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tv   The Ten O Clock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  July 27, 2016 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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[ music ] >> president barack obama and hillary clinton make a joint appearance tonight at the democratic national convention after he delivered a very strong endorsement for sending her to the white house. >> there has never been a man or a woman, not me, not bill, nobody, more qualified than hillary clinton to serve as president of the united states of america. >> [ cheers and applause ] >> a big night for the democrats topped off by a speech from president obama. good evening, everyone. i'm frank somerville. >> and i'm julie haener. we also heard from vice president joe biden tonight and clinton's running mate senator tim kaine. ktvu's ross palombo is on the convention floor in philadelphia. ross, the president didn't hold back tonight. he made a strong pitch for clinton. >> reporter: what a night out
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here tonight. you can still see the electricity out here in the room. president barack obama, vice president joe biden, both supporting hillary clinton to thunderous applause and passing the baton on to her and along the way, introducing the vp nominee tim kaine. >> thank you. >> reporter: from the man who needed no introduction -- >> 12 years ago tonight, i addressed this convention for the very first time. >> reporter: to the man who tonight needed it most. >> hello, philadelphia. >> reporter: tim kaine presented himself to america tonight. >> i never expected to be here. but let me tell you how it happened. i was born in minnesota and grew up in kansas city. >> reporter: he held the title of mayor, lieutenant governor, governor and senator. even speak spanish. >> [ speaking spanish ] >> reporter: tonight explained why that means he deserves the title of vice president. >> hillary clinton and i are [
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speaking spanish ] and we share this basic belief. it is simple. do all the good you can and serve one another. >> reporter: he's now on the official ticket with hillary clinton backed by command vp joe biden. >> god willing, hillary clinton will write the next chapter in that journey. we are america. >> reporter: and on the ticket, opposing donald trump. >> we cannot elect a man who belittles our closest allies, while embracing dictators like that in your putin. i mean it. a man who seeks to sow division in america for his own gain. and disorder around the world. a man who confuses bluster with strength. we simply cannot let that happen as americans. period. >> reporter: trump tonight got the introduction democrats felt
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he deserved. >> trump says he wants to run the nation like he's running his business? god help us. >> [ laughter ] >> [ cheers and applause ] >> i'm a new yorker. and i know a con when i see one. >> does anyone really believe that a guy who spent his seven years -- 70 years showing no regard for working people is suddenly going to be your champion? >> reporter: most words were meant for tim kaine. >> tim kaine is as good a man, as humble and as committed a public servant as anybody that i know. >> reporter: second on the ticket, but first at the democratic national convention tonight. >> god bless all of you. on to victory and thank you, philadelphia. >> elect hillary clinton as the next president of the united
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states! and show the world with -- we still believe in the promise of this great nation. >> reporter: so many amazing moments on the stage out here tonight. when hillary clinton came out here, i can tell you her entire crowd erupted into cheers. look at the stage right now actually. they are in the process of transforming this for the big night tomorrow night, chelsea clinton introduces her mother, then hillary clinton takes the stage late in the evening in prime time to formally accept the democratic nomination for president. >> like you said, there were so many big moments tonight but at the very end when the crowd was erupting and hillary clinton walked onto stage, and she gave a big hug to president obama, what was it like? it looked like a very powerful moment. >> you know, it was so incredibly powerful. we knew just moments of -- before that she was actually in philadelphia, that she might come out on stage but i can tell you no one out here had
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any idea. she looked well rested, and she looked emotional. if you look at her face when she walked on the stage, for the first time hillary clinton looked like she had tears in her eyes, so thankful for that rousing speech that president barack obama gave her. and so ready to accept the nomination tomorrow night. >> ross palombo in philadelphia tonight, thank you. joining us now professor of politics at usf, james taylor. and political analyst brian sobel. let me begin with you, we were talking earlier, you said you thought the president hit a home run and thought he did it with three messages and an overall theme. >> right. i looked at the construction of the speech and i think he was talking about his own legacy, transitioning into why it ought to continue under hillary clinton, he made the case against donald trump very effectively. and the overarching component of the speech was that we have been -- trump talks about
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darkness. we're talking about light. >> your thoughts on president obama's speech tonight? >> i thought was outstanding. it seemed a little bit like 2004 when he was aspiring to become president. even cited the audacity of hope but i thought he tried to sort of present a very colorful picture opposite of what the bleak picture that donald trump and the republicans offered up in cleveland. i thought he tried to suggest as ronald reagan that it's morning in america and there's a disconnect between what obama sees as the optimism of the moment and the pessimism of people's real feelings and that's what donald trump is taking advantage of. not that the is -- is that these people are in distress and the question is who will speak for them? hillary, obama or donald trump? they are available to any of them to articulate the reasons. >> they took on donald trump tonight. the president did. i thought it was interesting how he did it kind of with humor but very serious humor.
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>> he's a great orator. and a great speechwriter himself. and i think that he did a very good job of taking donald trump apart. all night long, there were four people that came up there to take donald trump apart. the question is, whether the american people kind of tuned out after speaker one or two. >> the only thing that scared me about obama's smile is it reminded me too much of coach steve kerr in the bay area around game seven. like we got this one. we got them where we want them. it's like down 3-1. didn't work out. >> exactly. >> and i saw that laughing at donald trump and his comments is dangerous. because it's almost an arrogance attached to it that people will misinterpret and it will backfire. >> let's talk about tim kaine. hillary clinton struggles with white male voters. he was chosen to appeal to the blue-collar white man. did he do his job tonight? was he effective to reaching out
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to those voters who she struggles with? >> yes. in the sense that he is the everyman, the guy that you would have a burger and a beer with. you know? he's very informal in the way that he speaks. and these other people are very polished public speakers, on the national stage for a long time. we're talking about biden and president obama. so i think he made a connection. and we'll see how that plays out over time. >> i do think a lot of people are putting too much emphasis on this element that is appealing -- donald trump appeal to, if you look at the 2008 and 2012 voting turnout, white voting performance and turnout declined by 7 million between 2008 and 2012. it went down 7 million. going in the wrong direction. for everyone to signal all of this potential and this element that supports donald trump, they don't typically show up at the polls at the end of each four-year convention cycle. we end up looking out and
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saying, they didn't show up. there's a disappearing white voter. we're talking about donald trump can win with the white vote alone? >> i would add that these conventions are big and everybody has a good time and you see the bump which we've talked about and we'll get a bump after this one and then it recedes and we going to darkness for a while. on the campaign trail. then it picks back up. so that's what we're looking to, what survives from these conventions? as teams? >> obama has 56% approval rating right now. people like him and this is one of the highest approval ratings of an incumbent lame-duck president in american history. people feel miserable, the missouri index and this idea of people not feeling good about things. but then the disconnect because people say they are happy with obama right now. not happy but approve of his job. that's a real issue. >> going to be a historic night
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tomorrow. seems like it's been building toward that. a good night tonight if the democrats. >> yeah. and steve kerr online one. >> [ laughter ] >> sorry, coach. >> good one. >> the smile. we're going to be them. and we'll have two rings in a row. >> we'll see you tomorrow night. hillary clinton's campaign organization is set to be far more developed than donald trump's and could make a difference come november. here in the bay area tonight we found it's already in action. >> volunteer for california. how are you doing? >> two dozen campaign volunteers worked the phone bank set up at a restaurant in san francisco's west neighborhood. they are making get out the vote calls while keeping an eye on the convention. fallen -- volunteers are using personal stories to try to convince people to support hillary clinton. speaking of hillary clinton, tomorrow night as we mentioned she plans to formally accept the nomination for president. we will have live coverage throughout the night here on ktvu and ktvu plus as well as streaming coverage on our website, a bit of developing news,
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we have been swamped with calls into our newsroom over the past half hour. take a look from people reporting a bright light in the sky. the national weather service said it appears to have been a meteor. while the object was seen streaking across the sky in the bay area, there also reports on social media of people seeing it across southern california and the las vegas area. one person suggested it lasted about a minute. the strange bright light. bright white light. still to come, bay area microclimate at work, look at that, fog on the coast, triple digit heat inlet. chief music -- chief meteorologist bill martin will show us how long the heat is going to last. a somber day battling a massive wildfire in monterey county as more homes are destroyed and one fatality. the latest numbers from cal fire and new video of the fire fight today. ♪
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developing news on the wildfire burning out of control in monterey county. cal fire now says this fire has destroyed 34 homes. the fire is also claiming it's first fatality overnight. when he bulldozer operator was killed on the fire line. the latest numbers from cal fire show the fire has burned nearly 24,000 acres. the number of homes lost up to
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34 and tonight the fire is still only 10% contained. ktvu's azenith smith is in carmel highlands after attending a community meeting in big sur tonight. azenith? >> reporter: it was a somber mood at that community meeting as the fire keeps growing. it has now grown to more than 36 square miles and this region between carmel and big sur, a long firefighter ahead. today, a deadlier reminder of the dangerous conditions these fire personnel face. as the wildfire in monterey county rages on scorching more than 23,000 acres, southeast of carmel highlands north of big sur, tonight residents bracing for the worst, don curry lost his home and shared this photo of what's left. >> i'm still numb, still dealing with the process of it all. so once i'm actually able and allow myself to go there, i'm going to definitely probably
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cry at the river. >> sky fax was over the soberanes fire and captured the flames now in day six, more than 3000 firefighting personnel on the scene. some of them raced to put out a flare up after flames jumped over colorado road off highway 1. >> right now we are heading up to structure defense against the fire, hitting us pretty hard right now. >> how has it been? >> long. >> reporter: we're seeing a shift in the wins. >> winds out of the south- southeast again today. that primarily puts us right in the path of the fire. >> reporter: a danger zone that saw its first casualty, bulldozer operator, jerk road closed off as cal fire investigates his death. is the same area where back in 2007 another dozer operator died. >> is tragic when someone who this isn't in their backyard they come to help us and they die in the process of doing that. >> just unfortunate. shows how dangerous it is, even when you are doing a bulldozer line somewhere else, not right
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next to the fire. trying to get that. so hard to go out the families. >> reporter: as evacuation orders and warnings expand, 2000 homes are threatened. residents hope their homes are saved and more lives are spared. >> reporter: today firefighters got a bit of a break with cooler temperatures and higher humidity. they were able to utilize the aircraft fighting the fire from the air and they are hoping they are able to do the same tomorrow. frank? >> azenith, thank you. now let's go to chief meteorologist bill martin on the conditions at work with this fire. a lot going on. another hot day today, hot again tomorrow with another spare the air day. how the climate worked out at the beach, it was 58 degrees. cloudy, foggy, san francisco partly sunny, 69. that was from today, he's in the air, spare the air day. look at san jose, not so great. 94 degrees. hotspots in the in the bay valley, livermore and out towards antioch, walnut creek
10:17 pm
103. hazy visibility, tomorrow very similar to today, except slightly cooler. we do have a spare the air day in effect but look at this. current temperatures, departure from yesterday. look how much cooler it is in fairfield. in livermore. nine degrees cooler in heyward. check the profile, measured the depth of the fog, marine layer is now around 1200 feet, starting to push into the the bay anyway. that's going to cool things a little bit more tomorrow. still a hot day, forecast highs tomorrow, purples are 100. orange is 80. another hot one but we are trending as we push forward to a cooler weather day, less fire danger and better air quality. operators of the state power grid declared a flex alert today and have issued a second alert for tomorrow. urging all californians to turn off major appliances and conserve energy. during peak power usage times from 2:00 p.m. until 9:00 p.m. they say the supply of
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electricity is tight because of hot weather across much of the state. having people rely on air conditioners. flex alerts are voluntary, people are urged to set air- conditioner thermostats at 78 or higher. to close curtains, turn off unneeded lights and use major appliances only in the morning or late evening when there is less demand for electricity. new at 10:00, three people injured when an elderly driver lost control of her car in central cisco. it happened at 5:20 p.m. on a steep hill on whitney street at 30th near glen park. police tell us the woman's car hit seven parked cars before it crashed and rolled over. a man and woman inside one -- one of the parked cars were injured, they were taken to hospital along with the driver of the car that went out of control. police told us the driver may have had a medical issue that led to the accident, the road ended up being blocked off while investigators worked to clear the scene.
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police say a driver called 911 after spotting a man's body on the side of busy willow pass road. investigators say the driver stopped at about 12:20 p.m. this afternoon and discovered the man was dead. officers shut down willow pass road for a time but look for evidence. police say the body is that of a white male in his late 20s but haven't yet ratified him. they've called in the corner to determine what caused the man's death. conflicting accounts of a -- about the death of a pittsburgh man who was tackled and tased by police yesterday afternoon. identified as 32-year-old humberto martinez. police say he refused to pull over in his car when officers tried to stop him. he drove to a friends house and ran into the open garage. officers chased him inside but that's where the story differs. martinez was combative and even bit one of the officers. they say he kept fighting even after being tased. but a witness says martinez was immobile with two officers on top of him. when he pulled behind closed doors and out of view. >> they dragged him in the house and continued to be done him after he was apprehended.
10:20 pm
so -- >> what makes you think he was beaten? >> i could hear it. i could hear tasers going off and hear them smacking him. >> police say martinez lost consciousness and was revived but died later at the hospital. witnesses insist he was dead when paramedics took him away. martinez has a long record of drug and weapons convictions. his friends say he was working at home depot, restocking shelves and turning his life around. officers were wearing cameras and say the footage backs up their account. it's a mystery that started here along this country road with a man's torso being found. now investigators are hoping that a photo generated by the man's dna sample will help solve the crime. u.s. water polo team had a tuneup at stanford before a sold-out crowd. mark will be here to tell us if the women beat the russians
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sweetie, call any one of your friends who has internet and have them read us the internet. what? have them start at the beginning. they're not answering. oh, come on! get high speed internet from at&t. keep calm, your internet's on. a federal judge ordered the release of john hinckley, jr. 35 years after he shot president ronald reagan and james brady. hinckley is now 61. on august 5th he will be allowed to leave washington, d.c. mental hospital and live full- time with his 90-year-old mother in virginia. hinckley said he shot the president back in 1981 in an effort to impress actress jodie foster.
10:24 pm
the judge said hinckley is now ready to rejoin society. the former fbi agent who arrested hinckley said he is not pleased with that decision. >> what kind of message does that send to potential individuals or in a similar mental state or situation where they basically are looking for notoriety? >> hinckley was found not guilty by reason of insanity. doctors said he no longer suffers from the mental illness that drove him to try to assassinate president reagan. a new clue in a cold case involving an unidentified male torso found in alameda county 20 years ago. investigators say a breakthrough in dna technology has literally given them a way to turn back the clock and get a possible picture of the victims face. the remains were found south of byron at the intersection of brown's road and christiansen road west of tracy. ktvu's jana katsuyama is at the
10:25 pm
site with the clue that sheriff's detectives hope will finally help them solve this case. jana? >> reporter: frank, i talked with detectives who tell me the man's torso was dumped here on brown's road just about in the area of the 0.9-mile marker. it was found on the ditch along the road, they have never had evidence to put a name to the victim but now they have a face showing what he might have looked like. on a desolate stretch of the road surrounded by acres of open land, a man walking his dog made the disturbing to cover -- disturbing discovery. on the side of the road was a man investigators had no way to edify the victim. just a torso badly decomposed with no fingerprints, dental records or skulls.
10:26 pm
-- school. >> reporter: worked with anthropologists and forensic artists to reconstruct people. to see what they look like. but in this case, all we have is a torso. >> reporter: after two decades, dna technology has given the victim a face. detectives say they received this composite picture from virginia which analyzed the genes in the victim's dna sample. it predicted the victim's probable skin color, eye and hair color, facial features, european origin and age. 25 to 32. detectives say the lab has had success generating composites that resemble live test subjects and they hope the picture of their victim might help finally put a name to the man. >> someone you may have known, does he reasonable somebody? somebody you haven't seen in a long time? we don't even know if our victim is from the bay area. he very well could have been dropped hear from within the
10:27 pm
state or out of the state. anywhere in the country. >> reporter: detectives tell me that the cost of the analysis was $3500. about the same as other dna tests. so far the profile has not matched any profiles within the missing persons database here in the bay area but they are hopeful that with this image they might be able to get a clue to break this case. reporting live in under -- unincorporated alameda county, jana katsuyama, ktvu fox 2 news. a police officer fires on a pet dog. by police say they had no choice and the dog owner says it now should have happened. up next a growing number of homeless encampments and we learned there's actually an unspoken agreement between the people who live in these encampments and the city.
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on segment 2 tonight, a story born out of curiosity. a few weeks ago frank was driving through oakland when he noticed a homeless encampment beneath the freeway and decided to stop. >> what caught my eye was an interesting homemade sign on one of the tents. so i pulled over and started talking to the guy who lived there. what was interesting is he told me about an unspoken agreement between the homeless and the city of oakland. a couple days later ktvu's amber lee returned to get his story. >> like so many cities, oakland is grappling with a growing homeless population. while city hall works on long- term solutions, there's also an effort to deal with the issue in humane ways in the near- term. >> reporter: in west oakland, amidst the constant rumble of part trains beneath the tracks, a dozen homeless people have pitched tents and tarps creating coverage shelters they call home. >> homelessness is what you make it. >> reporter: sean moses place
10:31 pm
is neat and well-kept. he invited us inside. he says he found every item here on the street including the fireplace. he sells the street spirit newspaper and recycles to make a living. >> i had many places but this -- decorated and everything. >> reporter: moses created this sign, homeless lives matter too. he says it's a tribute to the homeless who died on the streets. >> at least 25 homeless. because -- >> reporter: moses describes this encampment as a village made up of family and friends. he describes the city's approach in dealing with the homeless as compassionate. moses said things started to change last year. he calls it an unspoken agreement between the homeless and the city of oakland. the homeless keep their sidewalks tidy and leave their garbage on a designated corner. the city picks up from the encampment once or twice a week. >> as long as we keep it clean,
10:32 pm
people to walk on the sidewalk -- the city -- >> reporter: police do not harass them as long as they don't cause trouble or break the law. >> city police said no crime, no 911 calls, no -- i mean of course they don't -- >> he's not -- >> reporter: no ugail took us to another part of oakland in the fruitvale where he's gotten to know the homeless and worked out an agreement with them to keep the neighborhood clean of trash. >> we don't have enough housing for everybody. certainly helping putting people in jail does not help at all. >> reporter: since he took office, 3.5 years ago, the number of homeless has doubled in oakland. he says moving them around or rousting them does not work. while we look for long-term solutions, society needs to find a way to help. >> every saturday he joins a team of volunteers who distribute plastic bags to the
10:33 pm
homeless and pick up their garbage. >> we are all human beings trying to accomplish the same thing. is just that some, their luck has run out more than us. we've got to work together. >> reporter: his luck ran out 15 years ago when he lost his job as an account manager in the corporate world. but the 46-year-old says he never lost his passion or his pride. >> i have a purpose in life. i'm not living just for myself. i'm happy. >> reporter: at one time moses said he had 200 relatives living in oakland. now only 10 family members remain. he says everyone else has been forced out by the high cost of housing. >> there's no way -- i was born and raised here. this is where i'm supposed to be. this is where i'm going to be. >> reporter: moses told me he would like to have a traditional home sunday but for now, he appreciates the compassion the city has shown. over the years we've learned people end up on the streets for a variety of reasons. but these days they all seem to
10:34 pm
have one thing in common. none of them can afford the bay area's high cost of housing. >> about how we are all human beings and we have got to work together. >> absolutely. thank you. san francisco school district found out it's going to need a new superintendent, richard carranza revealed he plans to take a job in houston. the 49-year-old educator left his mark in the city. supporters say he broke down racial barriers and increase high school graduation rates, established the first ever mariachi music program and mentor underprivileged students. >> i think his vision around equity and racism and diversity and making sure all students, particularly historically not supported get the support and tools and love and care they deserve. >> i have a passion for doing this kind of work. and that sometimes resonates with people. >> his decision comes just
10:35 pm
three weeks before classes start in san francisco. his new job in houston is at the seventh largest public school system in the nation. handguns, assault rifles and more. the stash of weapons seized in san francisco when officers encountered an armed suspect. it is another spare the air day for your tomorrow, thursday. it's going to be hot inland, not quite as hot but still hot as we push to the weekend, the changes. [ school bell ringing]
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prosecutors in maryland have dropped all charges against three baltimore police officers still awaiting trial in the death of freddie gray. you may recall great died last year after he broke his neck in the back of a police van, hands and feet were tied but he wasn't buckled in with a seatbelt. six officers were charged, three have been acquitted. today state attorney marilyn mosby said she made the agonizing decision to drop the remaining charges because it became clear to her that she would not be able to get a conviction. even so she says she stands by her belief that freddie gray's death was a homicide. a vallejo family is
10:39 pm
outraged after a police officer shot their dog. but police say the officer acted properly and the dog was out of control. police say they responded to a report of a domestic dispute when a pit bull ran toward them. they say when a taser didn't work, an officer fired her gun and wounded the dog. the owners say the officers had the wrong address and the dog was on its own property. but police say the original caller gave them an address that didn't exist and they thought they heard arguing from the home where the dog charged. >> this particular officer articulated that if she did not discharge her firearm, she felt she would have been immediately attacked by the dog. >> i didn't hear them say police, is everything okay? i didn't hear them try and stop the dog. all i heard was boom boom boom. >> a supervisor documented the incident and is now working on a report that will be sent to internal affairs for review. two investigates update, alameda county will have to go
10:40 pm
back to square one now the county's auditor controller has agreed with some of the complaints. it recommends that the county reject all bids and start the bidding process from scratch. it's unclear if that decision is binding. 2 investigates has been looking into corizon and is questionable -- and its questionable track record after the death of an inmate at santa rita jail. police have seized an arsenal of weapons from a home in the crocker amazon neighborhood. the incident started about 6:30 p.m. after neighbors of 25-year-old alexandra morales called police to say he had fired several shots into their home. police arrived and managed to talk morales into surrendering peacefully. a police spokesperson said the incident was an example of the departments new time and distance policy of dealing with armed suspects.
10:41 pm
>> we've always tried to end things peacefully. and this was an incident where once we found out there were assault weapons, we obviously back up and take a different approach where we are not going to storm the house and need officers or suspects to get shot or anything else. >> officers say they found 55 weapons inside that home including handguns, assault rifles and a bazooka. morales is expected to face charges of assault with deadly weapon, shooting into an inhabited residents and possession of illegal weapons. fighting crime with community cooperation. how the residence of one city are benefiting from a long- standing partnership with their police department. and bill martin is track -- tracking more warm weather.
10:42 pm
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10:44 pm
the current climate of mistrust between members of the community and local police is well documented. we've seen frustrations lead to protests, civil disobedience and worse. but in one city there's been a different approach for a decade now and it's not as well-known, operation cease-fire. ktvu's paul chambers tells us it requires cooperation instead of confrontation. >> reporter: patrolling the streets can be dangerous. on this day, richmond police are responding to a fatal shooting. at the same time at city hall, members of operation cease-fire are discussing ways to prevent those type of incidents. >> the community cannot do it by itself. we both bring different things that can work together in concert to help quell gun violence. >> reporter: it has been around since 2011. but officers say it's been working on community policing
10:45 pm
for more than 10 years in richmond. authorities say with recent police shootings, violence targeting and killing law enforcement officers in dallas and louisiana, the national spotlight is on communities. officers. and their actions. >> we are seeing something that just didn't popped up. with your are the only thing that's new. we have a 500-year-old problem. it can be settled with solutions. >> reporter: members of cease- fire say part of the solution is walks and vigils like these. against gun violence every friday night. members of the group say now more than ever police and the community must stick together. >> without the trust of the community there's no way they would allow us to police them. we have to be able to have legitimacy in their eyes in what we do. and working with them, they can also be a part of the strategy to work young men into doing something different than carrying guns and being in that type of lifestyle. >> reporter: as violence continues nationwide and on richmond's streets, officers say being transparent is of the utmost importance.
10:46 pm
and they worked hard to build strong relationships with the community. so a fatal police shooting like those that killed alton stirling and philando castile, richmond police are ahead of the curve. >> when tough times like this do happen, we continue to keep the trust and support of our community. >> reporter: both sides need each other to be successful. that's why operation cease-fire meets weekly to talk about ways to reduce if not eliminate gun violence in the community. paul chambers, ktvu fox 2 news. the fourth spare the air day tomorrow, would be hard to see another spare the air day into friday but right now set up for one tomorrow with very warm temperatures again. the real heat ends up in the in the bay valleys but slightly cooler today. versus the numbers we saw. so looking at the two big fires in the state right now, look at the conditions down there this time of night, 84 degrees, low humidity. the weather is a huge factor in that fire.
10:47 pm
soberanes fire, 57 degrees, 86% humidity. weather, not a big player in the soberanes fire because it's cool and moist and light winds. these are the highs today, 101 in antioch, 103 livermore, the forecasting is for the fog making a little bit of a play. already coming into the city now deeper than it was last night at this time. that's all you need, right? pushes inland. if you were with us last night, you can see there's more green pushed further inland and it's cooler right now than it was last night by seven degrees in fairfield, seven in napa. the cooling influences of the bay are helping out and looking back, what are we looking at there? transamerica -- i think -- i think it is -- i think we are looking across san francisco towards san bruno and this is the fog sliding over but we didn't have fog shooting across the bay last night. we've already got fog in berkeley. but it is still hot tomorrow.
10:48 pm
by the weekend, everybody is cool but look at the microclimates as you push into the inland bay, your back once you get past antioch. out towards antioch and eastern livermore, at 101, 102. still cooler than it was. the story as the low pressure is going to show up not tomorrow, but a bigger low shows up on friday, saturday and sunday and that really begins the cooling trend in earnest. what did i just say? tomorrow real hot. not as hot but still real hot. as we head into your bay area saturday and sunday, significantly cooler. fire danger still an issue in here, when i say significantly cooler around the bay instead of 80s and 90s, we are back into the 70s. five-day forecast, i'm over it. >> i've been over it. >> right? three or four days of heat and really bad air quality.
10:49 pm
>> upper 90s and hundreds, it's like, too hot. >> it's funny because i have my a.c. going all day. all day. i can't wait till the end of the month. >> it's going to be a big bill. >> thank you. gines trending down and athletics trending up as the trade deadline approaches.
10:50 pm
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mark is here now with sports. i feel like i'm repeating myself because i keep saying the giants are struggling. >> they have fallen off a cliff. >> the a's and giants doing the flip job. the theory went like this, no reason to worry about the giants because they've got the back to back aces and starting pitching so the chances of a long dry spell, pretty remote. right? sounded good but when you don't hit at all, you wind up wasting efforts by johnny cueto and madison bumgarner against the reds, who take two out of three. one person very happy with things. two baseballs for the young lady. on the giants run came in the third. they had only four hits on the day. conor gillaspie deposits against dan straily, former right-hander went 7 2/3, mad bum deserved better. unearned run here, eugenio suarez with a lender, angel
10:53 pm
pagan can't handle it. second and third, wind up with a sacrifice fly. and then his very first pitch of the seventh inning, hottest hitter in all of baseball right now, that's jay bruce. over and out. and on a bounce, it went into the water. four home runs in the series against the giants. he would look good in a san francisco uniform if you are thinking trade deadline, 25 on the year for him, 2-1 final. if there was any decent news for the giants, it came by way of tampa bay as the rays get a two-run shot against the dodgers in l.a. it's a 3-1 victory but you've got to see this catch by logan morrison of the rays. dodger stadium the place, he is leaning over into the very expensive seats down there worth another look, hang on to the baseball, he did. 3-1 victory for the dodgers. or the rays rather over the the dodgers, 2.5 game lead for san francisco. the role reversal does
10:54 pm
continue. playing far better baseball than the giants since the break. feeling leery about things with the trade deadline approaching, not showing it. in fact they've taken nine of 13 since the break. none of the good players have been traded giving the first place rangers more than they wanted. that i thought he could make a catch with his beer, didn't work out. down 3-2 in the top of the eighth, coco who had tripled and scored, two-run shot, 4-3 lead, happy about it in the dugout, ninth of the year, chris davis. what a pickup this guy was in the off-season. second homer of the game, also in the eighth inning against flamethrower matt bush, two-run shot, chris davis has 25 home runs and they are into his, loose and having fun right now are the oakland a's. meantime, it is the countdown to the summer games in rio. team usa spending a lot of pool time with russia as -- as of late. third time in less than a week, water polo, women's variety.
10:55 pm
plenty of local representation on the women's team. alyssa seidman is from walnut creek. maggie steffens from danville involved in the scoring there, team usa in the whitecaps for this one. rachel patel came through with three goals, usa over russia for the third time on the week. 16-7 was tonight's final. they looked plenty ready for the summer games. we know what the warriors are going to represent big time for team usa at rio in the olympics but keeping up with a couple other summer activities for golden state, having to figure andre iguodala -- absolutely loves the game and combining it with a great charity this week. he and assistant coach jaron collins playing in the ellie mae golf classic as the tpc stone break starts tomorrow. practicing today, tickets available at ellie mae
10:56 pm
the tournament will run through sunday, tickets available. in the eye just can't help myself category, last night, team usa versus china, during a timeout, steps onto his nails a three and says 1-1 is good. i'll get back and steph curry looking ready. i don't know when it started but collecting bobbleheads has really become a thing. if you are one of those dogs that really -- i don't have time to show marshawn lynch -- >> that was great video too. driving around on the cart. >> yeah. the bobblehead. mark, thank you. thank you for joining us tonight. see you again tomorrow. take care. good night.
10:57 pm
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