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tv   The Ten O Clock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  July 25, 2016 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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hillary clinton must become the next president of the united states. >> bernie sanders looks to vote hillary clinton. the democrats begin in disarray following the release of embarrassing e-mails shows the democratic officials had a bias against bernie sanders. big names spoke at the convention, including michelle obama, cory booker and bernie sanders himself. on day one sander supporters were not ready to support
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unity. >> the california dell constitution -- delegation has not come together. >> this november the american people are coming for you. >> she may have been the key note. >> in this election i'm with her. she may have hit the high note, he hit the light note. >> let me thank the 13348 americans who voted for political revolution. >> bernie sanders tonight. on the heels of the party chair getting booed for another e- mail scandal. >> of the party apologizing for officially favoring hillary clinton over him. a protester screaming for the
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party to be fair. >> i understand that many people here in this hall and around the country are disappointed. >> it was sanders who put down any doubt that he still supports hillary clinton. >> based on her ideas and leadership, hillary clinton must become the next president of the united states. he was backed by his strongest supporters. >> we're here to have a voice and be heard, we're not going to be quiet. >> they started the soften. >> i'm proud to be part of bernie's movement and a vital part of the movement is making sure that hillary clinton is our next president of the united states. and a party that tonight needed to rise. >> because of hillary clinton,
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my daughter and all our sons and daughters now take for granted that a woman can be president of the united states. >> and in the end day one of the dnc that began with boos. >> i believe in the candidate that believes in all of us. >> ended with passionate words. >> love drums -- trumps -- >> i spoke with barbara lee and gavin newsom. >> we're majoring in the minors, this is all inside baseball, it's thrivial. what matters most is donald trump and hillary clinton. it's what they stand for. >> i don't call it
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deviciveness. bernie sanders ran a phenomenal campaign. i was a member of the drafting committee of his platform. we put in many provisions such as abolish the death penalty. it's a progressive platform. we have to applaud what he's done and unify. >> the push toward party unity continues tomorrow. nancy pelosi will take the stage and former president bill clinton. we'll bring it live from philadelphia beginning at 4:00. >> there were a lot of passionate speakers, who resonated the most on the floor. >> well, i have to say bernie sanders reached the california delegation the most. we have the most delegates and 30% of our delegates are
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committed to bernie sanders. all the infighting was coming from the california delegation. they needed bernie sanders to bring it. he said he's still with hillary clinton. he talked about the changes he influenced in the party platform and the reason why his supporters should back hillary clinton as he is. >> joining us now to discuss this more. brian, let me start with you. sanders said i support hillary clinton. but during the campaign he had critical things about hillary clinton and questioned her judgment. what are the supporters to make of this. >> the sanders supporters that realize the politics of the thing understand he was saying
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that during the campaign. now they have to coales around hillary clinton. there will be a number of sanders supporter who's will never get on board, most i think will gather around hillary clinton. >> what about you professor. >> the numbers are 90% of hillary clinton -- i'm sorry bernie sanders supporters said they will vote for hillary clinton. some would go to donald trump but that's petering out. >> what about the e-mail scandal. >> this is going from servers and national security to the continue tent of e-mails. assange is promising to drop
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another $30,000 -- 30,000. >> gavin newsom said it's inside baseball. >> i would say to gavin new some -- newsom. ask that question to debbie wasserman schultz. in the muddle of the day, something happened. i don't know who or what. the spirit of the convention changed. by the time bernie got up the mood was different. >> doesn't this raise the question about trust worthiness. we were talking about this earlier. last night she said she didn't know what the dnc was doing. >> she did know on some level. when you're that close to things, people are talking to you. she knew the dnc apparatus was
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supporting her candidacy. make no mistake about that. >> doesn't this make her look again, she can't say i admit it. >> that's a problem for hillary. that's why you saw the responses to michelle obama. people were crying. hillary clinton has never tapped into that emotion. when she showed motion it changed the narrative in '08. she can't talk to heads or politics. she has to be hike like michelle obama. clear about what's best for the country. >> donald trump says the system is rigged. does he have a point.
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>> to some extent. do political parties of a favorite. yes. that's what happens. where it falls down is when people don't acknowledge it. >> if you're a sanders supporter and donated and followed him and supported him, people are really angry. at the end of the day the millennials will stay home. >> there's a personal who'll think this is why i got involved with bernie. obviously that didn't work, i'm walking away. >> in a normal election i would say people would get away from hillary clinton. with donald trump as the alternative people will find a way to express themselves and express the more open and
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reseptemberive -- receptive continuevention. >> playoff, brian, thank you both -- professor. >> coming up tomorrow hillary clinton is expected to receive the nomination. her husband is scheduled to speak, on wednesday president obama will address the convention. on thursday hillary clinton will accept the nomination. ross will be in the
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continuevention all week: kohnvention all week. how the family have a teenager have new hope. >> temporary license plates will be required on all cars. a investigation changed the law and chose a costly loophole. more resources and firefighters are on the way to help control an out of control wildfire. the latest on the fire and what's making this fire difficult to fight.
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together, we're building a better california. on the first day of school, [i learned... it only takes some thing small
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to go from not friends... to totally friends! . in monterey county a fire has burned 16,000-acres and only 10% contained and burned 20 homes. live in carmel highlands after a community meeting there. >> and that community meeting withstanding room only. this fire is threat inning 1600 homes. displaced residents are anxious, there's no sign of the fire letting up. >> hundreds of residents packed
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the elementary school, many forced to leave their homes. >> we've had smoke around our house growing, and many friends and neighbors that are impacted by this. >> this is a mean fire, i've seen several throughout the years. >> we have numerous plans ahead of the fire. >> cal fire making slow progress, in the early stages of a fire north of big sur. 1000 firefighters had on the way. some from oregon. rough terrain hard to access, high winds and low humidity making it difficult. cal fire relying on ground resources using bulldozerring
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to widen the road. five years of drought, the bark wall streetel. the -- beetle. there's a lot of fuel that moves fast. >> frustrated. when i left the flames were so high on the ridge from me. >> he saw flames 50-feet high. he and his wife evacuated his home. many of his neighbors lost his home and he wonders what's left standing. >> not knowing if it's there or not there. that's the tough spot. >> a temporary shelter has been set up. residents are staying with friends and family in the bay area. cal fire said it will take weeks for full containment. the cause is under
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investigation. smoke from the fire contributed to poor air quality around the bay air today. you could see the haze over the silicon valley. air quality managers called a spare the air day. there will be another tomorrow, the 10th of the summer season. now to bill martin, he's tracking the smoke and fire conditions. >> the fire conditions are the story. talked about the big sur area, the conditions down there are fairly favorable for firefighters right now. it 59 degrees at this fire. that's cool. the winds are calm. 82%, that's helpful. the sand fire is a different set of metrics. 86% -- 86 degrees. the big sur is driven by
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terrain. we have fog and low clouds at the cost, we have smoke moving into the area, spare the air day tomorrow, second day this week, we'll have more smoke in the inland bay val ice -- valleys. the smoke that's coming from the fires moving through the santa clara area, the valley. if look close you can see our fog working in, it's coming down off the twin peaks. the fog is tight to the hillside. we'll see a warmer day tomorrow, spare the air day, look at the temperature, purpose wills are 100s. tomorrow is another hot day, hotter than today and more heat behind that. hopeful news from a wildfire in southern
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california, most of the people that had to having weight -- slack wait are learning. the flames have burned more than 35-acres and destroyed 18 homes. as of tonight that fire is only 10% contained. firefighting manes and helicopter have been grounded because of drones. yesterday there were drones in the area. keeping drones out of fire zones is the aim of a new prom. they will alert drone operators to flight restrictions over fires. a investigation that began 2 1/2 years ago and led to changes in the law. jerry brown signed a bill to
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have newly bought cars to have license plates. this new law could help collect millions in revenue. there's a law enforcement pointment -- component. we've seen cars with the dealer ad. the paper in the front windshield. you will have to have actual temporary paper plate. not having one led to abuse. >> it's a law that will bring california in line with the rest of the nation. drivers won't roam the road with paper adds. every car will have a numbered
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license plate. our report found that drivers were invading toll payments but they couldn't identify the vehicles. that led to millions of dollars in uncollected tolls. now new data obtained shows california toll revenue lost exceeded $19 million due to no license plates. the new law aims to help law enforcement that criminals have been able to escape. >> it's a threat to public safety. >> it was proposed by kevin mullin after the series. the example of the new paper plate indicates room for a dealers sign on top. >> i think at a certain point
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people understand it was not government agencies trying to collect money, it's aer isous public safety issues. it not acceptable for people to go across free on the brims. >> this won't be implemented immediately. it's expected to get rolling on january 120-1992 there was propers at first. mullin went back and tweaked it and this time around consumer advocates were concerned but they made it pass. >> what is the reaction. >> this happened suddenly, i've talked to law enforcement agents who are glad, and we'll
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be talk to assembly member mullin tomorrow and friends of the victim that was killed in the hit and run. there were witnesses but they couldn't get a license. >> we're talking in millions of dollars. >> 2 million cars are sold every year in california and some go through without plates. that's a lot of money for repairs, new projects. and if you have a tip for the investigate team. e-mail us or give us a call. l. . science technology, engineering and math. the summer academy giving unrepresented students a leg up. a crazy night at at&t park.
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the giants and reds were playing home-run derby. >> keeping hope alive, the family of a teenager holes an emotional vigil. we'll have the latest. ♪ and these are the lungs. (boy) sorry. (dad) don't worry about it. (vo) at our house, we need things that are built to last. that's why we got a subaru. (avo) love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru.
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. there was a somber vim ill for a 15-year-old girl that was kidnapped. amber lee is live in vallejo. >> the emotionallal vigil was held at this overpass. the family will never give up hope she will come home. >> she's 15-year-old, she
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doesn't need this. >> through tears, rose spoke to her missing younger sister. a loving teenager kidnapped on the way to school. the mood is one of quiet desperation. i wake up and she's not there. i cry every morning. >> on may 25 pearl was on this overpass. a witness reported seeing her drug away. fernando castro was the kidnapper, he was shot in a shootout. >> pearl hat never been found. a gift to pearl. >> the ring i gave her. it's a heart. she never took that heart off. >> among the family supporters
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is mitzi sanches. she was kidnapped but was able to escape. >> i will never understand why people do this. but it happens. we go through it to help other people. >> never lose that hope, never let go. >> davis, the mayor offered words of support. the the mother says the family won't be complete until pearl comes home. >> i checked with the county sheriff department, there is a team of investigators working on a number of leads and tips that they hold out hope that pearl will be found alive.
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there's no evidence to suggest otherwise. >> night to see mighty san -- mitzi san chess out there. there's a picture of a person they hope will identify a hit and run. the woman was found dead yesterday. she what was carrying this pouch. the woman is screened at 50 to 60-year-old. 5'5," 143 pounds with dark hair. she was wearing a gray blue button down shirt. a young while washes up on a way air beach. clues on how it died. training for tomorrow's
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jobs. the summer academy that requires a big commitment but giving students of color a leg up. >>
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the family favorite. yoplait. well at least he's wearing shoes. well done champ. get gooey, flaky, happy. toaster strudel.
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a new kind of summer school knowledge a five week program that is designed to help under represented students of color. it requires commitment and an example of the work that's being done. >> this academy was created to level the playing field. those who enroll have to be committed for three years. we went on the berkeley campus. >> it's a college prep program. where the focus is science,
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technology, engineering or math. >> we see a majority of whiteations males -- asians and males. >> we learn computer science, biology, physics, a lot of courses we don't have at our every day high school. >> being part of the program is a commitment, it runs three years for five weeks each summer. they are called scholars for a reason. >> we want to identify them as more than students. they are on a collect campus to prepare to be college citizen. >> they live in dorms on campus around the clock. their classes are 8:00 in the morning to 4:00 in the
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afternoon. >> they are not being here to be baby sat. they have college suck courses -- success. >> i know in my heart we would have fun but educational. >> the scholars have access to mentors, they learn about networking and public speaks. most of the instructors are people of color. nearly half of the scholars are girls. 49% of the scholars are latino. more than 80% qualify for free or reduced cost lunch. >> the environment we're building is to change that and
10:34 pm
see the riders we're building and the future come toward more color in stem. >> us getting into the setting and learning new things we're leveling the playing field. >> after 13 years of smash it through the roof. 100% have yard weighted high school and 100% have gone to college. >> they say by can't fine people of college to hire. this project is preparing the students of color to tear their place. scholars can only apply if they are entering their freshman year of high school.
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>> at there's information, look for the story in our news section. the arrest of two teenage boys in connection with a fire that destroyed the millbrae community center. investigators say tips from the public and social media helped lead to the arrest. both boys had no criminal records. the boys admitted playing with the fire but they didn't mean to catch the building on fire. >> there's information that suggests this was due to negligence. the teens are in the detension department. the city officials will discuss rebuilding the center. damage was two mild. santa rosa will discuss a
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housing emergency. this one would wave zoning restrictions so the city can add bat beds. officials. the that 2000 are living outdoors. many father down town. making homelessness a priority is a first step. >> put the resources into bringing in the housing we need, the services we need. everyone come together and wrap our arms around this issue. >> santa rosa has drafted a little to governor brown asking for a state of emergency. >> trading volume was height, with lagging oil prices all
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indexes dropped lower. opped lower. . the suspense is over, yahoo! sold the internet business to verizon and verizon bought aol last year. experts say verizon is after content as it speights with rivals. >> nate the great, laid to rest. how he's being remembered. it's a hotter day tomorrow. hotter temperature spare the air day and there's lots of smoke to talk about. >> what we've learned about an incident in east oak land when a police officer was fired on. [bell rings]
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a truck crashed on 680, authorities say a lot of diesel fuel spread and drivers could be delayed for the next four or five hours. police are looking for a gunman who opened fire on a police sergeant who was dropped in her -- trapped in here suv after a crash. >> crash. >> police radio traffic tells a harrowing tale. the hours after a police officer was hit by another car. i just got shot at. the officer was responding to a call when a car turned in front
10:41 pm
of her. the impact sent her car to the sidewalk. someone uninvolved with the crash walked up and opened fire on the car. >> i can't get out of the car. >> officers start to respond. she sounds a warning. >> i don't know where he went. >> police, sheriff deputies and chp converged on the seen. the gunman remains at large. a motive is not clear. >> we have an individual who walked up to that car, unprovoked and fired a round into a marked police car with a officer in full uniform. >> they are relieved the sergeant is: >> she's good people.
10:42 pm
>> after recent shootings oakland officers have paired up on the street, but she was alone. >> it's important for departments to support each other. these officers know they have a job to do and they do that job. >> police are special viewing -- interviews witnesses. the investigation into the death of an oakland police officer and his wife determined they died of self-inflicted gun shot wounds. sources say he left a note that referred to the teenage girl at the center of the sex scandal.
10:43 pm
the district attorney said that a are you view determined that each death was a suicide. >> final farewell to nate thurman. what may have killed a whale. >> bill martin is tracking a significant warm up in our weather.
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10:45 pm
golden state warriors there nate thurman was laid to rest today, his birthday. friends and family gathered in san francisco, the seven time nba all-star was remembered as nate the great, a gentle giant. thurman visited the team last
10:46 pm
year. >> we live a better life than they did. we look up to the guys who established the foundation of the nba. >> thurman died a week ago at the age of 74 after a brief battle with lou keepia -- leukemia. >> a whale was found stranded on the coastline. researchers performed a necropsy. they say the whale had massive fractures on the skull. it may have been hit by a boat. it's not surprising to see a whale warned up this year. we've seen so much sea life offshore.
10:47 pm
it's been incredible year for wildlife just off the coastline. sometimes you have more stuff. 96 in fairfield. those are the highs. 89 in santa rosa, the temperature were cooler. temperature tomorrow it will go up. tomorrow will be hotter inland. hotter again on wednesday. this is the classic, fly, 35, fly degrees from coast to inland. going on the coast and heat inland with a spare the air day. the going on the coast is there. the satellite is not doing a nice job depicting it. it's in sausalito and the fog will be around tomorrow morning. the inversion is shallow. this is the fog coming over,
10:48 pm
near an prune on i cap. the fog is laying low to city. the high pressure is pressing it down. on cool nights the fog is way up here. blowing freely over a thousand feet. it is being pressed down, that's high pressure and tells me, it will be warmer tomorrow. you see the forecast model. you look for signs lao a -- like that. the model verifies this, it shows the fog barely getting in the bay. it will be a hot, hot day inland. forecast in vacaville and fairfield triple-digit heat. lots of smoke from the fires around carmel and big sur
10:49 pm
filtering in. there's less tomorrow. but still a lot of smoke. 65 in pacifica. 66 in daily city. the five-day forecast calls for a cooling trend. when you look at the five-day forecast you have a couple hot days. air-conditioners are kicking on. fire danger through w it sketchy -- wednesday it's sketchy. we'll be right back.
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. the giants were 1-7, they are 1-8. >> the streak has not gotten better. the giants got off the road looking for home cooking. the food didn't taste better. the reds in town. the good fielding was not limited to the field. jake peeveo the mound for the -- peavy on the mound. that ball is smoked. that ball is smoked. they both with two-run homers.
10:53 pm
in the bottom of the fourth, belt with a 2-run shot. in the 5th and 6th. a theme. >> he's up to 84 pitches for the game. that ball is smoked. that ball is smocked. >> smoking two-run homers. the reds win served five. san francisco now 1-8 since the all-star break. baseball's trade deadline is approaching and the cubs have landed a big fish. chapman is heading from the yankees to chicago. he tops 100 miles an hour with his pitching the cubs gave up four players to get chapman. they are looking for the first
10:54 pm
world series title in a century. >> chapman was interesting to us as are other guys. you have a shutdown guy that went to a good club. they were good, they will be tougher. we have to focus on our division. >> the a's with a chance to go good against the first place team in the american league west. texas with a 12-game lead over the a's. they got four doubles in the evening. the a's took a 6 to 5 lead to the bottom of the 9th. a runner on and 2 out. beltre got ahold of one. his six homer of the night. it's the rangers with a walk off this time they win 7-6.
10:55 pm
>> teams that don't like each other. not in the minors. hits the hooks danny vasquez. there was an 11 minute delay, these teams are double-a affiliates of the phillies and astros. >> the u.s. olympic basketball team is in town for the game against china. two of the headliners were here. draymond green introduced kevin durant. promoting team unity. durant was booed in los angeles. he should get a different reception in oakland. in oracle arena they were lying
10:56 pm
down floors. warriors on the u.s. team along with harrison barnes, they should all receive warm ovations tomorrow night. most don't know about the subtleties of cricket. they play innings. this was england against pakistan. one yeah getting in a nap time. he's faking or a sound sleeper as his foley fans try to determine which it is. >> i don't think you can sleep. he knew. it's funny either way. >> thank you for joining us tonight. have a great one. we'll see you tomorrow.
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