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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 6am  FOX  August 1, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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this is ktvu mornings on 2. good morning and thank you for joining us at 6:00 as we look at the walnut street camera, and the fog is here with clouds. we like that here. you should go out and do your check in. >> i need to check in. it is the first day of august on this monday morning, and i am pam cook.>> i am dave clark, and let's talk about the weather. cooler for sure, especially the latter half of the week. temperatures coming down a nowhere close to where it has been, and good news for the monterey county fire, a system is digging off of the coast, and that will give us more of a breeze, the humidity is up, so
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that is good news, low clouds and fog. instead of a blazing heat we will have a much cooler pattern. any breeze is not good, but it is more of a southerly breeze then west. overall that smoke layer playing into the visibility, not only around here, but especially in southern california. if you're traveling on highway 5 over the grapevine you will notice it. plenty of low clouds and fog, temperatures coming up a little bit with a delta breeze on the lows, especially on the peninsula and over towards the coast. water temperatures have come up, some areas low 50s and 60s, 52 after 10, 63 in los altos. 23 and west at concord, and that tropical monsoon moisture, tried to the east and south of tahoe. that system will play into a much cooler pattern for most of
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the week as it gets closer. morning fog and warm, breezy to windy with near average temperatures from the 60s, 70s and 80s, farther inland we have low 90s. and all of a sudden it is busy. >> we have a problem on the bay bridge that will slow you down getting to the east bay into san francisco. we take you to the camera on the bank of america building in san francisco, and you can see the flashing lights on the western span of the bay bridge west of treasure island. there is a stalled car that chp is trying to deal with, and traffic is low. looking before that as we take you to the toll plaza, backed up almost to the maze this morning. once you get past the pay gates, it is very slow up the incline and all the way across the bay bridge.
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a lot of it has to do with the stalled vehicle that is westbound on the bay bridge on the western span of the bridge. another slow spot we are tracking all morning is here, it has been cleared out of the way, the earlier crashed onto southbound at 80, -- southbound i at 80. -- i-880. the san francisco police are searching for suspect in the burglary a the -- at the antique store.>> reporter: good morning. it appears this may have been at smash-and-grab situation. the boarded up door -- boarded- up window is exactly where they believe the suspects went in. on the other side where this cabinet is is where the items were stolen, estimated $35,000
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worth of items stolen. this happened on jackson street in san francisco. the criminals make their way into the store by breaking one of the three front windows. the storeowners are still discovering items missing. so far these are the items they say were stolen, the georgian sterling candlestick dating back to 1771. also taken a sterling silver service set and picture. the items are heavy and could be the reason the burglars only made it out with a few but very expensive items. they do not have any suspect information at the time but if you know anything you are asked to call the police. i believe the items of may have been so heavy that the suspects left a flashlight inside, and it is unclear whether there are fingerprints but i'm sure they are looking into this. >> i would think if they try to sell some of these items, they are distinguishable items.>>
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exactly. very were items that will be a red flag to anyone that saw these things. >> reporter: the items are heavy in that will also give it away. your time is 6:05 am. the bart police are investigating whether the officer used excessive force while arresting a robber. the 22-year-old man was arrested inside the embarcadero station friday afternoon and two witnesses posted video of the arrest online claiming that the suspect was treated unfairly. and they say the officers were wearing body cameras, and the video will be used during the investigation. later today the police reform the topic of the panel discussion at the commonwealth club, "policing the police" panel will focus on recent recommendations by the blue ribbon panel investigating the san francisco police. the sold-out event will begin at 6:30 pm at the glide
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memorial church. later this morning at 9 am we will talk would two members of the panel for tonight and join us for the interviews. your time is 6:06 am. the search is on for the gunman that fired shots on the crowded street saturday night and the only victim killed was a woman from the bay area. >> her family is speaking out against the senseless violence, and we are live in redwood city where the woman work. -- worked. >> reporter: the victim was a newlywed and worked here at the so call yet union high school district as a bus driver. the family and friends of teknika moultrie are mourning the loss and they are heartbroken. the 30-year-old was in austin texas visiting family and enjoying a night out on town. they had just left the donut shop at 2 am and gunshots rang out out of nowhere. it was crowded because many of
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the bars and let out and people started running away, but teknika moultrie was hit . they are looking for the suspect. >> everyone is devastated. we would never thought this would happen to her, and she was the sweetest girl.>> it is a complete tragedy. there is no reason for it.>> reporter: mold tree -- teknika moultrie had been in austin less than 24 hours when she was shot and killed, and she and her wife sabrina were said to have a wedding ceremony in october. they said she was very active in the community and play softball for a recreational team. she was supposed to return to the bay area tomorrow, and the family is just beginning to make the arrangements for her funeral. >> any word whether they were targeted, or whether it was random or a hate crime?>> reporter: we are still monitoring the updates that we
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are getting on that, and right now we just don't know. it sounds like it was very crowded, and this man ended up shooting into the crowd, but we are still trying to find out more information. as it comes in i'm sure we will definitely report on it. we are learning more information about the people that died with the medical transport plane bound for oakland crashed near the oregon border. all were mack on board were killed when the plane went down in humboldt county early friday morning. the pilot larry mills had been a volunteer first responder for the past 12 years. the nurse was a new zealand native and that have been a nurse in the u. s. for the past 25 years, and the paramedics also died in the crash. the name of the patient is not been released and the plane crashed after the pilot reported smoke in the cockpit. 6:08 am. the case of the man accused
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of kidnapping and killing sierra lamar due back in court, and the trial for antolin garcia-torres, delayed for months, and scheduled to start today. it may be delayed again, sierra lamar disappeared in march 2012 on the way to school and her body is never been found. but the dna evidence has linked garcia-torres to the sierra. activist angry over the jail sentence of the santa clara judge handing it down in the brock turner sexual assault case taking new action. judge persky sentenced the swimmer to six months in jail and rather than making him serve more time in prison. and the family and friends of the victim will submit a petition with more than 1 million signatures demanding that judge persky be removed from the bench. almost 50 law professors argues
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the efforts to remove judge persky and say that if either are successful, it could make judges feel pressured into making legal decision based on public opinion. 6:10 am and there are new evacuation orders in effect for people to psalms are being threatened by the huge wildfire in monterey county, coming up at 8:30 am we will tell you how many acres that the fire has burned and the look of the likely cause of the wildfire in the south bay. and donald trump says the media has it all wrong when it comes with his relationship with russian president vladimir putin and also the controversy regarding the parents of the slain american soldier. a slow ride on the bay bridge into san francisco and will tell you the problem they are still trying to deal with that could slow your commute into the city. low clouds and fog greeting us on this monday morning, august 1, and a cooler pattern this week.
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♪keep on the sunny side ♪always on the sunny side ♪keep on the sunny side of life♪ if you look at his wife, she was standing there and has nothing to say. maybe she was not allowed to have anything to say, you tell me, but many people have written that.>> controversy over the donald trump response to the father and mother over the fallen soldier. and he is also not happy with
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the schedule of the upcoming debates.>> reporter: we are less than 100 days away from election day, and that means from here out it is about the battleground states. right now the latest polls showing donald trump and hillary clinton deadlocked in ohio and pennsylvania.>> reporter: donald trump is kicking up the bipartisan backlash on the first week in the general election campaign, his comments about khizr khan , and his wife in their muslim son killed in iraq, being criticized by everyone, the house, senate and hillary clinton who has been asked repeatedly about this.>> and then to launch an attack as he did on the mother of captain khan, a gold star mother, i don't know where the bounds are aware the bottom he has. >> reporter: as clinton wraps
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up the battleground states, ohio and pennsylvania, donald trump apparenting at the states today, and the campaign will meet with the commission on the presidential debate after complaining that two debates are at the same time as the nfl games. >> maybe she is against the nfl or she is doing like she did with bernie sanders and wanted on saturday night when nobody is home.>> reporter: but the schedule has been set since september and so was the nfl schedule, and trump sent them a letter. and they tweeted out that while we wish that the debate to be another night, we did not send a letter to mr. trump.>> reporter: the debate is still a few months away, and they say they will release more documents about clinton between now and november.>> trump has denied he has any relationship with the russian president vladimir putin during the interview with george
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stephanopoulos.>> i want to clear this up because you did sell three occasions you had a relationship with them and now you say there is not. >> i don't know what it means to have a relationship, he was saying very good things about me, but i don't have a relationship with them. i did not mean him or spend time with him, and i have not had dinner with him. i would not know him from adam other than i've seen his picture. >> and russian batter mere pollutant has called trump bright and talented. scheduled to host a fundraiser for hillary clinton, apple, and you the guests can choose to donate five dollars or $10,000. apple has been facing increased government pressure to the bill -- build devices easier for law enforcement to access.
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two young men facing trespassing charges after reportedly climbed the 525 foot tower bridge, and they were 18 and 22, walking down the bike path, climbed the railing and a suspension cable to the top of the tower. chp said that came back down on their own and they were arrested without incident. right now it is 6:17 am. and we have alex salvage -- alex savidge in for sal this morning. >> if you are trying to get into san francisco, you will encounter an issue on the western span of the bay bridge going into the city. chp is trying to clear the stalled car out of the way, in the far right lane. you can still see the flashing lights and the emergency crews trying to deal with the situation.
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traffic is very slow getting into san francisco. you can see the back up is pretty bad, solid westbound all the way across the bay bridge. give yourself plenty of extra time issue head into san francisco. the area of slowing coming out of the pittsburgh bay point area, the cameras showing westbound highway 4, coming over through the bay point and traffic is picking up, 6:18 am. back to you, steve. and looks like a gorgeous day. much cooler than last week, and it should be pretty nice. i do not see anyone hundreds for a wild, and if some of the extended outlook is okay, we could be going through a stretch of 7 to 14 days of near average to slightly below temperatures. after that it will cool down thursday and friday, with the fog bank, but no drizzle get, but probably by thursday and
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friday. and the low clouds allowing is -- water temperatures coming up, running a little bit warmer than the last 7 to 10 days. still a decent breeze at the delta, not roaring but it was earlier up to 31. 50s and mid to upper 50s to the east, 63 palo alto, san jose 62, hayward 62, fremont and oakland at 61, sfo has a southeast breeze and the warmer bay temperatures making a difference. 56 in gilroy, 55 scotts valley, boulder creek 61, santa clara, cupertino and campbell at 61 degrees, santa cruz upper 50s. west southwest 23, and west, and i think you get the idea that we have and onstar -- onshore breeze. the monsoon moisture tried to
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get up for the sierra nevada, and made it part way, but it looks like it will stay in arizona and a little bit in southern california. just to the east in south of tahoe, but the pattern is not looking favorable. this system will march southward and it will open the door for more significant color patterns. today morning fog warm and breezy, especially in the san pablo bay. and san mateo to the sfo, 60s, 70s 80s and 90s. it will take to the end of the week before we can cool down, ukiah, clearlake, vacaville, antioch and brentwood. but the other locations have cooled off more to the 60s, 70s and 80s more so than the one hundreds. 60s and 70s on the coast, half moon bay as that warm ocean temperature. upper 70s on the peninsula near 80. not much changing and the next couple of days and then we had this color pattern on thursday
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and probably into sunday. your time is 6:20 am. she gets to keep her crown, but miss teen usa has a controversy to deal with, and how she is now explaining what she did. with the olympics around the corner, new concerns about whether brazil will be ready to go for the summer games.
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welcome back to mornings on 2. we are days away from the opening ceremonies of the summer olympics in rio de janeiro scheduled for this saturday. workers are putting the finishing touches on the stadiums and other buildings, but there is still question whether the venues will be ready, the main ramp of the sailing venue partially collapsed on saturday. some athletes have refused to stay in the living quarters saying there's no hot water, faulty plumbing and exposed wiring among other problems. there are also concerns over the zika virus, brazilian health officials holding a news conference to reassure the public that the zika virus will not be a threat at the summer olympic games.>> we have issued a new moratorium to treat as soon as possible if there is a
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case.>> the world health organization is telling visitors to take precautions, using insect repellent, covering as much of the body as possible to keep the mosquitoes from biting, and practicing safe sex or abstaining during the state and for one month after returning home. draymond green, and the u. s. men's basketball team heading to the olympics, and green is in hot water this morning. he is apologizing for posting an explicit picture of himself on snapchat. at first he said that he had been hacked, and then he admitted that the picture was meant to be sent in a private message, and not to the followers. it was up for 10 minutes before being deleted. this is the second apology that green has issued in the past month. three weeks ago he was arrested on assault charges in michigan but it was dropped after he agreed to pay a fine for the noise violation. the 49ers held the first full training camp practice,
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the first season under the new head coach chip kelly, and the big story will be who will be the starting quarterback. last season blaine gabbert took over the job from colin kaepernick in the middle of the season and both took the first- team snaps.>> first and foremost is to see who can move the team the best, and that is what you are always looking for, which quarterback can handle what they are doing. and the great part about this is we are confident both of the guys.>> the 49ers first preseason game will be in two weeks, against houston. the homemade spike strip found along the hiking spot in the north bay marin county, up next how it could be connected to the dispute between two back groups using the same trail. we know the name of the man that died after falling nearly 100 feet down the cliff at the lands end.
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tracking is low light on the bay bridge heading into san francisco, one of a few slow spots we are keeping tabs on. here's a live look at the san rafael bridge we will tell you about the south bay commute, coming up. low fog and clouds kicking in and last week 100 said this week much cooler.
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good morning and thank you for joining us or mornings on 2 on this monday, the very first day of august, and i'm dave clark. >> i am pam cook, and it is about 6:30 am. steve is telling us we will have a color trend, maybe throughout august. >> at least for the first 10 to 14 days, a color pattern so far. i do not see anyone hundreds coming back. -- a cooler pattern so far. i do not see any one hundreds
6:30 am
coming back in the next few days. the overnight lows in the 60s and 50s, and for the week ahead inland locations, taking a look at livermore. last week it was taking, and look at these -- baking, and look at these forecasted highs, and i think this will be a decent system coming down from the pacific northwest. we have a good fog bank kicking in and moving through the inland areas. and the water temperatures coming up allowing the coastal locations running much warmer on the lows, but still in okay component with this onshore westerly breeze, low 60s for some and low 50s for others up to the north especially. a northerly breeze and west southwest, and the onshore breeze is in place. if you are in tahoe or truckee,
6:31 am
that monta moisture will not make it. that is that system as it continues to drop to the south ushering in a color pattern. morning fog and low clouds, and milder to warm but nothing compared to last week. 60s, 70s and mainly 80s. and all of a sudden you got busy, alex. >> i have to do some work, and we have some very slow traffic with that earlier problem on the bay bridge slowing the ride into san francisco for a lot of the folks. let's take a live look at the inclined portion of the bay bridge, you can see the traffic is moving along pretty slow this morning, even slower a short time ago due to a stalled vehicle stuck in the slow lane on the western span of the bridge. chp has got that out of the way from what i can tell, things are beginning to move a little bit better than earlier, but still a slow ride into san
6:32 am
francisco. going to the south, it is getting heavier and the traffic on the san mateo bridge heading westbound, all of the folks on the right hand side of the screen just went through the pay gates and heading to the peninsula, a slow and busy ride across most of the span heading into the foster city area. showing you the map, the big picture look at the commute in the south bay this morning. trouble-free all morning long, and hopefully it will stay that way. just a few pockets of slowing but no crashes to report for the san jose area. 632 is the time. -- 6:32 am is the time. and policing the trail where mountain bikers found a home at spike strip on the ground near the whitehill fire road, and we have brian flores joining us on the north bay to tell us about this and how this could be connected to a
6:33 am
dispute.>> reporter: that is what we are hearing and good morning. the person the found this reportedly told the local newspaper that the home at spike strip was meant to give the message to the local mountain bikers in the area. this was posted on facebook not long ago. according to the reports, it was found by the two bikers riding in the whitehill open space preserve, 4 feet long with 30 rusty screws sticking out. it was reported in the chronicle that those people that found it said it was fastened to the ground with 7 inch spikes. the rider took it home so that other mountain bikers would not get injured. this is not the only time that there has been an apparent dispute between the hikers and mountain bikers, reported some unauthorized signs, logs on the trail, and they report that the hikers and bikers are feuding over the use of the trails. and the marine county sheriff
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is increasing patrols in the area to find the person responsible for leaving the home at spike strip. cal fire says it could take at least another month for the wildfire burning in monterey county is fully under control, now burned more than 62 square miles near big sur. new evacuation orders went into effect, 57 homes have burned, 2000 in the path of the fire. the latest report says the fire is 18% contained, and we are expecting an update after the fire crews have a chance to flight over the burn zone in just a little while. the fire risks are high across california with the hot weather increasing the danger. the sierra fire that started saturday night near santa clara county is one of % contained. cal fire says the flames were probably started when the lawnmower blade hit the rock. and it pushed the plane through
6:35 am
the drive brush burning 104 acres. they say it is an example of how small fires can keep the crews busy. statistically this year we are at a higher fire camp the last year. we did get rain and little bit of grass crop. the grass crop is carrying the fire.>> cal fire says that the fire moves slowly and it was easier to contain. they said it also made it easier for the wildlife to get away from the fire. 6:35 am. good news, east bay restored all of the water service to those that lost due to a pipe bursting. the 80-year-old water line burst flooding the streets near cornell and leaving two dozen homes with no water. water service was restored everybody early this morning after the workers worked all night on the repairs.
6:36 am
two teenage boys in custody accused of going on a crime spree in vacaville. the two suspects are only 14 and 16 years old, and the police said they robbed several fast food restaurants and gas stations and had guns and knives. the businesses were located along the same street in vacaville, and armed robberies occurred during the past week. >> as far >> the bill, we have not seen -- as far as vacaville, we have not seen this violent type take over style robbery at this young age. >> the police have a lasted -- arrested the two young suspects after talking with witnesses. and the man has been identified, vincent holland, and it unindicted five woman were on the cliff at about 4:30 pm saturday afternoon, and the 28-year-old man fell in the water, pulled out moments later by the lifeguard, and
6:37 am
paramedics announced in dead by the time they reached the sausalito harbor. the woman was not hurt. the marin county coroner will conduct an autopsy to find out if drugs or alcohol could be related to his death. the oakland police say man was found stabbed to death over the weekend near a school. 8:30 pm they were called to an area on the hillside street less than 1 mile from the bishop o'dowd high school. they say someone killed the man using a knife and no arrests have been made. the coroner's office is working to identify the man. a new report sangha san francisco police officer arrested on suspicion of felony gun possession has been in trouble with the department before. and officer thomas abrahamsen was displayed in 2003 for illegal search. he was put on a two-year probation for lying to he is superiors. last week he was charged with manufacturing and processing of banned assault rifle and is pleaded not guilty to the
6:38 am
charges. we are learning more about the emeryville police officers that were almost hit by gunfire while on the patrol near the pixar studios when they saw a bullet ricochet off of the ground near them at about 8:00 friday night. they found a 9 mm bullet lodged in the nearby building and they are calling this negligent discharge of a firearm. no one was hurt and no suspect information has been released. the officers across the bay area are on edge after what has happened in several cities, including five officers ambushed in dallas. make sure you are watching mornings on 2 this morning at 8:00. the police chief from emeryville, jennifer to hot up will be joining us -- tahada will be talking about the concerns of the officers and will also talk about the up coming trip to the white house meeting with police chiefs around the country talking about policing strategies
6:39 am
there will be block parties around the bay area for national night out, a way to get to know each other and to instill trust between the community and the police officers. the san francisco mayor and a lee is set to sign the city budget, 9.6 million dollars spending plan including a plan to expand the homeless services and to increase the city police force. the money will also go to improving the transit projects. despite weeks of announcement and we've been talking about this on tv, some bart riders were caught off guard it surprised to find the bart service shut down between san francisco glen park and daly city station. that means getting to the sfo using bart took longer than usual with a delay of to one hour, and six more weekends of the bart shutdowns are planned. and they're running bus
6:40 am
shuttles while the repair work is done. 6:39 am. the santa clara county superior court clerk says they have not had a pay raise in eight years, and the actions that the hundreds of employees are taking this morning. a powerful message at the teen choice awards last night. we have some traffic in many spots around the bay area, and keeping track of the trouble spots, and we will tell you about the east bay commute and the bay bridge right coming up. the weather is looking cooler with a nice fog bank and we will talk about that as the cooling is expected later in the week.
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(music plays from one way or another )♪♪ ♪ i'm gonna find y♪ i'm gonna getcha ♪ ♪ getcha getcha getcha ♪ one way or another ♪ ♪ i'm gonna win ya ♪ i'm gonna getcha ♪ ♪ getcha getcha getcha ♪ one way or another ♪ ♪ i'm gonna see ya ♪ (inhales cigarette)
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welcome back to mornings on 2, 6:43 am. federal safety investigators say that the hot air balloon that crashed killing 16 near austin, texas, likely hitting power lines before crashing and burning. they have recovered the cell phones and tablets that belong to the passengers from the wreckage. they believe that some of those devices will have video taken from saturday open this will give them information about the weather conditions and the possible flight path of the bloom before crashing. funeral service being planned for the san diego police officer.and killed during a traffic stop last week, an officer jonathan deguzman funeral scheduled for
6:44 am
thursday morning, and friday morning a memorial service will be held at the church in el cajon. the public is invited to both services. and he was killed during a traffic stop and his partner, officer wade irving was seriously injured but is expected to recover. the suspect in the case, jesse go mess is facing charges of murder and attempted murder. later today president obama will address the annual convention of disabled american veterans and atlanta. he will talk about the administration progress on reducing the homelessness among those that served in the u. s. military. overall the better and homelessness has been cut almost in half in the recent years, but is still falling short of the president's long- held goal of getting it down to zero before leaving the white house. new this morning, the new miss teen usa carly hayes will get to keep her crown, despite the controversy surrounding her use of racial slurs on twitter in the past. some of her tweets resurfaced
6:45 am
after being crowned saturday night in las vegas. yesterday she apologized for the tweets saying she was going to personal struggles and regrets her words. the miss universe organization issued a statement saying that the language he used was unacceptable, but the organization says they are committed to supporting her growth. some of the biggest stars receiving surfboard that the annual teen choice awards, 37 million votes cast online and the teen choice awards are the biggest achievement and films, television and more. and daisy ridley won for breakout star for "star wars", and justin timberlake except the decade award, the night's biggest honor. >> what it is to be an all- around entertainer, singing, dancing, acting, drama and comedy, you name it and he can
6:46 am
do it. >> neil and jessica alba took a moment to call for the end of violence by guns, he says that many that are victims are teenagers. 6:46 am. let's check in for the next round with gasia mikaelian there's interesting news about the site of the horrible nightclub shooting in florida, opening as memorial to the 49 people that died. the owners and what they're doing to help those that were injured in that horrific attack. and an alarming warning for the athletes and others ahead of the olympic games, the waterways of brio are steaming with damming virus and bacteria and other contaminants that i will not mention. you will thank me if you have not had your breakfast. and there are warning bells being sent through the country and we will have the stories and much more in just a few
6:47 am
minutes.>> thank you, gasia. we will check back in with alex savidge and he is covering for sal on the traffic, and what do the people need to know?>> good news about that slow ride on the bay bridge, there was a stalled, but that is been cleared. traffic appears to be moving much better than earlier. taking a look -- i will get to the bay bridge in a moment. first let's look at highway 24, getting busier as we head out of walnut creek westbound, but no major crashes to report. let's talk about the bay bridge, a live look at the toll plaza, backed up solid all the way through the maze. i will show you on the maps that the traffic is solid on westbound 80 as well. slowing coming to the toll plaza and want to get past the
6:48 am
pay gate, the incline looks much better than it was earlier in the day. again, the stalled car has been moved out of the way. looking a little bit better. you can see the westbound 80 is solid from the albany area and in that vicinity coming west over toward the maze, you will see slowing and pockets of slowing in richmond as well. 6:48 am is your time right now and we have steve with the cooler forecast.>> yes, sir. we will get to this, and a lot of people talking about this smoke layer, and we have low clouds, and smoke from the monterey county and that big sur fire making it up into the santa cruz mountains and up toward oakland. it could be where you are as well. the good news is the humidity from the low cloud deck is here and temperatures are cooling- off to help. this is a very steep, rugged
6:49 am
and inaccessible terrain and it is hard to fight that fire, 18% contained. 5300 total personnel or on this fire, and the smoking tendering to filter up -- continuing to filter up in this direction, and by the end of the week we will have better news on that fire. vallejo current conditions fog, 56 with light winds, smoke over oakland yesterday from the fire. and an opportunity monday and welcome back. marty has the worst attitude, just kidding, fantastic. low clouds, much bigger fog bank, and the inland temperatures cooling off even though the lows are up for many, and the water temperature's came up, but by the end of the week though should cool down as well. we have a decent onshore breeze,
6:50 am
50s, mid to upper, and then 60s, san jose, hayward, oakland in fremont all in the low 60s. napa, 49, 59 in kelseyville. 52 in calistoga, 51 in bodega bay to mill valley at 56. west, west southwest fairfield, 81 in phoenix, 83 las vegas, palm springs 83. if you are traveling down the grapevine or to southern california, the santa clarita fire, the smoke layer is incredible and visibility is worse down that way. that monsoon moisture almost made it, and it made it to bishop and a little bit to the east and south, but i think sierra tahoe is okay. this system will open the door to a cooler pattern, starting a little bit to the day today, but more by midweek.
6:51 am
60s, 70s, 80s and 90s on the temperatures, and the trend is taking it down and leveling off. far enough in the low 90s inland. i do not see one hundreds for a while. a little bit warmer on the temperatures because the ocean temperatures are up, but still on the mild trend, and then at cooling trend kicking in thursday and the weekend. tell us about your vacation. >> we drove down to arizona. but i don't mind driving because it was nice. we were around blithe, palm springs and a place called desert center. my car registered 123 degrees. and it is accurate. and when i got gas, i mean it was hot. >> so long as you can sit in the air conditioner, but if you have to get out of the car. >> and it was cool when it was
6:52 am
in the 90s. desert center. 6:52 am measure time right now. and straight out of the james bond movie, coming up, the sky diver in southern california, and you will have to see this to believe it.
6:53 am
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welcome back to mornings on 2, 6:54 am. a sky diver in southern california makes history, lou akins jumps out of the plane without a parachute, 25,000 feet and lived to tell the story. >> he is in.>> he is on live tv, jumping out of that plane and landed safely into a net on saturday, and he fell through the air for two minutes and flipped onto his back. at the very last second and landed in the net. he has made 18,000 jumps, but he said if he was not nervous he would be stupid. his wife was waiting, but he wanted to show the people we can do all things that we think we cannot do if we approach it in the right way. two women making a
6:56 am
startling discovery as they play pokimon go, and instead of finding pokimon star's, they found a todd are wondering around by herself. and two boys arrived claiming she was there sister but she stayed with the child. >> it would've broken my heart and i would not have been able to live with myself if something happened to that little girl. >> the sheriff's deputies returned the girl to her grandmother, and they say it is a good home and that grandmother lost track of the tongue for a second and she wandered away. 50 see 6 am. -- 6:56 am. the eight and final story of the harry potter saga, "harry potter and the first child" eating the store shelves in london, and on saturday five years after the potter mania peak when the previous book was made into a movie.>> it was
6:57 am
just amazing. people should beg are still, do whatever to get a ticket to see the show, it is so good. >> amazing, the best i have seen. and they say this will be the last book based on the boy wizard, coming 20 years after the first three potter book was released. coming up on 7:00, a smash- and-grab burglary at the san francisco antique store and we will talk about the expensive items that were stolen overnight. the san jose fire crews putting out the fire at the shopping center, and a man had to be rescued after flames broke out.
6:58 am
6:59 am
$35,000 of rare antiques stolen from a bay area shop. i will tell you what -- how they got in and what criminals left behind. and bipartisan backlash for republican presidential nominee donald trump. the comments that are drawing so much criticism as "mornings on 2" continues. coming up on 7:00. what better way to start your
7:00 am
august? not just your monday. a live look at where we live. the gorgeous bay. some good music in the back. a little bit of cloud cover so we're not going to be roasting. we have had it with those 100s. welcome back to "mornings on 2" this monday, august 1. i am gasia mikaelian. >> you brought some music with you, too. i am dave clark. let's go to steve paulson. talk about your weather for a monday morning. >> gasia said a little cooler. 80s and 90s now for some. not those upper 90s to 100s. i don't see that for a while. the 10 to 14-day outlook looks near normal to below. now, for some there is not much fog, but there might be a smoke layer or two. a lot of fires burning in california pumping in smoke. a pretty good fog bank today. there will be a westerly component. 60s, 70s coast and bay. this week for livermore,


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