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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 6am  FOX  July 7, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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cop cord -- concord. that's below average and makes for a cold pattern by parts of the coast. there is plenty of low clouds. it could be measurable amounts if not this morning over the next couple of days. systems moving in to the north that. will ramp up the fog bank. there is plenty to go around. it's pushing inland. there is a good breeze. gusts about 40 at the pass. low to midupper 50s. there are a few 40s. it's close for some. los gatos. 50 boulder creek. santa cruz at 56. pretty close. gusts to 31. oakland airport 16 and that system is really -- most of it'll stay to the north. that will keep things on the cool side. >> things getting slower.
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it's not to bad. we see slow traffic at the bay bridge. right now you will see the traffic is going to be slow and metering lyings turn on about 5:30. we have a 20 minute delay. we are looking at some of the drive that are busy. westbound 580. still slow coming in over the pass. stop and go traffic. once we get to livermore it looks good. from there to castro -- with that northbound 280 on the right there heading up toward highway 17. the top developing story. there is outrage spreading around the country after at deadly shooting claiming the life of an african american man. the latest happened in the minneapolis suburb of falcon heights last night. like the other incident in louisiana it was recorded on cell phone video. police say a 32-year-old man
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was shot and killed during a traffic stop. that minnesota incident comes a little less than 48 hours after another police shooting of a man in baton rouge louisiana. that sparked protests around the country and a federal civil rights probe. both were caught on camera and shared on social media. the minneapolis star tr ib is report that the aftermath of the latest shooting was live streamed as it happened on facebook by the victim's girlfriend. i have to warn you, the video we are about to show you is strong in nature and could be disturbing to some viewers. >> he just shot his arm off. we got pulled over. >> i told him not to reach for it! >> you told him to get his license sir. don't tell me he is dead. >> video nows a man coached in
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blood. the woman taking the video claims they were pulled over for a broken tail light and her boyfriend told the police officer that he was licensed to carry a gun. she also said that when he started reaching for his wallet he was shot several times in the arm. police have not confirmed these details but did say they recovered a gun at the scene and that the shooting is under investigation. we have more on the outrage that's growing over the shootings. >> reporter: yeah. we are monitoring various platforms to learn as much as we can about these protests and new information about that minnesota man shot by police and the moments leading up to his death. we have new video of the protest at the minnesota governor's mansion. protesters were angry there over that shooting. police did say that a weapon was recovered at the scene of that shooting but didn't release the name of the man shot. family members have identified him as solando castillo and he
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was a cafeteria supervisor. his girlfriend in the car with him at the time said that on the video that -- she -- that she told the officer in that -- that he had told the officer he had a concealed weapon permit and was reaching for his identification when the officer fired. relatives described him as a good, hard working man who grew up in the st. paul area. his shooting sparked overnight protests. >> you can see one of the protests there as protesters chanted his name outside the minnesota governor's mansion last night. officers surrounded the governor's mansion but do say that the protest was peaceful. the shooting comes just one day after the police shooting that killed alton sterling in louisiana. this a separate case. protests happened wednesday. one evening shutting down a
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highway in philadelphia. now sterling's family is calling for justice. >> america is watching baton rouge right now. they are watching to see how we handle this. ifwe are going to do the right thing. if it's going to be different than some of the other cities in america and i believe we will. >> the department of justice and the fbi have announced they are launching civil rights investigations in to that deadly shooting again in louisiana. baton rouge police say that sterling did have a gun on him at the time of that shooting. the officers involved are on leave. the video that captured both of these incidents will be important evidence going forward. >> thank you. we will continue to follow the investigations on air and online for all the latest go to happening today the president is leaving on a five day trip to poland and spain. is he expected to talk about the vote to exit the european
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union and the future of eu. he will first attend meetings with nato leaders in warshaw. he will talk face to take with leaders and assure them they will stay closely tied to britain and the eu. in just about an hour from right now the fbi director will go to capitol hill. he will be grilled by republicans in congress. the republican lawmakers want him toexplain why clinton shouldn't face criminal charges for maintaining a private e- mail while she was secretary of state. >> this is going to get heated today and it comes just after united states attorney general has as expected agreed to follow the fbi's recommendation and end the criminal investigation into clinton. >> trump, he walked away with millions. >> clinton kept up her attacks against trump in atlantic city.
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her real opponents today will be republicans in congress and to no small degree the fbi director. >> thank you. >> reporter: when he announced on tuesday that he wouldn't seek charges against clinton over her e-mail use he didn't take questions. today he will face one after another from republicans who are convinced that clinton got away with something. >> why aren't they prosecuting? is clinton at a different level and treated different than the average person? >> reporter: it was hartley a clearing. he said that clinton should have known better and picked apart her shifting story lines and explanations. >> they were extremely careless in their handling of very sensitive, classified information. >> reporter: still he will no doubt argue today as he did on tuesday that there was no criminal intent. not technically required to prosecute. the speaker of the house said that officials should think twice about briefing clinton as
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a nominee. >> i think it's the least we can do given how she was so reckless in handling classified material. >> reporter: and in fact the speaker of the house has now requested that the director of national intelligence refrain from providing intelligence briefings to her while she is a candidate for president. today we may find out who will speak at the republican national convention in cleveland later this month. trump said that he will release the list of speakers today. we already know who will not join trump on the convention stage. john kasic h, marco rubio members of the bush family, mitt romney and john mccain will also not show.
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protesters planning a different kind of demonstration. they call it is convention of the oppressed which will start july 14th and run four days. they want to prevent gop candidate trump from speaking at the republican convention. one of them said he hopes cleveland will be remembered for its nba title and a peaceful counter convention. >> we worry that this city could turn into a war zone where we were celebrating two weeks ago it could turn into a war zone. we are not proponents of that. >> is here to tell trump he has met his match and the convention of the oppressed and our rally on the 16th he is absolutely met his match. >> they say they are encouraging people to vote against trump but sightly are trying to prepare people for a trump presid ency. a woman won a lawsuit
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against microsoft over its automatic software updates. she is a business woman. she won a lawsuit against microsoft. she said that her computer crashed after windows 10 failed to install but it happened without her consent. she said she lost business because she couldn't use her computer. microsoft dropped the its appeal and paid the fee which is no doubt less than they would have spent fighting the decision in court. we are still following the aftermath of yesterday's huge fire in emoryville. it burned a building that was under construction. what investigators hope to do today to get more clues about how the fire started. >> and the kd era starts today for the warriors. this is the new sign that just -- has been put up here on the side of thea rene a. welcoming durant. the newest star of the warriors. you will hear from one of the
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men installing the signs. he is a warriors fan. >> good morning. traffic is doing pretty well in most areas. there is a little bit of slow traffic but it seems to be a good drive on highway 4. >> durant will learn something here. our summers much cooler than oklahoma city. we have a cold pattern in place. we will talk about that. at least for july coming up.
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. durant will officially be a golden state warrior and the team is already welcoming it's newest star. >> alex savage live outside the arena. there is a new banner that just went up. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. pretty exciting stuff here. i know it won't be until later today when kd signs the paperwork. i feel like this kind of makes it official. once the big banner goes up. crews are still doing some work to attach that thing to the side ofa radioena. it just went up a short time ago. welcome kd to dove nation. crews just putting up this banner welcome him to the warriors. he became a free agent and was
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courted by any number of teams in the nba. wanted to join the splash water brothers green and the rest of the warriors in the bay area. he will be introduced at a 1:00 p.m. news conference with the coaching staff and members of the team but this morning i was able to talk to one of the men who is up there right now on the side of the arena helping install this welcome banner for him. >> it's the beginning of high expectations and a nice long run. we will see. we will see. we will see. it's very special. you know hopefully he meshes with the team. >> reporter: while we gain durant a huge star. last season. we are losing some players,
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barbossa. he signing a two year, eight million dollar deal with the suns. he pitched in -- g the playoff run the last couple of seasons. we will bring you back out live to a live shot. the side of the arena. speaking of the jerseys we -- number 35, warriors jerseys are available later on today at i'm imagining more than a couple members of dove nation. >> thank you. who said you can't go home? dwayne wade has agreed to deal and play for the chicago bulls
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in his hometown of chicago. wade played his whole 13 year career with the heat. won three nba championships, latered today -- later today he is expected to sign with the bulls worth $37.5 million. he felt the heat was low balling him with a 40 million- dollar offer and scared him to go -- dared him to go. the bulls trying to make room for him with a trade or two in the next couple of days. >> a the will of bell ringing today at union square. the 53rd cable car bell ringing contest set for this afternoon. it'll feature some of the best professional bell ringers. it's a two part competition between the cable car conductors and grips. they will be judged on rhythm, and style and this year sal is going to be a judge. i have to ask you sal.
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you will head out later. have you done that? have you rung the bell? >> i have. >> it's harder than it looks. >> it is. years ago when they allowed just regular people to be in the contest i was there. i didn't win but i was actually -- i got up -- my shot at it. it's harder than it looks. >> did you have rhythm? >> not like the guy who you just saw. they are pros. it'll be fun today. we will have more on that coming up on mornings on 2. let's go to highway 4. start here. westbound a little bit of slow traffic. it seems to be lighter than usual this week after the 4th of july was monday. appears some people have just scheduled vacation time around that holiday. it's not completely light but just a little better than normal. when you get to the bay bridge toll plaza it's backed up for a 15 minute wait. the east bay drive looks good.
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i'm looking around to see if i find a lot of slow traffic. i see some slowing here on westbound highway 4 between pittsburgh as we saw that. we just showed it to you. then on 580 over the pass. if you look at the rest of the east bay drive it's a good start. let's go to steve in the weather center. here we go again. i know it's a broken record but a big fog bank and chilly conditions, drizzle, coast and bay in the city. i noticed president noticed someone and that low cloud deck. we are in a chilly pattern. even inland camps have been coming down for most. i say that for most. when you get upper 70s. 60 in san francisco to 53. average 67, 54. well below opponent the high -- on the high side. 98 in 1905. drizzle will play in to the forecast i think friday night
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and especially saturday morning. water temperature 50. i think it's close to 49. 52 san francisco. mid50s monterey and half moon bay makes a huge difference. also on the coast. water temperatures in the low 60s and the low -- never really got below 60 for what seemed like weeks. 75 san jose, average 84. look at their record high. also in 1905 a smoking 108 degrees. today way below. low clouds and fog getting a lot of help from the system to the north. the surface winds are on shore. they are are west southwest. 16, haywood west at nine. the big news continues to be out toward the delta and for the pass. i have seen about 20 to 30 at travis. the pass is that gusts 38 to 40. 50s even out to brentwood. around napa. that airport 53.
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49 degrees. 47 cool degrees in the bay. there are some chilly readings here which translate into ia cool day. west southwest, northwest. it's the on shore breeze for most. livermore west and sfo west at 16. that's going to be 50s. and 70s and 80s inland. only one degree cooler than monterey's 54. impressive for july to get this kind of systemt. will bring rain and maybe down to -- then about -- redding north. that would be on saturday. a secondary system punching in with pretty good jet stream support. i went 90 clear lake. probably a little cooler. depends, kelseyville. 70s for many. upper 70s. even vacaville at 87. upper 70's to low and mid80s.
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79 concord. livermore, 78 degrees, tough to cooldown brentwood and antioch. just a really -- alameda 64 degrees. look at morgan hill and gilroy. 76, 77 with 77 in starring toa. 50s, 60s on the coast. 70s in the peninsula. slight bump up on the south wind but then a big cooldown with drizzle and windy conditions in to the weekend. >> wow. all right. thank you. >> any time. really tense police stand off in san francisco ended peacefully. how it ended without deadly force and the message that the police are sending to the public. >> first visitors may be flocking to it two by two. the story behind this real life noah's arc that's opening up in kentucky today. ?q
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. nas's space craft is orbiting the planet jupiter. it's already sent back the first photographs showing jupiter and it's four largest moons. nasa put them together to create this time l aps e video of the moon. they why surprised to the second largest moon was dimmer than expected. you no they are starting to gear up for the next big test after the space craft was hit
6:26 am
with radiation as it closed in on jupiter. >> it's all working great. we are in the process of turning on the sciencists. we have turned off -- to get that main engine burn going and now we are turning back on all of the instruments. >> they expect it to send back the best views ever of what is under the thick clouds and bright colors. it may also solve the mystery of what has made the red spot get smaller. 57 young musicians are on the first leg of the trip of a lifetime. they spent months practicing.
6:27 am
he said that they have learned the most important lesson. music goes past boundaries, actual tour and time. e. you can see it in their body language. it doesn't matter someone was wearing a white wig . none of this matters. >> ia few -- little bit nervous and also -- exciting. yeah. >> you can do it. it's costing them four thousand dollars each. if you are interested in helping you can go to the website to find out how to make a donation. spain the first day of the running of the bulls was held
6:28 am
today. thousands took part run agriculture long side the bulls. there is a bull run every morning. a popular bible story coming to life today in northern kentucky after a six year legal and financial battle. it hell it's ribbon cutting on tuesday. it tells the story of noah's a, has a 510 long arc. the park stirred up controversy because it used tax incentives. it's based on creation and not science. however the park founder is hoping visitors will be challenged to talk about the bible. >> i believe you will find all sorts of people with all sorts of religious backgrounds who will come here. >> the 100 million-dollara fraction is expected to attract about 1.4 million people a
6:29 am
year. is google discriminating against older workers? >> >> and the latest on the investigation into what may have caused it. ♪ what if we made a paint that was so special that was such a jewel among paints that you had to seek it out. nope, even easier than that. more like taking a left on that street where you usually take a right that wasn't so hard. and if finding that paint made you and your walls beam with pride, is it still paint? benjamin moore. paint like no other. find one of our 5,000 authorized retailers near you.
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. it's july 7th. in early for pam cook. >> i'm dave clark. we really have to check it. it feels and looks different. >> if you -- you know -- if you are stuck in that fog it's cold. if you have the sun it's -- not that bad. there are anywhere from 59 to 89 or 90 again the forecast zone seems to go from the oregon border down to raleigh. >> wow. >> just kidding. everybody wants to be included in the temperature range.
6:32 am
if i go from say daley city to stockton 59 to 90 will probably cover it. we get the low clouds, fog, countries. there is plenty of reports of drizzle. you get the water temperatures cold again. they are holding steady. that will do it. that keeps upper 50s. 50s across the board. mainly 50s east bay temperatures, lafayette. 58 pittsburgh. blackhawk and danville. cooler for some and that will translate into upper 07's for many. west southwest. there is a good breeze out toward livermore. that says there is an on shore breeze. san jose with impressive system moving in to the north. we get a little stronger piece in on saturday. fog, drizzle, sunny, breezier for some. especially the pass. gusts of 40 miles an hour. 60s, 70s for many. unless you are far enough away and then 80a. we don't have a lot when it comes to accidents.
6:33 am
we have slow traffic building. it's more than a half hour to drive to the bridge. no major problems here. the traffic continues to move on okay. when you get to the bay bridge there is a back up. it's a 15 minute delay before you make it onto the bridge. the traffic has been okay. san francisco north and southbound 101 traffic looking good. we had a bad drive in to the city. the freeway looks good. 6:33 let's go back to the desk. investigators thy tuy may by able to go inside the parently burned, mostly burned apartment complex that was under construction in emoryville that burned for hours yesterday. we were live on the scene for you throughout mornings on two. brian flores back in emoryville to talk about what happens next and the high tech tool that helped firefighters yesterday. >> reporter: for many that were affected by the fire yesterday today perhaps means clean up, maybe getting rest, yesterday
6:34 am
was certainly a long day for many. for investigators that means figuring out what sparked this huge fire that many of you saw on tv or driving along the freeway. behind me it looks like fire crews here or stayed overnight to make sure there were no flair ups. today as you said we understand that investigators could be allowed back here to the scene. looking inside this apartment complex that was under construction. as you know it caught fire just before three in the morning yesterday with several fire crews from alameda county and oakland responding to the six alarm blaze. several cars, nearby town homes were also damaged but of course the main question this morning, how did this fire start? some we spoke to say they heard what they believe were fireworks being set off before the fire. a construction worker we spoke to as well who started on the project a few months ago said the site was burglar eyed and he wonders about that. >> coincidence that it gets
6:35 am
robbed and a couple days later it burns down. just kind of popped in my head. maybe it's connected. maybe upset employee got fired. >> reporter: what cause al caught our eye was the eye in the sky. fire crews got help during the fire from the sheriff's office drone. it has a thermal imaging camera that helped get crews in the right places and out of danger. as we take it back out here live speaking of footage this is where septemberors need the public's help. they are are asking and looking for any footage that many people shot yesterday for them to see it to see possible cause to this fire. oakland fire crews here. police also here this morning. we hope to gather more information in terms of the cause of this fire. certainly very busy -- busy morning yesterday and certainly going to be busy for investigators this morning. back to you. >> thank you.
6:36 am
we looked in to the history of the construction company that was working on that apartment building that burned. according to cal osha the company has reported two minor safety incidents in the past five-years. one was dismissed, the other was a 600-dollar fine. we will continue to bring you the latest on the air and online. happening today in baltimore. the top ranking baltimore police officer charged in the death of freddy gray will go on trial. the lieutenant is facing manslaughter and other charges. he is the 4th of six charged in connection with the death to go on trial and he is asking for a bench trial. opening statements have started. the prosecutor said that the lieutenant contributed to the death when he didn't buckle him into a seatbelt in a police van. gray suffered a broken neck. two others were acquitted and the proceeds for another
6:37 am
officer ended in a mistrial in december. san francisco's mayor is praising the police department for ending a tense stand off with an armed, suicidal, man peacefully. officers say the incident started with the man acting up at a street corner. he said that he wanted to die and wanted them to shoot him. swat officers and a crisis team were called to the team to try to talk him into giving up. they eventually fired flash bangs and took him into custody. >> they were very patient and. >> reporter: what's the message to san francisco? >> that we are embracing life. >> last night police released this picture of a gun they took from the suspect. they say officers had asked him a number of times to drop the weapon and not to use it on himself. the standoff lasts three and a half hours.
6:38 am
it tied up traffic in the area, forced muni to retout its bus lines but they achieved their goal of making sure everybody came out of the situationa live. a new report finds police acceptions of officer involved shootings take to long to complete and they are not  transparent enough. the grand jury report criticizes the police department and also the da's office. >> they have a reasonable time frame of about seven months during which this process should happen and at the end of which there should be a conclusion to the investigation. right now the average investigation is taking two to three years. that is unreasonable by any account. >> the jury made several recommendations including creating a task force made up of one member of the police department, the da's office, the medical exan ib er the office of citizen complaints and two respected members of the community. there have been 18 deadly police shootings in san francisco in the last five
6:39 am
years. google may have to answer to federal investigators. according to the mercury news the government is looking in to age discrimination claims against them. we are live in mountain view with this story. >> reporter: if you are older and you are more experienced it -- you may expect to be paid more compared to a younger person and some say that is a factor when tech companies hire. news came out last week that a motion was filed in san jose federal court to expand an age discrimination lawsuit against google. it would include those who interviewed in person at google for engineering positions that were 40 or older and refused employment by the company. now the news reporting that federal investigators are looking into complaints against google. according to the court filing the equal employment opportunity commission is investigating the age
6:40 am
discrimination claims and google's employment policies and practices. the paper reports that google denies the claim and doesn't does pending litigation. as far itsa the lawsuit expanding and other people allowed to join we won't know for a while. that motion set to be heard in november. we have reached out to an analyst to get his perspective. we are still waiting to hear back and will hopefully that for you later on in the newscast. >> we will follow it. thank you. time is now 6:40. there is outrage over another controversial shooting of an african american man by a police officer. at the top of the hour video from the deadly confrontation that was live streamed on facebook. >> and petitions circulating to remove a judge from the bench. coming up next why a group of retired judges said this could set a dangerous precedent. >> we are looking at a drive that's getting busy now approaching san francisco. you have been waiting for 15 or
6:41 am
20 minutes getting in at the toll plaza. >> i just stepped outside and theres a bit of drizzle. it'll we warm for others. the thursday temperatures. ?q
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6:43 am
. a fire burning northeast of bakersfield is 98% contained. many property owners being let back into the fire zone to see what if anything is left of
6:44 am
their homes. most are just finding a chimney. some are able to find things like tea cups, helmeted furniture and tips or burned out cars. they admit seeing everything gone is very difficult. >> its been tough. emotionly. just draining. >> for probably two months out of the year, we -- the weed eat it to the ground. until this happened i didn't realize how important it is. >> cal fire can't say when the fire will be contained or out completely. some of that depending on the weather. palo alto police are alerting the public after a man exposed himself to a 12-year- old. it happened about 1:40 in the afternoon. police say that the girl was walking her dog along louis avenue near north california avenue in palo alto. the man they say drove up next to her and exposed himself. the girl took out her cell phone and that's when the man drove away.
6:45 am
the man is describe described as latino in his 40s with short dark hair and was driving an older silver four door sedan. group of retired judges is opposing the effort to recall the judge in the brock turner case. the 18 judges signed a letter saying that removing the judge would set a dangerous precedent. this as more than 5,000 have signed a new me significance re- - petition refusing to seven as jurors in the judge's courtroom. they are outraged at the six month sentence for turner who assaulted a woman at a fraternity party. >> if this recall succeeds this will send a message to every judge, look over your shoulder, test the winds before you make a ruling. >> it's not a threat to independence to remove a biased judge. the grant of independence depends on having an unbiased,
6:46 am
fair decision maker. >> the judge cannot discuss the case as turner has reserved the right to appeal. another section of the bay bridge has been removed. it happen yesterday afternoon. take a look. you can see the five hundred foot long segment being secured to barges and then taken away. it's the 4th of five of those sections of the bridge to be removed. the demolition work is expected to continue into 2018. a thief in indiana makes an unusual move after stealing a package from someone's mailbox. the woman had ordered a pair of pants but they never showed up in the mail. instead just after a day -- after that package was stolen she found $25 and a handwritten note in the mailbox. he wrote felt sorry about it. on the back of the 20 he wrote saying he felt sorry about stealing. >> i was just dumbfounded.
6:47 am
i was like who does that? who leaves money and a note behind? who does that. it's still -- it doesn't make up for the fact that you stole someone's property that's not yours. >> she said the 20 is fine but the 20 doesn't even cover the coast of the leggings she ordered. she wants those pants back. no questions asked. >> wow. that's different. watching the drive. i know you are much whatting everything but did you see what just went up outside the arena? >> i did. >> yeah. >> i did. i have to say -- durant looks good in that jersey. number 35. >> yeah. >> good morning. let's see -- the huge drive up through the tunnel. it be loos good. wall net creek.
6:48 am
favor toll plaza. we are seeing slow traffic, the 15 minute delay. we look at the rest of the east bay. looking at 580 which looks good from livermore to haywood. castro valley and southbound 880 is getting conguested. at 6:48 let's go to steve. thank you. we have a pretty good fog bank. drizzle, i don't want to say measurable but then starting to stack up a little bit. the mother ship, jack london square for us. probably for -- report -- just sneaking past a moment in the santa cruz mountains. log the foggy mountain mornings. seriously, every day this week i have seen at least one tourist downtown. it's cold out here for us. it is cold. that's true. thank you. thank you for the humor. it's a lot of retweets.
6:49 am
60, 53. 67 is average. way below here. 98 back in 1905. 180. 75 downtown. average is 84. they are right where they should be. for nearly about 95% of the forecast here. 50s. 60s on the coast. the water temperatures i'm waiting for the bay to get to about 49. this is the surface wind. 16 west at haywood and they are flying out to the delta. just kick agriculture long west 21. out at fairfield. southerly. 38 to 48 miles an hour.
6:50 am
napa. san rafael. other wood side. a 1. stanford. still pretty cool. travis. south -- and southwest oakland. napa and it's due west last time i looked. sfo. on shore breeze. san jose, a slight southwest breeze up to santa clara valley. its been a cool couple of days, gilroy. 36 in truckee. sacramento, 57, sacramento been act 85 to 88. that's pretty cool for them this time of year. truckee 36. 50s around tahoe city. south lake tahoe has dipped to 39. this is a impressive system for this time of year. a secondary piece of this will rotate through us. the wiggle in the forecast. rain down at the county around shasta north. some cool, cool lows. stick with 190 clear lake.
6:51 am
fairfield 79, 76nevado. 78 in walnut creek. brentwood but much cool era round -- el sorito and berkeley. its cool there. 77coopertino and gilroy. don't see that often. 50s, 60s coast. low to mid-70s on the peninsula. warmer friday and then cooler, i think measurable drizzle on saturday. >> really. >> yep. >> cool. >> i had a sprinkle this morning. >> it's good out there right now. >> yeah. >> thank you. a home goes up in flames after a car barrels in to it killing the driver. >> the flames and the heat became unbearable really quickly. fire department came out here and then by that time it was to late. >> in 15 minutes what police say the driver was doing in the
6:52 am
moments before the crash. >> and manies of dollars in the illegal marijuana seized in the south bay. the shock to one homeowner who was renting out her home. i just picked us up 2 breakfast croissants for $4, when this bear attacked. with one swipe, it devoured one of the croissants. then jack showed up, and took care of the beast, so i could escape. and that's what happened to your breakfast croissant. and yours? it survived.
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(upbeat music) - [voiceover] you are san francisco. we've been with you from the beginning. we've seen each other through good times and bad. sickness and health. we're with you san francisco, and you bring out the best in us. care. zuckerberg san francisco general hospital and trauma center. . two high school students have pleaded not guilty to murder charges. the 17-year-old and 16-year-old are facing first degree murder and attempted murder charges.
6:55 am
prosecutors say that the victim was attacked a machete and shot to death. another student was also slashed and shot but survived. the preliminary hearings are set to start august 29th. police in san jose seized millions of dollars of illegal marijuana plants while raiding several homes yesterday in a major drug bust. 1800 mature pot plants were seized after seven different homes across san jose all believed to be part of that same operation were raided. six people were arrested, police say that a 38-year-old and 39-year-old are the main suspects. the homeowner was surprised to hear that the family she was renting her home too is accused of a marijuana operation. >> i'm so pretty shocked. i can't live it. the house so pretty. i always admired it. just no clue.
6:56 am
>> investigators say the illegal grow operation found in april led to yesterday's raid. police are hoping the bust sends a message to others. a new restaurant is opening in san francisco. it's called the black cat and will open up on eddie street. it's a restaurant and lounge and will feature c abaret shows. the mayor dropped by and said its part of the effort to restart the district. black cat will open up later this month. golf fans focused on the south bay. the united states women's home starts in just a couple of minutes from now. at the country club. it's just south of san jose. that's a great part. it's the first time the championship has been held in the bay area of the first golfers. angel yin and casey petty -- will tee off at 7:00.
6:57 am
prize money is -- love but for several including lexie thompson and new zealand, their placement could earn them a spot on their country's olympic team. fox sports will carry the action starting at noon. the giants got a well deserved day of rest today. last night they extended their lead to six games by defeating the rockies at at&t park. giants put up two runs in the first and never looked back. johnny meated his case to start nuclear tuesday. the a's are in houston today where they will face the astros. they were blanked yesterday by the twins. gray allowed only one run in six innings of work but the offense couldn't muster up anything. they didn't get their first hit until theath. two african american men killed in separate police shootings in different states
6:58 am
in less than 48 hours. we are following the growing outrage spreading across the country after videos of both incidents were shared on social media. it's been 60 years in the making. the disneyland resort diamond celebration.
6:59 am
don't miss your chance to see it all dazzle. come celebrate new beginnings like hyperspace mountain... and premiering this summer, frozen, a musical spectacular... plus an all new soarin'. so come to the place where summer dazzles. ♪ ♪ you live life your way. we can help you retire your way, too. financial guidance while you're mastering life. from chase. so you can.
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you saw him get his i.d., sir. oh my god, please don't tell me he is dead. >> the aftermath of the deadly police shooting of an african- american man in minnesota less than 48 hours after another controversial police shooting in louisiana. the growing outrage, protests, and the questions spreading cross the country. this and more as "mornings on 2" continues. 7:00 this thursday morning, july 7th. i am gasia mikaelian. >> good morning. i am dave clark. steve paulson has a lot to tell you about a lot of different things about what's happening out there. >> there is a lot of fog and a lot of drizzle. lot of fog and drizzle, guys. it's cool


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