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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 630pm  FOX  July 28, 2016 6:30pm-7:01pm PDT

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> in oakland police arrested a man suspected of opening fire on a police sergeant. administrators say he fired into a police suv last saturday night after sergeant clark was involved in an accident and was still dazed from the crash and trapped inside because of the air bags deployed. suspect may have been inspired by the antipolice sentiment and the recent kills of police in dallas and baton rouge. suspect was tracked to stockton where he barricaded himself inside a home before finally suffer rending. in monterey county the fire
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north of big sur is burning out of control. it has burned 27,000 acres. 3500 firefighters are battling the flames. as of tonight the fire is 10% contained. former football player in concorde has died on his first day of training at army ranger school. 21 michael pearl went on to graduate from west point. he was training to become a ranger at fort bend in georgia. military doctors say he suffered before he died. it is a condition sometimes brought on by drinking too much water. it causes sodium levels in the blood to drop too low. funeral arrangements are spending. -- -- pending. it is the 4th and final night of the democratic national convention. thousands minority leader nancy pelosi was at the podium an
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hour ago reflecting on what it would mean to elect a woman to the  most powerful post in the world. >> hillary clinton knows that this moment is not just about one woman's acheivement. it is about what electing a woman president will mean for achieving the dreams and hopes and as pir rations of every woman, every son, every family across our land. this moment is about the landmark progress president hillary clinton will achieve for families everywhere yearning for a better life, a better chance and a better america. >> you are looking to at live pictures now. the wells fargo center.
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hillary clinton is set to give her speech in the next hour. in an excerpt she says americans are facing a stark choice in the presidential i election between her steady leadership on national security and what she says donald trump is offering. our political reporter is in philadelphia awaiting her address. í'll bring us the latest tonight. we'll bring you the speech live on ktvu channel 2 and a live stream at gop nominee is still dealing with fallout from his comment yesterday. donald trump is inviting russian hackers to look for hillary clinton's deleted e-mails. fox news reporter carl cameron tonight on what donald trump said about that today. >> reporter: in the wake of the democratic national convention hacking scandal donald trump gave russia a green light to retrieve hillary clinton's lost e-mails. >> russia, if you are listening, i hope you are able to find the 30,000 e-mails that are missing. >> reporter: clinton campaign pounced quote this has to be the
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first time that a major presidential campaign actively encouragerred a foreign power to conduct espionage against his political opponent. >> what i know is that donald trump has repeatedly expressed admiration for putin. >> reporter: trump let loose on the president. >> i think president obama has been the most ignorant president in our history. his views of the world as he
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says don't jive. >> reporter: donald trump called speculation that the russians hacked the democratic national committee to help clinton's distraction. gop nominee claimed ignorance of the leader as he praised him. >> i have nothing to do with russia. i said putin has much better leadership qualities than obama. but who doesn't know that? >> reporter: asked about the acquittal of the final police officer on the trial in the baltimore freddie gray case trump slammed the prosecutor. >> i think it was disgraceful what she did and the way she did it and the news conference she had where they were guilty before anybody knew the facts. >> reporter: donald trump told fox news he was being sarcastic about the russians going after the e-mails and mocked clinton for not having a news conference in 235 days.
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coming up, major developments in a high profile murder case. decision today by federal prosecutors involving the man convicted of killing shawn raw laeve six years ago. ?q
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. federal prosecutors say they will not every retry. congressal intern. a judge ordered a new trial last
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year after his cell mate admitted falsifying testimony about an alleged con fence. today much the u.s. justice department saying unforeseen developments are what led them to drop the case. the mother spoke briefly. >> i hope we find the right person who will not or that -- if it was going to be key that he doesn't go out and do anything else to other people. >> she disappeared in 2001 she was linked to gather con done and he ended up roining from office. and her body was later found in rock creek park in washington. prosecutors argued her death was one of the attacks the illegal
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defendant committed on on women jog gerz ifrmths a 14-year old girl who waited months for bone marrow transplant that never came had died. we spoke with the mother who wants to raise aware to get people to register as donors. >> you can save a life. >> reporter: a 14-year old who died last week waiting for bone marrow transplant because she couldn't find the proper match. her family doesn't want to see that happen to anyone else. >> we want to make sure everyone else knows about this. >> reporter: the oldest of three chirp would have gun high school this fall. she was a 4.0 student. >> always smiling, energetic. if she didn't know somebody she would go out of her way to meet them. >> reporter: she complained of
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stomach pains last summer. within days her liver failed. their family flew to home in hawaii to stanford for a liver transplant. after the transplant her bone marrow failed and needed a bone marrow transplant. because she was mixed race, it was hard to find a doen nor among the 13 million people in the u.s. who are in the registry. >> you can find a match maybe if she was just one national although. but the more you have the less likely there is a match. >> reporter: she spent 6 months on the waiting list before dying july 20th. that's why her family and the organization want to more people especially nonwith whites need to register as donors. it maybe too late to save this child but not to late for other children. >> if everyone was on the list she would have found a match
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immediately and she would probably be here right now. >> reporter: k tv u fox2 news. coming up a big ball of lightning across the bay area skies and now we know what caused it. there's a lot of stuff up there. scientist blame space junk and say there is more of it than you might think. it is hot out there but not as hot. you can see fog. we press towards the weekend, significant changes coming your way
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. yeah, what is that? did you see it check out the bright light streaking across the sky in california and other western states. dude, did you see it? >> nice commentary. >> now we know what caused it, chinese space junk falling out of orbit and burning up in the atmosphere. >> there is mormon made junk floating around in space than we might think. >> the piece of space debris that rit up skies was a chinese rocket launched about a month ago. it burned up in the atmosphere but the fire retrail it left surprised a lot of people. an average of one cat logged piece of debris has fallen back to earth each day for the last 50 years. there's been no injury to people or significant property damage
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from it. there is an ass trom measure at the space center. >> generally the closer to the earth the lower the orbit the can quicker they come back. there are thousands of pieces they actually track. >> this shows the 20,000 pieces of space debris that the joint space operation center traction on radar with the systems from lawyer rens livermore laboratories space science and super computers. >> in fact the more significant concern you have all the space junk u.n. flying around and you ever the most debris where you have the most saddle tiets. >> reporter: unfortunately there are 200,000 additional pieces of smaller debris not tracked that can do grieve vus damage to spacecrafts. >> if you have a piece of debris, you're whacking into say satellite in the worst case you
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now lose that capability. in february of 2009 that actually happened where there was a radio communication satellite that collided with a dead rugs i can't even satellite that basically took out 50 to $100 million satellite. >> this says nothing about the meat resides that slam you into the atmosphere every day. almost all burning up harmlessly. >> most of the things causing devastate station on earth we pretty much know about. the smaller things are more of a danger they can come out of the dark at us. >> modern satellites now have equipment that lower them into the atmosphere to burn up harmlessly and not remain aloft is. >> reporter: ktuv news, fox2i. we're tracking a warmup.
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spare the air day. i'll check into that but i can remember we had nine in a row. i wouldn't be surprised we've had more than that. there's the fog. last night and the night before, fog wasn't doing this. fog was stuck behind the hill. says give me in kret mental alley deeper. increment alley cooler. 1,800 hire probably up over the tower by saturday night into sunday and everything cools down significantly. fire danger takes a bit a break quality gets better and we head into the weekend with a cooling trend on the lips. tomorrow not that dissimilar from the last few days. slight three cooler but still hot. high pressure coming out of the desert southwest. firing off thunderstorms up around south of kirkwood, down towards big bear valley. tomorrow will be another hot day
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let's call it 100 in the hottes spots. mostly mid 90s and upper 90s. everything changes around on saturday and sunday. this guy shows up and cools us off and decreases into friday and makes the air quality and cools temperature. it will also grabt smoke. the winds will come south westerly and a lot of the smoke is going to come in over the top of us and you will notice it. saturday and sunday. it's going to be a higher elevations. i don't know if it will be falling out. be ready for smoke. rows marry will be in here tomorrow talking about that on saturday and sunday. it will be cooler i'm not sure we'll see a spare the air day but you will notice it. what's happening? very similar to what we had today. very dissimilar as we head towards the weekend. we will see cooling, more fog, and then by saturday sunday into smoke will pull into the bay
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area. the fire will keep going and the weather down there as you look into the 5-day forecast hasn't been a real issue. big suffers the people love it because the terrain. that's what driving this thing. you can't fight a fire like that covered in fog and air drop is difficult to make. still. >> still only 10% contained. >> coming up on 30000 acres. >> thank you, bill. sports coming up next. we'll be back right after this. blab blab
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ifrmths football is almost here. raiders trapg camp starting today. there is a lot of people that look at dabl season as the enter mission for football. big-time football fans are out. both proceed and college. we'll take a look at the raiders who opened camp in beautiful napa. here is the scene as the players make their way in. there are new comers smith who is here. mark king he showed up in a
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super man outfit last year. this year, what will you say about the outfit. it speaks for itself. you have to break up the grind of training camp. they know exactly what they're in for the next couple of weeks. >> you notice the grind so again, i'm excited to be able to play football again but we know -- we know the grind and we know the start of good hard couple of weeks before we can really go out there and one up. >> coming here and getting started. a lot of people want to know how we mesh with the pads on. continue to build the team come rad renecessary for the season. a lot of players are excited and i'm excited to be here and continue the process. >> all right the power ranger helmet he's wearing. it was 90 degrees in napa it could not be comfortable. meantime just about time for
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college football. scott christ is always all over that. >> lee vi stadium associated with proceed football. today it's all about the college players. the annual bay area media day. the cardinal pick to win the pack 12. the bears and spar tons coming off of bowl games. a lot of excitement for the upcoming season. >> we will start prepping ourselves we love to walk on the field and walk into practice and get going. we've had enough downtime and we've been away long enough. it's time for the america's past time to start. >> everybody looks forward to college football. it's anxietying time. i know our players -- the amount of work these guys put in in the off season. it is remarkable. they are working 340 days for 12 football games. >> we've laid a solid of foundation of practices. we've gone each other and
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looking forward to the upcoming season and we have a saying in the building. iron sharp pens iron bring it on and let's get going. >> a bears start monday. they open the season? acid knee on august 27th. fox2 sports. thanks scott, meantime does it seem like we had a major golf tournament for the men. because of the olympics they are squeezing the pga championship together. rick key foul ler his first ever major win. if he keeps putting like that. par 4, 14, nice long birdy put. martin, the first holly. birdy nice way to start. tied for second at minus 4. check out jimmy walker, 'th holly chipping for the fringe.
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into the cup for birdy. five under 65 and he is your early leader. david is the enemy. when he played with boston or dallas but he's on the spurs agreeing to contract. he is now a spur. our coverage continues over at ktuv plus. a big night for hillary clinton she is about an hour away from delivering what will be the biggest speech of her career. all eyes on her and her daughter. chel see clinton will be introducing her mother. we will parts from her speech when 7 on ktuv plus starts in just a few minutes.
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. the choice for traffic. ktuv fox2.
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wow, sheldon, i cannot believe you made up your own game. oh, "research lab" is more than a game. this is a fox -- >> reporter: we can bring you live coverage of the final night of the democratic national convention. i'm shepard smith. hillary clinton accepts tonight but first katy perry is back there and she's killing it. let's listen. ♪ you'll hear me roar ♪ you're going to hear me roar


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