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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 5am  FOX  August 2, 2016 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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power is back on after an explosion underground. it knocked out electricity in each direction. he made a deal with the devil. he made a deal with the devil. >> donald trump is increasing his attacks on hillary clinton as he continues to face backlash from his own party after criticizing the parents of a fallen united states war hero. [music]. >> rock with you.>> yes, that's michael jackson. >> sorry. i was away rocking with him. a beautiful shot here. we are welcoming you to a brand- new day. it is tuesday, august 2. >> brian will be here in an
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hour. >> that's right. switching shifts. >> he gets to sleep in a little extra. >> sleep, yes. that's a one night thing. >> yes. without the alarm clock it's lovely. >> yes, it is. good morning. are you awake? well, we can go anywhere from 60 to 1092 depending on your location proximity to the coast. it doesn't take long to warm up. and, for others it will be a morning of fog. i think there might be a little drizzle in there. and, it's in okay breeze for some, 50s on a lot of the temperatures or low 60s, and south bay temperatures three.
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santa cruz is 57. that's 2 degrees warmer. and, saratoga. the middle 50s above that. and also scotts valley and boulder creek at 54. kind of a variable wind. kind of tailing off. but, the sierra nevada looks beautiful. and, this will be a secondary piece coming in. and, there will be 90s for some. alex is in for style. >> we are going to start with a crash that we have been tracking. we will tell you about this. san jose police are continuing to investigate this early- morning car crash. and, as you can see, damaged several other parked cars. and, it happened midnight on wilmont avenue. a witness tells us that that car hit several parked cars
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going at a high rate of speed. the driver of the car was trapped inside. and he was eventually taken to the hospital. and, the cause of the accident remains under investigation. it is unclear if alcohol or drugs played a role obviously, that will be part of the investigation. the commute coming out of the tracy area, things are beginning to pick up westbound 580 coming over the altamont pass as they often do. if you are going to hit the road, this is a good time to do it. now, we will show you highway 4 and speaking of busy, that would pick up leaving the walnut creek area heading westbound through lafayette. no accidents to report. and finally, a quick peek here at 280. everything is moving along
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quite nicely down on the south bay. we will send it back over to you. we are following and underground explosion. it happened just about a half a mile from san francisco's union square. leigh martinez is there at the scene with -- where there is a power outage. >> reporter: the power is restored just in time for everyone to get ready. crews are out here and said that they are just about wrapping up they will be taking off in a little bit. but the work is pretty much done. we did have police directing traffic a couple of minutes ago and they just took off. and, you can see the lights on the building. and the power is back on in this area. they said around 12:40 am, and underground equipment failure caused explosion and the fire. the fire ended up burning out. locals reported seeing the blast
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blew off of the manhole covers. and then they saw smoke pouring out. people lost electricity and cable immediately afterwards. back out here life, you can see that -- live, you can see the work is pretty much done. one of the workers tells me that they have a web electricity wires going back and forth and it says, that the copper cable was the one that had gone out. but because of the way that everything is laid out apparently it is an easy fix. >> that's good news. thank you. oakland police are investigating a deadly shooting. it happened last night right near the foothill boulevard. that was just before 8 am. police say that the victim is a man and no other information has been released. there is no description of a
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possible suspect. this happened on interstate 80 near the powell street off ramp. a man remains in critical condition after being shot in the head. authorities are not making his name public that they do say that he is 27 and from oakland. he was discovered after police found a passenger from his car walking on the freeway. this is the 36th shooting on an east bay freeway since last november. one driver that we spoke to called it a disturbing trend. >> the fact that people do not respect life anymore. somehow in our country life has become cheaper. >> there is such division in our society that people do not understand the consequence of that kind of violence. it is disturbing. >> several law enforcement agencies are working on the case. they say this time to solve
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because many of them are believed to be gang related. many times they will not cooperate. a man accused of killing four people was in court for the first time. the 27-year-old was all ready in jail on an unrelated charge when he was arrested last week. he had long been suspected in the killings. but it appears that authorities are still searching for other suspects. the shootings appear to be linked to a game.. bail was set -- feud. gang -- a lawsuit was filed by a man whose beating was captured on surveillance video. the claims deputies used excessive force. two deputies have been charged with assaulting him after they were seen on video beating him at the end of the car chase. a third deputy was fired last friday because of video that showed him holding what appears to be a gold chain that appear
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to pet -- that belong to petra. they said they were given the gold chain as hush money because they witnessed the beating. he is a convicted felon currently in custody on unrelated drug and gun charges. >> this couldn't have happened without a corrupt culture. and, the civil rights cases going to allow us to dig into that and find out what was going on. >> the sheriff's office did not commented. and, all of those involved parties. the four police officers involved in last friday's controversial arrest of an unarmed robbery suspect in san francisco are still on active duty. two witnesses recorded the arrest on friday showing him being pinned to the ground by police officers. the bay area news group reports that he resisted arrest and that at one point he kicked one
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of the officers in the head and throat and bit another officer. the district attorney's office has not reviewed the case. a man was arrested suspected of stealing $10,000 worth of genes. and, they say the sears was robbed twice. three men are accused of stealing several stacks of levi's. surveillance cameras captured one of those thefts and a police officers recognized one of those. he was later arrested during a traffic stop. no word if the other suspects have been caught. the san francisco fire department has a new tool for fighting fires. the city is wrapping up tasks of what will be the third fire boat. it cost almost $12 million. it has all the bells and whistles. they said it will be used for firefighting along with helping to pump water in the cities they monitor lying down.
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the fire department had to come up with a name for this new boat. donald trump seems to be trying to move on from his public feud with the father of a united states army captain who was killed in iraq. it's kristin fisher reports the fallout five days after the father's emotional convention speech may be showing up in the newest polls. we will get to that report. i know you have the details. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. donald trump is really doing his best to move the conversation away from his controversy with that family. and he is doing it by using some of the most heated rhetoric. >> that is politics at its lowest. >> just when you thought that the name-calling couldn't get any more heated. yesterday he called his
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democratic rival the devil and said that bernie sanders would be going up in flames with her for endorsing her. >> he made a deal with the devil. she is the deal/she has the devil. >> they typically don't visit red states during the general election campaign. unless, you're getting endorsed by one of the favorite sons, warren buffett. they turned into one of clinton's fiercest attacks dogs by biting into trump on his business record and refusal to release and tax returns. trump targeted -- trump argued because he is under review. >> i would be delighted to meet him anyplace i will bring my tax returns and he can bring his tax returns and nobody is going to arrest us. >> clinton's bash clinton is
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enjoying a new bump in the polls. it has her ahead by seven points. a week earlier, the same poll had been tied. but despite all this negative attention donald trump is still drawing huge crowds. last night, thousands of donald trump supporters weren't allowed in because there wasn't enough room. >> thank you. the efforts continue to remove a santa clara county judge. what they are doing to get that judge in the brough turner case off of the bench. first, uber is selling its stakin china.
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i'm afraid it,s bad for my teeth. try crest 3d white. crest 3d white diamond strong toothpaste and rinse... ...gently whiten... ...and fortify weak spots. use together for 2 times stronger enamel. crest 3d white. welcome back. your bill is about to go up. the average bill will increase at pg&e after the commission approved higher gas rates to pay for upgrades. they are also considering a request for higher gas and electricity rates in general. if approved, monthly bills could increase for more dollars in january. despite the increase, they the typical customer still pay less than the national average. san francisco voters will not get to decide if they should have to pay a new payroll tax. they blocked putting the tax measure on the november ballot.
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the measure called for companies with revenue of more than $1 million to pay the extra tax. it would have gone to affordable housing and home and service measures. they say the growing number of tech company workers moving to san francisco has increased housing prices in the number of evictions. opponents they that it would lead to a cut in jobs in hurt city revenue. uber is selling operations in china. they are selling its data into business to its chinese rival. they will get a 20% share of the chinese company. it will end the long and costly battle between those companies. the chinese company will operate as a separate brand. business is from outside of china often find it difficult to operate without a chinese partner. they think pokimon go can help boost the muni. they include the seven, 18, 29, and 38 lines.
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you can find pokimon characters at the ferry building, and lands and. >> they are everywhere apparently. have you played? >> would you believe it i haven't captured a single one. >> i am happy to hear that. >> my wife is happy. >> yes. >> i get more done around the house that way. >> we're keeping an eye on those roadways. it's a nice-looking commute. especially in the south bay. i want to tell you about the super commuters coming out of the gilroy area. and, it is a smooth ride through morgan hill and moving up towards san jose. it will also show you highway 4 way things have been picking up this morning and getting busier heading westbound on highway 4 and out of the pittsburgh area. and over into concorde.
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if you are going to make that trip i would do it pretty soon. now, the san mateo bridge and there you go. it's a pretty good-looking ride heading westbound. no major slowdowns being reported. no accidents on that span right there. now it is a good time if you're going to make that trip towards the peninsula. 5:18 am is the time. and you have no time for pokimon go. >> yes, please. i do other stupid things. >> reporter: that thank you. -- port -- thank you. we do have some fog. it is still pretty decent. i think that temperatures by the coast, they can down a little bit. but, this stay the same. san francisco, and half moon bay dropped 10. they did cool down a teeny bit.
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there will be a lot of sun over by the coast. and sometimes it hangs on. but the low clouds and fog are there. i do not think that they are going anywhere. this is a northerly breeze for some. especially parts of the coast. and there is a delta breeze in place. 50s on some temperatures. and another mild side morning for parts of the peninsula. santa rosa is at 52. the northbay temperatures are above. 58 kelsey bill, 53 petaluma, and sevastopol also at 53. temperatures looks like they will be slightly warmer for inland areas. it's not as much of a breeze. although, they do have the northwest. sierra nevada is 39. reno is at 62. 58 sacramento and you kind. 80s in palm springs.
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and the monsoon moisture continues to try to work its way into southern california. but it is mainly staying on the desert and it is definitely not moving out. so, another beautiful day in the truckee area. but this is what looks to be to will be continuing to work its way southward by thursday that will open the doors too much cooler patterns. so san francisco, 70s around the bay in a few degrees warmer and we have a pretty good push of fog to parts of livermore. and i do not think that much will make it today. so temperatures are a little warmer. holding it study and then your big drop on thursday into friday in normal temperatures into the weekend. girl power, it appears to be the theme of apple's latest update. the brand-new emoji is coming soon.
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♪ ♪keep on the sunny side ♪always on the sunny side ♪keep on the sunny side of life♪
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♪keep on the sunny side ♪always on the sunny side ♪keep on the sunny side of life♪ welcome back. >> oh my god. >> that's all you can say. look at these pictures. a woman is trapped, rescued alive. thanks to good samaritans. they pulled her out of a car that was trapped in a flash flood. these pictures are incredible.
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this was posted on facebook. they did rescue her. but at least two deaths are blamed for all of that rain. cities in southern china are now on a red alert because of typhoon nita. it is the highest weather warning in china. it packed 90 miley an hour winds. the government told people to stockpile food and supplies for at least three days. we are learning more about that deadly hot air balloon crash in texas that killed people. the names of the victims are being released. they said that the balloon hit high tension power lines before it crashed into a pastor about 60 miles outside of san antonio. investigators say the day before the pilot call to get a weather briefing. one man said that his sister was posting video while she was on the balloon. >> at 6:30 pm we all started to see posts from my sister.
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and all the way until 7:35 pm, she was posting videos and pictures and then it stopped. >> there are reports of the hot air balloon pirate -- pilot had at least four you dashboard dui convictions and was a recovering alcoholic. his former girlfriend says he never piloted a hot air balloon while intoxicated. the center for disease control is telling pregnant women to avoid travel to a neighborhood north of miami after a dozen cases were discovered. it affects a 1 mi.2 north of downtown that -- miami where 14 people have been infected after being bitten by mosquitoes. florida's governor, rick scott says they should avoid that specific area and pregnant women who live there should take extra precautions. >> we have tested about 2300 individuals. that one geographic area we have now tested about 200
5:26 am
individuals and that's how we have found the individual cases. >> the zika virus can cause severe birth defects. oregon 1600 people have been infected with a virus but almost all of them contracted the virus while traveling outside of the united states. it is 5:26 am. a dog attacked its new owner a day after being adopted. still ahead, why this is prompting concerns about no kill policies. >> reporter: hundreds of block parties are happening for national night out. why police say that coming to one of these events tonight is especially significant. plus, traffic is beginning to pick up and many spots. we are keeping an eye on those roadways.
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there is your live picture. this is highway 4 looking towards being point and it is busy.
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music of we deserve i -- wheezer island in the sun. >> it is 5:30 am. steve is here with a look at the weather. i guess it will be more normal weather. >> if my father is watching, he probably went who is that? >> [laughter] >> there you go. it does look like a pretty similar day to what we had on monday. although, inland temperatures, as did trend up slightly. -- those did trend up slightly. good morning, steve. current weather shows the wind is calm. humidity is 80%. richard, you sound like a weatherman. thank you for that. i will tell you, if you're out towards clearlake, brentwood, it is pretty warm as you get
5:31 am
closer to the bay and the coast. it stays in the 60s and 70s. the inland temperatures will take a tumble. 50s and 60s on those temperatures. not as much as an inland push. 53 black hawk, 52 lafayette. and brentwood and 57 dublin also everyone is in medicine a couple of degrees -- is within a couple of degrees of each other. no big boomers are up in the sierras. they are staying all south. the slow spinning and the secondary one will come in to a cooler pattern. near 90. all right. do you have something to talk about? >> we do. we do have a developing story it is in the central valley but it is a really bad bus crash that happened near the town of livingston. we will put this up on the map here, and show you what we are talking about.
5:32 am
we understand is that each whereabouts has crash on highway 99, your livingston and according to our fox affiliate in fresno, at least five people are dead as a result of this accident. you can imagine there is a major investigation underway. we do not have the exact information on all of those lane closures. but suffice to say there is a lot of that area that is shut down as they investigate what took place. a tour bus swerved in hit a pole of some kind on the side of the road. and, after that crash five people are dead. so that is the in -- is the developing story. now, we bring it back in the bay area and i will tell you by your commute through lafayette, that has been getting busier and busier. fortunately, were not reporting any accidents in that particular area. it is still a pretty decent ride.
5:33 am
when you make it over to the bay bridge toll plaza this is what you will encounter that is starting to pick up as these lights take on. busier and busier but no major problems reported. 5:33 am, dave i will send it to you. tonight's national night out. millions of people all over the nation are expected to take part. it is a night when block parties are held to get to know your neighbors and take a stand against crime. we are live with why this year it is really important. >> good morning.>> reporter: good morning. we are here in front of the hayes mansion. there is a national night out event that is happening here. in years past they have had it here on the front lawn a are expecting 400 people from the neighborhood to show up. this is just one of many parties happening tonight throughout the bay area.
5:34 am
this event encourages people to come out of their houses meet with neighborhoods and police and talk and have fun. its purpose is to strengthen relationships and show criminal but they will not tolerate crime in their neighborhood. a lieutenant with the san jose police department tells us that officers are going to try to go to as many neighborhoods as possible to meet with people. >> this national night out concept brings us into the neighborhoods, brings us into peoples communities and other cul-de-sacs were we have a chance to interact with them one-on-one when it is not a necessarily a police related matter. the department put together a video on its website promoting the national night out there is close to a couple hundred events happening in san jose it is especially significant because of all the police shootings that have occurred nationally that have marked protest. they are looking forward to the
5:35 am
event and are hoping to build on those relationships in the neighborhoods. >> yes, thank you. a former san mateo police officer may enter a plea in connection with a stock shall assault of five women -- sexual assault. he is facing 22 felony charges including making criminal threats, kidnapping, rape and other sexual assault offenses. they say the alleged crimes happened between 2013 and 2015. at the time, he worked for the los rios community college police department in the sacramento area. and, when the police -- san mateo's department. a please officer was assaulted -- was arrested after getting into an off-duty this fight. he is a 17 year veteran officer with the atwater police department. they say he got into an argument with a 39-year-old man and it turned physical.
5:36 am
the victim suffered a concussion and was taken to the hospital. >> the standard for all law enforcement officers whether on duty or off-duty is that their conduct should always be that which is expected of the public and, that is to uphold the law not to break the law. >> officer frank has been placed on administrative leave pending the outcome of the investigation. the convicted felon -- a convicted felon has been charged with attempted murder accused of shooting at an oakland police officer. nadia clark was involved in a crash in her police cruiser on july 23. they say 30-year-old marcus moss heard the crash, ran to the scene and was heard making anti- police statements. they say he fired a gun at her as she was trapped in the car. she was not hit. she was later arrested. -- he was later arrested. the murder cases due to begin september 19.
5:37 am
yesterday accused killer appeared in court. his lawyer asked to postpone the trial six more weeks so that he could further study the prosecution's evidence. but the judge turned down the request. it has been more than five years since she would -- she disappeared. her family says they have been waiting a long time and they want to see what happened -- find out what happened. >> after four years waiting. they are anxious for the court to get this back. >> the defense attorneys are still arguing to suppress some of the dna evidence in the case and they are still planning to file a change of venue motion by the end of the month. a child pornography investigation turned up dozens of videos of young girls secretly recorded at the vacaville performing arts theater. they say the 36-year-old and 35-
5:38 am
year-old worked at the theater and film those girls as they were dressing and undressing. those videos were discovered when police searched his home as a separate investigation. then, pike was arrested after they investigate -- after they noticed him. some of the clips showed girls from the dixon dance studios. and they say, but they feel betrayed. >> i am allowed no men backstage. they are checked in at the door, there is nothing that compromises my girl safety backstage. so this really hits to the core. >> the dressing room does not have a feeling, and investigators say the men used their cell phones to film the girls from the rafters. critics of a judge took a large and symbolic step in their effort to impeach him. demonstrators delivered six empty boxes. it symbolizes the 1.2 million signatures on a change business
5:39 am
-- petition demanding he be removed. there was public outrage when he ordered the former stanford swimmer to serve ex-months in jail -- six months in jail. >> the name on the wall says the honorable judge but this is the most dishonorable thing that i think as a woman, and as any fellow human being can feel. >> they say a recall or removal from office with in the wrong message. they say it could make them worry about their jobs if they make decisions that are not popular with the public. demonstrators say their attempts to force them out of court is likely to fail but that they are hoping to recall the effort will be successful. the wildfire in monterey county is spreading but not as fast as it did last week. they said what he 1000 acres have burned. it is 18% contained. one of the big concerns is keeping the fire from carmel
5:40 am
valley. they said that they held a community meeting and told people that the fire is not likely to reach carmel valley. but the monterey county herald report says there is a chance that the fire could force evacuations in the nearby areas. the cruise working in the area say the steep terrain in hot weather makes it very hard to control that weather -- fire. >> they are weighing 200 pounds of gear. they are working close to the fire so she is intense. >> yes, more than 5000 firefighters from all over the state are on those lines. grape growers are worried that the smoke could damage their crops. >> it would mean a whole crop is wiped out but it would only mean that probably some of their big red have to be altered a little bit. >> the great can absorb the smoke from the fire which affects the taste of the wine.
5:41 am
but they say it is early enough that some of the grapes could ripen after the fire is out and the smoke is cleared. >> -- a man is hospitalized after he was mauled by a dog she adopted. they went to an animal shelter and adopted fraser. at first, he was calm and friendly. when the second day, while in the backyard he attacked and bit his new owner. >> we went down to the ground and i was sitting on his chest. >> they say that they have so many dogs that they don't have time to evaluate maybe completely. >> now, as it turns out the shelter staff could not approach fraser during his two weeks at the shelter because he was too aggressive. a bet said that -- that said that fraser tried to bite someone in the face but they are judged on those who are released alive. they are deeply sorry about
5:42 am
what has happened and will triple the number of behaviors to evaluate dogs more thoroughly. the new list of the most stolen cars in america just came out. which cars are on the list, and what the national crime insurance bureau says is the reason why. and, virgin elastic the scholastic -- elastic wants to take you -- galaxy once to take you into space.
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welcome back. when it comes to apple he will not be a real gun on the list of the emoji's. apple decided to get rid of and replace the pistol with that green toy water gun. some people posted the gun and other weapon emoji's and got into trouble with the law. it was also an online effort to get apple's remove that. meanwhile other companies still use the real looking pistol. and, they do plan to add more than 100 new emoji's when they launched this fall. it includes female versions of swimmers, bikers, weightlifters and construction workers. they said one of the -- they want them to reflect a more diverse culture. they are also including new family emoji's to include single parents. virgin galactic has moved
5:46 am
forward to taking paying customers into space. they have granted them an operating license passenger rocket ship and the spaceship would have a tourist. they will begin conducting test flights to see if they are capable of paying that's carrying them safely above the earth it is unclear when those first test flights will take place. following in the footsteps of ghostbusters. a movie is getting a makeover. they will be coming back to the big screen. disney reportedly is in talks to reboot the classic but with a twist. channing tatum will play the man . the opposite actress in a gender reversal for the movie. the original one starred tom hanks as the mermaid. let's go to savage. we have breaking news it is tragic. what is the latest?
5:47 am
>> we are following the story out of the central valley. a deadly tour bus accident. we understand at least five people have been killed in the accident. these are one of the first pictures that we are getting. emergency crews are trying to get to some of the people inside of the bus. this is veered off of the road and hit a pole. again at least five people were killed in the crash. let me show you where this is happening. it is on highway 99 between the towns of livingston and atwater. that is right in the central valley. you can see that we have this on the map. and what we understand as a result of this investigation into this crash northbound lanes highway 99 are shut down at this time. again, at least five people dead after a tour bus crash. we will continue to follow that. back here, in the bay area here
5:48 am
is this scene. and westbound on 80. you can see, a lot of folks beginning to make this drives. we are seeing some backup but we don't have any accidents in that area. so that is making it a little bit easier. and in the south bay there is a look at 280. and everyone is moving along pretty well. it is a bit slow. but we have certainly seen this worse. right now, steve is here with a look at the weather. >> thank you. 4 we do have fog making its usual surge. it looks like it will burn off a little sooner. this looks to be a little lower and down on the deck. but there are plenty and i don't think of those temperatures change. they will stay in the 60s and 70s.
5:49 am
these backed off a little bit sunday and monday west, north, how about the delta? and also into travis. but had gusts of 31. 50s on the temperatures, heyward is there, but 52, santa rosa peninsula temperature is still lower. it upper 50s with even belmont. and southwest at 21. west at napa, so a little bit of a southerly breeze. also, 52. those are one of the cooler locations. sacramento and monterey, 54. and down in the desert, las vegas. in the monsoon moisture continues to rotate. and the desert for southern california some of that king back trying to head back towards the west but, for the sierra it is just not happening.
5:50 am
it makes it to bishop and doesn't go any further north. a little system here working its way into the pacific northwest. there will be a second one on thursday. even up until lake county, but still toasty. 100 in clearlake, 90s for others. and 89 fairfield. vacaville is that 95. and brentwood, livermore i went to 90. 72 oakland, berkeley is 68. upper 80s santa clara valley. and, 81 downtown. and 67 in the vicinity. and we have palo alto right around 80. and this is a big cooling trend. near-normal temperatures. >> not a lot of air
5:51 am
conditioning.>> unless your inland today and tomorrow. >> thank you. 5:51 am. lego -- we are getting ready for the summer games.
5:52 am
(music plays from one way or another )♪♪ ♪ i'm gonna find y♪ i'm gonna getcha ♪ ♪ getcha getcha getcha ♪ one way or another ♪ ♪ i'm gonna win ya ♪ i'm gonna getcha ♪ ♪ getcha getcha getcha ♪ one way or another ♪ ♪ i'm gonna see ya ♪ (inhales cigarette)
5:53 am
the legal toy company is getting into this -- lego toy
5:54 am
company is getting into the spirit of the olympics. 50 lego builders started building this model of the city. there are more than 950,000 lego bricks in this model. they said, it teaches about all of the landmarks that you will associate with rio. >> we did create 25 different icons with rio and they are all visible here. the arches, the copacabana. >> the model will stay on display throughout the olympics and paralympic games. opening ceremonies are this friday night. one of san francisco's tallest buildings is sinking. i'm talking about the millennium power on mission and fremont. it has sunk 16 inches in tilted
5:55 am
to inches since they built it eight years ago. the tower offers condos from $1 million from $1 million-$10 million. and people living there are seeing cracks and dips on the sidewalk. -- >> it is kind of like you are buying a brand-new ferrari but it has a nick on the fender. >> well, they predicted that the tower would settle, 6 inches over its life span but not 16. they hired a independent consultant to check out the thinking which could translate to a very expensive real estate legal battle. a spokesperson handed the translate transit center project to blame thing the tower is in a location where underground construction work was subsequently returned -- performed by others were obligated to monitor and protect existing structures. san jose, taking the city
5:56 am
to court. the issue is city place, a $6.5 billion project expected to include department stores and restaurants. and, it is meant to ride san jose. but they filed a lawsuit last week claiming that the impact of the project on the areas traffic and housing have not been adequately examined. santa clara's mayor has called the lawsuit disappointing. the next time that you are at walnut creek you need to pay for parking in downtown walnut creek. all you have to do is open up a mobile app. they report, that walnut creek just launched the park mobile app about letting people pay for parking. and the app is available on most platforms including apple and android phones. now, if you can't get to the app you can call a toll-free number displayed right there. we are coming up on the 6 am hour and hillary clinton has
5:57 am
made a sudden surge in some of those holes. -- polls -- polls. plus, we are keeping an eye on the roadways around the bay area. we are seeing heavier traffic in some spots.
5:58 am
5:59 am
an underground explosion wakes people in san francisco. we are following breaking news from the central valley there are reports of at least five people killed in a tour bus crash. mornings continue. good morning. thank you for joining us. >> morning. let's get your day started with
6:00 am
a check on whether in traffic. it looks like temperatures will be going down? >> thursday and friday for sure. thank you. we do have this here. no reports of drizzle yet. and, and has a much bigger issue, dropping in along the coast. but plenty here. it does look slightly warmer for a few but it does look up with temperatures of 101 07. yesterday was only 95. that is tolerable. >> probably 85 by thursday. and, your forecast high and low average. and the fog and low clouds. and funny and slightly warmer from some away from the coast. a little bit west of oakland. and west southwest.


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