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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 6am  FOX  August 5, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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>> and and, it will bring it up to fairfield in our highway four camera. pretty big fog bank out there and it will play into a cooler pattern out here. there might be some breaks here but i think it comes right back in and stays prequel. upper 60's and very lows 60's. some of that drizzle continues to fall from the only the coast bay but also some inland areas. some gusts are still rather pronounced out there. 50's on the temps, or low 60's. thunderstorm activity is very close to the sierras, and, it means cool conditions, and
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inland temps, then 50's and 60's on the bay. >> steve, you know what? we have a problem here. it's happening in marin county. so if you are traveling to marin county, using highway 101, you will want to be aware here that chp has put out the singular alert because of the crash. this crash is blocking the two right-hand lanes. two right-hand lane's at south 101. just north of spencer avenue. we have those alerts and it sounds like those two right- hand lanes might be shut down for the next hour or so. >> it will take you there and show you the ride on interstate 24. that right is starting to pick
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up. it's getting busier and busier that we aren't seeing are seeing any significant slowdowns as of yet. as we get to the bay bridge toll plaza, and you can see right there, we have a pretty decent backup but, not as bad as it could be. the time right now, 6:02 a.m. >> more trouble this morning for republican presidential candidate donald trump as new polls show him losing ground to democratic candidate hillary clinton. the trump will lose the election and dry down at the republicans in tight congressional gubernatorial races. and 63% unfavorable to just 36% of voters who have a favorable
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opinion. an index in polls in the battleground state, michigan, new hampshire and pennsylvania. instead of the white house, president obama talked to reporters at the pentagon. made national security council meeting focused on defeating isis. resident obama said both presidential candidates don't trump and hillary clinton will receive security briefings but warned trump that he must protect the classified materials. >> in other words, isil turns out not to be invincible. they are in fact inevitably be
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defeated. the time is now 6:03 a.m., and happening today april him limitary hearing determines whether eight people should stand trial of the shooting death of an oakland mother. 30 -year-old shamil pierce was shot to death last year while shielding two of her children from bullets outside of her home. prosecutors say she was caught in crossfire between a confrontation between two groups. seven defendants are facing murder charges well the will be a suspect is accused of being an accessory. the first witness in the hearing will be cross examined this morning. raymond child, the former san francisco china town and leader is expected to appear in his racketeering and murder case. yesterday they federal judge sentenced him to two life prison terms. he ordered the killing of another chinatown gang leader and conspired to kill yet another rival. his lawyers about it they will fight that sentence and they say that child is the innocent victim of dishonest prosecutors.
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and from that very same corruption case, former senator wheatland ye is serving a five- year prison term. former san francisco school board president keep jackson also pled guilty in the corruption case. he was sentenced to nine years in prison. >> and, separate lawsuits in the federal court yesterday. the claim that higher ups fault falsified crime reports. and, the new developments in the big wire wildfire, 900 firefighters are out there
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working around-the-clock trying to control the cold fire near lake berryessa. it started tuesday afternoon west of the city of winters. the fire has burned more than 4700 acres and is only 14% contained. an evacuation order for one it yellow county neighborhood was lifted yesterday and the crews were able to get keep the plane safely away from dozens of homes. and the cal fire says the fire is now 30% contained thanks in part to the cooler weather we are getting. the fire has now burned more than 51,000 acres and that's just over 79 square miles, or about the size of the city of oakland. investigator say an illegal campfire started it. public health officials in sonoma county are urging everyone to be very careful, if you swim in the russian river. that's after tests this week
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revealed that harmful presence of toxic algae. officials are not advising people to avoid swimming in the river, at least not yet, but they are asking people to take precautions especially for children and pets in the water. children tend to to put their hands in their mouths while they are in the water and dogs will often slip slurp up river water. >> i'm not going to let them do this anymore. >> last summer, toxic algae was blamed for the deaths of two dogs in the russian river area. a san jose man died at a popular summing whole, and officials say the 23 -year-old man was killed when he jumped and landed on some rocks. that happened wednesday afternoon. officials say that summing whole has become very popular on social media and is attracting many more people.
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there are signs prohibiting jumping off of the rocks but rangers have responded to three major incidents and that summing area in the past week. >> last year, elton john rocked out golden gate park and the big outside land music festival in san francisco. this year's festival gets underway in six hours with another all-star lineup. kristin joins us live from golden gate park with a preview. what we need now are the crowds and crowds of people. cue the music, cue the crowds, cue the wine. the fans are starting to show up, expecting 70,000 people per day and the gates open today at
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11:00. and that features acts that just about everyone is some of your with. durand durand. radiohead place tomorrow and lionel richie place tomorrow. crews were scrambling putting the finishing touches on the iconic mainstage. >> an outside land is going high-tech. this year the festival is going cashless. concertgoers will be issued wristbands, that will work for everything from food and beer. concert promoters are working closely with san francisco police to make sure the venue and surrounding areas were as safe and secure as possible. the other major issue is getting in and out of the area.
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concert promoters and everybody really who is familiar with the concert is recommending that people take public transportation to get out of here. you can tell you that from years past trying to find parking in the area is very difficult so public transportation will be your best option. this year, one more issue, the weather. steve has been talking about it, and you can see that it's drizzly out here in the ground is wet that means conditions out here may be muddy for the first day of the festival. so keep that in mind if you are heading out to the outside land. be sure you are ready for cold and drizzly conditions at times. >> i think the best thing is, we have done this before so people know to stay away from it if you are not interested. give yourself extra time if you are. public transportation, it's all good stuff. the first concert you ever went to? >> first concert i went to was a divo concert and they played
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with it, and i was satisfied. >> the time is 6:11 a.m. increasing safety efforts in san francisco and, we will tell you when you can expect to see improvements. >> plus, a baby with the zika virus was born here in the hospital in east bay. what state hospital officials are saying. >> and i'm keeping an eye on the roadways around the bay area. many reports of drizzle and that clear pattern started yesterday inland. it will continue for some.
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there is there's frightening is in the bay area for the bay area about the zika virus. a baby born in berkeley has the virus. brands whereas is live at the medical center in berkeley with what health officials are saying about the zika virus here. >> what health officials are saying about mosquito transmission is, it is extremely low mainly because the mosquito that typically carries it is not here. but if you have travel to areas
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where it is detected, you should probably late doctor self. that's what state health officials are saying. in terms of this case, from a source that we have learned, they tell us that the baby was born here in berkeley in the past six months and had the zika virus. we also learned that the baby's mother had recently traveled to an infected area in guatemala, and her a.b. was born with an unusually small head, consistent was with one of the major side effects of the virus. the mother's age or who she is was not released. and while the mosquito chances of it spreading are slim, we needed to mention that it can be spread through sexual partners. >> have learned now that it not only can be female to male, it can be male to female. you should use barrier methods for six months and four women, you should not try to conceive for about a weeks after being in it a zika infected area.
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and and visitors to the imagine if you knew ahead of time when traffic lights were going to turn red or green. about 400 drivers in san jose will get a chance to testdrive a new app that will tell them just that. take it look at the demonstration video of the new technology. it's the collaboration between the city, they company called connected signals, the us department of energy and bmw. drivers download in app and it tells them how long it will be before the traffic signal changes. it improve safety by the reducing the number of people running red lights and also
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improves the flow of traffic. we have put up a link under the web links tab of . >> 6:17 a.m. let's go back out to alex to see how the roads are doing. >> for the most part we are doing good. except we are still tracking a problem in marin county. and we have a crash and an overturned car that is walking the two slow lanes on southbound 101 at spencer avenue. southbound 101 at spencer avenue. the two right-hand lanes are blocked their and it could be blocked for the next hour or so according to the chp. now we will take you and show you the macarthur maze. you can see, not backed up through the maze at this time but once you get to the toll plaza, a backup trying to get through those pay gates. then another live look -- let's
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go right to steve. >> i puppy had one more camera. there we go. if you are heading to outside land, it's wet there. christian has been talking about that. we've seen some drizzle from the cameras and there is a big fog bank out there. you probably felt the cool breeze as temperatures inland dropped about ten or 15 degrees yesterday and will settle into the 70s for many today, or lower 80's. some sun breaks but, temperatures in the upper 50's, and very very low in the 60's. there will be another one coming in on saturday, west and southwest at 20 to 25 but nothing could be hurt compared because we had at 43. 50's and 60's, cooler to the north bay, and, the coast bay
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and even inland for some, there's an onshore breeze were westerly component. it missed us by that much. that was the monsoon moisture which brought some thunderstorm activity to the southern maybe a little bit toward topaz lake but it looks like it staying away from tahoe and truckee. you know, it will get pushed off to the east because of the system coming in and it will give it a west southwest direction. it's favorable for the low clouds, and that will keep this going here right into saturday. look like a pump up on saturday. fog and rizal, low clouds and measurable amounts of drizzle. without couple of reports from .02 and it's a cool pattern on the coast and in the city. and temperatures in the 70s,
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from temperatures that are about 92 or 93 on wednesday. on the cool side and then a little jump up sunday and monday. >> the time is 6:24 a.m. caught in a recall, the reason behind it in the vehicle that are affected. but first, a very strong jobs report is out and we will tell you how many jobs were added while wages picked up.
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welcome back to mornings on two. check out some amazing pictures. they are go plane overshooting a runway and it ended up in the middle of a road. that jet flew from paris to an airport near italy. the plane crash landed, smashed through the airport barriers and ended up on the road. the plane belongs to asl airlines france, but was treated by dhl couriers. of the crew members or anyone on the ground was hurt. turning out to the real summer olympics, the opening ceremony start today. sicker to concerns are even more heightened after an attempted robbery turned deadly near the olympic park. police a russian diplomat wrestled with a gunmen that was trying to rob him. the gun went off in the robber was killed. but the russian embassy denies
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the any of their employees were involved in the deadly shooting, and the russians also say that none of the representatives are armed. the olympic torch is making its way to the opening ceremony tonight. >> last night the olympic torch passed through rio de janeiro. the torchbearers also ran along copacabana beach. the ceremonial torch relay started last april in ancient olympia, race. it has gone through 329 brazilian towns and cities. and they found the little girl unconscious in an suv that was parked in front of a duplex in front suburban atlanta. temperatures were in the 90's
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outside and when neighbors found them, they tried to revive the girls and four cool them down. the father was arrested on two counts of manslaughter. a new service for new moms is being unveiled this upcoming season. these are places that a lincoln breast-feed or use a west pump while they are at a game or concert. stadium managers say they recognize that new moms need some extra care and privacy. >> it's not about having a room with a curtain, it's power needs and privacy and noise reduction. all document woman and her child in a safe and comfortable place. san jose has already promised to set up several breast-
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feeding spots. that will be one along with the happy hollows the hall. the room will have thinks and seats and outlets to plug in pumps. >> the rate remains at 4.9% last month. the same reports found that us employers hired as a steady at a steady pace sign of the job market despite issue, and the growth in health care for poker with minors. and san francisco's to speed up road and in order to slow down drivers, and prevent legless death. coming up, what you should expect to see in the next few months. >> plus a very good think you around much of the bay area.
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we will take you to the east and when we come back and i have update on the crash in marin county. the big fog bank out there lots of reports of drizzle. it looks like a cool friday, but what about the weekend? will have that coming up.
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>> welcome back to mornings on two. it is friday august fifth. >> and good morning, i'm dave clark. you want to your the weather forecast. siebel so you how to dress today. it's different. >> if you are in the city on the coast, it's cold. and christian will tell you the ground is wet he cause there has been drizzle. we've had measurable amounts of drizzle. i would think that any breaks in the low cloud deck will come right back in so, bundle up.
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kevin leavy is in sausalito, some drizzle, measurable amounts as well and there's a lot of low clouds to go around. some of us made it out to the sacramento valley. most observation say cloudy and even if you had the sunshine, you could feel like cooler westerly breeze. 50's and 60's on the temps, cooler to the north, and mid 50's and upper 50's, very close. concord 58, teenine in dublin. not much of they change their, just very close. like that thunderstorm activity will stay in central nevada and not move up into tahoe. truckee, some high clouds but for us, lots of fog. cooler and breezy for some, and it started yesterday for some and dropped about ten or 15 degrees today. 50's, 60's and mainly 70s.
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issues in marin county. >> we are checking an accident on 101, and chp had to shut down two of the right-hand lanes. the good news now is, they have it cleared out of the way. all lanes on southbound 101, and they have canceled that alert. you can see some slow traffic still through that area and that should start to dissipate here pretty soon. i want to show you a live look at highway 24, and you can see that traffic is begin to build just a bit. no major slowing. and traffic is beginning to stack up just a bit, and, still a nice looking ride on
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westbound 80. >> major safety improvements are planned in san francisco for two streets were bicycles were killed in june. mayor ed lee issued an executive order to speed up the improvements. we martinez is joining us live and things will be changed to make things safer for cyclists. >> the mayors push for bicycle safety is a direct response to two cyclist deaths that happened last month on june 20 second. 26 -year-old kathryn's latterly was killed at this intersection and, at the time of her death she was following bicycle traffic laws. in the next six months the streets will undergo some kind of engineering to make them safer for cyclists but the mayor did not elaborate on what those physical changes will be. and it's not just in this location. on john f. kennedy drive and
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golden gate park, there will also be changes. this is where heather miller was fatally struck. she was following cycling traffic laws at the time of her death. she is looking for other traffic restrictions in the park. and the mayor is also supporting automated speed enforcement cameras. these could possibly go up around the city, which would check speed of drivers and issue citations to those drivers, billing them at their home instead of having an officer come out and do the citations. the mayor is also asking that police officers on the ground are more aggressive in citing speeding drivers. >> we martinez in san francisco. the time is 6:33 a.m. telephone you may become the first state in the nation that legalizes lane splitting. and out of state assembly gave
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chp the power to come up with safety guidelines for motorcyclists. four years, lanes flooding has existed in a legal gray area. this was offered by assemblyman bill cork of hayward. he said it will reduce traffic congestion and promote safety. >> we have asked a lot in the senate now and the assembly today which allows them to put out educational guidelines. to tell motorcyclists what is safe and to tell automobile drivers that lane splitting is legal, and please don't people lanes butter. of that is dangerous. >> by the way, california is the only state that allows lane splitting. this bill now heads to governor brown's desk for his consideration. >> the marrow stockton is out on bail after being arrested at a youth camp. he's accused of playing strip poker with at least one minor
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last august. it stems from an fbi investigation in which his cell phone was seized last september as he got off of a flight from china. the charges include contribute into the delinquency of a minor. authority say he secretly made an audio recording of the strip poker game in which one of the players was 16 years old. >> charges, has kind of a surprise, and the information they have had is over -- almost one -year-old. >> silva posted the $20,000 bail yesterday and is maintaining his innocence. a is standoff with the robbery suspect ended peacefully in san francisco 25 hours after it began. if the story that we brought you live here on mornings on two. the 29 -year-old suspect punched a woman in a park near miramar avenue and then took her cell phone. witnesses saw the man going into a nearby apartment and called police.
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the suspect was eventually arrested without incident and police say he suffers from mental issues and is likely to face robbery charges. >> in oakland parent and bay area rapper are working together to get the community hope to end senseless violence. christopher alice says he wants to reclaim the streets of oakland. in february, his 14 -year-old son dave on was shot and killed while walking to the store. since the last year, at least three of his sons friends were killed. josiah pratt and amari wilson drowned over memorial day weekend. the third person was shot and killed hours after dancing at the funeral of those two. mr.pratt said he was writing a psa about gun violence when the rapper known as pooh man sent him a song. >> i can move, i'm not here in oakland anymore. if i am fighting for it and i've already lost my son, you need to help me. >> with the death of the young
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woman, i got mad and went answers and wrote the song. >> ellis and pooh man will record it video of the song this weekend. it will be with the parents and family members of those who have been killed. >> officials in alameda county are going to take action to address the problem of until it untested rape kits. the advocates say they need both money and found power to conduct the tests. mike honda and alameda county district attorney mike o'malley have been working to secure $459 in federal grant money for the testing. when they realized every 2000 untested rape kits in her county alone, her office started sending out 100 per month to a private lab. >> we funded much of it to my office budget because it's so important for it to get done. but we have now gone over 1000
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kits. >> these are victims, many of them are women or girls. and it is just unfathomable that we would allow that to happen. >> a new state law was passed in jail right to require law enforcement to turn in rape kit within five days. authorities are also trying to get additional agency certified to test the kids. alameda supervisors are deciding whether the california forensic medical group will take over from corizon health. the county has already solicited bids from competitors, but there have been disagreements over the process. earlier this week, the board objected recordation's to scrap the bid. cala california forensic medical alert will take over on
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september first. we will find out the results of the vote later this morning. you can watch our full investigation on . >> lieutenant governor gavin newsom has become an an outspoken supporter of proposition 64 which would legalize sexual marijuana in california. we asked governor newsom why he thinks this november ballot measure is better than the current number laws. >> i would argue it's the best initiative that's ever been placed in front of the voters, to move away from prohibition as it relates to cannabis. it's much more restrictive in colorado and michigan, oregon and alaska. it allows for flexibility and for making after the voters approve it. >> some says he is a parent and hates marijuana, he does not wanted smoked in parks or around his four children but he believes
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the government can responsibly regulate it. critics of prop 64 included coalition of prosecutors, police and health groups. they fear legalizing marijuana will weep impaired drivers and not give existing regulations time to work. >> what are we take we take some time to see other medical relations that were just signed by the governor and agreed to by all sides, how that plays out in california. >> you can hear more on his argument this weekend on bay area people with claudine long, that is tomorrow at 6:30 a.m. and sunday on ktvu plus. by the way, we've also posted on , he talks about issues of the brain from marijuana to gun control. so, lots of things. >> we should also mention that in california they have a project called alter state.
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it's very interesting. the time now is 6:41. how that cancellation could actually benefit firefighters. >> but first caitlyn jenner files lawsuit against photographers of doing. >> plus i'm keeping an eye on a commute that is getting busier and busier. we will show you the bride looks like along the east shore fairway plus we are going to about it very crash in lp to the event. >> any reports of drizzle and it looks like a container ship containership is being turned around by the tugs here. we will have a peak at your friday forecast.
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knew this morning, more information is coming out about it reported brawl involving george zimmerman. he was acquitted for the 2012 shooting of treyvon martin. authority say that he called 911 after he was punched in the face area restaurant. he said that he was asked when he to another restaurant customer that he shot martin in self-defense. then another person came up and asked if he was bragging. other people in the restaurant are offering different accounts of what happened but the alleged attacker ran away and could face battery charges. caitlyn jenner has filed it
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lawsuit against some tabloid photographers. the former olympic champion says the photographers drove too close to her car in their attempts to take her picture. transgender reality star is asking for them to be responsible for any liability she faces. >> happening today, bay area boxing star andre ward will weigh in fort is big fight at oracle arena. the way and will be at 1:00 today at oakland city hall. it's open to the public. andre ward grew up in oakland and the olympic medalists and longtime super weight champ is posting and undefeated title. the board must win tomorrow's fight against alexander brand to get to them much-anticipated fight against sergey coppola.
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who they josi canseco, remember him? he's back playing baseball. it 15 years after retiring from the big leagues. now canseco is a designated hitter from the pittsburgh diamonds. we caught up with josi last night during the game against the sonoma stompers. he says he wants to keep playing ball even though he's not making much money. remember back in 2005 he wrote a tell-all book about what he called the rampant use of steroids in major league baseball. he said he lost almost all of his friends of the big leagues because of it. >> 6:46 a.m. let's check in on what's coming up in the next hour. >> good morning. when i join you in the next hour, they controversial look at the national institutes of health. it will risk moratorium on midday for experiments to create embryos that are part animal and part human.
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there's the number of concerns here as you can imagine. can scientists create animals that partly human brains or, could the results mean that human embryos or fetuses could develop inside animals or hybrid creatures? we will tell you about these concerns and how soon funding can start. also, this had all the trappings of atypical birthday party. this is a gathering that the birthday girl's mom hopes will inspire many others. these stories and more when icu. >> thank you. recall notices are going to hundreds of thousands of four car owners. ford says it's recalling about 480,000 vehicles to replace side door latches. the recall includes ford mustangs, escapes, the ford focus in the lincoln and casey. they were made between 2012 and
6:48 am
2015. there was one accident and one reported injury that may be related to the defect. >> let's get you on the road. we have some breaking news, what just happened in the south bay next. >> we are unfortunately now following a fatal accident on surface streets. output you exactly where this is taking place. no pedis police are investigating a crash involving a motorcyclist, and that motorcyclist was killed in the crash. it happened right here at the intersection of milpitas boulevard and that is an area to avoid this morning as lp does police investigate this deadly accident. i will take you to the bay bridge toll plaza and tropical stack up just a little bit. also, one crash just west of the toll plaza but i'm trying to get you exactly how much information might be. finally here, we take a
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look at 880, coming up north, to the downtown area and that is still of very smooth ride here at 6:49 a.m. this morning. people here will notice how chilly it is when they step outside today. >> colder than yesterday? >> yes, inland. and it's pretty cold for some. especially around alameda or san francisco. many people are reporting that they had to turn the heater on. >> i believe that. if you are headed to outside land, i would take not the rain gear but a jacket to repel summer it drizzle. think they will come right back in, but staying in the 50's, also fogging up in the santa cruz mountains. 52 endless degrees and heavy and wet fog in most locations. we have a fog bank either there or around, and there plenty of
6:50 am
parts in the sacramento valley. average of 67 and 55, yesterday was 60, stuck at that 83. water temperature is 55, and 55 and half moon bay, that has come down. bodega bay has been steady at 54 and they should start to cool off of couple degrees over the weekend. we have the couple little lows and it really ramped up that delta breeze. 50's in the low, mid- and upper. southeasterly breeze toward santa clara valley, ringing up some of those lows. but 55 in morgan hill, san martine and gilroy. 54 in scotts valley and 50 a four santa clara. i know there is some drizzle around campbell as well. a little bit of mess out there. some kind of a westerly component in place and less that fog burns off than the breeze picks of and i will 53
6:51 am
down to ukiah and it may have started on the lee side, and it looks like it will meet the term. the upper air pattern is not favorable to bring that in but most of it looks to be off to the east and the south. over us though very favorable is that on bank. and here comes the next one that will rotate in on saturday. keep the beat going for it cool pattern of fog and drizzle. cooler for some well inland, and that means clear like and ukiah and vacaville. cool 80's starting to continue down out to pittsburgh, 60's around oakley, birkeland, alameda in the 70s and even livermore. gilroy at 78 and 72 in redwood city, 73 in menlo park.
6:52 am
we will continue that into saturday and it up on the temps saturday into monday. >> the rio summer olympics officially takes off today. in 15 minutes, the usual rules, keeping and olympic athletes. >> some of the nations best swimmers took on carpool karaoke. i'm not kidding. the video is taking the internet by storm.
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target is about to open a new south bay store, and it is hiring. they are going to hold these events every monday this month, and that starts on august eighth. target will be conducting pre- interviews at the location of the new store in stephen creek boulevard. that store is set to open in october. interested candidates are asked to visit target website. >> it day number two of the southwest airlines viva mexico party. it's meant to celebrate the southwest nonstop daily service and features entertainment as well as some travel giveaways. that includes san jose and cabo, los cabos and, once it's
6:56 am
approved by the mexican government. pgd customers -- pg&e customers are in an agreement with several other groups. it would only go up $0.50 per month and set of the planned $4 per month. the negotiation focused on how much pg&e should be allowed to charge electricity and gas customers over a three-year period starting next year. they start to use that money to improve the safety of its gas systems after it deadly san bruno explosion. the highly anticipated movie suicide squad and the action follows a group in exchange for
6:57 am
reduced sentences. the us olympics coming team is exceptional in the water and there is no video on youtube saying they are quite talented away from the pool. >> we are watching some of the men and women from team usa recording themselves in the car, jamming to some road tunes. obviously they dressed up and sing songs. and taylor swift in the us team included star missy franklin. >> they have some real singers there. it starts in just the couple of hours from now. up next we will give you a preview of the area and how to get around. >> and it wasn't just homes that burned. up next, the drug operations that investigators say were
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good morning. a milpitas intersection is shut down as police investigate a
7:00 am
deadly motorcycle crash. the closure you need to know about. and just four hours to go until the gates open at san francisco's outside lands music festival. more on security and how to navigate around traffic in the area. this and more coming up on "mornings on 2". ornings on 2". 7:00. wow, it's a gray, cool, misty scene in golden gate park in san francisco. listening to j cole. one of the artists so many are going to be showing up to see. we are examining the impacts, if you will, it has on san francisco and we will talk about outside lands. it is sold out. good morning this friday morning, august 5. i am gasia mikaelian. >> it's cold outside. >> i know. >> i am dave clark. let's talk about weather now. steve paulson in his office right w.


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