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tv   The Ten O Clock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  August 5, 2016 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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tens of thousand was people in golden gate park as one of the hottest music festivals in the country gets underway. >> doz evens acts on multiple stages. plenty of critics too. amber lee is live in san francisco as this event lets out. and you found plenty of
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music fans, and also some frustrated neighbors. >> reporter: that's right. concert just ended. you can see the people spilling out right now. some will be back tomorrow. and is concert organizers tell me they expect more than 200,000 people to attend over the weekend. metal detectors at the gate air new addition this year of there are more officers work outside lands, and the fbi is monitoring the large-scale event. >> they're always paying attention to these type of events. thankfully at this point there's no credible threat. >> reporter: an indie rock band from new york was among the many artists performing on seven stages. despite the chill and the overcast skies, outside lands draws people from near and far. >> we like going to these 3-day events. a lot of fun. >> reporter: the event is billed as a gourmet music
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festival. >> it's one of the most beautiful place this is san francisco. it's so great to have a festival here >> reporter: it's not so great for some neighbors. riley van dyke lives within walking distance to golden gate park. each year to date noise from outside lands is like a 3-day long sonic invasion into his home, he says. ♪ [ music ] ♪ >> reporter: van dyke says he's complained conto con -- to concert organizers many times. >> i felt it through my feet. >> reporter: despite his complaint, nothing has changed. he says other festivals such as hardly strictly bluegrass don't cause the same problem. >> it is possible to have concerts in the park, and for the consers to be good neighbors. outside lands is flat out a bad neighbor.
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>> reporter: i checked in with concert organizers about noise complaintsism haven't heard backism also spoke with fran police about any -- san francisco police about any other problems of so far it's been peaceful. >> tomorrow's headliners include radio head, zed, and air. on sunday, lionel ritchie, lana del rey, and is third eye blind. new developments after a controversial police promotion. a sonoma county deputy who shot and killed a 13-year-old boy has been promoted to sergeant and some are calling that an insult. live in santa rosa where the sheriff is defending that decision. >> reporter: the boy was andy lopez. and it was 2013. those
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names and this incident are still vivid. >> some people may be concerned, but he is highly qualified. >> reporter: the sheriff's criticism was quick. a deputy with a troubled past has won sergeant stripes and a raise. >> was there anyone else that could have been promoted? >> reporter: a memorial still stands for andy lopez where he was shot walking down the street. separate inquiries cleared him of wrongdoing but critics believe he profiled the teenager and sufficiency too quick to fire. >> we're moving forward, trying to move forward, and this takes it back, opens up wounds. and i don't think it's progress. [ crowd noise ] >> reporter: protests rage forward months after the
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shooting, exposing distrust between the sheriff's department and minority communities. >> we don't want to city happen again. >> reporter: the task force chair disagrees with the promotion. >> you can argue that he made a mistake, and most of us when we make mistakes in our jobs, we lose them. at the same time, he was rewarded. >> i'm convinced the overwhelm mag juvenile court of the people here want a sheriff who follows the law. >> reporter: he says public perception cannot outweigh the deputy's right to advance. >> this is a single incident in a 26-year career. >> reporter: he returned to patrol duty after he was exonerated and now super vises others. >> he deals with this every day ever his life.
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>> reporter: plans are moving forward to turn the vacant lot into a public park dedicated to andy lopez. i'm told that the sergeant is still assigned to that same neighborhood. someday when all of the legal issues are resolved, he may talk about what happened on that october afternoon. >> any reaction from fellow deputies tonight? how do they feel about all this? >> reporter: the deputies' union certainly backs gelhaas, and has all along. special after a federal probe and the district attorney both said that he acted with reasonable fear for his life. san jose police are ask further public's help after three people were in a
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carjacking. this video was recorded just before that carjacking. the footage shows a man and a woman getting out of a gray sedan and trying to open up other cars. officers say moments later the car sped away behind the victim's vehicle. man and woman are considered priss in this case -- accomplices in this case, and the person who drove off in the victim's car is a white or latino man. a major contractor ousted after shocking details about alameda county's jail healthcare system. after several deaths and accusations of substandard care, the county has cut ties with a major national company. contract worth honest of millions of dollars have not been renewed. all of this after we exposed the details surrounding those deaths and questionable campaign contributions that kept this company in business here for years. now tonight a new company has been named but questioned from the -- questions continue.
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>> lives are at risk when you make this decision. take your time and get it right. >> reporter: despite a passionate plea from top doctors, the alameda county board of supervisors awarded the new $135 million jail healthcare contract to a different private company. california forensic medical group. >> motion passes >> reporter: 2 investigates began looking into this more than a year ago after mario martinez died in jail. we found hundreds of civil rights lawsuits nationwide. and is after our investigation revealed a series of questionable medical decisions and gaps in oversight from the sheriff's office itself, martinez's mother filed her own federal lawsuit against both the company and the county. >> you're a healthcare
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provider, you're supposed to be providing healthcare. if you can't do that, you're in the wrong business. >> reporter: this comes a year after alameda county settled a $8.3 million lawsuit for the death of another inmate. >> you're incars rayed but that doesn't mean you should die in jail >> reporter: for martinez, another private company take over isn't the complete answer. the new contractor has had an extensive legal history, faced more than 80 federal cases in california in the last decade, and in santa cruz county, a civil grand jury slammed the company for having twice the number of deaths as what the federal government should be statistically likely. nevertheless cfmg's ceo defended his company's track record. >> in any healthcare environment, there are bad
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outcomes. and we work very hard to make sure that we do everything we can to avoid mistakes, and sometimes people do make mistakes. and when they do, we try to learn from those mistakes. >> reporter: the new contractor does include some assurances about its performance, language that wasn't in the corison agreement, including penalties for failing to follow a court order, and find for leaving nursing shifts unfilled. problems nurses have said turned into a nightmare earlier this year. >> devastating. mass confusion. there was no plan. >> reporter: the nurses' union is. this for the change. >> i think there's a sense of too little too late.
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it's been a long time coming. >> the new company says the transition team will get to work right away and take over all the operations at the jail by october 1st. >> so this is still going to a private company, and that's not sitting well with a lot of people. >> the mother of the victim we profiled, she wanted the county to take over the whole system so we could see every single step in every move they're making. but this is county company. this is a year-long investigation so much if you want to see all of the backstories, go to our website. >> if you have a tip, e-mail tracking that weather out
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there. the bay area weekend upon us. temperatures on the cool side. will that continue for your saturday and sunday? >> i know i'm definitely interested. and i'm gonna fight this all the way. >> a northern california mayor speaks out after his arrest. why he says the criminal case against him is political. >> an about-face from donald trump, the endorsement that ends a 4-day standoff amid concern was a divided party. california's clean air laws we've cut toxic pollution. we're seeing fewing cases of asthma in kids.
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and the new clean energy economy has created more than half a million jobs. i'm tom steyer. just when we're making progress, the oil companies are trying to weaken our clean air laws. but we can stop them. send them a message. we're going to protect our kids - not their profits. ♪
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developing news out of france. at least 13 people are dead after a fire swept through a bar in the normandy region. the fire was sparked by candles being used for a birthday celebration. in addition to the 13 dead, six people were hurt in that fire there. is no apparent connection to terrorism. france remains in a state of emergency since terror attacks there. learning more about the suspect in a deadly stabbing attack in london that killed one american. officials say the suspect is a 19-year-old norwegian national, originally from somalia, the times of london reports he called an ambulance three times in the part of six months because he wanted to kill himself. he is facing a murder charge for the fatal stabbing of a florida woman and five counts of attempted murder for those he injured. one of the survivors is
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retired san jose firefighter marty honiche. he is doing well and remains with his wife on vacation. in a post he called the attack unreal, and this isn't his first brush with danger. video from 1999 shows him being rescued from a building in san jose after the roof collapsed during a fire fight. he fractured his pelvis and retired from the san jose fire department in 2009 and lives in nevada embattled mayor of stockton is speaking out after the fbi arrested him on charges involving a summer camp. allegations that he served alcohol to minors and took part in a game of strip poker with camp counselors. >> i know i'm definitely innocent, and i certainly am gonna fight this all the way. >> reporter: mayor silva claimed his innocence as he sat down in an exclusive one-on-one interview with me today. he says
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he's calling the charges political in order to ruin his chances of becoming mayor once again. >> the two political weapons used in stockton is usually law enforcement and the media, unfortunately. and it's not like things that they can prove on people. a lot of times it's snog create this cloud over somebody. and that's enough to create a negative image on someone to affect political outcome hads. >> reporter: he calls the timing suspicious as authorities knew he was headed to silver lake camp for a week without good cellphone reception. >> yesterday i woke up and there was reporters at camp, and they were actually there before a law enforcement official showed up to pick me up. >> reporter: we asked why. >> politics in stockton. >> reporter: his attorneys would not allow him to answer anymore questions about the case because they say. they it to be
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tried. he was able to read a statement. >> everyone there was 18 years old. no. 2, i never ever ever ever endangered a child. ever. no. 3, i never provided alcohol to anyone. and i certainly did not secretly record anyone. >> reporter: we of course asked him about what the arrest papers claimed, and if he was going to resign. he says the claims will be cleared up in court and he has no plans to resign. >> before the most recent scandal, silva was in the news after a gun stolen from his home was used in a series of crimes in stockton, including the deadly shooting of a 13-year-old boy. silva didn't report the gun as missing until a month after the boy's death. a san francisco fire department paramedic has been arrested on suspicion of making a bomb. a man on madrid street reported an explosion in a plant or wednesday. investigators arrested 32-year-old james
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christopher novelo on charges including making and possessing a destructive device it. appears the incident stemmed from an ongoing dispute in the neighborhood. now to the nier monterey county that. wildfire has grown to nearly 54,000 acres. containment has jumped to 40 now. justin geary went to the front lines today and saw the firefighters' progress firsthand. >> reporter: firefighters proved an old adage is true. using fire to fight fire in the mountains above the coastline. >> the fire is backing down the winds perfectly and burning along the slope under our control how we want it to happen >> reporter: fires need heat, fuel, and oxygen, that is met daily because of dry, windy warm conditions. terribles are using these controlled burns to keep the flames from moving further south into the miller par
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section of the national park that. area has lots of fuel. and all the fuel could help the fire grow back to full strength. helicopter, used to draw a defensive red line in this battle. a second concern is for the hundreds of trees torched by this illegal campfire, which continues smoldering. the root systems are weakened, deading to treefall. >> trees are burned 3/4 of the way through, sometimes you can't see it. they become weak and dangerous to the public. >> reporter: crews are cutting and clear the clutter. keeping roads open and passable. the marine layer most of the day kept humidity levels high. that helps in this fire fight. with more fog and favorable conditions for backburns, officials hope residents could return by next week.
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crews are making progress on the so called cold fire in yolo county. the fire is still burning on 4,700 acres tonight. but containment figures have jumped from 15% to 30%. 1,600 firefighters are working on that blaze at this hour. the fire started tuesday afternoon next to the town of winters. a little wet out there this morning on the great highway in san francisco. and 0.06 of an inch of drizzle, if you will. so it was wet in san francisco. .02. a lot of mouse know along the coast and around the edges of bait ushgsd see a little drizzle. a lot of fog right now. pushing inland. marine lay ser-2,000 feet deep. that's why -- look where it is. it's over the san mateo coastline. the fog
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in hayward, oakland, fremont. working south into san jose. tomorrow morning, saturday morning when you get up, you got fog everywhere. fog burns offand we get temperatures tomorrow a lot like the temperatures we saw today, which were, like, a good few degrees below the average, and 80s in the warmer spots, mid-80s. there's the foggy footprint for tomorrow morning. everybody, basically. maybe a little north of san jose. greens are 60s. 70s and 80s in the spots where there were 100s last week. tomorrow a lot like today. mild. we'll talk more tomorrow, sunday, and the warmup. a photo of two dogs creating tonight. why using it in a police union news letter had some people feeling trivialized. >> the cubs come to town and show a's fans why they have the best record in baseball.
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>> we've seen an incredible upsurge of people who want to get involved. >> and an alternative to donald trump and hillary clinton. the alure of the third party candidate.
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to prove how authentic my new brewhouse bacon burger is i'm going undercover, at an actual brewhouse. it's awesome. amazing! what if i told you, you are eating a jack's brewhouse bacon burger from jack in the box. not this one. absolutely lying. and what if i told you... that i'm jack.
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whaaaat?!! no way! no! didn't see that coming, did you? porter ale cheese sauce, grilled onions, and bacon on a artisan potato bun. jack's new brewhouse bacon burger, new from jack in the box. hey, where did jack go? he was just here. i support and endorse our speaker of the house, paul ryan. [ crowd noise ] >> in a push for party unity, donald trump endorsed paul ryan tonight after declining to do so just days ago. ryan did not attend the event in his home state of wisconsin where he is running for reelection. trump endorsed john mccain. hillary
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clinton faced new questions today about her use of a private e-mail server while secretary of state. >> reporter: director comey had said that my answers in my fbi interview were truthful. that's the bottom line here. >> that's not true. there were a small number of portion markings on i think three of the documents. >> james comey did tell congress there was no basis to conclude clinton was untruthful but he was referring to her fbi interview, not to her other public statements as clinton suggested last weekend. comey described her handling of classified inform as extremely careless but declined to charge her with misconduct. people who have concerns about hillary clinton and donald trump could be turning to other parties. the appeal does seem to be growing. gena, both the green and libertarian pares are getting more traction this cycle. >> reporter: they are. we talked to people on the ground who are getting many more calls.
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they want to make sure voters know this presidential election is not a 2-horse race of the green party, the libertarian party held events today, working to get their nominees and platforms on the debate stage next month. as hillary clinton and donald trump put the conventions behind and hit campaign trail, third party candidates such as dr. jill stein might be getting an unexpected postconvention bump. >> now it's like almost every day we're getting people calling >> reporter: green party official greg dan says many calls are from bernie sanders supporters. dr. stein is a headache advocate from massachusetts. the green party convention started in houston friday. bay area activist laura wells says 32 their is a new energy this year. >> the green party can cover the range of the hopes and desires of the american people. they don't. >> half of the bernie supporters have refused to go into the democratic party. more
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than half of hillary supporters don't support hillary of they're just opposing trump! >> reporter: the libertarian party is also getting calls for voters searching for someone to support. >> we've seen an kwup surge of people who want to get involved. >> reporter: there's been a growing interest in their party's nominee, gary johnson. johnson launched his campaign in reno friday with an online effort to reach the 16% limp of support in the polls needed to qualify for the debate in september with clinton and trump. >> the only chance we have of winning is to be in the presidential debated. >> reporter: if the green and libertarian parties draw more voters, it could have an impact on who takes the white house in november. >> it's important for stroerts zoom out and think in terms those principle, what's important to you with respect to governance? >> you should vote for who you believe in. that's what a democracy is supposed to be
10:28 pm
about. >> reporter: a real clear politics poll shows gary johnson has 8% support. dr. jill stein has about 4%. not enough to qualify now for the debate. but that could change before the first debate on september 29th. that will be at hoffman university in new york. >> do you have any sense of which party could be heard more by a successful third party candidate? >> that's an interesting question. it's every vote they syphon away from the candidates could hurt them potentially. but one thing interesting here is the libertarian candidates, gary johnson, former republican governor of new mexico, and his running mate, former republican governor of massachusetts, two blue states, they are getting a lot of traction from some of those disaffected republicans who cannot support donald trump and also feel they can't support hillary clinton. that could be the real ticket to watch as we move forward.
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a picture of two dahls called insensitive and insulting. >> it's all trivialized, the tragedy that we're in. >> the placement in a news letter that has some people feeling belittled. >> officers open fire on an unarmed black teen. video sparking fresh concerns about police and use of force.
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dramatic video shows chicago police officers flier guns at a black teenager allegedly driving a stolen car. and moments later, the unarmed teen was killed trying to run away from officers. [ gunfire ] [ sirens ]
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>> the body camera footage shows two officers firing at a car driven by 18-year-old paul o'neal. you can see the car blows past stop sign, crash into a cruiser. the video does not show a third officer shooting o'neal in the back as he ran from the scene. footage 56 up as officers are handcuffing him right here as he lice facedown -- high lyes facedown bleeding. his older sister broke down as she spoke about her brother. >> i want everybody to know that paul had goals. >> after he was shot, he was placed in handcuffs. and he sat there for a long time. dying. and that was very shocking to me. >> more than one officer claims that o'neal fired shots at them, but no gun was ever recovered.
10:33 pm
and o'neal was not armed when he was shot. the officer who shot o'neal was wearing body camera but it was apparently not recording. the police department says it's investigating whether that camera malfunctioned. the director of the fbi james comey was in san francisco this afternoon. he spoke to the american bar association at the group's annual meeting at the mas cone. comey also addressed the rift between police and communities in cities across the country. >> i think the only answer is we gotta get up close to each other and show each other the true heart of law enforcement and of the communities we serve and protect. how they're seeing us and experiencing the world? >> comey also answered some questions from the audience saying that although the justice system is flawed, it is not rigged as some people may believe. there is another controversy tonight in the san francisco police department.
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this time over a photo in the police union's news letter. >> paul chambers shows us the picture which some believe is meant to belittle the black lives movement. >> reporter: this photo in this month's police officers' association journal. >> i thought it was extremely insensitive. >> reporter: it shows two dogs, one black, one white. >> it's trivializing the tragedy that we're in. >> reporter: the black dog wears a sign that says black labs matter. the other all labs matter. >> you have brought a human rights issue down to the level of a dog? am i no more important than a dog? and i'm insulted by that. >> reporter: sergeant williams is a member of the san francisco police department. she's also the president of the officers for justice. she says although she's not a member of black lives matter, as a black woman she understands the struggles they're facing. that's why she's not only offend by the picture
10:35 pm
but the caption next to it, which reads maybe it's time we all just sit back and tone down the rhetoric. >> this is why the public doesn't want to trust certain people. because these types of tricks are pulled. >> reporter: the san francisco mayor made a statement about the picture at a news conference. >> given the backlash to the images, people are gonna register that, and let's do better. let's all do better. let's get to that road to better communication. >> reporter: the caption under the picture says it was forwarded pie a friend and support of the poa. but some say the association is responsible for what goes into its publication. >> ignorance is no excuse. and the poa newspaper is viewed by several people before it's approved. and i know members of the board actually look at it. >> for this association to cheapen the issue, to be so insensitive to the pain, says
10:36 pm
that we have a lot to do. >> the moa did not return our calls or e-mails. we contacted the san francisco police department who said this is a matter for the poa. stocks hit new records today after a strong jobs report. the labor department says the economy added 255,000 jobs in july. it also revised the june employment numbers up to 292,000. unemployment remains low at 4.9%. the report also found average hourly pay rose nearly 3% from a year ago. the do you gained 191 points today. thes that dack and the s&public defender rose. getting a chance to go behind the scenes of stanley
10:37 pm
kubrick's films and career, starting with still photos from the 1940s like this one and continuing through his groundbreaking films. there are scripted, costumes, models from several films. among the ra-- memorabilia is the mask jack nickel son used in the shining. >> there are wonderful interviews from people who knew him. and is it's a chance for everybody to explore the great art of film making that stanley kubrick stood for. >> the exhibit at the contemporary jewish museum runs through the end of october. a disturb discovery at a bart station. the search for whoever left a rifle on a platform. >> there are some change, warmer weather coming around the
10:38 pm
corner. >> first california confirms a fatal case of west nile. what officials are revealing.
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there are two new confirmed cases of zika in san francisco that. brings the total number of cases in san francisco to ten.
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some alled mea county, there are ten -- alameda county, there are ten confirmed cases there. all the bay area patients contracted the virus travelling abroad, and zika is not circulating in california. health officials announced the first death in california this year from west nile. the victim lived in sacramento county. experts are find morgue signs of the disease in insects and animals this year. sacramento and yolo counties have seen three times as many mosquitos, and seven times as many dead birds testing positive for west nile compared to this time last year. >> due to the intensity and how widespread the activity is, it's something that perhaps you will continue to see more human casings be confirmed in the next few weeks. >> technicians are still in the field looking for more larva. they say the insects like to breed in shall oh, warm water where vegetation is dpree growing. >> -- growing. bart is trying to find an
10:42 pm
unloaded -- the owner of an unloaded ..22-caliber gun in its case it. does not appear to have been involved in any crime. they're checking it against databases and reviewing surveillance video of the platform. coming up, three days now on strike, and the work stoppage is set to continue after the weekend. why workers say they haven't been treated fairly. >> and bill martin is back with his complete forecast.
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an additional 3%. meantime they say the court has spent millions of dollars for a new building. >> the administration chose to spend its money on this extravagant and instead of these workers you see here today. >> a superior court spokesperson says the building construngz was already underway before the contract dispute began. the county says essential court functions will continue despite this skeleton staff on duty. we had a nice cool day, and that's helped firefighters all over the statement it's been much cooler. we're not seeing the flexa, lers like last week. so it's cooler. it was today. was yesterday. and it will be tomorrow. these are the heiss today, 83 in antioch, highs tomorrow right there. no big,
10:46 pm
big changes. air quality is good. air danger takes a break. never really goes away until the first big rains in the fall. the position fogg is an indication airfare low pressure system to the north of us, bringing a really deep bank of fog. 2,000 feet. and that cools us off. that's why 61, just 61 in fairfield, 61 in livermore. last week at this time, the heat having, in the 80s. and there it is. you don't even see it. the pufrs coming into oakland because it's up over the top it's up high. you'll find 60s around the bay, low 70s. where there were 90s last week, we're goodbye finding mid-70s and low
10:47 pm
80s. clayton 82, antioch 84. most of us tomorrow in the hotspots are going to be upper 70s and low 80s. this low pressure system is the reason for the stretched out marine layer. which was the reason for the drizzle this morning. and maybe tomorrow morning. partly cloudy conditions. into next week, we get back into a warmer pattern. not a major heat wave. just a warmup. fog stays at the coast when it comes from the east like this. it's it's cool out there tonight. it was cool out there tonight. they're done. but tomorrow, take the jacket. even at the warmest part of the day up at the park, the warmer stages up toward 19, low 60s, mid-60s. sun will come out for a little while. it's golden gate park and august. 75 in napa. these are forecast highs for saturday. sunday's forecast heiss will be almost the same.
10:48 pm
no big changes. here's the 5-day. subtle change here on sunday of then warms up more. happy weekend. it'll be a nice one. >> everyone outside is gonna be happy with that forecast. >> and it gets chilly out. i was so glad i had my coat tonight! >> they get a lot of windpark, a lot of fog. mark ibanez will be right back. to prove how authentic my new brewhouse bacon burger is i'm going undercover, at an actual brewhouse. it's awesome. amazing! what if i told you, you are eating a jack's brewhouse bacon burger from jack in the box. not this one. absolutely lying. and what if i told you... that i'm jack.
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>> another tough day for a's and giants fans. >> getting a little repettive and old. [ laughter ] unfortunately for a's fans, we're not talking about the team, we're talk about the team that came in to play them of the popular chicago cubs. once the loveable losers. no longer. they are running away with their division. looking good, led by joe maddon. one of the more progressive managers in the majors. and it started right away. dexter his impression. five beers later,
10:52 pm
jorge soler, gone with this 3-run homer, and the cubs on their way to victory behind jon lester. .112 with the cub, 7 innings, gave up 2 runs, struck out 8. and he had it was behind him. on the raft side of the infield from his knees. the a's lose the first of three. getting worried about the giants yet? probably should be. they are really leak oil. right now, the wofr thing about, they look like they're playing with absolutely no passion right now. if you watched this game tonight, they just looked listless. the first game of the series, it is happy hour however in the nation's capitol. they were definitely up for it.
10:53 pm
bryce harper, 1st inning, starts, bryce harper tries to do too much. error. sends the runner to third, and the nationals capitalize. what were the mets thinking? slices one down the left field line. and it's all for gio gonzalez. another former oakland a. 7 inningses, 2 hit, one left the premises. angel pagan with a solo homer. 3-1 deficit at that point. what you can do, we can do too. tray turner also deep left. this home run off smarja, a lose -- samardzija. gave up 6 hit, 5 runs, he is 9 and 8 after his big start. only bright spot, dodgers lose again to the red sox. check out!a, donis garcia,
10:54 pm
a fantastic sacrifice your body, hang onto the ball and into the stands. adonis garcia of the braves. definitely the play of the day night. this is bitter sweet. kenny stabler, definitely deserved to be in the hall of fame prior to this. but he is going to the hall. unfortunately kenny died last july, and wasn't around, obviously, to see a great moment like this. this guy, just the real leader of the raiders. i remember one of first games i ever covered in the nfl. raiders lost on a last-second kick, and everybody is crowd around badgering this kicker about why he missed the kick. kenny came by dressed in a towel out of the shower and said leave that guy alone! if i hadn't played so terribly, we wouldn't have needed that kick. he was always taking the blame and not wanting to receive the credit.
10:55 pm
so popular with teammates. the current coach of the raiders grew up a raider fan and talks about stabler and is his relationship with john madden. >> just watching them on the sidelines, they were just so cool and calm and collected. and they would talk things through on the sideline. and it was just the two of them. those two guys. and he'd come g out and lead a comeback. comeback. unquestionably the most beloved owner in professional sports, passionate, genrous, five super bowls under his leadership with the 49ers. but he also gets nervous with such honors as going in the hall of fame. >> i've been nervous just like i was having -- i think i'm more nervous now than i was before
10:56 pm
any of our stuff. i'm sort of a wreck. [ laughter ] >> candid too, and unbelievabley generous as well. friday night at the fight? no. tomorrow night fight time at the oracle. the stare-down, the usual scene. 29 and 0 against alexander wram. ward a heavy favorite to win and go on and fight in vegas in november. it should be fun out at the oracle. andre ward, our hometown hero. best of luck to him. ain't gonna need any luck. [ laughter ] >> thanks for joining us.
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why are there giant lollipops all over the front yard? and why do they taste so bad? because they're made out of cardboard, mouth-breather. (phil) hey. the world needs more dreamers, luke. never stop licking things. i know it's lame, but after last year, we promised the neighbors we would keep our decorations more family-friendly. every halloween, we have the best house. last year, i took things to a whole new level, but apparently, it was too scary for some kids... and one adult. (electronic voice laughs diabolically) (children) trick-or-treat! would you like some candy? (children) yeah! or would you rather have this? (squishing) (children screaming) (grunting) (thud) i don't care what anyone says. you did not give that man a heart attack. thank you. i mean, you're not even scary. can i grab a little bit of this candy for my open house tonight? uh, yeah, sure, but... it's genius. an open house on halloween.


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