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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 4am  FOX  July 12, 2016 4:00am-4:31am PDT

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let's get your day started with a check on weather and traffic. a little cooler today. >> there is a cool breeze today. >> just for today the. we will start warming tomorrow. there is a system to the north that is helping. that has cranked up the delta breeze. gusts at 36. yesterday it was 7. fog is filling in on the coast and will continue to do so. it is moving over the bay. it is over oakland. there are signs that this will be a cooler pattern. not only that, the breeze is the key. when it is up at 24, that is a rip roaring breeze. west at oakland. west in napa. there is a westerly component. 50s for temperatures. yesterday, a lot of 40s to the coast. there is a system clipping us. tomorrow, it looks like high pressure comes back in we will start to warm up. today, 60s, 70s and low 80s.
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good morning. not much going on. the traffic is doing well. we start often tracy with the tracy super commute. you can see traffic is moving along pretty well if you are driving from 205 and 580 where there is a freeways meet. if you had west over the altamont pass, not a bad drive there. no problems as you drive through. road sensors are not showing slow traffic. let's look at the bay bridge toll plaza. you can see traffic is moving along nicely. we are also looking at the south bay and 280 northbound which is on the right. that is off to a very good start. let's go back to the desk. later today, president obama will take part in an interfaith memorial service for the five officers killed in dallas.
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you are looking at the dallas police association. they held a candlelight vigil last night called stand strong for dallas. more than 1000 attended the emotional tribute. the city's police chief drew similarities between police officers and superheros. >> i love superheros. because they are now what i strive to be when i grew up. they are like cops. >> here is a rundown of the events. president obama is scheduled to attend the service and deliver remarks at 10:40 a.m. pacific time. he and the first lady will later visit privately with injured officers and the families of the five officers killed. several bay area agencies including san francisco in concord police have also sent representatives. the five officers will be laid to rest in the coming days. visitations are scheduled this evening for sergeant michael smith and senior corporal,
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lorne ahrens. there will also be rosaries or individual memorials and funerals for each of the five officers. each will be buried in texas except for michael krol, who will be laid to rest in michigan where he grew up. protests continue to take place across the country following the police shootings of two african-american men in louisiana and minnesota. in atlanta, demonstrators held mansion. and philadelphia, a white support group called showing up for racial justice, joined forces with black lives matter demonstrators to call for racial equality. they march to city hall and read out the names of people killed by police across the country. in louisiana, committee activist held a protest outside the convenience store in baton rouge where alton sterling was killed by police. organizers say they don't think the protest will stop any time soon but say they hope the demonstrations will be peaceful. with a 200 gathered on the cal campus to help each other
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more and and heal after the violence across the country in the past week. the crowd including faculty, staff and students from cal and other local colleges. they are calling for an end to racism and they want peace for everyone. >> i pray every day that my husband makes it home. i pray every day that each and everyone of you make it home. >> we're not against police. we are against what certain officers feel like they can do. >> we are mourning. we are angry. we feel hopeless. but we are here together. >> organizers say they planned the rally to give people a place to publicly talk about their concerns and call for change. students we spoke with said vigils like this give them hope. a jailed in make trying to escape from a western michigan courthouse is dead after he killed two court bayless. officials of the inmate was being moved from a cell in preparation for an appearance when he grabbed the gun of a law enforcement officer.
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the inmate shot and killed the two bayless and injured a sheriff's deputy and civilian. two other bayless shot and killed the inmate. the sheriff said there was no reason to believe the inmates would be violence or the bayless would be in any danger. >> our hearts are torn apart they were our friends. they were my colleagues. i've known them for over 30 years. it's a sad day. >> the inmates ex-wives say he was probably trying to escape to see his family. she said he remained close with their daughter. she also said he was, not a monster but had gotten mixed up with the wrong people. two of the four suspects charged with kidnapping in vallejo women are due in court today. prosecutors said the abducted elvira babb and threatened to kill her unless her son paid ransom money. the woman was last seen june 29 when a coworker dropped her off at a market on sonoma boulevard. concern for her safety is growing every day. >> very serious. she has not seen for over a
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week and she is -- has never done anything like this in the past >> the two suspects were in court yesterday including, emmanuel espinoza. prosecutors say he was the only suspect who knew the victim prior to her disappearance. they say none of the four suspects have been any help in the search for the missing woman. a man was hit and killed by a freight train in antioch last night. this happened around 8:30 pm when a bridge near fulton shipyard road and the waterfront. authorities are identifying the victim -- are not identifying the victim. the train belongs to burlington northern santa fe. a bicyclist was critically injured after being hit by a car in san jose. the collision occurred at mission and first streets. cyclist was sent to a hospital. the driver of a black sedan
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remained on the scene and cooperated with police. the crash stop service on the guadalupe valley transportation authority metro line. a bus bridge was set up for writers. a week of delays begins tonight for thousands of drivers on the san mateo bridge. cal trans is trotting.-- shutting down two lanes for a project. the repair work will begin at 7 pm and continue through 5 pm the next -- 5 am the next morning. the bridge opened in the mid- 1960s and cal trans said it is long overdue for some repair work after many years of wear and tear. >> it opened in 1967. it is 49 years old. usually around the 50 year mark, that is when you start having some issues like this. >> last month, a three-foot wide hole opened up on the westbound deck of the bridge. cal trans trues were not able to repair it with a patch job. that is one of many problems that need to permanent fix. there is a growing memorial
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where a three-year-old boy was hit and killed. coming up, the investigation into whether sunlight and glare could have played a role. walmart taking on amazon. how walmart is planning to compete against amazon's big prime day today. sons of the cooler pattern. travis has gusts at 36. low clouds over the bay. an update on temperatures with your tuesday forecast.
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(upbeat music) - [voiceover] you are san francisco. we've been with you from the beginning. we've seen each other through good times and bad. sickness and health. we're with you san francisco, and you bring out the best in us. care. zuckerberg san francisco general hospital and trauma center.
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welcome back. we've been update on an investigation report on the troubling conditions inside a hospital in the east bay. administrators with the john george hospital briefed the alameda county board of supervisors health committee on the overcrowded conditions at its emergency room in san leandro. leaked video obtained by ktvu show patients eating and sleeping on the floor because there are not enough beds. one nurse who works there tells the committee that they are days when ambulances are stacked up outside the emergency room. >> they are coming in, sometimes, six or seven at a time at one time. we are overwhelmed. we have to scream that we are to overcrowded before the
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people will stop coming in. >> i think this is something that requires immediate attention. i don't think this is something that can drag on. because i think it really is an emergency and we need to put the patient's first. >> the chief administrative officer for john george tells the committee that staffing has been increased and the number of assaults being reported there have gone down. the state department of healthcare service is investigating john george as a result of our investigative report. another meeting is scheduled for next month to try to address the issues. san francisco wants to make sure the new regulations are keeping up with the reality of medical marijuana. supervisor called a hearing yesterday to talk about how the states medical cannabis bill will affect local businesses the measures approved last year will require dispensaries to obtain licenses from a new state one bureau. the supervisor said there is more to medical marijuana then dispensaries. >> this community is much broader than that and there are many types of medical cannabis.
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businesses and organizations, a lot of innovation happening, particularly around cultivation and manufacturing. >> governor brown signed the marijuana regulation bill late last year but it will not take effect until 2018. the 94-year-old park ranger who was beaten and robbed in a richmond home plans to return to work today. that a suskin has been recovering from the june 27 attack and police say someone broke into her apartment, hit her several times and robbed her. among the items stolen was a commemorative coin given to her by president obama for being the oldest ranger in the national park service. she conducts a ranger program at the rosie the riveter visitor center along the a richmond waterfront. the battle between amazon and walmart is on and you are the winner. today is amazon prime day which is a one-day sale on thousands
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of items. walmart is offering its own online deals and a full week of free shipping on popular products today as well. shoppers will also get free shipping with no minimum purchase. amazon prime day is for prime members and comes with free two- day shipping. walmart also recently began its own today free shipping program called, shipping pass. it costs $49 which is half the price of amazon prime. california lottery sales hit a $6.3 billion in the last fiscal year, this is a new record. officials say sales were up 15% they say the profits from the lottery totaled $1.5 billion. that is divided up and given to schools. the big sellers are the scratch games, they comprised about seven of every $10 the lottery collected. you have to play to win. >> that's true. let's check in with sal. someone tried to convince me that if he did not buy a
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ticket and i did, he had the same chance of winning that i did. and i realize the odds are very low. but if you don't buy a ticket, you cannot win. >> you definitely won't win. >> if you buy a ticket, you probably can't win but there is a very small chance that i will be in the bahamas next week. good morning, everyone. other than that we are doing the gilroy super commute. northbound 101 -- it looks okay between gilroy and san jose. not much of stop and go traffic. it is not very crowded. also, the morning commute looks okay on westbound 92 as you drive from the hayward side over to the peninsula. it is clear, again. sometimes we see fog here but i
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can see all the way out to folsom city in this picture. we're looking at the bay bridge toll plaza. it is not backed up. traffic looks good into san francisco. sal, you will fail 100% of the time if you do not buy one ticket. >> i agree. >> you never know, right? >> what you are saying is i have a chance. we have the cooler pattern today. low clouds are moving in over oakland. the breeze which was nonexistent yesterday allow the temperatures to move up. the fog was here but it was hit or miss on the coast. that is not the case this morning. there is a band that is filling in and it will continue to move in over parts of the bay. the delta breeze will pick up. it is one extreme to the other. west oakland at 13. west in hayward. yesterday, hayward heading east wind at 5. 24, gusts of 36. vacaville has a west wind.
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oakland, west at 13. sfo showing west. hayward, west. most locations yesterday work home. temperatures at 50s and 60s. north bay temperatures in the low to mid 50s. calistoga at 57. mill valley at 51. bodega bay the can down -- at 49. 61 in sacramento. 36 in truckee. 54 in monterey. south lake tahoe at 38 incline at 50. fog will start to fill in. other than that, the system to the north is clipping us. that allows the breeze to kick in. 60s, 70s, and set them 90s we will drop 5 degrees. fairfield at 86. gusts of 36.
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warmer on wednesday and then it gets hot on thursday and friday inland. this will come down as we go into the weekend. >> we stay pretty consistent usually. >> this year has been pretty extreme. either we go up are we come way down. >> it has been very unpredictable it seems. thank you. betty crocker and continental mills are issuing a recall for some pastry mixes you should know about. they may have a flower contaminated with e. coli. the recall affects specific lots of krusteaz blueberry pancake mix into different bag sizes. it also includes certain lots of the betty crocker moist carrot cake mix and two varieties of the super moist party rainbow cake mix. the fda is not talking about reports of illness so far in the recall. after 19 years in the league
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, tim duncan of the san antonio spurs is retiring. he led the spurs to five championships since being drafted in 1997. they have been to the playoffs every year. he is one of four players to ever be named nba finals mvp at least three times. the announcement comes two months after the spurs lost the oklahoma city thunder in a western conference semis. it is open week in scotland but in the states, jordan spieth said he will not compete in the olympics in rio citing concerns over the zika virus. matt kuchar will replace him on the team. he is not alone. the top four golfers in the world say they will not play in rio due to zika concerns. the usa basketball said it is reviewing the arrest of draymond green over the weekend but the governing body said the incident does not appear serious enough to keep him from next month's olympic games. tmz released video of police in
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east lansing, michigan, taking greenaway in handcuffs early sunday morning. he was booked on misdemeanor assault and released on $200,000 bond. reports for michigan say that green is accused of slapping a michigan state football player who was taunting him. green is scheduled to appear in court on wednesday. a tv reporter fired on the spot. the reason this photo sparked so much controversy. some pretty intense weather in the northeast. tornadoes touched down. next, we'll show you damage done and the warnings that are in effect.
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city leaders in a southern minnesota town are calling it the worst disaster to hit their community. a tornado pushed across the tiny town of watkins yesterday. a medical clinic in the nursing home were severely damaged. several buildings in the mobile home park were also destroyed. one woman said the storm hit without warning. >> sirens went off in the darts at -- dogs and i win in the basement. it turned green outside. it was very loud. we heard lots of stuff. it was maybe over in 15 or 20 seconds. >> despite the damage, there
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are no reports of deaths or serious injuries. rainstorms are expected today and strong winds are not in the forecast. charles schumer of new york said the zika virus could soon cause a public health crisis in his state and across the creek -- country. he is urging congress to approve $2 billion in emergency funding to fight zika. he said there have been hundreds of confirmed cases of the mosquito borne virus in new york city alone. he said congress can't afford to wait until after its summer recess to approve the funding. >> if we don't do something this week we won't have a chance to do anything until september. by then it may be too late. >> he said of the zika virus is a national health problem with more than 800 reported cases across the country. he said federal funds are needed to find a vaccine. the president of south sudan has called for an immediate end to the fighting between his soldiers and opposition forces. the violence has killed more than 150 across the capital
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city since the fighting broke out last thursday. people have been fleeing the city, walking for miles carry their belongings. the un mission in south sudan said 30,000 civilians have taken refuge in its compound. a spokesman for the u.s. state department welcomed news of the cease-fire. >> we strongly urge the leaders do everything in their power to ensure that these decrees will be respected and unfettered humanitarian assistance will be provided to those affected by the violence. >> the u.s. is evacuating nonessential staff from its embassy in south sudan because of the violence. british prime minister, david cameron announced, he will step down tomorrow, paving the way for a leader to take his place. cameron is making good on his pledge to resign his leadership after britain voted to leave the european union. former home secretary, theresa may, is set to take his place. she will need to manage britain's exit from the eu even though she opposed it. lawyers for chelsea manning
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confirmed the transgender soldier was hospitalized last week after a suicide attempt. the lawyers accused the u.s. army of, gross breach of confidentiality, for revealing that manning was in the hospital. officials did not offer details on the hospitalization at the time but manning is serving a 35 year sentence at fort levenworth in kansas. she is expected to stay under supervision of the next several weeks. the man arrested in the deaths of three homeless men in san diego is out of jail. this is surveillance photo of anthony padgett who is homeless himself. he was erected last week -- he was arrested last week. he was released saying there was not enough evidence to prosecute him. since july 3, four homeless men were attacked in san diego. two or set on fire. police say but a believe padgett is the man responsible and are asking for anyone with
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potential evidence in the case to come forward. a former driver is suspected of molesting five girls and coming up, we will tell you when the alleged abuse happened in the reason he surrendered. two northern california teens were robbed at gunpoint. the reason the new app comic book iman go, is linked to the crime. good morning, we looking at commutes that are not too bad if you are driving in the east bay. this is a look at highway 4 coming up and over the hill to conquer. signs of a cooler day for many. fog is back making a move over the bay and the breeze has picked up for son -- some. i will show you those tuesday temps.
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a little maroon 5 you on this tuesday morning. here's a look at beautiful oakland, california. steve said it will be a little cooler today. overall, pretty seasonable the summer. hope you are having a good tuesday. it is july 12. welcome back to mornings on 2. i'm brian flores. i'm pam cook. >> we talked about this yesterday morning. that was amazing. did you see anyone out there with their phone looking around? >> no. >> is a good weather to look for pokey man weathers -- characters? >> for now. yes, we do have a cooler pattern. low clouds in place moving over oakland. yesterday it was clear. there's also more of a breeze for some. for others


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