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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 4pm  FOX  August 5, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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welcome to the four on two. >> a major change after a yearlong investigation. a young man dies in jail raising critical questions act prison healthcare. while speaking with his mother, we uncovered other jail issues and deaths around the country. they're contract with his honors of millions of -- hundreds of millions of dollars. we'll speak with the mother who sparked all of this about her victory today and her ongoing concerns for tomorrow but first, we go to chicago. >>reporter: body cam video released by the chicago police department today that documents the fatal officer involved shooting of an 18 year-old man named paul o'neal. she was shot in the back after being pursued of driving a stolen car. he was not armed. some of the images are graphic. nine separate videos released
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today. we'll walk you through several of those to show you what happened from different angles. first, a police body cam. take a look at this, as the suspect drives past them in a stolen black jaguar. take a look. we see the officers open fire just as the suspect drives by. now we're gonna take a look at that same interaction between that jaguar and those officers from the partner's body cam. it's a different angle. from this side, you get a better look from that side of the car driving by. he hits the police car. from there the jaguar continues down the street till it hits head on with another police car. that car has a dash camera on and you shall see, it captures the collision head on. it clearly stops o'neal. that sends him off running.
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back to the original body cam and see what happens next is a foot pursuit. it begins with officers chasing o'neal through a neighborhood. at least one or more officers also running ahead of the suspect. here we're gonna stop the video because this is very important. it's a critical moment as these officers are trying to get over a fence, more gunshots can clearly be heard. take a listen. ( shots firing ). >> those gunshots are from another officer and no body camera video from that officer as he's firing those shots. those are believed to be the fatal shots. no word why that camera was not recording. this is with o'neal bleeding on the ground is where it picks up. >> hands behind your back. >> there you can clearly see that o'neal is being
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handcuffed, he's bleed, he could end up dying from a gunshot wound to the back. officers search him on the ground but do not officer any first aid. chicago police superintendent says the investigation is ongoing and the use of policies in place in chicago were violated. the family of paul o'neal saw this video for the first time and have their reaction and talk more act their feelings of the video later in the hour. now to another top story, a year after two investigates uncovered serious concerns about inmate healthcare in jail, they've dropped their controversial medical provider avenirly 30 years. correctional health is now out. they awarded the new $135 million contract to california
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forensic group. that was open for bidding after nearly a decade after two informings starting looking into deaths at the jail. we've learned that like horizon, cfmg faced lawsuits over inmate care in the past and criticism from a grand jury over its performance. the new company ceo defended their track record. >> in any healthcare environment, there are bad outcomes. it is the case. we work very hard to make sure that we do everything we can to avoid mistakes and sometimes people make mistakes. when they do, we try to learn from those mistakes. >> well, again, this was all prompted by our investigation into the death of inmate mario martinez right here at the jail. his mother has since filed a federal lawsuit and has been pushing for changes to healthcare at the jail. not only this jail but others
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and your son, mare owe prompted our -- mario prompted our investigation. he was an inmate and got a court order procedure for nasal poll lops and never got those. >> there were three and they were all ignored. it cost him his life. he suffered from asthma and had the procedure been done, my son would be here today. >> you've been fighting with the jail for substandard care and blame the sheriff directly. >> yes, i do. i co. >> he received some sort of campaign support from korizon. >> yes. my son should be here today. when mr. harrison passed away in 2010, that should have been a red flag not only for the sheriff and not only for the
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board of supervisors but all involved. you know, that didn't happen. what happens, the contract goes out for a new bid process. >> over and over again. >> right. >> we documented and kept getting renewed by the sheriff and board of soup visors. you've been fighting this entire time to get that changed. when we first announced all of your efforts and all of the contracts being open for bid. did that give you some small ray of hope? >> it gave me some but not the fight. the fight was to not only have korizon removed because they needed to, shut down and lose their contract but also our fight was to have almeida health systems brought in place. there would be care for inmates leaving the jail. what bothered me is this company, this healthcare provider has the same horrific track record.
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>> lets talk about this. finally after all this time, korizon gets thrown out so a small victory for you there. >> right. >> that's not the end. >> the new company is now held act you believe. they have a track record as well. >> right. that is what really bothers me. now, up till yesterday, i heard about this happening through the media. we've been meeting, my sister and law sherry have been meeting and we were speaking to the ceo of almeida health systems, and we were led to believe, mainly by miley that everything was looking towards ammi data base health systems and we knew some things would take place right away. that was the impression he gave
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us from his mouth. >> that didn't help? >> no. >> it went to a private company. it has a history not as extensive but there are new assurances they'll be staffed better and hire 50 new nurses. does that give you any ray of hope for the future? >> i have mixed feelings about that. maybe a little but the problem is and i told miley yesterday. that's not what took my son's life. the staffing problem wasn't the issue. the issue was the healthcare provider who was in charge of the inmates. that's what caused my son his life and mr. harrison. >> he didn't get this procedure and you thought it was because they were trying to cut costs because they didn't want to pay for it. did this supervisor who's in charge of oversight, has he
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given you any assurances this new company will be held accountable? >> no, what i did ask is who going to be monitoring this? he said that's a good question. that was really trouble some to hear that. you would think that knowing their history, knowing what you just came out of, that something would already be in place and on the radar. obviously it wasn't and not on the radar because that was not his response. that's troubling to me also. >> so it is troubling. the fight is definitely not over for you. >> no, it's not. >> the bottom line, lets talk act your son one more time. has anyone from the board of supervisors or sheriff's office, has anyone come to you and expressed any regret, apologized, admitted any wrong doing or anything through all of this? >> definitely not the sheriff, miley on occasion has given me his condolences but goes back
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for years of board of supervisors but goes back because of the decision that was made to bring virginia medical forensic group -- california medical forensic group, i feel like you're back at square one. you got rid of one horrible provider to bring in another one. they're making all these moms. that doesn't give me peace that the people in this jail are gonna be okay. i'm not at peace with that at all and it really bothers me. >> well, thank you for talking to us. we will watch it with you. thank you for sharing your story. the fight is not over. >> no, it's not. >> back to you. thanks, ross, today the mayor of stockton denies allegations of misconduct at a summer camp he runs. anthony silvo arrested yesterday and facing charges including charges of secretly recording camp counselors as they drank alcohol and played
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strip poker in his bedroom. he said he's innocent of all of the charges against him. >> number one, everyone there was 18 years old. number two, i never ever ever ever endangered a child, ever. number three, i never provided alcohol to anyone and i certainly did not secretly record anyone. >> they called him to step down calling more than a black eye for the city. he's running for reelection this fall and opponent is endorsed by the police union. the county courts are preparing for limited service for next week as a walkout continues. this is the third day of a strike by the clerks who haven't gotten a raise in eight years but say they've been forced to work furlough days and some have lost paid holidays meanwhile they say the county spent more than $200
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million for a new courthouse during the same period. >> the court administrations chose to spent its money on this extravagance instead of on the workers you see here today. >> the spokesman for the superior court says the project was underway before the contract dispute. consolidating under one roof will save money as he defended the cost of the new courthouse. the court is operating with limited services but essential functions will continue next week. firefighters waging a strong battle on two fronts in northern california. tracking the process as they gain ground on the fires. in weather, lots of sunshine over the bay area this afternoon except near the coast in san francisco. the one direction temperatures will be trending this weekend. right now on our facebook page, a us airman returns home
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surprising his kids at the front door. never get enough of these. watch the video and find out more about airman devin rackles on our facebook page. on highway 101 in san francisco, this is the hospital curve. the traffic heading into the city. very heavy likely because of the music festival so be careful out there. stay with us. we'll be right back.
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san francisco outdoor music festival is now underway in golden gate park. the event is expected to draw more than 200,000 people this weekend with headliners like lionel richy and more. >>reporter: duran duran is the big act performs this evening. there's plenty to choose from now through sunday. sunday.r a ra rio took place outside today. tickets sold out within 45 minutes. who are you looking forward to seeing today? >> jay cole. >> dead maybe. >> everyone. >> that would sure shake things up here. >>reporter: headliners include lionel richy, radio head, and duran duran. how do you know who duran duran
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is? >> going to the outside lands. >>reporter: beside the tunes, there's wines, micro-ails, and food. >> it lasted less than five minutes. >> this is the ringmaster and our signature dish. it's a doughnut baken cheeseburger, bacon optional. >> the food is gonna be amazing. you have to twerk on stage. did you handle that? >> i think i can. >>reporter: music lovers got prepared. empty water bottles, you know -- >> kangaroo outfit will keep you warm. >>reporter: you can go to requester bed when you're done. this one you get to walk home or go to your hotel. now, we noticed that security
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was tighter this year. concert goers must go through metal detectors for the first time ever. police were out in full force in foot, bike, and horse. there will be traffic down here so definitely take mass transit. back to you. >> lionel reachy, duran duran, who could resist. there's prose and cons to -- pros and cons to hosting outdoor music festival. what would it take for you to allow or enjoy a big event like outside lands to be held in your neighborhood? tax free money, tickets to the event, or just not worth it? when while, that -- meanwhile that wild fire is 15 percent contained. the so called cold fire broke out tuesday afternoon and charred more than 4700-acres there and evacuation order for at least one yellow county
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neighborhood lifting yesterday as crews were able to keep the flames safely away from dozens of homes there. the sobranes fire in monterey county is burned more than 53,000-acres since breaking out on july 22. that's 73 square miles or the size of oakland. an illegal campfire started the fire and burned 57 homes there. smew we need a jacket if going the concert but good news for the firefighters. >> absolutely. those containment numbers have been slowly creeping up but hopefully that will continue overnight and into the weekend. >> no fires either. >> hopefully not. temperatures in the upper 90s, close to 10 keys. the coal fire been talking act that since tuesday.
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those winds shoot out into the canyons. temperature of 86 degrees but cooler and when this fire started, temperature close to 100 and easterly wind around 7 miles per hour. two different extreme weather worlds here. have the coastal temperatures near 60 degrees and head up above 3,000 feet, temperatures in the mid 70s but not talking about any extreme heat. looking at the surface winds as well that will transport the low clouds and more importantly the moisture back into the region to help the fire crews. we start out with lots of gray, lots of drizzle this morning. measurable drizzle. right now temperatures looking warmer compared to yesterday. livermore right now, 81, san jose, 74 and san francisco downtown checking in 63 degrees. here's our live camera looking out toward the bay bridge. some haze, low clouds out there in the distance and patchy overcast out there. temperatures tomorrow, not a big change for levels we have
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today so morning drizzle again so might need the wipers or drizzle drops if yoking for the morning run. 60s, 70s, and 80s and almost the weekend. temperatures up a few degrees, not by much into sunday and morning overcast first thing sunday morning and those in your opinions will bump up monday, tuesday, and wednesday. no major heat but close to 90 degrees by tuesday and that's about it. looking pretty good. 23 you're heading outside lands, especially tomorrow morning, grab a coat and jacket. >> still cool in the weekend toward the city. >> yeah, especially toward golden gate park. more breaks in the clouds. do you know what click bait is? facebook certainly does and now the social media giant is changing the way it prioritizes stories for your news feed to get rid of those click baits.
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stay with us.
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today we're looking at a headline we're covering here at ktvu fox 2 during this week 25 years ago. >> the controversial of police mishandling of the milwaukee mass murder grew deeper today. >> started with a frantic 911 call of domer chasing a boy
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down the street. >> he's been beaten and bruised up. >> police and paramedics said the boy was okay and officers carried him back to domer cease apartment. pictures of dismembered bodies on the floor. after the 911 call, police officers radioed they were finished. domer later told investigators he killed the boy as soon as officers left. >> the police department individuals who responded failed to conduct a basic proper police investigation into the matter. >> protestors were called today take back the park day. 500 demonstrators gathered to protest the university building volleyball courts here. earlier this afternoon, protests turned ugly and demonstratorsmented to leave the park and march.
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police from almeida county lined up from shoulder to shoulder. they held the marchers back and when they held their ground, police began driving them back. >> we want to march peacefully and they don't want us to march. they're willing to beat us up just like in the south in 65. >> the 11th annual pen am game tieings dan today but not without criticism and skepticism. >> cuba's economy is reflected in many of the game's preparation. they hastily poured cement. cuba spent anywhere from $39- $156 million on these games. either way it could be more than this island of ration and shortages may be able to afford. >> always fun to look back. >> 25 years, can you believe
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that. seems like only yesterday, especially the daumer story. pregnant women are being told to stay away from parts of florida and make sure they're screened for the zika virus. a california move who just moved to florida about her fear ands what her doctor is telling her. tony chaplain took over the san francisco police department but there's a push to keep him in the post permanently. who's behind the car to make capeline police chief when the four on two returns.
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the california department of health says both cases involve mothers who had traveled overseas in zika infected areas. one of the new moms returned home to her native country and the other delivered at the medical center within the past sixth months. her baby was born with a severe case of microcephaly, an unusually small head linked to zika infests. tenures don'ts tryout it'sed positive for zika as of today with two new cases diagnosed last week. all of them are travel related. state health officials say to date, 114 californiaens have tested positive for the zika
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virus and 21 are pregnant women and all travel related. center for disease control are urging all pregnant women to be screened for the zika virus and being told to stay away from florida. health officials say 14 people in southern florida are believe today have contracted the virus through local mosquito bites. >> lindsey lives in manatee county in florida on the gulf side of the state and she's pregnant and lindsey, you moved from california recently during this entire outbreak. who could possibly be going through your mind right now? >> it's crazy. i moved here from louisiana originally. i'm originally from california but my husband is in the coast guard so we just transferred here a little over a month ago. >> i know where that area is where the zika case was confirmed. it's in a part of miami. i'm very familiar with that part of the city. that's quite a ways from where you are but it's still pretty
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worry some, isn't it because it's in the same state, not sure where the mosquitoes are traveling. is this something you think about at every moment? >> i try not to. i'll freak myself out. >> what is your doctor saying to do at this point? do you have to get tested every other day in what's the procedure at this point? >> i just recently got a new ob out here being in the middle of my pregnancy so she hasn't said anything about trying to get me tested but i believe i was talking to a nurse when i was registering into the system in the hospital about how just to keep yourself covered with going out after dusk and if you're gonna be exposing again to keep yourself sprayed and take any precautions you can to keep away -- keep the mosquitoes away from you. >> how are you managing this risk? just staying inside
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permanently? i know people that would do that. how worried are you and what are you doing actually? >> a little built of it is i have a two year-old son as well so being out after five or six isn't really happen too often because all the routine to get to bet time but before that i work as well so i work indoors but we just try to keep inside as best we can. if we're going outside it's only for a short time but not too long to possibly get bit by a mosquito. >> you're pretty far along in your pregnancy, congratulations. it's wonderful. at this point, if you were to get bitten by one of these mosquitoes, because it's so late in your pregnancy. does your doctor have any information on whether it would dramatically affect your child since you're so close to giving birth? >> i'm not a hundred percent
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but from what aye heard, it's not gonna affect -- i don't think i would be in severe territories to get any problems with the baby. but if -- i mean, there's always a chance and always the possibility of the rare appearance of something going drastically wrong. >> this may sound extreme but have you thought about going back temporarily to louisiana or to california just to avoid the entire situation? >> not gonna lie, my parents have offered. >> of course. >> i haven't thought about leaving just because everything -- we're just getting settled here and still trying to make everything work and get a routine set here. i know that is good and i only have six or seven more weeks left so it's not gonna be too long. if it were earlier in my pregnancy, maybe.
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but not at this point in my pregnancy. >> all right, well sound like at this point you're really well inform and had doing all the right things. we wish you the best of luck and hopefully when you give birth, you can share photo with your baby with us. thank you so much nor joining us. thank you, lindsey. >> thank you. sings the resignation of police chief tony, chaplain has been serving at the interim police chief. he has 20 years experience and has been credited for developing a new pollty for the department. he'll be speaking before the city's influential interfaith council. earlier on mornings with two, dave clark spoke with amos brown who is president of the branch of naacp and told us what he think ands what he thinks is that chaplain should keep the job. >> he has the competency, the
4:36 pm
character, the chemistry, and the courage to lead this police department. i feel that the commission, the mayor should listen to what the community is saying. we need to trust. this gentleman comes at a time when he can feel that need. -- fill that need. >> he says san francisco should be commended because its leadership has the courage to listen to the naacp when it comes to reform. he says he is helpful and encouraged that the communication -- hopeful and encouraged that the communication is so positive. hillary clinton is keeping the heat on donald trump today and doing explaining of her own. the former secretary of state answering reporters questions in washington while donald trump was outstumping for votes in iowa and wisconsin. hillary clinton using her
4:37 pm
appearance today before a joint meeting of black and hispanic journal itselfs in washington dc to slam donald trump. >> he stokes resentment. >> she took a few questions today, one of which concerned her assertion to fox host chris that fbi director voyaged for her fratfulness. >> we were -- truthful - . >> we were probably talking past each other. the. >> the e-mail scandal continentals to dog her campaign. donald trump released an add as ms. pack man. trump stepped up attacks comes as the gop nominee is suffering a sharp drop in poll numbers that he's capable of winning
4:38 pm
the election. >> mr. trump is an outsider and hasn't been a part of the political system to the relationships with the leadership on the party is not as deep and long as traditionally would be with the republican nominee. but that doesn't mean he has bad relations. >> so many people that know me under pressure, donald, that's when you do the best. >> his ties to russian president is the focus of clinton's latest political adds. for his part, trump has mocked secretary clinton's role in foreign policy calling her leadership a failure. coming up, an unarmed black man shot in the back by police officers and died. police release several videos of the encountedder and how critical is it that the shooting itself was not caught on the body camera.
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we'll ask our legal expert michael cordoza coming up next on the legal verdict. a look out at 880 in woke land. move -- oakland. moving along but it's moving. that's good. stay with us. the four on two continues.
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today in the verdict, chicago police releases nine different videos from dash and body cameras surrounding the circumstances of an 18 year-old stolen car suspect. what is missing is the moment paul o'neal was shot in the back. joined by our legal analyst, michael cardoza. our question is the video itself, what do you see in it, this is a car that's a stolen car, it goes by and they shoot at it then they pursue. what's your take? >> i guess the first question that comes into to my mind is who of you out there wants to be a police officer anymore? everything they do is open to question but in this particular case, what we see on video by the police arriving with the police reported cameras, we see two officers get out of their
4:43 pm
car, the young man that steals the jaguar tries to squeeze between almost hitting one of the officers and both those officers begin to shoot at the jaguar and i'm thinking as i watch that, i'm thinking, what if there were little boys or girls down the street. they were just firing away at this jaguar. it's a stolen car. a stolen car. but then he runs it into another police car. he's committed an assault with a deadly weapon because he's turned that jaguar and maybe even attempted murder. he could be charged -- well, could have been charged had he survived that. then we see the pursuit. one thing that striked me is that one officer that tried to get over the wall and says help me over the wall. my lord, why aren't you in shape. maybe chicago should get their officers in better shape. >> nine separate cameras and the one we don't see is the one of the shooting officer.
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>> i got to tell you, what's that come down to? the officer will tell us at some point, his report will be issued and it will tell us in his words, here's what happened. are we going to believe him because his camera, the police camera just happened to be either turned off or not working at the time so how can we believe what he says? >> paul o'neal dies from a gunshot to the back. listen to his sister spoke today after seeing the video. >> seeing the body sitting there, we were really hurt. it was disturbing. very disturbing. not the way anything is supposed to be done. it is true. i don't want anyone to lie in my face and try to show my
4:45 pm
brother's image. i wanted to know the truth myself. >> all right, last word on this subject, what is very obvious to me is it is compelling, this video is clear and we'll learn more about the body cameras we have on officers. it helps us. >> of course, it helps us in this case to a certain point and helps officers a lot. but it also hurts officers a lot because all of a sudden this one goes off and now we're to believe. gee, i just happened to shoot him in the back because of what? it's a stolen car. not sure what's going down there. maybe she's correcting the shooting and maybe not. we'll really never know and that's the problem. quickly let's talk about pg and e. it was $1.2 billion and the judge cut it to $1.6
4:46 pm
million. that's from prosecutors. why would they petition the court to reduce the potential penalty in a case like this? >> keep in mind, what happened here was the federal judge henderson said to the prosecutors, you've got to be able to prove damages and don't get to rely on what they paid out in civil penalties to the people that either -- the families of the people that passed away or injured. that's not a measure of damages here. you've got to go to their violation of the crime so cut it down. cut it to half a billion dollars then somehow the feds, i guess, they cannot prove the damages so they're saying, look, we're gonna reduce to five million. that jury is still out trying to determine the guilt or innocence of pg and e and i read something about the mayor said, well, we really don't care about the damages. we want to make sure that pg and e gets convicted. and i'm thinking, so. if they get convicted all of us will turn off our pg and e and
4:47 pm
go, whoa, we're not subscribing anymore. they've got a monopoly. they need monetary punishment and go after the executives of these companies and you'll see some real change happening. not just go after the company generally. >> $5, $6 million is nothing to them but there are $500 million would be a lot. >> they pulled it out of petty cash. take a look at your weekend forecast. a little warmer today. not as kolman lands as yesterday but the -- cold as yesterday but the cool down will continue through the weekend. >> just last week, we were talking act triple digits every day but looks like that's long gone and we cooled off a bit yesterday. temperatures kind of stabilizing over the next few days. probably needed the windshield wipers if driving coast side around the bay.
4:48 pm
outtoward pacifica,..06. downtown, .02 so wet roadways out there and that could be the case first thing tomorrow morning as well. on the satellite, here you can see lots of overcast near coastline down to our south and there's all the overcast out there and some clearing for parts of san francisco but a solid fog bank offshore that gram of cocaines and works it -- grabs and works it way over night. wake up to gray first thing saturday morning. current numbers out there are comfortable toward livermore and 81. san francisco 62 degrees, half- moon bay in the upper 50s. cool to mild saturday. our live camera looking out toward the tower. temperatures tomorrow inland just like today, lower 80s around the bay, near 70 and the coast mainly near 60 degrees so get the idea there's not a big themture to be expected in the
4:49 pm
short term. overnight lows first thing tomorrow morning, starting out the day in the 50s with san francisco 52 and livermore 54 degree ands heading outside lands right now, it's 60 degrees for tomorrow day two of the festival, come in closer so expecting clouds out there for the morning hour ands maybe a few breaks in the overcast by 4:00 p.m.. by 4:00 p.m. partly cloudy and temperatures maxing out in the lower 60s. this is in charge of our weather pattern for today and tomorrow. it'll stick around and into the extended forecast, a bit of a warmup out there. not talking act hot thousand in the neighborhoods maybe near 90 degrees for the extended forecast and that's about it for the next few days. great news for all the fire crews out there. here's the forecast model show you some of the overcast tomorrow morning and not as much as today. when you get a deep marine layer it could break up and leave out. that's the chance it could have
4:50 pm
and a possibility for tomorrow. lower 80s tomorrow. san francisco, 61. more neighborhoods san jose 71. temperatures not a big change from the readings and warm up slightly by sunday for the second half of the weekend. that warping trend will tonight -- warming trend will continue into early next week with temperatures approaching 90 degrees. looking good but keep the sweater and jacket around for the morning hours and might need the umbrella, ross, first thing tomorrow morning especially if you're coast side. >> for outside land, it's probably good it'll be a little cooler because who wants to be in the hot sun watching the concert. >> we had bottle rockets on the hot side but a different story on the golden gate park. julie joins us now live for the stories we're working on ktvu fox 2 news live at 5. a memorial vandalized? >> that's right. a war memorial vandalized in
4:51 pm
the east bay. coming up at 5, hear from that veteran who's name was broken off that wall. julie, we're going to be talking more about our 2 investigation resulting in a major medical company losing a major contract. >> yeah, we started looking into a the medical issues with the jail. they dropped their medical provider and they're out after nearly 30 years. in a few minutes at 5, we investigate the switch in medical providers. this story and much more coming up at 5. >> all right, i'll join you at 5 to talk more act that but for now, the four on two continues so stay with us.
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president obama is sharing his thoughts on gender equality, women's rights, and raising two daughters. he reiterates that stereo types and double standards still exists. the president writes we need to breakthrough these limitations and changing the attitude that raising our girls to be demure and boys to be assertive. we need to keep changing the attitude that punishes women for their sexuality and rewards men for theirs. it's absolutely men's responsibility to fight sexism too and as spouse ands partners, and boyfriends, we need to work hard and be deliberate to create truly equal relationships. what's more social than facebook? the social media giant is changing the way it ranks story ins your news feed. here's why, users want
4:55 pm
straightforward headlines and getting frustrated with what we call click bait. those are stories posted with headlines that hold key information or with hold key information to lure users into the headline. there's something new but leads to an old story. the changes will roll out in the next couple of weeks. look for that on facebook. stay with us. the four on two will be right back.
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coalition forces are striking out against isis. another country is now stepping up its efforts in syria. reporter laura engel has more. >> reporter: the u.s.-led coalition against isis ramping up its effort, american war planes launching attacks while denmark says its f-16 dropped bombs in the past week. this is the first time danish aircraft have participated in anti-isis air strikes outside of iraq. >> i brought all the defense ministers of all the countries that are part of the coalition out to andrews air force base two weeks ago and i said, look, guys and gals, we need you to do more. >> reporter: president obama meeting with his national security council on thursday to discuss the terror
4:59 pm
organization. he says there's been progress on the ground, but more needs to be done to keep things safe. >> we have to do a better job of disrupting networks, and those networks are more active in europe than they are here, but we don't know what we don't know, and so it's conceivable that there are some networks here that could be activated. >> reporter: isis still proving to be a dangerous foe despite the military setbacks. the united nations says the group may have captured thousands of iraqi villagers several of wham may have been executed. a u.n. report released earlier estimates isis is holding thousands of women and chirp captive. in new york, laura ingle, fox news. 2 investigates uncovered deaths inside the county jail and gaps in oversight. today a year-long investigation
5:00 pm
has resulted in a big change for alameda county's jail. good evening. i'm ted rowlands. frank has the night off. >> i'm julie haener. alameda county dropped its controversial medical provider. corizon correctional health is out after nearly 30 years. the board awarded the new contract to california forensic medical group. the switch in medical providers is no small deal. this is alameda county's biggest public contract. it was opened forbidding for the first time in a decade only after 2 investigates started looking into inmate deaths at the jail and allegations of shoddy care under corizon's watch. ross palombo has the story. >> reporter: lives are at risk when you make the decision. take your time and get it right. >> reporter: despite a passion fat plea from corizon's top doctor the board of supervisors awarded the new $135 million jail healthcare contract to a


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