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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  July 4, 2016 2:30pm-3:01pm PDT

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hot off the grill with a sky high celebration, we're all amped up for the fourth of july, "right this minute." wait, wait. >> it's a party by the pool and some guys with -- >> fireworks. woo-hoo. >> but see the reason you're supposed to leave it to the pros. >> ah! [ bleep ]. >> independence day homecoming makes military families -- why some more than others. >> you don't need no stinking boat. >> just hop on the jet surf. >> the summer toy you need now. >> a prankster rigs a fireworks on a family member's door because -- >> she always closes the door behind her. >> the moment grandma gets a little holiday jolt. fourth of july, fireworks. woo-hoo! >> leave them to the professionals.
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here's why. >> you know what you're doing? >> yeah. >> no you don't. this guy enjoying a little party. >> he's going to blow up his hand. i don't want to see this. >> it's not his hand you need to worry about. >> let her relationship. >> wow. it's like a mortar. it's got a base on it. it's not an open ended tube. >> also not how you're supposed to use it. >> really? >> yeah. >> are you all right? >> he jumps headfirst into the pool. >> it looked like it took off okay. >> he wasn't really looking. it caught on the roof. >> the guy who took the video is a well-known prankster. looks like the joke is on him. >> this next dude has bottle rockets. a lot of us are familiar with these. >> ah! [ screaming ] >> i think you're supposed to let go of that thing. >> that was your problem.
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>> let this be a lesson to all of us on the fourth of july. stay away from people like this. >> catch on quick, girl. >> this last example of what not to do. lighting fireworks in the backyard. lighting them on the grass. both things firefighters -- here he goes. >> whoa! whoa whoa, dude. what's going on? >> going to the open shed with a lawn mower and the tools and stuff. >> yes. the fireworks looks like it shot up into the air but it also has sparks. it went into the shed. that's why we don't dot fireworks. leave it to the professionals. >> on a day like independence day, we owe our freedom to people like this. i love when they come home. someone is always happy to see them. the mom is at the bar.
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>> mom says, so proceeded the ugly face. i say it's beautiful when a parent gets to see a child who has been overseas. her daughter was overseas in japan for three months. she came home and surprised mom. >> this airman is coming home to surprise mom. somebody's shaken his hand. but you can hear mom's excitement already from another room. oh, that's so cool. >> they just hug and she cries and they hug some more and she cries. there's always someone who wants to see you like that. it's your mom or your dad. >> the next one, can't leave out the dog. >> this marine came home and her dog -- >> excited. >> hi baby.
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>> as you can see, she can't get up. runs away. i cannot believe you went. rub my belly, rub my belly. i can't believe you did that. >> super excited that she came home. i say thank you all for your service. like the dog says right there when it does that. >> sometimes being gullible can really blow up in your face. >> the woman here in new york has asked these guys for a cigarette. >> everything is so friendly on this very nice new york afternoon. but you see that there are people standing around watching. you're anticipating something -- they're planning something. but what could it be? oh, no. >> because watch this as she
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finally lights that cigarette. >> ooh. [ bleep ]. >> that cigarette apparently has a firecracker in it. it's like a prank cigarette that blows up in your face. literally. >> i have seen these for sale in joke shops. it may be enough to give her a shock. i don't think she was ever in any danger. >> she doesn't appear to be injured. she chases after the guy. but everybody, including her, are getting a good laugh out of this. >> you never know. sometimes in communities, you know them well enough to have an understanding where you can joke with them. based upon the response, she's like okay, when i see you next time. >> no word on whether she actually got an actual cigarette later. >> maybe it's great aversion therapy. now every time she thinks about a cigarette, she's like no. >> a negative association with
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cigarettes. >> helping her. who needs a boat when you've got one of these things? about to do a little bit of what looks like wake boarding. looks like she's going to launch off the dock here. get pulled right from the dock. but it's much cooler than that. >> doesn't need a boat. >> doesn't need a boat. just hops on the jet surf which is what this thing is called. got a built-in motor and off she goes. puts her hands in the footholds there and you have an all in one awesome summer toy. >> i want one. every time i visit my family, i was going to go out on the water. >> bad part about this. you doipt need a boat. but this thing costs about as much as one. ranging anywhere between $12,000 to $15,000 for the lower end version. >> watch this video. start getting some practice in and in five years when they cost about a thousand dollars, sign me up.
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>> they all have to take ferries. add some stuff to protect the bottom stuff and heels. you can take it to work and forget the staten island ferry. >> use the commute in venice. >> it will go up to 30 miles an hour. looks like fun. who is in the mood for a little holiday barbecue? it's like a giant is in a kitchen. >> see the cooking that will leave you hungry for more. >> i'm guilty. i'm interested. and making a perfect day at the beach even better by -- >> setting up an enormous water slide into the water. >> it's like sliding into paradise.dise. is back y starting at $12.99, only at olive garden. choose 3 of 9 of our favorite italian dishes, with delicious choices like cheesy chicken parmigiana, sausage stuffed rigatoni, and creamy fettuccine alfredo. you can have everything you want, all on one plate.
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j?j?j7 closed-captioning provided by --ow new gold bond® men's powder spray controls odor, wetness... smells irresistible. stay cool. fireworks are notorious. you're not supposed to play with then.
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you need adult supervision. fortunately, for us, there are stupid, irresponsible people. >> i just got these firecrackers and she is explode when you pull both ends. i'm going to scare grandma. >> we've seen it before and he's got a simple prank he'll play on one of my favorites, his grandma. he's jerry rigged up this contraption, attached it to a door because grandma is predictable. she always closes the door behind her when she goes into her room. cue, lots of grandma swearing. ah! [ bleep ] i'm going to [ bleep ] kill you. >> so salty. >> wow. i want to see that again. >> yeah. let's enjoy it one more time. ! you [ bleep ] i'm going to p [ bleep ] kill you. >> she's such a sweetheart warming grandma. >> they seem to be outside playing with fireworks.
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they're setting off fire krangers underneath it. he's standing there. blowing off, blowing off. i think the best part is towards the beginning where he seriously miscalculates how big a cherry bomb is. >>. [ whining ] >> after the fact -- >> exactly. >> captain america, thank you. >> time to make something miniature from the people at the miniatures. these guys are maestros. it's edible. >> you start with the meat. you think they're going to make little slices. no, no, no. they dice it. >> it's like a giant is in a kitchen. >> hands on the knife.
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>> exactly. this knife has to be incredibly sharp but tiny. they cut up the green peppers, then an onion. then a yellow pepper. when you have akah bob, you want a variety. they take out a secure and put these little bits. >> i don't know why this is so fascinating. >> yeah. >> it's so stupid that it's fascinating. but i'm guilty. i'm interested. >> but notice this part. they roll out a real -- what a great thing. >> how long have you got to cook that? it's not going to take 11 minutes. it's more like nine seconds, nine seconds, you're done. >> that's the beauty of this kind of cooking. >> i had like 28 -- >> you're still hungry. >> the biggest benefit is when you finish a kabob, you have something to help pick your teeth. this place in australia
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looks pretty darn good. >> the sand, the beach, the water. absolutely stunning. perfect. the video put together by the guys over at it, they were itching to make this location even cooler. >> cool. >> by setting up in enormous water slide into the water. they took buckets threw it on the slide and someone jumps on a floatie and slides down. >> it's easy when you live in australia when you have more beaches than anybody knows what with to do with. >> they're made to play in the beach with the water. >> i can't stand how beautiful it is when we start panning out and pulling away and you see how beautiful that entire area is. >> i'm glad you told me stral yachlt i would verve have guessed that. i would have said caribbean somewhere. >> stunning. >> check this bad boy out.
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when we watch fireworks, we're seeing what's inside the fireworks. but the folks over at the what's inside channel, dan and his little boy lincoln, want to know what's inside the fireworks before they set it on fire. >> check this bad boy out. we have the big slugger. >> got the help of shawn here for this episode. they're going to cut into the big slugger. >> they're going to set one off to see what it looks like. >> big slugger. >> then they're going to start digging into the thing. turns out the big slugger really isn't as big as it's built to look. >> it's in the marketing. >> so the en side almost looks like a bundle of tnt. >> they're going to take it a step further and not much technology is involved here. in fact, what they find is what they need -- >> black powder.
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thas the actual fireworks since the 9th septemberry. >> once it's cut open, they don't let it go to waste. they light it on fire and it burns like 25 minutes. >> oh, my gosh. >> that's why it says on there, douse with water after use. because 25 minutes later -- >> take away your nerve center with 10,000 sparklers going off at once. ush push. >> you realize how big it is when you see them standing around. you always thought you were the man lighting a couple sparklers at the same time. here's 10,000 erupting from a giant fire boat. 10,000! >> i'm going to show you a short clip. i want you to guess what kind of
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video this is. >> definitely a six foot video. >> that's your guess? >> i'm in. >> i don't think this girl has big feet. but she's about to put a big ring on it. that is debra, gabriel has taken her to treetop adventure park in south wales, australia. this is a day of adventure, but he has something different planned. >> more than anything, i would -- she has no idea what's coming. >> there's a big rock. >> if you spend the whole day and she's almost feeling like she almost died, almost died, almost died. it could be a lot better. >> this is what she saw while zip lining through the forest. he sees the big message that -- she sees the big message and he's already on one knee. good thing she didn't have to hold on to that. >> oh, my god.
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♪ >> then they kiss. that's a sweet way to do it. what a fun day. >> everybody hugs them and everybody is happy. >> that is super, super sweet and thoughtful. >> time to start their next adventure. >> marriage. youtuber roman at woods gearing up to put on a backyard show featuring. >> homemade fireballs. >> oh, my gosh. >> okay here. never -- >> see why lighting them up makes for one heck of a holiday display.
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study science and maybe you too could create these also. the dog pool is open.
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dan cole is a braver soul than i am. >> he ran up on these two eagles near the bay and one had the other by the thigh. they were going at it. >> right. kind of breaking up a fight between two eagles. >> yes. >> one cool republican and the other cool democrat. >> the way they're fighting, you would think so. >> you'll see -- >> give it to this guy. they're in a pretty dangerous situation quite clearly on the edge of drowning. he's helping them out here. >> that's why i said he's a braver soul than i am. you see here after a few minutes he yanks. good girl. >> there they go.
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>> it's okay. see that there, he's got something on the line. yeah, buddy. >> he got, got. that eagle is on his fish like nobody's business. [ bleep ]. >> fourth of july means many, many, many fireworks sales. this one should have been a fail. but it's so awesome. >> it starts out with roman atwood and his girlfriend lighting these homemade fireballs. >> ready, set, go. >> oh, my gosh. >> never -- >> i agree. that's why you really thought it would be a fail. they're lighting them in her face. she's freaking out while she's
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lighting them. once they're lit -- >> he's got what looks like large pvc pipe with smaller tubes wrapped around it and roman candle stuff inside. >> exactly. >> it's like iron man cannons. >> roman atwood built roman candles. >> they actually work. they're just shooting off fireworks into the sky and all kinds of different colors. now, they can say that was awesome. but at the same time, they do recognize that maybe it wasn't the greatest idea they've ever had. fortunately, this one went as planned. it was a success. you can see it on roman's smile. >> that was awesome, dude. >> what did you think? >> that is epic. they need to do it again so brittany can try. >> yes! >> whoa! hope you enjoyed celebrating the fourth with us. enjoy the rest of your time off.
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we'll see you guys on the next "right this minute."
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harvey: welcome to "tmz live," harvey levin here. charles: charles here. harvey: so beyonce may have stolen "lemonade" if you believe a guy who now lists -- charles: he has proof. harvey: he has 10 pieces of proof. it's a story we did recently. it's got to make you think. charles: the guy's name is matthew falks. he made a short film in 2014 and he says that he has plenty of evidence to show -- harvey: there are some similarities here. charles: that beyonce and the people who made her "lemonade" film ripped off his project. he is now suing beyonce for a lot of money. harvey: the idea here is there is image after image in this video of her video and his video where there are some undeniable similarities. charles: some of it you can


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