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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 4pm  FOX  July 28, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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fighting that blaze. "the four on 2" starts now. tonight the nation is poised to make history as hillary clinton formally accepts the nomination for president from the democratic party. this is a live look inside the wells fargo center in philadelphia. she will be introduced by her daughter chelsea clinton. welcome to the four on two. i'm ted rowlands. >> is i'm heather holmes. >> the convention finale. hillary clinton will be center stage. nancy pelosi and dianne feinstein also speaking. first we start with that massive fire north of big sur. it's been burning out of control for several days. it grew overnight to more than 27,000 acres. >> the aggressive fire also claimed the life of a man called in to help battle the fire. ktvu's ann rubin is live with
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more. >> reporter: he's been identified as 35-year-old robert reagan of fresno. he died when his bulldozer overturned on tuesday. reagan leaves behind a waive and two young children. a go fund me page has been set up by relatives to help pay for their family's expenses. now, in some cases, a line of firefighters and bulldozer operators has literally been the only thing standing in between this fire and homes. we caught one a group from marin county fire, and they say flames have been really intense over the last 24 hours, but they managed to protect a number of houses. still, 34 have burned and 2,000 more are threatened. of course this fire keeps growing. it is now more than 27,000 acres and it's still just 10% contained. fire crews say they're trying to focus on what progress they've made. >> between cal fire and all the agency resources and everyone helping together, we saved a lot of structures up there. so i feel pretty good about
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what we've done up there. >> i think they're doing everything they can. it's time in hands of the winds -- it's all in the hands of the winds and the way things go. i can't say enough about what they are doing. >> reporter: meanwhile, residents took up a collection and went to a local grocery store to bay supplies for the firefighters. they say it's the least they could do for the people out there trying to save their homes. now, a community meeting to update residents on the status of the fire is at 6:00 p.m. at carmel valley middle school. more on that later on. for now back to you guys. >> ann, thank you. as we've seen the state is dealing with a dangerous and difficult fire season, and nasa is provide awning neck view of the threats of the wildfire. >> we're going to be talking with nasa about more of that. our chief meteorologist bill martin joins us now. he's go going to be conducting that conversation. when you look at the pictures it really is something that affects all of us in california, not just those in
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the fire zone. >> well, and you look outside, not so bad here, but you look south down towards san jose, the smoke, the air quality. tomorrow is another spare the air day. so we're on our fifth day in a row of bad air quality, partly because of the heat, but now because of the smoke from the fire, the soberanes is fire specifically. that's the -- the soberanes fire specifically. more heat tomorrow. air quality really taking a hit. let's visit a graphic here. i want to show you the two big fires burning right now. we've got the soberanes fire where the temperature and humidity are pretty helpful. 49% humidity. there's fog in the area. the conditions for fighting that fire not all that brutal in terms of weather. terrain and vegetation, a whole other deal. very steep. hard to fight fires. sand fire, 93 degrees, 20% humidity. that is dry. so fire is a part of our lives
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here in california. on the phone are on the skype right now i've got dr. morton. he's a scientist from nasa. dr. morton, nasa is doing a unique service here in trying to help firefighters determine where the fires are, where they're going, and how to manage them. can you tell us a little bit more? >> sure. well, nasa has 20 satellites that are orbiting the earth and are constantly take measurements. this time of year the satellites that are making measurements to provide some situation awareness for your fire response crews are really valuable. you might think about it as the fact that nasa has the tallest fire towers around since we're looking down from space, and our satellites are sometimes the first detections for fires burning in these remote areas of california and other parts around the world. >> which satellites are you using now? we use the goss west out here. are you using the geo stationary satellite? an orbiter? what are you using? >> the 20 satellites are
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primarily in orbit around the poles. it gives aus view of the earth from each of those satellites, once during the day, and once at night. each time we pass over a place like california, the areas that are actively burning, that information gets sent directly to the fire incident command team and the folks trying to make decisions on the ground. so each time we are collecting information about where the fire front has passed and how much it's moved into different types of terrain. that's the information that then gets shared with folks on the ground making those decisions. >> dr. morton, i read some of the stuff regarding your services there at nasa. we're looking at an image right now, a nasa image, from one of those polar orbiters. just eyeballing that bad boy, it's about a 100-mile swath is, probably 5 miles wide. how are you guys tieing this year's el niño into all this? >> well, your listeners are quite familiar with el niño and
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its impacts. assign activities, we're continuing to follow the lagging impacts where el niño changing the rainfall during the winter months and is still changing fire conditions and drought. where some places are just starting to feel the impacts of el niño based on the fact they got less rainfall, regions like the amson, where it's as dry it is a's been where we have our satellite observations on both rainfall and groundwater storage of water. so really severe conditions that continue to play out linked back to el niño and places like california where northern california got more rain but certainly not enough to reverse the drought effects that have led to this stronger and more severe wildfire season. >> dr. morton, nasa has always been very helpful with the local fire officials in the area, and we sure appreciate you guys being on this. here we are, fire season out here is always trouble. it doesn't matter if it's drought, not drought, el niño.
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doesn't matter. fire season is huge. this year we're about a month ahead on this fire season and looks like we're going to go a little deeper. so we sure appreciate you being there giving us an idea how we're using science to help battle some of these wildfires. >> happy to do it. >> thank you. >> i think most viewers at home recognize those images. it shows sort of a different perspective. >> it's interesting. >> is when you can see that plume and how large the smoke. we say x number of acres have burped, but then when you see from the a satellite it's sort of one of those "wow" is moments. >> it's not even the acres that burned. >> exactly. >> is you're showing the smoke plume that's probably 200, 300 square miles of smoke. the air quality has been less than good, especially in the south bay. >> such a valuable tool for the firefighters. now to our coverage of the final night of the deem debt.
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we're just hours away from hillary clinton taking the stage. here's a look inside the wells fargo center. to deliver what will be the most important speech of her career undoubtedly. ktvu's ross palombo is inside the convention center with a preview. ross. >> reporter: well, day four of the dnc and the excitement is building. you can feel it in the air. back here behind me, look how many people are packed into the wells fargo center. more than 6,000 people, three hours before hillary clinton is set to take to the stage, and they're already screaming. we wanted to give you a little different perspective of the wells fargo center. this is the back of the stage right here where hillary clinton will be speaking. i want to show exactly how they come in. the stairway right below us here on the right this is the stairway that she will be walking down in just more tan three hours to get out there on the stage and make what is most likely the most important speech of her plately cal career. now, that's coming up a little
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later. but earlier last night she made a surprise appearance out here. take a look. she appeared late last night after president obama spoke. thousands jumped to their feet when she walked in. when she speaks tonight we're hoping that bernie sanders is actually going to be on the stage with her. we're hearing rumblings of that, that he might come and walk her out on the staifnlg, but we're not getting any confirmation of. that we do know that she will speak about the themes from her book, "it takes a village." she will be talking about community. we also know she will outline problems confronting our country and offer her planned solutions. she has been writing this speech for wakes now. we understand that up until the last minute that she is actually making the final adjustments to that. we should get a copy shortly to see exactly what she is going to be saying tonight. back out here live at the dnc, all this going on for four
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days. but outside of is here, outside of philadelphia, there has been another controversy stealing headlines. of course, donald trump making those comments about hillary clinton's e-mail and russia, probably most likely hacking it. if will you remember he made the comment saying that if russia did hack her e-mails and her previous controversy that ebels that russia should release those, that causing a lot is credit simple, many people saying that this was borderline treasonous. today donald trump actually responded to fox news. take a listen. >> you have to be kidding. his client, his person deleted 33,000 e-mails illegally. you look at that. and with i'm beg sarcastic with something -- >> were you being sarcastic? ?oosks i'm beg sarcastic. they don't even know if it's russia, china, somebody else. who knows who it is. >> reporter: donald trump saying that he was beg sarcastic. he is trying to say that this
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is all some sort of joke. he's getting even more criticism today, people saying how unpresidential that sounded, that he shouldn't be joking about these sorts of things. that controversy is getting him headlines away from the democratic national convention. other people saying that he is doing this to draw attention away from here. but inside the arena one more time a look here, thousands upon thousands of people already packed in here. the electricity in the air, and hillary clinton will be taking to the stage in about three hours tonight, and of course we'll have all that for you coming up live throughout our evening newscast, and after 7:00 p.m., of course, object ktvu plus. back to oakland. >> all right, ross, a big night. buckle up. >> thank you ross. stay with us, because we are going to sit down with our political analyst to break down that trump controversy and the comments that he made about russia. also, was it joke? are there real consequences to what he said? we're going to talk with him about that, and also they're
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going break down the expectation of hillary clinton's speech tonight. plus, did you see this? >> lots of people did. >> man, a lot of people talking about the light streak through the sky last night. what was it? we'll clear up the mystery coming up. also, our convention coverage continues on and mobile ktvu. you can also watch speech highlights and go behind the scenes on our facebook page. and a look at the toll plaza here. slow going if you're heading into san francisco. bring your patience. "the four on 2" will be right back.
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all right, did you see it? a lot of people did. the ktvu newsroom flooded with calls. my twitter page lit up with people cop meanting about a bright light streaking across the sciecht just what was it? turns out it was not a meteor, as many people speculated, but something man made. >> tom vacar joins us with an explanation of what actually happened. tom. >> reporter: well, what you were looking at, what people actually saw, was booster stage of a chinese rocket that was launched on june 25th. it obviously was the booster stage because it stayed low to the earth, and it circled the earth for a couple of weeks but eventually got caught up in the atmosphere, and as it came back through the atmosphere it burned up because of the intense heat generated by fraction. very unlikely that any of it hit the ground. but oddly enough it turns out nasa says that once a day some
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piece of space junk actually does make it down to the earth. in all those years not one person has been injured is, no property has been damaged. but i want to show you an animation to show you exactlily how much stuff is up there. let's go to this animation. this is from nasa. there are 20,000 large pieces of debris. that would be a piece of debris larger than a grapefruit, that's up there being actively tracked by the folks at vandenberg air force base. that's a space tracking system there, to make sure that these things don't run into active satellites and to make sure that when we launch people to go up to the space station, or when we launch the shuttle there will not be collisions. unfortunately, while we have those 20,000 tracked, there are 200,000 other pieces of debris smaller than a grapefruit that can also do grievous damage to spacecraft and people. in july 2009 a russian
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satellite that was dead ran into an active american iridium communications satellite causing all kinds of havoc. so the situation, there's plenty of stuff up there. as their orbits slowly decay, they reenter the atmosphere, and while most of them burn up, a few do actually get down to the groped as space lab did 20 some years ago, but the reality of the situation is that most of the time it burns up in the atmosphere, puts on quit a light show, but it doesn't do much harm. that's what's happening up in outer space. >> yeah, and also leads to a lot of people talking about. thanks so much. >> a lot of people saw that and reacted to the. it's a chinese rocket. >> yeah, and it's spooky. we've all seen a meteorite. but when you see something like that, that just keeps coming and coming, and some people say it was in the sky for 40 second, 50 second, almost a minute, you start thinking
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everything bus. oh my gosh, what is it? >> it's over. >> until it hits the ground, it's a meteor. when it hits the ground, it's a meteorite. we doing weather? >> yeah. >> we've got temperatures outside that are going to be a little cooler than yesterday which is kind of nice. it's also very helpful for the air quality around here, which has been off the charts. we're going into our fifth spare the air day in a row. when you get to five that is really getting out there on the edges of the boundary. 100 degrees in livermore. how much cooler is that than yesterday? find your city and let's see how much cooler it is. five degrees cooler in fairfield. did it feel cooler to you guys? >> did it to me unsan francisco this morning. >> how about you, ted? >> a little bit, yeah, in the east bay. >> you're just saying that because heather said is it.
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>> pretty much. >> it will be caller tomorrow. so you will notice it. a beautiful shot outside. the thing to notice, you can see a little fog out there on the right of your screen by mount tam. that fog is further inland that it was laugh night. these are today's numbers. tomorrow's numbers are going to be about the same, main news one or two degrees. when the fire danger is still kind of off the charts, and it will be off the charts. talked about last night, that the fire season is right now, it feels more like august, late august, and hear we are in july. we're just early on. this forget the el niño, all that stuff. we are just -- it's an early fire season, and the potential for to the run late is always there. october, november. >> fly. so we're in it for sure. and a weak like this, you really get a feel for how dangerous it condition. as you head into next week we are going to notice significant cooling on the weekend. >> thank you bill. >> sure, sure. coming up, he was a star
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athlete and wanted to be an army ranger. but his training took a tragic turn. we'll talk about this young man what lost his life and the medical problem that could be behind it. "the four on 2" will be right back. ity for everyone to explore a digital world. connecting with the things that matter most. and because nothing keeps us more connected than the internet, we've created access from at&t. california households with at least one resident who receives snap or ssi benefits may qualify for home internet at a discounted rate of $10 a month. no commitment, deposit or installation fee. visit to learn more.
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a brazen kidnapping attack in the east bay is stopped by a good samaritan. witnesses reported hearing two men fighting with a woman in san leandro this morning around 7:45. investigators say a 23-year-old
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woman was walking down washington when a man pepper sprayed her and then tried to drag her towards his vehicle. another person who was driving by saw what was happening, jumped out of his car to help. he, too was pepper sprayed but managed to scare the attacker away. the suspect vehicle is described as a silver nissan altima or sentra. >> that is certainly frightening. the man wanted for opening fair on an oakland police sergeant over the weekend is now under arrest. police say he was motivated by an tie-police sentiment. oakland police sergeant nadia clock was responding to a call when a burgundy suv pulled in front of her at 73rd avenue and wells street in oakland. those two suvs collided.
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as she sat in that vehicle, dazed, authorities say that a man unrelated to the crash walked up and fired a shot. >> i just got shot at. i was in car accident. i can't get out of the car. >> clark was not hit by the gunfire but was injured in the crash. as for a motive, police say the suspect may have been inspired by recent police killings -- excuse me, by recent is killings of police across the country. >> he did make some statements when he conducted that act that would lead me to believe that it is part of that story, the overall narrative that's going on nationally. as a result of this and other incidents oakland police have been pairing up on the street but patrol sergeant ises like clark still work alone. >> hundreds of people gathered today in baton rouge, louisiana, for a voyage is ill honoring three police officers shot to death at a local convenience store. authorities say the gun man was
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targeting police officers. u.s. attorney general loretta lynch expressed her sorrow. >> and i join with you when i say that they were ours, and by virtue of their sacrifice, by virtue of their commitment, and by virtue of the love they felt for this community, we were there. we were there also. as bobby kennedy once said is, they were human beings whom other human beings loved and needed. and we uplift them all today. >> vice president joe biden was also on hand telling the mourners the men were a part of a law enforcement community that responds without question to the needs of the public. so donald trump now says that he was being sarcastic. but some people not satisfied with that explanation for his comment inviting russian
4:26 pm
hackerstown cover those missing e-mails from hillary clinton. we're going to break down the implications coming up. is plus, it is a big night for the democratic national convention. we are just a few hours away from the first woman accepting the nomination for president from a major political party. "the four on 2" will be right back.
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while the democrats wind up their history making convention in philadelphia, donald trump and his running mate mike pence were on the campaign trail. pence spoke ingrand rapids, michigan explaining to folks there why he thinks trump would make a good president. >> he asks everybody questions all the time, like a good leader does. and he listens. and i'm not talking about asking the political experts and the pollsters and the pundits. he just as often is asking is taxicab drivers and the guys that lay the bricks and build the buildings. and he listens. i think it explains a lot about how he understands and hears the american people and why he is without a doubt, i know in my heart, a man who is the right man for this moment for america. >> donald trump meanwhile campaigned in iowa telling people there that the media is not accurately reporting his
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position on nato. >> they'll say trump doesn't like nato. you saw the headlines a few weeks ago. trump doesn't like nato, wants to -- and that's absolutely false. but i want nato, and i want the countries, 28 countries, 2, and we're picking up 73% what. are we doing? we're protecting them. we're protecting them. it's got change. i like nato. i guarantee you, when i get in, they're going to pavement. >> trump also responded to the flap over his comments about russia hacking into hillary clinton's e-mails by saying he was beg sarcastic. this is a live look inside the wells fargo center in philadelphia. one by one prominent democrats are taking the stage extolling hillary clinton's credentials as a public ser van. tonight she will accept her party's nomination. heather has more. >> thank you very much ted. here to talk more about what we can expect is our political analyst brian sobel. joining the conversation is joe, a politics professor at
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san francisco state university. brian i want to start with you. high expectations, very high bar set for hillary clinton coming off those two speeches by president obama, vice president joe biden, two of the best orators in the country. what due expect to hear? >> first of is all, tough act to no. biggest speech of her life without a doubt. tonight we're going to hear her talk about why she's the best qualified person. she's going to go back into her life of service and give the american people a reason to vote for her. that's her job tonight. >> joe, what does she need to do to connect with the people at home? >> be herself actually. and if i was coaching her i would tell her, just be yourself, relax. you're not going to be bert than barack obama. you won't sound better than the person you're married to. you might not even sound more credible than your daughter who introduces you. what america needs to see is someone they can relate to. she tends to be a little
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reserved. frosty or icy are words that are often tossed her way. after all these years she knows how to give a speech, she just needs to relax and be personable. her resume is clearly the best of anyone that weave seen in a long time. she just needs to be a normal person and i think that will be feign. >> she will have to touch on one other thing. her numbers are not good around the issue of trustworthiness and credibility. she has to give the american people a feeling that those points are exaggerated or not accurate. so the question will be whether she will really directly touch on it or elude to the. but one way or the other she has to deal with it. >> this is her opportunity. >> absolutely. >> joe, i want to talk with you about something that ted mentioned which was the comments made by donald trump. sort of a veiled invitation, if youl to those russian hackers to uncover those e-mails. what due make of those comments? and i want to talk to you first
4:33 pm
legally. >> let me preface this by saying adding russian hackers. it was the clinton campaign that actually said that it was russian hack wares did this the first time when they were talking about that dnc e-mail. >> but it was trump what said, russia, if you're listening -- >> but my point, i don't know that our government has publicly commented on it and confirmed that russia is did this. so is on the as subpoena shun that this is a serious charge, look up what's called section 18 of the u.s. code annotated, 1 usc, section 2701-al. will you remember this and write that down. you can google that. that is the part of our federal law that makes at federal crime to hack into, to try to distort or manipulate any electronic data opened by the federal government. anyone who enables that is also guilty of aiding and abetting which is always federal crime. so that's one problem for him.
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the legal challenge in terms of this as far as constitutional law, and mr. trump would say this is political speech, i didn't mean it -- >> he says he's being sarcastic, sort of a joke. >> who could take me seriously. is governed by a doctrine that the supreme court uses called the doctrine of categorical exceptions. all speech in this country is free except for certain categories of the speech which are exceptions to the first amendment. that includes fighting words, obscenity, a true threat or a threat against the life of the president. these are things where the court would say is you can't hide behind the first amendment. one of the other categories is incitement. advocacy to encourage someone to commit a crime. it has to do with happening imminently, and it has to be probable that someone would act on those words. could you construct a case right now that mr. trump hain gauged in incitement, which is
4:35 pm
illegal, and encouraged a violation of federal law. but i doubt very seriously if we think about this legally and look at the justice department that in the middle of an election a justice department under barack obama would waste the time doing this. >> we know the possible legal ramifications. politically, though, what does the comment and the fact that today did he walk back a little bit from the comment, say, i was just beg car kass stick, i didn't really mean it, what type of impact does this have for trump on the campaign trail? >> if you talk with people it's just one more comment that trump has made that's sort of out landish. it's a shoot from the lip comment. it's sort of become expected from him. setting is aside the legal tenants of it, it's something that donald trump tends to do, and he's walked back from a number of these things. and that's the disconcerting part of this for a lot of the american people. >> let me add to that as well, i think -- i essentially agree with what brian said.
4:36 pm
i think that there's a case to be made that you will probably hear from the democrats tonight, quoting the public opinion on this, that a president has to be very careful, he or show, about what they say. they're judged by everything they do, everything they say, by everything they write. not just by a national audience but by a global audience. this is the most powerful office on the face of the earth. the president, not to put too fine a point on it, is in charge of the nuclear launch codes. we give that person the final authority on this to end life in big parts of this world. that's not something you should take lightly. and so if you're thinking of a person beg in this office, the democrats will say this. do you want someone would is could prishes who lives in a twitter world where 140 characters limit your discourse? or do you want someone would will be careful about they say, or as may tailors like to say,
4:37 pm
don't cut thrice. measure twice, cut once. >> brian, those who are skeptical of donnelly donl and the remarks he madel hillary clinton tonight be able to sway some of them do you think? >> oh sure. i think her mission, she's already got her base. her mission is to go after people who may be on the fence. she's even going to go after republicans. you will hear some of that. certainly people that may be on the fence. it's going to be an all- inclusive speech. back to what joe was saying just for a moment, because it's important, everything the president does is watched by everybody on the face of the earth. and so he doesn't -- is not showing at times the temperament, and that's going to be the democratic argument around things he says or does. >> that's long been the criticism but that is also something that attracts people to him is that there is no sense of being politically
4:38 pm
correct. >> no filter. >> if i may put it differently, a different way, i think a lot of people interpret his willingness to speak from the hip as can dorks truthfulness. if you are thinking about the way he has constructed his narrative against hillary, by calling her laying hillary, also if you look at her negatives, a lot of people, you got it exactly right, her negatives, criticism of her mostly is about being honest. most attribute those as the most important aspects. actually it's millennials who are her harshest critics. >> joe, brian, i've got to cut you off there. thank you for the conversation. we're now going to head over to ted with more on this democratic national convention. >> all right, thank you heather. we will have more from philadelphia coming up. also coming up, he was a star athlete in high school, then an
4:39 pm
army ranger hopeful. but what seems to be a medical condition ended his life. we'll talk to his high school football coach and our medical expert. it's another hot one. it's a spare the air day, and we've added another spare the air day, the fifth in a row for tomorrow. it's going to be hot again, but we do have a cooling trend coming up.
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>> the death of 21-year-old michael parros has left a void in the hearts of people who knew him. an outstanding athlete that went on to play football, soccer, and hockey at west point. he wanted to be a ranger, and he died this weak on first day vanger training at fort benning, georgia. he died of a condition called high poonutremia. joining us is high school football coach bob who is in concord at de la salle high school. here we have dr. larry in the studio. let's start with you coach. give us a sense of michael who this young man was, and what kind of a kid he was to coach. >> michael was great. he was one of those kids who was a silent leader. he was perfect example for our younger kids to look up to and
4:43 pm
emulate. he was always out front and all the running drills, lifting drills. he was always in excellent shape. mike was also an excellent student at this school. and when he said he was going to go to west point and be -- go into the military, be an officer, and even when he said he was going into the rangers, it made perfect sense to me. i thought he would be an excellent candidate for that. >> what kind of feelings did you have when you heard the news? it was absolute shock to the community at de la salle, i assume. >> it was a shock. michael was working out with us like three or four weeks ago. he looked great. he worked out with our kids. he was keeping up with them, and out in front with them again. andy looked like he was just picked up where he left off when he graduated from here. so it was, it was a shock fours. and to lose a young man lake that, it's never easy. and it's hard on our kids, too.
4:44 pm
it's hard for them to process it. it's just -- it's real sad. >> dr. larry, hue hyponutrenia, what is it? >> when we sweat, we lose salt. sodium is a key electrolyte. when sodium drops, they can be symptom mattic. a little bit of low sodium. you might feel weak. but when it gets severe, you can have altered mental status, confusion. and really severe, it could be see should, even a coma. >> this is a young man what is in fantastic physical shape. he was an athlete, training to be an army ranger. how does something like this happen to a young man at his age and physical condition. >> as an er doctor i've got a lot of questions about that,
4:45 pm
too. he's a guy who has been through plenty of physical exertion, and he's certainly had to replace his electrolytes before. makes me wonder, did he have other medical history? was he on medication? there's more to the story than i know right now. i've seen plenty of patients, usually older, that have had this problem with low sodium, hyponutrenia. someone would dies of that at 21, that's pretty rare. >> is it something that you should be concerned of if you work out a lot? >> it's extremely rare to die of low sodium. it's important to replace your fluids, water number one, and your electrolytes. and most of these sports drinks will do that for you. >> his parents were there. they knew that he was in failing health. have you heard from anybody in the community or his family on how they are doing? >> i have not heard from his
4:46 pm
family. we've heard from friends of michael that have been in touch with the family, and, of course, everyone around here has rallied around and everyone is calling each other, texting each other and just trying to stay close as a community to help get through this. needless to say, his class, the kids he played with at de la salle are pretty shocked, devastated and saddened by this news. >> a tragedy on a huge proportion. coach bob, thank you for joining us, and as always, dr. larry, thank you. heather. now we want to turn things over to chief meteorologist bill martin. bill when you were up here with us you mentioned that things were going to cool off a little bit next week. but i guess we've got to be patient. >> well, hat cooled off, but it's incremental heather, and everybody out there. hat cooled. today is another four degrees cooler. yesterday it was five degrees cooler than the day before. and tomorrow we will cool
4:47 pm
further. but when ire coming down from 105, it's still pretty darn hot. tomorrow is another spare the air day. that goes fiefn row. haven't done that in a little while, so that gives you an idea. a little bit slat to do with the smoke from the soberanes fire which has been filtering in. you see the lid on the atmosphere. this lid, i keep pointing out, the high pressure lid, really just traps everything. so when you see the top of the fog bank, but when you get up into this -- draw a line right here -- when you get up into this area between here and here all the pollutants from the day get stuck in there. so we're breathing that. it's a very thin layer. then you inv is ect -- then you invect this air in, then you get a spare the air day. it's a slow burn.
4:48 pm
it's taken awhile to cool down. thunderstorms east of fresno. always kind of fun to watch. actually all the way up here towards the kirkwood area, working their way up towards kirkwood. topaz lake. so some subtropical moisture working its way up the spine of the sierra nevada. the next couple of days i suspect we could see some more thunderstorms. also that smoke. because when the cooling comes this weekend the south winds will kick in, and the smoke will grab -- or the winds will grab that smoke from the fire and evect it. by the weekend we will tend to see cooler but smokier air. here's a live camera shot outside. there's the. doesn't look that bad. looks pretty g. you can see crisp and clear. but it's not real good. it's not bad around the bay, but you get inland, livermore valley, contra costa county area, not so great. so tomorrow instead of 105,
4:49 pm
it's 100. that's the hot spot. most inland cities tomorrow mid- 90s to upper 90s. 70s to low 80s around the bay. and then as we head into your bay area saturday, sunday, further cooling. not cold, just cooler. so there's the fog forecast for tomorrow morning. what's different? see how there's more of an intrusion? a little more in the north bay. there's a little more working its way into fremont. so that means a little more cooling tomorrow. it's incremental stuff. these are the forecast highs for tomorrow. those are your 100s. look at all the 70s around the bay. for the first time in about a week, mid and low 70s. that's your friday. when i come back we will get you specific temperatures and take a look at the weekend. >> all right, bill, thank you. it is the final night after two weeks of the republicans first, now the democrats, it's all coming to an end. >> that's right. the democrats bringing in more big names including a famous singer. you might make her out there in the ball cap and the adidas
4:50 pm
sweat shirt. that's katy perry. the performance everyone is talking about with "the four on 2" returns.
4:51 pm
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there's a live look inside the wells fargo center in philadelphia where house minority leader nancy pelosi is just getting ready to take the stage. she just finished speaking actually. she is one of several californians that have taken that stage over the last few nights. dianne feinstein there as well. >> tonight hillary clinton of course will take the stage, becoming the first female candidate for president for a major political party. you've probably been hearing a lot about. that but 144 years ago another woman became the first ever to accept the nomination. >> she was fought the first.
4:53 pm
first major party. but here's the first woman ever. victoria wadhall. she was nominated by the equal rights party in 187 2, a half century before women in america won the right to vote. she was born in homer, ohio in 1838, working as a fortune teller until 1868 when she and her sister moved to new york. that's where they met one of the world's richest men, cornelius vanderbilt. he gave the sisters some start- up money to start the first female-owned brokerage house. she used her fortunes to promote women's suffer yag and equal rights. >> she sended up spending election dayne jail because of a story the paper ran, a sex scanda. she is moved to england and remained there until she died in 1927. >> wow. >> a little history lesson. >> who knew. >> that's right. the democratic national convention is definitely the big topic on social media. one thing people are discussing, the star power at the convention. tonight is definitely no
4:54 pm
exception. >> nope. >> an example, katy perry will be performing tonight. >> video of katy perry's sound check earlier today. we will see just her and two since, there on the stage tonight. not a big elaborate backdrop. perry will perform right before chelsea clinton introduces her mother. from the sound check, it sounds like perry will perform her new single for the olympics, rise, and her hit single, roar. >> republicans had scott baio. he wasn't bad, but democrats always have the starts. whether they get the votes, that's another. chelsea clinton participated in a facebook live panel sponsored by glamour. take a listen when she was asked about ivanka trump's speech during the republican national convention last week.
4:55 pm
>> up, ivanka trump gave a very passionate speech last week at the republican convention in which she essential painted her father as the gloria stein of the republican party that he would focus on making childcare affordable. so you and ivanka are friendly, or have been. if you got to ask her a question about how her father would do that what would you do that? >> it would be that question. how would your father do that given it's not something he's spoken about. there are no policies on any of those fronts that you just mentioned on his website. not last week, not this week. so i the "how" question is super important. >> so chelsea clinton went on to say that is important that her mother outlines how she plans to pay for her proposals while donald trump's proposals would add $34 trillion to the national debt, of course this
4:56 pm
is what chelsea clinton is saying, she added, quote, we can't afford that. >> it will be interesting to see her tonight. ivanka trump hit it out of the park for the republicans, and i'm sure chelsea will do the same. we'll take a break. "the four on 2" will be right back.
4:57 pm
4:58 pm
that's it for us on "the four on 2". time for the ktvu news at 5:00 with frank and julie. >> is heather, ted, an historic
4:59 pm
nomination planned for the grand finale. >> in two hours hillary clinton is scheduled to speak at the democratic national convention and become the first woman to accept the nomination for a major -- from a major political party. good evening. i'm frank somerville. >> i'm julie haener. here's a live look inside the wells fargo center in philadelphia. the democratic national convention has been building towards tonight when hillary clinton officially accepts the nomination for president. chelsea clinton is set to introduce her mother in front of millions of prime time viewers this evening. >> ktvu's ross palombo is on the floor of the convention with more on what we can expect from hillary clinton tonight. >> there has never been a man or a woman, not me, not bill,
5:00 pm
nobody, more qualified than hillary clinton to serve as president of the united states of america. >> even with the presidential praise -- >> he's trying to tell us he cares about the middle class. give me a break! that's a bunch of ma lar key. >> reporter: and even with the vice president and vp attacks -- >> it's going to be great, believe me. we're going to build a wall and make mention dough pay for it, believe me. we're going to destroy isis so fast, believe me. there's nothing suspicious in my tax returns, believe me. >> reporter: the california delegation was still struggling as at least two delegates were ejected. all because bernie sanders supporters were still screaming out like this during the speeches. >> here it was completely distracting and upsetting. we're like, is someone hurt? let her in, then all the security went over here. i don't understand except they just


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