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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 6pm  FOX  July 25, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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the country. fully 30% of the california delegation has pledged to bernie sanders. earlier they were making a lot of noise. it seems to be calming down just a little bit, but all of this as a very tumultuous day hear in philadelphia. >> screaming in the streets. >> settle down, please. >> reporter: at the convention chair. >> mean spirited e-mails that were referenced to in the wikileaks. >> reporter: over yet another e- mail scandal. >> i here by called the 47th democratic national convention to order! >> reporter: and all of this before the first gavel is even fell, somewhat reluctantly. >> it's disappointing. i think it's a problem but we all really need to focus on what the real issues are. >> reporter: it's not exactly what jen is knee packed for or what her cousin katie anticipated. >> i can hardly tell you how proud i am but both bay area delegates were already family members at odds.
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katie traveled 2,780 miles to support sanders. >> this is about moving forward. >> reporter: and jen is knee traveled from the bay area for hillary clinton. >> we have to fight like hard for your candidate. >> reporter: now, just when the two need to come together for party unity, the e-mail scandal appearing to show a past party base against bernie sanders and the chair herself stepping down once again has family members at odds. >> it's embarrassing, and she -- wasserman, i'm sorry, fell on her sword so they're moving on. >> we are absolutely here to have our voices heard, and we're not going to be quiet. >> reporter: today bernie sanders spoke to supporters and tried to overcome those boos. >> we have got to elect hillary clinton and tim kaine. >> reporter: and he will try again tonight along with elizabeth warren, michelle obama and cory booker. but with drama on day one already, one side clearly
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burning for bernie, the other holding out hope for hillary. and with the party chair stepping down, can this family, this entire convention still come together? >> that's what i'm hearing. i'm hearing that we've got to face trump, and nobody is going to let that happen. >> i totally saw my cousin, gave her a big hug, love her to death, but my vote hasn't been earned yet. >> reporter: well, a lot of division in the crowd out here especially between those two cousins. they're really a microcosm of what we've seen within the california delegation. but it does seem to be coming down just a little bit. joining me is representative barbara lee. how are you doing? >> doing great. >> reporter: what do you think about all this deviciveness -- divisiveness between the
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sanders' delegates and the clinton delegates? >> is well, i don't call it necessarilily divisiveness. bernie sanders ran a great campaign. i was a member of the platform drafting campaign. we put in many hours of work. it's a progressive platform. so we have to applaud what senator sanders does now and unify. >> and you changed the rules to look into the rules at least how future candidates are elected. >> absolutely. that's something that senator sanders brought to the table. so the party is listening. we want change. but we also know we have to defeat donald trump. and so what i'm doing is working like i did with the platform committee to try to help bring unity with our delegates. i think this is really great. some of us are getting booed. that's what it's about. >> reporter: you got booed earlier today. >> but i get intoed all the
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time. most of us who are elected get intoed. but this is a democracy, and everyone has different points of view. but out of this convention i'm convinced that bernie sanders delegates are going to endorse and support hillary. bernie has been phenomenal. he already endorsed her. >> reporter: really quickly what does bernie sanders have to say in an hour or so to this crowd to completely unify everyone? >> as far as the group, it's important that bernie lays out the accomplishments and the gains that he has really made in terms of our party and lists some of the phenomenal aspects of our platform. i hope he keeps say black he's been saying, and that is that we've got to beat donald trump and vote for hillary clinton in november. that's what i'm confident he is going to say. >> reporter: representative barbara lee, thank you for joining us. such a pleasure as always. earlier we spoke with lieutenant governor gavin newsom. listen to what he had to say about all this. >> at the end of the day this is all inside based.
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it's trivial. what matters most is donald trump and hillary clinton. at the end of the day it's what they stand for, what they're representing, and we're going to be able to turn that page in a couple of days. honestly i don't know that we'll forget this completely, but frankly i've forgotten half the things that happened in the republican convention last week so is i'm confident we'll forget this. >> reporter: all right, and bernie sanders himself is going to be speaking in just a little while, plus elizabeth warren and michelle obama. that's happening in an hour from now. the key addresses are beginning. of course we'll bring you all this live tonight on the 10:00 news. but beginning at 7:00 you can see a good portion of this streaming on ktvu plus. for now, live in philadelphia, back to you. >> thank you ross. and here is another look at tonight's big speakers. as ross mentioned bernie sanders is headlining. massachusetts senator elizabeth warren, first lady michelle obama and new jersey senator cory booker are also speaking
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later tonight. >> joining us now is political analyst brian sobel. brian what are you looking to hear from bernie sanders and elizabeth warren tonight? >> i think for bernie sanders what the clinton campaign would like to hear the folks in the clinton camp, anyway, would like to hear is on any fying message. bernie sanders i think, by all accounts, will try to bring people together on the issue of supporting clinton moving forward in a unanimous way and trying to solve some of the divisions that have occurred around the dnc e-mail controversy. >> speaking of that do you think it will have a lasting impact or do you think it will start to fade away as this convention is rolls on? >> i think coming out of the convention the democrats will be as one, united against trump. i think it will go through its news cycle. i think it will go away. i think there's going to be some bruised feelings by some
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people that will work their way through the system as time goes on. but in terms of these two candidates, trump and clinton, that's dems at that convention tonight will come out of their on thursday united to go out and beat donald trump. >> brian, there's a lot of big names scheduled to speak at the dnc tonight and the rest of the week, and of course last week in cleveland a lot of top republicans skipped that convention. can the democrats capitalize on this? >> yes, i think when you're talking about party unity, and let's face it, almost every convention is has bumps. there aren't perfect conventions because people have different points of view. they supported different people. but i think at the end of the day the dems will come out of this with unity and all of the democratic stars will show up, unlike the republican convention where a lot of people stayed home, ken. >> brian, new polls out show trump taking the lead. one poll shows him ahead by
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five points. is this just a post-convention bounce, or are more voters actually getting behind trump? >> when we talked about this last week i said is he will get three to five points. and that's because that's fairly historical. you watch somebody for four days, and you come out of that saying, oh, i get what that person is talking about. that will recede as this convention is really takes hold. hillary clinton will in turn come out of this with a bounce of three to five points. that will recede and we'll kind of come back to where we were before the convention season. >> we have a long way to go, brian. thanks very much. >> absolutely. >> we'll talk to you a little bit later. our convention coverage continues on our web team will be live streaming all of tonight's speakers. we also have a blog with a behind-the-scenes is look at the convention. is a follow-up to a ktvu investigation that has led to a change in california law.
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today governor jerry brown signed a bill into law requiring new purchased cars to display temporary numbered license plates instead of the generic paper plates that were issued by dealers. >> ktvu's janet castaneda is here. it was really your report that prompted a lawmaker to draft up a new measure. that we were trying to answer a question as to why there were so many cars out there that didn't have plates and that were causing problems. our investigation revealed our california was the on state in the nation that allowed people to drive on the street without a license plate. all vehicles is now will have to have a numbered plate. our 2 investigates series showed a range of abuse under the old law that included drivers cleating at toll plays sac by driving through with no plate so there's really no way to make them pay, causing tens of millions of dollars in lost revenue for the state of
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california. we also talked to plows who are frustrated by cases where criminals were able to commit crimes and then get away from law enforcement officers with no license plate to track. bay area assemblyman kevin mullen of san mateo sponsored the bill and said he didn't realize the extent of the problem until seeing our report. now anyone who buys a car from a new or used dealer will get their vehicle with a numbered paper license plate already put in place and linked to that specific vehicle. they will be required to keep that temporary license plate in place up to 90 days until they receive their permanent steel plates from the dmv. transportation officials say this will be a big win for all californians. >> i think at a certain is point people understood that this wasn't just government agencies trying to collect the money. this was a serious public safety issue and also doing our jobs as good stewards for fairness to everybody 679 it's not acceptable that some people are going across free on the bridges while other people have to pay. >> and take a look at this.
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it is an example of how the new temporary license plate mate look. it will be a paper tag that can stifle dealer advertisement. you see it there on the top. but it will have large temporary license numbers and an expiration date that is clearly posted. that will make it very easy for law enforcement officers or automatic toll cameras to read. each year the new dealers association says there are about two million vehicles that are sold. so that's a lot of vehicles out there on the road without any plates. now they will soon have them. they're expecting to implement this january 1st of 2019. >> is this measure facing any opposition? >> did it, julie. the first time around last year it failed, partly due to opposition i'm told from new car dealers and also the dmv which had concerns. this year they got those two groups on board. some consumer groups said is it might be unfavorable to people who are low income. so that was one area of opposition. but they were able to come together and get this through. >> is i never realized just how much money and how many cars
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involved and what it meant until you actually looked into it. >> it's definitely something that opened a lot of people's eyes. certainly our local assemblyman took it and decided to try and get it through, and it did today. >> thanks, janet. >> if you have a tip, e-mail 2 investigates or call the phone number, 510-874-0222. coming up, a major merger in silicon valley. verizon is buying yahoo. at 6:30, the deal just is announced today and what it could mean for customers. we're tracking that warm-up around here. we're tracking bad air quality and increased fire danger. we will talk more after the break. new developments in a fire that leveled a bay area community center. the two people now under arrest. right now, this information suggests that this incident was due to negligence and was not intentional.
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new developments into the investigation into a fair that burned down a community center in millbrae last week. today deputies say two teens have been arrested for starting that fire. investigators say the arrests were made with the help of tips and social media. ktvu easley martinez is live with what deputies say happened. leigh. >> reporter: ly well, ken, deputies say two teenage boys were playing with fire in the courtyard and then accidentally caught the building on fire.
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that fire climbed up the wall and got into the attic. officials say the building is a total loss. now, on top of that problem there's a second problem. because of this fire city officials had to shut down the local park. but luckily a lot of the summer programs that are being held here are getting some is help from locals in the community. five-year-old liliana needed a place to ride. >> i've been doing it for two years, and i'm learning how to ride my bike. so mom brought her to the taylor middle school parking lot because the park near her house is now off limits. >> so that would have been kind of fun to go over there and take her new bake and her new riding skills and go play at the park. >> reporter: a four-alarm fire broke out at the millbrae community center. the fire was started outside in the courtyard but quickly made its way up the building and into the attic. it destroyed the center and forced the city to close the
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entire park. today san mateo county sheriff's office says the fire started because a 16 and 17- year-old were playing with fire in the park. >> right now there's information that suggests that this incident was due to negligence and it was not intentional. >> reporter: but the fire displaced all of the center's summer programs. >> is let me show you some of the spaces that we have available that could be used. >> reporter: immediately after the fire, the magnolia assisted living center offered to help. >> we could host programs that range anywhere from, say, 30 people to about 80 people. >> reporter: the kids summer is camp moved to taylor middle school, but the magnolia says it can host kids programs as well. >> this is a very inter- generational community. we love to have children. >> reporter: liliana, however, will probably have to stick with riding a bike in empty parking lots. the community center will need to be rebuilt. as for those two other kids who
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deputies say fessed up to playing with fire, they're currently spending certainly in juvenile detention, facing arson charges. city officials will be hosting a community meeting on august 8th to discuss rebuilding the center. as for the food assistance programs like the bread program, they're going to be held at city hall for the duration of the summer. >> i know we don't know whether or not the parents of those children will be liable for the costs of the damage, which is about $2 million, but i'm wondering why that park has to be closed if the wasn't damaged by the fire. mpts well, city officials say the park has to be closed because there hasn't been a safety is assessment yet over there, and also some of the services, like water and electricity, are not working in this area at this time so that's why they had to shut down the park. >> leigh martinez live in millbrae, thanks. thousands of firefighters are battling a fast moving fire that has destroyed at least 1
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homes in the santa clarita valley. the flames have comped more than 33,000 acres. firefighters found a man's body inside a burned car over the weekend. some 20,000 people have been evacuated but we just learned many of those residents will be allowed to return to their homes in the next hour or so. so far that fire is just 10% contained. another big fire this one in monterey county has destroyed 20 homes and tonight is threatening 1,000 more. the soberanes fire is burning just south of carmel and is causing hundreds of evacuations in carmel highlands. as jesse gary reports this fire has burned about 15,000 acres. >> i want to see some structures that aren't like toast. >> reporter: but so far the soberanes fire has swail is lowed 20 homes and two other structures. the nearly 15,000-acre wildfire is out of control as it torches dryland in a hard to reach
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region south of carmel and point lobos. >> this fire seems to be pretty indiscriminate about what direction it goes. it's moving in all directions. that makes it difficult to con table. >> reporter: dozens of bulldozers line the sides of the pacific coast highway as the heavy earth moving equipment is being used to create fire breaks and reduce containment. >> it's stuff you can't replace. i can't go get a picture of my five-year-old son again or some of the portraits we had or some of the memorabilia. we're all sports junkies so we have a lot of niners and giants stuff that isn't replaceable. >> reporter: many say they're worried the homes they've spent a lifetime creating could be destroyed in minutes by this raging fire. others concede the fire danger is part of the price of living in their personal paradise. >> we've been through this scenario before. i can tell people what you are going to have to do with these
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insurance companies. i'm not an expert but i really feel for the people when they say that 20 homes are gone. we can feel it more than the average people because we've already lost on these kind of things. >> reporter: cal fire says they will have updated numbers as far as structures destroyed and containment at 8:00 tonight. going on right now a meeting with the community, cal fire and the u.s. forestry service is technically at the carmel river elementary school. in carmel, jesse gary, ktvu fox 2 news. keeping track of that weather out there we've got temperatures today that were actually in some places a little cooler than yesterday. but that's it for the cooling. temperatures are going the other way the next few days, and that means these inland spots, like fairfield, antioch, livermore, morgan hill, upper 90s low 100s as we head into the bay area tuesday. that doesn't help the fire danger and does nothing to help
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the air quality. that's kind of how it is going to be. it's going to be very cool at the coast. we're going to have that big spread of 30 to 40 degrees inland and continue with bad air quality as we move into our second spare the air day. as we look at the fires you will see two different conditions. santa clarita, 102 degrees. but the humidity def stating. soberanes fire, nothing on the winds. that's being driven, this fire, is more of a terrain driven fire because of the extremes in the hills. so as we push into tomorrow, the fire zone, big sur is, we're looking at -- big sur is -- big sur, temperatures will easily get back into the 70s. the sand fire down in l.a., conditions very hot, very dry. for us, a warmer day tomorrow, then we continue to warm as we
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head into wednesday. details on what you can expect for the rest of the week and your backyard back here after the break. new details about a car crash and shooting involving a bay area police sergeant. >> i just got shot at. i was in a car accident. i can't get out of the car. >> up next what we're learning about that sergeant is' condition and the search for the gunman. also ahead, one of baseball's top relief pitchers is traded ahead of the july 31st deadline, and he's not going to the giants. joe fonzi will tell us where he will below thing that 100-plus miles per hour fastball. plus, almost a year after cameras caught this incident in san francisco, it is sentencing day for a bicyclist what struck a car with a metal lock.
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a cyclist would attacked a motorist with a log was sentenced today. he was seen on video last august right here smashing the window of a car with a lock after the driver got caught in the middle of a critical mass ride. he reached a plea deal with prosecutors pleading guilty to felony assault. he must also pay $100 restitution and complete 16 is weeks of anger management. an oakland police sergeant has been released from the hospital after she was shot at while trapped in her patrol vehicle. the sergeant was alone on patrol when an suv turned in front of her. the crash sent her vehicle careening onto the sidewalk. >> i just got shot at. i was in a car accident.
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i can't get out of the car. >> seconds later police say someone uninvolved with that crash walked right up and opened fire on her marked police car. luckilily the sergeant was not hit she was treated and released for injuries related to the crash. >> we have an individual who walked up to that car unprovoked, very intentional, and fired a round into a marked police car with an officer in full uniform inside that car. >> the sergeant was able to provide a description of the shooter who is still at large. after recent shootings of police across the country many oakland officers is have paired up, but the sergeant as a supervisor was by herself at the time. day one of the democratic national convention is now underway. we want to show you a live view inside the wells fargo center in philadelphia. that's paul simon singing. we can listen for two seconds.
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up next, an update on today's events as we await tonight's headliner, bernie sanders. also, a silicon valley shake-up. what we're learning about a deal by verizon to purchase yahoo. >> and warriors legend nate thurmond is laid to rest today.
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