested six people in a buy-bust operation. >> one of our officers is involved in a potential transaction with one of the sellers. >> lieutenent ho got information they were about to
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arrest illegal fireworks. an officer overheard someone talking about selling fireworks. >> the suspect walked our officer to another location, where two more individuals were waiting for the fireworks. after the transaction was completed our officers took the suspects into custody. >> to asking price for the fireworks in this bag, $300. after arresting the men they found more bags filled with fireworks. >> bottle rockets, and a couple other motors -- not areas -- mortars. >> this is the second bust of the day. this afternoon two juveniles were arrested for possession and sales. they will be charged with felonies. >> they like the shoot off fireworks, but it's dangerous,
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you can lose limbs and get hurt and another year of drought, fires can start easily. >> this year sales of illegal fireworks are slower but expected to pick up. >> the 4th of july the last push to get rid of the fireworks before monday. >> police tell me all six people arrested today are from fran. -- san francisco. the three men arrested tonight have prior arrest records. after two years of decline, the number of violent crimes in california rose last year. that came from camera -- camilla harris. violent crime saw an uptick. violent crime was up by 10%.
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assaults with firearms went up 16%. the attorney general did not offer an opinion on what's behind the increase. other u.s. cities are seeing a similar trend. governor brown signed six gun measures today but vetoes others. background checks for ammunition sales and requirement that people turn in high capacity magazines. approved a ban on new guns with bullet buttons that allow ammunition to be quickly changed out. the governor split decision leaves gun reformers with some but not all they wanted. gun store openers are upset. >> what we have is an ar 15.
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what makes it legal right now is fact it has a bullet button device. >> the best selling gun in america. but it's different in our state. a release that requires a tool to reload ammunition. critics saw the bullet button as a loophole. >> if he wants to keep it, he has to reregister it. >> they can't be sold after january 1. >> you won't be able to get it. >> customers are flooding gun stores. >> ammo will go up either way. >> under the new law, buying ammunition will require i.d. and a back ground check. >> if you own a gun should should be able to be safe. if you can't get ammunition that will be a huge issue. >> there's a lot of things that
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can be done nationwide. >> this store owner is all for a safer gun buying system but doesn't see it in the new law. >> nothing. >> one bill he supported was vetoed making it a felony to steal any gun. >> make the repercussions severe. >> criminals aren't worried about bullet button ban. >> i can shove it in there. the semiautomatic shotgun can be loaded faster than the one that's outlawed. >> i can have everyone shot in seconds and be reloaded. this one i would be messing around. >> one store in 170. selling stacks of semiautomatic weapons. >> a normal 12 or so days is that many out of a small shop.
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>> as buyers pile up. >> knowing the sales will disappear in six months. >> now california just loses out on the revenue and taxes and the jobs. the latest on the terror attack in bangladesh, security forces moved in to rescue hostages, gunman stormed a restaurant popular with westerners. 12 people rescued and five bodies found inside. >> janet spoke with members of the bay area bangladesh association. many of the people are praying tonight. >> there are hundreds of people who have come here for the
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regular lar holy observances. one man told me his brother was near that restaurant when the first bomb went off. >> the attack shocked him, not because he's from bangladesh, his father was across the street. >> he was about to finish his work, he heard the bomb. >> it started 9:20 friday night in dhaka. nine gunman stormed the bakery. many foreigners live and work nearby. he was worried about his sister who heard the bombing. >> i was talking with her, she heard something going on. >> witnesses say the attackers fired at security forces, two officers were killed. 25 others taken to the hospital. people who escaped said the
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attackers took three dozen hostages. >> we have 100 accountability for american citizen. i can't say with great certainty that everyone's condition. >> the standoff lasted more than 11 hours and commandos were respond and posted graphic photos online. rescuing some hostages in another gunfight. the attack calculated to maximize destruction. >> you get the people and somebody has taken advantage of that timing. it's so unfortunate for all of us. in our lifetime we've never seen this in d-backs what -- d-
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backs out -- dhaka. >> we talked to people inside, the entire continue degree constitution -- congregation said a prayer for dhaka. >> dianne feinstein said she's monitoring the situation in bangladesh, another sign we must and vigilant especially during the holiday weekend. and in weather low clouds and fog pushing back into the bay. a temperature change you can expect for the holiday weekend. >> when he got to where you were, he smacked his face on the ground. >> bay area college student fighting crime. she used instinct to catch a man running from police.
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>> a broken water line leaving hundreds dry.
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. crews are working to restore water in the berkeley hills. it follows a water main break yesterday. homes in the area have been without water. 650 homes and businesses are without water as a result of the break. the 16-inch diameter steel pipeline is locates in a steep
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area. the pipe is 63-year-old and they had to dig a dozen feet underground. >> because we're on a hill it's more complicated. there's a lot of turns and customers up and downhill. the pressure is something we have to monitor when everything is working fine. when everything breaks we have a lot of work to do. >> crews are flushing the pipe to remove debris. when the water returns people should run the faucetes for one to three minutes until the water is clear. a hayward woman tripped up a suspected drunk driver. police asked about the wisdom of citizen confronts criminal suspects. >> i saw him right in front the driver's side door start running this way. >> she never considered herself
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a crime student -- stopper. >> she was in her garage when she heard what a home security camera saw, a speeding car crashing into a parked car which plowed into a second car. a female passenger get out of one side and a male driver gets out the other. >> the male driver headed down the street. >> i let him run up on him and right as he got to where you are foot out and he smacked on the ground. pretty hard. >> the man got up but officers are able to arrest him. this is what the cars on westwood look like now. >> that was very great actually. and want to thank her. >> moments before hitting these
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cars he struck another car leaving the driver with nonlife- threatening injuries, the suspect sped away before crashing a second time. >> we're thankful she did slow that person down. >> of course what she did was brave, but was it the right thing to do. >> we have to be careful, i wouldn't want anybody getting hurt. >> it was the right thing to do at the time. >> if she had to do it again, she would still stick her foot out. with low gas prices making travel cheap, million of drivers are expected on california roads. this weekend a maximum enforcement e. running through midnight on monday. a berkeley spokesman said
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people should use taxis on ride sharing and a designated driver. emergency repair work is underway on the richmond bridge, crews are trying to fix a pothole. it will be closed while crews make repairs. those from the east bay to marin should prepare accordingly. in two hours bart will close the tracks between the south hayward and fremont station. crews will do maintenance work. bart will run free shuttle buses over the weekend. service will resume tuesday morning. richmond is keeping people safe and improving the community. the year round park ranger
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program. . >> they are here to protect and serve but they are not sworn police officer. the new program is in full swing giving the community extra eyes and ears. >> not a police presence, but official city presence in the open spaces. >> after school and weekends will be the peak time for the rangers,. >> the city of richmond hired four part-time employees to serve as rangers. >> their function is to interact with the public, supply information. >> each ranger receives 200 hours of training. they will take reports of lost or stolen items. >> we take notes about what needs to be done in the parks,
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if there's a maintenance problem. >> a 14-year-old was shot and killed on this walk way. it will be monitored by the rangers. with more of the presence crimes won't happen again. >> if things are used by the residents it's more likely to be a safe place. >> having a consistent presence and people interacting with the patrons will give us that advantage so we know what's going on. >> each ranger is equipped with pepper spray and a radio giving them direct access to police. they hope to increase the program in the future. a team of psych rest -- psych list completed a ride
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today. they are part of the relay team. they have been riding to cities across the nation for 35 years, to niagara falls. portland, denver, san diego and alaska. it took eight days to make it to the bay area. >> we wear the dog tags and they have the names of people we ride in honor of. and we really have the easiest part, we just ride a bike. those battling cancer would trade places with us. >> the team has raised $5.7 million for the leukemia foundation. and the weather today. lots of low clouds and fog near the coast. it will be a repeat performance. a chilly 57 degrees in pacifica. lots of 70s around the way.
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we're talking about 90s out toward concord. on the satellite and radar, showers and thunderstorm developed across the southern sierra and palm springs. you can see the surface winds pushing that fog back into the bay, and it will expand in coverage over the next 3 to 6 hours. the bayside communities waking up to fog tomorrow morning. here's the live camera looking toward the bay bridge. you can see all this live right now with mostly cloudy skies near the coast. a few patches of fog over the next 2 to 3 hours. we are shaping up for saturday, a lot of changes, morning fog. 60s, 70s, 80s. the same forecast for sunday
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and clearing skies. maybe warmer on monday for the fourth of july. in san francisco tomorrow morning. low clouds mid-50s. by 12:00 patchy fog. partly cloudy skies. temperature in the lower 60s by saturday afternoon. that's your saturday. we'll look at the forecast highs in your neighborhood and the forecast for monday night. we'll let you know if fog will be a factor. finding houses for the homeless. the daunting challenges arents rise. the giants need a comeback after falling behind early. mark will show us if they got the job done. bay area firefighters working to contain a brushfire burning a large area of grass.
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firefighters cop takenning a grass -- contain a grass fire south of cordelia near marsh vcu a -- marshview road. we got off the phone with solano fire. it burned 18-acres. san jose police are investigating an accident that claimed the life of a 6-year- old boy. a mother was holding the boy's hand when a car struck them. emergency crews rushed to the scene. the mother was not injured but the boy died at the hospital. the car was moving slowly.
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a man accused of stabbing made his first court appearance. cameras were not allowed. as deputies wheeled hart into the courtroom. hart is accused of stabbing lucero in his neck and chest in a random attack. the victim's older brother was in court and said the family has rallied around adam who's still recovering. >> he said i fought back. i think that was what saved his life. by fighting back it was not easy and the guy left. >> police are trying to determine if hart is responsible for a fatal stabbing on monday. a kitchen night was used in that case. hart is homeless and moved to the bay area from baltimore.
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the white house released figures in how many people have been killed in drone attacks. there were 473 such strikes between 2009 and 2015. killed 2500 combatants. 64 and 116 civilians have been killed. the white house says today's report reflects an unprecedented level of trance parrancey. the numbers are lower than numbers given by independent agencies. $415 million, still ahead, the winning numbers in the
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megamillion drawing. getting san francisco's homeless off the streets and shelter is only one component of a complex problem.
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. all this wake we've been reporting to state of homelessness. >> we look at how the mayors offer -- off it is trying to exalt the problem. >> there's a consensus on those working on the problem that a housing first approach is the best way to combat homelessness. get people off the streets and into housing and then get them is services they need. >> elaine spent more than 10 years on the streets of san
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francisco. she lost her job and when her did you was killed she lost hope. >> i wanted to commit suicide. >> she was did ited -- addicted to alcohol and drugs. seven months ago the 62-year- old got the news she had been praying for. >> i was so relieved. i'm sorry. i accept the fact that i know i'm keyed in, and i have to worry about someone coming in on me, raping me. . >> buchanan said after so many
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years on the street having a permanent place to live helped her get sober and off drugs. >> i don't have a desire to drink, i see the crack when i walk down the street. i see people smoking crack, it don't bother me. they have been on the frontlines in the fight against homelessness for 50 years. housing is an important first step but it doesn't stop there. >> a homeless person when you have them housed will not retain their housing if they are not supported. if you don't continue the recovery, have medical and mental health care and case management. >> glide has a range of programs for the homeless because the needs are different. from the truck adirected to the
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mentally ill. >> the people who are homeless are perceived as if that's their choice in life. that's their way of life. it's not. so many are homeless because they lost their jobs. so many in san francisco are newly homeless because of the rent. >> the median rent is 4500 a month. demand is almost wiped out developing space. many landlord always renting out the paying tenants for $1200 a month. last year the number of sro plunged from 340 to 96. -- 76. the biggest challenge is lack
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of affordable housing. >> that's where we've taken a nosedive. the pipeline is frightening. if we continue we'll see a massive explosion of people on the streets. . >> sam dodge is working to make sure that doesn't happen. as second in command in the newly formed department to deal with it, the office of hope he knows they can help 8,000 out of homelessness in eight years. >> we live in a community that thinks about self-driving cars or stem cell therapies, but housing cures homelessness and it's daunting to find housing for those who need it, i can reject, i know we can do this.
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>> the mayor's office of hope will expand from six employees to 100. with a budget of a quarter of a billion dollars. >> we haven't had the opportunity to work together as a system and really all row in the same direction and put our assets to the same strategy. >> willie brown does not share the optimism. he says there's no way the current mayor could accomplish the goal. >> there's not enough affordable housing. there's not enough available housing. the process we go through and the speed we engage in, you will have expired before the unit is built. >> the number of home less people have doubled since he was mayor because of the migration of homeless in san francisco. >> there e they are in other
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locations and people tell them how much better off if you're in san francisco versus some other place. so they will migrate to san francisco for that purpose. we're a very generous city. >> but the city is finding space. buying up properties and adding rooms where homeless people can live and have peace of mind. >> i almost gave up. but i'm glad i didn't. >> her heart is filled with gratitude, because she has a place to call home. >> i'm very grateful that i finally stopped running. >> sam dodge said the city houses 6,000 homeless and that does not include people in
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shelters. in addition to new housing they are providing rental vouchers to get them back in the housing market. >> there's a lot of homeless people on the streets. is the number going up? >> the number of homeless on any given night is 6700. that's stayed consistent. it's deceiving, last year the city provided additional housing to 1300 more people. the numbers are going up but the city is doing a good job of housing. >> willie brown said homeless people are migrating to san francisco. >> according to the last home let survey 35% of the homeless in san francisco came from other locations but a vast ma josh became homeless while
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working in san francisco. >> i don't know how active willie brown is now, does he think it's solve able. >> not on the city level. he think on the state and federal level. mayor lee thinks it's solve able. that's why he's creating the new development. >> what struck you the most or touched you the most about this problem? >> the fact that every homeless person had a of the different story about what caused their homelessness and the vast array of reasons, the complexity of meeting that challenge. there's such a number of programs you have to create to deal with the needs. >> not a simple solution. and you will find more on the san francisco homeless project at we posted all the stories from
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the week on the site and online resources if you or someone you know is homeless. the ellis island of the west, the plan to put part of the bay area history on public display and where the money to pay for it is coming from. low clouds are getting their act together. the warmest day of the holiday weekend and tracking the fireworks. the megamillion draws, worth $450 million. the numbers and word on any winners.
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. the people who run the lottery 95 no one -- say no one won. the prize will roll over for the next drawing. drawing. lottery officials say there's no tickets with all the winning numbers. the stock market closed out the best week of the year. the dow gained 19 points and shot up 800 points in the past four days. the market stormed back after
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suffering declines following the brexit vote. ceremonies marked the launch of love dancea -- luftancea. >> the service was set to begin two months ago but rescheduled to allow more ticket sales. workers should see more money. san francisco minimum rose from 12.25 to $13 an hour. in el cerrito 1160 an hour. california new vaccine law went into effect. all school children must be
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vaccinated against common illnesses. children will be checked when ebb rolling for day care, kinder garden and entering the 7th grade. families are no longer to opt out for religious or personal belief. showcasing a piece of the bay area history. the state budgeet includes $3 million to open the pacific coast immigration center. 1million immigrants came through that island from 1910 to 1940. the money will pay for exhibits that tell the story of the ellis island west. it was a heist worth half a million dollars. how police caught one of the suspects accused of breaking into a union square julyer. mark is keeping an eye on the fog bank.
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he will light up the fireworks for cast. if
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. two robbery suspects are behind bar. two men inside the store loading $500,000 in jewelry in double bags. police say officers on patrol recognized the men, placed them under arrest and recovered some of the jewelry. the suspects from san francisco, they are facing burglary and firearm charges. the big forecast as we head into the weekend. temperature won't be extremely hot. cooling off and the trend will continue into the weekend. here's a look at the national perspective. we had strong thunderstorms out
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toward the northeast and a the -- tornado watch. out toward california, showers and thunderstorms for the southern sierra to nevada. we have onshore breeze setting up. that will transport the fog back into the bay. the onshore winds have been in place all week long. numbers santa rosa 57, we have 68 in livermore, concord 73 and san jose 64 degrees. here's the live camera looking toward the bay bridge. you can look at the picture and get an idea the fog is making a comeback. the fog is trying to obscure things, the fog will win out. overnight lows will be in the 50s.
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the weekend will be cooler especially for tomorrow. the weather system moves in from the north and reinforce the onshore wind. 80s around the bay, 70s in the beaches only in the lower 60s, some beaches in the upper 50s tomorrow. tomorrow morning 6:00 a.m., the cloud deck near the coast and around the bay. gradually clearing near the shoreline, leftover patchy fog for the coast. that's tomorrow. take this into monday 4th of july. these are the firework shows. coast, fog, partly cloudy skies, for san francisco, you can't rule out the fog. have to hack on to the possibility of areas of fog. temperature in the upper 50s. bundle up.
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temperature for tomorrow, 80 in santa rosa. fairfield 85, around the rim of the bay upper 60s to low 70s. and mid- to upper 80s. san jose 79, and san francisco 63 degrees. er here's a look ahead. warmer for 4th of july and cooling off into next week. we'll keep a look at the fog bank. >> seems like the fog likes the fireworks. it shows up every 4th of july. >> it's part of the celebration i guess. the other mark is coming up next with sports. he will tell us if the giants were able tocking out -- dig out of a hole. >> the warriors make news.
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. mark is mr. to tell us if the giants won. >> they did. you left me hanging for a second. >> the news isn't great for the a's. we'll get to that. it said san francisco on the front of the uniforms. posey, pence, duffy out of the lineup tonight. you can't call the guys that
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filled in imposters, first place baseball did ensue. johnny cueto prevailed. he was good enough to win his 12th of the year. he didn't have his best stuff, lamb takes him deep. 4-1 lead for arizona. 7 innings, 4 runs, cueto is 12- 1. the giants become their come back. green played 2nd base tonight. 4-3 arizona leading. in the 6th 2-1. posey out of the lineup. inexpert trevor brown. -- insert trevor brown. parker is starting to play ball in outfield. rides it over and out.
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his fifth. six-game lead over the dodgers who won. by this point in the season every team has a rory list. for the a's sonny gray, doesn't look like the same guy that had the word ace precede his name. the festivities begin. marcus is looking like an all- star. 17th homer of the year. 2-0 over the pirates. here's sonny, 7 runs by pittsburgh. unanswered. no command, mccutchen with a fly, two. in the sixs down 5-3. harrison down the line in left. that will be the end for sunny.
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2-1. gray is 3-7 on the year. gave up 7 runs in six inning. >> staggering sums of money given out. if you have not done so go out, buy your kid a ball and basketball hoop. wait until you hear the figures and the truly big names have not signed yet. like the number 1 get on the market. kevin durant who'll meet with several teams including the warriors. the warriors contingent reportedly met for three hours and went "very well" that's it. don't expect a decision for a few days. when it comes don't be surprised to hear he's staying put. you had to know the creedo, there's a sucker born every minute would come to pass with
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how area, atlanta wins that prize. he wore out his welcome in houston. three years, $70.5 million. good luck to the hawks on that one. look at the funny money the nba doling out. . >> like i said the pig names have -- big names have not inked yet. >> let's start close at hand in
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chicago. that's closer than europe. bridge view illinois. the fire, quakes can't clear it. john goosen 1-nil. the quakes go down. one of the coolest aspects of the euro cup. lots of surprises. wales leading belgium. putting it away on the header. 3-1 final. wales with their first semifinal birth in a major tournament ever. they will play portugal next. >> good money in basketball. >> it's unbelievable. sounds like monopoly money. >> good night. thanks for joining us. mom!
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