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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 430am  FOX  August 9, 2016 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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truck accident on 880, one lane is blocked as crews worked to remove the truck. now, we have team coverage here, and we are tracking a backup in the area. >> but first, we want to go over to leigh martinez who has just arrived. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. we are on the industrial parkway overpass to look down at the accident here. the accident happened a little after 1:30 am. we are told that a boxcar in the semitruck carrying gravel collided this morning and that, a passenger in the boxcar was killed. the other two drivers have injuries and were transferred to the hospital this morning. if you take a look at the traffic, it is moving. it is a little slow at the accident in between the road exit in the industrial parkway exit here.
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that is where you'll find the accident on the northbound lanes. they do have two lanes open one lane, the far right lane is closed they are trying to move that boxcar we are told that the holdup is trying to get a second tow truck to come in to remove that truck. but, they said that they hope to have the other lane open within another two hours. right now, northbound 880 traffic is going to be light. so, even though that lane has taken away, we do not have a huge backup to the area either northbound or southbound as you can see. this is where the accident is. it is causing a huge delay. another live picture further up the road, it does look good from oakland all the way to heyward. no major issues. we are taking a look at the bay bridge toll plaza that's where traffic is going to be light getting into san francisco. thank you.
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we do have a pretty good day here. we have the north when that came down, and that's wind that came down -- wind that came down. there appears to be a stronger breeze. that should take a few degrees off of monday five. this is a little stronger at the oakland airport. keep an eye on that. and 50s on most of the temperatures we have a couple of 40s yesterday it looks like more in the way of low clouds. a couple of 60s here, in the san jose area, you might expect that out to pittsburgh, as you warmed up. and lafayette in there, also walnut creek. and a nice little system up north, the tail and that is driving across. that's enhancing the fog bank a
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little bit. look for 60s and 70s and 80s to a few 90s inland. the temperatures coming down a few degrees. new this morning, police are searching for a missing teenage girl who has not been seen since saturday night. they say that she may have left with a friend or acquaintance but she describes it as admirable -- abnormal behavior. she has great pets. if you have any information on where she is, please put in a call to police. woman suspected in a series of bay area bank robberies is behind bars. officials say that she robbed at least nine banks from napa to morgan hill starting back in june. no, here's surveillance photos taken during one of those robberies the person happened at the hsbc bank cooper back on
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june 3. now, each time that the robber showed a gun and handed a gun to -- a note to a bank teller. they got the big break during a robbery were witnesses said that the robert touched several items including a pamphlet near a teller's window. investigators picked up fingerprints from the paper. >> normally, you don't get good quality prints in situations like this. so, to get one print and have it come back and match the suspect and then, be able to do a search warrant and get everything to those current -- to tie him to those crimes, it is great. >> she had been arrested for stealing a car, they arrested her at her home in east palo alto at the house they also found a gun, a wig, including that match what a robber -- the robber was wearing. she has been charged with four robbery feis for robberies so
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far. -- for robberies so far. investigators are searching for the killer of the 20-year- old college student that is getting national attention. a graduate of the high school in san mateo it was a star pitcher. they say he was shot and killed at aquatic park saturday night while he and a childhood friends are playing pokimon go. they are turning to the public for help as the -- help as they search for leads. >> we would really love to have anybody who is down here might have a cell phone video or putting something on facebook please contact the police and let them know. >> his friend reportedly got a brief look at the gunman he believes, but it was the same man who had been watching them from a hill moments before the deadly shooting. a pet smart dog groomer will stand trial on animal abuse in san mateo. the 38-year-old is accused of
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killing a small dog in his care inmate. i say he took the dock to the back room of a pet smart he was supposed to trim the dog's nails but three minutes later the dog had foaming blood coming from his mouth. test later revealed that he had been strangled to death. he will be arraigned later this month. a fast-moving wildfire is keeping crews busy. the so-called pilot fire started sunday in a rugged mountain area. the fire has burned 4500 acres and right now it is 5% contained. authorities have ordered people in 400 homes to evacuate and have warned people and another 5000 homes to prepare in case they have to leave. there is no word on what caused the fire. crews are making progress on this fire burning near big sur. it is 60% contained. they said, that it was in illegal campfire that sparked
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the fire and that was 13 days ago. more than 60,000 acres have burned and 57 homes have been destroyed in that area. crews are getting the upper hand on the cold fire at the southern end of lake berryessa, that fires 80% contained in full containment is expected by tomorrow. the fire started a week ago and has burned 5700 acres the cause about fire remains under investigation. students will be heading back to class. some students are all ready on campus in trying to figure out how to pay for school. because a computer glitch has created a backlog of problems affecting 7000 applications for financial aid. uc davis officials say 90% of those applications have been processed. >> a few remaining students there will be financial aid packages available late fees will be waived they will be taken care of. >> students who still have
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questions are being told to go to the financial aid website. it turns out that twitter doesn't need all of the space that it has. they told the chronicle, that is offering more than 183,000 ft.2 of fully furnished office space for rent. they occupy more than 600,000 ft.2 of offices in two buildings . they are looking at subleasing the space as a way to cut costs after another disappointing earnings report last month. google is delaying plans to provide fast internet service in at least three silicon valley cities. the news reports that the tech giant has told them that it will delay starting work on the new fiber service. they said they are looking for a cheaper alternative. the company says, that it will continue talks with the cities but is taking time to work out those details in a timely and cost conscious
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fashion. coming up at 5 am, the project to make service faster on the train.
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welcome back we have developing news from florida
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where doctors fear a 500 ft.2 section of miami may be ground zero for the zika virus. there are 17 confirmed cases in florida, 13 are concentrated in two neighboring businesses. florida's health department is scrambling to determine why. they are providing free testing for people who may think they have the virus. symptoms include a fever, rash, aches, and red eyes. >> i started feeling really fatigued. and there is a lot of pressure that wouldn't go away. >> the obama administration is calling on republicans to approve $2 billion worth of funding to write the zika virus. they say funds will run out by the end of summer. the mayor of los angeles is in real to make his pitch to bring the summer olympics to his city eight years from now. he says politics could play a big role.
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he says the international committee is keeping a close eye on the united states election. the possibility that donald trump could become president has been a major topic of conversation. >> even the threat of that, the idea that we would exclude people based on who they are and our borders, gives us emergency to having things like the olympics who we are and what we are about. >> los angeles is competing against paris, rome, in budapest for the 2024 games. there are expected to make his decision next year. they previously hosted the olympics in 1932 and 1984. >> in the united states continues to lead the medal count. the us has a gold medals american swimmers picked up the most recent with lily king winning the 100 m breaststroke and right murphy touching the wall first in the men's 100 m backstroke china also has five gold but six fewer medals. australia has just seven told him more than half of them are
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gold. gary ross jennings who grew up in south bay and her beach volleyball partner are two and zero that guarantees they will not be eliminated in pool play. they claimed gold medals in the last three olympics. bruce bochy is expected to join the team again today. the 61-year-old was admitted to the university of miami hospital yesterday morning after he started feeling ill. they did not diebold his condition but remember last year he had two stints inserted into his heart. the bench coach managed the team last night. and speaking of that game, the giants pulled out a 14 inning when -- win. brandon crawford was the star last night. his final single came in the 14th
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inning, he drove in brandon belt to give the giants a lead. that wound up being the final score. crawford is the first giant to ever get seven hits in one game in his the first major league baseball player to do it since 1975. after getting swept by the cubs, they snapped her short losing streak last night. the catcher stephen two rbis that's what he had last night against the orioles. he gave oakland a 3 to 1 lead in the seventh inning and they held on to win the game 3 to 2. he pitched seven strong innings for his seventh win in his past eight decisions. all right. let's check in with sal. on the lane closer, how does it look like >> you know, it actually looks okay. the traffic approaching industrial is not a huge deal. we will show that to you at the top of the hour again.
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but for the most part, traffic is moving well. let's start off with the super commuters. a lot of our commuters are coming from long distances and getting out towards the tracy triangle all ready on 205 and 580 we have stop and go traffic pardon me -- i had to cough. traffic will be busy as you drive into the area. but when you get into the main part of livermore there are no major problems. and looking at interstate and looking at interstate 880. traffic is looking good. and at the bay bridge toll plaza westbound traffic is light so far getting onto that bridge. thank you. a little bit more in the way of fog and low clouds. this does look like a slightly stronger breeze. and, this never really formed north of the county. so, they were fog free it does not appear to be the case here. he will do with a little bit more fog it seems to be filling
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in for so then yesterday as we get a westerly breeze. just more of a north northwest that took care of some of the fog. a little bit more of a ramp-up there. nothing crazy. there were some low 60s. san jose, but lower 50s not as much in the way of any 40s because of low clouds and fog. it is lower to middle on the peninsula. and palo alto 55, pacifica 53. west southwest, gusting up to 23. so it is an onshore breeze. and 80s and 90s it is pretty quiet all that monsoon moisture got pushed way out of the picture. be careful what you wish for. if you are looking for rain, there is some on the way. pacific northwest has some showers. tropical storm javier is weakening rapidly. but a lot of moisture in a lot of rain.
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this is what will cool us off right there. this is sweeping across the and that is enhancing the fog bank a little bit. so 60s, 70s, not a lot of change. the and when temperatures did push into upper 80s it should back up a couple of degrees. leveling off today into tomorrow and it does look warmer. we will carry those and lynn temps into the weekend. -- in land temperatures into the weekend. >> yes, i mean i can tell. i'm pretty good at judging water temperature. >> appear, 52 to 58. >> i don't go in up here. >> yes. 99 is very warm. >> i was talking to a lifeguard and he was saying, it was 78 in oceanside and they don't remember it being the form. it's lovely.
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>> good timing. 4:48 am, a decade-old promise, never fulfilled. coming up, a promise to california voters to build 130 parks across the state in the amount of money used to do so.
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homeland security is eyeing the power of aerial drones. some of the high fires are being made here. and, tom went to a startup building drones that have caught the attention of united states intelligence. >> this is the creation of sky front. unlike others, this one operates like a chevy electric hybrid. the gasoline motor spins in the electric generator with powers -- that powers the props. >> this will five or 10 times longer inside of 20 or 30 minutes we can fly it for four hours >> they told sky front, that they are looking for drones that can do a wide variety of surveillance tasks centered around border protection whether it's drug interdiction or terrorism. >> they're interested in basically using drones as a force multiplier.
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and, basically expanding their effective range by a factor of 10. >> it can be accomplished by life the back or infrared. it can also intercept communications use facial recognition and other technologies to identify people or activities on the fly. >> they are able to basically have a drone takeoff go out 5 to 10 miles to surveillance and come back to >> the bonuses, many can carry the needed equipment and do the job for 1 to 2% of the men aircraft. they can be dispatched in an instant. autonomously taking off during the mission and returning all by themselves getting far better and faster pictures then satellites can deliver. at a cost of $50,000, they can work together for far less than numerous mid-plains or helicopters. >> one of the exciting things is that they can talk to each other. and they can cooperate.
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>> these are more reliable. they operate high enough to avoid most ground fire if they can be seen or heard it all. police agencies are also interested in the technology. but is this be -- the beginning of a move for spying for big brother? it could be if they misuse them or criminals use them illegally. but that danger is well-known in the criminal -- and the penalties are harsh. 4:54 am, and it is the first of its kind in north america, a vending machine that serves pizza appear the new pizza atm is set up at xavier university. it is stocked at about 70 fresh pizzas that are handmade by dining hall employees at a college campus they will go in life 10 minutes. each takes about three minutes
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to cook. a 12 inch pizza costs about time -- three dollars. who is eliminating one of its most popular features, free tv. the company is working to build on online pay-tv services that would compete directly with cable. the free episodes were usually the most recent from a shows current season. they plan to discontinue those free episodes coming up. for people who can't or don't want to pay yahoo view is offering many television shows for free. fox is in talks the more episodes of the x-files. that long-running science fiction drama had a revival season after 14 years off of the air and now, they report that fox is negotiating with the creator and the stars for another round of new episodes. this year's limited run received high ratings despite the lengthy hiatus.
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and the countdown is on for boxes reboot of the 1975 british musical comedy the rocky horror picture show. it stars victoria justice as janet, right mccartan as brad and transgender star laverne cox as dr. frank inverter. the original dr. frank inverter will also be making a special cameo the two-hour musical special is set to air on thursday, october 20. a new generation. that will capture my kids. coming up, counterfeit bills, they take over the bay area. coming up, the federal investigation underway in the reason they say they are hard to spot. , -- tainted candy. what made nearly 20 young people sick.
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♪ ♪ award winning interface. award winning design. award winning engine. the volvo xc90. the most awarded suv of the century.
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delta airlines passengers are dealing with delays. with the airline has to say. the republican opposition to donald trump suddenly grouped. we will have more on that coming up. good morning. it's a nice shot of the bay. born in the usa, a nice song for the olympic season. i noticed, a lot of ucla bruins, and cal players are there. it is 5 am tuesday morning, she's back.
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>> thank you. >> let's check your weather. because steve paulson is right over there. >>, they are right there. >> thank you. we do have a little bit more of a breeze today. it looks like the fog is filling in especially to the north. this week's system will help us to temperatures down about one or two this week's system will help us to temperatures down about one or 2 degrees. but 60s 70s coast bay, a design these -- night 80s and 90s and land. 52 to 58 to monterey. that hasn't changed in 24 hours. more of a brief here. there's more the delta breeze. a little stronger. it will have a little stronger breeze and yesterday. mainly 50s. the system here is moving into the pacific northwest moving in the tail end of that. with that in mind we will go with 60s on the coast. upper 70s and 80s inland.


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