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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 7am  FOX  August 2, 2016 7:00am-9:01am PDT

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good morning. we are following breaking news. a charter bus crashes into a pole in merced county killing at least five people. we'll have the very latest on the investigation ant major traffic i'm pact in that area -- impact in that area. >> i'm gasia mikaelian. >> and i'm brian flores in for dave clark. let's get right to it. alex is keeping an eye on this bus crash >> reporter: yes. at least five people confirmed dead by the chp. five other people have been air lifted to various hospitals with major injuries. the chp first got a call about this crash about 3:30. this happened on highway 99 near the town of at water which
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is about 60 miles or so northwest of fresno. authorities say that this charter bus slammed into a sign pole on the side of the road and that pole actually went right through the center of the bus. >> this is a substantial scene. this is a tragedy. and this will take a substantial amount of time to investigate and to clear. >> reporter: chp says there were about 30 people on board that bus. it's believed that bus was headed from somewhere in southern california up to the sacramento area when the driver lost control and crashed. we are, of course, continuing to following this developing story. we will have updates for you both online and then, of course, later this morning here on mornings on 2. there is a map of where this is happening between the towns of livingston and atwater, northbound 99 shut down entirely for this investigation. no word when that freeway will reopen. here is a live look at the bay
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bridge toll plaza this morning, getting busier and busier, backed up well through the maze. once you get past the toll plaza itself, the bay bridge is a pretty decent drive. no major backups being reported. i will show you what the situation looks like on the san mateo bridge once you get past the toll plaza there. it is a big slow headed west towards the peninsula. 7:02 is the time. >> pretty good fog bank out there making the usual push. temperatures yesterday kind of leveled off. we have 60s, 70s. fog came in larksburg with authority. very well said, marty, very well done. i like that. san francisco, forecast high today, low 67, high. it does look like it's slightly warmer air for some higher elevations.
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and there is still an okay breeze out of the west southwest. so that's an onshore breeze. a couple of 60s. a 53 san jose, brentwood, 58. a couple of systems will move into the pacific northwest and eventually northern california ushering a rather significant cooling trend. not so much today inland but it starts tomorrow going for sure into the day. >> new from overnight, pg&e is blaming an equipment failure for an underground explosion earlier this morning in san francisco. it happened about 12:40 a.m. at gary boulevard and hyde street, just a few blocks away from union square. the explosion blew off a couple of sewer lids and sparked a small underground fire. witnesses saw smoke coming from the blast. it knocked down cable and internet service for a couple of hours in the middle of the night. pg&e restored four at about 5:00 this morning. and san jose police
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continues to investigate a car crash that sent one person to the hospital and badly damaged two parked cars. the driver was trapped inside his car and was taken to the hospital. police are not releasing information on his condition. they do plan to see if drugs or alcohol were factors in this crash. no one else was hurt. time now is 7:04. donald trump seems to be trying to move on from his public feud with the father of a u.s. army captain killed in iraq. the fallout after the father's conventional speech may be showing up in the latest polls. >> reporter: donald trump is doing his best to move the conversation away from his controversy with thekhan family. the muslim american family whose son was killed in iraq. and he is doing this by using the harshest rhetoric regarding
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hillary clinton. yesterday, trump called his democratic rival the devil and says that bernie sanders will go up in flames with her >> he made a deal with the devil. she is the devil. >> reporter: democratic nominees for president typically don't visit deep red states like nebraska during the general election campaign unless they are getting endorsed by the state's faith son. warren buffet. the billionaire instor turned into one of clinton's fierce he is attack dog by biting into trump on his business record and for not releasing his taxes. trump says that he won't do it because he is under ought yesterday. >> i will be happy to meet him anywhere. i will bring my tax return. he can bring me his tax return. no one will arrest us. >> a new survey has clients
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ahead by seven points. a week earlier, that same poll had them tied. >> despite all of this negative attention, trump is still drawing huge crowds. at a rally in rural pennsylvania, just last night, thousands of trump sporters were not allowed inside simply because there was not enough room. in washington, i'm christa fisher, fox news. republican vice president nominee defended the mother of an army cap pain who was killed. >> will there ever be a point in time when you will be able to look at trump in the eye and say enough is enough >> reporter: the woman was talking about the fallen american soldier captain chan. this started after kahn's father spoke about the republican nominee of course
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that's what freedom looks like and that is what freedom sounds like, okay? it is. let me just say, fist, i want to honor your son's service to the country and your family's service to the country. i truly do. >> reporter: pence went on to say that captain khan is an american hero and that trump is devoted to soldiers and veterans. the woman who asked the question says she liked the words about captain khan but he did not answer all the questions. a group of gold star mothers are signing a statement calling for trump to apologize. her son, ken ballard, was killed in iraq in 2004 just one week before the khan family lost their son. she also says that trump who also criticized war hero john
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mccain should apologize. >> if he wants to be the president, he needs to have more respect for the american military. new this morning, the prime minister of singapore is making an official visit to the u.s. prime minister ling will host one to one talk with president obama. they also maintain good relations with china making it a rarity. the prime minister and his wife will be the guest speaker. >> building bonds between police and members of their community. in minutes, the national event is happening all across the bay area today and why, this year, they have special significance. >> we have been talking about all among. don't forget to floss. you have been hearing that from your dentist for years. but up next, what the new study says that will have you changing your daily regiment. >> and we are keeping an eye on the roadways around the area. coming up, we will show you what the commute is looking like in the south bay. there is ally look at 237.
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very busy there. we'll show you some problem spots in the south bay when we return. pretty good fog bank out there. temperatures settled to where they should be.
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gliewrchltsdz and faculty at a south bay college are mourning the death of a teacher who was gunned down last week. a facebook post was posted saying that economic professor was the victim of homicide. he was chasing after man in san jose who had rabbed him. the robber turned around and shot him the centers for disease control is telling pregnant women to travel to a neighborhood north of miami of a more than a dozen cases of
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zika were discovered. the warning affect one square mile north of downtown miami where at least 14 people have been infected after being bitten by mosquitos. governor scott says that pregnant women should avoid going there and that pregnant women who live there should take precaution. more than 1400 people have been diagnosed with the zika virus, but most have contracted it from travel from overseas. water use was up in june but just slightly. mandatory stale rules were relaxed in june as california enters its fifth year in drought. that's because we had nearly average winter snow and rainfall which prompted the state to turn the control over local communities. voters will be asked in november whether the city should stop flour fleury
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fluoridating its waters. but the group opposed to it wants to file a lawsuit. they want the language changed. dentists have told to us floss twice daily and then brush. now there is very little proof that flossing and is making a different. they found that evidence for flossing is week and very unreliable. >> we found very little support for the removal of dental plaque and we found no support that it reduces gingival inflammation. >> the american dental
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association disagrees. he claims that study used outdated methods or tested few people. i'm going to stick with flossing. >> i have to say the story -- that's what we have been talking about. alex savidge, i think the general consensus is that most of us flossing will feel less guilty if we don't do it ever day but we won't stop. >> i'm on board with that. i'm not going to stop with that. maybe i can stop less often. >> please, continue floss. >> yes, for my sake. >> whatever you say, dr. flores. >> all right. hey, you guys, we are still following a serious story following a charter bus. we want to show you pictures from that scene. five people were killed in this crash that happened early this morning. another five people were air lifted to various hospitals with a variety of major
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injuries. here you go. we had a live picture from the scene, from a helicopter. from up above, you can see what happened. that tour bus or charter bus veered off the roadway and went right into the freeway sign and that freeway sign went right through the middle of the bus and that's how come so many people suffered so many serious injuries in this crash. these are the first aerial pictures we are getting from that scene. and you can tell that because of this investigation, the freeway is shut down or at least the northbound lane of highway 99 are shut down. this is near the town of atwater or close to the town of livingston. again, five people killed in this bus crash in the central valley this morning. let me show you what we have in the south bay. this is a live look here at 280 in the san jose area. 280 northbound coming up to highway 17. we are seeing some slow traffic here this morning.
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and i also want to show you a quick look at the maps here in the east bay. interstate 80, east shore freeway looking pretty good. heading towards the toll plaza, not too bad of a ride. highway 4 westbound coming out of pittsburg, pretty heavy traffic heading over the hill and into concord on highway 4. 7:16 is the time. it's yours. >> we have a good fog bank, made it out to some of the inland area, will burn off about the same as yesterday. decent breeze for some. so not much change. bodega bay, pretty much the same as yesterday. monterey went up 1. so 53 to 59. i do expect those to come down. lows begin to drop into the picture giving us more of a northwest breeze. 81 san jose. 59.
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average is 53-89. so right about where we should be. plenty of low clouds and fog stretching over the coast but, again, burns out at about 9:00. hayward with a little northerly breeze or northwest most of the morning but the delta breeze still in place. it's not screaming but it's still there. 50 on the temps, fremont, 59. 53 in novato and san rafael. sebastopol in there. nevada, 53. 58 in kelseyville which is not too bad. that's the higher elevation site. morgan hill, san martin, gilroy, running a few degrees cooler than today. there is the west wind, west- southwest, west not strong but it's there. we get the westerly component
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of that onshore breeze. southern calal dealing with an onshore wind. 80s, palm springs, phoenix. and the monsoon continues to wrap into the nevada area and into the southern california deserts, trying to head into palm springs and san diego but is not ming up the crest here. tahoe, truckee, carson, looking good. this will continue to dip, dip, dip and as it does, it will ramp up the fog. today, anywhere from 60s, 90s to hundreds. by thursday, a lot of these inland temps will be settling into 7:00s and 80s. today are where we should be but signs of a cooler pattern
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as we head from thursday into friday. thank you, steve. appreciate it. >> any time. low water levels are forcing the closure of a popular lake tahoe tourist spot. the boat ramp will close early for the fourth straight season. rangers say that launching boats from the ramp when the water is too low can damage the boat and the ramp itself. san harbor will still be open to nonmotorized carrying boats, however. the san francisco fire department is looking for a name for its newest fire boat. the fire department has two boats. the third vessel is now undergoing tests. a project spokesperson says 12,459,000,000 boat will be used for firefighting along with helping to pump water if the city's main line is down. the fire department has to come up with a new name for this boat. people working together to save a woman trapped in flood waters. in 15 minutes, the incredible rescue caught on video in maryland and another shooting on interstate 80 in the east bay. more on the victim and why
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investigators say that solving these cases is so challenging. ♪ ♪keep on the sunny side ♪always on the sunny side ♪keep on the sunny side of life♪
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♪keep on the sunny side ♪always on the sunny side ♪keep on the sunny side of life♪ the chp california highway patrol is looking for whoever is responsible for a shooting on the east bay. in this case, one man was shot in the head. the last report we got from police is that he is still alive but in critical condition. officers are not saying much more about him other than to say he is 27 years old and from
7:23 am
oakland. police found him in his car when a man was found walking the roadway. the man had bloods on him. this is the 36th shooting on an east by shooting. one driver said that it concerns him that people are not valuing all lives. >> the fact that people don't respect life anymore, somehow, in our country, life has become cheaper. there is such division in our society now that people don't understand the consequence of that kind of violence. it's disturbing. >> the chp says it's difficult to solve most of the freeway shootings because the victims won't investigate victims won't -- won't cooperate with the investigators. the u.s. chemical safety
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board will present a case study detailing past sulfuric acid at the plant. sulfuric acid spill burned two workers. tubing came apart after operators opened a blocked valve spraying the workers with acid. tesoro says that it is committed to operating its plants in a safe manner and pg&e will see right hikes. the p.u.c. is also considering a request for higher gas. if approving monthly bill cost increase 4 more dollars by january. and they are considering a boost to help pay for the electronic transportation operation. typical residential customers still pay less than the national average. an eight-year-old boy from fresno is spending his summer
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in the kitchen baking for a good cause. >> jalen bailey has been spending the past couple of months baking cookies and banana nuts out of a rental home that he shares with his mom. his mother is assisting. he says there is a special reason behind what he is doing. >> i wanted to save up for a lot of money to get a house. i just want me and my mom to be happy in it. he says he is taking things one peanut butter cookie at the time. he says at first it was possible for him to become a millionaire through his baking. now, he says he thinks it is. >> i believe it. time now is 7:25. coming up, two men arrested in vacaville. the secret recordings he is accused of making of young girls at a dance studio national night out in the bay area. we'll tell you why police say that coming to one is
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especially significant tonight. and we are keeping an eye on the roadways. traffic is picking up in many spots around the bay area. we'll show you some slow spots, especially in the south bay when we return. pretty good fog bank, up and down the coast. mendicino coast, up and down. we're talk about the forecast for monterey. cooler, saying the same? warmer? life's sharing a meal. and a kitchen with room for everyone.
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spend $4000 or more on a new kitchen and get 15% back at the ikea kitchen event.
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life's sharing a meal. and a kitchen with room for everyone. spend $4000 or more on a new kitchen and get 15% back at the ikea kitchen event.
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deadly scene unfolding on highway 99. from up above, you can see a charter bus that crashed into a pole. five people are dead and five more injured as a result. this bus was on its way from southern california to the sacramento area. 99 northbound between turlock and merced is shut down. no estimation for reopening. you can see that bus hit that pole and then the pole essentially continued about 2/3 of the way through the interior of the bus. sort of shearing off a slice of it, if you will, as the bus traveled across the median after hitting that pole. a devastating scene, no doubt. we are still working on getting information on who is on that bus and the family it's impacting. it's breaking news that we are following for you on 2. i'm
7:30 am
gasia mikaelian. >> and i'm brian flores in for dave clark. let's talk more about that. alex savidge is keeping an eye on it. seeing that aerial view, my heart just dropped. >> yes, i was the same way once you got it from up above. you had a sense of what happened and, clearly, the bus just veered off the road for what have reason. and that freeway sign went right through the middle of the bus. obviously, that's why we have so many people who were killed in this crash and so many people seriously hurt. again, five people confirmed dead in this bus crash. and five others were air lifted to various hospitals with very serious injuries. this bus apparently was headed from southern california up to the sacramento area it's unclear if that was its final destination. as soon as we learn anything more, we'll update you and let you know about this investigation into the cause of the crash and also when we
7:31 am
learn more about the victims of this crash, we'll let you know that. back here at home, in terms of traffic on the san mateo bridge, there is a live picture showing pretty slow commute across the span. once you get past the toll plaza, things sort of bog down a little bit and it's flow much of the way across the san mateo bridge across the peninsula this morning. bay bridge toll plaza is pretty busy. eastbound 830 looking pretty good right now. at 7:31, i'm going to send it over to you, steve. >> all right, alex. thank you, sir. pretty good fog bank. solid on the coast and temperatures look like, if you enjoyed yesterday, you'll like today. i did bump temps about one or two degrees. that was mainly inland, not the
7:32 am
coast. up in the sierra nevada, quiet or what? the monsoon season has been the quietest for the bay area. no rain, no thunderstorms. i can tell you this. i spend a week down in phoenix. they are about an inch and a half to two and a half inches below normal on the rainfall. only one day when the monsoon kicked in. however, it does not show up in july but does show up in august and september. does not mean that we are done yet. so july in the sierra has been funny and warm and hot. there is some of that but it's heading back to southern california. not moving another ward carmel, 55. this is up at 250 feet. look at the humidity. 28%. winds east-northeast at 3. on the coast, it's not good.
7:33 am
does look like it's drifting more to the south and east than over the weekend. they do get some low clouds apt fog and low clouds are up and down the coast all the way up to the mendicino coast. there is a decent onshore breeze that's not howling but it's there. 50s in most of the temps. the system and another one coming will bring in the cooler pattern for us. back to the desk. >> thank you, steve tonight, you might see a lot of people in your neighborhood who you might not see and regular basis because this is national night out. this is a chance for people to get to know their neighbors as a way to fight crime. ktvu's janine de la vega joins us live from san jose right now talking to police and other people in the neighborhood. janine, what are they saying this morning. they are rape that event is
7:34 am
going on. theone jan that did speak to plans on going to the event. they plan on having tacos, tug of war contest, balloon animals for kids, one of many national night out events. these block parties and barbecues, they encourage people to come out of their houses, meet their neighbors and police, just to talk and have fun. the purpose is to strengthen the relationship by showing criminals they won't tolerate crime in their neighborhood and they are fighting back. one of the largest events in san jose is being held at the hayes mansion where there is live music, food. we spoke to a man who thinks that these events are helpful. since i've opinion here, the crime rate is going up every where in san jose. we try to be neighbors and give reports mouth to mouth.
7:35 am
people are talking and that's what we try to do. >> the police department put together a video on it website promoting national night out. there are close to a couple hundred events happening, big and small in san jose. it's special significant this year because of all the police shootings that have occurred nationally that sparked protests. police do plan on going to as many events as they can, just dropping by, talking to people to really help build those relationships. brian? >> janine de la vega reporting live from san jose this morning, thank you. the national night out event happening in cities all across the bay area. the question of the day is this. are you going to go? do you think it's going to make a difference. let us know what you think by posting a comment on our facebook page and tweet us with the hashtag ktvu. policing in america was the topic last night of a soldout discussion at san francisco's glide memorial church. about 800 people attended the talk called policing the police. the speakers on stage were comedian w kamal bell, retired
7:36 am
judge cordell, san francisco district attorney george gascon and political commentator vance jones. >> there are 18,000 police departments in the united states. and most of them do not have independent civilian oversight. >> the speakers say that community events such as the forum will help change attitude. among those was the richmond police chief who was there to listen and learn a lawsuit by a man beaten by alameda county sheriff deputies was filed. video called an officer holding a gold chain belonging to
7:37 am
petrov. ktvu was told that two homeless people were going to that gold chain to hush the beatings. petrov was charged with other charges. >> this could not have happened without corruption in the police department and this civil rights case will help us dig into that, try find out what's going on and try to fix it. >> the alameda sheriff's office did not comment on the lawsuit. critics of a santa clara county judge took a largage symbolic step in an--a large and symbolic step to impeach him. they demanded that journal aaron persky be removed from the court. there was outrage when former stanford swimmer broc turner
7:38 am
serve. >> the name says honorable judge persky. but this is the most dishonorable thing. >> legal experts say that a recall or removal with send the wrong messages to other judges and would make that the judges worried about their jobs if they are making the unpopular decisionings. two vacaville men are accused of secretly recording young girls at a performance. they worked at the theater and used cell phones to film the girls in the dressing room. the videos were discovered when police searched the home on other unrelated charges. the owner of the dixon dance studio says she feels betrayed.
7:39 am
i allowed no man backstage. we are checking at the door, checking out like there is nothing that compromises my girls' safety back state. so, this really hits to the core. >> the dressing room in the theater does not have a ceiling. investigators say that the men used their cell phones to film the girls from the rafters. >> there were concerns over just how far the inteans fire sobrannes fire. the fire is dill expanding but not as quickly as before. one of the biggest concerns is keeping the fire from carmel valley. the monterey county herald reports there is a chance the fire could force evacuations in the nearby cachuga area. steep terrain is making their work harder than at most fire
7:40 am
scenes. >> it's super hot, wearing about 200 pounds of gear. the heat is intense. there are about 5300 firefighters from across the state now fighting this wildfire. in maryland, a woman trapped in her car in a flash flood is alive thanks to the work you are about to see from some good samaritans. that woman was caught bin raging waters over the weekend. this rescue was posted on facebook. good samaritans actually saw what was happening and stepped in. watch here. they are linking arm to arm forming a human chain to reach the trapped woman and pull her to safety. >> amazing video there. happening now, preparations are underwall for this weekend's outside land festival. showing you video from the golden gate. about 100,000 concert goers are expected to attend each day.
7:41 am
this year's headliner include radiohead, lionel ritchie and gasia's durant durant. >> yes. >> warren buffet has a new challenge for donald trump. show us the money. why he says that the billionaire has no excuse not to reveal his tax returns and mcdonald's making changes to its menu. and keeping an eye on the roadways this morning. we are tracking slow track, especially on highway 4 here coming out of the pittsburg and antioch area. i'll tell you about another crash that we have coming in in the east bay when we get back. sunny for some but there is some fog out there. temps might bump up a few degrees in a couple of locations. we'll take a look at those coming up.
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(music plays from one way or another )♪♪ ♪ i'm gonna find y♪ i'm gonna getcha ♪ ♪ getcha getcha getcha ♪ one way or another ♪ ♪ i'm gonna win ya ♪ i'm gonna getcha ♪ ♪ getcha getcha getcha ♪ one way or another ♪ ♪ i'm gonna see ya ♪ (inhales cigarette)
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happening today, a former san mateo police officer could enter a plea in connection with the sexual assault of five women while on duty. 31 cheerld noah winchester faces 22 felony charges including making criminal threats, kidnapping, rape and other sexual assault offenses. the alleged crimes happened between 2013 and 2015. at the time, he worked for the los rios police department in the sacramento area and then the san mateo police department. jury selection in the sierra lamar case is set to happen september 17th. her accused killer, torres,'
7:45 am
attorney made the request to delay the case but that was refused. >> we have been waiting for years for this. we are anxious for the court to get this going. >> defense attorneys are still arguing for the suppression of some dna evidence and still planning to file a change of venue motion by the end of the month. a tech tax, a gun emoji key ingredients taking off mcdiagnosed mcdonald's menu. consumer spending does account for 2/3 of the u.s. economy so that is seen as a pretty optimistic forecast. offsetting the good news, construction spending is down. also the uncertainty of the presidential election, i think, seems to be weighing heavily on
7:46 am
the markets lately. the dow, can you see live look down, 100 points. just about a half percent. the nasdaq is down almost a full percent. s&p 500 down. and the f.a.a. has granted virgin galactic a license to carry passengers to space ship 2. the next step will be the test flight to make sure that it is capable of carrying passengers safely. when it comes to a gun emoji, you will not see that on apple's ipad and iphones. they will be replaced with the toy gun emoji. some have posted the gun emoji,
7:47 am
and got in trouble with the law. but others like google, sam sung and facebook will still use the real gun emoji mcdonald's announced plans to cut artificial preservatives from its chickens, and others. high fructose sire upmaking its way out chain. san francisco voters will not goat see side if twitter or other companies should have to pay a payroll tax. the measure called for tech companies with revenue of more than a million dollars to pay the extra tax. that money would have gone to affordable housing and homeless services in the city. something else they are trying to keep up with each other, instagram trying to keep up with snapchat. it launched something called stories.
7:48 am
we have to take a look at that. >> we have to get that as well, pam. thank you so much. alex is keeping an eye on traffic for us here as well as the deadly crash in the central valley. >> yes. we are keeping track that. i want to focus here on the traffic in the immediate bay area. let's show you what we are talking about. this is in the sonole area. this is a multi-car crash. does not sound like anybody was seriously hurt. but i've been watching the traffic map and things are beginning to build. now, we are going to take you to highway 4. that has been pretty slow going for much of the morning. it's pretty slow from about antioch, west on highway 4 all the way over into concord. it's pretty stacked up.
7:49 am
it's a tough commute at this time. let me show you the toll plaza and how you are getting from the east bay into the city. you'll do okay trying to get into the maze. east shore freeway has been decent. toll plaza backed up into the maze. once you get up into the bay bridge it section still looking pretty good. no major problems there getting into san francisco. steve, good morning to you once again. >> alex, i said good morning to you at about 3:50 am. i appreciate the second one. >> can't say it too much. >> yes, that's okay. pretty good fog starting to burn back. looks like it's already liting a little bit. a little bit more inland, hazy skies. might be a little smoke mixed in there from some of the fires. heading down into southern california, you can't see more than a mile on some of those. it's been aley bad. monterey to santa cruz, to half moon bay, pretty solid there. same on the coast. it's filling in from inverness,
7:50 am
bodega bay. palo alto, mountain view. 54. north bay temps, other on stations from napa, 53. 63 already in kelseyville. going to be pretty warm there. petaluma, 54. and bodega bay, cool. 50. hillsborough at 54 degrees. south bay temps, some mid 50s. west southwest con court. state wide, 47 in truckee. 57 in sacramento. so big difference there. las vegas, palm sprung, all in
7:51 am
the 80s. the mop soon tries but only makes it into the southern california desert and around los angeles. there are some clouds but the fair water cues more so on the lead site around the sierra and truckee. no july thunderstorms otherwise. kind of rare. they usually get some. that does not moon they won't get any in august or september. we have a big cooling trend starting on thursday and friday. today, 60s, 90s, i did go 100 for clear lakes. low 90s, pittsburgh, the byron course, oak lee, i did go with a soft 90 for livermore. 68 in alameda. 81 downtown san jose. upper 80s. santa cruz, 72. 60s on the coast.
7:52 am
low 80s. thank you so much, steve one of san francisco's tallest buildings with million dollar condos is singing. the study that could set off legal fights for years to come. and take a look at the fine arts tower in san francisco. you can share with us on instagram with the hashtag ktvu. very nice not there. life's sharing a meal. and a kitchen with room for everyone. spend $4000 or more on a new kitchen and get 15% back at the ikea kitchen event.
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time is 7:54. the next time you need to pay for parking in downtown walnut creek, all you have to do is pull out your smart phone because city just launched the park mobile app. the app allows people to pay for parking meter. it's available for apple as well as ann droid phone. for people without a smart phone, call the number right there to pay one of the city's tallest building is sinking. it's sunk 16 inches and tilted two inches since it was built. that's a 58-story tower with windows. people are seeing cracks and dips in the sidewalks. >> that's the tilting that you worry more about, rather than the sinking. >> it's like you are buying a
7:56 am
brand new ferrari but it has a nick on the fender. >> a tower spokesperson hinted that transity center is to maim san jose state university is hoping that its new men's track and field program will be as successful as its old one which was world renown. the program will be reinstated in 2018 after almost a 30-year absence and it was discontinued in 1928 because of budget cuts. two of the most prominent athletes in olympic history, john carlos and tommy smith were there when the announcement was made. they made history in 196 olympics for taking a stand for civil and human rights.
7:57 am
the statue on campus honors them with that controversial black glove salute. >> you are humble to be back to realize that san jose state felt they did a tragic thing for the legacy of the school. >> you're going to see the rise of might again. >> the school is investing $5 million for the new track and field facility. the hope is that the area will be as successful as when the school was known as speed city and the mother of a soldier lost in combat in iraq wants an apology from donald trump and we have more from the san mateo bridge where we will find slow traffic and looks like temperatures are very similar to monday,
7:58 am
maybe a slight warmup. we'll show you.
7:59 am
8:00 am
at 8:00, we continue to follow breaking stories out of the central valley. take a look at the screen and you will see what happened when a charter bus headed north from southern california to the sacramento area went off the road there on highway 99 northbound collided with a traffic sign. you can clearly see that sign essentially almost sheared off a side of the bus. the bus traveled about 2/3 of the way down the length of the vehicle. it is essentially stuck on and around that track sign.
8:01 am
the pole still in the vehicle. five people are dead as a result. five more are injured. a number of ambulances, helicopters as well on the scene. at this point, the highway patrol will not even venture a guess as to when that roadway will reopen. a sad, tragic developing story that we have been on for much of the morning. welcome back, by the way, to mornings on 2. i'm gasia mikaelian? and i'm brian flores in for mike mibach. heavy response on the scene as well. livingston fire, police fire as well. alex savidge is following it all as well as the traffic here in the bay area. >> reporter: good morning, guys. northbound 99 still shut down in the livingston area for the investigation into this deadly bus crash. five people confirmed dead. five other has to be air lifted to the hospital with major injuries and this was the reason. this bus again veered off the road and hit that freeway sign.
8:02 am
happened near the town of atwater. the bus was headed from southern california to sacramento. northbound 99 will remain closed for a good persian of the day as investigators try to figure out what happened. we'll show you on the map where this is. near livingston, highway 99 northbound shut down. we did just learn some information that this bus belongs to a company called auto buses coronados usa. the driver of that bus has been identified as mass yo vasquez from the l.a. area. we are beginning to learn more information about the people who were on board that bus and we're going to have a live report from lee martinez coming up from that scene within the next hour. we'll have that for you coming up. we'll talk about the traffic here at home. highway 24 westbound is pretty
8:03 am
slow coming out of the wall nut creek area and over the caldecott tunnel. that's a slow ride. give yourself extra time. we have the san mateo bridge and you are getting past the toll plaza and then it's slowing down quite a bit and freezes up midway past the span toward the peninsula. back over to you, steve, for a check of the weather. >> all right, alex. thank you. the fog is starting to burn off slowly as we head from the inland areas and heading into san jose beginning to burn off. coast and bay still dealing with a pretty good fog bank. jim's at the san rafael yatch harbor. i see a lot of low clouds over
8:04 am
the bay. clouds up and down the coast. 50s, 60s at the coast. oakland, brentwood in there now. danville in there. pleasanton. 57 con court and martinez and walnut creek but does look a a teeny bit warmer. a couple of systems will continue to work their waysouthward. really cools down, 60s, 70s, 80s and a couple of low 90s. power has been restored to a san francisco neighborhood where there was an underground explosion overnight. it happened about 12:40 this morning at geary boulevard and hydestreet. pg&e blames equipment failure for setting off the explosion and causing a small fire. electricity along with cable and internet service were knocked out.
8:05 am
service was restored about an hour ago a south bay school is in mourning after learning that one its long time teacher was shot and killed last thursday. foothill colleges in the los altos field posted that its economics teacher was the victim of a shooting. he chased after a man who had robbed him. the attacker turned around and shot him and left him on the street. the attacker has not been caught. there is a 6 1/2 million dollar project meant to rival san jose's santana row but san jose filed a lawsuit in superior court claiming that the impact has not been
8:06 am
analyze. well, donald trump us trying to move away from the feud he is having with the family of a american solder. yesterday, trump ramped up his rhetoric about his rival, hillary clinton, calling her, quote, the devil while criticizing bernie sanders for endorsing her >> he made a the devil. she is the devil. he made a deal with the devil. >> hillary clinton is now enjoying a postconvention bump in the new polls. five new polls give clinton a lead ranging from 3 to 9 points over republican rival donald trump a group of gold star families who lost loved ones in war kind a letter calling for donald trump to apologize for his comments about the khan family. the content was put together right here by a woman in the gold star area. >> reporter: this was put
8:07 am
together by a mother who lost her son a week before the khan family lost their son. >> he was my only son. >> reporter: her heart and voice break sometimes. >> i he would call me after he would come back from a mission, kind of to patch peace with mom >> reporter: his mom now a gold star mom who has her son's memory close to her heart and written on ink on one arm. >> this love kent frist signature from a card he sent me. >> we all say we are in a club that nobody wanted to join >> reporter: that club of gold star families who lost a loved one in war. karen meredith says she can understand when the khan family got up to speed with their son. we are in the same row at arlington of the -- arlington. he is about 20 stones away from
8:08 am
my son. >> reporter: now meredith and about 20 people signed a petition for trump to apologize. >> if you saw her, she was standing there, she was not saying anything, maybe she was not allowed to say anything. >> it was so upsetting. that's the first time that i smoke for some. >> there are some faye also that support donald trump. >> but she and others say that trump who also has criticized war veteran john mccain should show more respect. he needs to apologize and needs to understand if he wants to be the commander in chief, he has to have respect for military families. >> jana katsuyama reporting there. billionaire businessman warren buffet is krid citing
8:09 am
donald trump for not showing his tax returns. >> i will meet him anywhere. i will bring my tax rurnlt he can bring his tax return. no one will arrest us. >> trump says that he won't release his tax returns because he is under audit by the irs. but buffet says there are no rules for not showing the texas returns. and two people under arrest for filming women undressing. and tonight is national night out. how coming out will mac a difference. and we'll see what's in store for the rest of the week.
8:10 am
8:11 am
8:12 am
there is nationwide effort to get people to know who belongs to their neighborhood and who should not be there. >> ktvu's janine de la vega has the story. >> we are here in south san jose. there will be music and games tonight and police are going to try to come to as many events like this as possible as much as they can. a lieutenant that i was
8:13 am
speaking to this morning says it's really helpful to get together compared to a tense situation and that may be more important than ever, considering all the tension that's been building over police shootings nationally and the use of force. officers in the bay area are encouraging people to hold a barbecue or get to know each other. the san jose police department have put together a video. we spoke to a man who says that the department is understaffed and he does not feel connected with police. i always aprop them and tell them if i knew something and i will tell them. but it's not anymore, you know. we used to have police officers stationed in our area that were more familiar to us. each day, if they show up, somebody else shows up and they don't know you. >> this year, i think trying to strengthen this connection is even more important for anybody in law enforcement. i think even on the community
8:14 am
side, they are trying to strengthen that connection, too. i see a lot of value in doing it. >> reporter: the focus is crime prevention and building stronger neighborhoods. we are told that close to 200 events are being held in san jose tonight. it is an opportunity for neighbors to come together and meet. city council members and police officers are going to come and visit and one of the largest events will be held in san jose. it is a really good opportunity to help build those relationships. most of the events are happening tonight between 5:00 and 8:00 p.m. back to you, guys. >> in addition to the problems that we seen around the country. san jose has had 28 homicides to date, one short of all of last year. citizens would appreciate hearing from plays because they
8:15 am
are concerned with what is happening in their neighborhood. >> the gentleman i spoke to says he has seen a rise in violence in his neighborhood. he talked about that he was assaulted. that's something that he does plan on bringing up to police tonight. >> thank you, janine. the national nightout event happening in cities across the nation. are you going to go and do you think it makes a difference? let us know by posting a comment on our facebook page. tweet us with the hashtag ktvu. a soldout crowd packed san francisco's glide church for an honest discussion about policing in america. the speakers on stage include add retired judge and san francisco's district attorney. they toll audience that police reforms are long overdue. >> i'd like to feel safe walking the streets i'd like to feel like if i was in a bad situation that i could trust that if i called the police, they would come to get my back. >> you don't feel that right
8:16 am
now. >> that's a little bit of an issue. >> community events such as this forum is one step towards changing attitudes. among those was richmond police chief who was there to listen and learn. the four b.a.r.t. police officers involved in the controversial arrest of a san francisco man are still on duty. at least two witnesses showed the arrest of michael smith. the bay area news group reports that smith resisted arrest and he kicked one officer in the head and throat and bit another officer. the d.a.'s office mass not yet reviewed the case and no formal charges have been filed. >> it was largely symbolic but the california state assembly voted to declare the month of august muslim appreciation and awareness month. supporters say that's a welcome dedication given the current political climate. many muslims here are embracing it as an important step forward >> people need to see you beyond our faith.
8:17 am
we are muslims but we are human beings, too, we are just like anybody else. >> assembly man bill quirk authored the resolution. he says that the timing is purely coincidental. been a busy day here in the bay area. how are things in the south bay? looking pretty good as a matter of fact. no major crashes. i'll give you a live look here at the junction between 280 and 880 and san jose and traffic moving along pretty good in that area right now. overall, the south bay looking pretty good. the toll plaza still pretty busy, backed up to the maze this morning. the east shore freeway looking pretty good as you approach the maze. that is good news.
8:18 am
here is the map and you can see one of the heavier spots of traffic that we have coming out of antioch. all slow there but particularly slow this morning. also slow traffic westbound. 8:18 is the time. back to you. >> thank you, alex. >> we have pretty good fog bank there. there's always some break in it. we get a gentle westerly breeze here at the golden gate bridge. but the delta breeze has been kicking up its heels a little bit. closing up in clear lake, sunny there, beautiful. they don't get the fog. currently, 63, clear, sunny with a gentle east-southeast breeze. 98, 100 degrees. i'll buy that. temperatures around san jose, palo alto, antioch and santa
8:19 am
rosa. 79. 79. palo alto and san jose up, too. a teeny bit warmer. may not be noticeable for some unless you are in weather. records, 102 on the high side. 1946. 47 in 1902. san francisco, 67, 55. average, 67, 55. 88 in 1993 the record high. all the way up and down the coast, let's move in land with maybe a few clouds. gusting to 25 west of vacaville. low 60s already, everyone is pretty close there. peninsula, on the mild side. bay temps coming up a little bit. southerly breeze at times. 60s on the temps. running a little warmer on those lows but hardly any breeze and that's why the lows
8:20 am
are on the warmer side. southeast come upping the valley certainly helps, especially the southern end of the peninsula. statewide, we are looking at some 30s in truckee. 59 ukiah. 87, 88, 87 and monsoon moisture continues to work its way into southern california, a little bit into southern nevada but another day with just some puffy cues. stronger ones will dig in. that's going to usher in a significant cooling trend that does not kick in tomorrow, it will be on thursday for sure as temperatures will go below average. even that 100 up in clear lake and ukiah will disyou a peer as we. low 90s for a few. slightly cooler on the coast. but 60s, 70s on the pensla. big change on thursday and try day. that's where a major cooling for the area will be. when it comes to flossing,
8:21 am
my dentist says only floss the teeth that you want to keep. so i floss them all. >> there you go. >> a new study appears to debunk the advice that so many of us have been get ang and following for decades. how much your average bill will be going up.
8:22 am
8:23 am
8:24 am
the chp is investigating yet another shooting on the highway 80. a man is in critical condition after being shot in the head. the passenger of his car was found walking on the freeway. this is the 36th shooting on an east pay shooting since last november. an independent federal agency that investigators chemical accidents will release the results of the tesoro accident in martinez. a detailed report will talk about releases of sulfuric acid. the chemical safety board is releasing its report at a news conference this important. your pg&e bill will go up. the am bill will increase about $7 a -- the average bill will
8:25 am
increase about $7 a month. the p.u.c. is also considering a request for higher rates for gas and electric in general. pg&e is also requesting a boost in rates to help pay for the company's electric transmission operation. despite the increases, pg. says that typical residential customers still pay less than the national average low water levels are forcing the closure of a rail in lake tahoe. this will be the fourth year in a row. the sen harbor will still be open to non-motorcycle advised carry-in boat still monitoring the breaking news where five people were killed this morning in a charter bus crash. s that live look from the scene. our crew just got there as well. come coming up, the latest in the investigation and the latest impact in the area. as i stood, he went at me.
8:26 am
>> a man attacked by a dog he just adopted. how this incident is raising concerns about no-kill policies at shelters. and quite a few slow spots traffic wise around the bay area. we'll take you to the south bay coming up and we'll tell you about the ride here on 880. lots of fog, lots of gray over the bay as we like to say here. inland areas are sunny, already but lots of fog will be in play over during the week.
8:27 am
8:28 am
we continue to follow that breaking news story near livingston in the central valley about 16 miles northwest of merced on northbound state
8:29 am
99. five people are dead after a charter bus crashed and at least five others were injured. >> lee martinez is live on the scene. five people are still in the bus and rescuers are working to free them. >> we just appeared on the scene. it appears to be a rescue mission. we talked to a chp who wasser -- chp officer who says that to his best knowledge, there are people still inside. from what we are told by chp, five people are confirmed dead, several more have major injuries. the bus veered off and struck the traffic pole head on. the signage pole is for the hammond avenue exit on to highway 99. the pole sliced right through the middle of the bus in this
8:30 am
horrific crash. the bus was traveling from southern california on the northbound lanes of highway 99 and employees with auto buses coronados usa confirmed that company received word that one of their buses may be involved in a fatal accident this morning. the los angeles-based company provides transportation from mexico through california and into washington state. the merced sun star reports that driver is alive anidentified the driver as 57- year-old mario david vazquez of los angeles. six people were air lifted to the hospital with major injuries and 15 other people were transported by ambulances >> this is a substantial scene. this is a tragedy. this will take a substantial amount of time to investigate and to clear. >> reporter: and we just received word from fire right now that everyone is off the bus. they did clear the bus.
8:31 am
everyone is out of the bus right now. highway 99 northbound is closed. they are directing-- take a look over here. they are directing the traffic off of sultana drive and reconnecting highway 99 at the hammond avenue. for right now, they say this could be a very active scene for quite some time. they won't have the lanes reopen by noon this afternoon. >> do we know what happened to the people on the bus who were not injured? i'm assuming they are kept somewhere comfortable and safe after all they have been through? >> reporter: from what we hear, they are being held at the merced police department. they are being questioned and comforted. we know that some people have been flown by ambulance and others taken by ambulance.
8:32 am
>> what do we hear about other cars involved in this accident? >> we have not heard any new details from chp. we a kennel see the bus accident here. all the other cars out here are emergency vehicles so we have not gotten woars thaty one he is was involved in the trash. >> thank you, leigh martinez. the information that is everyone on the bus is off. the bus is still there. 99 northbound is closed. the driver of the bus, the 57- year-old man, was from los angeles. northbound 99 right near atwater will be shut down for much of the day as the chp investigates that deadly bus crash. this is an area to avoid. we'll talk about the traffic
8:33 am
here at home. still quite heavy if you are traveling westbound on highway 4, coming out of pittsburg and antioch. it's been very slow for much of the morning. as you can see here, as you come down the hill and down in concord, still pretty backed up trying to make that ride. now we'll show you the san mateo bridge and that is also quite slow. once you get past the toll plaza, it is a slow ride across much of the span this morning heading over towards the peninsula. and in the south bay, we will show you that -- here is a big picture look at the south bay. highway 101 is slow from 880 to 85. also a few other pockets of slowing near the 280, 880 interchange. but overall, no major crashes slowing things down for your commute in the south bay. 833 is your time. all yours, steve. >> thank you, alex. we'll start outside here, pretty good fog bank here. heading down to monterey in just a second, you can see the fog bank here over the oakland
8:34 am
estuary. fire conditions down towards monterey county there, 55 at carmel and 73. other observations around 2300 feet. look at the humidity. east-northeast breeze. some that have smoke has been not only moving north but also to the east and south as you get a little bit of a northerly breeze for some. this picture was sent in by vine vidlow. this is a look at the fire neither big sur. you can see some of that. that's why they are concerned, very rugged, inaccessible terrain and still very warm temps in some of the higher elevation. getting the fog going, that's good. fog up and down the coast continuing to play a role. 60s the temps. we are beginning to warm up a
8:35 am
little bit. cupertino, santa clara, still in the mid-50s. couple of low also drop to give us a big cooling trends. that will start if not tomorrow, on thursday. back to gasia and brian right now >> thank you so much. a child pornography investigation turned updozens of videos young girls see -- secretly recorded at the vacaville theater. mcpike was arrested after investigators identified him through a tattoo on his arm that was seen in one the videos. some of the clips showed girls from the dixon dance studio. the owner the studio says she fees betrayed. >> i allow no man backstage.
8:36 am
we check in at the door. nothing that compromises my girls' safety backstage. so this really hits to the core. >> we've learned that dressing room in the theater does not have a ceiling. investigators say that men used their cell phones to film the girls from the rafters many. an animal shelter in martinez is promising to make changes after a new hi adopted dog attacked its owner. a man from benicia just adopted frazier, a german shepherd. at first, the dog was calm but on the second day, it i attacked its new owner. >> no one said that dog attacked its owner or not own another animal. turns out that frazier shelter
8:37 am
workers did not approach frazier because he was too aggressive. and frazier even tried for bite the trainer on the face. but that was not reported because shelter are judged by the number of adoptions. and a former police officer will be facing charges. winchester worked for the whose rios police department and then the san mateo police department new developments to share on that wildfire burning in monterey county. the sobrannes wildfire continues to threat. the wild fire has burned through 58 square miles, areas larger than the city of oakland. there are now more than 5400 firefighters from across our state battling the sobrannes
8:38 am
fire. cal fire says it could take all of august to get the fire completely under control. and grape growers in monterey county are concerned that the smoke from that fire could affect their crop. >> it does not mean that all the crop will be wiped out but the big reds will be altered. >> grapes can absorb the smoke from the fire and affect the taste. some abu ghraibs could ripen after the fire is out and the smoke has cleared. and the c.d.c. has told pregnant women to avoid areas in downtown miami where at least 14 people have been infected and bitten by local hooks toes. rick scott says that women should avoid that area and that pregnant women wholy there should take extra precautions. the virus can cause severe
8:39 am
birth defects. more than 1600 people in the u.s. have been infected with the zika virus but almost all of them contracted the virus while traveling outside of the u.s. happening now, preparations are underway for this weekend's outside lands music festival. crews are setting up this morning. san francisco's golden gate park for the ninth annual nights out. about 100,000 concert goers are expected to attend. there will be radiohead, lionel ritchie and durant durant. mcdonald's is changing what's in their menu. and the boundaries you should set with your boss when it comes to after hours communication. coming up here, we'll take you to the south bay and tell you about this commute here along highway 101. way 101.
8:40 am
8:41 am
8:42 am
the wisdom of our founders. with respect to military cooperation, obviously, singapore is a small country but, as i said before, it punches above its weight because so much of our work in
8:43 am
-- >> happening now, the prime minister of singapore,lee hsien loong is speaking at the white house right now. actual lit president is speaking right now. they are holding one on one talks. the president says that the trans pacific deal will help boost u.s. experts to asia. the prime minister and his wife will be the guest of honor today the question is, do you feel bombarded by e-mail day or night and is there anything that you can do about it? pam cook is here with advice for employees as we negotiate with bosses on that. >> goods luck -- good luck to all of us as we do that. quickly, weep wants to talk about stocks. all the indexes are down mixed economic news. consumer spending is down,
8:44 am
construction is up. well, starting this month, people who want to check their social security benefits online will need to be able to text. now, that could be an inconvenience for people who don't use text messaging or those worried about the cost of texting. that includes many people who do qualify to collect social security. the federal government, though, now requires people using the website to have a user name, password and a code. that number will be sent to your phone. the idea is to increase security for files containing personal information including social security numbers, especially since we have had a hot of security problems. it is still possible to get benefit information from an actual social security office or over the phone. mcdonald's taking some things off the menu. it announced plans to cut some artificial additives off the
8:45 am
menu. the burger chain's buns will be made with glucose rather than high fructose. and many people say they are exhausted with the constant need check e-mails. many employers have the expectation that they can reach their employees any time of day or night. researchers say that solution is for bosses and workers to agree that and an after hour e- mails to not require an immediate response. they say it's important to set some times when maybe after hours e mailing is considered unacceptable such as dinner time or weekend. they are recommending getting it out in the open not just worrying and stressing over it. make it very clear when you are expected to correspond. >> dinner hours, especially, do not look at company e-mails. >> right. >> i'll share what seems to wok for us here. if it's something urgent, for
8:46 am
example, if all of a sudden, you need tomorrow off and i need to get in here, my boss will call me. >> right. that's important. >> i say the same thing ann recommend people do that. have them text you so you don't have to constantly look at your e-mail and you are constantly spending time with your family. >> thank you, pam. track has been very, very busy can especially in the central valley after that accident that happened early with five people dead on 99. alex savidge is also tracking what is happening here at home. >> northbound 99 still shut down. it will be closed for much of the day near the town of atwater. the chp investigates that dead lie tour bus crash that happened early this morning. five people, unfortunately, were killed in that accident and we'll have another live report coming up later here on mornings on 2. we'll keep tabs on the track situation here in the immediate bay area. we are seeing slow traffic all along northbound 101 through
8:47 am
the south bay, especially heading up towards the interchange of 880 in san jose. if that is your commute, give yourself extra time this morning. this is a particularly slow ride. i will show you the toll plaza and here you go. this is what it looks like. it's backed up all the way to the maze but as we have seen most of the morning, the traffic is not build up that much on the east shore freeway. it is slow to be sure coming out of richmond but not as bad as we have seen it on some other days. we'll show you on the maps. still a crash that's being dealt with in the sonole area causing some slowing. that was an earlier multi-car crash that the chp seems to still be dealing with there causing some slow traffic coming south out of dublin. 8:47 is the time steve, over to you. >> thank you, alex. sure thing. taking a look at that fog burning off already. san jose, fog is beginning to
8:48 am
feel back. you can see some haze, i'm sure there is smoke mixed in. a couple of fires playing into the forecast statewide with hazy conditions. water chance, bodega bay came up 1. month ray came up. that's pretty warm, warmest i have seen in a while. i do expect these to drop. san francisco today, 57, 65. that's officially. average, 57, 65. fog will be on the coast for a while. bodega day, inverness, point arena and fort bragg dealing with some hint of fog. decent onshore breeze, that's not howling but it's there. 50s, 60s, a little southeast breeze here coming up from san jose. pretty mild condition for parts of the peninsula.
8:49 am
brentwood at 66. north bay temps, 72. kelseyville, 100. 50s for others. mill valley, 55. pretty close except if you are far enough north. gusts, not strong or anything but it's there if we get and onshore breeze. that monsoon moisture you is trying to work its way back into southern california, falling apart there. it simply does not make it there except for a few puffy cues. no thunderstorms expected so another nice day up in the mountains. we will focus our attention on a couple of systems dropping in here. once -- fit is not tomorrow, it will be thursday for sure. temperatures will take the plunge for now. not so much coast and bay. so still looking for upper 80s, lowe 90s. san jose, 81, shi'itely below average for this time of the
8:50 am
year. cupertino, 81. after we get through tomorrow, a pretty significant cooling trend will happen. let's show you a picture that's showing you a lot of love for a lot of reason. >> who is that hand some man? of course, it is former ktvu anchor dennis richmond. it's been made into a wallpaper. >> i can't believe it, the man, the legend. they partnered to make a limited edition wallpaper. >> >> i'm guessing that's an early nineties dennis richmond. >> i would think so. dentists have been telling us to brush our teeth twice a day and don't forget to floss. now, there is questions about
8:51 am
whether that is effective. the recommendation has been removed. they found that evidence for flossing is weak and very unreliability. >> we unreliability -- very unreliable. >> we found very little support for removal of dental plaque and no support that it's reduces gingival inflammation. >> the american dental association disagrees saying that there is proof that flossing prevents plaques and prevents gingivitis. >> stick with flossing. virgin wants to take you into galactic space. the license it just got. when josh atkins books at
8:52 am
8:53 am
he gets a ready for you alert the second his room is ready. so you know what he gives? i'll give you everything i've got and then some. he gives a hundred and ten percent! i'm confident this 10% can boost your market share. feel me lois? i'm feeling you. boom! look at that pie chart. the ready for you alert, only at we are now learning more about the deadly hot air balloon crash in texas that killed 16 people. the names of the victims are now being released. the ntsb says that the balloon hit high tension power lines
8:54 am
before crashing into a pasture about 60 miles south of san antonio. there are reports that the balloon pilot, alfred "skip" nichols had at least four convictions for driving while intoxicated but his girlfriend said that he never pilot add hot air balloon while being intoxicated. nick denton filed for bankruptcy protection yesterday. his assets are estimated to be worth about $50 million. hogan sued gawker in may after the site posted vision yo of him having sex with his wife's best friend. nor than 521,996 honda accords were stolen just last
8:55 am
year. the 1998 honda civic was the next most popular model followed by the 2006 full size pickup truck and the 2004 full size kievy pickup. many, many times, cars are stolen because drivers leave the doors unlocked or the cars have the keys right there inside the next time you need to pay for parking in downtown walnut creek, all you have to do is pull out your phone. the city launched the park mobile app. the app allows people to pay for parking at any meter in the downtown area available for apple and android phones. for people without smart phone, you can call a toll-free number which is displayed right on thmeter. one of the tallest buildings in san francisco is slowly single and tilting. the 58 story tower has condos inside from one million to $10 million each. and people living there are seeing cracks and dips in the sidewalks. >> i have seen a lot of
8:56 am
surveyors, i thought that something was up like that. i'm pretty shocked. i have to re-evaluate my lease maybe. >> builders predict can that tower would settle over six inches over the life span, not 16 inches in eight years. the homeowners association has hired an independent surveyer to assess the tower. old physicians said that the transit system is to blame saying that major underground work was performed by others who were obligated to protect and monitor existing structures virgin galactic moving a step closer to takingcustomers into space. the f.a.a. has granded intergalactic a license. virgin will begin conducting test flights to see if the space plane is capable of carrying passengers safely
8:57 am
above earth. it is unclear when the first travel will take place. and san jose state is bringing back its once world renown track and field program. two of the most prominent athletes in olympic history, san jose state alumni john carlos and thomas smith were there when the announce. was made. they made history at the 1968 olympics for taking a stand for human and civil rights. the school, by the way, is investing five million dollars for a new track and field facility we continue to track major breaking news story we've had for you throughout mornings on 2 here. that terrible bus crash on highway 99 northbound in the area of livingston. five people are dead and new numbers now on how many people are injured. 22 people being treated for injuries as a result of this devastating crash. we'll have that the report. and we'll talk to a san jose man who crowd funded his
8:58 am
graduate study. that's coming up. (man) honey, what's a word for "large blaze"? (wife] fire. [man] thirteen letters. [wife] fire. [man] thirteen letters. [wife] really big fire! [burke] conflagration.seen it. covered it. we know a thing or two because we've seen a thing or two. ♪ we are farmers. bum-pa-dum, bum-bum-bum-bum ♪
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by people killed in a deli to a bus crash. we have a report -- reporter at the scene. it is national night out across the bay area. we are joined by a woman who has been bringing together a neighborhood for more than 20 years. he used paypal to help pay for a masters from columbia university. we are talking about a man from oakland trying to get an education to come back and served his community. we continue to follow a breaking news story. a devastating crash between turlock amherst that. take a look at your screen and you will see what happened when his tour bus veered off and hit


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