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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 6pm  FOX  July 13, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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started running away towards the west. then down a railroad line going north. deputies set up a really wide perimeter because that railroad line goes through so many different neighborhoods here in the cherry land area. they said they final came with k9 units and a drone and one of the law enforcement officers found a person of interest matching the description about three quarters of a mile away. investigators say this was a very drastic shooting and all happened right in front of a driver who was sitting behind the victim. >> behind the red truck is a white suv. that white suv belongs to a citizens who is a regular motorist who happened to be waiting for the light as well when this unfolded before them. that person is a very key witness in this investigation because they saw the gunman and they saw the act go down. rooter report an -- >>reporter: investigators say there apparently were also a lot of surveillance cameras.
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several liquor stores right there on the corner, a corner which they tell me is very heavily trafficked. there's lots of people going through. it's a working class neighborhood out here but he says they don't have a lot of problems. so this has been a real shock to people here in the community as they're coming back from work. they are again looking for that handgun. so we will stay here. this will be blocked off they said into the evening as they try and find that weapon and obviously try to get some answers to what has turned out to be a very tragic shooting here. >> jana thank you. ktvu news will have continuing coverage on this story. we're also posting updates on fate book, twitter and mobile app. now to knew develops in the gun store heists in sacramento that led authorities to oakland where this afternoon, -- police, federal agents and chp made several arrests. henley -- henry lee joins us live in east oakland with the latest on the robberies, the investigation and the arrests.
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henry. >>reporter: well julie, we are in fact outside the east mont substation oakland police department about 20 minutes ago we saw a caravan of atv agents and oakland police leaving for most likely another raid. this is part of a day-long investigation that began in the sacramento area and ended right here in east oakland. they struck before dawn, two smash and grabs of gun stores near sacramento. the first one was caught on video. here you see a black honda crv smachg into -- in reverse. the su vurks is registered in oakland fnlt we then see five men climbing over a security gate and into the shop. one man is wearing a swret shirt reading oakland u.s.a. they made off with an ak47 being repaired. a similar smash and grab happened 45 minutes later where about 15 handguns were stolen. the two shops are only 20 minutes apart. hours later, officers spotted the same suv used in the rock land incident near the corner
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of 68th avenue and mack arthur boulevard. the police swooped in and detained suspects. ktvu cameras were rolling when they detained this man at the scene. oakland police scoured the su vurks for evidence. this is another instance where the oakland police department partners in dlab raition -- collaboration without side departments and agencies. they declined details but their involvement signals federal charges which would -- could lead to longer sentences if convicted. walter ford the owner, says he's disturbed by what happened. >> to have somebody just any they can just take it really bothers me. i worked hard my whole life. >>reporter: ford says the store camera caught it all. they also caught a distinctive bumper sticker reading i'm ready for hillary. so the big question is whether any of these oakland suspects can be tied to any gun store
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burglaries beyond the ones of this morning. all told about 240 guns have been stolen in recent months from gun stores in the sacramento area. reporting live from oakland henry lee, ktvu, fox 2 news. >> can you tell us anything at all. you think another raid may be taking place right now? have you been able to find out maybe where that's going on? >>reporter:y -- we don't know where they're going but about 20 minutes ago we did see atc -- atf, ice and police leaving. we were told earlier in the day by oakland police to expect ongoing activity involving the atf. >> henry thank you. an arm -- car guard who was shot in windsor is recovering and two suspects are being held without bail. the sheriff identified one of those suspects as 24-year-old antelope, can a kavment he was arrested in cal stowing a
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yesterday afternoon. the other suspect was found hiding in a kul vert several hours later. in louisiana today the teenage son of alton sterling spoke out. 15-year-old cameron sterling addressed a large group call his father a good man. alton sterling was shot and killed by baton rouge police last week and a shooting touched off nationwide protests. his son called for calm and made an appeal for non-violent protests. >> i feel that everyone yes, you can protest, but i want everyone to protest the right way. protest and peace, not guns, not drugs, not alcohol, not violence. everyone needs to protest in the right way. >> also today the aclu and other groups said they are suing baton rouge police, accusing officers of violating the constitutional rights of those protesting the death of alton sterling. police in riot gear have been facing off with protesters, the
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lawsuit accuses office ergs of using excessive force. funerals were held today for three of the five dallas officers killed in that ambush last week. almost 1,000 people attended a private funeral mass for sergeant michael smith. the former army ranger leaves behind his wife and two daughters. and there were final farewells for senior lorne ahrens. he was known as the gentle giant at the dhas police department. he was a former semi pro football player and worked as a dispatcher in la county. he was married with two children. the final goodbye to fallen dart officer brent thompson. the 7-year veteran of the police force and marine corps
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vet who served in afghanistan and iraq. but to six children he was just dad >> we were so proud of him and just want to know we love him. he's done it. he's succeeded. >> thompson worked alongside his newly wednesdayed wife emily on the force. she had just filed their marriage license that morning before thompson was fatally shot. >> he's a wowrd -- coward. you know, your hate made us stronger. >> hundreds of lawrmt officers from as far as new york, chicago, utah and more filled the rose. >> it's always heartbreaking to see the families. >> sergeant anthony came with a colleague to say his goodbyes. to his fellow brothers in blue. >> just because we wear a different uniform or have a
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different patch, we're fighting for the same causes. to the crowd of officers, thompson's wife asked them to stick by her. >> on brent's behalf, i'm asking you all, continue on, press on. he has your -- you safe. >> and to him, thompson's family simply said goodbye. >> one thing i would always say to my dad when he walked out the door was goodbye dad i, i love you, be safe. and tonight we say our final goodbye daddy, we love you, be safe. coming up here, a disturbing discovery in bay
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area neighborhood. at 6:45, the message of hate that arrived on a flier. >> i was just shocked. i didn't expect to see anything like that here in san fransisco. tracking the heat around here. it's spare the air day again for your bay area thursday. it is warming up. changes are on the way to i- 80 here in the east bay. we're going to tell you about the smart technology that could help improve road conditions. taking a live look at the the bay bridge toal plaza. it's slow going getting into the city at this hour. here's a living -- live look the commute het -- heading eastbound there on the right heavy as it normally would be at this hour. traffic moving along okay heading westbound.
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new at 6:00 a live look at rush hour traffic crawling along i-80 in berkeley. this is where cal strans -- trans is rolling out what's being called a smart highway. most drivers of of -- in that area know is a very busy one. >> but starting today new technology could bring some relief. ktvu christina shows us how this smart project works. >> -- >>reporter: interstate 80 considered one of the most
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busiest. rush hour traffic is a pain especially if there is an accident. and that is where these black signs come into play right behind me. they are part of the new state of the art project launching today. this is called the i-80 smart corridor project. it covers a 20-mile stretch of freeway. it's a network of systems and software that gives drivers real time information about road conditions and if you're out on the road you're going to notice some dig -- big electronic display boards that activate if there's an accident. you'll also see some arrows and those are going to indicate which lanes are open or closed. it will also allow drivers to merge quicker and allow emergency vehicles through. drivers who choose to take surface streets will be able too follow electronic detour signs and also notice adopt i have ramp meters. the entire system will work together to balance traffic
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flow. they will role out the problg ect within the coming heeks -- weeks with completion scheduled late august or early september. >> because this project includes so many new components, we wanted to have a phased role out so drivers have time to get acclimated with the new conditions. >>reporter: the project is a partner ship between the alameda county transportation commission, contra cost a and over all the goal here is to have this high tech system prevent accidents, improve real time road conditions and reduce traffic congestion. and officials say it's the only way this project is going to be successful is if drivers actually follow the signs, the traffic can move smoothly so hopefully we will see that come into play when she's -- these signs actually do go into affect. >> hopefully it will work. a chp motorcycle officer
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was injured after he crashed while responding to a pursuit. it happened just before 1:30 this afternoon on eye 80 next to american canyon rode. -- road. it's not clear what led to the crash. the officer was taken by helicopter to the hospital. his condition wasn't releet -- leased. >> now to the south bay where body cameras are being put to use. some officers received training today and as ktvu's jesse gary reports more than 20 officers will have the new tool when they hit the streets tonight. >> very historical moment for the san jose police department. body worn cameras are here. >>reporter: with that jeff eddie garcia ushered in training for the next air -- era of policing in this gateway city. the first wave of officers listened for about two hours learning how to use the department's body cameras. the light way -- weight bee -- device uses magnets. it's to be activated during use of force incidents, arrests and all public interaction.
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lieutenant washburn oversees the body camera project and she saises the mandate is not flexible but the priority is always officer and public safety. >> there are times when there has to be some measure or alowns for discretion, ford -- a lowns or without inserting a bright line rule. >> so far this year thereof been four officer involved shootings in san jose, just last week. family members told police 18- year-old anthony nunez was depressed and suicidal. a tense standoff ended with nunez armed with a handgun pointed the weapon at police. two officers opened fire, killing him. watchdogs say using the cameras is a step in the right direction toward full transparency. >> i commend the department for bringing forward this idea. i think its something that can help kind of clarify and help us learn really what happens when there's an interaction between the police and a person on the street.
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>> but the department's protocol make it unclear when or if the public or oversight bored -- board would get to see what the officer camera recorded. >> just because it's not immediately released to the public or end up on the 10:00 news does not mean it's not without value. >> we're going to have an environment where individuals have contact with police and their perception of what occurred differs from what the police says occurs, we're going to know what actually is the truth. >>reporter: in the south bay bureau, jesse gary, fox 2 news. >> we're find being out -- finding out more tonight with the slapping incident involving draymond green. the man he allegedly slapped on sunday was a footed ball player from michigan state where green went to stool -- school. he reported told police green's associate had checked him and his girlfriend at a bar. green was arrested for misdemeanor assault and battery. police say he had a .10 blood
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alcohol level. he was held until he sobered up and released on $200 bond. the oakland raiders have been granted more time to work out details for a stadium in las vegas. a special tour risk committee was supposed to turn in a final recommendation but estimated costs grew from $1.4 bill to more than $2 billion. further explore locations for the stadium and financing. law enforcement needs will also be analyzed. >> nevada's governor extended the deadline one month until september 30th. warm out there today. got our spare the air today and tomorrow. temperatures a little warmer than these. 98 in antioch today. 98 in liver moore tomorrow. hot day tomorrow. especially inland. even around the bay it will be mid and upper 80s. especially south of hayward in
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redwood city and san jose. it's going to be hot. bay area friday is going to be the warmest day of the week. thursday, sorry. temperatures will begin to trend down after that. spare the air day toamed -- tomorrow, second in a row. what you expect this time of year exactly. and temperatures. fires are something to be concerned with now especially in the inland valleys as we'll have protracted heat for the next couple of days. lower meumed -- humidity and that's poangs -- potential for easily started fires. so we'll be paying attention to that as well thursday and friday. right now it's 95, fair feels 96 in concord. you can see the fog doesn't really do much. you don't see fog but you do see it because green cool moist marine air. that's the marine air coming in vment it's not getting in here. look how warm it is in these areas. so as we go into the next couple of days we'll see the fog refilling and coming in especially towards the weekend a little more aggressively.
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but in the meantime it's # 1 degrees warmer in concord today and 13 degrees warmer in liver moore. air quality not so good on the east bay hills. inside the bay, it's a spare the air day today and tomorrow. you get on the other side of the hill it's not so great. tomorrow hottest day of the week with highs easily in the triple digits and fire danger increasing. bill thank you. supreme court justice after controversial comments about donald trump. >> she didn't eastern the nick neighboring -- name nor tore us rbg for nothing. >> the warriors have retained and resigned one of their bench players. mark will tell us who is coming back later in sports. >> up next more details in the sentencing of a former stanford swimmer convicted of sexual assault on an unconscious woman. what we're learning from court
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records and what brock turner will have to do after he's released from jail. (scal): good day, m'lady!
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the former stanford stud convicted of sexual assaulted is going to be required to undergo drug tests during his probation. those terms were added to turner's probation after court documents showed that brock turner had lied about his use of illegal drugs and alcohol. turner was convicted of sexually assaulting an unconscious woman on the
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stanford campus. says expected to be released from jail september 2. the mother of a young girl from the bay area who was declared brain dead after an operation from children's hospital in oakland is moving forward with a multi milled lawtd. today a judge said attorneys would be permitted to argue in court that the boy was -- girl was legally alive. doctors declared her brain dead in 2013. if the court rules that she is legally dead, it would be considered a wrongful death and damages would be capped at $250,000. however, if she is considered legally alive, damages could be in the millions. right now, she remains at a facility in new jersey. the oakland raiders offered leadership training today to dozens of young women. it was held at the raiders training facility in alameda. it offered women an opportunity to hear from female executives
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from -- who worked for the raiders organization. they also had a chance to learn confidence building skills and the importance of education, fitness and a healthy lifestyle. ktvu news at 6:30 is next. two gun store burglaries in the sack meant other area leading authorities to the bay area. up next the latest on the arrests made this afternoon. plus the latest for the race of the white house as hillary clinton talks race -- talks race relations and donald trump gets ready to name his vice-president -- vice- president. and later kkk fliers distributed in one neighborhood. ktvu news up next. hey guys lunch is here! it's on me fellas.
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here's a look at tonight's top stories. the fbi and police arrested several people today in oakland following two daring smash and grab robberies in the sacramento area. police say the suspects used an suv to ram into a gun store in rock land to steel -- steal guns. about 45 minutes later the suspects did the same thing in folsom. >> alameda sheriff's deputies arrested suspects in connection with a fatal shooting of a man stopped in an intersection this afternoon. the victim was just sitting in a red dodge pickup truck waiting to make a turn when the gunman game up on foot and shot him with a handgun.
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the suspect then fled down some of the railroad tracks in the area. sheriff's deputies searched with k9s and elementary kopters and eventually captured that suggestion picture about an hour and a half later. the victim was pronounced dead at the scene. funerals were held today for three of the dallas police officers who were killed in an am bugger -- ambush laughed week. lorne ahrens, brent thompson and michael smith were all remembered today at three separate servicers. thompson worked for rt dallas rapid transit agency and was the first officer from that department to be killed in the line of duty. all three men were weared -- married and leave behind children. you're watching ktvu fox 2 news at 6:30. hillary clinton spoke about race relations while donald trump campaign revealed highs -- he's planning on introducing the vice-president runningmate on friday. >> this comes as new set of polls shows the candidates are neck and neck in three key states. the latest poll in florida
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shows trump leading clinton 4 it -- 2-39 percent. she pled florida clinton did by eight points in the previous vur -- sure fay -- survey. >> the poll in oh high a is tied. >> and in pennsylvania trump now leads 43-41%. in june hillary clinton had a one-point lead. reporter kristin fisher with the latest from washington. >>reporter: standing in the same spot where abraham lincoln delivered his famous house divided speech in illinois, hillary clinton addressed racial tension as the country tries to he'll -- heal one week after the shootings in dallas, louisiana and minnesota. >> recent events have left people across america asking hard questions about whether we are still a house divided. >>reporter: clinton said america struggled with race is far from over and went on to accuse rival donald trump's campaign of pitting americans against each other. >> times


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