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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 7am  FOX  July 26, 2016 7:00am-9:01am PDT

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7:00 this tuesday morning. i'm gasia mikaelian. >> and good morning. i'm dave clark. we are starting with breaking news, developing news. ktvu's janine de la vega is live in monterey county. you just received new information about that big fire south of carmel. >> yes. we learned that this wildfire has grown to more than 19,000 acres. it is still at ten% containment. behind me, you can see we are here at base camp in salinas. there is a briefing going on where they are learning their game plan for today. they're going to be talking about what they're going to be doing out in the field. you can't tell from here but, right now, there is a marine layer. so you can't see that it's smoky but it's smoky here in the carl area and some of that is even making its way into the south bay. there has been slow progress on this fire. it's 10% contained, as i
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mentioned. it started in garrapidas state park south of carmel. so far, it's holding steady at 20 homes destroyed. the heat and humidity are making it difficult to contain the fire. another challenge is the rough terrain, it's very teen and mountainous. cal fire could not drop any water from the air pause there was low visibility. so it was up to ground crews who were laying hose. >> they are getting tired. you know, the terrain is steep. they are having to hike a long ways, putting in long hose lays to get in there. that could be miles long. >> so far, 300 people have been
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evacuated. they are anxious and they are worried and asked a lot of questions of cal fire. still more than 1600 homes threatened and more people around the area surrounding carmel could be evacuated. could be a while before they could get to their home. cal fire does not expect to have containment until next try day, august 5th. back out here live, there are a lot of firefighters that are being brought in. we are hearing now that it's about 2300 firefighters that are coming from as far as away as oregon. in the next hour, we'll try to see if we can get closer to where the wildfire is burning. back to you. >> janine, thank you. >> yes, thank you, janine. smoke from the monterey county fire is contributing to poor air quality for us here. looking at video from sky fox 2. lochte haze over silicon valley. for the second straight day, we have the spare the air day here in the bay area. >> spare the air day, firings burning close to home. rosemary is here to explain
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what this means. >> and the heat is up. so let's take a look at the air quality. a bit unhealthy for sensitive groups, east bay as well as the santa clara valley. we'll remain moderate at the coast. remember yesterday, we had a bit of a cooldown. we had more of a southerly flow moving through. that is already beginning to switch just some. high pressure in control of the weather pattern. we had high pressure over the pacific. we had that high pressure over the dessert southwest that will be strengthening our way as well. if you think about the upper level winds and the flow around that high, moving in this direction, that clockwise motion, as i move in a little bit closer, you can see how the upper level winds are coming in from the north. we won't lose the onshore breeze committeely and we will have the surface winds that are on shore and that will continue to drift the smoke a little bit in our direction, especially over areas like monterey but it
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is weakening, not as widespread. i think today, we'll see some over the south bay. even the sierra reporting a little bit of flow because, again, take a look at the wind bars coming in this direction. that's over the ridge of high pressure over the southwest. for us here at home, perhaps a little pit of smoke today. it had continue to dwindle, so to speak, as we go in the coming days. in berkeley, 61 in concord and 62 in brentwood. temperatures already rebounding in the inland east bay going about 100 degrees. i'll take a look at the afternoon highs when i come back. in the meantime, let's check in with sal. >> good morning, rosemary. traffic is moving okay on the east shore freeway. we'll take a look at the time for the drive to the carquinez bridge. the traffic continues to look okay as you drive out to the
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macarthur maze and the metering lights are on. traffic is going to be busy as you come up to thetoll plaza. backed up to the south gate. we do see some slowing on 101, 280 and 105 but still not completely sold out. 7:05. back to the desk. >> thank you, sal. today is day 2 of the democratic national convention. the mayor of baltimore was chosen to replace debbie wasserman schultz for the traditional gaveling. >> i here by wall the 47th with a drivenall democratic national convention to order. with those words, stephanie rawlings walked off. she didn't strike the podium with the gavel so she came back to do that. and later in the day, first
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lady michelle obama and former clinton foe, bernie sanders, tried to unite the party. they said, don't boo. don't turn your back. we need to have unity. he urged people to get behind hillary clinton pause, last night, it was the protesters who stole the spotlight. >> what i admire most about hillary is that she never buckles under pressure. she never takes the easy way out. >> despite positive words from first lady michelle obama, hillary clinton continues to feel the pressure. this as bernie sanders supporters remain upset over leaked democratic e-mails targeting the the vermont senator. but sanders is trying to unite his supporters behind her. >> based on her ideas and her
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leadership, hillary clinton must become the next president of the united states. >> reporter: protester test convention, though, believe that sanders should be the nominee. >> i'm trying to make sure that our elected officials know what we want. >> corrine ton is trying to unite the party but donald trump does not think that people believe here. >> she says, i do not follow the e-mails. it's into the important. she's just a lia >> reporter: meantime, senator elizabeth warren thinks that donald trump is trying to divide the democratic party. >> i have news for donald trump. the american people are not falling for it. >> tonight will be former president bill clinton. this will be the 8th convention that he has actressed. >> for a moment, watching last night, there were moments as if it felt like everything was okay and then you felt that crowd were as divided as they were before the call for unity.
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what's the feeling going into this day 2? >> they are still scrambling. sanders speaking to the folks from wisconsin saying you have to get behind them. he is talking about supreme court nominees saying we must defeat donald trump. look at the people he would pick for the supreme court justices. so still a big scramble. a lot of stuff behind the scenes that we won't see. bill clinton, his role tonight will be to bring people together. on the republican side, however, trump is really trying to capitalize on these disenfranchised voters, the sanders support sores who say, we do not want hillary clinton. he is trying to get them to come over to his side. it is a very contentious debate. >> many of the sanders supporters in tears. and mothers of the movement, a group that includes the mothers of oscar grant, trayvon martin and eric garner along with other people whose relative's deaths inspired the
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black lives matter movement. the point of the group is to turn their tragedy into a voice of change for families across the country. selects like devily lovato, boys to men and paul simon performed. but others had some messages. eva longoria said that she is a ninth generation american whose parrots grew up in texas who used to be mexico. >> when donald trump calls us rapists, and criminals, that i am insulted. my father is a veteran. when trump was mocking a disabled reporter, he was mocking my special needs sister
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and many like her. >> sarah silverman addressed some of the supporters. >> can i say to the bernie or bust people, you are being ridiculous. >> she was an early supporter of sanders and says she is backing clinton. secretary of state john kerri raised the issue of the e- mail hack of the democratic national committee with russia's top diplomat today. secretary kerri held a brief private meeting with russia's foreign minister. secretary kerry stopped short of making any direct allegations about who might be responsible for the d nc hack. >> as you know, the fbi is investigating the incident and it's important for the fbi to do its work and before we draw
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any conclusions in terms of what happened or who is behind it. >> hillary clinton's campaign has blamed russia for hacking the party's computers to possibly benefit donald trump's campaign. the russian foreign minister brushed aside that accusation today. >> donald trump just wrapped up a speech at the veterans of foreign wars convention in charlotte, north carolina. hillary clinton spoke at that convention yesterday. both clinton and trump made several appearances in north carolina. the state is seen as a battleground state. it can go to either democrats or republicans. polls show the candidates are virtually tied in north carolina. we just heard bernie sanders telling his supporters to join the fight for hillary clinton and give her their vote. a question of the day is, do you think that sanders supporters should get on board with the clinton campaign? let us know what you think?
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ktvu's ross palombo is in philadelphia all week. and the san francisco chronicle senior writer is also in philadelphia. we'll talk live on joe on the 9 every day this week as we continue to follow all the developments coming from the democratic national convention. time is 7:12. new meters lights being turned in the east bay to ease traffic jams. alex savidge is there to test them. in 20 minutes, he'll tell us if they are working and how drivers are reacting. and the search continues for a permanent police chief in san francisco. what we are learning is not a requirement for those who apply. traffic is going to be busy. if you are driving in some areas, for example, if you are driving in the east bay, we'll see some slow traffic. we are looking at a commute that we'll let you know about coming up. and another warmup coming our way, especially in the inland communities. giving you a live look there at the low cloud and fog cover, just inside the way, actually
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swallowing up the golden gate bridge right now.
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7:15 a prosecutor just announce that had one person is now detained in connection to a deadly attack in northern france. as we have been reporting, two men with knives entered the church during morning mass and stabbed to death an 84-year-old priest and took two nuns and two worshipers hostage. one the hostages was critically injured. french police eventually shot and killed the attackers. isis is claiming the responsibility for the attack and has called the two men their soldiers. not clear what the person who was designed had to do with the attack. and the investigation into the deaths of an oakland police
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officer and his wife said that was a double suicide. o'brien left a note many tipping off official about a teenage girl who is now at the center of an opd sex scandal. the alameda county d.a.'s office says that an exhaust siev reviewed concluded. both deaths were suicide. san francisco's next police chief won't be required to have a bachelor's degree. a report in today's examiner said that the company hired to pre place greg suhr will look for somebody with at least a decade in law enforcement experience but a bachelor degree and post bachelor degree is not required. we asked toneey chaplin if he wanted the job. he didn't give a direct answer but did say he is focusing on
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making the sfpd better every day. at 7:17, we'll help you get out the door. sal castenada is saying people are finally getting that vacation they earned. >> happens every day end of july and august, suddenly, there is a big slew of vacations as people get ready to go back to school. they come back just a few weeks before school starts which is depressing, i know, if you happen to be off of school right now and not looking forward to that. let's take a look at 280 northbound. i remember how depressed i used to get. s that look at northbound 280 getting up to highway 217. if you look at the maps, i can show you that 280 seems to be one of the busiest freeways. 280 is slow all the way up to cupertino. 85 northbound is slow as well. let's take a quick look at the toll plaza that has been steady and flow for about a 15 to 20 minute delay. no problems getting into san francisco.
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7:17. let's go to rosemary filling in for steve. >> all right. we have a mix of clouds and sun out there. you can even see a little bit of haze, perhaps a little bit of smoke still drifting our way. this is a gorgeous view. look at the low clouds and fog moving inside the bay. marine layer, not as thick, onshore breeze not as strong into the afternoon, we'll feel it inland, temperatures in the low 90s to low 100s. we are tracking the fires over southern california and santa clarita. 73 degrees. 46% refative humidity, never really cooled off in santa clarita, going to be hot once again. meanwhile, closer to home, the silveron fire, 95% relative humidity. that's good news for the firefighters trying to fight that fire. the winds are light. getting into the afternoon, 70s and 80s around the fire. we'll keep that breeze at 10
7:19 am
miles per hour. still, all in all, not bad considering that we are here in late july. a look at storm tracker 2. we do have fog at the coast that's going to remain there for today. the rest of us will be mostly sunny. it is a spare the air day. could have a little bit of that smoke drift our way once again today but that southerly flow is weakening considerably as we get into the next couple of days. fairfield, a southerly breeze at about six miles per hour. yesterday morning, i was tracking a wind gust to near 30 miles per hour coming onshore and, again, we saw a nice drop off in temperatures yesterday afternoon. today, we are moving back up, 62 degrees in brentwood right now, 61 in fairfield. north bay, we have 53 in santa rosa. good morning to you san jose, 62 at this time. afternoon highs, as we get into the north bay, 93 expected for santa rosa 92 in sonoma. east bay looking at upper 70s for the east bay shore line. 84 castro valley.
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low 100s for walnut creek. south bay going to warm up as well. 99 in gilroy. gorgeous day in santa cruz, 77 although with the fewer in mind, definitely that possibility of smoke drifting over. 87 redwood city. 82 for san mateo and 68 for the city of san francisco. mid-60s at the coast with mostly cloudy skies. not a lot of change for mid- week wednesday. thursday, we do begin to shift just a little bit. inland community not going to fill it. takes us all the way into friday before temperatures begin to fall off and in time for your weekend, upper 80s in the forecast for inland cities. widespread 70s around the way. >> thank you, rosemary. two teens arrested in connection with that huge fire that destroyed a community center in milbrae last week. what those teens admitted to doing before the fire got out of control. and that's not what you want to find when you goback to your car at the b.a.r.t. car parking lot.
7:21 am
cars were broken into but the damage was done. what happened that now has police involved.
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the bed that moves you. only at a sleep number store. glurchlts someone slashed the tires of at least six cars at a b.a.r.t. station. b.a.r.t. police tell us that attack happened within a 40 minute span in the daytime in the south parking lot. one victim left a note on their car for police telling bart police two of their tires were slashed but they had to leave the car in the lot because they only had one spare.
7:24 am
investigators now going over surveillance footage. there are new developments to report into the investigation in the bastille day attack in nice, france, that killed 82 people. two suspects were taken into the attack. prosecutors plot said what men are suspected of doing. five people have already been jailed for helping the man on tape pistols. a former employee in japan killed 19 residents at a disabled home. he worked there for years until he was fired last week. he was under psychological treatment until march. u.s. secretary of state john kerry offered his condolences
7:25 am
during his speech in the southeast asian country of laos. >> our thoughts and our prayers are very much with those people who are going through a terrible process. >> investigators say that attacker struck in the middle of the night because he knew there would be fewer employees working at that time. the victims ranged from the days of 17 to 80-year-old owesle old. >> verizon bought america online, or aol. verizon is buying up what many consider failing internet companies so it has content to deliver to verizon subscribers and hope that regular yahoo users had turn to verizon for their wireless service. >> millions and millions of people get their news and their information, their entertainment from companies like aol and yahoo. now, they are part of the big
7:26 am
verizon empire. and so this gives them content that they can give or sell to their millions and millions of subscribers. >> experts say that consumers should not expect to see any major changes until the deal closes next year. yahoo mail is so popular around the world that it is likely remain the same or become up graded. many experts expect ya who- owned tum brother ---yahoo-owned tumblr to disappear pretty soon. and the new system taking effect today that could make the drive on the carquinez bridge go much smoother. and warriors fans rejoice. we are expecting the debut of kevin durant during an exhibition game here tonight at oracle arena. we'll talk to you about that exhibition game as part of team usa.
7:27 am
we are looking at a morning commute where traffic is doing well if you are driving on the commute. right now on the san mateo bridge, we are expecting low traffic. and the sun is up and shining. temperatures are warming. just exactly how warm? i expect it will get in your neighborhood coming up.
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7:00 po. on a tuesday morning and traffic looks just about as bad as it always is on a commute. live picture of interstate 80 here. the drive on 80 is tough. to the bay bridge. that's always the case. but there could be some hope on the horizon. welcome back, by the way, i'm gasia mikaelian. >> and i'm dave clark. >> and a new project is taking effect today. >> we are talking about the ride from contra costa county. >> meters lights have been turned on and alex savidge is there. you see them. you see a difference. how is traffic? >> traffic is slow in some spots as our. anybody who drives this stretch knows how gridlocked things can be. metering lights have now been turned on at a whole bunch of
7:31 am
on ramps between the bay bridge and the carquinez bridge. we just entered here at the ashby entrance to westbound interate 80 coming towards the maze. we went through one of those metering lights. there are now metering lights in place here along a 20-mile stretch. let me show you video of what this project looks like. this is called the smart highway project. they did a test run of everything last week and, today is the real deal. everything is on for good now. along with those metering lights, there also will be, you'll notice, electronic signs up above the freeway that can adjust the speed limit along the interstate 80 corridor based on the current traffic conditions. they can slow things down from 55 miles per hour to 35 miles per hour so that traffic is moving with the current conditions there are also ways they can alert drivers to lanes
7:32 am
ahead. we talked to commuters about the lanes, if that will make a difference. some are skeptical. >> i don't think that will make a difference. you see the drivers out there in the bay? people, you know, they drive the way you want. you turn on your belanger so you speed up. so nobody uses their blinkers. that's how it is. awful these improvements are part of a $79 million project. the smart corridor project here. you'll notice those new metering lights, the signs up above. and this is between the carquinez bridge and the bay bridge and you will notice that in both directions. what cal tran is trying to do with this project is to avoid having to widen the freeway because that would be the only alternative near is to widen the lanes, the freeways and add more lanes which will take many, many more years. cal tran is trying to use
7:33 am
technology here to make a difference. of course, this is called the smart corridor project but as one driver put it to me, you need smart drivers to make this technology work, he says. we'll have to wait and see how this plays out. >> alex, thank you. let's go to sal castenada to see if the metering lights have any impact early on. >> hard to tell because these commute patterns have been a little bit unusual. some people have been taking vacations. some are coming in later. the east way shore is going to be okay here. a little bit slow here in the metering area. we're going to have to take a longer view and see what the effects of these metering lights are especially after the fall starts and everyone is back to work and back to school. let's move along and take a look at the new crash, near 92. motorcycle involved. southbound 101 track is very
7:34 am
slow coming out of burlingame now. heading south, use alternate 280 which is much better heading down the peninsula. san mateo bridge has been busy. stop and go traffic off and on throughout the stand heading to the san mateo. bay bridge, you can see the traffic here is backed up for about a 15 to 20 minute delay. let's go to rosemary now filling in for steve. >> morning to you. high pressure associated with sinking air and that actually compresses the marine layer. take a look at that finger of fog right over the bay. yesterday, it was right about 1500 feet. this morning, below 1000 feet. could even have a little bit of dense patchy fog along the coast line, having to do with the high pressure. that's just a gorgeous sweeping view. how long can we hold on to that shot? all right, too late.
7:35 am
the marine layer is shrinking sore we don't have that influence moving through portions of the delta and into the inner east bay. yesterday, the gusts were about 30 miles per hour. fairfield, from the south at about 6 miles per hour. temperatures are warmer this morning in areas like brentwood, livermore, concord, low to mid-60s to start the day. san francisco, 54. shifting our guys into the south bay, 52 to start your morning here in san jose. afternoon highs for today, 65 in pacifica. upper 60s for san francisco. upper 70s to 80s around the bay, low 90s to low 100s. i'll have a look at the air quality for your area when we come back and how long this is
7:36 am
expected to last, coming up. time is 7:35. two teenage boys arrested in connection with that huge fire in milbrae that destroyed the community center. started early thursday morning. tips on social media led police to the boys. they admitted to playing with fire in the park but did not mean to set the building on fire. >> this incident was due to negligence and was not intentional. the two teens facing arson charges are in the juvenile detention center. milbrae city officials are talking to talk about rebuilding the community center. the oakland police sergeant who was shot at saturday night is now out of the hospital. she was alone in a vehicle when she was involved in a crash which sent her suv into the sidewalk. that's when someone approached and started shooting at her.
7:37 am
she was able to use her own radio to call. >> i just got shot. i can't get out of the car. >> the sergeant was not hit by the gunfire. >> we have an individual who walked up to that car unprovoked, very intentional and fired a round into marked police car with an officer in full uniform inside that car. >> the sergeant was able to provide a description of the shooter who still has not been caught. investigators are looking for a motive. better news this morning from the fire lines in los angeles county. most of the evacuees of that raging fire in the santa clarita valley have been allowed to go back home. the bat many against the sand fire is far from over. it's only 10% contained. firefighters working around the clock to keep the flames away from hundreds of homes. the sand fire has burned more than 35,000 acres and destroyed 18 homes since friday. new this morning, the number of russian olympic athletes banned from next
7:38 am
month's summer games in rio is growing. five rushian kayakers and canoeists have been banned. en earlier decision banned most members of russia's track and filmed team from competing due to thedoping scandal happening today, several golden state warriors will play at oracle but the nba season has not started yet. >> but klay thompson and draymond green and their new teammate, kevin durant will be playing. they will play against china. >> reporter: this is going to be the first time that many warriors will see kevin durant play in what is now his home court. we'll see members of the golden gate warriors and other stars take on china in an exhibition
7:39 am
game here. part of getting ready for tonight's game was installing a new floor. this is video of crews putting together the floor last night. one story line that may draw fans out to the game which i'm sure will be the story line will be kevin durant. he is now playing on his home court since joining the golden gate warriors. he will be joined by harrison barnes, former member the warriors now part of dallas mavericks. the u.s. cruised to a victory over china in los angeles. i just checked the $80 are the cheapest tickets that we saw. team usa will play two more ex- big games before the olympic competition starts in rio.
7:40 am
the next game will be friday in chicago versus venezuela. i wish you could smell what it is like here. smells like a brand new floor here. i don't know what that exactly smells like. that's a nice smile. new arena smell. there you go. time is 7:40. celebrities made their debut during day 1 of the democratic convention. what sarah silverman did to calm down a rowdy crowd of bernie supporters temporary lightens plates will be required on all new california cars. what ktvu did to help the new law and close a loophole. good morning. traffic is still pretty busy. we'll show you a time on this and show you trouble spots. getting into the afternoon today, especially inland, looking at the numbers expected
7:41 am
into the area and we'll show you how long the trend will last coming up.
7:42 am
7:43 am
scwhrrntledz there was a tearful vigil in vallejo for a teen ann girl who was kidnapped. the vigil was for pearl vinson. 19-year-old fernando castro was the captor. he was killed in a shootout the day after the abduction and there was no sign of pinson. >> it's hard to wake up and she's not there. i cry every morning. i want her home. i want her that bad.
7:44 am
>> the county sheriff department has a team of detectives working this case. they are hopeful to find pinson alive. a plaster county boy is charged with murder in connection with the death of his younger sister. the body of 18-year-old ashleywood was found in her bedroom in rock land last week. her adopted brother was in the house but ran away about the police arrived. he was captured a half hour later. he has been held at juvenile hall. the state attorney general's office says that he should be tried as an adult. the santa rosa city council will debate several measures that would deal with homeless. one would waive zoning restrictions to add beds. it's estimated some 2000 people are homeless in sonoma county. >> let's put all the time and resources into bringing in the housing that we need, the interim services that we need,
7:45 am
all the things and everyone come together and wrap our arm around this issue and keyity change. >> santa rosa also drafted a letter to the governor asking him to decollide a statewide emergency. hundreds of court clerks with the county superior court system are set to go on strike. they threaten to walk off the job if they don't get a better contract. the experienced clerk makes about $55,000 a year in one the nation's most expensive areas. a ktvu investigation that began two and a half years ago led to a change in california law. yesterday, governor brown signed a law that required trucks to have a temporary plate. cheating drivers were able to evade toll payments because cameras had no way to identify
7:46 am
a dealer plate. >> i any at a certain point, people understood this was not government agencies trying to get money but identifying a serious issue and also doing your job as good stewards. it's not acceptable that some people go across the bridge free and some have to pay. >> car dealers will now be required to put temporary plates on a vehicle when they sell it and that will begin in 2019. let's check traffic once again. sal, how is it looking? >> well, it's kind of a mixed bag. >> yeah. >> this is vacation time for a lot of people. some days are really crowded and some days, people are not around. i put arrows on a couple of th here for you, though. southbound 101, a motorcycle crash right at 92 and traffic is backed up all the way to
7:47 am
milbrae. i would use that instead of 101 because of the motorcycle crash. let's move along and take a look at 280 in san jose. north wound is going to be just moderately heavy. we have had kind of an unpredictable commute as some days seem lighter than others. this is all going normal, of course, starting near the ebbed of august when school gets back into session. i believe what we are seeing, after my many years of doing this is people are taking their vacations and pretty soon, everyone is going to be back. there goes caltrain. remember, caltrain recently added more cars on their trains to accommodate tighter commute. there you go. there is the a long train heading down to gilroy. >> one more thing. this is a look at the bay bridge toll plaza, backed up for a 15 to 20-minute delay. one thunk i'm curious about,
7:48 am
sends me a tweet or facebook post. when do you get back to to school or to work? are they different? let's go to rosemary orozco. nice weather. >> yes. the goil roy garlic festival is popping up in my mind. i do see a little bit of haze in the sky, and my facebook friend joey did confirm that. he can still smoal smoke this morning. we go to the south. we have 51 in san jose and everybody else right in between. san francisco, 52. 57 in oak lane. deliver more, 63. isn't that a beautiful view of that boat there just floating in the water. you'll want to be close to the water. big heat coming our way. high pressure over the pacific strengthening our way from the dessert southwest. yesterday, a weak system rolled over california. bringing the system down.
7:49 am
the marine layer was thicker. now, we are beginning to see the opposite. marine layer has shrunk in the last 24 hours. the onshore breeze all but gone from travis, reported a southerly breeze at six miles per hour. yesterday, i was watching a gust here at 30 miles per hour onshore. temperatures already warming up for the east bay. here is the flow that we are seeing. we're not going to lose the sea breeze all together. even though we continue to have some of that smoke drift toward our area, should not be as strong. coming day, should not be as strong because we do have, again, a switch in the weather pattern. 93 in santa rosa for the afternoon. 92 in sonoma. very, very warm. let's go to where it is. get closer to the water, upper
7:50 am
70s, alameda. 84 for san leandro. 95 los gatos. especially portions over the south bay, likely to, again, smell some of that smoke, see some of that haze and over monterey, it will be as well. 87 redwood city. mid-60s in the afternoon for pacifica. half moon day, mostly cloudy for today. not going to get in on the warmup. only minor changes expected for you. going to see the giants play, in the 60s. inland cities will have to wait until friday. temperatures falling back into the mid-90s. a few upper 70s around the bay
7:51 am
and 60s at the coast. hot for the next few days but cooling back in time. we are been following it around the world. an update on that solar powered plane more than a year after it started that journey and here is our instagram pick of the day. a beautiful shot of san francisco's suto tower. thanks, lynn. thanks, lynn. ♪ and these are the lungs. (boy) sorry. (dad) don't worry about it. (vo) at our house, we need things that are built to last. that's why we got a subaru. (avo) love.
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welcome back to mornings on 23. three people in custody in florida after yesterday's deadly shooting rampage outside of a nightclub in fort myers. the youngest victim was 12-year- old. the teens were at a party at club blu when someone started shooting. the victims were an 12-year-old and an 18-year-old who was a basketball star. >> he was a super, super kid. great basketball player, greating a dammically. >> the florida attorney general office are offering to help the families. governor brown signed a new
7:55 am
law that says that schools have to post sexual harassment policies on their website and have to give copies of policies to all students and faculty numbers. schools are required to explain how to file a complaint and also the timeline after a report. tenants rights groups are hoping to get a loophole closed in a state law that lets landlords increase some rents. the group held a rally outside of a real estate office in san francisco's mission district supporting a san francisco man whose partner recently died and may now lose his apartment. christopher holden says that landlord is using the partner's death to raise the rent to $2150, almost a 50% increase. the problem is that holden's name was not on the lease. his partner's was. under california law, the rent can be raised to market value.
7:56 am
>> i have not had enough time to grieve really, you know. when somebody close to you dies, it takes six months to a year to really, you know, finish grieving and so i've had to just gain the strength to try to figure this out in the meantime. >> the san francisco apartment association says that if rent control rates were passed on from person to person, landlords and buildings would not be able to support themselves and would not be able to do things like needed building maintenance the first solar plane to fly around the world has landed in the middle east. the solar impulse 2 touched down in abu dhabi last night more than a year after starting its journey. it made more than a dozen stops around the world, including right here in the bay area. the average air speed was 46 miles per hour. that speed went up during the day when the rays of the sun were the strongest.
7:57 am
now let's check in with mike and gasia. >> dave, the dangerous wildfire burning in monterey county continues to grow. coming up, the new numbers just coming in from cal fire and anone date on the mandatory evacuations in place. and a group of mothers who lost their sons in gunfire are slated to speak. the message they want to send to lawmakers. we'll give you a timeline and take a look at the commute that now have some issues. notable warmup tied to the community. we'll take a look at the spare the air day. [bell rings]
7:58 am
on the first day of school, i learned... it only takes some thing small to go from not friends... to totally friends!
7:59 am
8:00 am
we are live in carl valley where we can see smoke from the huge wildfire that's burning here. we'll tell you how much it's grown overnight and the damage done. and day 2 of the democratic national convention in philadelphia. bernie supporters continue to voice their anger. good morning, everyone and welcome back to mornings on 2. it is tuesday, july 26th. i'm mike mibach. >> and i'm gasia mikaelian. let's continue with that big wildfire burning in monterey county, the sabronas fire. it's now burped through more than 1300 acres.
8:01 am
threats' go to ktvu's janine de la vega. >> yes, we are in carmel valley. we moved sips the last half hour pause we wanted to get closer to the fire. we don't see flames but we see a lot of smoke. it's very hazy here. the sun is out. the marine layer has burned off and that is good news because that may mean that aircraft may be able to go up today. the helicopters and air tankers were grounded yesterday because of a low visibility. so no water was dumped from the air then. instead, ground crews cleared brush, laid hose and worked on making containment lines. the fire is 10% contained as of this morning. it's been burning since friday, starting in an area south of carmel. a lot of rugged steep terrain. so firefighters are having a difficult time accessing the fire. cal fire captain spoke to us about the slow progress being made. here is what he had to say. >> the aircraft is very
8:02 am
helpful. we want it to actually lift today with the marine layer coming through. ground crews and firefighters are doing a great job. we have contained it 10% now which is double what it was yesterday. >> people who live in the affected area packed the meeting held by cal fire last night. they are very concerned about their homes. so far, to have been destroyed. more than 1600 are still threatened. so a lot of those people wanted to know when they can go back but containment really is not expected until next friday into august. a temporary red cross shelter is still at carmel middle school. there could be more evacuation order. it depends on the weather and the wind shifting. so we have to see. gasia and mike? >> it would be nice to get that air attack up today. thank you, janine. >> let's talk about how that cal fire is affecting us here
8:03 am
today. rosemary, some are saying they are seeing and smelling smoke. don't call 911 unless you see orange flames. >> right. let's take a look at the outside our doors and in this shot, looks just a bit hazy. today is a spare-the-air day. we'll take a look at the air quality in a moment. let's take a look at the air conditions. first, in santa clarita where we are at 72 degrees and 76% humidity. the winds generally calm but not cooling off in the overnight hours over so cal and they'll be back to over 100 degrees for the afternoon. closer to home, 49 degrees relative humidity. wind are calm and as janine mentioned, the skies have cleared. we do have a switch in the weather pattern, not going to see it so much for the day in our area as we get into the afternoon. that southerly breeze not with us. it will continue over the fire
8:04 am
area, though. relative humidity dropping down to about 25%. 70s and 80s in the forecast which we are in the middle of summer, and that could actually be a lot worse. for us here at home, moderate air quality at the coast. some of that smoke drifting in and around, should be of concern. if you smell it, see it, just try to avoid being outdoors for any prolonged amount of time. meanwhile, our inner east bay as well as the santa clarita valley unhealth if i for sensitive groups, those with respiratory issues, with asthma should take note of. this the smoke in our area this morning could linger through tuesday afternoon. as we get into the coming days, we should have a switch, the onshore flow, southerly flow not as strong. we'll bedin to see that smoke shift out of the area. more on that in just a little bit. back to you. >> good morning. right now, we are looking at the east shore freeway and the traffic is going to be busy if you are driving this morning on interstate 80. as we go to the carquinez bridge, you will see the traffic from the carquinez
8:05 am
bridge to the maze taking about a half hour, a little more than that driving to the bay bridge toll plaza. all in all, that seems normal. we have not seen any measurable effect from the metering lights yet. i think we'll take a long time to determine what the impact is. today, seems as if more people are here. yesterday, the pack-up ended early and today just not. we are getting a lot of unpredictable results. the bay shore freeway ruined out of milbrae, burlingame, heading south. best way to do is use 280 although it is getting a backup. if you can get on the freeway, get yourself on the 101 after the san mateo area, get on in belmont or menlo park and redwood city. 8:05. let's go back to the desk. >> thank you, sal. >> day 2 of the democratic
8:06 am
national convention in philadelphia. off to a rocky start after the party chair resigned. >> it was the mayor of baltimore who was chose tone replace debbie wasserman schultz for the traditional gaveling to open the convention. >> i here by call the 47th quadrennial con democratic national convention officially open. >> but she walked off without properly gaveling the podium. >> we saw cheers and tears. >> reporter: cheers and tears. people are very upset, the sanders folks, about clinton getting a nomination without a fight and sanders lining up behind her. right now, some big names are doing a sound check. vice president biden is doing
8:07 am
his sound check. see the crum of cameras? that's joe biden talking to the crowd. he is focusing on party unity, something that we did not see last night as the protesters stole the spotlight. >> what i admire most about hillary is that she never buckles under pressure. [ she never takes the easy without. >> despite positive words from first lady michelle obama, hillary clinton continues to feet pressure as sanders supporters are upset over the leaked e-mails. >> based on her ideas and her leadership, hillary clinton must become the next president of the united states. >> protester test convention, though, believe that sanders should be the nominee. >> i'm trying to make sure that our elected officials know what we want. >> clinton denies working with the party leaders to beat
8:08 am
bernie sanders. >> even the way she says, gee, i don't follow the e-mails, she is just a liar. >> meantime, elizabeth warren says that trump is trying to divide the party >> i got news for donald trump. the american people are not falling for it. >> and sanders' work in the delegation this morning, trying to get people lining behind hillary clinton. quote, it is easy to boo, but tougher to look at the kids in the face if you get trump elected. >> i think it's going to take most of the week. one of the things that they are trying it do now, word is that they possibly could have bernie sanders introduce hillary clinton as the person who puts her name in the nomination
8:09 am
pile. that might go a long way, might be harder for the bernie sanders folks to boo and yell and do what we saw on the floor last night. they still have some work to do for party unity. >> i know he also mentioned he was excited about tonight's roll call. we'll see if that makes a difference as well. caroline shively, life from philadelphia. also looking tonight from the democratic national convention, speaking today, most of the movement, a group thank clueds mothers of trayvon martin, eric grant and others who inspired the black lives matter movement. the idea is to change the country demi lovato, paul simon and others performed, but some addressed the clouds. eva longoria is insult by comments made by donald trump
8:10 am
about immigrants from heck koa. >> when donald trump calls is criminals and rapists, he is insulting american families. my father is not a criminal. or rapist. in fact, he is a united states veteran. [ cheers ]. >> when trump mocks the disabled reporter, he was also smocking my special needs sister lisa and many like her. >> comedienne sarah silverman addressed the behaviors of some when the crowd started chanting bernie. >> can i say to the bernie or bust people, you are being ridiculous. >> she was an early supporter of bernie sanders but is backing clinton for president since the choice is clinton or trump. >> donald trump made an appearance this morning at the veterans of foreign wars in
8:11 am
charlotte, north carolina. both trump and clinton have made several appearances in north carolina. polls show that both are virtually tied. bernie sanders told supporters to join the fight with hillary and give her your vote. now we want to know if you think that bernie sanders supporters should get on board with the clinton campaign. and joining us from philadelphia will be ross palombo. and we'll speak to joe garofoli. and students will get a clearer picture about sexual harassment policies. the new law just signed by
8:12 am
governor brown and how it affects undergrads first, decades worth of experience in patrolling and investigating. more on the new requirements to be san francisco's next police chief and what and caps don't need to be qualified for the job we are looking at a commute where traffic is going to be busy if you are driving on highway 4, although we are seeing a little bit of a sign of traffic beginning to improve. hazy skies and hotter inland for your tuesday. i'll have a look at the current conditions and what you can expect for the afternoon coming up.
8:13 am
8:14 am
8:15 am
new this morning, several developments regarding today's deadly attack at a church near the french city in norm normandy. two attackers armed with knives went in during a mass and stabbed the 89-year-old priest. two new suspects were taken into custody yesterday in connection with the bastille bay attack in nice. 89 people were killed. prosecutors did not say what two are charged with. five others have already been
8:16 am
arrested. san francisco's next police chief won't be required to have a bachelor's degree. a report in today's examiner says that company hired to find a replacement for greg is your suhr will be looking for officers were at least a decade of experience in law enforcement. but a bachelor's degree is not required. we did ask interim chief toneey cha palestine -- chaplin if he wanted the job. he did not directly answer but did say that he is focusing on making the sfpd better. and we have more traffic news. >> i'm listening to new radio traffic. as soon as we find out more, it does appear from san jose fire. >> let's take a look at the bay bridge toll plaza as we come out here to the toll plaza. it's different from yesterday.
8:17 am
yesterday, about this time, completely empty and people had already gone wherever they were going to go but today is not the same. today, busy and backed up to the maze. looking at a 20 to maybe 25 minute delay. this is beginning to look prefall like was we take a look at the commute. accident at 92. the peninsula traffic is not good. the dumbarton bridge is very slow all the way across. on this late part of july, beginning to look more and more like our fall traffic campaign, will you if. >> 8:17. this is 280 northbound. let's bring rosemary in. hello, rosemary. >> hello, sal. >> we have hazy skies out there this morning around the bay and inland communities reporting it down in the south bay, inner east bay. we're going to give you a shot here first of the golden gate
8:18 am
bridge and the low clouds there. marine layer not as deep as yesterday. down about 1000 feet. that influence is not going to reach the inland community. as a result, temperatures will soar as we get into the afternoon. onshore breeze has weakened considerably. here is a look over the inner east pavement you can see mount diablo there and you can see that haze. if you see this again today, hazy, smoky sky coming from the fire burning near carmel. we have a switch in the weather pattern taking place. high pressure over the pacific. high pressure strengthening from the desert southwest and temperatures are going to be climbing. the marine layer is not as thick. and the on shore breeze turning off. we will have it right at the coast, just inside the bay but our inland communities not going to benefit from it. we'll have the northerly flow for most areas. as we get into the next couple of days, southerly flow that brought us the smoke and the haze is again beginning to dwindle and so we may not see as much for tomorrow. for today, you can see it's already out there. as we talked about at the top
8:19 am
of the hour, it is the spare- the-air day. 57 in san francisco. cloudy and cool at half moon bay. 49 degrees. low 60s. livermore and con court checking in now at 56. take a look at the numbers. 94 for sonoma. santa rosa, 92. walnut creek will hit 1200 for today. 101 in pleasanton. upper 70s for alameda. 82 for hayward. south bay locations will be warm here with again smoke- filled skies, definite lay possible. 90 degrees san jose. 92 for morgan hill. pens la, you have 87 redwood city. low 80s san mateo. 68 in san francisco with partly cloudy skies. mid-60s at the coast. going to see the giants play later today, partly cloudy, clear, 10 to 15 miles per hour and temperatures right about 63 degrees continuing to cool into the evening hours.
8:20 am
here is the extended forecast. minor changes for the coast. we are avenue going to be warm around the bay. we're going to be hot inland. temperatures won't change a whole lot as we get into wednesday. a slight shift on thursday but really it takes until the second part of the week and into the weekend, the last busines day of the week, i should say. mid-90s for the forecast. 60s if he coast. summertime heat 'tis going to last for the next few days and then more comfortable as we get into your weekend. back to you. >> perfect. thank you, rosemary. nba legend michael jordan known for avoiding controversy during his legendary career. the political issues that is close to his heart thathe is now speaking about publically. j?j?j7
8:21 am
8:22 am
8:23 am
check on wall street and the markets, the dow down a little bit. dow jones industrial down. mcdonald's edges reports hurting the dow after reporting -- closing bell, big barrier tech companies, apple and dewitter scheduled to release their quarterly earnings. the month of june is a good month when it comes to home sales. sales jumped 3 1/2%. low mortgage rates and a
8:24 am
healthy job report is behind the increase. overall home prices in san francisco rose 6 1/2%, the smallest gain in 12 years twitter is adding to its sports schedule. they will stream one major league baseball game and one national hockey league game, chosen from games that would not have television. and there will be an approval for a new arena but the mission bay alliance have now taken their case to the california court of appeals accusing the city and warriors
8:25 am
of violating environmental laws. we sit down with the alliance to talk about the fight. the warriors have issued a statement. atement. time is 8:25. ate been a problem for years. police unable to identify certain vehicles because they don't have license plates. coming up, net law that passed with the help of a ktvu investigation. plus, if you drive along interstate 80 corridor in the east bay, you may notice some changes this morning and we will tell you coming up here about some improvements that cal tran has done to try to ease congestion along this notorious stretch of freeway. good morning. we are still looking at commute
8:26 am
that is still crowded on that east shore. we just talked about. and also at the bay bridge in parts of the east bay. we'll tell you more about this straight ahead. i'm tracking a significant warmup for inland communities for today. when i come back, we'll check in on our current conditions.
8:27 am
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8:28 am
it will be feeling very hot for those of us who live in the far east pay but, first, we are taking a look at the south bay, specifically san jose. we are seeing and feeling the effects of wildfires down in monterey county. today is a spare-the-air day. you put on top of that fires
8:29 am
that are happening and add to that, stream heat some of us will have today, it is certainly a very dynamic weather day. we'll talk about that in a moment. i have to add real quick that san francisco fire sending more crews down to the monterey county fire. we'll talk to janine about that in a minute first, welcome back to mornings on 2 on this tuesday morning. i'm gasia mikaelian. >> and i'm mike mibach. let's go to rosemary orozco first. >> the heat is on, warming, drying trend underway right now. 50 degrees right now in santa rosa. san francisco 52. oakland, 62. san jose, you are starting the morning at 65. we have seen shots this morning over the bay, south pay, east bay. that smoke and that haze with us this morning and as gasia mentioned, it is a spare-the- air day. warmer in santa rosa.
8:30 am
the marine layer, compressed, not as thick as it was yesterday, not going to have that influence today again, fairfield, 9 degrees warmer. it has to do with the wind. i was here tracking sustained winds on shore. 25 to 30 miles per hour at this hour. souther hi breeze only about 6. the onshore breeze is also dwindling. going to be localized, not going to be gone completely. it's all about who will benefit from that onshore breeze. 102 in livermore. 100 for fairfield today. as we head to the north bay, 93 in santa rosa. 79 oakland. 87 redwood city. into the south bay, 90 for san jose, but upper 90s for san jose and gilroy. temperatures will stay hot in the next few days, spare-the- air for the next couple of days.
8:31 am
8:30, those heading on the roadways, we want to check in with sal. >> good morning. westbound 80, you are going to see track that is backing up still, about a half hour delay as you drive on 80 westbound queen the carquinez bridge and the macarthur maze. so it is crowded. traffic is going to be a little bit slow, still, in fact, 15 to 20 minute delay as you drive through the area. do i want to mention that we had some slowly traffic this morning on the peninsula and earlier accident on southbound 101 has jammed track through burlingame and into san mateo and also on 92 heading over to the san mateo bridge. dumbarton bridge hask has been but they. seems like every morning, we are talking to you about how bad it is to get on the
8:32 am
interstate 880. >> now they have added metering lights. alex savidge is right there. tell us how it is. >> we are about to get on to 880 west on san pablo dam road here. the reason is that we want to show you the metering line. the cameras that we have mounted on the dash board is showing you the metering lights that clicked on here for the first time this morning. these lights are along the entire 20-mile stretch of interstate 80 and you will notice them. they came on this morning at 5:00 and they are expected to ease congestion on this stretch between the carquinez bridge and the bay bridge as part of the smart highway project. we can show you video from last week when they did sort of a test run on this whole cyst at the. there are other aspects of this project, this improvement project that you will also begin to notice as well.
8:33 am
there are electronic signs up above the freeway in many locations along this corridor that can adjust the speed limit based on the current traffic conditions and that is expected to help out in a big way to ease the community for many folks. people who drive this stretch of freeway are telling us that they are hopeful that awful these improvements can really make a difference. >> they call it a smart highway. >> you need a smart driver to operate and then you're good. >> a lot of times, you know a lane is closed but people are looking at the scent really slowly as they are driving by. the metering light would not stop that voyeur type behavior. so it's -- they doing what they've got to do and the drive has to capitulate. >> that's right. drivers will have to get used to some these changes here. another aspect of those electronic signs that will be above the freeway is that they can also alert drivers to a
8:34 am
lane that may be closed because of a minor accident up ahead. that gives drivers a head up so they can get over to a lane that's open. that is expected to help ease congestion, especially when you have some of those minor crashes that might be backing things up. by the way, this is a $79 million improvement project. so a lot of money spent to again put in those meters lights and those new electronic bill boards and the metering lights clicked on for the first time starting this morning. you'll notice to see these changes here. cal tran is hopeful that will help to ease some these incredible intense congestions that you tend to get along the corridor. >> cal tran is hoping that commuters act on the information they are being given. we are wise, it does not work. >> yeah. it won't work. drivers will have to understand first of when the signage means and they have to respond the
8:35 am
right way. >> thank you, alex. someone slashed the tires of at least six vehicle test rock bridge bart station in oakland. part police tell us that attack -- bart police tell us that attack happened during a 40 minute span. one struck tim left a note on their dashboard for police saying that they had to leave the car in the lot because two tires were slashed and they only had one spare. bringing you up to speed on that breaking news out of san jose. firefighters trying to put out a fire on a strip cal at south king road and virginia place. the address where the fire was reported us a supermarket. the first call went out at 7:30 this morning. at this point, no word on the extent of the damage. of course, we'll bring you more information as it comes into our newsroom. >> this morning, good news to pass along coming from the fire lines in los angeles county.
8:36 am
most people forced to evacuate during that raging fire in the santa clarita valley have been allowed to return to their home but the battle is far from over. fire crews are working around the clock trying to keep flames away from hundreds of homes. the sand fire has pund more than 35,000 acres and has destroyed 18 homes since it started on friday. here at home, two teenage boys have been arrested in connection with a fire that destroyed the mill pea community center. investigators say that tips from the public as well as social media helped lead them to arrest a 16 and 17-year-old. both from milbrae. county fire officials say that boys admitted to playing with fire in the park but say they didn't mean to catch the building on fire. >> right now, there is information that suggests that this incident was due to negligence and was not intentional. >> the two teens in a juvenile dissension center this morning facing arson charges.
8:37 am
milbrae city leaders are set to meet to discuss rebuilding that community center. governor brown signed a new law saying that schools must post sexual harassment policies on their website. and copies must be begin. the law was proposed by concord assembly woman susan bonilla after reports of sexual harassment by student and staff at uc berkeley a ktvu investigation that began two and a half years ago has led to a change in california law. governor brown signed a bill that requires newly purchased cars and trucks to have temporarily numbered license plates until the permanent plates arrived. this follow as 2 investigates series in 2013. we learned that cheating drivers were able to evade toll payments because cameras had no way to identify a vehicle that
8:38 am
had a dealer ad instead of a number plate. that led to millions of dollars in uncollected tolls. >> people understood this this was not government agencies trying to collect money but this was government agencies trying to address a serious safety issue. and we are trying to do our job here. it's not acceptable that some people can get across a bridge free while some others have to pay. it will now require car dealers to put that team prairie plate on a vehicle when they sell it beginning in the year 2019 the number of russian athletes banned for the summer games in rio is growing. five russian kayakers and canoeists are barred from competing, including a gold medal winner. an earlier decision banned most members of russia's track and field team from competing due
8:39 am
to thedoping scandal a put golden gate warriors will be back on the court tonight at oracle. klay thompson and draymond green will be joined by their new teammate, kevin durant. we are coming together to play in an olympic tuneup against china. brian flores is live inside oracle with a new look. brian? >> that's right. right behind me, gasia. talking about kevin durant making his debut here in his home -- now home court here at oracle arena here later tonight. he will be joined by other warriors. i'm usa takes on team china -- team usa tax on feel china. you mentioned the new look. part of it has to do with the new floor. this is for usa basketball. the story line here tonight will be, of course, the debut of kevin durant. this is husband first game at oracle since signing with the team on
8:40 am
july 7th. he will be joined, of course, which draymond green and klay thompson. the warriors are the on team with three members of their team on the team. former warrior now with dallas, harrison barnes will be joining them. kevin durant scored 19 yesterday. kevin durant had -- klay thompson scored 19 yesterday and condition durant added 17. tickets are still available. the cheapest about $80. team usa will play two more exhibition games before the competition starts august 6th. the next ex-big game will be in chicago when they play against venezuela. back to you. the road to get gold right there. thanks, brian. getting people off the streets and into shelters. up next, the proposals about considered today in the city of santa rosa. and a special wish will be
8:41 am
granted todd starting with a child's fast nation with big truck and the garbage man. age man. >> good morning. we are looking at and bridge commute of the golden gate bridge. looks fine. a little foggy there on that span outside our doors, a notable warmup coming our way already beginning to see it for our inland community. i'll have a look at what you'll see and how long the trend will last, coming up.
8:42 am
8:43 am
8:44 am
nba legend michael jordan is condemning violence against both african americans and police. his statement comes in response to recent police shootings of two african american men and two deadly attacks against police officers in dallas and baton rouge. he is giving one million dollars to the interuse it for community police relations and another million dollars to the naacp defense fund. he released this statement. you may remember in 1993, jordan's own father was killed in a batched carjacking in north carolina. today, the santa rosa city
8:45 am
council will debate several measures for the homeless. >> let's put owl our team and resources into bringing in the housing we need, the interim service that we need, all the things and everyone come together and wrap our arm around this issue and create change. >> santa rose ya draft add letter to governor brown asking him to declare a statewide state of emergency on the homeless issue tenants rights groups are rallying to close a loophole in the tenant rent. the problem here is that holden's name was not on the
8:46 am
lease. the lease was under his partner's name so under california law, the rend can be raised to market value. we have not had enough time to grieve, really, when the end when somebody close to you dies. it takes six months to a year to really, you know, finish grieving and so i've had to just gain the strength to figure this out in the meantime. >> the san francisco apartment association says that rent control rates passed from person to person, landlorded and buildings would not be able to support themselves and do things such as needed building improvement. love this story. a little boy from rancho cordova will live his dream. he will be a garr imagine for the day. ethan has been fascinated by garbage trucks since he could crawl and even had a garbage truck theme birthday party. little ethan has cystic fibrosis, his father hopes this
8:47 am
his sickness will not be on his mind when he is driving in a real garbage truck around sacramento collecting garbage. >> the garbage man was the start of the neighborhood. we would drop everything and run to the win donelan as soons you a heard it? >> absolutely. more so than the ice cream truck. >> no, garbage truck. they would wave back we love our garbage truck guys >> trucks in general. >> right. >> firetruck. firetruck. >> right. that was -- those were the stars in my neighborhood. >> yes. >> good morning. >> station 11 in san francisco. i see you. good morning, everybody. let's go out. engine 11, truck 11. east shore freeway, looking at the commute here. traffic will be moderate. i left this open up here. you can see how traffic is still moderate. definitely busier than it was yesterday at this time. we just kind of had a mixed bag
8:48 am
this week. some days are good. sometimes, people take a three- day weekend in july. bay bridge at this point, completely cleared out. today looks more like a normal commute day. the nimitz freeway also looking slow, southbound from 238. an accident from 232. slow traffic getting into fremont. rosemary? >> yes? >> did you like truck when is you were growing up or something else? >> trucks, no, not so much. barbies. i had plenty of barbies. >> okay. i remember getting 11 barbies one time for christmas. >> 11? >> not just one. on christmas. >> outside our doors, this morning, temperatures are rebounding, talking upper 60s for some. railroad feeling mild and warm. 67 in livermore. 66 in concord. around the bay, we've got 62 in oakland. 52 in san francisco and into the north bay.
8:49 am
santa rosa, novato in the low 60s. so you have seen a rebound in the neighborhood. we've been talking about that change already underway. and shore breeze not as strong this morning. marine layers have shrunk in the last 24 hours as well. high pressure over the pacific, high pressure over the dessert southwest and the two come wounded will heat us up. especially inland. going to remain cloudy, cool. the flow is coming in around that high. clockwise flow. we have a north-northwest breeze along the coast line. we have a bit of a southerly breeze. that's what brought us the smoke and haze yesterday. we till continue to see it today. tapering off just as we get into wednesday. for today, hazy sky over the bay area. inland communities and if you are just joining us, it is the spare the air day. 93 for santa rosa. inner east by is when we'll be
8:50 am
hottest. 77 alameda. 82 in hayward. into the south bay, temperatures ranged from the upper 80s, santa clara into the upper 90s ingilroy. expect smoke and haze in the south bay. 68 san francisco for the afternoon today, 87 at red wood city. here is a look at the extended forecast. likely to be a spare the air day tomorrow as well. on thursday, temperatures do begin to shift just a little bit, cooling back some of the onshore breeze, a little bit stronger at the coast and just inside the bay takes an extra day before on land communities begin to fill it. mid-90s in the forecast and even better as we get into the bay area weekend. upper 70s around the bays, 60s at the coast, hot, hot weather coming our way for the next few days and then improving in time
8:51 am
for saturday and sunday. your weekend always in view, rosemary. and the only survive panda triplet. they were born in july of 2014 and to find out how they are adjusting to life, follow us on instagram at ktvu if you have ever been stuck in a situation where you still have to live with your ex, there is a new solution. the legislation defining your marital status and when it goes in effect. [ school bell ringing]
8:52 am
we were learning about how talented the ancient greeks were, and suddenly i traveled back in time! i thought, "i could have been a writer." or an athlete! i could have even been an architect! then i realized, i don't have to go back in time to do amazing things. i can start today. yes i can.
8:53 am
there was a tearful vigil in vallejo last night for a teenage girl who was kidnapped two months ago. family and friend gathered at the spot where pearl pinson was last seen walking to a school bus. one witness heard a gunshot as the teenager was dragged away.
8:54 am
fernando castro was the one who kidnapped her. he was shot and killed by police a day after. >> it's hard. i cry every morning. i want her back. i want her back bad. >> the solano county sheriff department has a unit working the case. and three hiker has to be rescued by a rescue helicopter. they say that they were stuck in a cove because ofrising tide. the only way to get away from the tide is to climb up. that's when the chp helicopter was called. two more townal meetings are set in sonoma asking the
8:55 am
public on ways to properly regulate medical marijuana. the county does not allow growing marijuana in unincorporated areas but a parent can grow up to 30 plant and have mo nor than 3 pounds of dried marijuana. the next town hall meeting is set for tomorrow at 5:30 p.m. at the sebastopol center. and then at the glazer center in santa rosa. a newly passed state law says that estranged couples can live separately under the same roof. married couples date of separation will be defined as the date that a complete and final break in the marriage has occurred, even if the couple continues to live in the same home. the law is partly in response to a state supreme court ruling last year in the case from alameda county. the court says that a couple living under the same roof could not be considered separate and apart regardless
8:56 am
of physical and mental alienation the giants' post all-star break woes continue as they drop the first game of a three- game set against the sat nay reds at home. jake peeveey gave up two home runs. angel pagan gave the giants the lead back in the 5th with his own two-run homer but the reds came rook back with their own home run in the 2nd. they went on to win 7-5. oakland a's coming off a series win against the tampa bay rays but could not hold on for a win over texas. they had a 5-1 lead over the rangers in the 3rd. but the rangers came back and in the bottom of the 9th, adrienne beltre hit a two-
8:57 am
run homer against ryan madsen. madsen is tied for the american league lead in blown saves with 6. >> i see that we are joined by sal castenada. what you cannot see that is we have a couple of people to talk about about what we saw at last night's democratic national convention. cheers and tears. and the alameda fire chief is joining us to talk about what's happening in monterey county and how to protect ourselves here at home. this coming up on the 9. we hope that you stick with us. we'll be right back.
8:58 am
8:59 am
a wildfire in monterey county continues to burn. we sit down with the bay area fire chief responsible for sending help.
9:00 am
and the funeral has been held for one of the baton rouge officers killed in the line of duty. we talk live with three south san francisco officers who attended the ceremony. plus the mission bay alliance is opposing the mission bay in san francisco. we are joined live from an attorney of that group and a reaction from the team. all right, i like to dream as well. a step on the tuesday morning. live inside oracle arena. it is game day in the bay area, the finishing touches wrapping up as team u.s.a. set to tip off against china tonight. kevin durant, welcome to oakland. welcome to all of you out there to the 9. gasia mikaelian, i'm mike mibach. day two of the dnc about


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