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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 430am  FOX  July 26, 2016 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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there was a time three years ago when cops would lead our newscast. remember those days? this was the song. bad boys by inner circle. a live look at the oakland bay
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bridge. what will you do when the warmer temperatures come for you? i don't know but rosemary does. she will be here a few minutes to talk about the weather. i'm brian flores. >> i'm dave clark. pam cook is off today but rosemary is here checking your forecast. get ready. it's coming. it's going to be a bay area summer day. that means cool at the coast in scorching inland. we looking at temperatures soaring this afternoon. they will hold steady to the next few days. the marine layer below 1000 feet yesterday. the onshore breeze yesterday, i was tracking gusts through travis around 30 miles an hour. it is now down to 13. we will not lose the onshore breeze completely but it will pull back. at the coast, just inside the bay we may get some cool pacific air. inland cities, they will not feel that over the next couple days. 64 in livermore. low 60s in fairfield.
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56 in oakland. south bay locations, 63 in san jose. in the north bay, 53 in santa rosa. temperature similar to where we were yesterday. as we get into the afternoon you'll notice the difference. mid-sixties and partly to mostly cloudy at the coast. upper 60s in san francisco. upper 70s and upper 80s expected for bayside communities. in the south bay, 90 degrees in san jose. to the east it will be hot. one or two in livermore. 101 expected in concord. i will show you how long this will last coming up in a few moments. also, another spare the air day. we will check in on the air quality for your region in a bit. right now traffic is moving along pretty well if you are driving through solano county. we will start there and look at the mute from vacaville to fairfield and into vallejo. not a bad commute. if you are driving down to the cordelia junction, perhaps you
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are taking 680 or 80. both approaches are doing well. no problems on highway 37 heading from solano county over to sonoma and marin. let's move to the bay bridge toll plaza and you can see traffic is light. we're also looking at a commute here as we switch to the south bay, northbound and southbound to 80 are doing well. >> together, my friend, we have begun a political revolution to transform america and that revolution, our revolution, continues. >> bernie sanders trying to unite his supporters behind hillary clinton at the dnc. this, as speakers at the dnc step up their attacks on donald trump. carolyn shively joins us live. you were in philadelphia with the latest. good morning. >> reporter: good morning.
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party leaders desperately want to have a display of unity they did not have it last night protesters stole the spotlight. >> what i admire most about hillary is that she never buckles under pressure. she never takes the easy way out. >> reporter: despite positive words from first lady michelle obama, hillary clinton continues to feel the pressure. bernie sanders supporters remain upset over leaked democratic party emails targeting the vermont senator. sanders is trying to unite his supporters behind her. >> based on her ideas and her leadership hillary clinton must become the next president of the united states. >> reporter: protesters at the convention believe sanders should be the nominee. >> and try to make sure that our elected officials know what we want. >> reporter: clinton denies working with it democratic party beta sanders but donald trump doesn't think voters will believe her. >> even the way she said that she will rush i don't follow
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the emails. that so important and she doesn't follow them. she doesn't happen to be up in the subject. she is just a liar. >> reporter: elizabeth warren said trump is trying to divide the democratic party. >> i've got news for donald trump -- the american people are not falling for it. >> reporter: the headliner tonight is former president, bill clinton. it was stormy outside and inside the dnc yesterday. heavy rains and high winds battered the wells fargo center arena in philadelphia. members of the media huddle together trying to get shelter. the national weather service issued a severe thunderstorm and flash flood warning in the city. the oakland police sergeant who was shot last saturday night is at a hospital now. she was alone on patrol when she was involved in a crash with another car. that crash sent her suv onto the sidewalk and that is when someone approached and started shooting at her.
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>> i just got shot at. i can't get out of the car! >> the sergeant was not hit by the gunfire but was taken to highland hospital where she was treated for injuries from the crash. >> we have an individual who walked up to that car, unprovoked, very intentional, and fired a round into a marked police car with an officer in full uniform inside the car. >> the sergeant was able to provide a description of the shooter who is still at large. investigators are looking for a motive. an investigation into the death of an oakland police officer and his wife has determined both died of self- inflicted gunshot wounds. in june 2014, the wife of officer brendan o'brien shot and killed herself in the couple's apartment. the family blamed o'brien for her death. o'brien shot and killed himself 15 months later. sources caltrain when, he left a note the tiptop officials about a teenage girl who is now at the center of the opd sex
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scandal. the alameda county district attorney's office said an exhaustive review has included that both deaths were suicides. the police are asking for help. they are investigating the shooting of a 26-year-old man in downtown san francisco earlier this month investigators say joshua mejia was killed on gary street between paul qui and larkin early on the morning of july 17 investigators believe this followed a dispute at a bar. if you have information, call san francisco police. there was a tearful vigil in vallejo for a teenage girl who was kidnapped two months ago. family members and friends gathered at the vallejo overpass where pearl pinson was last seen. she walks to catch a schoolbus there. would witness heard a gunshot as the teenager was dragged away. solano county sheriff's deputies say fernando castro was the kidnapper. he was killed by police in a shootout in santa barbara county the day after the abduction. there was no sign of pearl
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pinson. >> i wake up and i look at her bed. she's not there. it's hard. i cry every morning. i want her back bad. >> the solano county sheriff's department has a team of investigators working on this. they are hoping they will find the missing teenager alive. investigators in contra costa county i looking for help to identify a woman hit -- killed in a hit-and-run. she was found dead, sunday morning. investigators say she was carrying this knitted pan and brown pouch necklace. inside was a clear crystal. the woman is described as being between 50 and 60 years old, about five foot five inches, 143 pounds and had dark care. the race is unknown. she was also wearing a gray blue button-down pinstriped shirt if you have any
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information, the contra costa county coroners office. two teenage boys have been arrested in connection with a huge fire that destroyed the millbrae community center. the fire started early last thursday morning. investigators say tips from the public and social media helped lead them to arrest the 16 and 17-year- old suspects. both were from millbrae. officials say the fires admitted playing with fire the park with say they did not mean to catch the building on fire. >> right now there's information that suggests this incident was due to negligence and was not intentional. >> they are in it juvenile detention center facing arson charges. millbrae city officials are set to meet next week to discuss rebuilding the community center. a 14-year-old placer county boy is being charged with murder in connection with the death of his younger sister. ashley wood was found dead in her bedroom at the family's home in rockland last week. her adopted brother was in the home but ran away when police arrived. they call him a half-hour later. he is being held in juvenile hall.
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the state attorney general's office said the boy should be tried as an adult the attorney general's office is handling the case because the children's father works for the placer county district attorney. the death of a female inmate at a solano county jail is being investigated. the sheriff's office spokesperson said she was found unconscious yesterday afternoon at the justice center dip detention facility. the pulmonary investigation suggested this appears to be a suicide employees perform cpr until paramedics arrived but it was too late officials say she was seen alive during a check about an hour earlier. three hikers had to be rescued by chp helicopter after becoming trapped on a marin county beach. the hikers called for help around 4:30 pm yesterday north of the bolinas. they say they were stuck in a cove because of rising tides. the only way for them to get out was to climb up a cliff. that is winn park rangers called in the chp for help.
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the helicopter pilot rescued two hikers from the beach and went back to get the third hiker. no one was hurt. the santa rosa city council will take up several measures aimed at reducing homelessness. one would wave of zoning restrictions that would allow the city to use its own buildings to add beds and help reduce waiting list for shelters officials estimate that 2000 are living outdoors in sonoma county. advocates say making homelessness a priority in santa rosa is a first step. >> we put all of our time and resources into bringing in the housing we need, the interim services we need. all the things. everyone comes together and wraps our arms around this issue and create change. >> santa rosa has also drafted a letter to the governor asking him to declare a statewide state of emergency on the homeless issue. there is a report claiming lieutenant governor gavin newsom has a pattern of posting the work of other people online
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without giving them credit. the sacramento bee reviewed articles and statements he published online this month. the paper said they found several examples where he did not attribute the original source. they said in an essay about sexual orientation that ran on the political website, daily beast, lieutenant governor newsom apparently lifted a passage word for word from a fact sheet by the national center for lesbian rights. gavin newsom admitteover the weekend he signed a social media post written by someone else, criticizing donald trump. a decade of experience in patrolling in investigating. coming up, the new requirements set for san francisco's next police chief. a popular brand of baby monitors of being recalled this morning. the dangerous reason behind that recall. we are looking at a commute where traffic continues to be good on the bay bridge getting into san francisco. for your tuesday come a
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call at the coast and hot inland and in between for bayside communities. we will check on current conditions and talk about what you can expect coming up.
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welcome back to mornings on 2. a federal judge in san francisco make a preliminary approval to a $15 billion settlement in volkswagen's diesel emissions case. volkswagen already agreed to the deal where it would buy back or repair about 475 or repair about 475,000 diesel cars with smaller engines. the owners of the cars would get between 5000 and $10,000 each. if the judge gives preliminary approval, lawyers could start notifying owners about the terms , including exactly how much they would get if they choose that rybak option. the details about the repairs,
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those are being worked out. the judge is expected to make a final decision in october. heads up parents. check out your baby monitors. a recall has been issued for a popular brand that is known to overheat about 26 to overheat about 26,000 lorex care 'n share baby monitors come with a certain battery that can overheat and swell. this will cause a burning has appeared the monitors are sold in places like babies r us, best by, and target. no injuries have been reported but there have been hundreds of cases reported that the batteries overheated. to see a list of the models and how you can have the monitor replaced, but to our website, we have posted a link on our web links tab. the visa credit card company has announced it will open a new facility in palo alto. an estimated 300 employees will work at the building which will be located in palo alto's california avenue business district the $6.4 million campus
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will house employees focused on technology resource and data security for the credit card company. the nfl has determined there is no credible evidence that recently retired quarterback, peyton manning, used performance-enhancing drugs during his career. the network, al jazeera, reported last december that manning's wife received deliveries of human growth hormone in 2011. manning denied the allegations. the nfl said it interviewed him, his wife and examined medical records. sal is right there in his office working hard even at even at 4:47 am. believe it or not, there are people out there who are stuck in slow traffic at this hour. let's start out with the altamont pass commute and its tracy super commute. you can see traffic is going to be busy already on 205 and 580. there is stop and go traffic already heading west on those two freeways as they come
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together. no major problems as you drive into the main part of livermore and get over to dublin. also looking at the san mateo bridge this morning. it looks good on the highrise section and over to the peninsula. from hayward to foster city it is a nice drive. at the bay bridge, still light westbound coming into san francisco. a big warm-up coming our way , especially for inland communities. minor changes expected on the coast. another spare the air day for your tuesday with the inner east bay as well as the santa clara valley. moderate to a bit unhealthy for our sensitive groups. what a sensitive mean? if you have asthma or respiratory issues. for the coast and the bay and the north bay communities, it will remain moderate today. folks are reporting smoke and he's coming our way from the fire burning south of carmel. it will not be as likely today.
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yesterday we had a strong southerly flow. that helped pull some of that smoke from the south. we are going to see that change just a bit. we will not lose the southwesterly breeze completely but it is dying down quite a bit ridge of high pressure will take over, strengthening from the desert southwest. a little bit of circulation over the pacific. if i squeeze in a little closer we can see the flow, north, west, just inside the bay. it is very light. again, not likely to see that smoke drifts our way. over the sierra they had some yesterday. we may see some over the south bay, definitely in monterey four today. the rest of us it will become less likely we will see that smoke and hayes he because our pattern is switching and we or heating it up as we get into the afternoon today with temperatures remaining hot for the next couple of days. 64 in livermore. 61 in walnut creek.
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56 in oakland. 57 near redwood city. the marine layer is shrinking and the onshore breeze is not as strong. 92 in sonoma this afternoon. 67 expected for sausalito. inland, it will really be hot 100 degrees for fairfield. in the inner east bay, 102 for antioch. 102 in danville. mid 70s to near 84 east bay shoreline. upper 80s to near 90 and santa clara into san jose. for the peninsula, 87 in redwood city. 68 four san francisco. here is the extended forecast. cool and mild around the coast. hot inland. friday, temperatures finally began to cool down in time for the weekend mid- to upper- eight is expected for inland cities. 70s for the bay and low to mid 60s at the coast. another reason to look forward to the weekend.
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changing the dress code at starbucks. in 25 minutes, the new policy that has employees celebrating. two weeks after his partner died, in san francisco man found out his rent was going up. now he may lose his apartment why protesters accuse his landlord of being predators. j?j?j7
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last night the first solar
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plane to fly around the world landed in the middle east. solar impulse 2 touchdown in abu dhabi last night more than a year after starting its around the world journey. the plane is powered by the energy of the sun it flew 25,000 miles making more than one dozen stops around the world including here in the bay area. the solar plane's average airspeed was around 46 miles an hour but that speed went up during the daytime when the sun's rays were the strongest. scientist are hoping to find out what caused the death of an endangered humpback whale found stranded on the san mateo county coast. researchers from the marine mammal center and the california academy of sciences performed a necropsy on this 32 foot long female whale. the whale had massive fractures on its goal him suggesting a boat hit it. there was also a cut on his flipper that may have come from
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being tangled in a net. former golden state warriors star, nate thurmond, was laid to rest in what would have been his 75th birthday. he was a legend. friends and family gathered at providence baptist church in san francisco yesterday to remember nate the great. they say he was a gentle giant both on and off the court the warriors head coach said the seven-time all-star visited the warriors last year to share old stories. >> we live a much better life than they did. they set the table for us. we all look up to the guys who established the foundation of the nba. >> he was one of those guys. thurmond died on july 16 after a brief battle with leukemia. tenant rights groups hope to get a loophole closed in state law which allows landlords to increase rents.
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the group held a rally yesterday outside a real estate office in san francisco's mission district in support of a san francisco man whose partner recently died and may now lose his apartment. christopher holden said the landlord is using the partner's death to raise the rent to $2150. that is almost a 50% increase. the problem is that holden's name was not on the lease. his partners was. under california law, the rent can be raised to market valley. >> i haven't had enough time to grieve, really. in the end when someone close to you dies it takes six months to a year to really finish grieving. i've had to gain the strength to try to figure this out in the meantime. >> the san francisco apartment association said if rent control rates were passed on from person to person, landlords and buildings would not be able to support themselves and they would not be able to do things such as needed maintenance. convention chaos in philadelphia.
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coming up next, the latest from the dnc as day two gets underway. we are following developments of a hostage situation overnight in france that turned deadly. coming up, information we are now learning. good morning. we're looking at a commute where traffic is doing pretty well if you are driving on northbound 280 getting up to highway 17. outside our doors this morning we are starting out with partly cloudy skies. temperatures similar to yesterday but by the afternoon, changes coming especially for inland communities.
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with over 99% reliability. at an everyday price with no extra monthly fees. keep calm, you internet's on. good morning. if you drive along interstate 80 in the east bay you mow notice changes this morning as you head out the door. we will tell you what caltrans has done along this particular corridor to ease traffic congestion. the arena in philadelphia was a tough venue last night. on doug luzader in philadelphia. we will have more on what happened and what's ahead, coming up. >> [ music playing ] >> kenny rogers.
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no one to hold him, no one to phone, no one to look at your tv screen because i think this may be the picket -- prettiest picture out there. 5:00 on tuesday morning. thank you for joining us at ktvu mornings on 2. i'm in a bit early this morning. i'm dave clark. >> rosemary knows everything you need to know about the forecast. yes, and as kenny rogers was a, you need to know when to walk away or run. run into a hilling that has ac. we're looking at a warm-up for the inland communities. minor changes along the coast. today is another spare the air day. moderate air quality for the north bay and the coast. when you get into the santa clara valley and the inner east bay, it is a tad unhealthy. we are there for sensitive groups. folks with asthma and respiratory issues. this includes you.


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