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tv   The Ten O Clock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  July 16, 2016 10:00pm-10:46pm PDT

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donald trump makes it official. why tonight one of his rivals is calling his vp pick a perfect match. it's incredibly frustrating for us because we know that every minute in a fire -- it counts. >> plus a first of its kind arrest a man in custody for hindering a fire fight with a drone. ♪ and frustration boiling over in san francisco. after the nice terror attacks. meet those who are perhaps some of the most affected. good evening everyone, i'm ross palombo. in san francisco tonight, frustration for those killed in nice and it was the most direct emotion we've seen here so far coming from french nationals who are now calling the bay area home. three attacks in 18 months and their message tonight, enough is enough. ktvu fox 2 lee martinez joins us right now and lee you spoke
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directly to those who are promise the most affected -- perhaps the most affected. >> reporter: they are very appreciative of the outpouring of support and comfort and putting on these vigils. however, this is not the first time and mourners today said they are fed up with hosting vigils after terrorist attacks. ♪ bill wolf and wendy live half of the year in nice, france, when news reached san francisco of the deadly terrorist attack in the promenade, newman desperately tried to reach her neighbors nearly half a world away. >> i was worried all night. i was on the phone. i was -- texting to make sure that everybody was okay. and even the people are okay physically, they are -- really damaged emotionally. >> reporter: nearly 10,000- kilometers away mourners san francisco came out to remember those in nice, france. >> we wanted to show something that we were thinking about everyone in the country. >> reporter: the vigil held a moment of silence for the 84
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people killed when a man drove a refrigerator truck into the crowd watching fireworks with the intention to kill. ♪ the mourners followed with singing france's national anthem. >> police in france -- americans are asking me if everything is okay for us and also for our families. it feels like kind of -- kind of weird but it feels very warm. and i mean, it's -- yeah, it's something i never felt before. >> reporter: this is the third mass casualty terrorist attack in france in the last 18 months. for several french nationals here, they're also angry to be hosting another vigil. >> we don't want to have to do this gathering every ten months. way too high a frequency and of course we show a strong solidarity to the family of the victims. but also on to send a message that we need to do something drastically different to stop this type of attacks. >> they're fed up with it you
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know. they're scared. it doesn't mean they're going to leave the country. it means that another incident happens that puts a damper on their daily lives. and you know, how much more can you take? >> reporter: thursday night's horrific attack on civilians has also left many of wolf and niemann's french neighbors afraid. >> our running club was going to have a race there the day after this happened. and they tried to get people from the club to come out and a lot of the people are going -- no. can't do it. i've had enough. >> reporter: the couple traveled back to nice in september and wonders if their city will still be the same as when they left. well, thursday's attack was very personal for that american couple. they said their friends had just crossed the promenade route when the truck struck the first group of people. >> and lee the nationals of course are speaking with family members and friends in nice tonight. what are they hearing? >> they're hearing they're afraid and a lot of the places they're used to going like cafes and restaurants any public place, they're afraid to
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go there news but a they don't -- now because they don't know anymore. >> lee martinez thank you. well, meanwhile the search continues tonight for a cal student still missing after the attack. 20-year-old nick leslie was with 85 other berkeley students who were also celebrating bastille day in nice. family members flew over there and are still looking for him tonight. but students say the french police are making it difficult. >> we've been in touch with the american consulate and we asked them to -- we officially asked for permission to put their number on the flyer and they were okay with it. i had official permission and apparently one of the police just didn't like that we were outing out fliers -- putting out fliers. >> three other berkeley students were among the dozens injured in the attack. now tonight, isis is taking responsibility for the attack calling the driver of that 20- ton truck who plowed into a crowd killing 84 people, a soldier. benjamin hall has the latest now out of nice.
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>> reporter: france's marking three days of national mourning. in response to the horrific terror attack in nice that killed more than 80 people including at least ten children. [ speaking foreign language ] >> it's too hard to accept the reality that these children have been killed. because their lives have just begun. my child still has no idea what a terrorist attack is. >> reporter: isis is claiming respondent fortunately attack -- responsibility for the attack calling the driver bouhlel a soldier for the group. france is ramping up security. activating 12,000 reserves in addition to the more than 120,000 police and soldiers already deployed nationwide. the government is calling for more volunteers. [ speaking foreign language ] >> i will like to launch a new appeal to all patriotic french citizens to join the national reservists force. if they are willing to. >> reporter: as makeshift memorials in the area grow larger, survivors are still trying to make sense of what happened. >> believe me, these scenes stopped me from sleeping, i
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haven't slept. when you close your eyes for five minutes the pictures come back to mind again. >> reporter: more than 120 people are still in the hospital with dozens in intensive care. we were at the hospital today and family members were not being allowed inside. that is because many of the bodies are so badly mangled that they cannot yet be identified. in nice, france, benjamin hall, fox news. [ cheering and applause ] well, tonight the gop ticket is officially set. donald trump formally introduced mike pence as his vice presidential pick. trump says pence will be his partner in changing the country by rebuilding the economy and fighting terrorism. the move now sets the stage for one of the most important political weeks for the gop in years and newly named vp mike pence kicked it off today with a bitter attack against hillary clinton. shannon bream reports tonight from cleveland. [ cheering and applause ] >> reporter: fresh off being
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tapped at to understand trump's vice presidential candidate. governor mike pence cuts down back home in indiana making the argument the choice in the november election is clear. >> for the sake of our troops who deserve a commander-in- chief who will have their back, for the sake of hard working americans and businesses who deserve a president who will get washington, d.c. off their back. for the sake of a supreme court of the united states that will uphold our constitution and our god-given liberties. >> reporter: pence was formally introduced by trump saturday morning in new york city. he called pence his partner and a man of honor. but it took trump nearly 30 minutes to bring pence on stage. delivering a long introduction that sounded much more like a campaign speech than a traditional vice presidential announcement. >> we are in a rigged rigged system and to make america safe again and to make america great again. i want to also address the islamic terror attack in france.
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we've witnessed horror beyond belief. >> reporter: but there are challenges ahead for the trump cam page, the lame -- campaign. latest news poll shows a whopping 86% of registered voters are either undecided or don't know enough about pence to have an opinion and only 5% had a favorable view of him while 8% say they do not have a favorable view. pence says he is ready to take on hillary clinton. >> seven and a half years of barack obama and hillary clinton's policies have weakened america's place in the world and stifled our nation's economy. >> reporter: hillary clinton took to social media tweeting quote if you had any doubts about trump sticking with his dangerous plan for america, say hello to his vp pick and as one race ends the clinton vp speculation ramps up. fox can confirm clinton met with three potential running mates in washington, d.c.. senator warren and colorado governor hicken looper and julian castro. it's unlikely to announce the pick before the gop convention wraps up on thursday night. in cleveland, shannon bream,
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fox news. >> one of the potential iraning mates didn't hold back on trump's decision. senator warren sent out a barrage of tweets saying in part quote -- donald trump and mike pence are a perfect match. two small insecure weak men who use hate and fear to divide our country and our people. she went on to tweet of course donald trump a guy who calls women fat pigs and bimbos picked a vp who was famous for trying to control women's bodies. and bay area republicans also have plenty to say. doghole mouth parked on four presidential -- doug e ll moth worked on four presidential campaigns. he says pence will satisfy many in the conservative base. but won't help reach undecided voters. >> in an ideal situation, it would be great to have selected somebody who was a demographic other than what he represents. which is an older white male. i do think that it was a missed opportunity. >> well, he know says after 40 years of voting republican,
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he'll be voting for a democrat this november. stick with ktvu on air and online during the gop and democratic national conventions. i'll be in cleveland on monday to help keep you up-to-date with live reports throughout the week. you can also get the very latest on well, basketball fans tonight are mourning the loss of one of the greatest players of all time. hall of famer and warriors' legend nate thurmond passed away today. he was chosen by golden state as third overall draft pick back in 1963. he played for the warriors for 11 years and still holds the record for the team as all-time leading rebandier. he had been -- rebounder, he had been battling leukemia. the owner said he represented the franchise with dignity and class and humility as player and ambassador for 40 years, without a doubt he is one of the most beloved figures to ever wear a warriors' uniform.
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we'll have more on nate thurmond's legacy coming up later in sports. and coming up tonight in "sports wrap" an extensive look back at his life and reaction to his death around the nba. >> also tonight, a ktvu crew attacked in san francisco. now those responsible have finally been caught. >> and more protestors after another police shooting. the peaceful yet powerful message they were carrying. >> it does not appear to have been a very brilliantly planned or executed event. >> but first, the failed coup in turkey, the fallout in that country and around the world. the 10:00 news continues in 90 seconds.
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that failed military coup in turkey now left more than 20 people dead and is a-- 250 people dead and appear today strengthen the president's -- appeared to strengthen the president's hold on his country. at least 104 of those were coup plotters but the vast majority were actually civilians and 1400 others were injured. in all government forces arrested more than 2800 coup supporters and dismissed nearly 3,000 judges from across the entire country and nearly 3,000 military officers have also been detained. the coup began late friday night as tanks rolled into the streets of the capital is this
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ankara. violence escalated throughout the night but by morning it was all fortunately over. president obama has been getting regular briefs on this situation. turkey is a key nato ally with the second largest military in the entire western alliance. gary tenny has the very latest now. >> reporter: u.s. officials have been keeping a very close eye on turkey as this attempted coup is played out. the president obama is receiving regular updates from both his national security and foreign policy teams on this situation. and he's standing behind that country's president. the statement from the white house reads in part the president reiterated the united states' unwavering support for the civilian government of turkey. at this point, u.s. officials believe the coup was led by a more secular group within the turkish military that has long been at odds with the more islamic leaning policies of the president erdogan. today the country's prime minister called it a black stain on turkish democracy that
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left 161 people dead and more than 1400 wounded and led to the detention of nearly 3,000 military personnel who are suspected of taking part in the coup. turkey is a key nato ally in the middle east and a vital partner in the u.s. led coalition's fight against isis in iraq and syria. in luck ohmburg secretary of state john kerry says the u.s. stands for democratically elected leaders like turkey. >> if you're planning o coupe you don't expect -- a coup you don't exactly advertise it to your partners in nato. it surprised everybody including the people in turkey. it doesn't appear to have been a brilliantly planned or executed event. >> reporter: today secretary of state john kerry also spoke with his turkish couldn't part both to exsuppress support and to offer assistance with turkey's investigation into the coup. in washington, i'm gary tenny, fox news. near dallas today, the last
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of five murdered officers was laid to rest. ♪ thousands came out here to pay their respects to officer patrick zamarippa. the veteran previously served lead tours of duty in the navy and iraq and at a rosary service yesterday, he was posthow maniously promoted to petty officer first class. he leaves behind a wife and 2- year-old daughter and a 10-year- old stepson and he was only 32 years old. [ screaming ] three people arrested after al san francisco protest here turns violence. it all happened on valencia street near the mission police station. one of the news crewed was even injured when protestors demanded they stop filming. officers stepped in and iested several suspects -- arrested several suspects. it was part of the friday of solidarity protest organized by the online group anonymous. across the bay area in oakland,
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another protest ended with no arrests or any injuries reported. about 10 protestors took to the streets around franco gallo plaza but the crowd quickly glue to around 10 -- grew to around 150 people. they shut down ramps around i- 880 but police stopped them from getting out onto the highway there. in sacramento, demonstrators took to the streets after an officer- involved shooting there. as vicky gonzalez reports that march was peaceful but it had a strong message. [ chanting ] >> reporter: outside sacramento police department, it's frustration. >> i mean the last two months we've had two people killed by sac pd. in the last eight months about five people killed by law enforcement in sacramento. >> reporter: tonya leading the message that we must do better. >> and that's a lot for this city. this city that's non-violent and diverse and wonderful. >> for the people of sacramento that have lost their lives to law enforcement -- >> reporter: saturday the rally
10:18 pm
focusing on the man killed in april during an officer- involved shooting. >> the police knew they could be dealing with somebody that was mentally ill due to the call. >> reporter: sacramento police say the 40-year-old was armed with a knife and broke into a loam and charged at officers before being shot and killed. tonya telling us saturday is his funeral. >> it took from april until now for his body to be buried. so that's a really long time have his body sitting in the morgue. >> reporter: the funeral expenses coming from the sacramento public policy foundation a nonprofit, mayor kevin johnson is affiliated with. >> they're covering his expenses because the family they put the families in situations they can't afford to go forward with. >> reporter: a rally going beyond one funeral. >> black lives matter. >> reporter: the demonstrators on free port boulevard, a reflection of a national conversation. >> that was vicky gonzalez reporting. that demonstration in the end was very peaceful with no
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clashes between police and protestors. coming up a dog mistakenly killed and now big changes at an animal shelter. >> if a hobby drone collides with one of the fire fighting aircraft it could bring the aircraft down. >> a first of its kind arrest. a man in custody for flying a drone over a fire while crews were trying to put it out. >> in weather northeast bay area continues to cool off. in fact our live camera over san francisco bay. coming up we'll let you know if the cooling trend continues in the sunday forecast and possibly more heat showing up in the five day outlook.
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a federal judge is now approved a settlement between uber and advocates for the blind. the national feedings of the
10:22 pm
blind filed a -- federation of the blind filed a lawsuit. uber has agreed to take steps to prevent discrimination against the blind riders, cal fire arrested a plan for flying a drone over the active wildfire. and tonight firefighters are speaking out about the danger coming from above. reporter sarah zenidnem has the story. >> reporter: you can see thick dark smoke from the area here in forest hill and there was a time that firefighters couldn't do anything about it. two hobby drones stopped the fire firefighter of the trail head fire temporarily and now for the first time in cal fire history, one of those drones owners will be punished. if you look closely, you can still see pink trailing across the trees. the remains of retardant from the trail head fire. >> where the fire was burning was in such a remote area that we really had to rely heavily on the aircraft that first day. >> reporter: but that first day, june 28th, cal fire ran into a major problem out of their control. at 7:00 p.m., what cal fire says was a crucial time to
10:23 pm
fight the fire, a hobby drone was spotted. for 30 minutes, they grounded their planes. >> if a hobby drone collides with one of our fire fighting aircraft it could cause fatalities. >> reporter: thanks to social media cal fire knows who's responsible for allegedly flying the drone. eric wamster was booked into jail on friday on charges of interfering with fire fighting operations in placer county. we spoke to humvee somewhere text message and at this time he doesn't have an official comment on the charge against him but some in placer county do have something to say. >> i'm really glad they arrested him. it couch caused a -- could have kazzed a lot of -- caused a lot of damage. >> reporter: hundreds evacuated their homes and even with the drone getting in the way, fire crews manage today keep the flame -- managed to keep the flames that scorched 5600 acres from destroying any houses but it's still not sitting well with residents. >> it's really unconsiderate. >> reporter: or firefighters. >> it's incredibly frustrating for us because we know that
10:24 pm
every minute in a fire, it counts. >> again. drone operators who violate flying restrictions can face steep fines totalling several thousand dollars. well, contra costa animal services today announcing sweeping changes to its euthanasia protocols after the agency mistakenly killed a dog last month. the 4-year-old pit bull was going to be rescued but it was nervous taken -- never taken off the list for newt craze that. it's now scheduling training sessions for staff on end of life procedures and hiring a new person to serve in an oversight role. a bay area fundraiser is helping place dogs and your pet at the same time. pet owners who get their dog washed at pet food express will be donating to the cover your k- 9 fund. the funds help raise money for custom bulletproof vests and emergency medical training for handlers and heat awill remembers for police cars -- alarms for police cars and
10:25 pm
trauma dits and also -- kits and also directly donate at any pet food express store yourself and all dedonations will be accepted tomorrow from noon until 3:00 in the afternoon. coming up the first campaign like this in the entire country, all of it targeting young people in a fight for life-saving surgeries mr. but first our am beer lee with a -- amber lee with a story of ultimate perseverance. >> being differently abled and he has no arms and legs and he coaches high school varsity football.
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tonight a man who refuses the let physical limitations get in the way of his dream. ktvu's amber lee now on the coach with no arms and to legs but with a winning spirit.
10:28 pm
>> you're too deep kyle. scoot up the four. shorter steps. let's go our smash route for smash route corner cornerment you can't just lock at somebody and just completely judge them right away. >> reporter: robert mendez was born without arms and legs and he has the ever present upbeat attitude. >> look at that big boy running it yeah. >> ed i got too happy too soon. >> i'm not disabled i'm a different coach. >> reporter: coaching football is what he loves. >> the energy that you -- that it involves. >> reporter: mendez is the assistant coach for san jose high's varsity team. the bulldogs. >> the lessons you learn from just one little practice -- first off the line. burst off the line. get there. i ran across so many different you know in the ten years that i coached. >> reporter: mendez can turn physical disadvantages into advantages and he uses the wheelchair to draw plays on the field. >> i want to ball to be dropped
10:29 pm
at like 18, 20. right here. got to back you right there for you. >> when i started thinking about like what i'm really blessed about and what i'm really fortunate about it picks me up. you're the slot left and going to go the 7 route. that's the number one receiver all the way to the left. what i want is this. >> reporter: a smart phone and a stylus allows mendez to put plays in his head onto the field. he hacknologies the physical charges -- acknowledges the physical pain. but he appreciates all he can do and is grateful for what he does have. >> i neverfelt sorry for myself. >> reporter: he has a caregiver when needed. >> i try to be like self- sufficient. always be independence and some people will call it stubborn. i call it just figuring things out on your own. >> reporter: he uses the story to teach students about facing life's challenges. >> he chooses to be out here and teach everyone else. and i think that really inspires everyone to like pay attention to him and hike listen to what he has to say. >> reporter: the head coach says mendez's knowledge of the
10:30 pm
game and ability to inspire got him the job. >> he's a football mind. double slot b. base flood. double slot a. slide left. slide left dragon wheels, smash oregon. >> he watches a lot of tapes. >> you guys got to realize where the ball is at. here we go run it. >> he spends a lot of time here with the kids and he puts the work in and i just hired him off the football decision. >> you have to get a preread snap. a dirty texas route on aaron and it's going to be so dirty -- >> reporter: in the game of life. winning is all in the attitude. >> there is going to be a better tomorrow. because in life, there's something to be happy about. >> reporter: amber lee, ktvu fox 2news. well, christmas is still months away but for san francisco firefighters, today it was christmas in july. for the fourth year, they held their annual ethnic toy drive. today's event was at the hot water tavern on bush street in san francisco. organizers say it's important that all kids get a doll that
10:31 pm
looks exactly like them. >> it's important that we all come together and this is just a start. you know. there's so -- there's so many cultures in san francisco. there's -- so many different people and we just want to embrace everyone. >> that drive actually gets dialed to more than 40,000 kids a year. coming up students across the country coming together for a sing system cause. the -- single cause, the fight for free life-saving surgery straight ahead. >> the cooldown continues for your weekend. meteorologist mark tamayo is up next with your detailed bay area forecast.
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hey guys lunch is here! it's on me fellas. with the chase mobile app, stephen curry can send money to more people in less time. thanks, steph! no problem. even to friends in a growing number of other banks. ya'll ready to go? come on fellas let's go! easy to use chase technology for whatever you're trying to master. probably didn't know this but july is national cleft awareness month. and one special group is
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helping kids afternoon the world with -- around the world with cleft lips and palates. laura ingal has that story. >> reporter: more people die from lack of access to safe surgeries than tb, hiv, and malaria combined. operation smile provides free, safe surgeries in 40 countries. now students are rallying together to call attention to a health care issue which few in the u.s. recognize. until we heal is the first campaign of its kind to inspire and engage young people to advocate for those who do not have access to surgeries that could save their lives. >> if you're a kid that's 10, 12 years old and you're saying i want to make sure that every other kid has access to safe surgery that's beautiful. >> reporter: two 8-year-old boys john and cody both suffered from cleft deformities and bullying as a result. the pair met throw operation smile -- through operation smile and nowed slow kating for other -- now advocating for
10:35 pm
other children like them who really need surgery. >> with like reone -- like we run race for them. >> i raised over $25,000. >> all the people -- [ inaudible ] >> reporter: kids like cody and john are spreading the message worldwide to encourage people to get educated and engaged. reuben first got involved with operation smile in 1992 as a 16- year-old in his home country of panama. >> if you're 16, and you're exposed to needs of your community in the way i was personally exposed at that time, it's almost impossible to just look away from that need. so from that point forward, i always remain involved with operation smile. >> reporter: you can go to to find out more about the campaign. in new york, laura ingle, fox news. well, today the smooth sounds of oakland's jazz heard in the east bay. ♪ jazz festival all
10:36 pm
happening at the pioneer amphitheater at cal state east bay. artists including mike phillips and anthony hamilton and bony james and hundreds took advantage of the nice weather to come out here and grab a seat and listen to the music. that's been big in the bay area since the 1920s. >> oh, the music? the people. the atmosphere. the mood. everything. you know everyone coming together. >> it's nice and peaceful. love in the air. everyone's just sitting here moving and you know. it's great. >> and looked great out there. this is the sixth year the jazz festival is at cal state east bay. and nice to see sunshine for that festival this afternoon. will most of the bay area though has been cooling off and remember we had triple digit heat two days ago. temperatures coming down steadily over the past couple of days and take a look at the highs from this afternoon. keeping it cool for the beaches. pacifica only 62 degrees maxing
10:37 pm
out and san francisco downtown 66. 70s and 80s around the bay area itself and you can see 91 that is a the hot spot out towards antioch that was the case this -- opt yak that was the case this afternoon. outside right now you can see this. more low clouds and fog banked up. this has not been changing too much. our weather pattern is kind of repeating itself day after day and so is the forecast as well. the fog here coming from closer out towards san francisco. pushing locally back into the bay. we have yet to really have an -- offshore wind cloudy clear out the fog, in fact you can see the on shore winds already transporting that fog bank closer to the coast and also right around the bay. current numbers out there for your 10:00 hour showing you some 50s and looks like most spots in the 50s and a few 60s as well. san jose 65 and santa rosa 53 and san francisco a cool 55. and in the east bay, livermore checking in of 1 degree -- 61 degrees. here's the live camera at the bay bridge span and you get the idea here you can't see it
10:38 pm
directly here but we have some haze out here ask low clouds pushing back into the bay but the fog is not so close to the ground. in fact more of a low cloud deck paying us a visit. all because of that. the marine layer is deeing right now to around 2500 feet. with that that will help transport the cooler marine air from the inland spots and that means temperatures cool down even a few more degrees for tomorrow inland. overnight lows first thing tomorrow morning. lots of 50s out there for santa rosa 53 and san jose 55 and live more checking in 54 degrees to start out the day. so in san francisco, low clouds and temperatures in the mid 50s. at 7:00 a.m. and then you can see the sky cast into the afternoon hours. still some patchy fog 60- degrees and still lingering overcast out there and by afternoon we will have this. partly cloudy skies and 63- degrees in san francisco. so this cooler weather system will eventually win out and morning fog for your sunday. skies becoming partly cloudy. coolest day of the week that will be on monday and temperatures inland only in the
10:39 pm
070s and then warm up the numbers later in the week and that's in the five day forecast coming up. here we go tomorrow morning, more low clouds possibly some drizzle sunday morning. and then clearing back to near the coastline but still some leftover patches for san francisco and around the bay itself. and temperatures inland? not so hot. we're just thinking some 80s out there for antioch and brent wood. fairfield 82. san francisco 63 and santa rosa in the upper 70s. some more neighborhoods for you with san jose in the upper 70s and 77 and gilroy will go with 80 degrees. here's alook ahead your five day forecast maybe a bit of drizzle tomorrow morning and i think maybe measurable drizzle first thing monday morning. that will be the coolest day of the week with more low clouds and then ross will gradually ramp up the numbers a bit for tuesday wednesday and thursday and i think that will be the developing headline the long- range we could have warmer temperatures back here in the blare. so if you like the -- bay area. so if you like the cooler refreshing marine air make the most of the next few days especially sunday and monday. >> i'm going to miss it actually. >> that's right you're traveling then. >> in cleveland tomorrow it's
10:40 pm
going to be muggy and a little another there. >> try to buttable up fog for you. >> i wish we could. all right thanks a lot mark. well, rare soccer tournament in the city today and street soccer usa hosted a tournament in union stair for at risk -- square for at risk kids and teens. 64 teams played four 15 minute match-ups until only one team remained. the september is about much more than -- event is about much more than competition, it's about ending the stigma against homeless people in the city. >> people are out is there really trying -- out there really trying and really looking for opportunities and the homeless are people who are experiencing poverty are not necessarily who you think they are. they are just like everyone else and soccer i think really highlights that and brings us all together. >> the u.s. men's national team and the san jose earthquakes are the ambassadors for the tournament today. this is street soccer usa's third year hosting the tournament. coming up next, nba legends reflect on the life of
10:41 pm
warriors' great nate thurmond. >> and the giants and padres battling to extra innings. we'll have all the the miles coming -- highlights coming up with joe fonzi in "sports wrap." get high speed internet from at&t. keep calm, your internet's on.
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they're not answering. oh, come on! get high speed internet from at&t. keep calm, your internet's on. good evening everyone, welcome to the saturday night edition of "sports wrap." you'll go some before you find a game that ends the way the giants' game ended tonight in san diego. always a good contingent of fans at the park. these two not exactly typical. not been a ballpark known for home runs but they were flying out tonight. in the 2nd inning shepen goes the open it -- serve goes the opposite way.
10:44 pm
but the giants got back in it in the 3rd against louis pa doe ma. pagan with samardzija on in front of him and giants within a run but the padres added two more in their half of the innings. the giants erased if three run deficit for the second time in the inning. then matt williamson hit a tape measure shot that made it 5-4. then later in the inning this was pena going deep. both shots came offeree mesa. the game was tied at 5. still tied in the 10th when quacken bush on the mound for the padres was greeted by buster posey for this. looks like the giants might pull out a dramatic win. casilla came on but he didn't retire a batter in the bottom of the 10th. first it was rosales and bochy having trouble watching as casilla faced ramirez with no, sir at third.
10:45 pm
-- norris at third. he's about to throw to the plate and that's a balk. norris trots home with the winning run and a record that's the 20th walkoff balk in major league history and a cruel way to see the giants lose 7-6. they'll try to keep from getting swept when they wrap up the series tomorrow. the only good news for the giants tonight was what happened in arizona. the dodgers and diamondbacks in a 1-1 game in the 12th. arizona's brandon drewry singles and jake lamb comes home with the winning run. the walkoff for the diamondbacks keeps the dodgers five and a half games behind the giants in the a. l. west. the a's have a little window the make a push. before management starts its annual veteran talent fire sale. sonny gray with the toronto blue jays the opponent today at


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