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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 4pm  FOX  August 8, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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"the four on 2" starts now. welcome to "the four on 2". ken wayne with heather holmes and ted rowlands. we start with news that giants manager bruce bochy is in the hospital. it looks like he is going to be there at least one night. >> to get more we want to bring in our sports reporter jason appelbaum. we do know that bruce bochy has had issues with his heart in the past. do we know if this has anything to do with that? >> we don't, but 18 months ago he had two stints placed in his heart. anytime he's hospitalized, it's cause of concern. we don't know, the giants play at 4:00 so they're just underway. they're going to be without bruce bochy for their game against the marlins. he is in a miami hospital. the giants have released this statement. they say bruce bochy was admitted to university of miami hospital after feeling ill. he is being checked at the hospital and will be monitored
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overnight. and they expect him to be released tomorrow is also what they say. ron will manage tonight in his absence. we don't know if it is related to his heart issue. he says the -- the giants say that bruce bochy will address his condition when he returns to the team tomorrow. so they're obviously optimistic if they're talking like. that he is 61 years old. he didn't have health problems prior to the stint 18 months ago being placed in his heart. he is in his 10th season with the giants. he has won three world series and is considered one of the best in the game. we're thinking during the broadcast today as the giants play the marlins you've got to think they're going to be talking about this quite a bit when it comes to medical information sometimes it's hard to get what you're looking for. but the fact that they say they expect him to address the team and the media tomorrow to talk about this is obviously a good sign. >> yeah, obviously a very good sign. but also a concern that he is spending the night in the hospital. so something is going on of
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significance. >> something of significance. he just said, quote, feeling ill. we don't know if he was lightheaded, if he was faint. but he was feeling ill enough to be hospitalized. he's a tough guy. you know how hard it is to get these guys away from their team, especially when they're playing. like you said, it must be something a little more than just the flu. >> all right so hopefully we will hear something in the next hour or so to give us an idea of what's going on. >> we'll have an update on the 5:00 show, and if anything happens during this show we can update the folks at home. >> thanks, jason. investigators are trying to figure out who shot and killed a 20-year-old college baseball player originally from the peninsula. calvin riley was playing the popular pokemon go game in a aquatic park near ghirardelli square when he was gunned down.
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>> reporter: when we spoke to his teammates they were clearly still in shock. they say that calvin was an absolutely wonderful ball player thearks mentored other kids on the team and that he really was just always smiling. he was shot and killed right here in aquatic park. friends and family say they have no idea who would want to kill him. friends say 20-year-old calvin riley came alive on the mound. >> his work ethic was insane. his love for the game was ridiculous. he's always thinking about baseball. >> i went to battle with him. >> reporter: former teammates in san mateo were shocked when they heard the news that riley was random shot and killed. >> it doesn't make sense. why would calvin get shot snow's the nicest kid. >> reporter: authorities say saturday night riley was playing pokemon go along the promenade when he was shot in
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the chest. >> i think he only saw the shoot ser's back. and then his buddy went up to calvin and calvin didn't say his last words. >> the incident happened between 9:00 and 10:00 at night. we would really love to have anybody who was down here that might after cell phone video, maybe you were putting something on facebook, please contact the u.s. park police and let them know. >> reporter: riley's friends say he was selfless. >> the kind of guy that was team before me, the kind of guy that was you before me. >> a real man, gentleman. >> reporter: riley attended delta college in stockton where he was set to pitch this season. he leaves behind his parents and two siblings. his friends now pray for justice. >> personally i think that that's a very coward deal. i think it's extremely chicken to just do that. there's no motive. i think it's a horrible act,
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and i honestly hope he's caught. >> so far park police are remaining tight lipped about this investigation. they again have the lead on this case. sfpd is assisting. they are trying to track down witnesses and surveillance video. friends don't know if there was a random gang initiation type of shooting or what, but they do know that calvin was the guy who nod enemies. >> there's no robbery attempt, nothing like that? nothing is missing? he didn't losing cell phone? he was just randomly shot going around a building? >> reporter: actually we don't know the details because park police are spearheading this investigation. they are very tight lipped about the information that they do have. so at this point that could be a possibility. we just simply haven't been told. >> does the park police have the resources to handle a homicide like this? or how much are they relying on sfpd or even the fbi or another
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federal agency? >> well, you know, i spoke with homicide today at sfpd. they tell me again they are look at surveillance video. they're talk to witnesses. they're also wags the crime scene, sort of the analytics of that. but as far as the rest of the investigation that's up to park police. i guess if you look at their history they probably don't really cover or in charge of many homicide investigations. not to say they aren't confident but at some stage they may ask sfpd to step in and work hand in hand. >> tara moriarty reporting in san francisco. with so many cell phones there would you think that someone might have something to help. today health officials say it looks like dummy candies laced with marijuana made 19 people sick at a shop in san francisco saturday night. health officials released pictures of the type of candies given to guests. of those sick, the youngest was just six years old.
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12 of continue patients tested positive for thc. all have been released from the hospital. it's possible that the party guests ate more than one candy. >> the way in which edibles affect the body is different than when you smoke marijuana. the onset can be slower. the duration can be longer. and so people might eat more than they are expecting to eat just because they haven't developed symptoms. >> actually the big question for san francisco police where did these candies come from and how did they get into the party. authorities said the party was catered by an unidentified coyne oakland so the department of health is also helping with the investigation. >> now to the race for the white house in what his campaign billed as a major economic address. here's more on the speech that's meant to refocus attention on tissues by playing to one of the candidate's biggest strengths. >> reporter: speaking to the detroit economic club republican nominee donald trump
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outlined his message to a city hit hard by poverty. >> the skyscrapers went up in beijing and many other cities around the world while the factories and neighborhoods crumbled right here in detroit. >> reporter: trump who has been trying to shake more than a week's worth of bad press amid a string of self-propelled controversies was interrupted several times by protesters especially when trying to draw comparisons between himself and his opponent hillary clinton. >> the city of detroit is the living, breathing example of my opponent's failed economic agenda. >> reporter: among the highlights of his economic plan, trump is proposing an across the board tax cut. he also wants to eliminate the death tax, offer a full deduction of all childcare expenses and impose a 15% lower tax rate. >> i think this was the first important step in a big uphill comeback for donald trump. the question now is whether he will stay on mess safntle.
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>> reporter: meanwhile hillary clinton who has seen a boost in her numbers coming off the convention last month has been focusing on jobs and the economy. she toured a brewery in florida where polls still show a close race. >> i am not going to raise taxes on the middle class but with your help we are going to raise it on the wealthy because that's where the money is! >> clinton's campaign says she will counter trump's economic plan with an address of her own later this week. in washington, doug mcelway, fox news. for a closer look at trump's economic plan and analysis we want to bring in our political analyst joe timmon. this has been a disastrous week for donald trump. he chose to start off this speech talking about taxes. >> one of the lessons i think he learned last week when he decided to endorse john mccain
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and paul ryan in the 11th hour was the mantra that it's impossible to win this election at all if you don't cater to republicans. and tax reform for wealthier individuals who believe in the free market system and less taxes is meat and potatoes for them. making that the first thing that he talked about in terms of economic policy today was not just about his economic policy, it was about his political smarts. he's gearing to the masses. there's not a chance that he can win this election without republicans voting for him. there were 50 prominent republicans today who said they don't want to support him but it's the voters that matter. >> there were some issues that weren't just republican ideas. there was a little bit of overlap with hillary clinton. talk about. that. >> one of the things in his tax plan that i think was a surprise was the idea to be able to deduct the average cost of childcare. >> right. and all of the expenses. >> all of the expenses sorned with. that the average cost of that. that's something we haven't seen coming from republicans
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before. and it's i think a nod towards other voters not just republican voters. middle-class voters, for example, and maybe independents that bring them in on this as well. >> some other things that he talked about that you were surprised at or maybe not surprised at. >> well, there are a number of other things in the tax proposal, like eliminating the death tax, things like that which are traditional republican proposals that go way back. this is catering towards those people. certainly the idea of moving business taxes to only 15% in this country as opposed to what they had been before is likely to encourage a lot of people in the business community. it resonates with people worried about the reasons that business leaves this country and have gone to less expensive labor market. the cost of doing business in this country is very spifns. so all of those things i think are good to talk about. now, the devil, of course, is in the details. if you eliminate the business tax it's only 15%, you're not
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bringing in as much revenue. but where are you going to get the money if you're not taxing businesses or individuals? >> also, how do we expect this to play out with voters? we saws poll numbers drop. we have a recent poll that came out yesterday. it shows hillary clinton widening her lead. how do you think that this will play with -- will he actually be able to appeal to more voters? >> a couple of things about polls. first, most voters don't really focus on the election until after labor day. we're still a couple of weeks from. that people are still vacationing. much of what they've thought about the election at this point has mostly tbin context of debates they saw during the primaries or the conventions. but even the viewership numbers for both conventions was not that trick. a lot of people have not clicked into this yet. we don't want to overplay the influence of those. after labor day people will be paying attention on all the fronts. the challenge for donald trump is to get republicans to pay attention to him, not just
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abandon him, but tolls find independent voters who right now seem to be drawn to mrs. clinton's campaign and also find some grumpy democrats. that's why he keeps saying nice things about bernie sanders, to bring them into the fold. if you are hillary clinton, the things you have to worry about are the fact that donald trump close a place like detroit, michigan to talk about his economic policy because there are a number of places in what we call the rust belt, maining country, places like that, that have lost jobs. there are a lot of labor workers who are out of work now because of those jobs having been offshored. >> last question. what due make of this new independent republican, former cia agent throwing his hat into the ring? >> i believe that he doesn't after chance of wing for the simple reason that he's not going to be able to be on the ballot in 27 states so therefore the electoral math won't work bye can be the
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spoiler. he can deny mr. trump the electoral map that he needs. a lot of people are focused on the fact that's former cia opera active, whatever that means, but also currently the director of the house republican group that looks at policy. in fact, he ice in charge of that. he is always washington insider. i think he will speak knowledgeably on the issue. i'm not sure whether he will be invited to the debates but it would be interesting if he were. >> thank you very much, joe. >> thanks, heather and joe. coming up, a new wildfire forces a new round vie vac situation, this as fire crews continue to battle the two significant blazes here in northern california. warmer weather outside our doors this afternoon with a gradual warming trend as we get into the business week and even into your weekend. i will have a look at what you can expect. the commute is just getting underway. here is a live look at highway 24 heading through lafayette. you can see eastbound traffic
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is starting to get heavy.
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welcome back to "the four on 2". it is money monday. an estimated 5% of adult americans actually are millionaires. that's one in 20. for those of us who aren't in that club today we're talking about the habe nights potentially could help you become a millionaire. i'm joined by jan king, founder and chief technology officer at
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bicycle financial. i'm surprised, one in 20 americans are millionaires? >> they are. they don't feel like it, but they are, yes. >> and why is that that there are so many, and how do we get to be in that club? >> there are some habits. the first habe sit these are folks who focus on earnings, so they focus on what they can make. they good out, they get the highest paying job they can get, they have multiple streams of income, and would they do is they monetize their habits. so if they're bikers, they train people on the side, and they find a way to do that. that works. >> this is simple math really in a lot of ways. so you've got to cree it ate baijt, figure out how much money you've got coming in, going out. you want more coming in than going out. and that means living within your means or below your means. >> absolutely. >> if you have a good job you feel like you have to get a nice car and a nice house. not always a good idea. >> not a good idea. these are folks who keep their spending relatively stable then they increase their savings and
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they invest those savings. >> people who could be classified as millionaires aren't living a millionaire lifestyle. >> probably not. >> that's why they're millionaires. >> warren buffett is a good example. very old home, old cars, but we know he's a billionaire. >> people who were fortunate enough to buy a home and real estate in places like san (cisco several years ago could have a million dollars or more in equity in that property. but they're not living a lifestyle as a millionaire. >> they're not, and they're probably struggling because they have a high mortgage rate, and again, a house is not liquid. so you can't just right away capture dollars out ?roo. okay. so again the biggest advice on trying to become a millionaire is what? >> earning. go out and get more and more money that you can get and save it and invest it. and credit cards and spending, keep it in wraps, because financial freedom is the mantra for these folks. they also really watch their
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fees. so fees on penalties or any of those things, they're very, very conscious v. these are, finally, people who financially have a plan, because otherwise, they would fail at it. >> so even if you're making a modest amount of money, you can still be smart about how you invest that money. >> you can. >> maximize your 401(k). >> totally. and you have ways to do that. a lot of ways to do it. you can automate your savings. but the key is, save more, invest more than you spend. >> okay. >> very simply. >> we just talked a short time ago about donald trump's economic speech. for those of us who want to become a millionaire some day what is the news that you got out of that speech that could help folks or hurt folks? >> so i heard four pillars of donald trump this morning. it was tax reform, trade reform, regulatory reform, and energy reform. the first one on taxes was the
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most interesting, obviously, to me. and on the taxes, he was minimizing the brackets from seven to three. now if you are a millionaire today you are still going to be at the top wract but you may pay a little less. childcare, they find a way to monetize that in a different way. and also, finally, the notion of business taxes. the bottom line is what joe said earlier. there's a lot of spending that happens from the government that has to be curtailed to pay for all of. that otherwise, we will go into a recession. and who gets impacted the most from recession? the middle class. >> sure. >> and also those one millionaires. not the multimillionaires and not the billionaires. >> are you saying vote for hillary if you want to be a millionaire? if you're already a millionaire you want to vote for trump?
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if you want to be a millionaire, do you want to vote for hillary? >> i'm going to pass on that. >> i don't want to put you on the spot. >> jan king, bicycle financial, thank you. another computer glitch has happened again grounding thousands of flights. we'll talk about the impact to passengers who have very little choice when an airline's system goes down. "the four on 2" will be right back. ♪keep on the sunny side of life♪ at at&t, we believe in access. the opportunity for everyone to explore a digital world. connecting with the things that matter most. and because nothing keeps us more connected than the internet,
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wildfire season in full swing in california. firefighters now battling a new fire in southern california. it's already charred about 4500 acres. the pilot fire is raging in mountainous area north of san bernardino. those flames broke out just yesterday around noon threatening homes. an evacuation order has been issued for hundreds of residents. right now this fire is just 5% contained. here in northern california firefighters finally getting the upper hand on that fire near lake berryessa. the cole fire spread across 5700 acres. one structure has been destroyed. tonight the good news this fire now 70% contained. and in mon tear rate county firefighters say more than
4:26 pm
5,000 personnel actively fighting the soberanes fire, now in its third week, flames have comped more than 60,000 acres. in two hours cal fire is set to hold a community meeting to update residents about this blaze. you may remember that a bulldozer operator who was helping to fight the blaze was killed. almost 60 homes have been lost. right now this fire just 45% contained. coming up, drones are used by the u.s. military in war zones. now the department of homeland security has some new uses for drones, and they want silicon valley to help make it happen. delta air lines experiences a systemwide computer glitch. still to come, what cawtdz and what passengers are left dealing with. "the four on 2" will be right back.
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the department of homeland security is reaching out to silicon valley to create new drones that meet specific cry tear i can't. homeland security officials outlined their needs at a meeting last week. >> one of those innovators is troy from sky front. tom vacar spoke to him about what the government is asking for. he joins us live. >> he is a fascinating guy. he's a physicist. in a nutshell what they want is technology to do the boring and iffy work of looking for surveillance matters and
4:30 pm
breaches. this 20-pound drone is the creation of menlo park-based skyfront. this drone operates like a chevy volt. a gasoline motor spends an electric generator that powers the props. >> instead of 20 to 30 mince we're able to fly for about four hours. >> reporter: recently representatives told them that they're looking for drones that can do a wide variety of surveillance tasks centered around border protection whether drug interdiction or terrorism. >> they're interested in basically using drones as a force multiplier for their agents. they're basically expanding their effective range by a factor of 10. >> this can be accomplished by live feedback or more. they can also intercept communications, use facial recognition and other
4:31 pm
technologies to identify people or activities on the fly. >> they're able to basically after drone take off, good out for five to 10 miles, do surveillance and then come back. >> so it's. >> what are the concerns? i'm sure there are many of them. >> it's the big brother thing is the biggest thing that you are going to have on u.s. territory. very sophisticated, very sophisticated drones with all kinds of sophisticated equipment that could be used to do other things, and we do know that from time to time officials will abuse their authority and all of that, and there is great concern about that. there should be a great concern about it. on the other hand when they talk about force multiplier, when you think of a guy, on the border patrol, for example, out there on the desert looking with binoculars or infrared glasses that may be two miles out there that drone can see for many, many more times that and you can forces your -- you can put your forces in the
4:32 pm
right place. so's having your drones in the right place and making damn sure that the rules are followed. >> so you're talking large- scale events where you can put drones up with facial recognition technology who could perhaps identify someone in a public place. >> there is no expectation of privacy in a public place. the question is who is going to provide that technology. is it going to be develop eepped secret by the defense people or is it going to be developed in the public so that we know what's going on and then have a better handle on how to deal with it. it's a toss did you know question to be sure because there are concerns about abuse. >> but here you have the feds coming to silicon valley to help develop this. what is silicon valley going to gint return? we know anytime there's a government contract that can sometimes take years. there are loopholes. the government saying, hey furnishings work with us we'll
4:33 pm
help you speed up the process? >> there's no question. with that kind of money you cannot only develop these technologies, take for example the space program. not only were the companies like rockwell and all these companies developing these rockets and space capsules that gave them all kinds of new technologies to put to a whole lot '74 product like airliners and other technology. so it's a very good deal for silicon valley because they can do it better than the government can because they think more freely and openly and more in the what if realm rather than bureaucrats who think, how do we get this done. >> potentially a lot of jobs coming out of silicon valley. >> ted. >> as the world watches the american gymnastics team compete the spotlight is on a u.s. gymnastics organization report. it is a scathing report that allegedly -- that alleges cover- ups of sexual abuse by coassments it was published last week by the indianapolis star after months of investigation. it is a story line that robert
4:34 pm
allen knows very well. attorney robert joins us live from san jose. i want to start with something you said recently. that is that you are not watching the olympics because you just can't stomach it. explain. >> i just can't handle seeing these athletes exploited in the way they are. the nbc contract with the usoc, the olympic committee, 12 billion with a b, $12 billion. that is not even taking into account all the corporate sponsorships that these olympic sports get. so the athletes are being paid little if anything, living basically in squalor down there in rio. so i can't handle the exploitation and manipulation of these athletes. >> you have represented 10 swim theres have all alleged sexual abuse by coaches. you contend that the
4:35 pm
organization, the higher-ups in usa swimming have turned their head the other way and let these coaches who had allegations against them continue to coach. on the other hand the usoc says they have a new program. it was launched six years ago. they recognized maybe there were some problems but they are absolutely on board to tackle this head-on. what is wrong with the way they're handling it? >> well, two things. the leadership still remains. until the leadership group is removed i don't see any possibility of real change. the same people who covered up, who did not tell the truth about what they knew, the same people making the decisions back then are the same ones making them now, and until that change is made, i'm not buying it. and number two, the actions speak louder than words. we all know that. while they've reduced some very fancy things to writing, as far as rules and regulations, i
4:36 pm
don't see any enforcement of that. this sports safety group that the usoc has initiated, nothing has happened, in my view, since it started. so until we start seeing some action by people who truly care about the athletes, i don't think there's any reason for optimism. >> jancy thompson is one of your clients. what did she go through? >> it's hard to recount in a time like this. she was subjected to horrible acts by her coach. her mother thought that she was getting special time with her swim coach, and for that reason drove her dutifully to practice every day at 5:00 a.m., one hour before the rest of the swimmers would came to practice at 6:00, and unbe known to her mother who was waiting for her in the parking lot with her baby infant, her daughter was being molested, almost on a daily basis. this was a coach who was on
4:37 pm
usoc's radar and to this day remains a coach in good standing, is not on the banned list. that's just one example. >> how previous leapt is this, though? i would think this is a wynn a million from an outsider's standpoint. >> you talked about gymnastics. the swimming situation is much larger. you're talking about several coaches who were known to gymnastics who didn't find their way onto the banned list. when we started with usa swimming several years ago the banned list was probably one- third of the size it is now. we're talking over 100 coaches at least known by usa swimming who have been known to abuse and molest children and real change has not happened yet. it's about time it happens now. >> all right. and i know that you are making it your professional life's work, robert allard, joining us from san jose, thank you foreign lightening us on a situation that many people are
4:38 pm
concerned about. robert, thank you. they are an olympic team with no nation but refugees from four different countries are now competing at the summer games under the olympic banner. the story of survival from one swimmer who logged a victory this weekend in rio. a warmer day around the bay area. i will have your forecast coming up. and out on the macarthur maze it doesn't look too good in oakland this afternoon. j?j?j7
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. a computer outage in atlanta grounded all delta air lines flights for a time this morning. while the problem was resolved delays and cancellations are an ongoing issue today. this comes a couple of weeks after july's outage that grounded all of southwest airline flights. southwest canceled more than 1100 flights and it took days to take care of the backlog. joining me now to discuss the effects this has on air travelers consumer psychologist kit yaro who joins us by skype. the summer travel season, airports are crowded, then all these flights are getting canceled. what is your advice to a traveler who faces this long line at the airport counter trying to figure out what is going on and just wants to get to where they want to go.
4:42 pm
>> obviously patience and courtesy are going to get awe lot further than anger. completely understandable why people do feel so angry. they don't have any crew. there's so much on the line. but it doesn't actually change anything. so thinking about whether or not your anger is going to result in you getting on a plane and getting there faster, the answer to that would be no. protecting yourself by remaining calm is number one. >> the airlines, if there's a weather problem or what they call an act of god that affects a cancellation or delay, they have no responsibility to the passenger other than saying you're going to have to get on a later flight when the weather clears. but when it's computer problem or a mechanical problem, the airline is responsible. so the passenger does have some rights. isn't that correct? >> absolutely. >> for instance, they could rebook without having to pay an extra fee. they could be put on a
4:43 pm
different carrier. they could be put up in a hotel. they could get meal vouchers. >> that's absolutely true. delta actually is the third highest rated airline, the number one highest rated large airline for customer systems. i think they're doing everything right, everything they can do. obviously, you know, a mistake happened, and they're having a system problem. but in terms of dealing with consumers, they're showing them respect, they're trying to give consumers a sense of control by offering them information, and they're trying to make amends. that's really all that you can expect from an airline in these circumstances. >> but if you look at several hours or maybe overnight before they can get you on a flight, it's own, the passenger to ask for these things. say, hey, how about a meal voucher for dinner because i'm going to be stuck here for a few hours, or can you book me a hotel room buck ear the one causing me to stay overnight. >> that's right. and they'll definitely do. that even if you have to for example, let's say you want to
4:44 pm
back a flight on another airline, because you absolutely have to be there, they'll reimburse you for that ticket. they have to do that. >> and you were talking about patience, but if you can't get through on that 800 number because it's overwhelmed by passengers trying to get information or you can't log on to their website and the line at the ticket counter is a mile long, your patience is going to run whiew. are your options to try to even get information if you can't get through on the phone or on "the on -- or on the internet? >> at the beginning i think delta wasn't able to keep their passengers up to date using their technology. they went to all of the portals and the answers weren't there. anger and frustration absolutely. it's understandable how it happens. i think the only point i'm trying to make with that is it doesn't really help the
4:45 pm
consumer. they vent a little bit but anger tends to perpetuate itself and therefore the consumer just becomes more angry and it doesn't really help them get there any faster. so i think taking constructive and proactive action on your part, not being reactive as in being angry is really the best way to get through a problem like this, knowing it's not personal, knowing that the airline is definitely doing what they can to solve the problem and that they will make amends, especially if you ask for them. >> thanks for the advice. hopefully these computer glitches won't happen again so often. isn't that the worst when you're at the airport and you just want to get on the plane. >> screaming babies, the guy yelling at the poor ticket agent who has nothing to do with it. >> but nothing bad, rosemary, about to weather. it looks beautiful looking over the oakland estuary. >> even at the coast we do
4:46 pm
mostly sunny skies. a live look from san francisco across the bay towards the east. a little bit of haze. the air quality is good to moderate. winds not impacting us in the way of smoke drifting our way. more on that in just a bit. i want to start in the east because if you are going anytime soon they're expecting days of rain as well as thunderstorms. it has to do with the system over the gulf and a stationary front that will be right about in here for the next few days. you can see the southeast definitely seeing some widespread rape at this point, even thunderstorms across mississippi, alabama, and stretches through florida and swings up towards the carolinas. this area is expected in the next few days to see anywhere from three to five inches of rain for the southern states. the gulf coast states could see five to seven inches. right along the coast from louisiana down through florida up to 12 inches of rain by friday. so we will be tracking that four. definitely something to be aware of if you are headed in
4:47 pm
that direction. a trough in place. it's shifting a little bit and temperatures are warming. for the next few days we will have low 90s for tin land cities as opposed to the mid and upper 80s over the weekend. the winds northwest and that is pushing the smoke from the fire in the other direction, not drifting our way. at least, not for today. we could see a return of it midweek wednesday. here is a little bit of fog right there at half moon bay. notice ocean beach and areas near pacifica and into santa cruz mostly sunny. the winds are on shore and been generally light, picking up just a little bit in fairfield. 23 miles per hour reported there. the on shore breeze in oakland right about 18. concord reporting 15. when it comes to the numbers, a warm day inland. 90 degrees santa rosa, 81 in napa, 90 in concord. a shade of red as we enter a little closer towards the valley, areas like antioch and brentwood in the low 90s. around the bay very comfortable. 71 in oakland, 79 in redwood
4:48 pm
city. if you are going to see the a's play it is going to be gorgeous. but maybe bring an extra layer because we will be cooling off by the end of the game. but we are a little warmer than we were yesterday afternoon, especially in santa rosa, by seven degrees. just a few degrees in areas around livermore, fairfield, con cord. as we get started tomorrow morning part sunny skies. temperatures will range from the low sick to the low 50s. 60 degrees expected for antioch and then into the afternoon a near repeat. temperatures will be very similar to today. 64 for pacifica, upper 60s san francisco, 80s inland, low 90s for some of the hotter spots. your extended forecast here, temperatures won't change a whole lot as we get through tuesday, wednesday, thursday. we are expecting a little bit of a warm-up as we get into your bay area weekend. low 90s, perhaps mid 90s by saturday for our inland cities. mid-60s at the coast but in a
4:49 pm
nutshell, not a whole lot to complain about. that weather looks pretty good. >> absolutely. looks fantastic. rosemary, thank awe. frank joins us now with a look at what stories we're work on for the ktvu fox 2 news at 5:00. >> we're following a developing story from miami where san francisco giants manager bruce bochy has been taken to the hospital. the team says wasn't feeling well and that he's expected to spend the night in the hospital. we'll have the latest at 5:00 on what our sports department is hearing from the team. and you have a unique look at some law enforcement training methods. >> the bay area police department takes us behind the scenes with how a simulator is training officers on how to de- escalate potentially violent situations. and how our reporter jesse gary did when he was face wade some of those potential life or death situations in the simulator. >> we'll look forward to that and much more coming up at 5:00. we're going to take a quick break. "the four on 2" will be right back. er most.
4:50 pm
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>> a lot of attention now on the summer olympics in rio and some pretty powerful stories are emerging about some of the athletes. take for instance the 18-year- old swimmer who is a syrian refugee competing under the olympic flasmght she fled syria with her sister and traveled to lebanon and turkey where they arranged to sail to greece on a boat. that boat was built for six people but 18 refugees were on board. during that journey she and her sister got out of the boat and swam, pushing that boat for three hours until they got it on the shore in greece. she won her preliminary heat saturday but did not advance.
4:53 pm
she competes against on wednesday in the 100-meter freestyle. there are 10 athletes on the refugee team. the committee created a play in march to create a team of athletes. the team included refugees from south sudan, syria, congress go, and ethiopia. when they did go into the stadium they go a standing ovation. so a lot of people glad that these athletes can compete. >> these poor athletes shouldn't be penalized because of what's happening in their country. they should be allowed to take the world stage. >> everybody cheering for them. hulu, people are not cheering for them. they're leaving behind the free streaming video. the company announced hat struck a licensing deal with yahoo. over the next few weeks, hulu will phase out, yahoo will bring it into a new video portal. they're calling it yahoo view.
4:54 pm
basically where the hulu content was, it will reside in this newportal. but for a youtube addict, it is going to be a little bit of a change. >> i'm guessing this is all part of the strategy. >> bigger and better. >> yahoo, huh hulu, youtube, it's a whole different language. a new app lets you connect with celebrities and athletes who then answer your questions that you post on that app. so tomorrow on the nine, dr. oz himself is coming on to take your questions. it's all part of this latest session. think of it as dr. oz making a house call. he will choose the top five questions posted on his fan date profile and answer them
4:55 pm
right here on ktvu on the nine tomorrow. this is really sir. download the fan date app, post a quick video of your question to dr. oz on that app, and then you can also vote for other questions, which one you think is most important, which one you like to have him answer, and then he will do. that also quickly an example of what a question looks like on the app. >> hi, dr. o.z my name is lindsay. i had a question about dairy. i'm trying to eliminate dairy from my diet but i'm curious, which is more beneficial, almond milk or coconut milk. >> that's a good question. so the best questions are the ones he is going to pick. so think about really good questions. >> they rise up to the ranks until you get to those top five. i think it's a really good opportunity. if you have a question that maybe you're embarrassed to ask your doctor, you might slip it in to dr. oz. >> and let millions of other people see that embarrassing question. >> well, maybe could you
4:56 pm
disguise yourself when you ask the question. oh, forget it. that put a mask on. >> we're going to take a break. we'll be right back.
4:57 pm
4:58 pm
that does it for us, time to head over to fox news at five. san francisco giants manager , bruce bochy is in the hospital. we learn it was edible
4:59 pm
marijuana that sent 19 people to a bay area hospital. good evening, we have new developments from a birthday party in san francisco that landed 19 people in the hospital. health officials say they think gummi candy given to guess saturday were laced with marijuana. most of those who got sick were under the age of 18. one patient was just six years old. today official said test results from 12 of the 19 people found the active ingredient in marijuana in their systems. the question now for police, where did the candy come from? >> if intention was specifically towards children, that is obviously a serious crime. >>reporter: police said they are talking with the oakland
5:00 pm
based catering company the hand of the event. the name of the company as of the release. investigators say it is not clear who provided the candy or how they were handed out. developing this afternoon, bruce bochy will be spending the night in a miami hospital. he had heart problems before. >> yes, in spring training last year he was hospitalized with two stents. he has had no consultation since and there is no specific words tonight that is current issue is heart related. the giants didn't specify why the manager was taken to the hospital this morning. they said in a statement that he is resting comfortably and will be monitored tonight and is expected to return to the dugout tomorrow night. in his absence tonight as was the case when he was hospitalized a few months ago, the bench coach is taking his place as acting manager. to


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