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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  July 12, 2016 2:30pm-3:01pm PDT

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whoo! >> a clerk is taken hostage by a familiar face. >> it turns out that this was her boyfriend. >> the story behind the show room showdown. nobody warned dad what's in the trunk. >> too late now. >> see what had him popping his lid. >> what the [ bleep ] >> this guy just wants to use his mower. >> he's lost the use of his legs. >> what his friend invented that's simply brilliant. >> hey, hey. >> and eric the cockatoo needs to -- >> add more vegetables to his diet. >> why he's going rogue against his doctor's advice. >> i want you to show all the kids how you eat your broccoli. >> these two videos are scary for two very different reasons. this first one is from russia. you see a man charge at a clerk
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holding a bottle. it turns out that this was her boyfriend. he does have a history of assault and theft. you see how aggressive he is with her. grabbing her pushing her around all over the place. he manages to get away from him for just a second enough to get under the counter there. but he still does not let go. he sits down very casually. >> it's amusing to me that everyone's letting it go on. >> you've got to do something. somebody is threatening a woman with a jagged bottle like that. >> they do call the police but it took them 1550 minutes to get there. 50, 5-0. fortunately things didn't escalate too much. even though police did spend 40 minutes trying to negotiate with this man. now over to texas, where this video comes from a gas station. it's about 4:00 in the morning.
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the driver gets out of the truck, goes up to the window, holding some cash. now there's apparently nobody there at this hour. not sure if the pumps are even running. he just sets the cash down on the counter there and starts messing around trying to dislodge what looks like a screen at the bottom. the video posted by the big east texas crime stoppers does say that maybe the man is intoxicated. he also relieves himself. >> okay, yeah. they say people will find their rock bottom. having a feeling this could be this guy's rock bottom once he sees the video. >> oh, but that's not it. >> also in the truck is a female passenger. she gets out of the car, goes over to the booth, sees the cash and very casually looking around decides to pick up the cash and pocket it. >> so she just stole money from him. >> oh, and that's not it. because now she's going to get in the driver's seat. >> he's in the passenger side. but for some reason he gets out, closes the door at which point he's locked out of the truck so she takes off and the very last
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thing you see in the video is that he holds on to the tailgate and for all we know he's still on it. >> that's rock bottom. >> obviously the poster stressed this is actually a very serious issue and they need to identify these people. >> this video of something a dad created. he calls this clark's concepts, and this concept that he created is pretty cool. you see, his best friend has m.s. and he's lost the use of his legs but he still wanted to be able to use his mower. so dad created a dockings station so this guy could climb out of his wheelchair, climb onto this dock and watch what it does. he's able -- >> hey, hey. >> no freaking way. that is brilliant. >> so he slides back in to the mower. >> look at him. >> he starts going. >> really clever.
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this is very simple sort of railing system, really. they added a little bit to the mower. then they built the extra part and some docking -- >> that's pretty slick ingenuity i guess just that gap between his wheelchair parked next to the mower is too much for him to, you know, lift himself into. this is just a really sweet, simple, elegant solution. >> look, it's smooth. >> yeah. >> we know it's almost foolproof the way they designed it and he gets to do something that i'm sure he loves. >> yeah. >> and get back to his daily life. >> look at this. his wheelchair is able to go up and down so he's able to lift himself up to where he's level with that seat and then move himself over without the use of his legs. >> it's freedom and it's independence. >> yes. that is car right there. >> well done clark's concepts. well done. >> it's exciting when you get your buddies together especially if you got a bunch of biker buddies who are all anxious to get out there and ride.
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>> something kind of happens when you get a group of guys together on bikes. sensibilities tend to go out the window. it's bike night in the denver area. >> bike night! >> and you can see right from the beginning as they enter the highway that at least a few of them have a little bit of -- the -- >> mm-hmm. >> right here that guy in the yellow, you can see him ripping down the on ramp. now what do you think the number one piece of safety gear a rider has? >> his helmet. >> helmet at least. >> if you don't use it you're going to get in trouble. singing, the weather is great, it's time for a nice fun ride. however -- >> that brain part -- >> whoa! >> oh. >> wow, coming to his feet there like a parkour move. >> guy just jams on the brakes, slides right into the back of that car, flips up and over.
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he appears to not be injured. >> so basically traffic was moving he popped a wheelie then suddenly traffic backed up, he came down carrying too much speed, couldn't stop. >> that's exactly what happened. to help get their buddy and his bike off the highway you can see that's the rider right there. >> are you okay? [ bleep ] >> are you okay, though? are you sure? >> he's quite upset with himself, though. definitely ticked off. >> what about the guys in the car, though, are they ticked off, as well? >> yes. >> in fact the guy was upset because he had his child in the car. >> well my daughter's scared out of her mind. >> a couple of guys that certain moves shouldn't have been performed. >> sorry, but i'm going to say this right now -- don't do stuff like that. >> i'm going to be here for a couple of hours, you might as well go on and continue with the fun bike night that went on that night.
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>> we're all being amazed. for the people in these two videos, they've done a whole, brian williams cutting together his best of his 21st year on earth. and in this case he's showing us that he has lost everything. big skate boarding, bmx, scooters, snowboarding, pogo sticks, trampolines, sleds. this guy jumps, flips, twists, rolls, and does a lot with all of them. brian was the first person to do a front flip and capture it on film. as such he was invited to the circuit at 17 years old. in his first appearance he pulled off the world's first double scooter front flip. he's also the first bmx triple front flip. check it out here with sports -- >> bo jackson and deion sanders of the nonstick and ball sports.
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>> it never stops. incredible. just start pulling off the kind of tricks that it takes the easiest of imaginations, the guy is a jedi knight. way younger cheers incredible. this video has been trending like wild fire all over facebook youtube and the lot. this is her taking part in a freestyle skating championship, and well guys, there's not much more to be said apart from watch, enjoy, and be amazed. >> she's so graceful. oh! >> she's just getting started guys. she's like a ballerina combined with some sort of in-line skating genius. >> she's also doing the tricks like some of the old school roller skaters used to do. >> this is crazy. >> just imagine the level of strength and core strength necessary to be able to do these tricks and the whole time she's doing it like it's nothing honestly if this was an olympic sport you know for a fact she would have the gold. >> this was a first place run.
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>> the boat's out of power and look at what's coming. >> the first wave rolling towards them. >> ooh! >> oh. >> see what happens next. >> inside that package he's opening a cup. >> but it's unlike anything you've ever seen before. >> see why thihihi>> see why th beat. on "right this minute."
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closed captioning provided by -- a couple of guys out on a boat now the boat is all in the surf. no engine power. no power means you're sitting duck. here comes the first wave rolling towards them. hunker down, hang on. >> oh! >> okay. >> normally i tell him they're not trying to kill him. but i think -- >> it happened again. could not get the ball rolling. here comes another wave. >> oh. >> oh! >> but this captain isn't completely inexperienced. he knows how to get power back to that. he knows that power is going to be the only thing that saves them from the precarious situation. so he gets that engine going.
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he's going to attack these waves head-on. >> i love how they name it off that song jesus take the wheel! >> you sure that's the song in this guy's head. up into the air like a rocket ship. now here comes that guy. >> oh! >> motocross guy -- >> it looks like that as the bow of the boat comes down into the water -- >> down as well. >> i'm surprised he didn't capsize. >> thankfully they all stayed aboard and as we know, no injuries. ♪ >> it's true for some people, even after you grow up your momma is still going to whoop you. just a day in the life of comedy we've had him on the show before this time he's showing us
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something i didn't even know existed. >> what in this thing -- >> magical -- >> opens it up, takes it out, and it's a mug. >> i got a cabinet full of those. >> the mug that won't fall over. >> it's unlike mission you've ever seen before. >> it will never spill. >> so the claim of this one is that it will never tip over. >> puts some water in it. seals it back up again. and now the quest begins. >> why, how, why, what are the signs i need to know. >> right? it's amazing. >> i don't get it. >> he doesn't get it either. and we're all wondering well, okay, what is the science behind it? >> maybe it's like suction and absorbing impact as you hit it. >> is it? >> i don't know. tell us -- >> it does act somewhat like a suction cup. the rubber at the bottom attaches to the surface when it is impacted.
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>> and it's not just the mug. it's a wine glass and beer glass. >> yes, self rale. >> still testing this thing. picks up the stool -- >> took the testing in. >> it works. >> so now everybody can agree -- >> it doesn't fall. >> we see a lot of surprises on this show. this video goes down as one of my favorite, i promise. that brian whispering in the video. [ inaudible ] >> hello. >> what the [ bleep ]! >> was hiding in the trunk. he lives in chicago. it's his dad's birthday. so he surprises him.
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they get home, pop the trunk and that was dad's reaction. look at his face. it's priceless. >> what the hell? >> holy -- >> [ bleep ] >> dad can hardly contain himself. >> don't put me -- >> too late now. and you got to give dad a pass on that one. >> yeah. did not expect a live person in the trunk of the car. >> -- money -- >> short on cash -- >> normally you find dirty laundry in the trunk. >> immediately grabs his face and he's just -- >> happy birthday. >> aw. >> you know what that's kind of cool at the very beginning of that video -- >> glow in the dark -- >> if you ever get stuck. >> i've never seen it from -- >> they actually work. >> i'm sure dad was one of the happiest birthdays he's had in awhile. >> hello! >> what the [ bleep ]! >> spoons stick to him.
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metal loves him. >> like a superhero? >> like magnet boy? >> sort of. see it next. >> she's busted for texting during his concert. he calls her dad. >> oh, nobody's daddy -- >> oh, she's going to have lots of explaining to do when she gets home gets home. >> the rock star's call to dad on "right this minute." wiback like it could used to? neutrogena hydro boost water gel. with hyaluronic acid it plumps skin cells with intense hydration and locks it in. for supple, hydrated skin. hydro boost. from neutrogena codogs just won't quit.! neither does frontline. introducing new frontline gold. with its new easy applicator
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he's been paying more for car insurance because of their bad driving for so long, he doesn't even notice them anymore. but one day brian gets snapshot from progressive. now brian has a rate based on his driving, not theirs. get snapshot and see just how much your good driving could save you. the skin on your feet is 20 times thicker, promotional considerations provided by -- 7 men from the boys. new gold bond® men's powder spray controls odor, wetness... smells irresistible. stay cool.l. feast your eyes on this. >> you like magnets. >> this is 9-year-old mehmet and he's got magnetic powers.
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>> is it called double sided tape? >> no. as you see he places spoon after spoon to his chest and they stick. he's also done cell phones and even an ashtray. >> that is so peculiar. >> does he just need a bath? >> no. >> his parents said they realized that he had this magnetic power after they were watching a similar stunt on a television show. >> intriguingly human beings do have a magnetic field. >> test the options -- >> take all that stuff and toss them to him again to see if they stick. >> can't do that to 9-year-olds. >> scientifically that would be an excellent way of testing it. he should be able to go up to a metal wall and stick himself to it. >> a bus speeding by. >> let's not go that far. >> said they discovered this after seeing it on a tv show. maybe they're just doing this in the hopes that they get the attention that we're obviously giving them and maybe we'll be
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able to make suggestions. >> right. >> i'm very skeptical of this. >> this phenomenon is sometimes referred to as human magnetism, and some have said that they can attract different types of materials like glass, porcelain, wood or plastic. many scientists, however, say that it could be nothing more than -- >> we don't know when you're sitting here texting and something else is going on, it's rude. rude if you're texting in front of somebody's face, right? what happens if you do that at a concert? particularly a headley concert? he's a popular canadian pop rock band and the front man saw a young lady in the front row on her phone texting. >> i want to put her onstage. >> treated this like passing notes in glass. the teacher would grab the note and read it out to everybody. >> it's me -- [ bleep ] >> so jake is like flicking through her contacts right now and he starts making phone calls.
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>> oh. >> uh-oh. >> oh, snap. >> she's texting. >> after a couple of calls that don't connect. finally, does get somebody to answer. it's her dad. >> oh. >> and there's a bit of a language barrier there. dad is french canadian it sounds like -- >> is this michelle? >> that doesn't sound like you anymore. >> hi is this michelle? this is jacob from headley we're in quebec city right now. >> he tries to amp up the embarrassment level a little bit. listen, michelle you have to come here because your daughter she's very drunk. she's fighting and she's getting in fights with the security and everything. and if it's okay with you i'd like permission to marry your daughter tonight. >> oh! >> hey! >> okay.
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>> i'm going to text at every concert i go to, now. >> because i want to make babies. >> oh. >> i don't know if she's learned her lesson yet because she's still smiling. >> okay. michel your daughter is in good hands. she's very beautiful. i'm going to marry her topt or at least get her pregnant. i love you so much. >> oh. she's going to have lots of explaining to do when she gets home. >> that's what you get for texting on our show! >> the cockatoo and broccoli. not a love story. >> want to tell all the kids how you eat your broccoli. >> ha, ha, ha, ha. >> he has made himself very clear. >> caught on pitch but i
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thought i'd throw it in there because i thought it was so great. oh, eric. eric, eric, eric. >> eric.
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>> who's eric? >> you are about to find out. want you to show all the kids how you eat your broccoli. >> he has made himself very clear. >> yes. human behavior right there. >> it most definitely is. this is eric the cockatoo. the dock said he needed to add more vegetables to his diet. they're showing all the kids at home how to eat their veggies. >> we're going to try this again. want you to show all the kids out there how you eat your broccoli. eat your broccoli. >> instead of eating the broccoli, eric throws the broccoli off the counter. not broccoli. >> just feed it to the dog. >> eric is a bad dog. brutalizing the broccoli now.
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>> thanks for watching "right this minute." have a great day.
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gigi ha [captioning made possible by warner bros. domestic television distribution] [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] harvey: welcome to "tmz live." harvey levin here. charles: charles here. harvey: so lamar odom. this is a sad but crazy story. we're going to take you to l.a.x. last night at about 10:30, a delta flight was leaving l.a. for new york city. it was a redeye and right before the plane took off, lamb lal -- lamar odom ended up in the delta lounge. charles: first class lounge. harvey: where he was drinking whiskey and beer, according to eyewitnesses. charles: lots of it. harvey: lots of it. now we take you to the airplane. this is lamar odom on the airplane right after he hurled in the galley and in the bathro


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