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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 5pm  FOX  July 6, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm PDT

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the latest. >> reporter: the man in the crash passed away. they are waiting for the coroner's office to remove his body from the car. they are still here on scene. this is directly down about two blocks from where we are. neighbors describe this as a fiery crash. this was shared to us from a man working in the scene. he came bonn this crash minutes after it happened. you can see it appears even officers tried to use fire extinguishers on the car. police tell us that before the crash, the driver was traveling northbound on 37 street. he missed the curve and drove straight into a house on 32. the house caught on fire too. firefighters say that no one was home, but they did rescue two dogs. >> the south side of that residence has some extensive fire damage to the garage, the second floor, moderate damage
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to the third floor on the south side of it. >> reporter: police say the man who died lived nearby. he was a senior citizen. they are not sure what caused him to drive fast down the street or lose control of the car. they say there is a possibility he may have had a medical condition. all of that will be under investigation. for now, the fire has been extinguished. the homeowners are doing as well as they can. they have been talking with police and cooperating as well. police tell us they have notified the driver's family of his passing but again, we are waiting on the coroner's office to finish up their work before 32 street reopens to drivers near california. frank? >> christina, thank you. more breaking news. police in san francisco in a standoff with a man with a gun just off busy market street in the tenderloin neighborhood. police have swarmed that area around jones and mcallostery streets just outside the hibernia bank building. ktvu fox 2 news' tara moriarty
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is live on the scene now with the very latest. >> reporter: over the past 15 minutes, we heard flash bangs go off. they got the crowd riled up. there is a crowd gathered out here to watch all of this a lot of them angry. a lot of fatal shootings. the past five years. if you could move out of the way, sir, sorry. right around the corner is where the man is laying on the ground and he has his hands in his pocket. they are in standoff mode. members of the swat team have their guns drawn and ready. the man is in an altered state. we don't know if he is on
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drugs, drunk, or mentally incapacitated but the area around seventh and market is extremely chaotic. several blocks have been blocked off within this radius. the man laying right in front of the bank at the corner of mcallister an jones. completely at a standstill. swat teams trying to negotiate with this man. they have crisis negotiators and they have been talking to him. as far as we can tell, we don't really have a good view of what the man's response has been. he is just not responding. so, again, flash bangs, bean bags. on the bull horn right now, i can hear the crisis negotiator trying to talk to him telling
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him to take his hands out of his pockets. he is refusing to do so. they thought he had a gun. but whether or not that is confirmed, we haven't been told yet. we are waiting on more information. there is quite a crowd if you can pan here to the left. you can see all the people gathered here. at one point the crowd got very unruly and were screaming at cops. we have had a lot of officer involved shootings recently that have really angered the community and they wanted to make sure their voices were heard and they could watch what police are doing out here. but as far as we can tell. not really much action to report now. you know, this could go on for hours. back to you. >> that was going to be my question, tara, if we knew for certain that this man was indeed armed with a gun. but sounds like police have not been able to confirm that just yet. >> reporter: they told us they believe he is. that is the reason why there
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are so many armed swat officers here. whether or not, you know, i don't know that they have actually seen the gun or not. they said that they believe he had a gun. i don't know if that means he said he had a gun. they are in no rush. they want to take their time and hopefully all of this will be resolved peacefully. >> and one more question. i know you spoke with the san francisco public information officer. and officers have gone through different training to try to deescalate situation. did she say if they were approaching the situation a little differently? >> reporter: not to my knowledge. i wasn't here when she came on scene. i had to run back to the live truck for something. we have been talking about this. we have had i think 18 fatal officer involved shootings since 2011. that is something the civil grand jury came out with today,
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how the police department, the da's office, the office of citizen's complaints and the medical examiner's office, they need to do this in a more expedited manner and be more transparent about how these investigations are going. >> tara moriarty live from the scene there with that standoff continues. now to the massive six alarm fire that tore through the building that was under construction and jumped so neighboring town homes in emeryville. this broke out around 2:45 this morning and the flames quickly spread destroying that apartment complex that was under construction. and jumping to a number of town homes behind the site forcing people there to flee. you can see the extent of the damage. firefighters respond from several departments. it is on san pablo. a very busy area near a stretch
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of 580 and the mcarthur maze. we have team coverage tonight. ktvu fox 2 news' rob roth talked to some who lost everything in the fire. but first to paul chambers. paul? >> reporter: one crew has just released here behind us, there are still several crews out here monitoring hot spots to make sure the fire doesn't start up again. until the fire is fully extinguished, fire officials will not get a closer look inside. the investigation is underway. >> they will be talking to residents. looking at any pictures and footage of both media, community members. >> reporter: for the first time ever, alameda county sheriff's office drone was used to help the department battle a real life fire. crews worked together in the past for training but nothing like this fire in emeryville. the camera was able to send officials realtime video from well above the fire.
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you could detect dangers you could not always see. in th instance, we found hot spots. >> this is important for the commander to see in realtime in order to adjust any positioning of equipment. to provide safety updates for personnel. >> reporter: throughout the day, crews count to spray water on the building making sure the fire doesn't reignite. this building on the 3800 block of san pablo avenue was the scene of a six alarm fire which started just before 3:00 this morning. it took more than 100 firefighters and 25 engines and trucks to battle the flames. people reported hearing numerous explosions. from cars and fireworks. they are not sure the cause of the fire. >> it has not been uncommon to hear illegal fireworks late at night. however, nothing has been ruled out. >> i think it would take a little more than just sparks to
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get it caught on fire. >> reporter: that gentleman is a construction worker who worked on this site the last two months happened in the same building sunday. and hear who he thinking may have started this fire. frank? >> is san pablo shut dawn because of this fire? >> reporter: san pablo has been open all day since we got here at 10:00 this morning. this street here behind us, that was shut down for a while. as you can see, crews are basically letting the fire trunks out. but the traffic is able to run in here when the fire trucks, the police are not driving through the area. it is open behind us. >> paul, thank you. vehicles right next to that building also caught fire. during a live report, you can see what happened there.
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cars exploded. and our crews on the scene this morning captured this video early on in the fire fight. take a look. this is from a few blocks away. you can see the flames shooting up several feet into the sky. from up close, you can see the challenges of fighting such a huge fire. about 50 people were displaced by that blaze. >> some of them were just displaced a couple of hours but for others the situation is much worse. ktvu fox 2 news' rob roth spoke with some folks who lost everything. rob is at the scene. rob? >> reporter: well frank, many neighbors say considering the size of the fire, it is just fortunate that no one was hurt. now behind me, you can see some of the damaged down homes. late this afternoon, alameda county fire declared ten houses were uninhabitable at least for tonight and some will have no home to return to any time
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soon. firefighters were still dousing hot spots this afternoon. carrie deacon was trying to figure out what to do now. hers is one of five townhouses firefighters say were damaged by the early morning fire. >> i was terrified. i didn't know. it looked so bad. i didn't know if it was on my roof or not. i could see the flames through the skylight and i thought if i didn't get out, the roof was going to collapse on me. >> reporter: she says all she owns went up in flames. >> all of my journals. i have been writing since i was eight. and it is gone. all of it. >> reporter: the fire spread from the unfinished apartment building to five town homes in oakland. it also destroyed an auto repair shop and about 20 cars in the lot. a blanket of smoke enveloped several blocks and many were evacuated temporarily. some people were receiving help from the red cross truck parked
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a block away. >> i can hear my neighbors saying get out! so i go to the front door. there are all these people out on the street. i can see this glow and i look down the block and i saw a fire like i have ever seen before. >> reporter: she plans on returning home later. all her neighbor has left, he says, are the shorts and sweatshirts he is now wearing. the flip-flops he borrowed from a friend. >> it is surreal. it is a freak thing. you know. i think people responded as fast as possible. it just is kind of bad luck i guess. >> so now it is just one day at a time. >> where are you going to stay? >> i have no idea >> reporter: it happened all so fast. one minute they had a home. the next minute, which is now, they are looking for a roof
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over their heads. frank? >> on the scene there in emeryville, thanks rob. we want to give you now a look at how the fire looked throughout actually, you know what? excuse me. first, this fire is not just affecting people in the immediate area. we received a number of pictures like these from viewers all over the east bay showing large chunks of ash or some sort of foam insulation. viewers say it fell from the sky this morning presumably from the fire in emeryville. one viewer said he found the ash on the front yard of his home two miles away from the scene. here are some of the first images of the fire looking across the gay from san francisco. this is shot from san francisco. you can see how far the fire is. the giant flames burning in the distance. this is about 3:45 in the morning an hour after the fire started. >> we want to fast forward.
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this is the view captured by that camera. you see the bright orange flames lighting up the early morning sky. this is around 4:00. >> one hour later at 5:00 this morning there are still flames but now you can tell that firefighters have made a lot of progress. the flames aren't nearly as bright as they were an hour before as the sun finally starts to rise, you can also see the water being sprayed on the buildings. >> and about an hour later just before 6:00, the sun is up. no flames are visible, but you can see heavy smoke pouring out of the area and daylight providing a clear picture of firefighters. >> so now we jump forward about two hours. this is now five hours after the fire started. you can see the damage the fire caused during the time. >> here is is the view from that same camera. this is right now. more than 14 hours later, the firefighters are still there
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straying water. 2 investigates wanted to find out more on the construction company working on the building and here is what ross palombo uncovered. according to cal osha, davis reed construction has reported only two safety incidents in the past five years. one was dismissed. stay with ktvu fox 2 news. we will stay on top of this fire investigation. coming up at 5:30, more criminal cases now called into question after more officers are linked to that ongoing sex scandal. >> some idyllic neighborhoods used as a front for a multimillion dollars illegal marijuana grow operation. how they fooled the homeowners and property managers into renting out these homes. >> and cell phone video of a deadly encounter between police and a man. the original call that prompted the police response and the
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growing outrage to that graphic video. >> it is cool. it is foggy out there. today, another day with below average temperatures throughout much of the bay area. what does it mean as we press forward into the end of the week? i'll let you know.
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>> the justice department will investigate the deadly shooting of a man. he was shot outside a convenience store yesterday. >> this video has been shared across the world. you will see with your own eyes how he was handled unjustly and
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killed without regard for the lives he helped raise. >> sterling was pinned to the ground. an anonymous caller claims he was threatening someone with a gun. the baton rouge police chief says sterling was armed but the circumstances are not clear. and that the body cameras of both of the officers fell off during the scuffle. the governor called for a full investigation. >> i observed the video that was made available. i have very serious concerns. the video is disturbing to say the least. >> hundreds of people gathered for a peaceful protest outside the convenience store. yesterday and again today. the two officers involved are on leave during the investigation. >> a grand jury reported san francisco has found investigations into officer involved shootings take too long and are not transparent enough. it pointed the finger not only
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at the san francisco police department but at the district attorney's office as well. >> they have a reasonable time frame of about seven months during which this process should occur and at the end of which, there should be a conclusion to the investigation. right now, the average investigation is taking two to three years. >> the grand jury listed several recommendations for streamlining officer involved shootings investigations and providing more transparency. they include creating a task force that consists of one member from the police department, the da's office. the medical examiner's office and the office of citizen's complaints and two respected community members who would spearhead ois investigations. there have been 18 deadly police shootings over the pasttive years in san francisco. we might talk a little more about the fire.
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alameda, emeryville. the weather was very fortunate. had it been a hot spare the air kind of days, the embers that did spread could have caused problems for firefighters. we had a break. we are continuing to get a break with this cool pattern. you have tornado watches and severe thunderstorm warnings. heavy rain at kentucky and tennessee. a lot of fog to talk about. it is just everywhere. here is the low pressure system. see this guy here? that white area, that is the low that is kind of releasing the inversion. and the fog is already into oakland. it is into hayward in the next hour. it is foggy. it has been all day. it is jacket weather out there. and the winds are just doing what you would expect. it doesn't only help with the fire danger around here. but the central valley.
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sacramento. this pattern is a good one. current temperatures 72 in livermore. much cooler than you might ebbs perfect. minus 5 degrees in hayward. the forecast, as we head into tonight, will be more of the same. there is no big change really. the winds are blowing. look at the 32 miles an hour gust in fairfield. that is what you expect. the winds howl through here. when we started wind surfing, we discovered rio vista which is kind of nice. it blows really hard all summer long. and the water is warmer. the air temperature is warmer too. 24 miles an hour gust at sfo. that is what we have right now. so the winds are blowing. you are noticing that. as we push into the next couple of days, we will notice temperatures very similar so what we are seeing.
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the fog is in big time in san francisco. the marine layer is 2,000 feet deep so the coastal hills are not acting as a barrier at all. all the cool moist air off the pacific is flying in. so the dam is broken if you will in all the moisture. helping firefighters and helping the temperatures around the bay area. there's the foggy footprint. look what it does to the daytime highs tomorrow. you will see temperatures that are mostly, well, in the 60s . which would be greens. 70s which would be your yellows. so there is your forecast for thursday. we will see you back here after a break or two with a long range forecast in the potential warmup. >> all right bill. we will talk to you then. thank you. police tricked homeowners, property managers, and even neighbors. >> the house is so pretty. i always admired it. just, no clue. >> coming up, how investigators
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say a couple used kids to find more than half a dozen homes to rent and then grow marijuana inside. >> and coming up later at 6:00, continuing coverage of that massive fire in emeryville including some new information about a possible cause. >> and a driver dies after smashing into a six million dollars home in san francisco. what we are learning about the investigation.
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>> more fallout from the sex scandal that began with oakland police and now involves
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numerous law enforcement agencies across the bay area. >> henry lee is here with new information on whether prostitution cases could be made here because of involvement with a teenager who identified herself as a sex worker. >> reporter: the contra costa public defender is looking into whether alleged misconduct has jeopardized any criminal cases related to sex trafficking. at least four richmond officers are under investigation and a contra costa sheriff's deputy has resigned for allegedly having sex with this woman who is now 18. >> i just find it frankly appalling. >> reporter: now, contra costa county public defender has opened an investigation into whether any sex trafficking or prostitution cases could be jeopardized. >> if they were themselves engaging in this behavior, if they were involved in an arrest or prosecution or investigation of that kind of conduct, then
5:28 pm
it calls into question the integrity of those questions. >> reporter: ricardo perez was accused of having sex with a girl who was underaged but the richmond officers were allegedly involved with the girl after she turned 18. none of them are on leave because accomplice say there is no evidence any crime was committed. two officers have been repositioned from work with youths. >> there may not be in criminal activity, but there is certainly unscrupulous activity. if people do anything like that, there are consequences. >> reporter: arven brown declined to go on camera wednesday, but the chief wrote in a statement, please understand we cannot move on disciplinary action until these investigations are complete. we will physical low the facts
5:29 pm
where they lead and take appropriate actions at that time. the police union says it is committed to "ensuring the trust of the citizens." the scandal has spread throughout the bay area. a guard with the defense lo jestics agency part of the department of defense has been reassigned to administrative duties because they had some kind of involvement with the same woman. >> so henry, in oakland, there were claims that maybe the police had sex with her in exchange for telling her about prostitution raids to keep her from being arrested. are there any allegations that this type of behavior may have been happening in some of these other departments as well? >> reporter: no. that is why the police chief is saying i don't have any proof of a crime. whether or not there is any department policy violated is another issue. >> thanks henry. the growing sex scandal
5:30 pm
that began with ... we are on the wrong page here. the growing sex scandal that began with ... >> we are going to skip on now to another story. we talked to one of the project scientists who sent a spacecraft to jupiter. hear what he has to say about what they are looking for at this far away planet. also, we continue to monitor that tense situation happening in san francisco. these are pictures taken earlier. a man on the sidewalk, police believe he is armed. they are trying to negotiate with him. we will have an update in a moment.
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>> an update now on our breaking news. that tense standoff between a man and san francisco police. >> [bleep]! >> all right, so that was just about 40 minutes ago when officers fired flash bangs near the man who is believed to be armed. he is right now lying on a sidewalk at jones and mcallister streets. this started just after 2:00 on a report of a man possibly armed in what police call an altered mental state. now, as you saw from the pictures, the swat team is there. police told us they are trying
5:34 pm
to end this with no one getting hurt. officers will stay at the scene as long as they are needed. the streets around this area are shut down and that of course is causing some problems for the evening commute in san francisco. we do have a crew there and we will continue to update you as we get new information. the standoff continueds. now to san jose where police discovered illegal marijuana plants in half a dozen homes. maureen naylor was there and has more on what makes this situation so unique. >> reporter: the well manicured front yards is just a front for an illegal drug operation. we spoke with several homeowners and a property manager who said they were duped thinking they were renting to a young family. a strong smell of marijuana seeped from this home in south san jose wednesday morning.
5:35 pm
>> these plants here looked like four feet tall. >> reporter: police filled bag after bag of mature marijuana plants after a raid at seven different san jose homes as seen on this map. all believed to be part of the same operation with a total of 1800 pot plants confiscated. the criminals are getting more sophisticated with these illegal pot grows. here they had a timer system set up. heat lamps overhead, and dry wall covering a door so they could go undetected. >> there is not a lot of activity at that house, so i'm pretty shocked. >> reporter: neighbor audrey garcia walks by every day. >> i have always admired it. always no clue. >> reporter: that curb appeal is an intentional cover-up. >> they keep it manicured. the paint job is nice. they have nice cars. >> reporter: six people were
5:36 pm
arrested and police say these people are the primary suspect. kim lee and dean trent. >> how long have you lived here? >> reporter: didn't say much as they were handcuffed and escorted to a police van outside their home. >> i am shocked. i cannot believe it. >> reporter: susan owns one of the homes raided. >> i thought it was really good. >> reporter: you thought you were renting to a couple with two kid ins. >> yes. >> reporter: an illegal grow was discovered in april. the property manager said she met with the same couple arrested today and their three children. this is what it looked like today. this is what it looks like back in april when police confiscated 700 plants. and police say that initial discovery which led to today's bust all happened because a neighbor grew suspicious that he never saw lights on across the street at the home. a property manager for the home says she has been in the
5:37 pm
business 30 years says the couple checked out just fine. they now face charges for growing and selling marijuana. back to you. >> all right, maureen naylor in san jose tonight. thank you. and oakland man who killed himself last night in a hotel in stockton was wanted in connection with abubble homicide. 55-year-old leonard williams was wanted in the shooting deaths of a mother and her son. 48-year-old latrelle parker and her son ezra glen were shot and killed around 2:45 saturday afternoon at parker's apartment on mcarthur boulevard. they tracked william to a hotel room in stockton last night. as officers were trying to enter the room, they heard a single gunshot. a short time later, police entered the room and found williams dead from a self- inflicted gunshot wound. two former novato high school students say they are not guilty of killing a classmate.
5:38 pm
17-year-old juan carlos enruiquez and gavara are facing murder charges. the victim was attacked with a machete and shot to death. another student also slashed and shot ... was also slashed and shot and survived. a third suspect, elmer rivera has pleaded not guilty to an an accessory charge. president obama plans to lead more troops than planned in afghanistan. the decision comes amid security concerns. he had originally planned to drop troop levels from 9800 to 5500 by the end of this year, but a taliban resurgence has forced the obama administration to rethink that exit strategy. and today, mr. obama unveiled a new withdrawal plan that will leave about 8400 troops in afghanistan by year's end. my decision today sends a message to the taliban and all those who have opposed
5:39 pm
afghanistan's progress. you have been waging war gins the afghan people for many years. you have been unable to prevail. afghan security forces continue to grow stronger. and the commitment of the international community including the united states to afghanistan and its people will endure. >> now, the president's announcement comes a day before he heads to a nato summit in poland where security in afghanistan is at the top of the agenda. tony blair today announced the findings of a long awaited report on the invasion of iraq. blair got emotional at times saying the decision to send troops to iraq was the hardest most agonizing decision that he made during his ten years as british prime minister. the decision was based on
5:40 pm
flawed assessments. in a historic move, washington is directly targeting north korean leader kim jong un with new sanctions. they are responsible for some of the worst human rights abuses and for the first time ever, washington is now identifying kim as a direct target for sanctions. washington says north korea continues to carry out human rights abuses at government political prison camps where as many as 120,000 people are declined including children. the drowning death of a sailer has been ruled a homicide. james derrick lovelace died may 6 in coronado. he was repeatedly dunked during an exercise though he was having difficulty treading water. he slipped underwater several times and it was several minutes before his instructor
5:41 pm
offered help. the instructor was placed on administrative duties during the investigation. she spent her life trying to help others with disabilities. unfortunately, she died over the holiday weekend. coming up, how he loved ones are coping with that devastating loss. >> plus more bad news for december la niña's auto pilot driving mode. another driver reports crashing in auto pilot. this time, in the company's new model x suv. j?j?j7
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>> caltrans is busy removing another 500 plus foot section of the old eastern span of the bay bridge today. sky fox was over head this afternoon. you can see the 504-foot segment being secured to barges to be hauled away. this is the fourth of five trust sections as they are called of the bridge to be removed. if all goes well, caltrans says the work on this segment could be done by the end of the day. overall, demolition work is expected to continue into 2018. former fox news host grechen karlson is filing sexual harassment charges against her former employer. she was fired when her contract was up. in a newly released statement, she says she believes she was terminated because she refused to sleep with chairman and ceo roger ails. fox released a statement saying they "have full confidence in
5:45 pm
mr. ails and are in the process of conducting an internal review of the claim." more bad news for tesla. another one of its cars crashed in auto pilot mode. this time, the driver survived the accident. investigators say the vehicle, a tesla model x suv was in auto pilot when it rolled over on the pennsylvania turnpike last week. tesla admitted the company is being investigated in connection with an auto pilot death that happened back in may. they were celebrated at the olympics four years ago, some thought he got off too easy for killing his girlfriend. today, he learned his new sentence. >> and we are tracking the cool weather out there. i will let you know what to expect as we head toward the weekend.
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>> today, oscar pistorius was sentenced to six years in prison for the murder of his girlfriend reeva steenkamp. his conviction was changed to murder by south africa's supreme court. the first round of the u.s. women's open startings tomorrow. >> all the practice rounds are done. the action begins in the south bay and ktvu fox 2 news' joe fonzi is in san martin tonight.
5:49 pm
what's going on? >> reporter: well guys, it is always a big deal for a region. now, this is the first time the greater bay area has ever hosted the u.s. women's open. but imagine this is a relatively new course. it is a big deal for them to host the open here. that is one part of what is going on. but there is also more going on here this weekend. the open is always about the best players in the world, but this year, there's a little different twist. how you play this weekend can also determine whether or not you are eligible to compete in the olympics in rio. lexi thompson is the top ranked american number four in the world. at a time when several big name male golfers are passing, thompson is in. >> i am deaf anily going. i will be there to represent my country in the olympics. it only happens every four years. it shows how much the game is growing as a sport. i would never turn down the opportunity. >> reporter: 2012 player of the
5:50 pm
year stacey lewis is already qualified for the summer games. she is planning on being in rio. >> i think it is arguably the greatest sporting event ever. in history. i want to be a part of it. it is too cool to even call yourself an olympian. i want to be a part of that. >> reporter: the wild card is the 16th ranked player. the olympics only takes two players per country. unless you are in the top 15 in the world. if she moves up one notch, she becomes an olympian. >> i am a firm believer, if i take care of business on the golf course, off the golf course will fall into place. >> so you haven't done the map. >> no, i don't think i understand how it works. it is like e equals mc square kind of thing. i don't even know what i would have to place to move up one
5:51 pm
spot. i think i'm one spot out. i'm really focusing on playing great golf and being the best i can and trying to get my first win. >> all right, here's the deal guys. the open is always a big thing. and usually when they have the men's open, the tickets are sold out months in advance. the good news here, is there are plenty of tickets available. $45, you can get and come and see the women's open. not to mention if you are 17 or younger, it is free. so, not to do a blatant commercial, but if you want to see the best in the world, i tell you what, these young women are fit and they can hit the golf ball. this is the place to be. got more coming up at 6:00. until then, reporting live from san martin, joe fonzi, back to you. >> sounds like a deal. let's hope that more people show up to support those women. thank you very much joe. >> and we are tracking the weather. a live camera shot. you have a lot of fog out there.
5:52 pm
the fog will continue as we push into the next couple of days. leme take a full shot here. we will load up the box here. and get you going with your temperatures. it was cooler today than yesterday by about three or four degrees. you are seeing that here. four degrees cooler in concord. these are the highs from today. 78 in livermore. highs about the same. national weather. severe weather there. up in illinois too. for us, we have nothing along the coast. it is more of the same. low pressure to the north. fog spills inland. on shore winds are howling up in the delta. and we have another cool day tomorrow like today. fairfield should be 90 something right now. plus one degree from yesterday. winds are blowing. look at fairfield. 32 miles an hour wind gusts
5:53 pm
right now. hills are brown. the fog off in the distance. it is warmer once you get inland, but you have to go pretty far inland. this is taking fog and moisture sending it up into the sacramento valley. what they call a delta breeze. which has cooled them significantly. has really allowed temperatures here to plummet. 79. let's take the hot spot of livermore. 79. friday, 82 livermore. these are very mild temperatures. along the coast, it is hovering in the low 60s and mid 60s . so, more of the same. and we did have that structure fire. but, this is not a conducive pattern at all to wildland patterns. a lot of folks miss the heat. but we are in the fire season. >> all right. >> thanks bill. still to come here, a woman who spent her life trying to help others unfortunately drowned over the weekend. we'll have her story when we come back.
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>> a woman who spent her life trying to help others unfortunately died in a drowning over the holiday weekend. reporter vicki gonzalez shows us how the woman's loved ones are coping with such a devastating loss.
5:57 pm
>> reporter: jacob hirup sharing stories of the love of his wife. the 60-year-old wife, mother, and grandmother working as a disability awareness advocate. >> she had been out on the boat many times. she loved the boat. >> reporter: but watching the fireworks july 4 would cost her life. >> it happened in such a freakish accident. it was so fast. it was so fast. >> reporter: lori's wheelchair fell into the sacramento river while docking. >> she was just the better part of me. at this point, i don't know what i will do without her. my chest, my heart, it is just completely ... destroyed. and i don't know what i'm going to do. >> reporter: jacob is now beginning to see lori's reach. >> the response to her passing has just been stunning. >> reporter: with people all over the world reaching out in
5:58 pm
mourning. >> she was just so loved by so many. >> reporter: lori's accomplishments go down in writing as an author, she made annual appearances at the california state fair and was planning to attend this weekend. lori published two books including the memory, i can dance, my life with a disability. >> i can't believe i won't be speaking to her again. lori would be there and she was really able to share the realities of what it is like to live a full life. disability is just something she dealt with, but it didn't define her. >> reporter: a woman truly dancing on her own terms. >> one of god's angels. >> reporter: though her song has ended. >> i was down by the tree house praying with my friends. i must have been about six years old. >> reporter: lori's legacy will continue to shape the rhythm of countless lives to come. >> i had climbed the tree and played in the tree house with
5:59 pm
everyone else. ktvu fox 2 news at 6:00 starts now. >> a six story apartment complex under construction now gone after a fast moving fire sent towering flames into the sky early this morning. 50 people living nearby had to be evacuated forcing them to grab what they could and run. good evening everybody. i'm frank somerville. >> i'm heather holmes in tonight for julie. we will get to the fire in a moment. we begin with breaking news in san francisco where the police standoff that we have been telling you about has just ended. that inusual standoff though lasted about four hours and involved the man who police believe may have been armed. now, we are told he was just carried off in a stretcher. >> holy ... [bleep] about an hour about, officers fired flash bangs near the man.
6:00 pm
we got shots of the man lying on the sidewalk. in the tenderloin neighborhood. police spent several hours trying to negotiate with the man. but he refused to respond. it appears he was in an alter state, but that lengthy standoff that shut down part of downtown san francisco has now ended. we just got this new video of that man who was just taken away on a stretcher. it is not clear what condition he is in right now. but we are told he is alive. ktvu fox 2 news' debora villalon is live with more. so is there anything you can tell us about the situation? >> we expect a briefing any moment now about how this ended and the last four hours have transpired but certainly, this was the situation met by san francisco police with a lot of patience and a lot of restraint. off camera i am told by a


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