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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 630pm  FOX  August 1, 2016 6:30pm-7:01pm PDT

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lawsuit. the activist are calling for the impeachment of the judge dropping off boxes containing more than a million signatures today as they are angry over what they would say was a light sentence the judge handed down in the brock turner case. the former student was convicted of sexually assaulting an unconscious woman as they wanted six years in prison. the judge persky gave him six months. you're watching fox ktvu 2 news at 6:30. a sizable lead following a democratic convention. clinton has 52% support while trump is down to 43%. trump is also facing intense backlash from his own party over how he's handling criticism from the parents of the slain soldier. reporting joel waldman has the latest. >> i know the vets, i think that i have tremendous support with the vets. >> reporter: donald trump, he is not addressing the latest fire storms of the criticism surrounding the campaign after
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slamming a muslim war hero's parents who spoke at the dnc. and suggesting that khizr khan's wife was not allowed to speak because of religious reasons. some republicans like arizona senator and vietnam war hero john mccain siding with the khan's, saying in a statement, "i cannot emphasize enough how deeply i disagree with mr. trump's statement. i hope that americans will understand their remarks do not represent their views of our republican party. as officers or as candidates. prominent democrats, they are also pouncing on trump including hillary clinton's vice presidential running mate and virginia senator tim kaine. >> just to remember that whoever is the victim this week that they will view them next week, you know, that they will need more of them next week. that is the week after that. >> reporter: million -- hillary clinton speaking exclusively about misleading statements she made to the american people about e-mails that were sent and received from the private account while secretary of state. >> the director comey said my answers were truthful.
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what i said is consistent with what i have told the american people. that there were decisions discussed and made to classify reto eighthly certain e-mails. >> reporter: this afternoon they came out in defense of the khan family telling donald trump that ridiculing a gold star mom is out of bounds. in washington joel waldman fox news. the cremeling's -- over the weekend wikileaks founder julian assange refused to say where the documents came from on the campaign trails. democratic presidential nominee hillary clinton reasserted russian intelligence sources were behind the hack. a spokesman for the kremling says that her accusations are without merit. the u.s. has carried out a
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new round of air strikes targeting isis. president obama approved the air strikes last week after a request of libya. they targeted militants in the city of sirte along libya's northern coast, the first time the u.s. has targeted isis in libya since february. u.s. military officials have been planning the strikes for months. >> we want to again strike isol where it hits. libya is one of those locations. >> president obama is expected to receive an update on the fight against isis. the cdc is telling pregnant women not to travel north of miami. it is the first time to not travel to the u.s. >> about 2,300 individuals around the state in that one
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geographic area that we tested that we have tested about 200 individuals. that is how we found the additional cases. >> reporter: the number of locally transmitted cases of the zika virus grows to 14 in south florida. all are in the same one-square mile area identified last week near miami. governor rick scott saying that pregnant women living there need to take steps to avoid mosquito bites. >> the risk is that we have somebody that travels here from another country, they bring in active cases with them, mosquitoes bite them. >> the centers for disease control and prevention advising pregnant women not to travel to the so-called zika transmission area. and those who live there should take measures to avoid mosquito bites and sexual spread of the virus. cdc director dr. tom freeden says if you're pregnant in the area and you have traveled there since june 15 you should get tested. >> if you're pregnant see your doctor about getting tested.
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if you're a male whose partner is pregnant, then see your doctor and maybe you need to use a condom until the end of pregnancy. >> more than 60 people have been infected with the zika virus. more of the issues are happening after traveling abroad. they hope not to see that widespread outbreak of the zika virus in the mainland u.s. and that it has happened in brazil and parts of latin america. in miami fox news. coming up, the high-speed chase that -- high-speed chase that went through three counties. it's been three years from the boston marathon bombing. a message of hope from one of the marathon bomber victims. i've got you a new partner. i don't want to have to babysit some adrenaline junkie. >> just show them around.
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in southern california a two-hour chase from long beach to san diego county ended with the arrest of a female driver. the chase started just after 4:00 this morning when the chp saw the woman weaving across lanes of traffic on highway 101 in l.a. she failed to pull over and the chase continued for 120 miles. at one point the chp had her surrounded. she finally emerged from her vehicle in -- in a pink shirt and shorts. authorities took her into custody without incidents. tesla announce add deal to buy solar city. both companies have musk as their chairman. the price tag $2.6 billion.
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musk says it is a deal of a long-term thinking calling it a no brainer, creating a one-stop shop. the deal is expected to close in the 4th quarter. rebecca gregory served as the keynote speaker at a sports medicine symposium held by doctors medical center in modesto. gregory was in boston for her 26th birthday when a backpack was placed three feet behind her. when the bomb went off, her leg shielded her little boy from severe injuries, but she was forced to spend nearly two months in a hospital. >> i remember 2014, that i made a decision to amputate my leg requiring a lot of therapy. and so you know, it is basically normal now that i go to the doctor's office every week and that i still see quite a few doctors, i still have quite a few surgeries coming up. but all of the people that have
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been so amazing. so how do you consider it anything else than less? >> since her recovery, gregory has made multiple appearances to talk about overcoming the incident to encourage others to do the same. after nearly 30 years the men's track and field program is returning to san jose state university. the school's world reknown program was dropped in 1988 because of budget cuts. harry edwards and two of the most prominent athletes in american history. john carlos and tommy smith were at san jose state this morning when the announcement was made. carlos and smith made history in 1968's olympics for taking a stand for human rights. >> that legacy is still indoors. i'm glad to see san jose state owning it, celebrating it, and saying we were the light that showed the way for the rest of the world. >> carlos, smith, and edwards
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are among the track and field athletes who trained at san jose state during the school's so-called city era. well it is the prime location in san francisco, but now we're learning that a 58- story condo is actually sinking. >> so you are buying a beautiful piece of real estate in the most amazing city in the world, but now there's a little bit of a blemish. >> a little bit. what officials say is to blame in the efforts and how to fix it. nice weather in the bay area this afternoon. just as nice for tomorrow. i'll have your numbers for you. we'll talk about how long this trend will last coming up.
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well san francisco, we have a problem. the millennium tower on mission and fremont has apparently sunk 16 inches since being built eight years ago. >> as ktvu tara moriarty reports that's not sitting well with the owners of multi- million dollar condos. >> reporter: a marvel of glass and concrete, the 58-story millennium tower offers luxury living anywhere from the million to $10 million per condo range. but lately some are referring to it as the leaning tower of san francisco. >> to worry about more than what you're thinking. >> reporter: cracks and dips are visible on the sidewalk and the basement according to residents. this is not normal settling. the building has sunk 16 inches since 2008 and tilted two inches. >> i've seen a lot of surveyors, i thought something was up like that and i'm pretty shocked. >> i need to reevaluate my lease a little bit.
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>> reporter: they predicted that it would settle about six inches over the life span, but not 16. homeowners association hired an independent consultant to survey the sinkage, which could translate into a costly real estate legal battle. >> it's kind of like you're buying a brand new ferrari with a little nick on the fender. this floor-to-ceiling glass. >> reporter: they believe that a disclosure will impact buyer impact in the short term. >> so you're buying a beautiful piece of real estate in the most amazing city in the world. but now there's a little bit of a blemish because it is becoming a taboo. people may think hey this thing will topple over tomorrow. >> reporter: a millennium partner's spokesperson hinted that the transit center project was to blame saying that the tower is in a location with major underground construction work was subsequent performed by other who is are obligated to monitor and protect existing structures. but according to a consulting
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firm hired by the joint towers authority, the tower settled 10 inches within the first two years of the building's completion. before construction crews even broke ground on the transit center. >> without any major real estate purchasing here on the long-term investment. this is a small hiccup. >> reporter: the homeowners association is evaluating their legal options against the developer, the designers, contractors, and the authority. in san francisco tara moriarty ktvu fox 2 news. >> boy that seems like a lot. >> it is one tall building too. this is six inches that will be normal, but 16 inches. >> that's scary. >> that is scary, the leaning tower of san francisco. >> i love that. >> all right, let's get a check on the weather now as rosemary is standing guard over in the weather center with cooler temperatures on the way. >> nothing scary, but the weather. >> no complaints either as we have pretty good weather in the forecast. and that it will be settling in to a nice pattern. and fog over the weekend with
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the temperatures cooling off, that we're not going to see a whole lot of change for the next couple of days, but we will get into a bigger cool down as i'll show you that in their extended forecast. but right now, outside our doors it will be a bit cool in san francisco. 56 degrees, actually i think it's a little closer to 60 as that number did not move right on. 72 santa rosa and livermore in the upper 70s. san jose checking in at 75 degrees. some of us were warmer this afternoon and a tad cooler. all in all again just subtle changes for your afternoon. with only a little change expected for your tuesday. we will remain right in between high pressure to the south of us with the low pressure to the north as we have that on shore breeze with us. the marine layer has grown about two feet deep allowing them to move inland to the bay and inland communities during the morning hours, but it will sink closer to us as we get into thursday, friday, and that again will lead to an even bigger cool down. here we are right now with the clouds off the coast as we saw them pull back and bring some sunshine to allow that sunshine
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to pour into the coastline for a little while as you can see they are working back in. as we will get into the evening hours they will cross that bay once again and they will continue this afternoon. fairfield, gusting up to 30 miles per hour. it's been pretty much that way for their entire afternoon. concord reporting 13, take a look at novado a northerly breeze at 18 and southerly in santa rosa. tomorrow morning we'll start the morning very similar to this morning with the lower 50s at pacifica, san francisco. the east bay shoreline 55 for oakland. 56 in concord and 60 degrees outside for you to start your morning in antioch. here is a look at their cloud cover expected for tomorrow morning at the coast, peninsula into the east bay, into the north bay. and into the south bay as well as we will continue that southerly flow for tomorrow afternoon and the possibility of the smoke once again for our south bay locations as well as the inner east bay. but our temperatures will be very mild for this time of the year with a look at their numbers, 64 pacifica and 65 for san francisco. 70s around the bay.
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70s for oakland and 77 in mountainview as we get into the south bay. 82 for san jose. even the warmer locations are not bad. to the north bay 82 expected for napa with the extended forecast as we will get into wednesday and you're going to notice only minor fluctuations. but into thursday we'll begin to see that trough deepen over california that they will bring those temperatures down even farther as we will be below average for thursday, friday, saturday, and the slight little bump in temperatures as they will get into sunday. but all in all just a good looking forecast, good for the firefighters, definitely around california, battling those wildfires as well. >> fantastic. >> yes, the air conditioner needs a break. >> sure. >> thanks, rosemary. >> you got it. well the a's are sellers again at baseball's trading deadline as we will tell you who will be leaving the team. also the giants that will fire up the pair of lefties, their playoff drive will be up next with sports.
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i guess that you'll get used to it by the dismantling of the players every year. >> they will make a clear message by getting rid of the big names, making a clear message that they will be going
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for it. but the deadline a lot of the times you'll hear about those rumors, this, that, nothing really materialized, but not today as they would get a whole lot of people changing their zip codes from morning tonight. the trades and the giants, bolstering their pitching staff right in the middle of it. their lefty from tampa 27 years old. 7-7 record with 4.08 e.r.a. in his last 10 games he's gotten six or more innings a solid guy on the rotation. as a matter of fact 2013 he made the all-star team with a 17-4 record. he might take jake peavy's spot in the starting rotation. giants haven't made that known yet. to get him, giants gave up that guy right there matt duffy with a gold glove contender last year, 3rd base. number two for the voting of the rookie of the year, but suffered an achilles injury just 25. hit .295 last year, but as i said dealing with injury problems right now. not ready to play. matt duffy a good player then a
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couple of prospects they give up. but it is all about pitching when you're talking about the giants. and matt moore definitely fits the bill there. >> it's hard to, you know, imagine myself not here after nine years. but you know, just getting out there, the producers doing something really nice for them and to kind of start to, you know, take care of them. and for months to come. >> all right. and also that they will be bolstering their bullpen lefty will smith getting jiggy with it. 1.63 e.r.a. a guy that throws hard as you can see by the highlights. as a matter of fact dominating last year with 91 strikeouts. 61 1/3 innings giving up their number one draft choice.
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and they promised to catch up a lot of injury problems in sacramento and so the price is pretty steep right there as well. talking a little bit about their a's. i guess that the a's fans, they just have to bite that bullet here and to understand that the team seems to be in a constant rebuilding mode. as they will get rid of another very popular player. that would be josh reddick a familiar story here. reddick on the pace for being an all star this year and before he fractured his thumb. .296, eight homers with injuries. just a very popular player who tweets this out today. just want to thank the oakland athletic organization for the time i spent there, i played in some very memorable and spectacular games. i wouldn't be where i'm at without oakland as he will be a free agent at end of the season. and rich hill is another lefty who winds up going to the, he
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winds up getting traded from the a's to the dodgers in that same deal. we're not going to see any video, but i'll tell you the guy that they were also interested in, jay bruce that will end up getting traded to the new york mets. and he is a guy that has gotten a great hour, 25 home runs so far. he's got 80 rbis leading the league in that total. as a matter of fact that he's the first player since 1920. to get traded when leading the league in rbis. the mets will give up a couple of prospects against babe ruth and the power in the line up with cespedes. all right, we'll take a look at highlights from team u.s.a. tonight at 10:00 as they are taking care of business again in the olympic warm ups. that's the sporting life for right now. >> josh reddick with the pie in the face all the time who would like to do that? >> he started that tradition. they'll need to find somebody else to take over that mode. but josh reddick, a great talent, very popular.
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popular with the media too. always easy in the interviews and very candid with the media. he'll be missed. >> it seems like a lot of fans when they get used to someone they're up and gone. >> get use today it. josh reddick, cespedes, you name it. >> it's a bummer when they let your guys go. but when your team picks up people it gives you that excitement. >> exactly and the a's pick up three prospects. we don't know much about them yet, but they're highly regarding pitching prospects for the dodgers. >> our coverage continues over on ktvu plus. all right julie, thank you very much. coming up another shooting on highway 80. this time in emeryville. the the victim in the car is now in critical condition. also 13-year-old boy in fairfield shot and killed with a stolen gun. that gun belonged to the mayor of stockton. we're going to talk to the boy's father. that and more coming up on ktvu -- ktvu plus. >> we'll see you soon.
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