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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 4pm  FOX  August 2, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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>> uncovering the cause of the soberanes wildfire in monterey county. the 4:00 on 2 starts now. an investigation is underway this afternoon. and the horrific charter bus crash. welcome everyone to the 4:00 on 2, i'm heather holmes. >> i'm ted rowen. five people were killed with five more air lifted to hospitals. it happened early this morning along highway 99 near livingston in mersin county. >> reporter: hi guys, they have been able to open up one lane of northbound 99 freeway. the bus that hit that pole, you can see it was stuck there all day.
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you can see the gentleman on top of the bus as they would secure that there and tow it out of here. it could be checked for evidence. >> it is the disaster in there and chaotic, it was a dramatic incident with the passer on board. >> reporter: he was one of the first responder and the attempt to save lives. and registered to the other ordinance in u.s.a., making their way from mexico to washington state. the next scheduled stop up in livingston about a mile down the road. the bus slammed full speed into the exit sign pole, the far right side of u.s. 99. five people were killed, 16 seriously injured including the
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driver vasquez of los angeles. they were taken to four hospitals in central valley, but provided first responders with the opportunity to implement the scenario that they have been training for. >> there was a substantial amount of resources that responded out to the scene to assist us, which was great for us to be able to help. >> reporter: there is no clear cause of this crash as the bus was headed to pasco, washington in the eastern part of the state. this is a farming community with a large immigrant population. and so it is possible that many of the the passengers may have been moving from mexico up to a -- up to visit family and friends in the washington state area when this accident happened. of course, the investigation has begun in earnest, the ntsb is on their way here and also aiding assistance in trying to figure out what went wrong,
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guys? >> and jesse, i know that it is really early in this investigation as we are talking about a crash that happened early in the morning. 3:30 in the morning. are they looking at all or perhaps the driver fatigue? and as a possible cause here? >> reporter: heather, that's got to be one of those things they will look at. you can see this is northbound 99, a straight stretch of the roadway. that way and behind your position as there will be no turns here. and the exit ramp for the bus that was headed towards the livingston area will be a mild down their road. beyond that, there will be no obstructions, no trees, the one sign that the bus hit and that it is it. and again that it will be one of those things to look at. was it fatigue or distraction? they will put in that subpoena for the cell phone to see if he was texting or looking at something on his phone. those are all the things that the ntsb and chp are going to look at in trying to determine why this bus moving down their road only vehicle involved in the accident crashes into the
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highway signage along the righthand side of the freeway. heather? >> all right, such a horrible crash. jesse gary live for us. thank you. our 2 investigates team uncovered safety investigations about the company that owns that bus. in the last two years the company has been cited for 44 vehicle maintenance violations. that is according to the federal motor carrier safety administration's website. the bus involved in today's deadly crash was last inspected in april and was cited for three violations including one for not having a working brake warning device. back in 2015 the same bus was also cited for four other violations including one from the driver who was mind the wheel at the -- behind the wheel at the time with a suspended license. again the bus trip originated in mexico headed for washington state. the l.a. times now reporting that dmv records show that the bus is registered to autobuses coronado u.s.a. incorporated. the company has offices in east
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los angeles. we will continue to monitor the investigation and bring you any updates as they become available. we now know what caused the deadly soberanes wildfire still burning in monterey county. cal fire officials say an abandoned campfire is to blame for more than 43,000-acre fire. the fire started on july 22. a 35-year-old fresno man died fighting the fire after his bulldozer overturned. right now the flames are only 18% contained. hundreds of residents have evacuated from their homes. the head of the democratic national committee is the latest to resign in the wake of the party's e-mail hack. three people familiar with the departure say that amy dacey is leaving her job as chief executive. to other high-level staffers, a cfo and communications director have also left. congresswoman debbie wasserman schultz left shortly after the e-mails were disclosed. those e-mails revealed disparaging remarks about bernie sanders. well now to the race for the white house, and the presidential and vice
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presidential candidates today fanned out across four different swing states. as fox news reporter joel waldman told us that it includes more firing rhetoric from donald trump. >> you think she looks presidential? i don't think so. >> reporter: a familiar refrain from donald trump blasting opponent hillary clinton while hoping to take attention away from a days long war of words with the parents of the american muslim war hero. trump in the swing state of virginia discussing everything from trade to the deficit with little on the way of details. also tearing into our political system and the media. >> we've got to beat a totally dishonest machine. >> reporter: trump torrent on the attacks not paying denneds on the polls. seeing a bump of four points. >> i imagine those numbers will erode some as both sides try to vilify, you know, the other candidates. it's sort of hard to say exactly how long this kind of
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bounce will last for hillary. >> reporter: democratic vice presidential candidate tim kaine visiting another crucial battleground state, florida. where 29 critical electoral votes are on the line. with just a fraction of a point separating hillary clinton and donald trump. >> donald trump has said that he thinks that wages are too high. i don't think that he meant that his own wage was too high. >> president obama also weighing in on the race today saying that donald trump is unfit to be president. questioning why some prominent republicans are still backing the candidate. in washington joel waldman fox news. this rock sculpture at the veterans affair healthcare facility in palo alto is one of several pieces of art with their taxpayer group fuming. when thousands of veterans were struggling to receive care, millions of dollars were being
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spent on art for va hospitals and clinics across the country. i'm joined by the ceo and founders of that unearthed and published most of the va's spending. give us context here. we are talking about what, $20 million during a time when veterans were literally dying because they were not getting care. >> reporter: and so our organization had opened up the books for the past two years. they have held the va accountable for their wasteful spending practices. this year when we updated our number was we found $5 million of the va checkbook spending on artwork was actually coded as furniture. so we dug deeper into the numbers in the total figure now that exceeds $20 million. >> the bay area has a few of these pieces of art. give us the sense of what we're dealing with here. i know that we've got the rock in palo alto and some items in san francisco as well? >> reporter: well i think
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central to our national news story has been up to $6 million spent at the palo alto va medical facility on artwork. the va themselves say that the number is north of $4 million. when you add in the maintenance cost, the cost of procurement, installation, and actually over six figures spent on additional art consultants for the palo alto va, the number is north of $6 million. >> the va isn't defending themselves saying that the spending is part of the whole picture here and the veterans  deserve their facility that are just as pleasing as other facilities around the country. here is what the acting director in palo alto told us this afternoon. take a listen. >> our veterans are a natural resource. they deserve the best possible healing environment that we could provide them. healing environments in art is involved with the healing environment. we want to be able to provide the best therapies, the best buildings.
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and for men or women that serve our country. >> you don't want every va hospital to look like a prison. right? >> we agree with that entire sentiment expressed by the va spokesman, but they will need their policy change on artwork, the veterans that should be benefiting from the display of artwork. nobody tells a better story than the veteran. and certainly that they will need a new policy to stop the extravagant expenditure tens of millions of dollars on pricey artwork. >> and what is the solution? >> reporter: so if people come to open the books, so that they could follow us on social media as we have start -- we started a hashtag. veterans need to show the va what they are missing, upload the art through the hashtag and let's show secretary robert mcdonald, secretary of the va
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and what they are actually missing. >> all right. ceo and founder of thank you. well it is tech tuesday. today we are talking about protecting your computer. >> that's right, ryan eldridge is here with nerds on call. coming up, he'll break down the things you need to do today to protect yourself from viruses, hackers, thieves. really important information, folks. our pleasant weather continues this afternoon and into your wednesday. i'll have a look at what to expect coming up. and right now on our facebook page, video of a pilot taking down an unruly passenger is being circulated online. this is unbelievable. the passenger was drunk and disorderly. when he pushes a flight attendant, one of the pilots tackles him to the floor. it is great video. check it out on our facebook page. and also giving you a live look outside the current traffic conditions. this is right near the coliseum. as you can see a little heavy
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on this tuesday afternoon. so be sure to prepare for that if you are heading in oakland. at at&t, we believe in access. the opportunity for everyone to explore a digital world. connecting with the things that matter most. and because nothing keeps us more connected than the internet, we've created access from at&t. california households with at least one resident who receives snap or ssi benefits may qualify for home internet at a discounted rate of $10 a month. no commitment, deposit, or installation fee. visit to learn more.
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well here is you hoping to have a chance to enjoy this weather as we are having the last couple of days. we'll see a near repeat for your wednesday. then temperatures will cool down a bit as we get into thursday, friday, and the start of your weekend. here is a live look into the east bay where we have mostly clear skies. air quality is good to moderate
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for most of us. just a little bit of the smoke and haze from the fire continuing to burn near carmel. here is a look at the conditions out there, 65 degrees right near the coast. up to about 65%, southeasterly breeze at 15 miles per hour. it's a warmer day, 87 degrees. relative humidity down to 30%. at the highest elevations, some of those relative humidity readings are anywhere from 10 to 15%. so depending on where the firefighters are, it could either be cool with a good humidity, very hot and dry with a look around their bay area at this hour 69 in oakland. 89 in concord. 91 livermore. so warm for the inland communities, but not too bad. mild around the bay to the north bay we lost the temperatures between napa and novado. san francisco checking in at 80 degrees. here is a look at the pattern that continues to remain in place if you were with us. pretty much remains the same with the high pressure to the
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south of us, low pressure to the north. this low pressure in the trough that will deepen just a little bit in the coming days, leading to the bigger cool down by thursday. and right now we have the low clouds at the coast with the on shore breeze that will continue. the marine layer is not quite as deep as yesterday, but still enough to move well inland this morning. as you saw still mostly cloudy at coast at this hour. temperatures in the lower 50s to the lower 60s to pacifica. oakland, low 60s. into the afternoon, these temperatures are a lot like what we would have right now. 64 in pacifica for the afternoon. 71 ex-- expected for oakland. your extended forecast will show you the cool down as i talked about it a moment ago. low 80s in the forecast by thursday. so that's a pretty dramatic drop off wednesday into thursday. we'll go from the lower 90s into the lower 80s. then we will be right there for friday, saturday, inland communities. around the bay upper 60s to near 70. at the coast the low 60s are expected. temperatures will warm as we
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get into the back -- back half of their weekend. >> yes, really hard to believe. look at that forecast as we were talking about the first week of august. >> you're right. >> thank you so much. well it is tech tuesday and today we are talking about protecting your home computer from viruses, hackers, and online criminals. ryan eldridge from the co-founder is here with us. the first thing we want to talk about, three basic steps that everybody should be doing. first one is something that i always kind of ignore. that is update, right? you've got to update when there is one available. >> you need to update the operating system. windows 10 just finished this free rollout and now you need to pay for it as everybody is complaining that i don't want to go to windows 10, i'm happy with 7 or 8. but if you are running the older operating system, you are vulnerable to spy ware, these guys that have years to practice what they could do to your operating system and damage it.
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and today it happens to be the rollout of the new windows 10 anniversary edition. it is kind of a fancy thing for their service speck, but we tell everybody to hold off on installing the new update. but now that the new anniversary edition is out, it is adding a new security software update to it with new things. and there will be a better start menu where it will be a little more intuitive when you click on the news item, it'll take you directly to the story rather than opening up the news app. there is a new integration for the stylus. so all kinds of new stuff. they promise that they will not break anything. that's one of the things that we're worried about. we get a new update that will break something and we will not be used to using it, everything will move around. but windows 10 is suppose to unify their eco system to make it a little easier for you to get around from your phone, xbox, to your pc. >> the idea that what i do is that i ignore them and i want to be safe. that is actually the wrong thing because i'm not protecting myself.
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number two, what is number two? >> your anti-virus, a lot of it you can get free ware on there and you think that you're protected. but 90 days after opening up the pc that expires, then we're no longer being protected. >> that does work because i think that i'm wasting my money with this thing. >> windows has their own version. it is like windows defender or something like that. it is okay, microsoft security essential or something like that. it is okay, but not as good as like a dedicated anti-virus system. we use web root in our company and it is awesome because it is looking at not just the names of the files, but the behavior of the virus itself. and so even if the world doesn't know that there is a virus yet, it could go in and attack it and remove it to keep you safer. >> there is not a lot of space or time for scanning, just an awesome little product. >> all right, number three. our last tip for the bay. >> yeah, the last thing, you'll want to back up your system. we are always told to back it up, we never do it, you really want to have three basic
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backups. icloud or some kind of cloud backup. some kind of apple, i'm going to mess up. some kind of cloud backup or also backup that you'll have near your computer like an external hard drive or something like that because you want to make sure that there is a version. if you back up everything on your system that you'll be backing up files you don't need and all kinds of stuff. put it on a drive or something like that. that way if you get infected you go back to the day before your infection and you're back through normal. you don't need to go through the whole restore problem. >> all right, ryan eldridge from nerds on call. thank you. >> you're welcome. >> yes, i need to do that as well. thank you, gentlemen. another bay area police department accepts the running man challenge. still to comet video that shows -- still to come the video that shows us what officers are doing. the 4:00 on 2 will be right back.
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♪ 4 doin' it yourself cuz you want it done right ♪ ♪ 4 by 4 the top down - stars keep ya up at night ♪ ♪ 4 by 4 every one of our seventy-five years ♪ ♪ 4 by 4 the wave - that's how we say 'cheers' ♪ ♪ that's how we live ♪ 4 by 4ever
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is it keeps the food out. for me before those little pieces would get in between my dentures and my gum and it was uncomfortable. just a few dabs is clinically proven to seal out more food particles. super poligrip is part of my life now. ♪keep on the sunny side ♪always on the sunny side ♪keep on the sunny side of life♪ president obama dug deeper into the presidential election with his strongest words yet for donald trump. urging leaders of the republican party to withdrawal their backing of the candidate. >> the president answered questions on everything from trump's preparedness to a trade deal. >> reporter: president obama's argument to american voters. donald trump is unprepared to
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serve as president of the united states. in response to a reporter's question at the white house with singapore's prime minister, the president said that his objections to the gop nominee go well beyond policy differences. >> the nominee is unfit. >> reporter: leaders also continued lobbying for the transpacific partnership. the 12-nation pacific free trade agreement. the president wants congress to give it a final approval. both donald trump and hillary clinton say they oppose it. >> well right now i'm president. and i'm for it. hopefully after the election is over and the dust settles, that there will be more attention to the actual facts behind the deal and it won't be just a political symbol or football. >> reporter: they also allotted their security ties. singapore is a part of the coalition fighting isis in iraq and syria. this is the u.s. military launching air strikes in libya
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this week. >> we are hopeful that they will be in a better position to bring the party inside that country. >> they also commented on reports, the president says that they will add to the problems between the u.s. and russia. rich edinson fox news. this year's night out is taking on more of a significance and their city's police officers. the focus of national night out is building strong neighborhoods. encouraging people to hold block parties or barbecues, well speaking of police community relations, you probably heard of the running man challenge. i will be challenging you to that. >> reporter: they just got in
4:26 pm
on the action. it is really cute. officers are searching far donut robbery suspect known as the running man. well, they start dancing. the suspect does get handcuffed in the end, but this is about building the community and police relations. the challenge started with a basketball team, two guards issued a challenge to show off their moves. and then the idea spread. it is showing a little bit of a different side. they actually challenged martinez and now martinez officers have thrown down the gauntlet to police departments in richland, san rafael, and san ramon. >> getting to know officers in your own city. >> it is an opportunity for you to see that maybe you're not so much different. >> absolutely.
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coming up, an unprecedented move in issuing a travel warning for one miami neighborhood. now that -- zika virus is in the states. what you need to do to protect yourself. some say that apple's move to remove the pistol speaks volumes. more on that when the 4:00 on 2 returns.
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the zika virus has prompted for -- for an unprecedented warning. telling pregnant women to stay away from a specific area in north miami. 14 people have contracted the virus from mosquitoes. getting rid of those mosquitoes is proving to be more difficult than they thought. joining us now to talk more about zika is our medical expert dr. larry bruschette, an emergency doctor. and dr. hoover from disease control and prevention from the san francisco department of public safety. thank you both for joining us this afternoon. let me begin with you, dr. hoover. how concerned are you and should those of us in the bay area be about this warning in
4:31 pm
miami? >> yes. so the one in miami pertains to a very small geographic area. that appears to be having local transmission of the zika virus. really the concern for the bay area residence and residence of san francisco is if they have plans to travel to that specific neighborhood of miami. otherwise this warning doesn't impact our community. >> that is because we are talking about particular mosquitoes in a particular area? >> that is correct. the mosquitoes that can transmit the zika virus only flies around in a small area
4:32 pm
where they hatch and that is what we see that the affected areas in miami are very localized. >> i want to go to you now, can you tell us what are the symptoms and what can they do to prepare for the outbreak? >> the zika virus will have flu- like symptoms, fever, rash, joint aches, red eye, really undistinguishable from other viral illnesses. we'll start to think about it when someone has traveled to an area when you talk about the caribbeans, central south america, brazil. there are blood tests to use to confirm the the presence of the zika. >> okay, dr. hoover, i want to talk to you. 40 million travelers, where
4:33 pm
zika is surfacing, this was bound to happen in the u.s., right? >> even here in the u.s., zika is primarily an issue related to international travel. and the recommendations for prevention of zika really have to do with travelers that plan to travel outside the united states to those areas that are infected by zika, especially as you are mentioning latin america and the caribbean. you're advised to postpone travel to those areas. and others should take very careful of precautions to avoid mosquito bites, with a lot of repellant. then if they come back, if they are concerned about preventing sexual transmissions, that you
4:34 pm
would want to take a chance to use insect repellant. if i come back feeling okay, would it help to continue to use insect repellant? >> 80% of the people infected with the virus are not going to show symptoms. so they have recommendations if they are traveling to an infected area to continue using the mosquito repellant when you come back so the local mosquito don't pick up potentially the virus from you, even though you are not symptomatic. >> dr. hoover, where are we in regards to a vaccine or treatment? >> so there isn't an available treatment or vaccine for zika at this time unfortunately. and i think that we are not going to have a vaccine against zika in the immediate future. >> so much information coming out each day. dr. larry for your patients
4:35 pm
that come to you and say i'm planning to travel or i just came back from latin america, what are you advising them? >> you know probably prevention is the best thing. and like dr. hoover talked about. what can you do to not get bit by a mosquito. put on repellant, wear long protective clothing, mosquito nets, be in air-conditioning. >> all right, thank you dr. larry for joining us today. we appreciate it again. 1.5 million people are affected in brazil with zika projected to infect 4.5 million people worldwide. thank you both. well just about an hour ago we found out a campfire sparked the massive soberanes wildfire in monterey county. >> while firefighters battle that ongoing blaze, the impact of the fire is still being felt all around the region. we're going to ask our bay area
4:36 pm
air quality officials just how smoky is the air we're breathing right now? >> it is hard to complain about those temperatures in the bay area. temperatures will be very similar for your wednesday, then cooler weather will move in. a look at your extended forecast coming up. (music plays from one way or another )♪♪ ♪ i'm gonna find y♪
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the soberanes wildfire in monterey county has consumed more than 40,000 acres. it is also sending a huge plume of smoke and ash into the air. the impact from the fire has been spreading throughout the bay area. i'm joined by tom flanagan with the bay area management district. and the south bay people have been feeling it, seeing it. how bad is the fire? >> we have had some smoke impacts in the south bay particularly, but there has been good news as we have seen the winds shift out of the northwest, which means the smoke is starting to move away from the bay area. >> we've had some spare the air day as of late. and they don't think too much about it. but what should we do when we do hear that? >> it is related to smog pollution as we want to see people get out of their cars,
4:40 pm
stop driving so much on those days. it's a little different from the wood smoke pollution that we're seeing from the fires itself. >> how so? is it the smoke? i would think? >> actually hot temperatures in the summer months combined with the vehicles on our roads, combined to create smog in the atmosphere. the smoke and the sot from fire will create a different pollutant that aggravates our lungs as well. it is kind of two-fold. >> for those folks living in that area, they are north of the fire, right in that direct path. what do you do to protect yourself and not, you know, i mean you need to live your life. >> yes, you do. we are susceptible to breathing in the pollutants from the fire. we encourage you to limit your
4:41 pm
exposure, close your doors and windows, so you're not bringing in that dirty air from the outside. this is only for those in the line of smoke. for those of us that might not be as impacted as the other regions, we will encourage you to limit your exposure. >> the problem with this is what? >> that when you breathe those in, they will agitate your lungs. of course anyone with a respiratory condition can, they are impacted. >> looking ahead you mentioned that the forecast looks good for us in the bay area as we are getting that flow, but that is the key, right? the change in weather is good as we are getting cleaner air moving through our region. but of course this is a conditional thing as fires are
4:42 pm
about to burn longer. the way that the winds are moving and how they are using those monitors to check and see what that is outside their homes by going to sparetheair.organdcheckingourfo ecast. >> tomflanaganwiththebayareaqual itymanagementdistrict. >> aandtimenowtogetacheckwithrose -- all right, time to get a check on the weather with rosemary. >> yes, bringing that flow inland. here is a live look at san francisco pointing towards the west. you can see the marine layer there that is not quite as thick as yesterday. but still it is deep enough to impact the coast around the bay. 91 degrees in livermore right now. we could be at 91 for early august. we've got oakland reporting 64.
4:43 pm
if you're going to be out and about for the national night, we will have some pretty good weather on out there. it'll be cloudy and cool at the coast, but for the rest of us not so bad. temperatures are a few degrees for the inland communities. 5 in concord. 4 in livermore. you'll get closer to the bay, down by a few degrees sfo as anticipated temperatures are very similar to yesterday within a few degrees depending on where you're at. the on shore breeze, fairfield reporting 15 right now, concordia northwesterly breeze at 15. oakland at 21 miles per hour with that on shore breeze there. as we get into the evening hours, the low clouds will begin to work their way back across the bay. tomorrow morning we'll wake up very similar to yesterday. remain with this pattern in place, high pressure to the south of us, but the trough is to the north of us that will be sinking in just a little bi more. leading to the cool down for you on thursday and friday and the first part of the weekend. right now we have the on shore breeze. for your wednesday, the morning
4:44 pm
clouds followed by only minor temperatures. we will notice that difference on thursday and friday lingering into saturday. and the future cast model shows you the clouds, pulling back to the coast. they show you the 60s at the coast, with just those far reaching inland areas into the lower 90s. the low 50s, 64 for san rafael and 57 degrees expected for livermore. afternoon highs tomorrow a lot like today. 64 pacifica, as well as fremont, it will be a warm one. into the south bay 87 degrees
4:45 pm
expected. the big drop off on thursday, friday, saturday, nose that they do not change those temperatures too much. all in all just a good looking forecast for the start of august. and good for firefighters as well. >> all right, thank you so much. a man is back home where he earned not just one, but seven medals. he has his sights set on the bigger competition. all about organ donation. >> reporter: you would never know the battle he has faced. >> i was born with cystic fibrosis in 1977. the prognosis that my parents were given is that i would not live to see my fourth birthday. >> reporter: but as you can see he beat the odds.
4:46 pm
at 38, he is stronger than most people through the years he's grown used to living with cystic fibrosis, a disorder that causes severe damage to the lungs and digestive system. but that did not stop him. that is until four years ago when he faced the major setback. >> i was told that i only had about two years left to live unless i got a double lung transplant. and that was in april of 2012. >> reporter: fast forward to now, where pulling his truck is a part of the training. here he is shooting hoops in cleveland. a part of the the competition for people that have received or donated organs. 1,500 people participated after competing in four sports. he came home with four medals and a lot of toughness. >> these people know how to battle and they know how to push themselves to the limit. >> reporter: the faith and his family are the inspiration. next year that their games will
4:47 pm
be held in spain where he plans to compete. >> i've got my sights set on spain, creating the hashtag rainforspain. >> reporter: he is committed to giving back. each bottle sold from his wine label will go to cystic fibrosis research. >> so far to date we've given back roughly $45,000. we're incredibly proud of that and that is something that we're continue to do. >> reporter: and doctors they he may need another one in the future, but for now he's living his life one day at a time. paul chambers ktvu fox 2 news. >> a great story. julie is live in the newsroom with a look at the stories we are working on for you at 5:00. and some people are visiting san francisco that sounded off about their uncleanliness of the city. >> it is the response they got from the city lead their will have a lot of people talking.
4:48 pm
coming up at 5:00 their heated exchange. and where that devastating bus crash happened. >> that's right. we are following new information about that deadly bus crash. it is now being towed away from the scene. at 5:00 the latest on what it was like inside that bus when it crashed. we're working on those and much more in just a couple minutes at 5:00. >> thank you so much, julie. some say that apple's move to switch one emoji is making a big statement. when you can expect that pistol to be swapped for a toy water gun. the 4:00 on 2 will be right back.
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officials released a report on the accident at refinery in martinez that seriously injured four employees. in february of 2014 those two employees suffered a serious chemical burn. from the following month two more workers were sprayed by the sulfuric acid. today they made no bones about these incidents. >> they are ridiculous of their safety culture deficiency from the refinery. >> the sulfuric acid released in march of 2014 were preventable. >> and the safety board also criticized the regulators for not doing enough to ensure a safe workplace. so far no comment from tesoro on the report. an 82-page booklet that sells for $1 will continue to hold the top spot on amazon's best sellers list. it is the u.s. constitution.
4:52 pm
and sales jumped after the democratic national convention last week. that is where the father of the muslim american army captain who died in iraq asked if the gop presidential nominee donald trump ever read that constitution. the father pulled out a printed copy of it. we just checked and they now rank number two on amazon's best selling books. right behind harry potter and the cursed child, which came out last weekend. apple isn't saying why, but they are changing one of the iphone emojis becoming a part of the national debate over gun control. this fall the iphone and their ipads operating system updates will include some new emojis. and that current pistol will be replaced by this toy water gun. that there has been a campaign online to pressure apple to get rid of their pistol emoji using the hashtag disarm the iphone. supporters of removing the emoji say that they should take a stand for their ability, but they are not saying why it is
4:53 pm
getting rid of it. >> one step closer to space as they have been rented a license to start retesting their rocket plane's spaceship. this comes after a deadly crash of the rocket plane in 2014, which a pilot was killed. the company hopes to some daydetect flies above earth. and for years that they are recommending to brush twice daily and flossing. but now their recommendation is being removed from the government's dietary guidelines. that is because some experts say that there is little proof that they will help prevent their gum disease in cavities. more than two dozen studies have compared flossing and brushing to brushing alone and they found that the evidence to support their benefits of flossing are weak and very unreliable. >> we found very little support for the removal of their
4:54 pm
plaque, finding no support to reduce their inflammation. >> and they disagree saying that there is proof that they will prevent plaque and tooth decay. that they tested very few people. the 4:00 on 2 will be right back.
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4:56 pm
they have new information on the story we have first
4:57 pm
uncovered where video revealed people sleeping on floors in alameda county's hospital. for months the team has been looking into their allegations of dangerous working conditions in the er of the john george hospital. as julie haener tells us that it now appears that the push will stretch on even longer. >> having people hang out on maps will be causing them to get hurt. those that are vulnerable to get hurt. >> reporter: they heard about the chronic overcrowding at their emergency room, uncovered by 2 investigates. >> we're not able to safely accommodate the need. >> reporter: the nurses and doctors that work there want them to be limited to 50. but the emergency -- emergency group workers say it is not a
4:58 pm
good idea because they would end up with the spillover. >> reporter: that they dropped last month after hiring doctors that it might be too hard to tell if it is helping. they would push off their further discussion until mid- september. i think that there needs to be more solutions. in the meantime they tell them that the video is still a problem. that'll do it for us here. time to turn it over to you with much more on the devastating crash.
4:59 pm
>> and that nearly cut that bus in half tonight. where they are still closed for more than 12 hours later. >> i'm julie haener. that bus veered off of highway 99 in central california this morning, five people died, 16 others were seriously injured. it was scheduled to make a stop when that crash happened around 3:30 this morning as they were suppose to arrive at 1:30 this morning to switch the drivers, but they were apparently running about two hours behind. live at the scene where the bus was finally dislodged just a couple hours ago. one northbound lane has been
5:00 pm
reopened. jesse? >> reporter: yes that, is exactly right as they have moved that damage bus from the immediate accident scene. northbound on the 99 freeway just from now. they will try to take them down being wedged into all of the day as they will take the evidence also in that case and to find out what happened here. they will start right now. but until that is done it will be a slow go on the 99. your screen on the left has been opened. the passing lane or fast lane as the traffic you can see will be just increasing along, still a much better sight than what first responders saw early morning today. >> the inside looks like a disaster in there, it is chaotic. it was a traumatic incident for the passengers on board. most of the seats on the right side were taken out


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