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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at Noon  FOX  August 9, 2016 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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airline's outage. >> and san francisco police now searching for several people caught on surveillance video breaking into a store in a popular tourist spot. >> an east bay community rallies behind a popular restaurant facing eviction. >> ktvu fox 2 news starts now. >> good afternoon everyone, hope you are having a fantastic tuesday. i'm mike mibach. >> i'm gasia mikaelian. there were a computer outage for delta. >> they are working hard to normalize operation, but christien kafton found several disgruntled passengers. >> reporter: the latest from delta, they will be canceling up to 300 flights today. once again, passengers face very long lines here at sfo. these passengers all lined up trying to get to the delta counter. we talked with passengers who say this is their second day having to come and go from the
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airport just hoping that they can catch a flight out today. >> i got a couple of appointments i'm missing which sucks. and hopefully, i get reimbursed for all the cabs i have had to take. $150. >> reporter: the airline struggling to recover from a power outage at the atlanta based operation center. it caused a ground stop and 1200 to 1300 flights have been canceled yesterday and today. that means tens of thousands of customers have been affected. we have seen customers sleeping here at the airport waiting for information about their flights. there is still a lag in the information posted on the big boards and the actual departure times so passengers are still trying to figure out when they will be taking off. the airline said they would not allow unaccompanied minors to fly until thursday and for one 13-year-old we found, she will be missing her first day of school. >> it's hard. i have to miss the first day of
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school. everybody will have their classes ready and i won't know what to do or where to go. who my teachers are. it is going to be hard. >> reporter: the airline is apologizing and offering vouchers up to $200 to passengers affected by the outage. one family we spoke with said though they were offered the $200 voucher, it goes only a little way to pay for the $1,000 plane ticket at sfo. christien kafton, ktvu fox 2 news. we posted to link to how to rebook your delta flight without paying a penalty on our website, it is right under web links at the top of our home page. investigators trying to determine what caused a deadly crash. a big rig and a box truck collided killing a passenger on board the truck. he has been identified as a 34- year-old man from hayward. he had gist celebrated the birth of his son in march. the two drivers were injured but there is no word on their
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exact condition. a smash and grab early this morning at fisherman's wharf. a surveillance camera recorded this footage. four people are seen breaking into a camera shop up near the top of the screen at elevenworth and jefferson street. they back up the white van to the front of the store and use a white pole as a battering ram. they got into the store and it took them just two minutes to load merchandise. much of it electronic into the van and they take off. police did respond when the security alarm went off, but at this point, they have not made any arrests. the richmond community is rallying around the owner of a popular waterfront restaurant facing an eviction order. >> the property owner claims the property is a health hazard. ktvu fox 2 news' alex savidge is live with the fight to keep the doors to salute restaurant open. >> reporter: good afternoon. the owner of this landmark restaurant is known for her charitable work in richmond for
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helping those less fortunate in the community. today, she is the one in need of help after the owner of this property ordered her to move out claiming there is a serious problem with the plumbing that needs to be repaired. >> i think it is the test. i'll pass the test. >> reporter: the owner membia is fighting back and she clearly has plenty of support from the richmond community. >> i cannot match richmond without salude. >> reporter: many people showed up at a news conference. they believe the property owner is evicting her for retaliation. >> i have asked them to consider doing what i told you. either walk back the eviction notice or consider selling the property to someone local.
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>> reporter: she has owned it almost 15 years and is well known for her charitable work. every year, the ethiopian immigrant who once lived on the streets serves a thanksgiving meal to the homeless. >> to give them a meal with dignity, love, and respect, because i'm one of them. >> reporter: the president of pantera company which owns this waterfront property told me the reason she is terminating the lease is because of a sewage leak under the building that are require months of repair work. >> i'm concerned about the health and safety of people that go into that building. and i think if you are a caring person, it seems to me like that would be a major concern to you. >> reporter: but sclilu says the inspection last week gave them a passing grade. >> there is no reason to shut
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down this restaurant. saying there is a problem under the building. >> reporter: and the mayor of richmond tells me he is trying to deal with the property own tore work out some kind of solution to stop the eviction. she has just 26 days left on her lease here on this waterfront piece of property. she says she cannot imagine closing the doors to her restaurant. >> quick question alex. let's say the sewage leak is repaired. did the owner anything in regards to well, evict her, fix the repair and bring her back. is that an option she threw out? >> reporter: according to the property owner, i asked her that question. and she says that once the repair work is done, in her words, she is open to the idea of her moving back into this piece of property. >> there you have it. alex savidge, live in richmond. thank you. in walnut creek, a police k-
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9 officer is now back on the job. this is a photo of shana. back in july, she was stabbed multiple times trying to take down a hit and run suspect. an officer also suffered serious injuries. the officer is still recovering and the suspect was arrested. the alameda police department reached out to the public handing out free coffee and donuts all over town. >> captain, you have napkins? >> officers made four coffee and donut stops at different locations between 7:00 and 9:00 this morning. the chief says it is a way to thank the people of alameda for their support. >> hand out donuts and coffee. say thank you and show our appreciation for the support of the community. >> one alameda police officer got on board a bus in the downtown area and handed out donuts there. other stops included the harbor
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ferry terminal and the alameda point terminal. the fifth day that court clerks and janitors have walked the picket lines and all nonessential court hearings have been suspended because of the strike. one clerk says it is far from business as usual. >> i know they have some judges clerking for others but they are not familiar with a lot of the paperwork coming out. >> since the beginning of the strike, thousands of jurors have been sent home. inmates are not being transpated to court for probation violation. if they are not arraigned in ten days they will have to be released. also, people who are trying to fight traffic tickets have not been able to do so. court employees who have not had a raise in eight years are asking for higher pay to keep up with the cost for living. now to the race to the white house. the list of high profile republicans not endorsing donald trump continues to grow.
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>> joe walden has more. >> reporter: susan collins is added to the growing list of republicans not supporting donald trump this november. in a scathing post in the washington post, she accuses him of not representing historic republican values and he is "incapable of change or growth." she goes onto write mr. trump's lack of self-restraint in his beerage of ill informed comments would make an already perilous world more so. >> he is running against the washington insiders. these are the people who have been running policy the last eight to ten years. and, 12 years. >> reporter: collins who for years chaired the senate homeland security committee is not the only republican worried about trump's temperament. yesterday, 50 prominent national security officials signed onto a letter stating trump is dangerous and a threat to national security. >> i think events in the past
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couple of weeks crescendoed so that national security officials came together and said enough. >> reporter: the piling on came the very same day a little known former cia officer and republican congressional staffer evan mcmullen decided to launch his own long shot third party presidential bid. meanwhile, hillary clinton continues her swing through florida today where polls still show a razor thin race between her and donald trump. joe waldman, fox news. there are new concerns about the danger of the zika virus here in the united states. in texas, an infant died of zika. the baby girl is the first death detected to it. she was born with it. her mother was infected when she traveled to el salvador during her second trimester. >> we are sad to confirm we have our first texas zika associated travel related
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death. >> meantime, there are now 17 confirmed zika cases in florida. 13 are concentrated in two neighboring businesses north of downtown miami. doctors fear the 500 square foot section of miami could be ground zero for zika here in the united states still ahead, a man in the north bay grieveing the loss of his wife all over again. >> i can't understand why somebody would stoop that low. >> the precious box he is asking thief to return to his family. >> plus, a warmup is on the way. ktvu fox 2 news meteorologist steve paulson is here with the details. >> and federal investigators sate it is becoming an increasing problem here in the bay area. a look at counterfeit money and why it is becoming so hard to tell the difference between the fake and the real cash. california's clean air laws we've cut toxic pollution. we're seeing fewing cases of asthma in kids. and the new clean energy economy
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has created more than half a million jobs. i'm tom steyer. just when we're making progress, the oil companies are trying to weaken our clean air laws. but we can stop them. send them a message. we're going to protect our kids - not their profits. ♪
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>> a family in the north bay who recently lost a loved one say it is like experiencing a loss all over again. >> as debora villalon reports, they are pleading for her ashes to be safely returned after they were stolen from right out of the garage. >> then i noticed right there, that is where i had my wife. >> reporter: a few more days, the ashes would have been scattered. 75-year-old sally zared died of cancer just weeks after her diagnosis. her husband of 14 years,
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together, 32 years, planned to take her ashes to the sonoma coast and sierra foothills as she wished. >> i can't understand why somebody would stoop that low. >> reporter: but he found his garage burglarized monday morning and the unmarked box containing her cremated remains stolen. >> i want it back. i don't give a damn about the rest of the stuff. i want her back. >> reporter: the burglary happened between 1:00 and 6:00 a.m. the thief or thieves made off with a variety of tools. some golf balls and frozen meat. none of which matter to the family. they say it feels like they have lost sally all over again. >> a whole lot of hurt. i don't understand. i don't understand why somebody would do something like this. >> reporter: their worse fear is that the box and bag of ash inside has been discarded. their hope, that lit be returned, possibly dropped off at the isn't santa rosa cemetery nearby.
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>> they had to know before they left the garage what was in it. they could have just set it somewhere else and left it alone. please. bring it back. >> reporter: in santa rosa, debora villalon, ktvu fox 2 news. a fast moving wild fire is keeping crews busy in southern california. it is called the pilot fire. started north of san bernardino. it has burned 6200 acres. it is just 6% contained. 400 homes have been evacuated. another 5 now homes are threatened. the residents are being told to prepare to evacuate if necessary. so far no word on what caused it. in monterrey county, crews are making progress on the soberanes fire. it is now 50% contained. an illegal campfire sparked it. in yolo county, crews are getting the upper hand on the cold fire at the southern end
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of lake berryessa. full containment is expected tomorrow. it started a week ago and has burned 5700 acres. the cause of this fire remains under investigation. let's get a peek outside on that tuesday forecast. steve paulson joins us with the latest. >> thank you very much. the cold fire really got helped along by the fog rolling in and made it out to yolo county. higher humidity. fog is burning off pretty quick for many. we have decent fog. some temps running a little warmer than yesterday. inland temperatures are running a little bit cooler. i'll show you that coming up in a second. fog made more of a coverage appearance this morning but it is already eroding pretty rapidly. water temperatures are 52 to 56. 58. they haven't budged. you get down to santa barbara, that's the cutoff. south of that it is really warm. it is 79 warm degrees off del mar. a little southwest, the delta breeze which collapsed yesterday. same thing is happening. inland temperatures are on
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their way into the 90s . fair fielder 80. brentwood 80. concord, 80. buchanan always runs warm. livermore 74. 77 in santa rosa which hit 90 yesterday. they are the same as yesterday. concord minus 2. fairfield's plus four, san jose, minus four. taking a look. kelseyville, 84. had a few 40 those morning. the fog burned out what little they had. we are expecting areas pretty close. looks like another very warm day. away from the coast. not too bad. 72 up in truckee. 76 reno. a cool 60 in monterrey and lake tahoe. incline village 67. here is the big story here. temperatures very hot for some. look at the difference between blithe and phoenix. why? because big thunderstorms rumbling in. two areas of heavy rain the next couple of days will be in
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the florida panhandle. the gulf coast. the system is not moving giving very heavy rain in that area. new orleans, jacksonville, the remains of what was tropical storm javier. look at the surge of moisture moving into new mexico and also, into arizona. especially phoenix. it does not look like any of this will make it to the deserts of southern california. so it will stay dry if you are headed down there. watch our things are just blowing up now near phoenix so this will be a big issue here if many the next couple of days. as a lot of that moisture moves in. to the north, a weak little system in spokane is moving out. that gave us a little bit of a push on the fog this morning but looks like lit be a day where temperatures by coast, 60s , 70s , 90s , some areas in the low 90s . not much change for a few yesterday. but some other locations may cool off one or two degrees. probably in weather. the only people who notice would be those in weather. you will notice temperatures on their way up after tomorrow. away from the coast you guys.
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i think we could get some mid upper 90s . maybe on saturday near 100 if you are far enough inland. we will have more coming up in 20 minutes. >> thanks steve. there is no heightened concern when the international community following a meeting between the president of russia and turkey. this comes amid tensions between the u.s. and russia and a separate rift between washington and turkey's capital. >> it is the first foreign trip for turkey's president since the failed coup attempt. >> reporter: vladimir welcoming the president of turkey to saint petersburg. it is the first time they are meeting since turkish forces shot down a russian war plane. >> the relations between russia and turkey entered into a positive stage. we are both familiar with the process of setting up great goals. i'm sure the steps we take will
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widen our cooperation. >> repairing the relationship could provide a boost to the russian economy. including a pipeline which would bring natural gas to turkey. moscow is also hoping to increase its influence in syria. >> despite a very complicated internal political situation in turkey, your visit means we all want a renewal of our dialogue and restoration of our relation ins the interest of the russian and turkish people. >> turkey is a nato member and a stronger relationship could undermine the alliance's influence. the conflicts in syria and ukraine are straining ties between washington and russia and turkey is asking an ex- patriot in u.s. to be handed over for the coup. secretary of state john kerry is expected to visit turkey
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later in month. coming up, a woman who investigators say robbed at least nine banks in the bay area is now behind bars, what she left behind that police were able to use to track her down.
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>> san francisco's slowly sinking skyscraper could be facing more structural problems in the future according to reports. as we told you last week, a new
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report found the millennium tower has sunk 16 inches since 2008. they believer the 58 story building will likely sink another 8 to 15 inches causing the two inch tilt to worsen. another structural engineer says an earthquake could trigger issues no would be could predict. the port of oakland reported its busiest month in years. they moved 223,000 cargo containers in july. they hope it is a sign of thing to come. exports were up 3.5% in july. twitter is looking to cut costs by become a landlord and renting out part of its office space in san francisco. they are offering more than 183,000 square feet of fully funnished office space for rent in one of the two buildings where it is located.
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it is looking for way to increase revenue after another disappointing earnings report last month. all right, gains in healthcare. technology, and consumer focused companies helping to nudge stocks a little higher in midday training. not a lot of activity on the dow. some stocks down now. include zinga. android users are being warned after they found malicious phone apps. once the app is installed hackers can use it to take full control of the camera, microphone and data. google's nexus5s. the security firm check point released an app to let you know if you can check whether your guys is affected. you can find the testing software linked on our website, still ahead, the secret
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service says it is a growing problem in the bay area. >> i see it more frequently. people come in with $100 bills. i don't know where they are getting it from. >> after the break, why investigators say it is becoming increasingly more difficult to tell the fakes from the real money. >> and sports anchor jason applebaum will have a live report on raiders training camp.
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>> a wave of counterfeit money is showing up in storing in san francisco. >> a new sophisticated method is making it hard tore spot the fakes. >> reporter: at zelda's market in the tenderloin, coming across counterfeit money is just part of business. but this year, he has seen a marked increase in the bills. >> sometimes, i get it from the bank they say. >> reporter: he has become an expert at spotting the fakes. >> this one is a $10 bill.
12:31 pm
same thing. and also, the water mark. >> reporter: but he says it is getting harder to tell. and this year, he has already mistakenly taken in about $200 in counterfeit money. >> this year, as i see more frequently. people coming with the $100 bills sometimes. a fake $100. don't know where they are getting it from. but this year is more aggressive. >> reporter: this is a real bill and this is a counterfeit. with the naked eye it is hard to tell which is fake. the secret service expects $6 million of counterfeit money to go into circulation in the bay area this year. the u.s. secret service says it is seeing more fake bills turning up in the bay area produced bay sophisticated method of printing. >> it is similar to producing a newspaper or a magazine. >> reporter: the result is a bill that is tough to identify
12:32 pm
as a fake. >> can you tell which one of these is real? >> i would think this one. >> reporter: what if i told you both are counterfeit? >> oh, well you got me on that one. you got me on that one. i would have really taken this one. >> reporter: he has instructed his clerks to use markers on the bill and he is hoping not to be tricked again. >> these bills we found out after. when we find out right away customers will not take it back. >> the secret service says the owner has to take it as a loss. it is a felony to produce and distribute the fake money. if you are caught the maximum penalty is 20 years in prison. in the south bay, a woman accused of robbing nine countries is now in custody. here is surveillance photos taken during one of the robberies. the first one happened at the
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hsbc bank in cupertino. each time the robber showed a gun and anded a note to a bank teller. during the robbery in sunnyvale though, witnesses saw the robber touch a pamphlet and reported that to police. investigators say that was the break they needed. >> this is a person who is not going to stop committing robberies. it may have been only a matter of time that somebody could have been hurt. >> fingerprints on that pamphlet match prints on file for a woman who had been arrested for stealing a car. police arrested 27-year-old mary maple at her home in east palo alto. they found a gun, a wig, and clothing that matched what the robber was wearing in surveillance photos. san leandro police are searching for a missing teenage girl who was last seen saturday night. take a look at the picture the 15-year-old deanna benedetto. her mother says her disappearance is abnormal.
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she is 5' 5", weighs 200 pounds. anyone with information is asked to call san leandro police. homicide investigators searching for the killer of a 20-year-old college student. calvin riley was a college student. a star pitcher in stockton. he was shot and killed in aquatic park while he and a friend were playing pokimon go. authorities are turning to the public for help. >> it happens between 9:00 and 10:00 at night. we would love to have anybody down here with a cell phone video. maybe taking a selfie. putting something on facebook. contact the police and let them know. >> riley's friend reportedly got a brief lookout the gunman. police believe he says it was the same man watching them from a hill before the shooting. as the san francisco police commission continue to search for a new chief. five meetings are scheduled to get imput for the community. the first three are scheduled for monday, wednesday, and thursday of next week.
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the commission wants to ask people what qualities they are looking for in a chief. then the commission will receive a summary of the information next month before any potential candidates are interviewed. go to and click web links at the top of our home page to see the dates, the times and the locations of those meetings. the mayor of stockton is continuing to defend himself against the charges that led to his highly publicized arrest. mayor anthony silva says he is innocent and blaming his political opponents for the scandal that has threatened his career. he is accused of supplying alcohol to a minor and illegally recording a strip poker game. residents of stockton have various opinions on the mayor's arrest. >> i really do like him. but sometimes, you put yourself in certain positions and this is how it happens. >> the charges follow a search of silva's cell phone. they found 2 dozen
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incriminating photos taken at the youth camp. now to santa rosa where police are hoping to reunite dozens of stolen bicycles with their owners. they believe the large discovery could be connected to a bike theft ring. police posted these photo to facebook. several of the bikes were stripped or dismantled. police are asking the public if they recognize any of these bikes or if they have information, give police a call. the oldest u.s. bookstore dedicated to african-american themes is opening a new store in san francisco. a rent dispute. now the african-american art and culture complex in the same neighborhood is inviting marcus books to open a small store in the lobby of its complex. the co-owner says the new location will be smaller. marcus books has relocated seven times since reopening in 1960. the design of the new store
12:37 pm
will be unveiled one week from today. the branch in oakland near the mcarthur bart station remains open. muni says they will be some charges to the controversial bus only lanes that stretch from 14th to. the improvements for buses are tough on drivers. muni is rolling back two of the forced right turns on mission. one is at 26th street. the other at 22. still ahead, some call it construction reshelliness. what one bay area professor is doing to bring education to those banned from it in his home country of iran. kids. and the new clean energy economy has created more than half a million jobs. i'm tom steyer. just when we're making progress, the oil companies are trying
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to weaken our clean air laws. but we can stop them. send them a message. we're going to protect our kids - not their profits. ♪
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>> in napa, week two of the raiders training camp. they are gearing up for their first season game on friday. >> jason applebaum up in napa live here. how is the team looking jason? >> reporter: the team is looking good. it is tough to say obviously from practice, but, this is practice number 10 of training camp. they play on friday against arizona. they have one more practice after today. the first thing you notice is the oversized media presence. we were joking that it has turned into the warriors up here. there is high expectations with this team. they only won seven games last year, but their stated goal
12:41 pm
this year is to win the division. the next thing you notice is the big crowds. they invite the fans to come out. season ticketholders can come out and watch the practices. we can only shoot the first put of jack del rio practice. they break down, do the big stuff. what you notice is the energy level ramped way up. very tight. very crisp. and, listen. if they are going to win the division this year, they have the beat the broncos and the denver broncos, the defending super bowl champ. so, it is a tall order for the raiders but so far, all systems go. of course, you can go to every single training camp around the country. and, there would be optimism and hope. but this team, it looks like the arrow sup. there are a couple of other interesting training camp notes here. battled story lines if you
12:42 pm
will. not many rookies start in the nfl. they just came out with their first preliminary depth chart and ward out of illinois, he is projected to start friday in arizona. he is 95 as you look at him right here. he is a big man. six foot five. nearly 300 pounds. he is fast, he is quick. they love this guy and he is turning some heads. he is going to join a revamped regarders defense full of free agent signings. number 16, you saw him as well. he is a wide receiver and it is johnny holton. he is a long shot trying to mike the team as the fifth wide receiver but he was undrafted. he didn't even play high school football and then it is just a great story. he was playing in the park, friends with amare cooper. a good friend to have. he was playing in a park. they were scouting another player and this scout came out and saw him and he played junior college ball for two years and then went to
12:43 pm
cincinnati, averaged nearly 20 yards per catch in cincinnati. so, look for this guy. he is fighting to make the team. he is one of 11 kids so he has been fighting for stuff his whole time with his siblings. that will do it up here from napa. we will toss it back to you guys in the studio. >> i'm sure he will be looking for johnny holton. speaking of karr, real quick before we let you go jason. he has thrown more than 7200 yards in his first two seasons. do we expect more magic from the starting quarterback? >> reporter: i think you expect him to improve every season. his brother david is here today. so, we will see if we can get some shots of them together. no, derek i think obviously set raider records his first two season. he is a workaholic. he is a gym rat. he loves this stuff. i would expect very big things out of him this season.
12:44 pm
>> looking forward to that first preseason game. jason, thanks for that live report from raiders camp in napa. >> the 49ers return for practice. they are gearing up for a workout. the niners are trying to make it easier for fans heading two and from games. there is a partnership for uber in which the ride share drops off people. they are announcing new season long and single game light rail passes for 49er fans. bruce bochy is now out of the hospital and expected to be okay. he was admitted to the university of miami hospital after feeling ill. the giants didn't reveal his condition, but last year he had two stints revealed into his heart. the giants bench coachmannaged for bochy as the
12:45 pm
giants came behind for 28-7 win. brandon crawford had an incredible game being the first plainer 41 years to record seven hit ins a game. he had five singles. a double and a triple. the final single coming in the 14th inning when he drove in brandon belt to give the giants a lead and claim the win. giants and marlins back at it today at 4:00. >> the as were able to snap their losing streak. r.b.i.s against the baltimore orioles. he gave oakland a lead in the 7th inning which would end up being the final score. they pitched seven strong. they continue their series with zach neil taking the mound. now to the latest on the summer olympics in rio. already, the u.s. is doing well leading the way with 20 medals. five of those are gold including the recent additions by lily king and ryan murphy who won the 100-meter backstroke. they have five goals but seven fewer medals. japan has a total of 11 medals. the u.s. is in the running for more medals today with team usa
12:46 pm
competing in the women's gymnastic team final. then michael phelps will compete in the 200-meter butterfly final which is a race he is no doubt thinking about. bring it back home to the bay area. a quick peek outside. >> mostly sunny unless you are right by the water's edge. you may be dealing with a little bit of fog. watch the fog getting chewed up. 60s , 70s , 80s , temperatures over by the coast favoring the 60s . so, 60 half-moon bay. 80 brentwood, fairfield. a few locations running a little warmer. a few a little coolerment livermore a little cooler. fairfield plus four. around the bay about plus two
12:47 pm
as well. mid 70s . belmont. wood side. everybody is really close. pacifica a little cooler. mid 70s santa clara county. not guilty much of a breeze at all. it has really tailed off. no delta breeze. a little breeze over by the coast. 72 in truckee. 76 in reno. 82 to 80 in ukiah. 60 there in monterrey. 70 south lake tahoe. truckee 72. a huge difference between blight and phoenix. what is going on? one is sunny. the other getting big time thunderstorms. the remains of javier past cabo san lucas. looks like the dividing line will be in arizona and points
12:48 pm
east and north getting hammered. all sorts of severe weather popping up in parts of arizona and new mexico. cool showery weather in the pacific northwest. it gives us a day with temperatures very similar to yesterday. cooler for some. one or two degrees warmer for others. nice to mild to warm or hot for some if you don't like anything over 75. it will be hot well inland with temperatures in the 90s . the breeze will pick up for a few. 60s , 70s , 80s , lower 90s . the theme over the next couple of days will be inland. after tomorrow, we will turn it up a little bit. there could be some rather toasty numbers friday into saturday. >> thank you steve. >> any time. now, to iran where people who follow a religion called bahi are banned from receiving a higher area of education, but one professor disagrees saying education is the foundation of
12:49 pm
society. >> i'm going to start chapter 7 tonight. which is the beginning of market structure. i can contribute to the progress of knowledge. they all have a little table. >> reporter: sabatan teaches economics in the south bay. >> i feel like i'm helping my students to make better choice ins their lives. >> reporter: the professor says in his home country, iran, the government bans people of a minority religion from higher education. students cannot attend universities and professors teaching them are imprisoned. >> rather than raising arms or protesting against the government in iran decided that we needed to do something ourselves. at what point is this curve maximized? >> reporter: so he and other
12:50 pm
professors around the world are bringing classrooms into the living rooms and basements of iran via the internet. >> education is the most pivotal part of our society. >> your marginal, your average cost, a minimum. >> reporter: the institute of higher education or bihe started in iran in 1987. >> this grew little by little, became something that actually worked. >> reporter: he showed us these photos of teachers an students who gathered secretly. he says homes have been raided and tools confiscated but the community refused to stop. >> ' reason government is taking away people's future. >> reporter: she is now an architect in berkeley, taking secret classes in teheran that helped her to get into classes
12:51 pm
at berkeley. >> it is is a big violation of human rights and the world has to speak up. >> reporter: they called the movement constructive resilience. >> learning is a crime in iran. learning could never be a crime. >> reporter: amber lee, ktvu fox 2 news. and we will be right back. after the break.
12:52 pm
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>> in what many consider an unlikely pairing. snoop dogg and martha stewart are teaming up. a look at woody allen's mini series. >> reporter: allen joins amazon and dog's coming to dinner in the hollywood nation. think snoop dogg and have nothi vh1 disagrees. they are going to have a series called martha and snoop's dinner party featuring food, fun, and celebrity's guest. wesley snipes is getting into science fiction. he as signed ton to defend earth from alien invader ins the upcoming flick the recall. >> i can't make you look like james dean. >> reporter: a first look at woody allen's newest series hits the web over the weekend. he stars in his first tv
12:55 pm
project set in the turbulent 1960s . don't expect to see the original baby in abc's upcoming dirty dancing musical. according to the hollywood rotter, jennifer gray said it didn't feel appropriate. and, despite dismal reviews, suicide squad swept the weekend box office taking the top spot with a record breaking $135 million. the highest august domestic debut in history. jason bourn fell to second place with 23 million. while bad moms hung onto third with $14 million. >> bad moms! >> reporter: in hollywood, jonathan hunt, fox news. all right, just a few minutes away from the closing bell on this tuesday. the dow jones not a lot of activities. just down a little it under 2 points. want to bring you up to speed on breaking news now out of the
12:56 pm
north bay. we take you to sonoma county where there has been a major accident involving multiple vehicles along 101 just north of petaluma boulevard. sky fox giving us these live pictures there at the accident site. >> and mike, you are saying this is essentially your only choice to really move through the north bay area. at this point, we need to keep in mind 101 has shut down, chp plans to open up one lane in the next few minutes. you see this happening in the center left of your screen. mike, even when the crash site itself is cleared, no doubt, the long backup if we can show that to you now using sky fox, the backup is going to linger. >> yeah, once you get past those novato narrows going northbound in both directions of this highway, it tends to slow down. it is not quite there yet. but looking on the traffic maps here on my phone, it is getting that direction as the backup continues more south. down 101 toward novato. multiple vehicles involved in
12:57 pm
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