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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 430am  FOX  July 8, 2016 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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oakland. good morning. welcome back. it is friday, july 8. i'm brian flores. we want to start with steve. the friday forecast. it is drizzly out there. a lot. measurable amounts in the city. even a little bit inland. foggy, breezy and windy for some. and very cool pattern for this time of year. you can see the low clouds. water temperatures continue to be cool. this is a july to remember. especially on the coast in the city where it has been very cool. lots of mist and drizzle. look at that. a front with rain on the north coast. we're on the southern edge of this but it is enhancing the fog bank. that is giving us temperatures in the 50s to near 60 for some. upper 50s in pittsburg and antioch. i think everyone is stuck here. a good breeze either out of the south or west. this system will give us drizzle and a little bit of rain up north maybe in ukiah
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and north. 60s and 70s in areas that should be warmer than this for this time of the year. good morning, sal. how are things? 880 is open in case you were wondering. it was closed for a time last night for protesters. let's look at some of these commutes we have. you will see traffic coming into the solano county area does not look bad. vacaville, fairfield, valeo, all the way down into the 80 corridor between the carquinez bridge and the macarthur maze. the bay bridge toll plaza continues to be light this morning with no major issues getting into san francisco. as a steve mentioned, maybe a little damp on the roadways. a san mateo bridge -- the traffic looks good heading onto the highrise with good visibility over to the peninsula. let's go back to the desk. we are continuing to monitor this story in dallas where five police officers were killed, six others injured during a protest against two recent shootings of african- americans.
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iauthorities say snipers ambushed the officers who were trying to keep the peace. the shooters exchanged gunfire's with police outside a downtown parking garage. hundreds of demonstrators had gathered to protest this week's police shootings in baton rouge and suburban st. paul, minnesota. >> to say that our police officers put their life on the line every day is no hyperbole. ladies and gentlemen -- it's a reality. >> investigators say the gunman planned to injure and kill as many officers as they could. when the gunfire erupted, protesters marching through downtown dallas scrambled for cover. >> i heard the first gunshots and didn't think much of it. i thought, what was that? after the first gunshots she heard the second.
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after that it was just -- a lot of gunshots. >> please do not know how many gunmen were involved but officers have arrested three people. a fourth suspect killed himself during a shootout with police. this morning, california attorney general released a statement on the dallas shooting. she said, the horrific tragedy in dallas is a great reminder of the dangers our law enforcement officers face each day in service to their communities. she said she prays for the officers who lost their job -- lives for the grieving families in our law enforcement brothers and sisters in dallas. protesters took to the streets of oakland, marching for hours and vandalizing oakland police headquarters. christien kafton is there now with a look at the damage and word of another planned protest. >> reporter: if you look you can see some of the graffiti left here at oakland police headquarters from last night protest. whether 1000 marched the
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streets of oakland and up 1880, locking traffic. the marched back and forth from city hall to police headquarters. we showed you the entrance to the administration building, heavily vandalized. a lot of the graffiti we cannot show you because it is explicit someone splattered red paint on the door to signify the bloodshed spilled. reports are that person was a minister. police in riot gear stood in front of the building to prevent protesters from going inside. officers did make several arrests during the demonstrations across the city but we have not received specific numbers of how many were arrested. a couple businesses have reported broken windows and graffiti. a caltrans highway sign was set on higher. organizers say it is an expression of the frustration and anger that many feel after decades of perceived injustice at the hands of the police. >> a generation of kids who will be coming up and they have nothing to live for because look at what we've done. look at what we told them they are worth. no one sees value in us
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anymore. >> reporter: word that this might not be over. we received word there is another planned protest in oakland set for 6 pm. is protesters set to rally at frank ogawa plaza this evening. >> we will stay on that story throughout the morning and the day. a man in portland oregon was arrested for pulling out a gun last night during a black lives matter protest that was caught on video. you can see the man pointing the gun at people and quickly putting it away. no shots were fired. no one was hurt. the man told reporters he pulled out his gun because cummaquid, people were coming at him and he felt outnumbered. police arrested him a short time later. of the rest of the protest was mostly peaceful. semper cisco mayor will honor the victims of last month's deadly nightclub shooting in orlando. he is scheduled to visit a memorial in florida for the victims along with the city commissioner of orlando. mayor leeser office said a flag
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flown at city hall after the shootings were blade at the memorial in orlando. part of creekside drive in palo alto is closed while police investigate a suspicious death. officers say a body was found in a home near charleston and all street last night. a family member we to check on the victim last night and discovered the body. responding officers say initial evidence at the scene indicate that death was suspicious but they have not released details. anyone with information is urged to call police. testimony resumes in the pg&e criminal trial stemming from the 2010 san bruno pipeline explosion. yesterday, prosecutors presented internal company documents indicating that pg&e's corporate profits were a higher priority than safety. this comes three weeks after pg&e's lawyers said that safety is the company's number one priority in their opening statements. pg&e is accused of violating pipeline safety regulations and
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withholding information about the 2010 explosion from federal investigators. it convicted, they could face more than a half billion dollar fines. officials in atherton will decide if they should get a restraining order to stop caltrain from electrifying its tracks through the town. according to the mercury news, caltrain is moving forward with a plan to replace most diesel trains running between san francisco and san jose with electric trains. the electric trains would reduce air pollution but atherton has filed a lawsuit saying caltrain has not addressed the issues of building an electric train system to the city. next week the city will decide whether to seek a restraining order to stop caltrain beginning work on the train project. the u.s. state department is reopening its investigation into hillary clinton's use of private email server's while secretary of state. earlier this week, the fbi wrapped up its investigation into the emails deciding not to recommend criminal charges.
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the state department had suspended its internal review, waiting for the justice department to complete its criminal investigation. the state department reveal a focus on possible mishandling of classified information by clinton and her aides. there are reports that bernie sanders will officially endorse clinton asked week. many top democrats feel it is long overdue. sanders is expected to announce his support during a campaign event in new hampshire on tuesday. in an interview with bloomberg yesterday, sanders said, we have got to do everything we can to defeat donald trump and elect hillary clinton. donald trump was in the nation's capital, trying to rally support thursday and got mixed reviews after meeting with house and senate republicans. >> we had a very good exchange on lots of ideas and policy issues. >> i was not particularly impressed. i think it was the normal stream of consciousness that is long on hyperbole and short on facts. >> while some lawmakers say trump is on when it comes to
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the big issues, others say he has a long way to go to persuade the american people. former house speaker newt gingrich pray to trump in the battleground state of ohio this week. trump is purely a -- fueling speculation of a trump/gingrich ticket in november. >> in one form or another, newt gingrich is going to be involved with our government. that i can tell you. okay? he's going to be involved. he's a smart. he's tough. he gets it. and he says i'm the biggest thing he's ever seen in the history of politics. >> republican convention is 11 days away. trumps critics hope to change the rules so delegates can get a chance to nominate -- nominate someone else. the change needs to be passed by the rules committee to be considered by the committee. more problems for bay area startups. coming up, the band but there
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are now's after the accuracy of the company came at tequesta. >> my first reaction is, are you going to make it? i'm not prepared to move my son -- lose my son. >> a mother's worst nightmare. the stabbing at a movie theater in santa rosa and the quick thinking that likely saved the man's life. good morning. we are looking at a commute that is doing well here on 80 westbound as you head out to the macarthur maze. good drizzly morning. in fact it's coming down good for some, especially san francisco and parts of the coast. we will talk about this friday forecast.
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good morning. thank you for joining us. a man who was stabbed in a
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theater in santa rosa a week ago is still in intensive care but is getting better. adam lucero was supposed to sign a lease on a place in san francisco and start a new job last wednesday night. minutes into the afternoon showing, he went -- he was attacked from behind. his family drove from ventura county -- a six hour surgery after the attack. >> my first reaction is, will he make it? i'm not prepared to lose my son. you have a life planned out and then someone attacks you from behind in the dark. he said he thought the man was punching him at first. >> his mother said she's grateful he is alive. it could've been worse. the family also wants to thank everyone who has helped with a gofundme page were adam's recovery.'s new employer in san francisco said they will save his job for him until he is well. police did catch the suspect. a construction worker suffered traumatic injuries after falling 50 feet down a
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cliff near san francisco's coit tower. emergency crews were called to the scene around 8:15 am. the man was with his coworkers who were hard to shore up the cliff and add metal mesh to keep the rocks from falling. he fell down a rock face, landing halfway down the cliff. the man was loaded into an ambulance. we do not know his condition this morning. the oakland a's will be on the field tonight in houston. they hope to stay in the win column. they won last night over the astros. rich hill control the game from the mound with 10 strikeouts in 6 innings. the ozone scored twice in the second inning, added another run in the ninth. one player was ejected from the game in the fifth for tossing his bat in the direction of the umpire after striking out. the a's and astros play tonight at 5:00 at minute maid park. giants fans will have until
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1:00 pacific time to get brandon bell in tuesday's all- star game. he was currently in second place in online voting. he is behind starling marte. his batting average, 300 this season. he also has 10 home runs and 46 runs batted in. danskin vote for him by going to the major league baseball website. later this morning we will have a link on the web links section of i will go see the giants tomorrow, sal. will you be there? >> i don't think tomorrow is the day. not for me, anyway. >> i'm excited. i will have to ask steve about the weather. >> they are playing arizona. have a good time at the old yard. >> i will take some photos and put them on instagram.
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right now, traffic is doing okay on 580 westbound as you drive of the altamont pass into livermore. it's not a bad commute. there is a little bit of slow traffic on 205 and 580. it's not completely clear but it's not too bad. tenikka to highway 4 if you're going that way, highway 4 westbound does not look bad if you were driving across the willow pass grade into concord. and at the bay bridge toll plaza it has been light. hopefully it will stay that way all morning. right now it is very light as you drive through this area. a friend of mine works as an usher at at&t. usually it is nice he said. the last couple nights he said, have been a little tough. weather lies. usually it's not bad. we do have a lot of fog and drizzle in the city. already at .01 from one of our
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watches. he said they are on a drizzle flood watch. [ laughter ] . there is a lot of drizzle in there. even some inland. it's not just confined to the coast or the city. ever good friend said good morning happy friday. 59 and overcast this past week has been nice. i hope it stays like this until october. good luck with that. unseasonably cool. we have series of systems working their way in. and a very strong one for july is freezing rain on the north coast. it will stay too far to the north but it enhances the fog bank. we're getting that along with drizzle. they could be at 51. half moon bay holding steady. those are a little bit below average to near average. and on short breeze, wested hayward. the delta it has been ripping along.
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when vacaville gets a west/southwest at 10. that is a good direction. 50s for the temperatures. san jose says 60s i would think mid-50 will cover it. cooler temperatures on the peninsula. stanford at 51. was out as 52. low to mid 50s across-the-board. winds of 20 out of the south. west in napa. west at sfo and hayward. these are all cool directions. in the sierra, very windy. that is the end result if you're heading up there friday into saturday. 58 in ukiah. 57 in sacramento. this system will hang up on the north coast. there is a possibility through northern sonoma county late tonight and tomorrow, as the system tracks the cost -- across. there will be a lot of drizzle for some. fall, drizzle, sun and cloud for sums.
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cool lows. maybe some light rain in the north. 50s, 60s, 70s -- this time of year it is tough to cool off antioch and brentwood. unseasonably cool into brentwood. it does look like we rebound early next week >> i hope people's windshield wipers are working properly. >> that was missed even in walnut creek. >> i did notice i need new windshield wipers. >> you do not think about that in july. >> exactly. not normally. two homeless men are dead, two are injured in san diego. the arrest made after recent attacks that has the community worried.
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a man is in custody, accused of being responsible for a deadly, brutal attack on four homeless people in san diego. anthony alexander paget was arrested yesterday. police say he carried out what they are calling, evil acts of violence. investigators say all four victims suffered significant trauma to their upper bodies. police say the last victim was set on fire. three victims were attacked while sleeping. a vallejo family is searching for answers a month and a half after pearl vincent was killed. her abductor killed in a shootout with police.
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her family fears they may never know what happened to her. >> reporter: pearl pinson's mother, father and older sister took us to the footbridge over highway 780 today. this is where authorities say pearl was abducted and last seen. >> they found her phone. and a mount -- an amount of blood. >> reporter: that was six weeks ago. . for the family, six weeks of not knowing where she is. >> reporter: it's hard to go to sleep at night. i have nightmares constantly about where she could be at. and every morning waking up it is hard. >> reporter: she was a freshman on her way to jesse bethel high school. an armed man was seen pulling her from the bridge. the next day, fernando castro, the man authorities suspect was the abductor, was killed in a shootout in santa barbara county. pearl's family said they never heard the name fernando castro until after the abduction.
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although he lived about a half- mile away, they say they don't think pearl knew him either. >> knowing he is dead is upsetting. where are our answers? where is our loved one at? >> reporter: the bridge has become a memorial to pearl and the family has been putting up signs and printing flyers. anything they can think of to keep the case in public view. sumac i always have my phone out. i am constantly checking it. to see if any mixed calls -- missed calls or text messages. >> reporter: she said pearl- like's helping people and talked about becoming a higher fighter or veterinarian sunday. now they just want to find her. they say their anguish gets worse each day. >> i pray she is brought home safe. i would like to know where she is at so we can put her to rest. >> i know she will be brought home safe. i have that by. >> reporter: her family is asking anyone with information about what happened to call 911 or the solano county sheriffs department.
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the alameda county district attorney fired an inspector tie to the east bay police sex scandal. rick orozco is a former oakland police captain . he was accused of having inappropriate online communications with a self- described, teenage call girl. the attorney representing orozco said he never talked to the woman in question or met her in person. the attorney said the allegations were largely benign and don't amount to actionable misconduct. again, he has been fired by the d.a. and illegal marijuana operation was discovered in solano county worth an estimated $114 million. the solano county sheriffs department said since last month, he found more than 38,000 marijuana plants and five separate grows on ryer island. many of the plants were found along a three mile stretch of an irrigation canal.
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the land owner apparently did not know about the operation detectives is not made an arrest. the plants were all destroyed. california is seeking an additional $86 million in civil penalties from volkswagen in connection with an emissions a cheating scandal. the state attorney general has asked the judge to it prove a settlement with the automaker. it would be in addition to the original settlement announced last week. volkswagen has agreed to pay $14.7 billion in a nationwide settlement with states and volkswagen owners. the automaker has acknowledged that software and some of its vehicles enable the cars to cheat emissions tests. coming up, we are following the shootings in dallas and overnight police announced a fifth officers -- officer died from the shooting during the protest. next to we will have the latest developments from the city in mourning amid the worst attack on law enforcement since 9/11. good morning. we're looking at a commute that is going to be okay on highway 24 as you head at where the tunnel.
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a lot of fog and drizzle. a cool, windy day for some. i will have an update on your friday forecast.
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a dark day in dallas. five police officers are dead after snipers opened fire during protests over the recent deadly police shootings. we will have the latest on the investigation including the suspects in custody. here at home, traffic was at a standstill in oakland. hundreds of police protesters blocked interstate 880 blocked interstate 8804 hours. mornings on 2 continue. good morning. welcome to. it is mornings on 2. train eight. >> i'm dave clark. we are also checking your weather. and the weather is different. you will need windshield wipers. the drizzle is back in a big way. measurable amounts. i think that police into today and tonight and tomorrow. not just coast and be but a
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little bit of missed falling inland. be advised this starts early for some who commute into the city. with all the fog and drizzle, my mother-in-law calls it smir. it is windy and there is plenty of low fogs to go around. look at this front, ringing rain to the north coast. there is enough there that the enhanced -- the font will enhance the fog bank. 50s for everyone. even to the south bay. 58 in campbell. everyone is close. the breezes out of the west or northwest. that is impressive for this system to make it this far this time of year. that translates into below normal temperatures. traffic is okay.


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