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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 4pm  FOX  August 9, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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a new north bay doctor is here on what is a good idea. the 4:00 on 2 starts right now. within the last hour a verdict in the high-profile criminal case against pg&e stemming from the deadly san bernardino pipeline explosion and fire. jurors found the state's largest utility guilty of six criminal charges. welcome everyone for the 4:00 on 2 i'm heather holmes. >> i'm ted rowlands. eight people were killed, 38 homes were destroyed by the natural gas explosion that ripped through a neighborhood in san bruno. prosecutors alleged that pg&e intentionally mislead federal investigators during the investigation that followed. today a jury found the utility guilty of obstruction and five other pipeline safety violations. the jury found pg&e not guilty on six additional charges. >> our legal analyst is here to talk about the verdict. but we first want to go to san
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bruno. he is on the phone right now. jim, this is something we've been talking to for years. heather, it's good to talk to you as you have followed us for many years. we are very gratified in san bruno that six of these counts were convictions. the jury found out what we have known for years that pg&e would put their profits out of safety in a result that eight people lost their lives and a neighborhood was destroyed. we never want this to happen again. >> and the prosecutor decided not to go from the $562 million now. and the largest penalty that pg&e could face is $3 million. and for the utility of this size that it is pocket change. is that the disappointing part of this equation for you? >> well, it's a little disappointing, but for san bruno it has never been about the money. whether it is 562 or six or
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three. but what we were looking for is a conviction to put a very dark corporate style of pg&e. the judge though with these convictions and felony convictions during the next phase of this sentencing part that they will have a lot more lee way now because they would have more legal remedies. that he would have things on what to do over and above finding money and monetary, you know, penalties. that we were hoping that the judge would realize that we wanted it for a long time and that they could appoint between the pgc and pg&e to oversee what has been going on for years. and it is a slap in the face on what's happening. san bruno is very gratified in what has been released today as we thank the jury for their hard work. they weren't privied to an awful lot of the information that we were a privy to, but they believe they would do a good job and these are the results today. >> all right, san bruno, thank you again for taking the time
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to talk with us. michael car -- cardoza, what do you make of it? the fact that the ultimate penalty has been reduced so much. do you see them making changes in >> well, you would hope that they would make some changes, but one of the thanks that i think that we should be clear about here is the evidence that went before the jury. the judge henderson told them in the beginning of the trial that we're not talking about the explosion, we are not talking about the deaths in front of this jury. and that is the emotional part of this case and so that he would gut their case that way. and they would have to move forward with very great views. did they violate certain safety laws? that they would say first that you have obstructed justice as guilty and then five other violations of the safety with what a $3 million top fine? >> we are. this is a criminal trial that there are no individuals being sought out.
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what message does this really send and what does pg&e really get, you know, hampered by? >> i've got to tell you that we all hope that they will listen to this and that i'm sure that they will pay a lift service to this and that we will not change their ways, but i have said in the last number of weeks, ted, that with you that if they really wanted to make a change here, then go after the executives of the company. put them on trial. i guarantee you then that if one of them had been convicted that you will see an awful lot of change here. but as you said to a couple of minutes ago that this is pocket change to them that they could go to the petty cash drawer and pull this out and say here is our $3 million fine. thank you, we're off. you know, that we're going to continue to do what we do. >> it is an embarrassment to the major utility. an embarrassment of some sort. but remember that this type of company, they have all of us
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captured. i mean what are you going to do? i'm going to cancel pg&e tonight? come on. no one is going to do that. the real message to me is sent by prosecuting the executive of this company. i asked the federal prosecutors what did you gain from this? why did we spend a lot of money and state money doing this? what do we get a $3 million fine and that's some sort of a message, but not much of one. this is much of nothing to me. >> reporter: pg&e did release a statement in the last hour. here is what it said. while we're very much focused on the future, we'll never forget the lessons of the past. we have made unprecedented progress in the six years of the san bernardino accident. we are committed to maintaining our focus on safety. we want you to know that we are
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recommitted to working around the clock to provide them with energy that is safe, reliable, affordable, and clean. think of what you would want, the lyft service. maybe and hopefully that they didn't. >> yes, it sounds great. do you believe them? >> i don't know. i'm sure that they are going to say well we gave it a go, but you really haven't affected them that much with the verdict. oh they got convicted. they're going about business as usual. keep in mind it's a corporation and what are corporations about? money. money. >> would it be different if they were found guilty on all the charges? >> say that again? >> do you think that it would have been different if they were found guilty on all charges? >> no. if they were able to prove damages connected to what they were convicted of, but again that was too difficult for them to do.
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we saw and -- a billion dollar first jump at what damages would be. then it went down to half a billion dollars, then it went down to half a million and now we're at what? $300,000? >> yes, that money will come from stockholders, the rate payers, something that we should note. they were found guilty of six total charges against them, the big charge that raised eyebrows, they were found guilty. >> yes, i would like to know what they paid for this prosecution. what did it cost you to try this case in front of the jury? and the money that you're talking about. was it worth it? >> when they were dropped, i think that it is a stunning change in the case, but again we have them found guilty.
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>> yes, kudos to the pros cues for that, but again pocket change for them. >> are they going to change? maybe. all right, a nasty crash may have entered several people. now, it is all developing news right now. on the corner of 98th and eves where we find henry lee live. we will follow the word of an accident involving a car following the cement truck. can you tell us what you have been able to learn? still very much an active scene as you see they hit that cement truck all starting at 2:15 at a different location when oakland police were called to 88th and international about ten blocks from where i'm standing for a report of a fight. when officers arrived the female suspect got into her car
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and assaulted and ran -- ran into this officer and then a chase ensued. another officer chased this gray car east where as the cars approached the intersection, the cement truck was heading south. they have five females in this vehicle according to oakland police. at least two of them were children according to witnesses. we don't have the confirmed conditions of the five, but i do understand that the female driver, the suspect was reportedly not responsive. but they were able to take all five people to hospitals. i know they were called to the scene here at 98th and east and once again to recap as it all started with an assault on a police officer. the the suspect in the fight hit a police officer at 80th
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and international before leading officers on a chase east of eves and the crash happened here at the corner of 90th and east avenue. live in east oakland henry lee ktvu fox 2 news. >> obviously a chaotic situation there this afternoon and something that they are continuing to develop throughout the evening there. thank you, henry. >> yes, thanks, henry. the highway patrol reported major injuries and a pile up that happened on highway 101 around noon today. seven vehicles were involved in this crash that included a big rig carrying the vehicles. and six other vehicles on the northbound side. now the accident shut down all lanes at the highway first, but the scene was clear and all lanes were back open by about 2:30 this afternoon. but the damage is already done on the roadway. no details yet on just how the exit has happened or any word on the injuries. russian hackers were behind that massive leak of the democratic national committee e- mails. that's raising questions about their security as we would get closer to the election day. coming up in tech tuesday, what is is at risk.
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and i'm tracking that forecast, which includes a bit of the warming out there, especially as we head through the next couple of days. which days will be the warmest back out here for a couple of those breaks.
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on the drama increasing on the campaign trail there's a new candidate throwing his hat in the rings. they say the gop nominee is unqualified to be president. the fox reporter would have
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more on that and the lawsuit naming the democratic nominee hillary clinton. >> i don't believe this, this is unbelievable. >> reporter: campaigning in a state that he must win to become president. but the visit to the tar heel state, tarnished a bit by the third party candidate. to make an independent bid for the white house. >> this is the last moment that they could offer the alternative to the two unfit candidates. >> reporter: it comes one day after delivering the major speech on growing the economy. a top concern according to the fox news polls. 50% surveyed believes trump will do a better job financialing the fate. >> it is one thing to make bad decisions, but the other thing to be wacky and make bad
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decisions. hillary clinton ahead of trump ahead according to a new university poll. the former secretary of the state saying how they are battling the zika virus. >> i disagree with those saying that zika is an insignificant issue. my opponent in this race, his campaign officials, that they have said that. in washington joel waldman fox news. and something that has broken today in the world of politics. donald trump said something that has made a lot of people
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upset. that meant to get out and vote and make sure that she does not win, but they are crying foul and alleging a deep message of actually saying that they should, you know, kill. >> right. that he was advocating their violence against hillary clinton. what is your take on it? >> he was trying to say hey, you have a great power for the second amendment. the voters will go there to vote. but trump can't get those words out correctly, so he will leave the impression of something else. and in many respects, he is articulate to be honest with you. >> and the democrats, they will run into trouble if they do cry foul too many times. someone investigates and says oh you're making something out of -- out of nothing?
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>> yes, at a certain point they say enough is enough. but we are living in the age of the 24-hour news cycle. that's the way that they have been broken down now, winning every day. >> let's talk about him. you don't know who he is? he is the latest candidate to jump in and an ex-cia guy claiming that he is a real choice for republican. he is not going to be on the ballot in many states. frankly that he is going to be the potential roadblock. >> that depends if he could get any movement on his candidacy. who is this person? but at the end of the day because he's not on the ballots of all the states, because he's got no national infrastructure, he's a distraction as you wonder again about their news cycle that seems like somebody is always trying to grab the latest 24 hours for donald trump.
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and he has used two different strategies to try to break out of this funk. one of them was to go to detroit to talk economics. i'm the guy to fix our economy and move it forward. and did that message translate to anything? >> was it a good strategy? what happened is that there was a lot of distraction. there were all kinds of things that were going on. i don't know if his message would have gotten to the american people and that's really at the end of the day who he is shooting for. between the protesters of the speech and the fact that you know the message was a little dense in some places, who knows. he is trying to flip the argument that he is not the one that's not unfit, but hillary clinton.
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people know these two candidates very, very well at this point. so it probably doesn't matter a whole lot or what she says about him, that it is known that she does have a lead now and most of their polling that we still haven't had the first debate. usually they dive in after labor day and does that polling matter now? >> no. that's an interesting thing to watch after the convention that trump will be up a little bit. and then hillary will go up, with a terrible week dropping by ten points. but this is what goes on in these campaigns, you're right. labor day will be a traditional time when you start paying attention no doubt. people will start paying attention further down the line to get to the specifics. >> we are paying attention right now? >> yes. >> and that it is great credit
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for doing that. day two of major delays and canceled flights for many delta airline passengers. the new challenge that is facing travelers today, even though that yesterday's computer problem has been resolved. the 4:00 on 2 will be right back. (music plays from one way or another )♪♪ ♪ i'm gonna find y♪ i'm gonna getcha ♪ ♪ getcha getcha getcha ♪
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san francisco police have released new video of the smash
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and grab robbery. the surveillance camera recorded this video on levnevworth and jefferson street. they backed up the van in the front of the store bringing it out from inside that vehicle and they would use it and in just two minutes they would load them into the van to take off. so far police have not made any arrests. all right, when wee -- wikileaks released thousands ofe-mails, they brought down debbie wasserman schultz. confirming their suspicions that they decided early on to back hillary clinton and try to block bernie sanders. but they also raised serious questions about this year's election. that if hackers in a foreign country could hand these e- mails over to wikileaks what else can they do on the eve of the president's election or perhaps on election day?
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it is tech tuesday. today we are asking our tech expert with nerds on call that question. i guess the question is would hackers stop here? if they were already able to go to dnc e-mails, this is probably not the end? >> no, they're the target. we've seen it as they are doing all kinds of stuff where they will be able to imagine the old days, right? with pen and paper when we would need to have a conversation with their friends and family. we do it all over e-mails, all kinds of stuff now. all the information will be gathered up and stolen and then served up at the leisure of these hackers, just by releasing the certain information at that time. they couldn't possibly get a hold of that, trump couldn't get a hold of the e-mails to release them. they would cry foul. but as the foreign government or independent actor was able
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to do that. i was surprised by what you said would be demonstrated to you about how easy something like this would have in regards to voting on the election day, tell me about that. >> yes, that we -- if they were to get a hold of that reader, they would hold it up to bring it into a voting booth to bring it 400 times. >> 400 times? >> yes, in one minute. >> wow. >> and the one thing we need to keep in mind though is 75% of those votes will be done on paper and pencil this year. >> will they do the mail-in ballots and things? and never any recorded election that they have been hacked, but demonstrating that it is possible in every county with their own private rules, regulations about how it is done. on the national scale that it will be difficult because they are not all connected, but it is just a matter of time as we have been talking about it for years. all of a sudden that we could bring a new party member that we have never heard of before to bring that election. >> and i'm guessing at the
4:26 pm
convention when they would show you that you're able to do this that they were thinking how do you stop it? and what were the potential answers for that? >> that there is no real way to stop the hacker like anything that they will need to put online or in an e-mail that we are all vulnerable to this kind of thing. and the private e-mail about my own thoughts and feelings about something and maybe that's not popular in the public, then all of a sudden it gets out. oh no that i cannot win that election because i said one private thing to my wife. that's pretty crazy. >> it is crazy. a few months from election day. thinking that it might be out there. it is something that we'll need to be aware of for the paper trail for your vote that you'll
4:27 pm
get that now when these kinds of local elections come up and they are talking about how they will be doing the voting, just be aware and vote and say hey, maybe i'm not cool with this being connected that maybe i'm better off. >> yes, perhaps those that are in charge of the process are looking at this, maybe putting up the safeguards, right? >> yeah, i would hope so. when you hear the 400 votes in one minute that is startling. thank you ryan, appreciate it. >> thank you, heather. it might seem like a bold idea, but the doctor in marin county board member says that they must be openly able to use cannabis inside the hospital. why it is the next needed step for the marijuana front. plus, the controversial chancellor has resigned from leadership at uc davis. why the president janet
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napalitano says that linda katehi needs to step down. at at&t, we believe in access. the opportunity for everyone to explore a digital world. connecting with the things that matter most. and because nothing keeps us more connected than the internet, we've created access from at&t. california households with at least one resident
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who receives snap or ssi benefits may qualify for home internet at a discounted rate of $10 a month. no commitment, deposit, or installation fee. visit to learn more.
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as california voters consider making the recreational use of marijuana legal, a retired er doctor and a member of the marin healthcare district boy wants to allow patients to openly use medical cannabis at the general hospital. larry bedard joins us now. tell us about your plan basically letting the patients use marijuana.
4:31 pm
>> that is correct. what they would do is put their position on the act of class privileges, that it will be right in order to say that i recommend that mr. smith who has permanent cancer to be given 10 million grams of thc by an edible four times a day that it ought to be allowed. yes, i think there's enough science to show that that's beneficial. if you're a physician i think that you have a responsibility to know the science, and as a patient that you have a right. >> the federal government still has marijuana classified as a drug type i. doing this isn't going to butt heads with the federal government and create unneeded issues for marin general hospital? >> well i hope not.
4:32 pm
i mean cannabis is a schedule i drug meaning that it is the high abuse potential and that they would have no medical use. >> right. >> and that they still have it on record. the first issue is high abuse potential compared to what? i'm in an emergency physician, the specialty in toxicology. cigarettes have been very high abuse potential medication. you know, that you'll look at it and still that the bottom line is that they could create some issues, could they not with the federal government? is that a concern? >> absolutely it's a big concern. you know, if chris christie was attorney general that he would lift any hospitals, medicare provider numbers. and the hospital couldn't survive. >> scott chipman is a southern california chair of citizens against the legalization of marijuana or calm. and i asked him about the medical marijuana issue earlier in an interview that we did. here is what he had to say.
4:33 pm
>> and any drug that has received fda approval and that there are several that are cannabis base that we would have no problem with. what we do have a problem with is the use of marijuana and just calling that medicine. this has been the snake oil of the 21st century that they are just saying that marijuana is good for everything. and let's just allow people to use it in any way and that they could keep it without any regulation on the frequency duration, follow-up visits. that it has been a huge mess in california and that it has been used to justify the legalization of marijuana and for basically using it for any purpose. >> is there a point in the medical marijuana that they are used for the back pain or a headache? and that you will get them to fix your trouble. >> i mean is it a bit of the people? >> first of all that there will be a lot of science behind cannabis. and a look at the medical
4:34 pm
association last june, they found out that there is a significant benefit of additional cannabis for people with chronic pain. >> okay. >> that will be in the medical literature that will be a double blind study. they are also showing you the same study that will be good for pain, if you're a diabetic, if you are suffering from pain. and that it was good, but it is not statistically nauseating due to chemo therapy. so there's a tremendous amount of science out there, which shows there's a benefit. it's legal in 26 states. >> right. >> medical conditions are spelled out, but it is only legal as an outpatient drug. >> you are also on a proponent of prop 64, you would help write some of the legislation for the ballot measure that's coming up. what are your thoughts on that in terms of why legalize it and
4:35 pm
what are your fears if it is legal in the state of california? >> i don't have any significant fears if it is legal. i think that currently that we will have a $9 to $30 billion cash unregulated business in california. i think that it will be much safer for your kids to have a regulated controlled system. for 20 years in marin county where my kids grew up, it's always been easier for a kid to get marijuana than beer. people just need to check their i.d. hey, nobody checked your i.d. >> we asked scott chipman about prop 64. here is what he had to say. >> prop 64 allows every house and apartment in california to become a grow site. it'll allow advertising. it does a lot to rollback the restrictions that we've had on tobacco smoke and marijuana has all the same carcinogens as
4:36 pm
tobacco smoke, plus it is psychoactive. nobody ever left their child in a car after smoking a cigarette or driving the wrong way while smoking a cigarette. but what they found is that the same disparity for ethnic groups for minority groups will continue to exist even after legalization. and that's not the way that we're going to address this disparity in arrest rates. >> ted talking about the black brown issues with the law enforcement. that is something that you believe will be aided if marijuana is is legal? >> oh absolutely. i mean there is a study in colorado that would come out at this point that they have not changed. >> no. but what happened here in colorado and the number of the arrests that would be dropped by 80%. and that the disparity of the police, that they either consciously or subconsciously, they would profile the people
4:37 pm
of color and arrest them for possession of marijuana that it is still three to four times as high in people of color that there are four or five times, that their point is that it is not going to change anything. >> no, no, no. >> but that there has been a change. and if in california that governor swarzenegger made it an infraction like a parking ticket, then the number of the arrests would drop by tens of thousands of patients. so it should be a choice and not a crime. i'm an emergency physician, i'm an intelligent adult. the most dangerous drug of our society is alcohol. so i ought to have a choice whether i want to whatever, relax with a martini or relax with some cannabis. >> all right, larry bedard, voters will have that choice in november when they vote on prop 64.
4:38 pm
thank you. a new gallop poll finds 13% of the american -- gallup poll says that they currently use marijuana. four western states could be a reason for that jump. they found that people that live in the west are significantly more likely to say that they smoke marijuana. gallup's said overall that 33% of the people have tried pot. church goers were the least likely to have tried the drug at 26% compared to 52% who said they never or seldom go to church. uc davis chancellor linda katehi resigned today after months of controversy and pro tests. katehi has been on leave after investigating issues. reportedly to scrub online references to the controversial pepper spraying of protesters five years ago. there were also questions about the hiring of her husband, son, and daughter-in-law.
4:39 pm
in a statement uc president janet napolitano found -- napolitano exercised poor judgment and violated many university policies. katehi will stay at the university as a tenure faculty member. a national search was announced to find her replacement. it is a powerful life saving tool for firefighters, but a new study finds that when they use phones during drills, they don't just necessarily go away and it is contaminating the water. and it is gradually warming up out there. you can do a little bit with the fog at the coast and the fog bank is narrowing down. we're having a bit of a warm up. i'll let you know how warm it's going to get in your backyard. we want to take you out to the roads now with a live look at the conditions of 880 in oakland. boy this is much better than what we were looking at this time yesterday. again, a live look at conditions there on 880 if you
4:40 pm
are driving near the coliseum or planning to. a little bit of the slow go, but not too bad on this tuesday afternoon. ♪ ♪keep on the sunny side ♪always on the sunny side ♪keep on the sunny side of life♪
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a glaze. a truck carrying 50,000 pounds of haze would catch fire sending the huge plume of smoke into the air. but now researchers at uc berkeley and harvard say that the foam is poisoning their water supply and that the drinking water of six million people have now tested positive for chemicals linked to that toxic foam. this afternoon that i spoke to the co-author of the study who was visiting cal and an executive director of the green science policy institute. she says that the life saving foam is important for putting out certain fires. the the biggest problem is how frequently it is used in training exercises. since they spread into their public drinking water systems. >> we started looking at water that is contaminated with chemicals. we wondered where that contamination came from and turned out a lot of it came
4:44 pm
from fire fighting from years at military bases and so forth. >> why are these military bases using the fire fighting foam? i'm guessing it's for training? >> well, the fire fighting foam is really good for putting out grease fires, which don't happen very often. but also used in huge volumes for training, where it is cashed. >> and what are all these concerns? >> these chemicals could be dealing with high cholesterol, obesity, a large number of things. >> if the chemicals are good, what are options are out there so that the drinking water
4:45 pm
isn't contaminated. >> and so when it passes, it is much better not to use these chemicals. and the inhabitant will be very concerned. they will no longer use any chemicals for training purposes. they're using water. that's what we believe that they should be doing out in the whole country. even for real fires that there should be alternatives. the effort is being made to clean up the the water.
4:46 pm
and in some cases the carbon filtration is being put out. right now because it is only in may that all these people were talking about it. i would say that there will be a big scramble to get the healthy water for people. >> again, you are talking about six million people and begun for training. she brings up a good point. perhaps it would be just as effective. >> exactly. hey, we definitely know that she does not dispute that life saving situation. >> yes. let's check in with our chief meteorologist bill martin. you know bill, it is a big concern. obviously the chemicals are used here in san francisco and at sfo. they wash right into the bay.
4:47 pm
>> right. and it's the type of thing where the bay is so subjected to so many pollutants. one less thing. it is an important idea and that they need to continue this in other industries as well. for us around here, we're looking for pretty nice weather in the atlantic area. this is not a tropical storm, but acting like one. it is starting to gain strength as a tropical storm. creating heat that will turn it if it sat there, it will be just heavy rain. javier has downgraded from a tropical storm down to a depression at this hour. and it is just dumping amounts of rain on central baja at this
4:48 pm
time. the rain is breaking off. that is less wet than 12 hours ago. last night it got up to 2,300 feet. tomorrow the temperatures will be cooler than today. 88 in livermore right now. and it is a little warmer in livermore and oakland. they are splitting the airs with the temperatures. a little plus or minus here and that they are stretching out a little bit. slightly cooler than what it was today. that means those temperatures are going to be in the 80s and the lower 90s. >> there is the fog on top of sutro and the fog is below
4:49 pm
that, but they will lift up again tonight as this low will deliver us, another fairly cool day tomorrow and with warming temperatures as we head into your wednesday, thursday, friday, saturday. not a ton of heat that they might see the low 100s in the central valley. but in their microclimate and that they would take the big bay at the coastal climate to put those two together that we would have hundreds of microclimates within the bay. and we are going to be on the milder side with the warmer spots getting into the low to mid-90s as we warm up. it is not a high fire danger. we won't see the red flag warnings. the 90s, the 80s and the 70s. that's your day for tomorrow, which looks a lot like today and yesterday. 83 in napa, 89 in fairfield. good news for firefighters. i always say this, but we are into the fire season big time. when you deliver the
4:50 pm
temperatures in this range, which we will continue to see. on friday 95 in antioch is not that hot, especially when you are 80 in redwood city. but again they are getting a bit of a respite from the summer with this pattern that is not really as hot as it could have been. >> thank you, bill. coming up on the 4:00 on 2. if you were looking for a reason to put down your digital divide, well, this might be it, folks. even the dolphins have had enough of the tablets. more on that snatching dolphins when the 4:00 on 2 returns. award winning interface. award winning design. award winning engine. the volvo xc90.
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the most awarded suv of the century.
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all right, we all know this, smart phones, tablets, everywhere these days they want you to enjoy the moment. >> yeah, take a look at what happened to a woman in seaworld, orlando this weekend, a great video. >> yes. >> oh my gosh. >> yeah. the dolphin has had enough of the tablets and smart phones. >> snatched it right out of her hands. a season pass holder was visiting with his family, sometimes they do not celebrate afterwards. at one point you hear the the worker saying that you can reach your loose items. >> i love it. >> elsewhere, of course, the tony award winning hamilton blockbuster musical, who is now telling a story for disney.
4:54 pm
it is composing for the new disney animation film milana. >> now that film is set to release this thanksgiving, telling us the story of the first polynesian princess. so yesterday, we went to have a little bit of fun at their studios, taking over their account. you can take a look at it here. >> no. no one fights like gaston. so fun those two together. they performed them including the songs from the hunchback, aladdin, and the little
4:55 pm
mermaid. >> they have having a lot of fun, playing with those impressive folks there with a lot of celebrities. >> yeah. >> well yesterday he would up it a bit. >> just a bit, playing with the president. president obama there, martha's vineyard where the president and the first family, of course, spending a little time away from the capitol hill area, vacationing there right now. it is the second year in a row that they have played with the commander in chief, not bad. last year they say that the president beat him. i'm wondering what happens if this time around. >> yes, steph cruz is a pretty good golfer and a huge basketball fan to help get the invites. that is pretty cool. >> the 4:00 on 2 will be right back.
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that'll do it for us on the 4:00 on 2. time to check in with frank and julie for the ktvu fox 2 news at 5:00. well ted, heather, a federal jury found california's largest utility guilty today. >> the guilty verdict comes six years after a gas pipeline exploded killing eight people and pretty much leveling an entire neighborhood in san bernardino. good evening everyone, i'm
4:59 pm
frank somerville. >> i'm julie haener. it happened six years ago, a pg&e pipeline exploded in san bruno killing eight people and destroying 38 homes. the utility faced 12 charges in the case. today, a judge found pg&e guilty on six of those counts. ktvu tom vacar has been following the story since the day of the explosion joining us live in the newsroom. tom? >> reporter: well it took six weeks and it was a split verdict, six guilties, six not guilties. on the most serious criminal charge interfering with the national transportation safety board investigation they found pg&e guilty as of charged, finding them guilty having to do with the inspection, maintenance, testing, and recordkeeping of their pipelines. but the jury concluded that they were not guilty of six
5:00 pm
other criminal charges, but also violated their safety act. >> reporter: because they asked for their funding to be cut to just half a million per guilty verdict. the additional financial sting of $3 million will be minimal for a company that has been fined for more than a billion and a half dollars by regulators. the real problem now is regaining the public trust, customer trust, shareholder trust, regulator trust in moving forward. they can order other actions. they can oversee what has been going on for years. >> reporter: we


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