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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 5pm  FOX  August 5, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm PDT

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for alameda county's jail. good evening. i'm ted rowlands. frank has the night off. >> i'm julie haener. alameda county dropped its controversial medical provider. corizon correctional health is out after nearly 30 years. the board awarded the new contract to california forensic medical group. the switch in medical providers is no small deal. this is alameda county's biggest public contract. it was opened forbidding for the first time in a decade only after 2 investigates started looking into inmate deaths at the jail and allegations of shoddy care under corizon's watch. ross palombo has the story. >> reporter: lives are at risk when you make the decision. take your time and get it right. >> reporter: despite a passion fat plea from corizon's top doctor the board of supervisors awarded the new $135 million jail healthcare contract to a
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different private company, california forensic medical group. >> four ayes, one an extension. motion passes. >> reporter: 2 investigates began lacking into this a year ago after an inmate died at the jail. we uncovered that corizon had lost contracts in at least six states and faced hundreds of civil rights lawsuits nationwide. then, after our investigation revealed a series of questionable medical decisions and gaps in oversight from the sheriff's office itself, martinez's mother filed her own federal lawsuit against both the company and the county. >> you are a healthcare provider. you are supposed to be providing healthcare. if you can't do that, then you are in the wrong business. >> reporter: this all comes a year after alameda county settled an $8.3 million lawsuit for the death of another inmate at santa rita, the largest of its kind in california history. >> yes, you are incarcerated, but nobody should go to jail
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and day and lose their life. >> reporter: but for martinez, another private company taking over isn't the complete answer. 2 investigates has learned that the new contractor has also had an extensive legal history, faced more than 80 federal cases in california in the last decade, and in santa cruz county, a civil grand jury slammed the company for having twice the number of deaths as what the federal government says should be statistically likely. nevertheless, the company's ceo defended his company's track record. >> in any healthcare environment there are bad outcomes. it is the case. and we work very hard to make sure that we do everything we can to avoid mistakes and sometimes people do make mistakes. and when they do, we try to learn from those mistakes. >> reporter: the new cfmg contract does include some assurances about its performance, language that wasn't in the corizon agreement
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including steep penalties for failing to follow a court order and fines for leaving nursing shifts unfilled, problems that nurses have said turned into a nightmare under corizon earlier this year. >> devastating, mass confusion. there was no plan. how do we get the work done? >> reporter: now cfmg says it's hiring nearly all of corizon's staff and adding nearly 50 positions. the union says it is optimistic. >> i think there's a sense of sort of too little, too late, that this has been a long time coming. >> cfmg says its transition team will take over all operations on october 1st. but this isn't the end of the story. 2 investigates will be monitoring the transition and the new company's performance going forward. as we said we first broke this story more than a year ago. you can see the entire investigation leading up to
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today on our website, we spoke with that mother. >> at 4:00. >> a little bit of a victory for her today, but it's far from over. >> she said that she's not completely happy. >> no, she's not happy. the reason is she wants the county to step in. she wants the county to be conducting all the healthcare there. so there's some accountability, because right now with a private company, the county can monitor it, or if something goes wrong they can investigate, but they have no control once they hand that over to a private company. >> where does her lawsuit stand right now? >> her lawsuit is working its way through a federal court right now. keep in mind, it is not the only lawsuit. there are several lawsuits out there, and all of us might be footing the bill for this. remember, one of those lawsuits cost us $8.3 million regarding corizon. that's the largest in state history. who knows what we could be on the hook for. of course we will keep tabs on that as well. >> ross palombo, thank you.
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new developments in the fight against the soberanes fire burning in monterey county. flames have charred more than 53,000 acres since the fire broke out july 22nd. that's just over 79 square miles or about the size of oakland. investigators say an illegal campfire sparked the blaze. highway 128 in yolo county has reopened. crews are making progress on the firefight. the fire is now 15% contained. it started tuesday west of the city of winters. hat burned more than 4700 acres. an evacuation order for one neighborhood was lifted yesterday as crews were able to keep the flames away from dozens of homes. let's go straight to chief meteorologist bill martin for the latest on the conditions. a cooler day. >> yes. it's been helpful. the weather last week very hot.
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for this fire we're talking a lot about terrain driven and vegetation driven, but the weather he is special yesterday and today has been extremely helpful. we've got humidity and fog, and in the hot spots, we're up to 74 degrees. this is a big enough fire, we're talk over 50,000 acres, that it spans sea level, or the coast, 60 degrees, 85% humidity, to an inland climate, so you're moving through climatic zones. right now the prevailing winds are northwesterly. that sets us up with more fog, more cool weather. it's been cool around here. as we press into tomorrow, the forecast continues to be mild. here's the interesting thing about this fire. i was just reading some of the stats. 486 engines, 108 crews, six air tankers on this fire, and
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they've got 66 bulldozers. this fire is massive. terrain driven, vegetation driven, and weather is actually the next couple of -- this last few days and the next couple of days are going to provide some relief for firefighters. but again when you've got terrain and vegetation driven, it makes it tough for firefighters to get a handle on it just with weather's help. the sheriff's deputy who shot and killed 13-year-old andy lopez has received a promotion. the sonoma county sheriff's department confirms that he has been promoted to the rank of sergeant and also received a bump in pay to $55 an hour. he shot and killed lopez in october of 2013 insanta rosa. the boy kass carrying a bb pellet rifle which he mistook for a real rifle. he claims he told the boy to drop the gun, then shot him seven times when lopez turned around. the case prompted widespread protests but the prosecutors
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declined to bring charges against the officer. clerks in santa clara county are keeping up their strike over wages for a third day. more than 300 employees picketed outside the hall of justice today. the union represents clerks, mediators, and janitors. the court says hat offered most workers a 9.5% raise. the clerks want an additional 3%. they say they haven't had a raise in eight years and aren't worried about going without pay during the strike. >> we're fighting for justice. we're fighting for a cost of living raise in one of the most expensive places. and those type of threats don't scare us because we are determined to be out here as long as it takes. >> the union criticized the county for spending more than $200 million on a new family court, including $3 million for imported stone from italy rather than raising their pay. while the court is operating
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with a limited staff officials say essential functions will continue during the strike. san francisco's biggest music festival, outside lands, is now underway. the event is expected to draw 200,000 people with headliners like lionel richie, radiohead, and third eye blind. tara moriarty shows us all the excitement. [ music ] >> reporter: center stage than at outside lands, san francisco's popular music fest where this year tickets sold out within 45 minutes. >> who are you looking forward to seeing? >> the headliners include lionel richie and duran duran. >> actually from going to the outside lands. >> reporter: there's wines and
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gourmet food from 80 different eateries. >> $1 egg rolls! >> that lasted less than five minutes. this is the ring master. it's our signature dish. it is a doughnut bacon cheese burger. bacon optional. >> apparently the food is going to be amazing, and for the bignet, you have to twerk on stage. you think you can handle that. >> maybe. so i have a pouch for a phone. a map if you ever get lost. >> you can go to your bed after you're done. there's others where you're camping. this one, you get to go to your hotel. >> reporter: concert goers must go through metal detectors. police were out in full force by foot, bike, and horseback. if you plan on coming down here
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do expect traffic. mass transit is advised. >> as much as people love outside lands, it also has its critics, and some people wonder if it is worth it. last year the festival was the second highest grossing music festival continues in bringing in $24 million. palm springs took the top spot. the city of san francisco brings in another 60 million from hotel rentals, restaurants, and shopping. and on top of that the city charges outside lands a $2.6 million feel just to use golden gate park, plus cleanup fees. >> the city receives full cost recovery, reimbursement for all of our costs, plus a $3 million fee, and that $3 million fee helps fund our park system. it helps hire and pay gardeners and pay for recreation activities and so forth. >> as for complaints from neighbors, supervisor scott
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wiener says other san francisco festivals such as pride and fleet week also have impacts on neighborhoods but the city does its best to clean up quickly and get things back to normal. a bay area war memorial honoring hundreds of livermore military veterans, but vandals recently nokdz some of the names off the wallet. coming up at 5:30 the veterans who are angry and hurt. plus, gunshots ring out in chicago. >> an officer nearly hit by a stolen car and then shots are fired at the driver. body cameras on chicago police captured it all. coming up next a look at the different angles of that video that ended with the suspect dead. plus, a day after his arrest, stockton's mayor responds to allegations he provided alcohol and played strip poker with minors.
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dramatic video released by the chicago police department showing a portion of a deadly shooting and pursuit by officers of a black teen driving a stolen car. camera footage from the incident shows two officers firing at a car driven by 18- year-old paul o'neill. the car blows past a stop sign and crashes past the police cruiser. the video does not show a third officer shooting o'neill in the back as he ran from the scene. the footage picks up as officers are handcuffing o'neill as he lays facedown and bleeding. today o'neill's older sister
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broke down as she spoke about her brother. >> i want everybody to know that paul had goals. >> after he was shot, he was placed in handcuffs, andy sat there for a long time dying. that was very shocking to me. >> more than one officer claimed that o'neill had fired shots at them but no gun was recovered, and o'neill was not armed when he was shot. the officer who shot o'neill was wearing a body camera but it was not apparently recording. the police department said it is investigating whether that camera malfunctioned. family, friends, and fellow police officers said a final good-bye today to a san diego police officer who was killed last week in the line of duty. hundreds of law enforcement vehicles and motorcycles escorted the hearse carrying the remains of 43-year-old
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officer jonathan de guzman. he was killed in a shootout with a suspect. an estimated 1,000 officers from departments across the nation attended today's memorial. today the mayor of stockton denied allegations of misconduct at a summer camp that he runs in amador county. anthony silva was arrested on charges including secretly recording teens as they allegedly played strip poker in his bedroom. calls for silva to step down are growing. >> reporter: it has been a wild seven days for mayor anthony silva. >> for those of you missing your episodes of house of cards, scandal, or "game of thrones," then i'm sure you've been following stockton politics. >> reporter: it started when the district attorney revealed the mayor's stolen gun was used in the 2015 murder of ray shawn
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harris. >> i have never seen the victim of a theft be trashed in the media the way i have. >> reporter: on thursday the camp's final day, fox 40's cameras were rolling as police arrested silva on three misdemeanors and a felony. the 41-year-old mayor is accused of playing strip poker, drinking alcohol, and secretly recording communication with underage camp counselors in 2015. silva denies wrong doing. >> number one, everyone there was 18 years old. number two, i never, ever, ever endangered a child, ever. number three, i never provided alcohol to anyone, and i certainly did not secretly record anyone. >> court documents show one participant was 16 years old and that prosecutors have at
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least one video clip from the alleged game of strip poker. >> i think it's time if the mayor truly cares about the city of stockton and its citizens, i think he should resign immediately. >> reporter: one council member calls this an embarrassment for the city. as the people form their opinions -- >> i definitely lost all trust in hit. >> reporter: anthony silva is not stepping down as he waits for his day in court. >> i'm innocent. the weekend is coming up. we're setting up with some pretty nice weather. it's not going to be hot like last weekend but it is going to be nice. this morning we had drizzle to the tune of .06 of an inch in pacifica. that's a lot. we've got fog along the coast.
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today's temperatures were slightly warmer than yesterday but they're still a lot cooler than a week ago. it's just 80 degrees in livermore. that's a little warmer than it was last night at this time. eight degrees warmer specifically. still cool. overnight lows, there's the fog, and there will be a lot of it tomorrow morning. saturday morning will be greeted with fog and low clouds. here's what the model does. it pushes it inland. when the fog gets up over the hills like that, it pushes right over twin peaks and pushes in towards the livermore valley. you know we've got a deep marine layer, 2,000 feet deep. the hills average 1,000 feet, and the marine layer is 2,000 feet. that means you've got 1,000 feet excess spilling inland.
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so there are the 90s in sacramento. i don't see any 100s tomorrow. just a cool burst of air into the bay. the outside lands festival, it's jacket time. it is going to be chilly in the morning and the evenings. you may get some low and mid- 60s. these are the forecast highs tomorrow. 83 in brentwood. i would expect 93. just a week ago it was 103. 81 in morgan hill, 80 in gilroy. the weekend is here. the five-day forecast will be one of -- it has to get warmer, right? we warm up tomorrow. the warmest spots will be in the low 80s. temperatures start to come back up. but with that said, it's very good that we are seeing a better fire condition, because certainly for firefighters around the state, and after last week all of the trouble we were having, this pattern will be very helpful in the coming
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weeks. >> they certainly need a break. it is the highest individual honor for nfl players, coaches, and owners. the class will be inducted into the hall of fame this weekend. why raiders and 49ers fans should be watching. new at 6:00, controversy within a bay area police department over this photo in a newsletter. why some say it sends the wrong message.
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california's clean air laws we've cut toxic pollution. we're seeing fewing cases of asthma in kids. and the new clean energy economy has created more than half a million jobs. i'm tom steyer.
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just when we're making progress, the oil companies are trying to weaken our clean air laws. but we can stop them. send them a message. we're going to protect our kids - not their profits. ♪
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eight new members will be enshrined into the pro football hall of fame this weekend. the biggest name, former packers quarterback brett favre. last night the class of 2016 received their golden jackets, one of the three iconic symbols. a lot of fans will be watching which includes the induction of former raiders quarterback ken stabler. >> and eddie d. >> you see these guys that have banged heads, and it's a great weekend. i had an opportunity when ronnie lott, joe montana, and howie long got inducted. a fabulous weekend. but this is going to belong on the 49ers side to eddie debartolo. incredibly innovative owner. here he is last night.
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i talked to steve young super bowl week, and he said, everybody talks about the five super bowls that he brought the 49ers and all that but this is a guy who really helped elevate the way people thought about players, the way owners treated players. he made them feel like they weren't just a cog in the machine and they were cattle just being brought in and out and turned away when they were done playing. he just really had a feel for bonding with them, creating relationships, not to mention how generous he was. and here he is today just ever humble, even though he's accomplished so much. >> you know, i've been nervous, just like i was -- i think i'm more nervous than i was before any of our super bowls. >> our producer got invited and shot that with his cell phone.
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but this guy, mr. de bart mr -- mr. eddie debartolo, he had an owner call and say, ronnie, how did eddie treat his players? what can we do for him? it's legendary that eddie debartolo took the entire 49ers team and their families on this five-star trip to hawaii after one super bowl. we got a glimpse of that after he was inducted into the hall of fame. we went up to his ranch, our crew, and shot some footage in an interview with him. beautiful ranch. but he took us out to dinner, you know, and just treated us so well, and at the end of the night, you know, when they drove us back to the hotel, he wouldn't hear of us taking a cab, and he had three
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personally handwritten thank- you notes, thanking us for taking the time to come up and interview him. i mean, that's just an example. >> so nice to hear those things about someone. let's talk about someone else who is loved. ken stabler. >> if i'm going to be honest, it's bittersweet for me because i had a lot vin tear personal relationship with kenny while he was a player with the raiders. and it's just a crying shame that he wasn't alive, he died last july, to get this honor. it was well deserved. that's his grandson accepting the plaque and the rest of his family on hand, including his daughter you see in a minute. ken fee stabler, in my opinion, deserved to be inducted into the hall of fame long ago, and you see the emotion there. he was just an incredible player, but he, too, loved by his teammates. >> because in his day there were no offensive coordinators. he had to do a lot of game calling himself.
5:29 pm
he was great at that. >> absolutely. knew the game of football in and out. came out of the university of alabama, bear bryant was his coach in college, and you know what, kenny was one of those guys who add great balance between loving the game, and let me tell you what, he had a whole lot of fun playing it as well. but he would just absolutely embrace his teammates and always take the blame and be the last guy to accept credit for anything that happened. you hear him today. they're speaking in glowing terms. it's not because he passed away. they were saying the same things about him. last gay to accept credit, first guy to take the blame. >> another legend, john madden, although he won't be there. >> a taped message. kenny and eddie, a big weekend. >> thanks mark. and we will be back with more
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right after this.
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bricks with the fames of veterans ripped off the wall of this veterans memorial. livermore police are trying to figure out who did this and why. ktvu's rob roth spoke with veterans and their families about this emotional toll that it is taking and what they plan to do to repair the damage. >> reporter: the monument is
5:33 pm
called remember our heroes. hundreds of names of livermore veterans are etched in bricks in front of the veterans memorial building. but some names have been knocked off the wall. police suspect vandalism. veterans are angry. >> it's pretty hard to keep from tearing up. >> reporter: this vet saw the damage last week. >> you just swell up with anger because of the fact that we spent so much time building this thing and making it nice for the veterans. >> reporter: in a strange twist, he says the bricks were stacked against a wall while debris was strewn around. one of the bricks bears the name of army sergeant michael foreman. his brother is a navy seal. >> it's something that's disrespectful. hopefully something like this will bring people together for the people that did it i can't
5:34 pm
imagine why would you want to do something like this. >> reporter: this woman came to the memorial to see if the brick of her late husband is still intact. it is. >> it makes me feel really sad. i know a lot of the people that are here. >> reporter: the memorial was built three years ago by the livermore post of the veterans of foreign wars. the vfw says the damage is at least $1,000 and the bricks will be replaced but it's not the money that's at issue. >> we branded this wall to honor our heroes. and to a lot of us that's what it is, the people that served to protect our country. >> this is horrible. it's no way to represent our nation. >> reporter: the vfw says it will take six weeks to repair and that it is also looking into getting security cameras. rob roth, ktvu fox 2 news.
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bart is hoping to find out who left a winchester rifle at the macarthur bart station. an employee found the rifle under a bench yesterday morning. bart police are holding on to it. an official says the gun does not appear to have been involved in any crime but police are checking it against various databases and looking at surveillance video. hundreds of kids gathered in front of san jose city hallly to celebrate a job well done. they were participants in a program called sj works. ann rubin spoke to some of them. >> reporter: for many kids summer is about sun and swimming. not for this group. they spent the last few months working hard. and today they came to celebrate that accomplishment. >> really rewarding. you feel like you accomplished
5:36 pm
a lot. >> reporter: they're part of the sj works program which compares at-risk youth with summer jobs. >> i was getting into trouble at school so it helped me stay productive in the summer. >> reporter: that's one of the primary goals of the program now in its second summer. >> we know for a lot of these kids growing up in tough neighborhoods this is the difference from to a resume, or from a rap sheet to a resume. >> reporter: this young man says he had never even had a job before. >> kind of opened up my field of vision for what kind of jobs there are. >> reporter: the teens were encouraged to open bank accounts. >> save some, and for my family, buy my family clothes and buy my mom shoes, my grandma shoes, stuff like that.
5:37 pm
>> reporter: he says the summer job was empowering, and now for the first time sj works will be extended into the school year. so today's celebration culminated in a job fair. >> it was really good to give back after all the years of them giving to me. i can give back. >> reporter: there are 70 different employers working with the program. they hope to increase the number of students hired to 1300 by the end of the school year. in san jose, ann rubin, ktvu fox 2 news. oakland's own andre ward is set to face off against alexander brand at oracle coliseum. >> the pound for pound king of the ring from oakland, california, andre "sog" ward.
5:38 pm
>> if he wins, he will go on to fight in a pay per view, the first of his career. mini rooms make up a mini hotel, and it's inside a bay area airport. donald trump backs off a statement he made earlier this week. the endorsement he is expected to announce during a campaign rally in wisconsin tonight.
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donald trump is expected to endorse house speaker paul ryan tonight in wisconsin. earlier this week trump refused to endorse ryan in an interview. it comes the same day hillary clinton appeared before reporters in the nation's capital. more now from washington. >> reporter: hillary clinton using her appearance today before a joint meeting of black and hispanic journalists in washington, d.c. to slam donald trump referring to him as shameful. >> he stokes division and resentment. >> reporter: clinton who has not held a press conference since december 4th of last year did take a few questions one of which concerned her assertion to fox news that fbi director james comey vouched for her truthfulness. >> i think chris wallace and i were probably talking past each other. >> reporter: the justice department has decided not to
5:42 pm
pursue a case against clinton. however, the e-mail scandal continues to dog her campaign. just this weak donald trump released an ad depicting ms. clinton as pacman, gobbling up e-mails. >> mr. trump is an outsider. he hasn't been a part of the political system so his relationships with the leadership are not as deep and long as traditionally would be, but that's not to say he doesn't have good relations. >> i handle pressure. all my life i've handled practice, and i've been told by so many people that know me under pressure, donald, that's when you do the be. >> reporter: donald trump's ties to russian president vladimir putin is the focus of clinton's latest ads.
5:43 pm
in washington, doug mcelway, fox news. ever wish you could take a real nap on a real bed while waiting for a flight? the airport travel agency in san francisco airports international terminal has opened up a mini hotel, the first in the bay area for people who need a few hours for a nap or an overnight stay in room. freshen up has long provided cleanup and shower services. vas the first of the month it's offering three mini nap rooms for those with long layovers or those who just want to catch a few hours to sleep. each room has a pull-out bed, a flat-screen tv and a desk for computer. >> plus, we're located outside of security, so it's accessible to everyone. >> the price? $40 an hour to a maximum of $120 for an overnight stay. a shower of another $20. military folks are entitled to a discount. san francisco leaders joined with transit agencies today to start a campaign to
5:44 pm
promote late night and early morning transportation options. the goal is for workers and nightclub patrons to know about the all-nighter service operated by sf money, ac trance its, and golden gate transit. there are more than 20 bus routes. a group studying transit found that folks didn't know about the service. coming up, records on wall street, hundreds of thousands of jobs added, unemployment is falling, and california is leading the way. the key indicators that show why california is not only outperforming other states but some of the biggest economies around the world as well. it's not zika, but another mosquito borne virus that killed someone in california. coming up, the dramatic increase we're already seeing in west nile virus this year. and your bay area weekend is here. i'm tracking the forecast as we
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♪keep on the sunny side ♪always on the sunny side ♪keep on the sunny side of life♪ more records were set on wall street today after the labor department reported unexpectedly strong job growth last month. the economy added 255,000 jobs last month, much higher than predicted. it also revised the june numbers up to 292,000. unemployment remains low at 4.9%. the report also shows average hourly pay rose nearly 3% from
5:48 pm
a year ago. >> what matters most i think is that the economy is on the up trend, that earnings are tracing a v-shaped recovery, and that stocks continue to be the more attractive investment asset class out there, and i think that if we continue with that trend, then we probably should have a pretty good second half. >> both the s & p and nasdaq set records today. the s & p gained 19 points. the dow gained 191 points. california is the nation's mightiest economic engine when it's firing on all cylinders. we asked tom vacar to look at what's working and what's not. >> reporter: how well is the state's economy doing? >> myself, generally my friends, people i know are gainfully employed and are doing well. >> i see it getting better. i think things are changing a loss. >> reporter: california's
5:49 pm
growth state product, what its economy produces in a year, currently stands at $2.5 trillion. that's the world's 7th largest economy if it were a nation. last year california created 483,000 jobs, better than number two and number three states, texas and florida, combined. and we're growing faster than japan, germany turks kansas, france, and even faster than the u.s. growth rate. but california is often cited as being business unfriendly. four of the world's 10 largest corporations, apple, facebook, google, and wells fargo call california home. our diverse population and culture are as diverse as our economy. high technology, biotechnology, technology equipment, software and communications equipment, to name some. add to that banking, healthcare, on-line retail, oil and gas as well as movies, entertainment, agrilture all
5:50 pm
contributing. our strongest industries are tourism, tech, and foreign trade. and at more than a quarter trillion dollars annually, california is the nation's biggest manufacturing state, well ahead of all competitors. our technology companies take in more than half of the entire nation's tech revenues. we are by far the largest agriculture state, triple our closest competitor iowa. we lead the nation in clean technology. and the state pays the nation's lowest borrowing rates. on the bad side, our unemployment rate remains higher than the national average, but joblessness here is falling faster than anyplace else. the biggest drag short term to our economy has been and remains poverty. >> i do think, however, in certain areas such as the bay area we have issues with housing afford bability. >> reporter: longer term, shortage of skilled workers, housing costs, and the
5:51 pm
desperate need for better transportation plague us and could make us less competitive and eventually derail our economy. >> it is a far, far cray from the broken busted sad and sinking california of the recession not so many years ago. tom vacar, ktvu fox 2 news. and california, you know i'm a big fan of the place, it really does illustrate what we contribute to the world's economy and the national economy. it's a really neat spot in terms of agriculture and technology. kevin star wrote a history back about california, and the last few pages represent all of tin vengsz, whether it be the television, the telephone, the movies, and you would be blown around. kevin starr's california. anyway, 74 degrees in santa rosa. 79 in fairfield, 75 in morgan hill, 78 in san jose.
5:52 pm
so talking about some pretty mild temperatures for august. along the coast there was drizzle this morning. if you were in the city, on the great highway, you know what i'm talking about. it was wet on the ground. .06 of an inch showed up. that's rain. i mean, it was drizzle, but it's measurable, so it gets put into the record books as .06 of rain. the fog along the coast is pretty thick. it's all in the avenues. it's foggy out at outside lands where tonight jackets will be required. the story, as we go through time, has been and will be this low pressure center which is not supposed to be there really, and as it sits here, it delivers rain, even some show to the higher elevations. this low pressure center is gradually going to move on. this is why we've been cool. this is why firefighters have been able to stand down a little tbint bay area because this has delivered the drizzle, this has delivered below- average temperatures inmany locations, and the partly
5:53 pm
cloudy conditions. but that is going to end as we come into the extended period which is really right after the weekend as we get into next week. we're going to see temperatures rebound. it is not going to get hot but back in the 90s. 83 in antioch, 83 for brentwood. air quality is good with this pattern. tomorrow a lot like today. sunday, a lot like today. monday, tuesday, and wednesday that low pinches away and we start to warm up. a nice forecast. it does give our friends, the men and women of cal fire and the firefighting districts, a chance, a break, because really this weather is nothing but helpful, especially today and tomorrow. >> gives us folks in the east bay a break, too. >> oh, yeah, the air conditioners not working. while the focus of zika has
5:54 pm
been nationally, here in the bay area, some deaths being blamed on mosquitoes. and why some say this photo in a police newsletter sends the wrong message.
5:55 pm
5:56 pm
state health officials today announced the first death of the year in california from west nile virus. the victim lived in sacramento
5:57 pm
county where tom harris reports experts say they're finding more signs of the disease in mosquitoes and birds than last year. >> the mosquito fish work in a lake like this. >> reporter: henry estrada is on the hunt for mosquito larvae. >> is this an area where mosquitoes containing west nile virus could potentially be? >> yes. >> i'm going look for veg tatted areas that have -- veg tative -- veg tative -- veg tate -- vegitative areas. >> due to the intensity it's something that we're going to
5:58 pm
continue seeing more human cases being confirmed in the next few weeks. >> reporter: inside this mosquito lab biologists work to determine where infected mosquitoes are located in an effort to eradicate them. >> the last thing that we want is people getting infected with west nile, so all the surveillance we do is in an effort to prevent that. >> reporter: an escalating fight against a tiny insect proving its ability to kill. in sacramento, tom miller. controversy tonight within a bay area police department over this photo placed in the police union newsletter. some officials -- officers say it is not sending the right message. >> this is why the public doesn't want to trust certain people, because these type of tricks are pulled. >> some people say that picture of two dogs is meant to belittle the black lives
5:59 pm
movement. i'm ted rowlands in for frank somerville. >> i'm julie haener. tonight neither san francisco police nor the union is talking but the mayor is weighing in. paul chambers joins us with more on the fallout. >> this newsletter goes out to hundreds of members of the police department. many on the force didn't even know about this picture. that's on the back cover. take a close look at this photo. >> i thought that it was extremely insensitive. >> it shows two dogs, one black and the other white. >> it's sort of trivializing us. >> you now have brought a human rights issue down to the level of a dog? am i no more important than a
6:00 pm
dog? i'm installed by that. >> reporter: sergeant yolanda williams is a member of the san francisco police department. she's also president of the officers for justice. she says as a black woman she understands the struggles. that's why she's not only offended by the picture but the caption next to it which reads, maybe it's time we all just sit back and tone down the rhetoric. >> this is why the public doesn't want to trust certain people, because these types of tricks are pulled. >> reporter: the san francisco mayor made a statement about the picture. >> given the backlash, let's all do better. let's get on that road. >> reporter: the caption turned picture says it was forwarded by a friend and supporter of the p.o. a, but some say the association is responsible for would goes into its publication. >>


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